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Monday, August 16, 1999

At Victor's Memorial service
As Karen is about to offer comfort to Mary, Courtney intercepts her with a stack of linen napkins that needed to be folded. As Karen begins to fold, Courtney offers Mary the comfort and support that she needed. Meanwhile, Karen talks to Matt about Ellen. Matt confirms that it is definitely over between Ellen and himself. Just then Ellen enters. Karen steps away to speak to Joe.

Ellen tries to appeal to Matt's sense of forgiveness. Unfortunately, Matt no longer trusts her and can not find forgiveness. Ellen wanders over to a corner and silently mourns her relationship with Matt. Lucy approaches her and tries to persuade Ellen not to give up. Ellen says that Matt's heart is now closed to her for good.

Mary decides to start the memorial with a moving speech describing the many ways that Victor has enriched her life. Afterwards, she asked Kevin to say a few words. This was very hard for Kevin to do because deep down he does not feel that Victor is really dead. He needs to figure out what all of these visions and half memories really are. During his commentary, he is interrupted by an argument between Frank and Joe. Frank was about to tell the whole world that he was Neal's father but the look on Neal's face at seeing him arguing with Joe prevented him from doing so. Kevin asked them to take it outside. Frank stormed out.

Lucy and Scotty tell Eve and Kevin about their ransacked house. Both couples assumed that DV was the culprit. Scotty believes that DV was trying to send a warning using Scotty's love for his children as bait. Max arrives with no good news. There were no other fingerprints inside of the firehouse other than family members and friends.

Max expresses his sorrow to Kevin and Eve. He asked Kevin if he wanted him to investigate his father's death any further, since they were not allowed to view the autopsy. Kevin and Eve both look at Max in a strange way since they both believed that they had seen the autopsy. Kevin asked Mac where he got that information. Mac implied that Kevin had told him such when he had phoned. Eve asked when did Kevin call since she does not remember him calling any one the entire trip. Max told them that Kevin called him when he had thought Eve had been kidnapped. Max was puzzled that neither one of them remembered any of this. Both, Kevin and Eve just stared at each other. They had to get to the bottom of this and soon. In the parking garage
A stranger tampers with the break line of Lucy's car. Later, Scotty walks Lucy and Christina to the car. They made plans to meet back at the Lighthouse. Scotty wanted to walk Karen over to the hospital out of concern that DV planned to harm one of his children. Lucy drives away, unaware of the puddle of brake fluid that had formed under her car.

At the Scanlon house
Frank packs a duffel bag and grabs the rest of the money that Courtney had given him. He takes one more look at a movie that he had watched with Neal. Then he leaves.

Tuesday, August 17, 1999

Stunned to discover that neither one of them seems to recall much of what actually transpired in Rome, Kevin and Eve contemplate the possibility that they have fallen victim to some kind of brainwashing. Serena returns from day camp and is surprised to find a photo of a strange woman in her backpack. While driving home with Christina, Lucy is alarmed to realize that the brakes on her car are no longer working. After swerving off the road, Lucy and the baby are taken to General Hospital for observation. Following a frantic phone call from his fiancée, a fuming Scott suspects that Bordisso had a hand in the so-called "accident". Later, Scott shows Alex the picture of his mother which mysteriously appeared in Serena's backpack. Lucy finally breathes a sigh of relief after Chris and Karen assure her that Christina is unharmed. Kevin tells Eve why they could not have witnessed Victor's autopsy despite what they seem to both recall. Determined to ferret out the truth, Eve asks Kevin to hypnotize her. As Alex confirms that the brake lines on Lucy's vehicle were indeed sabotaged, Scott receives an ominous phone call.

Wednesday, August 18, 1999

As Matt continues to give Ellen the cold shoulder at GH, a smirking Chris confides to Rachel how he set Dr. Harmon straight about his girlfriend's infidelity. Under hypnosis, Eve recalls being at the mercy of an unseen captor who taunted her about the baby she lost years ago. After the heavily disguised voice on the phone warns Scott to prepare for a future without love, Alex suggests to Lucy that the call might have come not from Bordisso but from Julie. Rachel warns Chris that Ellen could make things difficult for him around the hospital now that he's meddled in her love life. Coming out of her trance, Eve describes for Kevin how psychologically tortured she felt by the people who were holding her captive in Rome. Later, Kevin asks Gail to hypnotize him so he can uncover the other pieces of the puzzle and learn the truth about Victor's alleged demise. Grimly determined to keep his family safe, Scott instructs Lucy to take the girls and get out of town.

Thursday, August 19, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Anne.

We begin at GH, where Rachel gets off the elevator carrying two cups of coffee. She offers one to Chris, who is standing at the nurses' station, having just come off an all-night shift. He declines the coffee, saying he drank his last gallon three hours ago and now plans to go home, unplug the phone, and pass out. Not so fast, Rachel replies--"We're on our way to see Greg Cooper." She told Chris that Cooper isn't in prison anymore--he's in the locked facility at County Hospital after having a fight with another inmate. Since he's hurt and vulnerable, Rachel thinks it's the perfect opportunity to pressure him into confessing to the General Homicide murders. Chris: "Julie Devlin's loving fiancé visits madman and continues his quest for her freedom." Rachel: "Yes. Yes, that's exactly what I want them to see. Are you a betting man?" Chris: "Born and raised. But the odds are, Cooper's just gonna blow us off again." Rachel: "And I say he clears Julie of the murders by the end of the day."

At the firehouse, Scott discusses with Serena why she, Lucy, and Christina have to go away for awhile, and stresses how important it is that she keep quiet about their trip. Together, they "zip up their mouths" and Serena gives Scott the pretend-key. [ :) ] Lucy told Serena to go and pack whatever she wants that will fit in her backpack; Serena leaves the room to do so. Lucy and Scott discuss the trip; although Lucy has always wanted to see where Scott and Serena had lived in Canada, she isn't sure it's where they should go, as it's the first place Bordisso will look for them. Scott assures her that he has a couple of ex-Mounties in Canada, ready and waiting to "do the job." Lucy wonders how long they'll need to be gone; she can't leave the Serena line in Don's hands indefinitely. Scott insists that the trip is necessary to protect the kids; Lucy agrees. Scott wants to stop by GH on the way to the airport and try to convince Karen to go along on the trip.

Cut to Bordisso on the phone to one of his henchmen: "Are you still outside of Baldwin's house? Good. Don't let them out of your sight. Any of them."

At GH, Lucy, Scott, and the girls get off the elevator and greet Karen at the nurse's station. Lucy thanks her for her help after the car accident the previous night, and told her that although Christina is fine, she's still a little sore. They move to the waiting area for a private conversation. Bordisso's henchman gets off the elevator and calls the boss-man on his cell phone. [As others have commented, I thought these weren't allowed in hospitals.] "They're at General Hospital." Bordisso: "The children too?" Henchman: "Yeah, Baldwin loaded the car with suitcases. The older kid never went to day camp." Bordisso: "Skipping town--that's predictable. Well, stay on them. I'll find out where they're going."

In the waiting area, Scott explains to Karen that Lucy and the kids are leaving town for awhile because of Bordisso. Karen is outraged to hear that they think DV is the one who tampered with Lucy's brakes, and they also think he's responsible for ransacking the firehouse, messing with Serena's backpack, and making the harassing phone calls. Karen wonders if they've gone to the police; Scott told her that Garcia feels there's nothing the police can do and that he plans to take care of Bordisso himself but doesn't want Lucy and the kids to get hurt. Lucy told her that they want her to come along, but she refuses, saying she needs to stay and take care of her patients, especially Neil. They try to talk her into making the trip, but she's adamant. If she won't come along, Scott at least wants to put a bodyguard on her. Karen is still creeped out after having Frank stalk her, and refuses this offer as well. Serena thinks it's good that Karen isn't coming with them, as she can stay behind and watch out for their dad. She instructs Karen: "Make sure you don't let him eat corn dogs the whole entire time!" Karen agrees. Scott warns Karen, again, that she shouldn't let her guard down, as Bordisso is very dangerous.

At County Hospital, Cooper is lying in bed, in restraints. His face is bruised and bloody. A guard outside the room lets Chris and Rachel in; Cooper is less than ecstatic to see them. "My nightmare continues. They didn't give me enough pain medication to deal with you two." Chris: "Looks like somebody dropped you in the prison meat-grinder." Cooper: "Prison *is* a meat-grinder, Ramsey. What do you want? I'd like to suffer in peace." Rachel told him that they heard what happened with the other prisoner and that she thinks it might be a good time for him to reconsider her offer. Cooper: "You mean, to be put into solitary. That's what you meant by separating me from the other prisoners, isn't it?" Rachel: "Are you interested?" Cooper: "In exchange for taking the rap for Julie's murders?" Rachel: "For exonerating Julie for murders that you committed." Cooper (wincing with pain): "Whatever. Sorry, I'm still not that stupid." Chris: "C'mon, man, what do you have to lose?" Cooper: "By confessing to seven murders? I don't know, Christopher--my life?" Rachel told him there's a new offer on the table: "You testify on Julie's behalf, I get you out of prison altogether. A psych hospital with all the trimmings." Cooper: "What are you, God, Dr. Locke?" Rachel: "I'm the closest thing, as far as you're concerned." Cooper: "Too bad I'm an atheist. The answer's still 'no'."

Back at GH, Joe joins the gang in the waiting area and wonders "Long faces, tearful hugs, what's going on?" Scott told him the girls are going on vacation and asks him to keep an eye on Karen at work, because of Bordisso's recent deeds. Lucy adds that they wanted Karen to come along, but understand why she feels that she can't do so. Karen: "I have to be here for Neil. Besides, I can take care of myself." Joe (looking at Karen fondly): "I'll keep an eye open anyway." Lucy told Joe that he'll need to keep *both* eyes open. Karen told Joe about the brake-tampering incident; Joe replies that he'll be Karen's personal shadow. Karen: "At *work*." Joe agrees--only at work. Scott gives Karen a good-bye hug; over her shoulder he sees Bordisso's henchman, this time using the pay phone.

Scott asks Joe to sidetrack the henchman while he and his family leave for the airport. Karen offers to help. Scott wants her to stay out of it, but she insists. Scott, Lucy, and the kids get on the elevator; the henchman rushes after them. Karen pretends to run into him and provokes a scuffle. Joe comes over and decks the guy. As the elevator door closes, we see Scott and Lucy smiling.

Back at County Hospital, Chris is reviewing Cooper's chart. "You've got some pretty serious injuries here, Greg." Cooper: "Should I confuse that for sympathy?" Rachel: "You're a smart man--I think you know when people are trying to fool you. You don't have time for that, do you?" Cooper (wincing): "Which is why I'd like you and Christopher to take a hike. Goodbye." Chris: "Yeah, why do you need us visiting, when you've got friends like 'The Pit Bull' here to come by and say hello? That is the name of the guy who attacked you, isn't it?" Cooper: "Yeah, that's what he's called--so what?" Chris: "It just appears you'll be wiping your feet on his welcome mat for a long time to come." Cooper told them that "The Pit Bull" has been transferred to D block to live with the rest of the subhumans; Rachel wonders how Cooper plans to avoid that same fate. Cooper: "Clean living." Rachel: "Do you really think you're gonna be able to keep that up?" Cooper: "For as long as I'm incarcerated." Chris: "But selling contraband--assaulting guards--they'll send you to D block for behavior like that." Cooper: "But I won't be doing that, though, will I?"

Chris and Rachel exchange glances; he unbuttons his jacket. "Bet if you were trying to escape, they'd throw you in with the wolves." Cooper: "If I were trying to escape, I certainly wouldn't be caught." Chris leans over and begins unfastening Cooper's restraints. Cooper: "What are you doing?" Chris (pushing down on Cooper's shoulder, which looks quite painful): "Greg, tell me--are you trying to escape?" Cooper: "Oww--no, let go of my arm!" Rachel threatens to call the guard. Chris continues the strong-arm tactics. Cooper threatens to tell the guard the truth. Rachel: "Why would he believe you? We can all win here, Greg. You clear Julie, and you're going straight back to Concord. Now, don't nice green lawns, nurses, doctors who can actually *help* you..sound better than going back to that unpleasant, dangerous prison?" Cooper: "You don't give a damn whether I get help or not." Rachel: "The point is, I can make sure that you do. Or don't. Guard!...guard!...GUARD!!..." Cooper: "OK." Rachel: "No, I'm sorry--you're gonna need to be a little more exact." Cooper: "I'll testify that Julie didn't kill anybody..and that it was actually me who murdered all those people." Rachel: "Very good." Chris (re-fastening the restraints): "Cooper, I never thought I'd say this, but you've just made me and the future Mrs. Ramsey very, very happy.." [This was a *great* scene, although it was strange to see Cooper looking and sounding so pathetic.]

Back at GH, Rachel and Chris get off the elevator to find a reporter waiting for them. "Dr. Ramsey, is it true that you have just come from a meeting with Greg Cooper?" Rachel told Chris that she had wanted the media to learn of his good news first-hand. Chris told the reporter that Cooper has admitted that he alone committed the General Homicide murders, and that he'll be willing to testify to it in court. Rachel offers to let them use her office for a more in-depth interview, which they head off to do.

Cut to Bordisso on the phone with his henchman. "Baldwin certainly knows how to keep the game interesting, doesn't he? Too bad I know where he and his family are headed. No, it won't be necessary for you to follow them. I've got people on the ground in Canada waiting to greet his jet. Dr. Wexler stayed behind? Baldwin should have known better."

At GH, Karen told Joe to thank his lucky stars the henchman took off before Dr. Quartermaine found out about the altercation. Joe told her the plan would have been a bust without her help. He's worried about her safety; she says she can take care of herself. He suggests she move in with Lee and Gail, but she doesn't want to put them in danger. He has another idea: she can move into the Scanlon house. Karen: "Under the same roof with Frank. No, thanks." Joe told her that after the run-in they had at Victor's wake, Frank packed his bags and hasn't been seen since. Karen doesn't want to interfere with Joe and Courtney's taking care of Neil during his illness. Joe knows the real reason Karen won't move in, and Karen agrees that she's just not ready yet. Joe understands; he's just worried about her safety. She assures him that she'll be careful, and that if she runs into any kind of danger, he'll be the first one she calls.

At the airport, the Baldwin family enter a very posh-looking waiting area [nicer than any airport waiting area I've ever seen!] Lucy wonders how Scott knows the guy at the hospital was the only one tailing them, and is worried about Karen. She suspects, and Scott confirms, that he has put a bodyguard on Karen despite her wishes. Lucy realizes it's time to say goodbye and wonders how she's gonna call Scott once they're in Canada. Scott told her that she can't, because the calls could be traced. They kiss. Scott: "That's not gonna be our last kiss." Lucy: "It better not be." Serena and Scott say goodbye; he told her to be strong for Lucy and for Christina. Scott turns to leave, then turns back. He has a surprise: they're not going to Canada after all. "Bordisso's probably already up there ransacking the place, trying to figure out what's going on, so..forget that." Lucy: "Well..I don't understand..if you're not even going...what are you saying?" Scott: "Well, you can't go to your Aunt Charlene's without me, now, can you?" [Wow--Aunt Charlene! We haven't seen her in many moons. And I doubt we'll actually see her this time, either.] Lucy is delighted, and starts telling Serena about the great big oak swing and beautiful garden at Aunt Charlene's, and how much fun it'll be. She wonders how long they'll have to stay; Scott tells her she and the girls might have to stay indefinitely, but he's not sure about himself. Lucy: "What made you change your mind?" Scott: "Oh, c'mon, Lucy...everything that I care about is in this room right now. I'm not letting you guys go anywhere without me." Lucy: "Oh, Scott.." They hug.

Friday, August 20, 1999

Irked to learn that Scott, Lucy and the girls somehow managed to elude his operatives, D.V. decides to concentrate his efforts on the one family member they left behind---Karen. Courtney rushes Neil to the hospital after the boy begins running a high fever and has difficulty breathing. Kevin and Eve try to sort out fact from fiction as they piece together fragments of memory about their misadventure in Rome. Astonished to suddenly recall a recent conversation with "Ryan", Kevin told Eve the images of his late brother seem to be coming from outside as if they were being projected into his mind. A frightened Neil asks his mother if she believes heaven is a real place. Hoping to keep the boy's spirits high, Courtney encourages him to have faith that his dad will find a way to make him well. Following another troubling vision at the lighthouse, Kevin realizes he must return to Jasmine Island to search for answers.

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