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Tito tried to scam more money out of Paulina. Someone blackmailed Joe. Marley's family weighed the pros and cons of getting her out of Riverdale. Amanda, in a trance state as Amalie, was reunited with Stark. Rachel noticed Amanda's strange behavior. Toni searched for the missing strongbox.
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Another World Recaps: The week of April 19, 1999 on AW
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Monday, April 19, 1999

Remy has a nightmare where she's being tormented by Tito. She wakes up to find him standing over her. Tito gets Remy to talk about her dream. It wasn't all bad, she says. Part of it was very peaceful. She told him her real mother found her in her dream, but doesn't tell him it was Paulina. Tito asks if he can stay with her while he's in town, and she reluctantly agrees. There's a knock at the door. It's Nick. Remy hides Tito before letting Nick inside. He tells her he's been keeping away from her, hoping it would be no big deal, but he couldn't stay away. He suggests that they talk the whole thing out so that they can put the past in the past. Remy realizes she can't lie to Nick and told him Tito was there. Tito comes out of hiding and leaves the apartment. Remy told Nick that Tito was in Bay City because she asked him to come back. She says she wanted Tito to come back for Paulina's sake, and that she's not going to try to hide Tito from him because it didn't work in the past. She says now she's going to be honest with him about Tito, but when Nick remembers finding Tito there before, half-dressed, he storms out.

Paulina wants to celebrate now that Cindy has been arrested for Grant's murder. Joe was still bothered by the mysterious phone call he received, but he hides it from his wife. Paulina calls Rachel to give her the news of Cindy's arrest and says that now the whole ordeal was over. Joe gets another phone call. He demands to know who it is, and what he wants. The caller says he has the papers that Grant had which proved Paulina sold her baby. He told Joe to meet him at the docks, or he'll go to the D.A. Paulina sees how upset Joe is, and says there's been something between them ever since the night Grant was killed, and now that Cindy's been arrested, they should be honest with each other. Joe doesn't want to discuss it now and told her he has to leave. She gets quite upset and begs him not to go, but he does.

Cameron can't find Amanda at the Cory house. He asks Alli where her mother is. Meanwhile, Amanda makes her way into the secret garden. Jordan walks up behind her and asks if she's Amalie. She responds to him as Amalie. Jordan was thrilled to have his one true love back, but when he tries to kiss her, she screams "no" and backs away. Amanda seems to be coming back, but then Amalie returns. She still loves Jordan, but told him Amanda's spirit and her love for Cameron is strong and getting in their way. She says as long as Cameron and Amanda are together, there was no hope for her and Jordan, but he refuses to accept that. He says he won't lose her again. Alli isn't helpful to Cameron. He tries to explain that something's wrong with Amanda, but Alli says she's just moving on without him. He convinces Alli to go check on Amanda for him to make sure she's OK. Amalie warns Jordan that Amanda's feelings for Cameron are very strong, but Jordan isn't about to let anything come between him and Amalie. He remembers back to when he'd asked Amalie to marry him. Her father was completely opposed to it. He was sure Jordan must have cast a spell on her, for no woman could love a monster such as him. But Amalie insisted that she did love Jordan and would forever. Alli looks, but can't find Amanda anywhere in the house. Cameron says they need to find her, and told Alli what happened earlier between him, Amanda and David. Alli thinks he's just jealous, but Cameron insists there's something wrong, and takes off to look for Amanda. Amalie and Jordan talk about her father and how he'd tried to keep them apart. Suddenly, Amalie says Amanda wants to leave and was trying to push her out. Jordan told her to fight, but Amanda returns and pushes him away. Cameron was outside the garden calling for Amanda, and she calls for help. While she's wondering what she's doing in the garden, Jordan runs away, and Amanda makes her way out of the garden. She's crying and shaking, and David finds her and asks her what happened. She's not sure. He asks her the last thing she remembers, and she says being with Cameron. He promises her he'll get rid of Cameron permanently. Meanwhile, Cameron has returned to the house and told Alli he couldn't find Amanda. She sees how upset he was and realizes how much he cares about her. David arrives with Amanda. Cameron demands to know what he did to her, but David just told him to leave her alone. David told Alli that he found Amanda in the garden and that Cameron had upset her. Cameron insists that's a lie. He asks Amanda what happened. She has a vague memory of Jordan kissing her, and she say, "I tried to stop him, I didn't want him to touch me. He tried to kiss me... I screamed and he disappeared." Alli assumes that she's talking about Cameron, and she and David insist that he leave. He does, but asks Alli to stay by Amanda, and told her David was not to be trusted.

Tito visits Paulina to tell her he'll be staying with Remy for a while. She still wants him to go back to school, but he told her a story about how he was robbed of his money and his books. Paulina tells him she's still trying to get money for him, but that Rachel won't allow her access to her trust fund until she and Tito have another DNA test. Tito acts like he's hurt and refuses to do any more tests. He does a great job making Paulina feel guilty about this, but she insists she still believes he's her son. Tito told her that's all that matters; he doesn't care what the rest of the world thinks, and if he took another test, it would only be for the money which, he claims, was not important to him. He has Paulina feeling so guilty that she promises him she'll get him the money somehow and he won't have to take any more tests.

Joe went down to the docks, where a voice told him he has 48 hours to get $20,000, or he'll take what he knows about Paulina to the D.A. When Joe gets home, Paulina asks where he went, but he doesn't want to discuss it. It's clear they're both upset, but neither one is ready to say why. Paulina leaves. Alone, Joe gets his gun. He listens to a tape he made of his blackmailer. He swears he's heard the voice before, but can't remember where.

Tuesday, April 20, 1999

Tito was sleeping and Remy wakes him up. She says they are having company, and someone knocks at the door. It was Nick. Tito went to get dressed. Remy told Nick that she was very happy he agreed to see her and Nick said he almost didn't. Tito calls Paulina and they decide to meet in an hour. Tito comes out to see what Remy cooked for breakfast but she told him that he was eating out because her and Nick are going to have a talk.

At Joe and Paulina's, Joe apologizes to Paulina for the way he acted and he is glad that everything was over now. They start to kiss and get interrupted by a phone was the blackmailer. He told Joe that the clock was ticking and he had better hurry and get the money. Joe told Paulina he needs to take the call and she leaves to run errands. He continues to talk to his blackmailer and was unaware that Josie has entered the room. He hangs up and notices Josie. Thinking quick he told her that he was having a surprise for Paulina and that's what the phone call was about. She doesn't look convinced but she told Joe that she was going down to the station and wanted to know if he would like to come. He says yes but he has to say bye to Dante and the sitter so he'll meet her outside. She leaves and he loads his gun and takes it w/him.

At the docks, Felicia was looking for Gary and stumbles across Sergei's box that he was living in. He told Felicia that this was all he can live in since he has no money and she told him to cut the sympathy act. He says he won't ask her to do anything but he has something for her, a song that he wrote. She takes it and leaves. As she was walking she runs into Gary. He asks her what she was doing here and she says she wanted to know how he was doing and figured he might be here, well actually Josie had her check. Josie was worried about Gary since he just left the other night. He says he knows he shouldn't have left but he was very confused. Felicia helps him become less confused by pointing out Josie keeps proving her love to him over and over and there isn't much else she can do. He thanks her for the advice and went to find Josie.

At Remy's, her and Nick are talking and Nick told her that he thinks her and Tito are sleeping together. When she asks him why he thought that he tells her about the time he answered the door with his pants unzipped and their clothes on the floor. This makes Remy very mad and when Tito knocks on the door, she throws his jacket at him and slams the door in his face. At Jake and Vicky's, Paulina stops over to see Jake. She asks him if she can borrow 10, 000 dollars and she promises to pay him right back when she gets the money. He starts to write the check and she asks him if he was going to even ask her what it was for. He says he isn't because he trusts her. She eventually ends up telling him a shortened-version of how Tito was her son and that she sold him. She told him that he knows that he just needs a break but no one will give it to him. Then she asks Jake to come with her when she meets him today and maybe he can talk to him. He agrees.

At the station, Reiner was going over the case w/Toni when she sees Joe. She asks what he was doing here and Josie sticks up for him. She asks if, since they have a suspect in holding, if they can lift his suspension but she says no. Reiner leaves and Joe was working on something when Freeman walks in and starts talking to Toni. Joe immediately recognizes his voice as his blackmailer and was not pleased. Freeman leaves and Gary shows up. Gary and Josie go into Joe/Toni's office and Joe and Toni go to question Cindy. At the docks, Paulina meets up w/Tito and introduces him to Jake. Paulina says that Jake loaned her the money and he says he doesn't want to get her in debt. He told her he was thinking about moving to Alaska or somewhere far away but she says that he can't. After being assured by Paulina that money was not an issue, he leaves.

Back at the station, Cindy accuses Joe of killing Grant. Joe was upset and tells Cindy that maybe it was Toni. First she named marley, then Vicky, then Gary, and now Joe...who next? He leaves and went back into the staion...where there was no one there. Gary and Josie are in the other room talking and Josie says that if Gary wants to get sober and quit feeling sorry for himself and try to save her marriage that she was right there waiting but she can't let him keep leaving her life and coming back. Back out in the station, Joe slips into the evidence room and takes the strong box. At his house, he loads his gun, takes the money and says out loud that Freeman can just come and get his money.

Meanwhile, Toni went to get the strong box only to find it missing.

Wednesday, April 21, 1999

Tyrone paid a visit to Marley. Tyrone reminded Marley that he would get her out of the hospital.

At Jake and Vicky's, Donna told Marley that Tyrone was interested in Marley. While they were talking, Jake entered the room with the news that he received a phone call from the people at Riverdale Hospital about Marley's possible release. Jake suggested that he and Vicky find out who was promoting her release in the first place.

Jake and Vicky arrived at the hospital. They argued with Tyrone, in Marley's presence, that she shouldn't be released. They pointed out that if she was released from the hospital, she'll have to go to jail for the kidnapping charges against Vicky. Tyrone said he could probably get her out on bail if the victim of the crime helps, meaning Vicky. Marley jumped in saying she didn't want to impose on Vicky. Tyrone reminded Vicky of all the ways Marley proved herself to her in the last few weeks.

Marley pledged her love for her family to Vicky. She said she would do anything for her family which was why she wanted to go to jail for Vicky for shooting Grant. Finally, Vicky said she would make her decision about helping, after she talks with the doctors.

Jake demanded to talk with Marley alone. Once they were alone, Jake expressed his concerns to Marley about her release. Marley explained to Jake how she has changed. She told him about how far she has come and how she came to the realization of all the bad things she has done.

Meanwhile, Vicky talked with Tyrone about his new friendship with Marley. She asked him to be careful because Marley has been crushed too many times.

When Tyrone and Vicky finished their conversation, Tyrone went over to Jake and Marley. He heard Marley say to Jake that he hurt her in the worst way possible. Jake and Vicky summed up their visit with Marley. Marley thanked Vicky for at least considering to help her.

When Jake and Vicky left, Marley got mad at Tyrone for not telling her that Jake and Vicky were coming. Tyrone asked Marley what she meant when she said Jake hurt her in the worst way possible. Marley couldn't and wouldn't talk about it. Tyrone pointed out that if Marley could forgive Jake, then why can't Jake forgive Marley. Marley tried to justify his remarks. Marley decided that she needs to get her family's faith back before she can try to get out of the hospital. Tyrone said that since she gave him power of attorney, and since Marley wasn't going to help herself, he was going to have to do it for her.

Back at home, Jake and Vicky told Donna about what happened with Marley. Together, Donna, Vicky, and Jake weighed the pros and cons of getting Marley out of Riverdale. Donna thought Vicky should help Marley. Jake thought Vicky shouldn't help Marley. Vicky thought she should just go upstairs and kiss her two sons good night. Following Vicky upstairs, Jake thought that was a great idea. When Donna was alone in the living room, she stood up, out of her wheelchair. She walked across the room and looked upstairs. Looking back at the wheelchair she said, "You'll do the right thing, Victoria. I know you will. And then Marley will be free, and it all will have been worth it."

Later, Tyrone showed up at Vicky and Jake's. He informed them that he's suing all of them for obstruction of justice.

At the Cory Mansion, Amanda sat on the terrace drawing a sketch of a fountain. Rachel came up behind her and caught a glimpse of the beautifully drawn picture. Thinking that Amanda was taking art classes, Rachel was impressed. When Amanda told her mother that she wasn't, Rachel grew worried. Amanda took offense to her mother's shock of the drawing. Rachel reminded Amanda that even when she took art classes, she never drew a picture that well. Rachel wondered if Jordan Stark had something to do with this strange occurrence. Their talk was interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell.

Rachel went to the entrance of the mansion to find Allie talking with Cameron. Ignoring Allie's opinions of him and his motives for being there, Cameron expressed his concern for Amanda to Rachel. He pointed out that Amanda, in the cold, was out on the terrace and didn't know how she got there. He then explained how David Halliday popped up with Amanda when he went to get aspirin for Amanda's headache. Allie tried to justify Cameron's opinion of David. She said he was just jealous. Cameron insisted that the problem was David, Rachel was convinced that the problem was Jordan, and Allie was convinced the problem was Cameron.

When they were alone, Allie told Rachel how Amanda said that Cameron forced himself on her the previous night. Cameron said that her nothing like that happened and that Amanda wasn't making any sense. Rachel was determined to get to the bottom of this. Meanwhile on the terrace, Amanda went into a trance, dropped the sketch, stood up out of her chair, and walked away.

Rachel, Cameron, and Allie went on the terrace to get the truth out of Amanda. When they got to the terrace, they noticed Amanda was gone. Together, they frantically tried to find Amanda. When Allie and Rachel were alone, Allie accidentally told Rachel that she knew about Josie's baby being Cameron's. Rachel figured out that it was Allie who was responsible for the cancellation of the wedding at the last moment.

Amanda, still in a trance, went into the secret garden, where she was reunited with Jordan as Amalie. Jordan pledged his love for Amalie. He begged her to take Amanda's soul. Amalie was reluctant because of the bond that Amanda has with Cameron and Allie. Jordan told her that her taking over Amanda's soul more and more was what was causing Amanda's headaches. He ordered her to persuade Amanda to give herself to David.

Amanda returned home. Rachel demanded to know where Amanda was and what went on between her and Cameron and David the night before. Amanda said she went for a walk. Then she quickly walked away from Rachel declaring that she didn't want to talk about it Cameron.

Allie came home and was happy to see that her mother had returned. Allie's worries seemed to disappear for the time being. Rachel, however, was more worried now than ever before. Allie said they need to get Amanda away from Camron, which gave Rachel an idea. Rachel decided they need to get away from Bay City, because that's where the problem was. She suggested a cruise. Rachel then swore Allie to secrecy.

Back on the terrace, Cameron was questioning Amanda about her whereabouts. He also started asking her about David. When Amanda's answers sounded like she was reciting something from a book of poetry, Cameron grabbed her arms and demanded to know what was really going on. Seeing this from inside the house, Rachel came and separated Cameron from Amanda. She ordered him to leave her alone. Once again, Amanda ran off.

David showed up at the Cory's. Feeling like she could trust David, Allie told David about the cruise and told him to get a ticket on the same ship. When David left, he said to himself, "I'm not going on any cruise and neither is Amanda."

Searching for Amanda again, Cameron found the door to the secret garden. He kept pushing on the door, trying to get it open.

Meanwhile, Amanda, showed up at David's apartment. David opened the door and said, "I've been waiting for you." Amanda, entered David's apartment and smiled.

Thursday, April 2222, 1999

Rachel discusses Amanda's odd behavior with Lila. Lila thinks there could be simple explanations for everything, but Rachel still thinks Jordan was behind it all.

David lets Amanda into his apartment and says he's been waiting for her. She was practically a zombie, although she does come out of her dazed state for a moment and questions what she's doing there. David tells her not to worry, and kisses her. David then takes Amanda to his bed. He continues to kiss her and told her she's everything he needs. Suddenly, she remembers kissing Cameron and the spell was broken. She still seems dazed, but insists that what they're doing is wrong. She tries to leave, but he convinces her that she's tired and needs to rest, so she stays. After she's asleep, he told Amalie that they're close to success.

Donna, Jake, and Vicky are shocked by Tyrone's lawsuit. He says they tried to obstruct justice by letting Marley take the fall for Grant's murder. They object, saying it was Marley's idea, but Tyrone reminds them that Marley was sick, and they should have known better. Jake warns Tyrone to back off. Tyrone says they may be able to avoid taking this to court if they all agree to support Marley's bid to be released from Willowdale. Vicky told him they want Marley to be released, but only if she was well enough. She realizes the lawsuit was Tyrone's idea, not Marley's. Jake suggests that it was Tyrone, not them, who was taking advantage of Marley's fragile state of mind. Donna smoothes things over by telling Tyrone she believes he has Marley's best interest at heart and that they'll give him a decision tomorrow regarding the depositions. Tyrone leaves. Jake thinks they need to make Marley get a new lawyer. Vicky won't agree to decide things for Marley. She'll talk to her about it, but Marley should decide for herself who she wants as her lawyer.

Cameron finds the door to the secret garden, but can't get in. Matt finds him calling to Amanda, and assures him Amanda couldn't be inside. He says Rachel sealed the place off years ago because of an old well she thought they may have fallen into as children. Cameron tells Matt of Amanda's odd behavior lately. Back at the house, Matt and Cameron tell Lila and Rachel that they can't find Amanda. Rachel says she may know where to find her, and leaves. Lila explains that Rachel thinks Jordan was mixed up with Amanda, but Cameron insists the problem was David.

Tyrone returns to Marley and told her of his lawsuit against her family. She defends them, saying she decided to take the fall to protect Vicky, but he says they knew she was emotionally unwell and shouldn't have allowed the charade to happen. Marley was worried that Jake and Vicky will hate her more and begs Tyrone to go back and drop the lawsuit, but he says they need to be pressured or they won't help her. Jake and Vicky arrive. Marley told them the lawsuit wasn't her idea, but they assure her they already know that. They tell her she may need to get another lawyer. Jake suggests that Tyrone only took Marley's case for the publicity, and Marley takes offense because they don't think Tyrone believes in her. She decides not to drop the lawsuit after all. She defends Tyrone to them, saying he cares more than any other lawyer would. After they leave, Marley was still angry that Tyrone made decisions for her and told him not to do it again.

David gets a phone call from Ms. Allen. She says Rachel was there to see Jordan and refuses to leave until she does. David says she'll just have to wait then. Amanda gets up and she's very confused about how and when she got there. David tries to get her to stay, but she insists she should leave. After she goes, David threatens that he'll teach Rachel to interfere in his plans.

When Matt and Lila get some time alone together, he reminds her that he'll be there for her if things don't work out with Cass. She says Cass loves her and they will work out, and that Matt has to drop the idea of the two of them as a couple. She says that as soon as the divorce was final, she needs to move out.

When Jordan meets Rachel at his office, he's angry, but so was she. She says Amanda has gone from bad to worse. She told him she won't believe his denials of having anything to do with it, and threatens that he'll regret it if he underestimates her. She says that unless he undoes whatever he's done to Amanda, she'll make his life a living hell. She'll put him in the public spotlight, and bring Lumina to the attention of the tabloids.

Cameron finds Amanda on the terrace. He relieved and says everyone was worried about her. He asks if she was with David. She says he has no right to ask her that, but he says he's asking anyway. She just says David was a good man, and when Cameron questions her further, she gets tired and confused. Cameron was worried that she's still not well, but Amanda says she just needs time and space. Cameron leaves, and she seems to come out of her spell for a moment and starts to go after him, then suddenly, she stops.

Vicky and Jake get home and tell Donna what happened. Donna thinks they should just go along with what Tyrone wants and help to have Marley released. Jake was dead set against giving in to Tyrone's demands, and Vicky was left feeling stuck in the middle.

Tyrone went back to Marley with flowers and an apology. He promises he won't take any further actions without running them by her first. She accepts his apology and they kiss.

Lila went to Cass's office, hoping he's back from Chicago, but he's not there. On her way out, she runs into Anne. Lila asks if they've met before, noting that she looks very familiar.

Rachel was about to call the tabloids, but Jordan stops her. He apologizes for his harsh behavior, saying he was just upset because Rachel's friendship meant a lot to him. Her cell phone rings. It's Matt, reporting that Amanda was back home and seems fine, although she's not talking. Before Rachel leaves, she warns Jordan again to stay away from her daughter, or, better yet, leave town. After she's gone, he says he'll leave, but when he does, it will be with his Amalie, and her Amanda will be long dead.

Friday, April 23, 1999

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At the law office, Anne hides from Lila the envelope containing her final divorce decree. Joe agrees to meet his blackmailer once again at Pier 14 to hand over the cash. After Paulina stumbles over the stolen money, Joe instructs his frightened wife to forget she ever saw the strongbox or its contents. Anne's heart sinks when Cass phones from Chicago and directs Lila to the right envelope on his desk. Josie realizes that Joe might have taken the strongbox and reluctantly shares her suspicions with Toni. Paulina begs Joe to confide in her, then was taken aback when he makes a parting remark about the two of them having blood on their hands. Displaying the divorce decree, Lila told Matt their union was officially dissolved. Later, celebrating their amicable split, Matt and Lila share a moment of passion during a slow dance. After her bribery attempt fails, Cindy resorts to blackmail threats in an effort to force Josie to let her go. Joe turns the tables on his blackmailer by getting the drop on Freeman. Pulling away from Matt's embrace, a flustered Lila insists that nothing will stand in the way of her love for Cass. Toni questions Paulina upon finding the strongbox key on the floor of the Carlinos' living room. After a terrified Freeman collapses, Joe frantically performs CPR but to no avail.


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