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Remy blasted Tito for making Nick think Remy and Tito were sleeping together. Anne found a file on Frankie at Cass's office. Lila and Cass got engaged. Amanda was angry her family had schemed to get her out of Bay City. Rachel fell victim to Stark. Paulina confessed to Grant's murder to protect Joe.
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Another World Recaps: The week of April 26, 1999 on AW
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Monday, April 26, 1999

The police picked up Sergei for vagrancy. An officer phoned Felicia and said Sergei claimed to live with her. She agreed to go to the station to clear up the matter. When she got there, Sergei was trying to tell the officer that he had just been taking a quick nap on a park bench but didn't live there. He asked Felicia to help explain things to the officer. Felicia wasn't too happy with Sergei at that moment but couldn't refuse his pleas for her help. She told the officer that he did, in fact, live with her -- he was her full-time Russian tutor.

Tito spied on Remy and Nick. She was still upset with the prank Tito had pulled, and he overheard her tell Nick that she was glad she had kicked him out. Nick walked Remy home and asked what she thought Tito would do. Remy said she hoped he went back to school, but Nick was skeptical. However, he was just happy having Tito out of their lives, and he could have Remy to himself.

Toni put pressure on Paulina after finding the key to the strongbox at her house. Paulina was obviously distraught with Toni's questions and didn't give answers. Toni asked where Joe was, and Paulina told her that she didn't know.

On the docks, Joe tried without success to revive Freeman, using CPR. A man who had seen everything called Joe a killer and ran off. Joe called for an ambulance but refused to give his name to the dispatch operator. He cleaned up the scene as well as he could and left just before Josie and the paramedics arrived. He left the strongbox behind. Josie recognized Freeman, and the paramedics said he was too far gone to save. Josie found the strongbox beside Freeman.

Paulina became more and more upset, but Toni refused to leave. She was determined to talk to Joe. Toni assured Paulina that she had great respect for Joe, but if he was stealing evidence, she had to know why. Josie called for Toni and reported finding the strongbox and Freeman. Toni left to meet Josie at the station.

Tito went to Paulina's, looking for a place to stay. She told him she'd love to have him there, but it was not a good time, and she thought it would be best for him to return to school immediately. He tried to make her feel guilty, but she said that it was because she loved him that she wanted him to go. She didn't want him involved in what was going on around there. As Joe went inside, Tito asked her exactly what was going on.

Paulina saw Joe and asked if everything was all right. He said yes and switched the topic to Tito. She said he'd be staying for the night. Joe was about to go to bed, but Paulina said she had to talk to him. Joe didn't want to talk in front of Tito, so Paulina called Remy and asked her to let Tito stay there for a few days. Remy tried to say no, but Paulina pleaded with her, and Nick told Remy to go ahead and say yes.

Paulina rushed Tito out. He asked if there was anything he could do to help with whatever had her so upset, but she said the best thing he could do, for her and for himself, was to stay away for a while. Alone with Joe, Paulina asked him where he had been. She told him about Toni's visit -- and said he was in trouble, and they both knew it. She begged him for answers, but Joe just said it was all over, and neither of them was in trouble anymore.

Paulina said she knew about Freeman, but Joe said he hadn't killed Freeman, and there was nothing to connect them. Paulina told him Toni had found the strongbox key on their floor. Josie and Toni met at the station. Josie said it should be obvious that Joe hadn't stolen any evidence. Toni showed her the key she had found at Paulina's and was about to try it on the box when an officer reported to her that only Freeman's fingerprints had been found on the box.

Josie tried to convince Toni that it had to have been Freeman who had stolen it from the evidence room. Toni wondered if he'd done it before and taken Cindy's shoes or Grant's tape out of evidence. Josie said she'd check it out. Toni also wanted to find out who had made the 9-1-1 call and why a healthy young man would drop dead with a heart attack.

Toni then tried the key, and it opened the strongbox. She commented that Joe wasn't making things any easier. Josie tried to convince Toni that the key didn't prove that Joe had done anything wrong. She also suggested that maybe Toni was being hard on Joe so she wouldn't be accused of favoritism. She thought they should focus on proving Freeman had been Cindy's accomplice in Grant's murder. An officer interrupted to give Toni a tape of the 9-1-1 call.

Felicia returned to the Lucky Lady. Etta Mae started giving Sergei a piece of her mind, but Felicia said she just wanted to talk to Sergei, so Etta Mae left them alone. Sergei thought all was well between him and Felicia again, but she let him know that she was still hurt by his deception and wanted nothing to do with him. She suggested he think about returning to Odessa. He refused to leave America. He said he was not going to give up the dreams that had led him to America in the first place.

Felicia warned Sergei that Immigration would catch up with him. Still, he said he couldn't leave America, and he couldn't leave her. Felicia told him women would take him more seriously if he weren't always hitting on them, but he told her his feelings for her and for America were not a joke. He agreed to leave her alone but said he'd rather die than leave America. He left and suddenly was stricken with pain in his side.

Remy questioned Nick's sudden change of heart, but Nick explained that having Tito around would give them the opportunity to learn if he was pressuring Paulina for money. Remy was reluctant to snitch on her friend, but Nick reminded her that Paulina had given her a chance when no one else would, and if Tito was scamming her, she deserved to know the truth. Remy agreed. Tito arrived, and Remy blasted him for making Nick think that they were sleeping together.

Tito tried to pretend he was innocent, but she wouldn't let him off the hook. She made him apologize to Nick in order to be allowed to stay at her place. He gave in, but inside, he was fuming about it. Tito was ready to sleep, so Remy and Nick gave up the couch to him. Tito was surprised when Nick made no move to leave, and Remy told him Nick was going to be living with them, too. Tito was furious.

Paulina told Joe that they needed to be honest with each other. She wanted to know what Joe had done to cover the fact that she had sold her child. He didn't want to talk. He said what was done was done and couldn't be changed. Too much had happened, and there was no turning back.

Joe told Paulina they shouldn't tell each other any more than they already had. He said Toni would be back with more questions, and the less they knew about what the other had done, the better. Meanwhile, Toni and Josie listened to the 9-1-1 tape and instantly recognized the voice that had placed the call as Joe's.

Tuesday, April 27, 1999

Lila and Matt were on the terrace with Jasmine and commenting about her "excellent checkup." Matt invited Lila to go to the park with him and Jasmine so they could celebrate, but Lila told Matt that she couldn't and that he needed to learn how to do stuff with Jasmine by himself. He said that he could, but he thought they should celebrate. Lila reminded him that they were divorced.

At Cass's office, he got back from Chicago, and Anne greeted him. She started talking about how Lila had found the divorce papers, and he was not happy to learn that they had actually met face-to-face. Anne said that she hadn't seemed to recognize her, anyway, and Cass said that was good, and he left. Anne was rummaging through his files when she found one on Frankie. She also found a movie where Charlie was first born, and she started to watch it.

At the Lucky Lady, David was going over his ideas, and Amanda was supposed to be listening but was staring off into space. When he asked if his ideas were that boring, she apologized and said that she just couldn't concentrate. She also apologized for going over to his apartment the other night. He said it was okay and handed her a book about gardening.

Amanda started reading the book, and it was in French. However, she had no trouble reading it -- it was actually Amalie that was reading. She was startled she knew how to read it that well even though she had no idea what it said. David suggested that they go to the garden later on that night and name flowers, just for fun. She agreed but had to get home, so she left.

Back on the terrace, Matt and Lila were arguing. Lila said he needed to accept that they were divorced.

Inside, Rachel made arrangements for a cruise to leave the next day. Alli and Rachel were talking about it when Amanda entered. Rachel asked her for lunch, and Amanda replied in French. Rachel answered back in French, and Amanda asked her what she was doing. Rachel told her she had answered in French because Amanda had.

Amanda didn't even remember doing that and got another headache. She went to lie down, and Rachel called the cruise place. She made it so that the ship left that night. Alli asked her grandma how she was going to get Amanda out of the house, and Rachel said she had no idea. Alli thought up a plan. She told her grandma that David could help them. She set up a meeting with David, and Rachel said that she wanted to meet him also.

The doorbell rang, and Rachel answered it; it was Cass. Cass asked where Lila was, and Rachel replied that she was on the terrace with her husband. Ex-husband, Cass informed her. He went out there, and Lila was thrilled that he was home. Matt went inside, and Rachel told him that she would need his help to find out what was wrong with Amanda, but that meant he would be working with Cass.

Back at the Lucky Lady, Alli met David, and they were wondering how to get her mom on the ship. He thought up a plan that he would call her and tell her he had a photo shoot he wanted her to do, and the photo shoot would be on the boat. Alli thought it was a great idea and said that so would her grandma. She told David that Rachel wanted to meet him, and David started getting nervous. He left and said that he could meet Rachel any day, but he had to plan for the "photo shoot" right away. He left.

Rachel walked in, and Alli said that she had just missed David. Rachel's cell phone rang, and it was Jordan Stark. He told Rachel that he needed to see her right away because he wanted to tell her the truth. The whole time he was speaking, he was coughing -- really, he was on the dock and was just pretending. Rachel left to meet with him. Back on the terrace, Lila and Cass were talking about how much they had missed each other and how they couldn't wait until they were married. They decided to go see if getting married was okay with Charlie, and they left.

Inside, Cameron was at the door, and he told Matt that something was definitely wrong with Amanda. They started arguing over it, and Amanda walked down the stairs. They asked her how she was doing, and she said fine. She told them David had just called and wanted to do a photo shoot. All of a sudden, she started crying, and she didn't know why. She said that maybe she should just call David and cancel, but Alli said that she couldn't. After all, he had everything already booked, and Matt and Rachel wanted to tag along.

At Cass's, Lila and Cass asked if it was okay with Charlie if they got married. Charlie said it was about time they did, and she didn't mind at all. Cass went to get some wine and sparkling water for Charlie and Lila, and Charlie started talking. Charlie told Lila that she couldn't wait to have Jasmine as her sister, since she was such an adorable baby. Lila said that she was sure Charlie had been, too, so Charlie went to get some baby pictures and show her. As she was showing her the pictures, Lila saw what Frankie looked like and realized that she looked just like the girl in Cass's office -- Anne.

At the docks, Amanda, Alli, and Matt were at the ship, and Amanda was waiting for David. She saw her luggage and demanded to know what was going on.

At Lumina, Rachel was in Stark's office and told him that she was there just like he wanted. He didn't turn around, so she went up to him and told him that she was not going to talk to the back of the chair. She spun it around and realized Stark was unconscious.

Back at Cass's office, Anne said that she could make Cass and Charlie love her, just like they loved Frankie.

Wednesday, April 28, 1999

Charlie showed Lila family photos of her when she had been a baby. Lila spotted a picture of Frankie and freaked out when she noticed the resemblance between Frankie and Anne. Cass walked out of the kitchen with champagne to celebrate his and Lila's engagement and snapped at Charlie for showing Lila the photo album.

He apologized for his behavior. Charlie felt bad showing pictures of her mother to Lila on the day of their engagement. Lila told Charlie that she was happy to see photos of Charlie with her mother. However, she clearly was hurt and confused that Cass had kept Anne's resemblance to Frankie such a secret.

Charlie went to call her cousin Katie, in Mississippi, about her father's engagement. After Charlie left the room, Lila yelled at Cass for not telling her earlier. The two argued over the secrecy and the fact that Cass had hired Anne as his legal assistant. Lila wasn't angry because Cass had feelings about the whole Anne/Frankie situation; she was angry because he hadn't told her about it. Cass assured Lila that he hadn't told anyone except Felicia. That didn't sit too well with Lila. She became angrier.

Lila told Cass that she wouldn't have hired a Shane look-alike if he had arrived in town.

Charlie walked in and heard an angry Lila tell Cass, "If you don't want to discuss this, fine. But maybe we should discuss what this means for Charlie." When Charlie questioned what they were talking about, Lila covered, saying that she was worried about how Charlie was going to feel about living with her. Charlie assured Lila that she should not worry.

At the pier, Amanda was becoming irritable. She wondered where David was. Matthew and Alli were worried about Amanda and Rachel's whereabouts. Matthew reminded Amanda that they had always been able to rely on each other. Amanda seemed to be in a daze.

Matthew questioned Amanda's behavior and whether she had seen Jordan. Amanda assured him that she hadn't. Matthew was really worried about his sister. Matthew noticed a similarity between Amanda's behavior and the way he had acted once he had gone to Lumina. Just as Amanda was about to open up to Matthew about something important, Alli returned to the pier with David.

Amanda found out the plan her family had cooked up to get Amanda out of Bay City. Amanda yelled at Matthew and Alli, and she told them to go find their mother because she didn't want to talk to any of them. Alli wondered why she wasn't angry with David, since he had been in on it too. Matthew and Alli went back to the Cory mansion and discovered that Rachel was still not there. Matthew told Alli to wait there for Rachel and said for Claudia to stay with the twins. He went to search for his mother.

A dazed Amanda told David that she wanted to talk with him and not her family. They both agreed the garden would be the best place to do that. He took Amanda to the secret garden. Once in the garden, he began calling Amanda "Amalie." Slowly but surely, Amanda became Amalie. She remembered everything that she had once shared with Jordan. She remembered their wedding. Jordan vowed to Amalie that he would do whatever it took to keep them together. He then told Amalie that before they could be together, Amanda needed to finish out the scenario.

At Lumina, Rachel noticed Jordan sitting in his chair, unconscious. She ran to get help. Jordan opened his eyes and glared at Rachel with a scary look on his face as she ran for help. It was obvious he was pretending. Ms. Allen entered and tried to talk Rachel out of calling 9-1-1. Finally, Ms. Allen said she would do it.

Rachel and Ms. Allen helped Jordan to the floor. Jordan demanded to talk with Ms. Allen, so Rachel headed for the door. As she looked back toward Jordan, she noticed Ms. Allen taking something out of Jordan's pocket. Jordan then called out for Rachel. As Rachel sat down next to Jordan, she kept a close eye on Ms. Allen.

Jordan wanted to get up, but Rachel was insistent that they wait for the doctor. Ms. Allen was growing more defensive. The paramedics entered and took Jordan out. Ms. Allen followed. Rachel grabbed the item that Ms. Allen had taken from Jordan's pocket, which appeared to be some sort of a remote control. Rachel closed the door and began to explore the office. She had to hide when someone entered the office for a few minutes, but she managed to avoid being found.

Rachel turned the television on, using the remote control, and watched Mr. Stark hypnotizing Matthew into believing his family was in danger and into loving Lila. Next, she saw when Lila and Zack found Jasmine's cradle up in the treetop and the cradle falling. Rachel immediately stopped the tape and suddenly understood why Lila did anything Jordan asked.

Rachel attempted to take the tape out to use as evidence, but Jordan appeared on the screen and warned Rachel that it was not going to be that easy. He told her that once she left with the tape, the tape would no longer contain what she had viewed on it. It would, instead, show a short informational film of the services at Lumina. It would not mention any of Jordan's manipulations.

After Jordan's message to Rachel played, another shocking video filled the television monitors on the wall. It was Amanda standing at the top of a clock tower, crying that she was worthless. Rachel tried to convince herself that it was just more of Jordan's hallucinations. Wondering whether or not Amanda really was in trouble, Rachel headed to the clock tower. Matthew went to Jordan's office in search of Rachel. Ms. Allen told Matthew that Mr. Stark wasn't there. Pushing his way into the office, he said he was looking for his mother.

Inside the clock tower, Rachel went to each side of the tower where the clock was displayed and shouted for Amanda. When Amanda was nowhere to be found, Rachel decided to leave. She tried opening the door, but it was locked. She called for help, but there was nobody around. Locked in the tower, Rachel realized that she had just become the next victim of Jordan's hallucinations.

Thursday, April 29, 1999

Jake and Vicky went to Carlino's, where they argued about who was at fault for Marley's lawsuit against them. Jake wanted to get Paulina's opinion. He had a hard time getting her attention; she was quite distracted. Jake and Vicky could see how tense she was, but she insisted she was fine. Toni and Josie arrived and asked Joe to go to the station to answer some questions about Grant's murder.

Paulina was so startled that she dropped her tray. Joe helped her pick up and told her to remain calm, like it was any other case. He left with Toni and Josie. Jake and Vicky saw how upset Paulina was. When they questioned her, she told them something awful was happening, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. She said Joe was in trouble because of her, but before she could say more, Tito arrived. Jake was leery of him, and Paulina sent Tito to the kitchen to make some food then blasted Jake for being so cold to her son.

Jake said he was not 100% sure about Tito, but Vicky told Paulina to listen to her heart. Paulina talked to Tito and promised him unconditional love. She told him there was nothing she wouldn't do for him. Paulina tried to call Rachel to discuss the trust fund money and learned that she was missing. She sent Tito back to Remy's then dug up an envelope that Rachel had sent. She used it to forge Rachel's signature on the trust fund document.

Rachel was trapped in the clock tower and realized Jordan had tricked her and had to have known of her plans to leave with Amanda. She couldn't figure out who would have told him. Back at the Cory house, Alli and Matt were frantic because they couldn't find Rachel. David and Amanda returned from the garden, and when asked where she had been, Amanda answered in French. She and David started giggling, and Matt couldn't understand their behavior in light of the fact that Rachel was missing.

David smoothed things over, and Matt told him about his search for Rachel at Lumina. She had been there, but there was no sign of her. Cameron arrived, and David tried to get rid of him, but Matt said he had invited Cameron. At the sight of Cameron, Amanda seemed to start emerging from her trance. She fidgeted with her necklace, and Cameron said he'd take it off, since it was bothering her.

Cass and Lila arrived, and everyone discussed theories of what Jordan could be up to. Cameron said he didn't think Jordan was the problem. He thought it was David, which David denied. He suggested calling the police, but Lila said if Jordan was behind Rachel's disappearance, the police wouldn't do any good. They wouldn't find Rachel until Jordan wanted them to. In the tower, Rachel remained strong. She figured Jordan had to have been afraid of her to trap her like that.

At the police station, Toni and Josie told Joe about Freeman's death, but he played dumb until they played the 9-1-1 tape with his voice on it. Toni asked Joe to explain what had happened with Freeman, but he said he had nothing to say. Toni confronted him about the strongbox found with Freeman and the key she had found at his house. Joe said they had nothing that put him on the docks with Freeman, and he was not saying anything. He instructed them to charge him, or he'd be leaving.

Toni let Joe go, but as Joe was on his way out, the man who had seen Joe and Freeman on the docks was talking to an officer and pointed Joe out. He said that was the man he had seen. He said Freeman had been begging for his life but that Joe had killed him in cold blood. Toni told Joe they had an eyewitness, but Joe pointed out Freeman had died of natural causes, so Joe asked how he could he have killed him. Josie asked if Freeman had been blackmailing him, but Joe denied it and again said to book him or let him go. Toni told him he could leave but to stay in town.

Cass asked Lila why she was so sure Jordan was involved, and she told them how he'd tried to make Lila break up Cameron and Amanda's wedding. Cameron figured that Jordan had found out he was the father of Josie's baby. Alli confessed that she was the one who had told Amanda after hearing Cameron and Josie talking about the baby. She hadn't planned to say anything, but talking to David had changed her mind. Cameron confronted David for being in the middle of everything again and asked him whether he was working for Jordan or if Jordan was working for him. David denied any connection to Jordan and said all he wanted to do was help Amanda after Cameron had ruined her life.

Cameron shoved David, and in the process, the necklace got knocked to the floor. Amanda told everyone that she thought she knew what was wrong with her. She talked of her headaches and strange dreams about a face. While everyone was listening to her, David picked up the necklace and moved it closer to her. She went back to her trance-like state. He tried to put the necklace back on her, but Cameron took her outside to talk.

Cass left, and Matt and Lila started making calls to track down Rachel. Alli, alone with David, worried that everything was her fault, but David told her it was not. Alli asked him if he thought Jordan was really a threat to Amanda, but David said the only threat to Amanda was Cameron. Outside, Cameron showed Amanda the picture of the fountain that she had drawn. She claimed she couldn't draw and had no recollection of drawing that picture. She told him she was afraid; she couldn't understand what was happening to her.

Amanda told Cameron that at that moment, she felt fine, and that she missed him. He said he missed her, too, but that lately, even when he was with her, it was like she was not really there. David interrupted and gave Amanda the necklace back. Suddenly, her personality changed again. She said she didn't know what was wrong with her but asked Cameron to leave. He agreed to go but promised to be back to check on her. Meanwhile, Rachel was trying to escape from the tower but fell and hit her head.

When they got home, Jake and Vicky were still arguing over Paulina and her "son." Vicky told him to cut Paulina some slack, and he let it slip that he had just cut her a check for $10,000 for Tito. Vicky was surprised, but she said it was a nice thing for him to do for Paulina. They went inside and were shocked to find Donna walking around. Donna's explanation was that it was a miracle that had just happened, but Vicky didn't believe it and demanded the truth.

Donna told Jake and Vicky that after Grant had pushed her out of her chair and there was no one to help her, she had been able to walk. Vicky asked why she had been keeping it secret, and she said she had done it because, by the time Etta Mae had found her, she had already known Grant was dead. She had heard Marley and Vicky talking about it from outside the office. She had hidden and had only seen people enter and leave. She had seen Jake, Vicky, and Cindy, but had never seen anything happen inside. They thought she was still hiding something, but she told them to leave it alone. If she said everything she knew, it would hurt a lot of people that they cared about.

Later, Vicky and Jake were still arguing about Marley. Donna told Jake that she, Vicky, and Marley had a bond, and none of them was complete without the others. Jake couldn't understand why anyone would want Marley released, and he stormed out.

Joe returned to Carlino's, and Paulina asked him what had happened and what the police knew. He didn't have all the answers. She told him she didn't want him to put his career on the line for her, but he said it was out of their hands. Whatever was going to happen was going to happen, and all they could do was wait.

Friday, April 30, 1999

Jake went into his home, looking for Vicky, but Donna covered. Jake knew she was covering and demanded she tell him where Vicky had gone. Donna told Jake that Vicky had just gone to run some errands. Jake told Donna either she told him where Vicky was or he would wheel her out the door permanently. Jake eventually realized that Vicky had gone to Willowdale to see Marley, and Donna told him that Vicky hadn't wanted him to know because she had known how he was going to react.

Jake told her to wait until he got to Willowdale if she wanted to see how he was going to react. He then said it was going to be a bad day for the Bobbsey twins. Donna told him to leave them alone. Jake told her that Vicky was falling right into Tyrone's hands, letting him bully her with the lawsuit. He then told Donna if Tyrone thought he was going to railroad them with them pleading leniency for that basket case, "he's got another thing coming."

Donna told Jake that Marley was not a basket case any longer, and Victoria was not being railroaded. She was with her sister because she wanted to be, and he could make fun of that bond between them all he wanted, but if he got in between it, God help him. An angry Jake just left.

At the police station, Cindy thought Toni was going to let her go, but Toni told her that Freeman had been found dead with Grant's strongbox. Cindy realized that Toni suspected she had been in with Freeman when he had stolen the strongbox. Cindy said that thieving wasn't Freeman's style; blackmail was. Cindy said that Freeman had the dirt Grant had had, so whoever wanted to keep Freeman quiet was the killer. Toni told one of the cops to take Cindy back to her cell.

Vicky went to see Marley at the Willowdale mental ward. Marley told her if she was there to talk Marley out of the lawsuit, she should forget it. Vicky said she was not there about the lawsuit. She needed Marley to shut up so she could tell her something. Vicky told Marley that their mom could walk; she had been walking since Grant had been murdered. Furthermore, their mom had seen something that could hurt someone they cared about.

Tyrone showed up at that point and asked what was going on. Tyrone told Marley that she shouldn't be talking with Vicky, but Marley said she could handle things. Tyrone left them, and Vicky apologized to Marley about speaking poorly about Tyrone. He obviously cared about her. Vicky told Marley that she wanted her to get well and for them to be close, but Marley said Jake didn't want that. Vicky said that she would handle Jake.

Toni showed up to ask Marley questions about what Joe had been doing after she had confessed to killing Grant. Toni asked Marley if there had been an envelope in Grant's pocket and if Joe had noticed it. Marley said yes to both questions. Vicky wanted to know what was going on, but Toni said she couldn't discuss it. Toni left, and Vicky and Marley wondered if Joe had killed Grant. Vicky couldn't believe it but said their mom had to know the truth.

Paulina called Tim and told him that she had his money. Paulina ended up hiding the money when Joe showed up. Paulina asked Joe if Freeman had been blackmailing him, but Joe told her to let him do it his way. Josie showed up, and Joe told Paulina to let him handle it. Josie told Joe that Toni had gone to the D.A. with the evidence against him.

Paulina overheard Josie tell Joe that he was the prime suspect in Grant's murder. Josie asked Joe if Freeman had been blackmailing him. Joe told him that Grant had had no evidence on him, but Josie said that Toni didn't believe that. When Josie said that Toni thought he had killed Grant, Paulina stepped out and said that was not what had happened. Paulina said if Joe had done anything wrong, it was because of her.

Joe tried to get Paulina to shut up, and he told her to leave. Paulina left, and Josie asked Joe what Paulina had been talking about. Joe told her to just drop it, but Josie said that Toni wouldn't do that. Joe said he would deal with Toni if she went after him. Josie said she would leave, but she told him that she knew from experience what lying could do to a person. She asked Joe if he had murdered Grant or if he knew who had.

Joe asked Josie if she thought he had killed Grant. Josie said she didn't know anymore. Josie received a call from Toni. Toni said that she was heading over to Joe's with a search warrant, and she'd meet her at the station. Josie told Joe about the search warrant, but Joe refused to run. Josie asked Joe if he was covering up for Paulina. Joe suggested she leave before Toni got there, but Toni showed up and learned what was going on. Toni showed Joe the warrant, and Joe said he had nothing to hide.

Jake showed up at Carlino's and visited Paulina, who was very upset. Tito showed up, and Paulina told him that she hadn't been able to get the money out of the house while Joe had been there. Paulina told him that she would get the money to him by the end of the day; it was all cash. Tito thanked her but said that it was not as much about the money as about having a person who believed in him. Paulina told him that she would always believe in him, and she'd meet him later at Remy's.

Tito left, and Jake asked Paulina, "Since when did Rachel change her mind about the money?" Paulina told him to stop with the questions. Paulina told Jake that she'd had to do something important to make sure nobody else suffered because of her.

Gary showed up at the police station to talk with Cindy. Cindy started feeding Gary reasons why she had turned him in, but he didn't believe her. Cindy assured Gary that she hadn't killed Grant; she had just stepped on his hand. Josie showed up and heard Gary give Cindy a word of advice: she should start a new life like he was going to do. Cindy left, and Josie asked Gary if he was going to go home. Gary said that there was something he had to do first, and they might never see each other again. Josie asked what it was, but he couldn't talk to her about it. Gary walked off.

Vicky returned to the cottage and talked to Donna and Jake about how Joe was a suspect in Grant's murder. Donna said that couldn't be but then shut up. Jake told Donna that she had to tell them who she had seen at her office, but Donna told them that they didn't want to know.

Paulina went home and found the cops searching the house. She panicked. Toni walked in and told Joe that they had found a press release written on Grant's stationary, folded up in a book, and asked how it had gotten there. Joe asked what it said, and Toni said that it was a press release about Paulina selling her baby and Joe covering it up. Paulina said it was true, but Joe didn't know how it had gotten in her house. Toni didn't believe him and accused him of switching the evidence -- which was a motive for murder.

As Toni narrated, there was a scene of Joe killing Grant. Toni asked Joe to tell him she was wrong. Paulina told Toni she was wrong and then confessed to killing Grant.


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