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Brooke reached out to Dimitri Marick for help. Colby caused trouble for Pete and Celia. Dixie had an unsettling encounter with Billy Clyde. Uri framed Zach for murder and then ordered Jesse to arrest Zach. JR injected himself with steroids.
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Monday, June 10, 2013

At the police station, Lea and Zach bickered about where he had been. Jesse handed her an evidence bag with a medallion inside, and she noted that it was Eastern European, perhaps Russian. Lea went through her files and found a photo of Uri wearing the medallion. Jesse reported that the medallion had been found on a dead body, but there had been no fingerprints on the medallion. Zach assumed that Uri was dead, but Lea said that the body had been burned beyond recognition. Jesse mentioned that dental records could determine who had died.

Jesse said that the forensics team was reviewing Uri's dental records, and Zach asked to be fingerprinted, since Lea considered him a suspect. A forensics technician entered and confirmed that Uri's dental records from Moscow had matched the body. He also positively identified the blood on the letter opener as Uri's, and he had determined that the body had been stabbed with the letter opener. Jesse thought the analysis answered all of their questions, but the technician added that he had found fingerprints on the weapon, and they were an exact match with Zach's.

Jesse called Uri and said that framing Zach hadn't been part of their deal, but Uri forced Jesse to choose between his friend and his daughter. Jesse cautioned that the frame wouldn't hold up, but Uri contended that an arrest would tie up everything. Jesse argued that he had done everything Uri had requested, and he ordered Uri to let Cassandra go. Uri said that he would, as soon as Jesse arrested Zach.

Billy Clyde spotted Dixie in the town square, and he cried out her name. She screamed and asked what he wanted from her, and he said her forgiveness. She called him crazy, and she recounted that he had kidnapped her and had tried to kill her husband. She threatened to call the police, and he stepped toward her, but she slapped him and rushed off.

Angie arrived at the police station and begged Jesse not to protect her from the truth, and Jesse swore that there was nothing to report, but she suspected otherwise. Dixie burst in and declared that Billy Clyde was alive and in town, and she wanted him arrested. Jesse asked what Billy Clyde had done, and Dixie rambled that Billy Clyde was crazy and obsessed. Jesse informed her that the statute of limitations had expired, and Dixie incredulously asked if a monster like Billy Clyde got to walk around free. Jesse apologetically said that he had serious police work to do, and he left. Dixie complained that Billy Clyde got to live his life after he'd terrorized her, and she contemplated how she could live hers.

Lea and Zach entered Jane's Addiction, and she asked if his source planned to meet him. He replied that his source wouldn't show up with her there, but she refused to leave. He thought it was ridiculous that she suspected that he had killed someone and had left the weapon behind, but she pointed out that he'd ditched his police tail. Zach countered that if he had done it, no one ever would have found out. Lea argued that Zach had had opportunity and motive, and the evidence was stacked against him. Zach swore that he hadn't killed Uri, but he vowed to find out who had.

Outside the coffeehouse, Lea assumed that Zach's source had been a no-show, and Zach snapped that he'd stepped outside to avoid her. Jesse approached and said that he was sorry, but he had to arrest Zach for the murder of Uri Koslov.

Ruby read in the newspaper that the lottery mega-winner hadn't yet claimed the jackpot. She asked where Billy Clyde's ticket was, and he reached for his wallet, but he remembered that he'd given it to her for safekeeping. She searched for it in her bra, and he eagerly reached over to help, but she realized that she hadn't had it for days. He anxiously wondered where he had put it.

Billy Clyde fretted over the ticket, but he found it in his pocket and kissed it. He asked Ruby to read him the winning lottery numbers, and they matched his ticket. They squealed in delight, and he thanked Jesus for making him a rich man.

At Jane's Addiction, JR was surprised to see David and AJ together, and AJ explained that they had just bumped into each other. David reminded JR that AJ was David's grandson, and JR recognized that David was the father of the love of JR's life, Babe. David jeered that JR had tormented her and had "put her and AJ through hell." JR acknowledged that he hadn't been the best father or husband, but JR maintained that he had loved Babe and always would, because she had given him the greatest possible gift -- AJ.

JR wished David luck with his collaboration with Pete, but David didn't buy JR's sensitive act. JR said that he was genuinely happy that David had gotten a second chance, because he and David had that in common. David snarled that they weren't possibly alike, and AJ warned David to back off. David huffed that JR was dreaming if he expected another chance, but JR hoped to be part of the things Brooke was doing at Chandler Media. Jane struggled to get around JR with a tray of dishes, but she tripped over his cane, and JR fell to the floor.

AJ helped JR to his feet, and Jane apologized. AJ asked if JR was okay, and JR insisted that AJ follow through with his plans to meet Miranda. AJ said that he would see JR later, but David stopped AJ and hugged him. After AJ left, David taunted that JR had blown his audition for Dancing With the Stars, but JR simply said that accidents happened. David jeered that JR wouldn't be strong enough to be Brooke's errand boy, much less an executive, and he advised JR to hit the gym before someone kicked sand in his face. JR blocked David from leaving and declared that he knew that David was trying to get back at him through AJ, and he refused to allow it to happen.

At a restaurant, Colby snatched Pete's phone away and declared it a phone-free zone. He protested that he had to work, but she flirtatiously inquired whether she was more interesting than a corporate lawyer. He stated that he wasn't in a party mood, since his company was about to go public, but Colby suspected that Pete's preoccupation had to do with Celia. Colby urged him not to waste his time on a high school girl when he could have Colby. He said that Colby never changed, but Colby commented that he had, and she ran her hand up Pete's thigh. He recalled a time when she had been interested in anyone but him, and he stepped away.

Colby answered a call from Celia on Pete's phone, and Colby giggled and pretended to tell Pete to stop. Colby asked to take a message, but Celia hurriedly hung up. David arrived for a meeting with Pete, and Colby told him that the "ex-con thing" seemed to be working for him. David surmised that Colby's contribution over the past five years had consisted of skimming off her father's company. Pete returned, and Colby warned Pete that David shot when he got mad. David pointedly noted that he wasn't the one Pete needed to watch out for.

Pete and David attempted to discuss business, but Colby distracted them by cackling at text messages. The men wrapped things up, and Colby suggested that Pete join her for martinis, but he said that he had a meeting. She offered to wait, but he made a point of saying that he'd call her the next day. Pete left, and David guessed that Pete wasn't going to call, but she remarked that the chase was half the fun. David said that she could do better than a young man who had been a fool to turn down the chance to party with her, unless she was losing her touch. "Never," she haughtily replied.

The waiter informed Colby that her credit card had been declined, and she asked him to put the charges on Adam's account, but David offered to cover the bill. Colby promised to pay him back, and he assumed that she was tapped out after shopping her way across the Riviera. He said that a beautiful girl like her shouldn't be underfunded, and he pulled out his checkbook. She surmised that he wanted to give her a loan, but he called it a gift, because he wanted to do his part to keep her smiling. She figured there was a catch, but he handed her a check for $30,000 and asked if she cared.

Opal found Celia leaving some shopping bags outside Opal's door, and Celia explained that she was returning some things to Pete. Opal inquired whether Pete had left his belongings behind, but Celia disclosed that Pete had bought some dresses for her in New York. Opal was surprised that Celia didn't want them, and she asked if Celia and Pete had broken up. Celia hesitantly nodded, and Opal offered Celia a cup of tea.

Celia confided to Opal that she had liked Pete and had never felt that way before, but she was sure that Pete had. Opal compared men to streetcars, and she was sure that another one would soon pass by. Celia couldn't imagine dating someone else, but Opal advised that hearts could heal and grow stronger, and she knew from experience. Celia thanked Opal for listening, and they hugged. A strange expression crossed Opal's face as they touched, and Opal told Celia to take care of herself.

Later, Opal told Pete that Celia had dropped by, and she offered to return the dresses to get Pete's money back. Pete couldn't believe that Celia had given back the clothes, and he asked if Celia had said anything. "What the hell did I do that was so wrong?" he wondered aloud.

Miranda and a group of friends played video games at the Chandler mansion, and Heather recognized the mean girls from the coffeehouse. AJ explained that Miranda had gone to school with them for years, but Heather questioned whether they were really Miranda's friends. AJ picked the jalapenos off the rest of a pizza to put on his piece, and Heather jokingly chided him for not sharing. She thanked him for inviting her, and she seemed disappointed when he said that it had been Miranda's idea. Heather started to ask if AJ and Miranda were a couple, but he interrupted and said that he loved the song that was playing. AJ and Heather found that they shared the same taste in music.

Miranda received a text message, and she cried out in horror. Heather got one, too, and she and Miranda retreated to the foyer to discuss the doctored photo that Hunter had sent of the girls together in a compromising position. Heather believed that everyone would agree that Hunter's prank was infantile, but Miranda begged her not to tell anyone.

AJ noticed that Miranda seemed upset, but she covered by saying that she was glad that they'd gotten together with friends. She commented that Heather was fun, and AJ thought it was awesome that he and Heather had similar tastes in music and pizza toppings. Heather announced that she had to leave, and AJ offered to call her a cab.

Once alone with Miranda, Heather gushed about AJ, and she asked if he and Miranda were together. Miranda explained that she and AJ had been best friends since birth. Miranda inquired whether Heather liked AJ, but Heather didn't want her feelings to mess anything up between Miranda and AJ. Miranda assured Heather that it wouldn't be a problem, and AJ offered to walk Heather to the gate. Miranda battled a twinge of jealousy as she watched them leave.

Later, Brooke found a mess from the teens' party in the living room, and the doorbell rang. Brooke opened the door and exclaimed, "Oh, my God, I never thought I would see you again!"

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

At the café, Brooke was happy to find herself having coffee and catching up with Dimitri Marick. Dimitri was shocked that Wildwind had been shut down, and Brooke revealed that Sam and Maddie hadn't wanted to rent it out again after Caleb had left town. Dimitri remarked that he hadn't kept in touch with Sam and Maddie after his divorce from Alex, but while visiting Wildwind's mausoleum earlier, Dimitri had made peace with Edmund.

Dimitri felt that Brooke had emailed him at the right time because Europe had started to bore him. He asked her to tell him more about the proposition that she'd emailed him about. Brooke explained that Chandler was ready to make a big push into online media, and she needed someone with Dimitri's talents to head up the division.

Dimitri didn't see why Brooke, with her media experience, needed him. Brooke said she needed someone she could trust, and that person would not only head the division, but also help her keep an eye on JR, who was eager to find a way back into Chandler.

At the Chandler mansion, JR slipped a steroid vial into his pocket as Cara arrived. JR had asked Cara to meet him and render an honest opinion of his recovery. He wanted to hear the good and bad, but Cara replied that she'd found his recovery to be remarkable thus far. Unsatisfied with the news, JR asked if he could speed things up with human growth hormones or steroids.

Cara asserted that steroids could be like a death wish. She said there was no proof that human growth hormones rebuilt muscles, and steroids had wide-ranging side effects, including the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and cancer. She added that steroids were also addictive, and with his history, he didn't need to play Russian roulette when he was doing well on his own.

JR hadn't realized the risks but figured that without steroids, he'd never make a full recovery. Cara replied that she'd never prescribe it for him, but he insisted upon knowing the odds of his recovery without it. She believed it was too early to tell, but she urged him to trust what she was saying to him.

With a sigh, JR changed the subject and invited Cara out to dinner to thank her. Cara was surprised and said she wasn't even dressed to go out. He told her that they'd stay in, and the best part about being at home was that the cook was already there with them.

Later, AJ, JR, and Cara were having dessert when Brooke arrived with Dimitri. JR was stunned to see Dimitri, and Brooke announced that she was trying to convince Dimitri to return to Pine Valley and help with Chandler Media. JR abruptly stated that Dimitri would do a good job. Brooke and Dimitri left the room, and JR bitterly added that Dimitri could also walk without falling flat on his face.

Later, Brooke escorted Dimitri to the front door, and he said he was impressed by her audacious plan. He felt that it was certainly worth remaining in Pine Valley for.

Back in the living room, JR said he'd soon be able to play ball with AJ, and JR couldn't wait to see his son pitch. AJ murmured that it would have to wait because he hadn't made starting pitcher. JR asked why, and AJ snapped that his father needed to chill out. AJ claimed he didn't need to win all the time like his father and grandpa, and needing to win only caused disappointment and weird feelings.

AJ left the room, and JR told Cara that AJ knew JR was a loser. JR said his son pitied him, and his sister thought Brooke was running over him in business. Pounding his legs, he raged that he couldn't do anything in his condition. Cara ordered him to stop it because he'd only been awake for a few weeks.

Upstairs later, JR lowered his pants, tapped on a syringe, and injected himself.

At Bramwell Hall, Celia answered a call from Pete, who wanted to know why she'd returned all the items he'd bought for her. Celia was unable to explain it, and she asked him not to call her again.

After the call, Heather entered to talk to Celia about AJ, who Heather had decided was "so freaking hot." Celia said AJ was a good guy, but Heather was unsure about pursuing him because she didn't want to be the type of girl who made moves on someone else's guy.

The subject turned to Celia's love life, and Celia claimed that she and Pete had too many differences and bad timing. Heather figured that Celia and Pete would work things out, but Celia replied that he'd already found someone else.

At home, Pete poured himself shots and didn't notice Colby behind him, slipping into the house and heading upstairs. Later, Pete took a drink into his bedroom and jumped with a start when he saw Colby lounging on his bed, wearing only his dress shirt.

Pete asked what Colby was doing there, and Colby said she'd been waiting forever. He responded that it wasn't a good night. She tried his drink and expressed delight that he was a scotch man. She kissed his neck and ripped open his shirt. Colby was excited to see how "buff" he was, and she pulled off her shirt, revealing a black teddy.

Pete was impressed by Colby's physique. Whispering in his ear, Colby asked how many times, when they'd been younger, he'd thought of having her naked and willing to do what he wanted. She uttered that dreams became true, and she kissed him. Pete tossed her onto the bed and ravaged her.

Pete and Colby lay in bed after having sex, and Colby decided she wanted him to teach her about computers. As he talked about electronics, she kissed him lower and lower on his body. Giving in to his feelings, Pete stopped speaking, but Colby grabbed his face and said, "You stop; I stop. Got it?" Pete resumed trying to discuss computers as Colby worked her magic on him.

At the police station, an officer fingerprinted Zach, and Jesse protested to Lea about how unfair it was. Lea responded that they'd had no choice, and if Jesse hadn't arrested Zach, then she would have. Jesse refused to let Zach go down for something he hadn't done. Lea replied that Zach faced federal charges in addition to the murder charge, and it was out of Jesse's hands.

Aside with Zach, Jesse said he knew Zach hadn't done it. Zach replied that it made two of them. Zach requested extra protection for Kendall and the boys, and as Lea led him away, Zach quipped that it had to feel good to be right about him. Lea sadly replied that she'd been hoping to be wrong.

Later, Zach made bail after his lawyer had argued that the Koslovs had made it too dangerous for Zach to be in jail. The court had remanded Zach into Lea's custody, but she promised Jesse that her new babysitting duties wouldn't interfere with finding Cassandra.

Lea went to sign Zach out, and Jesse apologized for getting Zach involved. Zach said the Koslovs had done that, but Jesse would do the same thing for Zach if Zach needed it. Jesse seemed very worried, and Zach flashed a questioning look. Jesse murmured that it wasn't right, and he left.

In a dark parking lot, Jesse called Uri to say that Zach had been arrested, and Uri could let Cassandra go. Uri was unhappy that Zach had gotten out on bail. He raged that he wanted Zach behind bars, but Jesse replied that bail had been up to a judge, not Jesse. Jesse demanded to know where his daughter was. "You disappoint me," Uri seethed and clicked off the line.

Jesse tried the number again, but it had been disconnected. "Where is she?" Jesse screamed.

In a dark apartment, a man laid the bruised and limp Cassandra on the floor and left.

Back at the station, Lea handcuffed Zach. He protested, but she told him she wasn't taking any chances with him giving her the slip. She also instructed him to keep his "smart-assed" comments to himself for the night. As she led him away, he said the cuffs would pose a showering problem.

Later, Zach entered a hotel room with Lea and thanked her for removing the cuffs. He was perplexed because she'd believed in his guilt but had done everything possible to help him make bail. Lea quipped that she hadn't even gotten a thanks for it.

Zach thanked Lea but asked why she'd considered that he could have killed Koslov. Lea claimed that the evidence was overwhelming, but he asked her what her gut said. She replied that Zach wasn't stupid enough to throw his whole life away, and she believed that he had more good than bad in him.

Lea decided that she was ready to retire for the evening, and Zach asked if he could wash his feet before she tied him to the bed. She replied that she wouldn't do that, and there would be an agent outside the door to keep an eye on him. Zach asked where she'd sleep, and she said she'd sleep in the bed. He guessed he'd take the floor, but she said she wanted him in bed, too.

Zach moved in to kiss Lea, but she walked by him to a door to an adjoining room in which she planned to sleep. Zach asked what would happen if he woke up from a nightmare in the night. Lea advised against him awakening her because she slept with a gun beneath her pillow and detested surprises. She said the agent posted at the door could make things better and tuck Zach in if need be.

Lea and Zach bade each other a good night, and he remarked that it was the first time she'd let him call her "Lea." She replied that it was because she was exhausted. She left, and Zach uttered, "Lea..." He smiled and drank from a glass of wine.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

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Friday, June 14, 2013

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