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Jake prevented Adam from spending time with Liza and Colby. Dixie miscarried her baby and mistakenly assumed that Tad was happy about the miscarriage. Raquel left town after telling Hayley that Raquel and Mateo had slept together. Edmund learned that Dimitri had changed his will after marrying Alex.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 16, 1999 on AMC
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Monday August 16, 1999

After looking around the club---perhaps to see if there were any hidden cameras---Hayley slowly approached Mateo. "You're back," she said in a voice that mixed surprise and confusion. Mateo nodded his head. He puckered his lips slightly and asked Hayley what brought her by the club. Hayley walked back and forth for a bit before explaining that the air conditioner had broken. To fix it, she said that she "kicked it in the compressor." Mateo was impressed and flashed a contented glance. When asked about his trip, Mateo said that he'd had a fairly good time. A brief pause later, he confessed that he'd thought about calling Hayley several times. Hayley's eyes slowly widened. She was stunned speechless. "I really need to talk to you," said Mateo. "And it may take a while---maybe all night." They adjourned to an out-of-the-way table. Hayley broke through the idle chit-chit by expressing her desire to put an end to their arguing. Mateo concurred and said that nothing would make him happier. Just as the pair seemed on the verge of making amends, disaster struck. Ryan's voice sounded over the murmur of the crowd. As he wiped grease from his hands with a towel, Mateo knew that Ryan had been there to fix the broken air conditioning unit. Mateo flew off the handle, blasting Ryan for moving in on Hayley while he was out of town. Hayley jumped to her feet and defended her friend. She said that Ryan's fix-it routine had saved Mateo a heap of money. Mateo reached for his wallet and plopped a wad of cash on the table. He thanked Ryan for his services and told him that he was free to help himself to Hayley. Hayley pleaded with Mateo for a chance to explain everything. "Go to hell," Mateo snapped. Raquel raced over to the table and warned Mateo that his outbursts were not good for business. She smiled tenderly and asked Mateo to join her on the dance floor. Mateo eagerly accepted the invitation. As Hayley looked on, Mateo and Raquel danced---very, very closely. Hayley bowed her head, but she was unable to prevent herself from watching their display. Gillian and Ryan wandered over a few seconds later with the hopes of getting Hayley to go back to Wildwind for a change of scenery. Gillian apologized profusely for having invited Raquel to the club. Hayley assured Gillian that she hadn't done anything wrong. After all, she had no way of knowing that she'd show up at the club on the same night. After the trio filed out of the club, Mateo abruptly pulled away from Raquel. He told Raquel that he was tired, but said that she was free to stay as long as she wanted. Raquel shrugged and said that she couldn't because she didn't have a ride home. Mateo sighed and offered to take Raquel home.

Several lit white candles adorned a table of hors d'oeuvres and sparkling cider at Erica's home. When the doorbell rang, Erica carefully adjusted her tight-fitting black dress before scurrying to the door. On the other side, Myrtle smiled broadly. She invited herself into the house, ignoring Erica's announcement that she was too busy packing for her trip with Bianca to have company. Myrtle knew that Erica would be headed out of town soon, so she wanted to give Erica a present for Bianca---a bag full of hair clips and other goodies. "That's a very fancy outfit for a night at home," Myrtle remarked after eyeing up Erica's dress. For just a moment, Erica looked panicked. She forced a laugh and explained that she was simply trying on the dress. Myrtle wandered around the room and made note of the burning candles and crystal goblets. Erica claimed that she was expecting a business associate. Myrtle was far too wise to be taken in by a lie. She knew that Erica's "business" had something to do with David Hayward. Erica tried to laugh off Myrtle's comment, but Myrtle told Erica that she knew all about her lakeside lip-lock with the doctor. "He was not checking your heart," Myrtle grumbled. "You do go on," Erica squeaked. "You act as if I'm sixteen and never been kissed." Fighting a laugh of her own, Myrtle simply replied, " Hardly." Myrtle again apologized for dropping by unannounced and said that she'd be on her way---just as soon as Erica phoned David and canceled their plans. Erica shook her head and told her friend that she'd do no such thing. "In that case, tell Coral that there'll be three for dinner," Myrtle responded. Erica didn't understand why Myrtle would subject herself to dinner with a person she detested. After Myrtle admitted that she doesn't like David, Erica stunned Myrtle by stating that she wasn't sure if she liked David herself. Initially, Myrtle thought that Erica was trying to lie her way out of the situation. Erica went on to say that David is "egotistical, power-hungry, and [that he] can be a first class son of a." Myrtle interrupted and finished Erica's statement. "He's the son of Vanessa Bennett---evil fruit from an evil tree." If Erica was trying to hide her affection for David, she blew her cover by scolding Myrtle for talking so coldly about the doctor. Erica said that David was no more like his mother than she was like Mona. "Do you love him?" asked Myrtle out of the blue. Erica shook her head and said that there as no way that she loved David. She asked Myrtle why she was "making such a production" out of one kiss. "You have married a man for less," Myrtle replied brusquely. The mere mention of marriage sent Erica into a frenzy. "That's what you do when you're bored," added Myrtle. Erica drifted off momentarily to recall her romantic encounter at The Sleepy Hollow Inn. Myrtle demanded to know where Erica's mind had gone, but Erica did not respond. Myrtle warned Erica that it was still possible to get her heart broken---even if she wasn't in love with a man. Erica asked Myrtle if she would give David her blessing if, somehow, David turned out to be the right man for her. Myrtle didn't give the relationship the green light. Instead, she said that David would "have hell to pay" if he hurt Erica. Erica asked Myrtle to keep her relationship with David a secret. Myrtle replied that Erica should be more careful about her public displays of affection if she'd trying to keep a relationship a secret. After Myrtle left, Erica walked slowly around the parlor. The day was drawing to a close and there was still no sign of David. "Something Dr. Hayward needs to learn [is that] Erica Kane does not like to be kept waiting."

At Wildwind, Gillian asked Hayley how her civil conversation with Mateo had gone sour so quickly. Hayley explained that Mateo caught sight of Ryan and blew a gasket. Gillian showed concern when she learned that Hayley had dropped by Ryan's loft after her AA meeting. Ryan left the room after hearing Eugenia ring a bell to signal that she needed help. That left Gillian and Hayley to engage in a tenuous exchange. Gillian asked Hayley if she wanted to get back together with Mateo. Hayley shrugged unenthusiastically and said that she wasn't sure what she wanted. Gillian shifted nervously as she warned Hayley that she'd better decide soon before Raquel stole him away. Hayley's neck snapped back. She asked Gillian if Raquel had said something to her at the club. "Not in so many words," answered Gillian. Hayley took a deep breath and said that she was going to turn in for the night. She walked slowly up the steps as Ryan returned to the room. Gillian looked at Ryan and told him that they needed to work together to get Hayley and Mateo back together.

Inside Raquel's condo, Raquel groused that she hates the way Hayley is treating Mateo. Mateo ignored the remark, instead he offered to help Raquel pack for her trip back to Texas. Raquel declined the request because she didn't really have that much to pack. Mateo clutched his back and sat down in a chair. He grumbled that the airplane ride back to town had done a number on his back. Raquel walked slowly towards him and offered him a back rub. Mateo accepted and moaned slightly as Raquel's magic fingers worked his tense muscles. Mateo turned around and thanked Raquel for the massage. Rather than offering a simple "you're welcome," Raquel responded with a kiss. Mateo surrendered to the moment and kissed Raquel back. As the heat rose, Mateo suddenly pulled away and told Raquel that he couldn't continue. "Why? We can finally be together!" Raquel chirped. Mateo shook his head and explained that he doesn't want that. Raquel was confused. She reminded Mateo of their hot and steamy dance session at SOS. "I did that to hurt Hayley," he explained. Raquel was devastated. "You still love her after everything she's put you through?" Raquel squawked. Mateo nodded and said that he thought Raquel understood. I need you to go," Raquel said coldly. "GO!" Mateo lowered his head and slowly walked out of the condo. AS the door closed behind him, Raquel picked up one of Max's toy trucks and hurled it at the door.

At Pine Valley Hospital, David was both amused and perturbed that his most recent patient was suffering from acute gas pains rather than a heart attack. As he was signing out for the evening, Becca escorted Dixie into the emergency room. David raced to Dixie's side and asked her if she was okay. Unable to speak because of the pain, Dixie had to allow Becca to explain what was going on. David ordered a passing nurse to get a wheelchair. Dixie was wheeled into an examining room and Becca raced to the phone to call Tad. Tad was live on the air, so she had to leave a message for him. Scott entered a few seconds later and had one of the nurses put through a page to Joe. Becca broke down in tears. She told Scott that her mother was a midwife, so she knew that bleeding this early in the pregnancy was not a good sign. Inside the examining room, David informed the attending nurse that Dixie was going into premature labor. Dr. Clader was out of town on vacation, so his associate was going to be tending to Dixie. Dixie initially refused to have drugs administered, but David explained that they were necessary to stop her cramping and bleeding. Even before she was given the drugs, Dixie became very delusional. "I can't wait to see her," she gushed. Ultrasound equipment was brought into the room. Dixie fidgeted around as she tried to move herself into a better position to see the images. David continued to examine the unborn child as Ruth entered the room. Initially she had no idea why David had summoned Joe. Upon seeing Dixie, Ruth knew that something wasn't right. For the first time, Dixie learned that an obstetrician had been called in to consult. "I don't want another doctor," she complained. "I want you. You're the only one that can make it alright." Ruth looked to David and upon seeing his grim expression knew that her worst fears had come true. Ruth rushed to Dixie's side and gave her an embrace. Outside, Tad arrived at the hospital. Becca was filling him in on what had happened when a loud scream sounded out in the examining room. Tad raced inside and remanded to know what was going on. He feared that Dixie's heart had given out on her. "The baby didn't make it," Ruth said softly. "Dixie miscarried." With tears in her eyes, Dixie looked to Tad and apologized for letting him down. David and Ruth moved to the corner of the room to discuss the medical aspects behind what had happened. "The fetus is no longer viable," David informed Ruth. The fetus and placenta, however, were both still inside Dixie's uterus. A procedure would have to be performed to prevent infection and hemorrhaging. David approached Dixie and told her about the procedure, but Dixie refused. "She's my daughter and I will not let you kill her!" she screamed. Tad asked to have a few moments alone with his wife. He told Dixie that he was relieved that she was okay. Dixie refused to believe that Dr. Hayward was right about the loss of her child. Tad took her hand and looked her in the eye. "I'm sorry... the baby's gone. We lost our daughter," Tad said sadly. "She needs me," Dixie sobbed. She became noticeably quiet. "This isn't my fault, is it?" she asked tearfully. "No-no," Tad responded. "You did everything perfectly." He told her that she was trying to save a life that could not be saved. Tad filed out of the room. He had not been able to convince Dixie to consent to the procedure. David decided that he would have a better chance of getting through to Dixie. He returned to the room and asked Dixie if she wanted to see her baby on the ultrasound. Dixie nodded and blissfully recalled when she first saw Junior. "He was sucking his thumb," she gushed. Dixie's eyes welled with tears when the sight of her daughter came on the monitor. David magnified the picture to show a close-up of the baby's heart. Where a rapid pulsing should have been there was silence and there was no motion. Only then did Dixie realize that her baby was dead. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks. She pursed her lips tightly to prevent her sobbing from escaping. Dixie finally agreed to undergo the operation to remove the fetus. Tad thanked David for being there for Dixie, but David refused to accept the thanks. "Don't thank me," he replied. "I really wanted this baby for Dixie." Dixie was wheeled off to the operation room and Scott, Tad, and Becca followed closely behind. A little while later, Erica entered the emergency room and asked for a notepad so that she could leave a message for David. As she was scrawling a note, David exited the examining room. The pair walked towards each other and embraced.

Tuesday, August 17, 1999

A cup of morning tea failed to soothe Alexandra's still jangled nerves. She plopped down on the sofa and again reflected on her first date---a blind date---with Dimitri. To say that the two didn't get off to a good start is an understatement. The meeting, though, was not a typical date. "You might not meet me if you knew why I was here," Dimitri had said. The moment of reflection was shattered by another presence in the room. Alex shook away the cobwebs and looked up to see Jack standing a few feet away. Jack had dropped by to discuss the reading of Dimitri's will. He felt that the sooner the will was read the better. Alex protested the decision to read the will, one that had been filed over a year ago. Alex explained that she and Dimitri had drawn up new wills shortly after their wedding ceremony. Jack asked Alex for the name and number of the attorney that had worked with them so that he could ask to examine the will. Alex appeared caught off guard by Jack's request. Nevertheless, she rummaged around in her purse and found one of the attorney's business cards. Jack was set to leave when Alexandra called out to him and announced that she had a question for him. Jack slowly turned around to face Alex. Alex said that had some concerns about Edmund's reaction to the newly filed will. Jack surmised that Edmund would understand that Dimitri had filed a new will. That wasn't necessarily the problem. As Alex saw it, she was worried that Edmund would not take kindly to the way Dimitri's estate had been divided. Jack couldn't speak for Edmund's reaction, but he was sure that Edmund would accept the terms of the will---provided that everything was authentic. Jack said that he would be present at the read of the will and suggested that Alex be there as well. Alex had had no plans to be present, but now she was having second thoughts. After Jack left, Alexandra quickly shut the doors to the parlor. She raced to the phone and placed an urgent call to her friend, Sean. "Call out solicitor," she said nervously. "Tell him that under no circumstances is he to take a call from Jackson Montgomery."

Outside Dixie's room, Ruth looked on heavy-heartedly. Joe slowly approached from behind and pulled his wife into his comforting arms. Ruth took a deep sigh and shook her head. "Medically I know that this was probably inevitable," she said sorrowfully. "But [Tad and Dixie] didn't deserve this." Inside the room, Tad sat motionless by Dixie's side. He hadn't moved since Dixie was wheeled out of surgery. In her dreams, Dixie imagined a balloon-filled hospital room with "It's a Girl" signs everywhere. As she smiled proudly, Tad toted their daughter into the room. Tad looked on in shock as Dixie mumbled that their daughter looked just like him. Tad raced to his mother and told her that Dixie was carrying on like the baby was still alive. Ruth quickly explained that Dixie was still under the effects of the anesthesia. She urged Tad to go to the doctors' lounge and catch a few winks, but Tad knew that there was no way that he could get to sleep. Besides, he worried that Dixie would wake up alone. Tad returned to Dixie's room and continued his watch. "She looks like you," Dixie murmured again. "No, she looks like me---No, she looks like both of us." Tad shushed his wife and told her to try to get some more sleep. "Is she asleep?" Dixie asked quietly as she drifted back to sleep. Now more terrified than ever, Tad returned to the corridor and told Ruth that he doesn't think that Dixie has any recollection of the miscarriage. He wondered how he would tell Dixie about the miscarriage if she awoke and didn't remember what had happened. He knew that he could offer her no form of hope. There would be no next time because Tad would not subject his wife to the possible pain of another loss.

At The Valley Inn, David and Erica made love for the second time. "Again," Erica moaned sensually. "Well Miss Kane," David smiled sexily. "Didn't you say that nineteen was your lucky number?" From out of nowhere, Erica commented, "I don't love you." This was apparently not the first time that she had uttered these words during their lovemaking session. What Erica didn't understand was why being with David "felt so good." After another romantic session, David was called away by an urgent phone call from the hospital. Erica saw the phone call as a competitor and since David had taken the call, she felt shunned and unwanted. In her mind, Erica heard Myrtle's voice warning her that she could get her heart broken even if she was not in love with David. Erica leapt to her feet as David was concluding the call and headed to the bathroom to get dressed. After she was dressed, David tried to assured Erica that he had to take the call. Erica claimed that it didn't bother her and said that she would probably have been on the phone with Enchantment if she were not on vacation. The mention of the word vacation sent David's mind into overdrive. He told Erica that since she had the day off there was no need for her to run. Erica shook her head and said that she had a plane to catch; she was headed on a holiday with Bianca. David smiled and voiced his approval of the getaway---even though Erica wasn't looking for his approval. David asked for a phone number where Erica could be reached, but Erica saw no need to have David call. David assumed that Erica did not want Bianca to know about their relationship. Erica clarified that she was not sure how she'd find Bianca when her plane landed. Dimitri's death had hit the girl very hard---and she did not want to rock the boat by mentioning whatever it was that she and David had going on. And to be honest, neither one of them could figure out exactly what to call their relationship. Erica was sidetracked momentarily as she blasted Alex for refusing to give Maximillian, Dimitri's horse, to Bianca. All that the new Mrs. Marick wanted to do, according to Erica, was to push away and alienate all of Dimitri's loved ones. "I will never believe that [Dimitri] fell in love with this cold, heartless woman," she growled. Then the pair returned to trying to come up with a label for their relationship. David said that he would not give what they had a name, but rather he'd be grateful that they had a relationship. They kissed passionately yet again before Erica abruptly pulled away. She told David that she hopes that he'll miss her while she's gone. That way, she said, he'll appreciate her more. As Erica left, David received another phone call from the hospital.

At the hospital, Edmund dropped by Joe's office to see if he'd reviewed Seaview Hospital's explanation of Dimitri's death. Joe said that the report was "a very thorough, very concise, textbook case of a fatal aneurysm." After careful review, there was nothing in the report that signaled that anything out of the ordinary had taken place. Joe had done exactly as Edmund had requested---but still Edmund was not convinced that everything was on the up and up. He ceded that the medical report might very well be in order, but that did not change his belief that something about Alexandra's story just didn't add up. Edmund asked Joe if he'd have a talk with Alexandra and asked her about the events leading up to Dimitri's death. He said that he found it odd that Dimitri would have kept a wife from him. Joe cocked his head to one side and said that keeping a marriage a secret was "impetuous," a term that was applicable to Dimitri. Joe didn't really understand the reason for Edmund's concern, but he agreed to help him out.
When Alexandra arrived at the hospital, she found Edmund waiting for her inside Joe's office. Needles to say, she was surprised to see him. Edmund never explained why he was there. Joe filed into the office and apologized for running late. The doctor told Alex that Seaview's report was incredibly detailed. But as a friend of the family, Joe said that he felt obligated to learn more about what happened just before Dimitri fell so terribly ill. Alexandra agreed to recount her tale. She said that "all of a sudden" Dimitri's face had turned ghostly white. Complaining of a headache, Dimitri's face was horribly distorted from the pain. He grabbed onto her arm---so hard that it left bruises. Prior to the incident, Dimitri had never given any indication that he was ill. He had talked about their future and raising a family together. Alex's voice cracked and several tears escaped as she said that Dimitri had wanted their children to grow up with their cousins, Sam and Maddie. Dimitri was adamant about wanting the children to be close and not go through what he and Edmund had gone through as kids. Alex's sadness gave way to a wave of anger. She turned an icy glare towards Edmund. "Why do you keep making me go through this again and again?" she yelled. Alex took a deep breath and apologized to Joe for her outburst. She said that she hopes that they can meet again under happier circumstances. Alex stormed out of the office, but stopped just a few feet from the doorway. She put her hands to her face and sobbed for a few moments. As she did, David turned the corner. He did a double take and observed Alex carefully. By then, Alex had headed on her way and David said nothing. Back inside, Joe told Edmund that his professional feeling was that Alex was not hiding anything. Her account of what had happened was airtight. Again Edmund doubted Joe. He said that there was still something that he did not trust. "People die. Children die," Joe commented seemingly out of nowhere. He added that one could not get by by trying to rail against nature for the loss. Edmund wondered where Joe's anger was coming from. Joe took a deep breath and told him about Dixie's miscarriage. Of course Edmund---or anyone outside of the immediate family---knew that Dixie was expecting. Edmund apologized for dumping his problems on Joe. Joe, however, said that he was glad to have something else to occupy his mind. "I lost a grandchild last night," he said softly.

Back in Dixie's room, Dixie finally woke from her medically induced slumber. She saw Tad sitting beside her and struggled to sit up in bed. "Where am I?" she asked in confusion. Then her face formed a look of sudden understanding. She knew that she was in the hospital, but she wasn't sure why she was there. She first feared that she was having health problems, but Tad assured her that she was going to be fine. "There's something I have to tell you," Tad said in a voice barely above a whisper. The frown on his face refused to budge. "We lost her, didn't we?" Dixie said in a tiny, childlike voice. "We lost the baby." Dixie was too weak, too heartbroken to say anything more. She sobbed quietly as Tad gently cradled her head in his arms.

Wednesday, August 18, 1999

When Alexandra stormed back to Wildwind, she found Gillian sitting alone in the parlor. "What kind of man is your cousin Edmund?" snarled a still frustrated Alexandra. Gillian assured Alex that Edmund was not a cruel man. He was, however, a man who'd lost two people that he loved dearly. "He's a journalist," she added, saying that Edmund's instinct was to search for answers to everything---even if there were no questions to be answered. Alex referred to her trip to the hospital as an interrogation and said that Edmund had humiliated her by forcing her to relive Dimitri's death. Again Gillian mentioned that Edmund was still aching from his wife's death. "They really loved each other, huh?" Alexandra asked softly. Gillian nodded her head. She stated that Edmund and Maria were so in sync that they could often communicate without saying a word. Although she'd met Maria but once, Gillian said that he knew Maria was a very special person. "She was---whaddya call it---a neurotic," Gillian explained. Alexandra smiled slightly and offered the word "neurosurgeon." Gillian said that Edmund loved Maria so much that he had yet to get rid of any of her belongings. Alex said that people often hang in to a loved one's personal belongings to feel close to them. Gillian nodded enlightenedly and admitted that she'd slept with Ryan's shirt after they'd separated. Gillian dove into deep thought for a minute and said that she guessed that she'd observed the night before. She blurted out that she'd woke in the middle of the night and saw Edmund pouring over a lot of Maria's medical books while on her way to the kitchen. She was blissfully unaware that Edmund's late-night session had any hidden implications. Alex's face grew serious. She told Gillian that she hoped Edmund got the answers he was looking for in the books. Gillian headed on her way, but Alex remained behind. She walked to a nearby table and paged frantically through Maria's medical books. Stella, one of the housekeepers, entered the room and asked Alex what she was doing with Maria's books. Alex fidgeted nervously and said that she'd been drawn to the books by curiosity. Stella continued to hang around observing her. Finally, Alex asked Stella to work on locating one of her missing bags. The housekeeper bowed out of the room leaving Alex alone to resume paging through the books. One of the books was of particular interest to her. She carefully looked around to make sure that no one was around and then carefully tore out one of the pages of the book.

Dixie embraced Tad as she continued to sob openly. Dixie began second guessing everything that she'd done. In her grief, she determined that she must have somehow caused her miscarriage. As hard as Tad tried to convince her that she'd done everything in her power to take care of the baby, Dixie remained doubtful of her maternal capabilities. David entered the room and immediately offered his condolences to Dixie. "Why did this happen?" Dixie asked tearfully. The doctor asked Tad to give him a few moments with Dixie so that he could perform a checkup. David listened to Dixie's heart and determined that it was beating normally. David informed Dixie that there were "abnormalities in the fetus that [she] had no control over." Dixie feared that she'd somehow let Tad down by miscarrying. David assured her that that was not the case. He said that she was "one of the most selfless mothers" he's ever known, but he stopped short of telling Dixie that she would one day have another chance to conceive a child.

In the hallway, Joe joined Tad and asked him if Dixie was okay. Tad informed his father that David was giving Dixie a checkup. Edmund, who had tagged along with Joe, told Tad that he was very sorry for his loss. Joe was paged away on hospital business so Edmund sat down with Tad. Edmund told Tad that he was unaware that Dixie was having health problems. Tad shrugged slightly and said that they had tried to keep her problems under wraps. Tad confessed that he felt like a bit of a jerk for having reacted so coldly to the news that Dixie was pregnant. Edmund fondly recalled how Maria had carried on private conversations with Maddie even before Maddie was born. Edmund said that he often felt like he was eavesdropping. Tad shook his head and told Edmund that he didn't know how he'd survived Maria's death. "Just getting by is not the same thing as living," Edmund said. Suddenly Tad realized that he'd been carrying on about his troubles and had completely forgotten that Edmund was mourning a loss of his own. Joe returned and Tad expressed some concern that David was still examining Dixie. Edmund turned to the doctor and asked him if he thinks that he was too hard on Alex. Tad looked on in confusion; he had no idea who Alex was. Edmund briefly explained that Alex was Dimitri's widow. Tad, of course, was naturally stunned to learn that Dimitri had remarried. David exited Dixie's room as the men were discussing Alex. His ears perked up, but he said nothing. Edmund had to head off to work and Tad walked off with him. David seized the opportunity to ask Joe about Alex. Joe explained that Alex was Dimitri's wife. David blinked several times and said that he once knew an Alex and that he thought he saw her at the hospital the other day. But he was sure that it had to be a case of mistaken identity. Tad returned as David was leaving. He sat down with his father and contemplated the future. Tad was worried that Dixie's friends would inadvertently make things worse for Dixie by asking her about her due date. Since Dixie had blabbed about her pregnancy, she risked having people approach her and ask about the baby. "Be supportive," Joe responded when asked how best to help Dixie through this tough time. In time, said Joe, Dixie would realize that she'd done nothing to cause the death of her baby. Inside the room, Dixie's sleep was haunted by the sounds of infants wailing. She woke from her sleep panting hysterically. She called out to Tad, but he was nowhere to be found. Back outside in the hallway, Joe was trying to convince Tad that "sometimes God takes matters into his own hands." This may have been one of those times. Tad sighed and said that maybe in time he'll be able that "this miscarriage was for the best." Neither man knew that Dixie had poked her head out---and that she'd only heard the last part of Tad's statement.

Mateo dropped by Raquel's condo toting a large package. He was surprised that Raquel agreed to let him into her home. The gift box was for Max and contained a cowboy hat---a necessity for Texas living according to Mateo. Raquel paid him little mind and went back to packing her belongings. She reached for a sheet of newspaper and carefully wrapped his dishes. Mateo looked on curiously and asked Raquel why she was packing her dishes when she was only going on a brief vacation to Texas. Raquel stepped down from a stepstool and informed Mateo that she had decided to leave Pine Valley. "I thought you were happy here?" Mateo squawked. "It's time to move on," Raquel replied. She said that she and Max would be moving in with her cousin Angela. "I don't want to be the reason you leave," Mateo said almost apologetically. Raquel again expressed her frustration that Mateo still wanted to be with Hayley. "I love you Mateo, but it's not enough." She said that their dance the night before made her remember the good ole days when they were lovers. "It meant something to me." Mateo lowered his head and apologized for hurting Raquel. That only caused Raquel to grow more angry. She lashed out at him for repeatedly hurting her. "Do you understand that every time you go to get your mail or take your trash out I'm reminded of what I want most?" she yelled angrily. It was the first time that Raquel showed how badly she was hurting. "I need to get on with my life too," she added. Mateo looked like he felt terribly for sending Raquel mixed messaged. Gillian stopped by for a visit and learned that Raquel was leaving town. Rather than trying to talk her out of it, Gillian was surprisingly upbeat. " I think it's a great idea!" she chirped. Mateo decided to leave when it become apparent that his presence was no longer required. Gillian praised Raquel's decision to get on with her life. She said that she had been unable to do it when she and Ryan split. Gillian also knew that deep down Raquel had been hoping that Mateo would ask her to stay in town and give romance another try. That, of course, was not going to happen. Raquel gave Gillian her new address and the two women embraced. Gillian promised to keep in touch and headed on her way. In the courtyard, Gillian sat down on a bench next to Mateo and urged him to seize the opportunity to get back together with Hayley. Mateo said that it would not be that easy because he was no longer sure that he could trust Hayley. Unaware that Raquel was just a few feet away checking her mailbox, Gillian virtually pleaded with Mateo to "follow [his] heart" and get back together with the woman of his dreams---Hayley.

Edmund showed up at Tempo and told Brooke of his questions and answers session with Joe and Alex. Brooke wasn't thrilled that Edmund was still suspicious of Alexandra. Edmund realized that Brooke must not have known about Dixie's miscarriage. When he broke the news, Brooke braced herself against her desk for support. This tragedy coupled with Dimitri's death made it impossible for her to concentrate on work. She decided that she would go to the hospital to visit Dixie. Shortly after Brooke left, Edmund sat down at his desk to write thank you cards to some of the people who'd dropped by Dimitri's memorial service. Jack strolled into the office with news of the reading of Dimitri's will. Jack told Edmund that Dimitri had had another will filed after he married Alexandra. Edmund didn't argue that it was common for newlyweds to redraw their wills. But where Alexandra was involved, Edmund had his doubts. "What is Alex up to?" he asked himself.

Thursday, August 19, 1999

"I hate to break it to you, but there are no happy endings," Mateo mumbled. Gillian turned her head slightly to the side and, under her breath, commented that Mateo reminded her of a mule her family owned back in Budapest. Mateo's reason for not being able to run back to Hayley remained an issue of trust. He said that it was entirely possible that Hayley and Ryan have been cavorting for months. After a momentary pause, he asked Gillian if she believed that Hayley would take him back if he slept with Raquel. Gillian cocked her head to one sign and simply replied that Hayley had already forgiven Mateo's indiscretions. Mateo did not need to be reminded that he'd lied to Hayley about having been married before. In his mind, though, that was a far lesser crime than having an affair. Gillian wondered if Mateo had told Hayley lately that he cared for her. Just the night before, he'd sent mixed messages to Hayley by dancing with Raquel. "Raquel means nothing to me and Hayley knows that," Mateo snapped. From behind the pillar where she'd sought out an eavesdropping post, Raquel's face fell. She may have known that Mateo no longer had romantic feelings for her, but hearing him blurt it out so coldly still hurt her. Devastated, Raquel scurried away. Gillian argued that Hayley did not know how Mateo really felt. After all, he'd just gotten back from a trip to Texas with Raquel. Mateo explained that he needed to go to Texas to make sure that Raquel's parents treated Max properly. Gillian threw her hands into the air and told Mateo that she was tired of hearing his excuses. Hypothetically, Mateo asked what he should do if he did still love Hayley. Gillian's response was quick and concise. She told Mateo to find Hayley and work out their problems---before he loses her forever.

A day or two ahead of schedule, Adam returned to Pine Valley from his trip to London. Liza was surprised to see him, but overjoyed nevertheless. Adam explained that he'd tired of garden parties and chitchat with royalty. So an early return seemed like the perfect idea. "There's only one queen in my life and only one princess," he beamed happily. Adam disappeared for a moment to fetch a present that he'd picked up for Colby. Liza's mouth gaped as Adam presented an authentic English baby buggy. There was a little something tucked inside for Liza, too: an emerald necklace. The next thing on Adam's mind was spending time with Colby. He was infuriated when Jake suddenly appeared on the landing carrying Colby. Liza explained that she'd already given Jake permission to spend time with Colby. After all, Adam wasn't supposed to be back for another day. Adam insisted that since he was now home he should get to spend time with---he had to bit his tongue to keep from using the word "daughter." Liza begged the two men not to get into a fight. Jake promised to only keep Colby for a few hours and Adam reluctantly ceded control. After Jake and the baby were gone, Liza thanked Adam for backing down. The couple cuddled on the sofa as Adam brought up the idea of taking a return trip to Britain. Liza closed her eyes for a moment and told Adam of a lifelong dream to live in a thatched-roof house in the English countryside. Adam plucked a set of photographs from his pocket and proclaimed, "Good. I bought it." Liza looked at her husband bewilderedly and asked him what he was talking about. Adam explained that during a drive through Kent, he spotted a beautiful cottage with the most glorious rose garden he'd ever seen. Liza was awed by Adam's newest asset and said that she couldn't wait to visit it. Adam smiled broadly and told Liza that he'd make arrangements for them to leave next week. Liza shook her head and said that she wouldn't be able to work that into the schedule. Adam flew off the handle and blasted Jake for staking his claim to Colby's time. Liza took a deep breath and said that the scheduling conflict had nothing to do with Jake. It did, however, have everything to do with work. Liza had a big weeklong affiliates meeting and Colby was scheduled for her second batch of immunizations. Adam smiled bashfully and confessed that he might be acting "overly proprietary" of Colby's time. The couple embraced and promised to take a getaway just as soon as they could.

A stunned Dixie straggled back to her hospital bed. She curled up and buried her head in one of her pillows. Tad entered the room a little while later and returned to the seat he'd sat in for so many hours. "I know you're hurting," he said softly to Dixie, unaware that she'd overheard his discussion with Joe. "That's easy for you to say," Dixie grumbled. "I heard what you said to Joe." Tad tried to explain that Dixie had only heard a portion of the conversation, but she refused to listen to him. She pointedly reminded Tad that he was opposed to her having a baby from day one. Tad admitted that he was initially opposed to the idea, but said that he had come around when he saw how much the baby meant to Dixie. To bolster her claim that Tad didn't care about the baby, Dixie recalled how Tad had reacted to the news that the baby had died. "I was bawling my eyes out and you didn't shed a tear," Dixie sobbed. She accused Tad of treating the death the same way that he'd take the news that his show's ratings had declined. Tad shook his head and told Dixie that she didn't understand. "Sometimes it's hard for me," he started to say. "To pretend to feel something you don't?" Dixie snapped. Tad begged Dixie to let him explain, but Dixie would not let him get a word in edgewise. Brooke appeared in the doorway and listened as Dixie asked Tad to leave. Tad refused. "Get out! Get out!" Dixie screamed at the top of her lungs. Totally distressed, Tad bowed his head and walked out of the room. Brooke told Dixie that she'd return later, but Dixie asked her to stick around. "You'll understand. You're a mother," Dixie said softly. Brooke sat down next to Dixie and told her that she was sure that Tad was also hurting. Dixie shook her head and told Brooke about the conversation she'd overheard. Brooke reminded Dixie of the bizarre way she'd behaved when she learned that she had an ectopic pregnancy. She's kidnapped Jamie and fled Pine Valley. Dixie nodded her head understandingly and said that she should have run away the moment she learned that she was pregnant. She said that getting away would have spared her from the stress and aggravation that she'd been put through. "This is not about what you did or didn't do," Brooke explained. Dixie pursed her lips together and told Brooke something that she hadn't told anyone else; she had given her baby a name. Dixie stated that she wanted to call her daughter Bess after her mother. Brooke urged Dixie to talk to Tad, but Dixie didn't think that there was anything to discuss. Dixie was still furious that her baby had been referred to as "a fetus." Brooke came up with an idea to help Dixie cope with the loss of her child. She told Dixie that she would help her set up a memorial service if it would help her with her grief. Dixie was moved by Brooke's concern. Tears welled in her eyes as she sadly said, "I don't wanna say goodbye." Brooke nodded slightly and gave Dixie a comforting embraced.

Tad sat alone on a park bench lost in thought. Jake approached from behind and gently offered brotherly teasing to his older brother. Tad did not respond and Jake instantly knew that something was wrong. Tad told Jake that Dixie miscarried. Jake was obviously concerned about Dixie's health, but Tad assured her that physically she was doing fine. Mentally, though, was another issue. Jake wondered if Dixie was suffering from "some sort of postpartum depression." The discussion was cut short when Jake's pager sounded. Since he'd forgotten his cellular phone at home, Jake had to head off to find a payphone. Tad asked his brother if it would be okay if he looked after Colby. Jake smiled and happily agreed. Tad held the baby in his arms and spoke very candidly told her. He softly said that he had picked out a name for their daughter---Bess. Tad said that he knew that Dixie would have loved the child and admitted that it hurt to know that their child had died.

Raquel dropped by Wildwind to pick up some of Max's toys. Stella was disappointed to learn that Raquel was leaving town and said that she'd hoped that she'd find happiness wherever she settled. From around the corner, Hayley listened in awe. She slowly entered the room and asked Raquel what she was talking about. "Isn't it obvious?" asked Raquel snidely. "You won." Hayley's eyebrows rose slowly. She was a bit concerned that Raquel was out of her mind. "Mateo doesn't want me and Max around." Hayley looked on in mild concern and asked Raquel if she and Mateo had had a fight. Raquel sighed deeply. "I want you to know that I feel for you," Hayley said softly. She told Raquel that she knows that it is not easy to lose her first love---let alone the father of her child. This offering of compassion didn't sit well with Raquel. In fact, he maddened her. "You wish it was [over between me and Mateo] but it's not," Raquel growled angrily. She reminded Hayley about her hot and steamy dance session with Mateo. "It didn't end there. Mateo took me home and made love to me," Raquel said. Hayley did everything she could to keep from laughing. "That's an awful lie and you know it," she chuckled. It made no sense for Raquel to want to flee town if she and Mateo had just made love. Raquel said that Mateo had used her to get back at Hayley. There was no love. "I guess we all look the same in the dark," Raquel noted sadly. She said that this was not the first time that Mateo had made her feel cheap. She claimed that when they were first going out, Mateo would show up at her house smelling of other women's perfume. Hayley refused to believe that Mateo could act that way. "He lied about being married," interjected Raquel. Hayley had a look of disbelief on her face up until that point. Now, though, her confidence was beginning to waver. Raquel noticed that she'd gotten to Hayley and decided that her work was done. She faked a sobbing session and raced out of the house. When the door closed behind her, she smiled sinisterly. "There," she said snidely. "You got what you deserve." Back inside, Hayley was haunted by Raquel's words. When a knock sounded on the door, Hayley quietly called out to Stella. Stella was nowhere in sight, so Hayley grudgingly accepted the fact that she'd have to answer the door herself. As she opened the door, she found Mateo standing outside on the veranda.

Friday, August 20, 1999

"Edmund's not here right now," Hayley mumbled unhappily upon seeing Mateo. Mateo promptly but hesitantly explained that he wasn't there to see Edmund; he wanted to see Hayley. Hayley rolled her eyes, turned her back to Mateo, and started walking away. This, apparently, was her invitation for Mateo to enter. Mateo told Hayley that Gillian had told him where to find her. "It's important that we talk," he said seriously. He admitted that some of the things that he's said to her were out of line. His explanation was that he was hurt by knowing that she had kissed another man. Hayley looked on with an icy expression. Mateo lovingly told Hayley that he did not want the life that they created together to end. "Whatever happened between you and Ryan---I forgive you," he added. Hayley's frigid glare continued. "You forgive me?" she snapped angrily. Mateo's willingness to forgive Hayley had backfired miserably. Instead of being comforted, Hayley was offended. Mateo nodded, unaware that Hayley was unreceptive to his offer. He said that he had wanted to call Hayley from Texas, but that he had backed down because he was fearful that Hayley didn't want to hear from him. In fact, Mateo said that he'd only learned that Hayley still loved him by speaking to Gillian earlier in the day. As he once again asked if they could out their problems behind them, Mateo extend his hand to Hayley. Hayley looked down her nose at Mateo's goodwill gesture and snorted slightly. "I can't do this," she said shaking her head. Hayley turned and ran out of the room. Mateo was left behind in a fog without so much as a clue as to why Hayley had run off. Stella entered the room a few seconds later with Max's pool toys. She asked Mateo if Raquel was still around. Mateo looked at the housekeeper in confusion. Stella cleared up that Raquel had been by to ask for some of Max's belongings. Mateo immediately realized that Raquel and Hayley must have had words with each other.

Edmund dropped by the hunting lodge to talk to Alexandra about Dimitri's will. From the onset of the conversation, Alex assumed a defensive position. She told Edmund that it was "quite normal" to have one's will redrawn after marriage. Knowing that Edmund's next question would probably be about how the estate was divided, Alex told Edmund that she had never actually seen the final draft of the will. She did, however, know that Edmund, Maddie, and Sam all figured prominently in the bequeathing. On top of that, Dimitri had also left a sizeable donation to Maria's foundation and to Eugenia and Gillian. Edmund was stunned by Alex's response. Perhaps he was surprised that no one has Alex mentioned that she would be getting any part of Dimitri's estate. There was still one thing that did not sit well with him: Jack had so far been unable to get in contact with Alex's attorney. Alex took a deep breath and said that her solicitor might be on holiday. She promised to phone him and have a copy of the will sent to him. She offered to have the papers sent directly to Tempo so that there would be no opportunity to be accused of tampering with the documents. Again Edmund was taken aback by Alex's response. Possibly for the first time, Edmund was able to discern from Alex's mechanized responses that he really was giving her a hard time. Edmund felt badly and offered an apology to Alex. "I've been hounding you for answers that may not even exist," he said. He almost admitted to being selfish; he had had years of fond memories of Dimitri while Alex had but only a few days' worth. Alex assured Edmund that she had no hard feelings. Edmund strolled about the lodge and came dangerously close to finding the book that Alex had taken from the main house. Alex became very nervous as Edmund got closer and closer. She suddenly walked towards the door and told Edmund that she was going to go for a walk through the garden. Edmund stopped, turned around, and told Alex that Maria also used to take walks to clear her mind. Edmund headed back to the main house content that he and Alex were now on peaceful terms. Alex, meanwhile, recalled the moments just before Dimitri fell terribly ill. He described how beautiful Wildwind was and told her how much she'd love living there. After hearing the glowing review, Alex mused, "It sounds awful. Take me back."

Back in the main house, Edmund asked Stella to send a tray of food to the lodge. Stella shook her head and grumbled that she thought it was unhealthy for Alex to continually eat alone. Stella was about to gather up Maria's medical books but before doing so asked if Edmund and "Mrs. Marick" were done with them. The reason for her concern, she explained, was that one was missing. Edmund cocked his head to one side and asked Stella how she got the idea that Alex was using them. The housekeeper explained that she'd caught Alex looking at them earlier in the day. Edmund told Stella that he had an idea where the missing book could be found. He raced off to the lodge and carefully looked for the missing book. He eventually found the book on one of the chairs. As he examined it, he noticed that one of the pages was missing. Before he could do anything else, Alex returned from her walk.

Ryan dropped by Raquel's condo with the hopes of getting some answers. He demanded to know why Raquel had created a scene by dancing with Mateo at SOS. Raquel refused to answer. Instead, she asked Ryan why he'd been at the club with Hayley. "I was fixing the air conditioner," Ryan snapped. "Oh, is that what they're calling it now," sneered Raquel. Raquel said that she was furious that Hayley could act so poorly and still end up winning everything. She told Ryan that she was leaving town to get away from the "convoluted" mess Hayley had created. She blasted Hayley for taking the "most sacred, precious gift" one could have---love, in this case Mateo's---and tossing it away. "I bore him a child," she snarled. "I could have made him happy." Ryan demanded to know why Raquel was acting so peculiarly, but she refused to answer. She said that she had packing to do and ordered Ryan out of her home. Some time later, her bags packed, Raquel and prepared to lock her door behind her and prepared to leave. She must have seen Mateo coming because she quickly dashed behind a corner and out of sight. Mateo entered the condo to look for Raquel, but there was no sign of his ex-wife. Mateo now wondered if he'd ever find out what Raquel had said to make Hayley get so angry. Outside, Raquel took her bags and raced through the courtyard and into a waiting taxicab.

At the hospital, Tad worried that he would have yet another bad encounter with Dixie. Jake helped pump him up with a pep talk. He told Tad to be understanding and explained that "raging hormones" could be affecting Dixie's mood. Tad entered Dixie's room with an overnight bag. He told her that he'd brought her a change of clothing because she was being released from the hospital. Dixie sat motionless on the edge of her bed. She didn't look at Tad or even acknowledge that he was in the room. Back outside in the corridor, Jake flagged down Gillian. Jake told Gillian that he was glad to see that she was on duty. The pair exchanged happy greetings. As they stood there, Jake told Gillian that he'd picked out a present for her. Gillian opened a small jewelry box and found a pair of beaded earrings. Tad straggled out of Dixie's room and told the pair that Dixie was still not speaking to him. Gillian offered to step in and help. Tad wasn't sure that it would do any good, but he agreed nonetheless. Before entering the room, Gillian told Tad that she was in a situation quite similar to one Dixie was in. She said that she was haunted by the memories of Dimitri even though she'd accepted his death. Tad closed his eyes and said that the house was still filled with baby catalogs and clothing. This was not the kind of thing that Dixie should be going home to. Gillian slowly entered the room and sat down next to Dixie. She gently took Dixie's hand and told her how sorry she was that her baby had died. "I know you lost Dimitri," said Dixie softly. "Do you ever worry that you're just gonna forget him?" Gillian shook her head and told Dixie that nothing would ever rob her of her memories of Dimitri. Back outside, Tad began to wonder why Gillian was taking so long. Within a few seconds, Gillian poked her head into the hallway and told Tad that Dixie was dressed and ready to go home. Dixie looked up at Gillian and sadly asked her if she was leaving. Gillian smiled slightly and assured Dixie that she was leaving her in good hands. Dixie frowned slightly and returned to a blank stare. Tad seemed surprised that Gillian had been able to help. Dixie mumbled that she really likes Gillian, but said nothing more. "I'm happy you're coming home," Tad beamed. He reached out to take her hand, but Dixie pulled away. Dixie began to shiver and Tad quickly took off his jacket and wrapped it around her. Dixie decided that she had to finish getting ready for her trip home. She asked Tad if he'd brought her something to put in her hair. Tad nodded and said that the hairband was in his jacket pocket. Dixie reached inside and found a slip of paper. Tad's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. He ordered Dixie not to look at the paper, but Dixie's curiosity got the better of her. She looked at Tad crossly and asked him if it was some other woman's phone number. Tad shook his head and again asked Dixie to hand over the paper. Dixie did just the opposite, opening the paper and reading what was written on it. "B-B-Bess?" she read, her voice wavering. "I should have discussed it with you first," Tad apologized. He said that he'd come up with the idea of naming their baby after Dixie's mother a few days ago, but that he never brought it up. A tear rolled down Dixie's cheek as she wrapped her arms around Tad.

Hayley stormed into an AA meeting, but this time she did not take to the podium to discuss what was going on in her life. Axel took this as a sign that Hayley's life was back on stable ground. Hayley shook her head and said that things were not better---and that they might actually be worse. As for the reason she hadn't spoken, Hayley said that she wanted to give someone else a chance to speak. Axel was on his way to Center City for an audition, but he told Hayley that he would reschedule if she needed him. Hayley shook her head and told Axel that the audition meant way too much to him to miss it. She assured him that she would be fine. Axel wasn't so sure and gave her his beeper number just in case she needed to reach him. Axel wasn't gone for more than five minutes before Hayley thought about calling him. She took a deep breath and scolded herself for evening thinking about coming between Axel and his big break. As she rounded the corner, she bumped into Ryan. She immediately wrapped her arms around him and told him how glad she was to see him. She begged Ryan to take her away from all of her troubles and to prevent her from drinking. Ryan escorted Hayley down the corridor as Gillian watched on from around the corner.



Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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