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Mrs. Moreau offered Vanessa a love potion. Cole demanded that Annie confess.
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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of April 26, 1999 on SB
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Monday, April 26, 1999

Sean asked Gregory if he thought he could get Caitlin off. Sean told Gregory that she had been acting funny and that maybe she really had killed Francesca. Gregory told Sean to never say that again. Sean blamed his dad for pushing Caitlin to kill. Gregory said if that was what he wanted to believe, that was fine -- he had better things to do, like put together Caitlin's defense. He left the room.

Sean looked at a photo taken when he and Caitlin had been younger. He remembered Caitlin taking care of him when Gregory had been mean to him. Sean said it was his turn to protect his sister. Sean left, and Gregory returned, looked at the same picture, and said, "My little girl."

Cole was visiting Caitlin when the police arrived and asked him what he was doing there. He was there to talk to his wife, but they got forceful with Cole when he didn't want to leave. Caitlin told the cops to leave Cole alone; they were hurting him. They finally got Cole out of the room, and she wondered why Cole was acting that way. She was only confessing to protect him. Francesca appeared to Caitlin and told her that Cole was letting her take the fall for him because he didn't love her anymore.

Caitlin said Cole did love her; that was why Cole had killed Francesca. Caitlin told Francesca to go to hell, but Francesca only said, "Been there, done that." Francesca said Cole and Olivia were probably kicking it up in bed at that moment, laughed at Caitlin, and left. Caitlin lay on her cot. Cole found Sean and asked him to help clear Caitlin. He was the only one Cole could trust at that moment. Sean asked how Cole was so sure that Caitlin hadn't killed Francesca.

Ricardo asked Gabi to marry him that day. Maria told Antonio outside of Ricardo's room that it was up to him whether or not to tell Ricardo the truth. They walked in, and Ricardo told them they were just in time. Ricardo asked Antonio to marry them that day, but Antonio asked if he was kidding. Ricardo said no, but Antonio told him not to rush into things.

Maria chimed in that he had just had major surgery and that he needed rest. He told Gabi he knew she had always wanted a big church wedding but if she pleased him that one time, she'd never regret it. He asked Antonio to do it, but when Antonio hesitated, Ricardo asked if there was a good reason why he wouldn't do it. Antonio said that Ricardo didn't have a marriage license yet. Ricardo then asked Gabi to pull out a calendar, and he pointed to a date.

When Antonio and Gabi acted nervous again, Ricardo thought it was because Tyus had told them something about his condition he didn't know. They all said they would never do that. Annie entered and asked to talk to Ricardo alone. She took him flowers and thanked him for saving her life. Outside, Gabi told Maria and Antonio that Ricardo was being really stubborn.

Carmen walked up and announced that she had something to say. Carmen said she was sorry to Gabi about her "wrongful" accusations. Carmen and Maria left. Gabi said she had thought for sure that Antonio was going to tell Ricardo the truth. Annie walked out and said that Ricardo was on the phone to the station because Caitlin had confessed to the murder. Gabi and Antonio thought they were off the hook until they went in, and Ricardo said the investigation was far from over.

Sara asked Tess about meeting Tim. Tess said yes, she had met him -- unfortunately. He had lied to her to get information. Casey emerged from Meg's office. Sara asked if they could leave, but Casey said he wanted to hang around for Meg.

Meg told Ben she felt like she didn't belong. Ben said he'd talk to Benjy, but Meg said it would only make things worse. She wanted time alone with Benjy to get to know him. Benjy showed up at the office with a picture of his family but there was no Meg in the picture. Meg asked him to go to the Shockwave for ice cream. He asked if his mommy and daddy would be there, but Meg said no -- it was special just for them. Benjy asked Tess if he had to, and Tess told him to be polite.

Ben took Benjy out to the roof so he could see the ocean view. Casey asked Meg when they could finish their meeting. Meg said later and asked Casey and Sara to walk her over to the Shockwave. Sara said they had lunch plans, but Casey asked her to reschedule them to another time. Sara said of course and hugged Casey as Tess looked on. Meg, Casey, and Sara left.

Ben returned with Benjy and walked over to Tess. Ben asked Benjy to give Meg a chance. Benjy said he'd try and that he loved his daddy. Meg was reaming out her dad for trying to make her life harder on her. She said Benjy got everything he wanted, and that made him a little difficult -- just as Benjy and Tess walked in.

Tuesday, April 27, 1999

Feeling sorry for herself, Annie imagined herself as the central character in a soap opera entitled Search for Dignity. Tess snarled at Meg after overhearing Ben's girlfriend describe Benjy as a spoiled child too accustomed to getting his own way. Afterwards, Tim urged Tess to calm down and give Meg another chance.

At the jail, Olivia attempted to convince her daughter to recant, but Caitlin stubbornly stuck to her murder confession. Meanwhile, Cole entreated Sean to use his influence with Caitlin to get her to explain why she had made a phony admission of guilt. Deep in the throes of her private daytime drama, Annie decided to turn her pathetic character's life around by throwing away the cliché-ridden script.

A suspicious Sara considered digging into Tess's personal history. Inspired by her sudsy fantasy, Annie vowed to regain control of her own life. Sean coaxed Caitlin to tell him how she had ended up in possession of the murder weapon. Maria yearned to have her memory back as she watched Benjy playing with Ben.

Wednesday, April 28, 1999

Annie pushed Cole to turn himself in for Francesca's murder. At the jail, Caitlin admitted to an astounded Sean that she had taken the gun to protect her husband from prosecution. Antonio caught his brother trying to sneak out of the hospital and insisted that Ricardo return to his bed.

Denying that he'd had any part in the murder, Cole pointed out to Annie that she'd had just as much motive and opportunity for the crime as anyone else in Sunset Beach. Gabi swiped the list of Francesca's earthly belongings from the precinct house. Although their friend Gabi was to be wed, both Vanessa and Meg confessed to one another that they were also a tiny bit jealous because their own love lives were in such turmoil.

Antonio winced when Ricardo teased him about the ladies' man he had been before he'd donned the priestly collar. Puzzled by the Tarot cards, which continued to show Gabi with a lover, Carmen decided to use another of her powers to ferret out the truth. Annie urged Caitlin to stop lying and tell the police how Cole had killed Francesca. Gabi and Antonio brainstormed in an effort to figure out where the incriminating videotape might be hidden.

Thursday, April 29, 1999

Just as Meg got home, Sara rushed up to the door. Meg immediately told her that she did not want to go through the whole Tess, Maria, and Benjy thing. Sara said that she knew Tess and Maria were up to something and that she had proof. Sara said that she had been searching through Tess's things. Meg said, "You didn't," but Sara said that she'd had no choice.

Meg said that she was going upstairs to change her clothes and then return downstairs again to talk about movies or music -- or else she would have to go home. As she went up the stairs, Sara said to herself, "Meg, do it." When Meg got up the stairs, she peeped in Tess's room. She stepped back out to see if anyone was approaching then went fully in the room.

Ben and Benjy were out on the beach together, watching people water ski. Then, they went for ice cream. When the tops of the ice creams fell off, they started laughing. They went back on the beach and built a huge sand castle.

Tess entered the house, and Sara said hello. Tess wanted to know why Sara was there and if she was alone. Sara made it seem as if she was when Ben and Benjy stepped through the door. Ben asked if he had missed something, and he, too, wanted to know where Meg was. Sara told them that Meg was upstairs, changing.

Benjy asked Tess for his fire truck, and Tess told him that it was upstairs and that she and Benjy should go get it. Then Sara stopped them and said that Meg had been talking about cookies, and Ben and Benjy should go in the kitchen and get some. Ben told Sara that he wanted to talk with her then Tess went upstairs.

Bette saw Gabi and Antonio at the Shockwave and sat with them to discuss the Francesca investigation. They talked about the serial number that was on the paper. Bette suggested that they go check it out. The serial numbers were of tapes that were in the library. Bette knew someone in the library that would help them find the tape.

Bette was doing the research because she wanted to get Caitlin out of jail because she believed Caitlin was innocent, and the tape might be a lead to the investigation. Gabi and Antonio were doing it because they believed that the tape might be the one with the two of them making love. Bette told them that she was writing a column on the tape.

Gabi and Antonio were at the library, getting assistance from the lady who Bette had referred them to. Gabi showed the lady the serial number of the tape they wanted, and the woman said that she couldn't help them. Gabi wanted to know why, and the woman said it was because that series of tapes was of 22 hours of mating habits of wild animals. She told them it couldn't be what they were looking for.

Gabi insisted that they still wanted to take a look. They watched many tapes until they found the tape of them making love. Ricardo walked through the door.

Cole took Annie to the top of the hills, and she thought he was going to throw her off. He took her into a cave, pinned her down to a huge rock in the middle of the cave, almost choking her, and demanded that she confess for trying to frame him. He told her that dangerous things could happen in the cave, like a cave-in, or water might rush in. She was in denial, and Cole reminded her of when she had said it in the Java Web. She remembered but still denied it all.

Annie tried to tell Cole that he was the one who had killed Francesca, but he said that he hadn't, and she kept asking him if he was going to kill her. Cole told her that he should. Meanwhile, Annie tried to grab at a rock on the ground. When she did, she knocked him in the head with it and thought he was dead. She started saying to herself, "It was self-defense." As she walked away, he got up and grabbed her foot.

Bette went to see Ricardo because he had saved Annie's life, and she wanted to thank him. At that time, he was getting dressed to go down to the station. Bette made a mistake, and the discussion of the Francesca tapes, Gabi, and Antonio slipped out of her mouth. She tried to cover it up by lying, but he didn't believe her, and she told him not to tell.

Carmen went to the hospital to see Ricardo. She told him that she wanted to apologize for being mean to Gabi all the other times. She realized that the Tarot was wrong about Gabi because it keep showing her with Antonio all the time.

Dr. Estrada tried hypnosis on Maria so that she could remember the five years she had missed. It didn't work, and Maria asked if she would ever remember. Dr. Estrada said that she might not.

Maria was at Bette's house, and Bette told her to stay for a few minutes and talk. Maria was brokenhearted because she wanted to remember Benjy as a baby and giving birth and all that good stuff. Bette told her that just because they were apart didn't mean that she wasn't a fit mother.

Maria broke down to her mother about how she didn't feel anything for Benjy -- well, not anything strong. She loved him. Maria wanted her mother to find something else that could help her remember -- psychic stuff. Carmen said she knew of something, but it was dangerous, and she had to be ready to go down that path.

Friday, April 30, 1999

Desperate to feel close to her son, Maria again entreated Carmen to tell her how she could regain her memory. In the grotto, Annie struggled to escape from Cole, but he tightened his grip on his prisoner. Vanessa was unpleasantly surprised to find Mrs. Moreau on her doorstep. Tess caught Meg snooping through her room.

Startled when Ricardo suddenly entered the room, Gabi moved to steer him away from the video monitor while Antonio hastily turned off the tape. Explaining how she wanted to make up for everything she had done, Mrs. Moreau offered Vanessa a potion guaranteed to ensure that Michael would love her forever. Meg admitted to Ben that she had been spying on Tess then apologized to the nanny for invading her privacy.

Carmen finally relented and gave her daughter Mrs. Moreau's name but reminded her to beware of the powerful black magic. As Vanessa rejected the witch woman's proposal, Michael arrived and gave Mrs. Moreau an angry piece of his mind. Sara warned Tess that she was going to watch her like a hawk from then on.

An unwitting Ricardo asked his brother to stay close to Gabi and keep her safe. Ben advised Tess to move out and start looking for a new job. Cole dragged Annie down to the D.A.'s office, but she refused to clear Caitlin's name.

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