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Monday, August 9, 1999

Today's recap was provided by ABC Daytime.

Kevin and Eve both tried to make sense of Kevin's recent visions. Lucy interrupted when she came to console Kevin over Victor's death. As Kevin and Lucy reminisced about Victor, Lucy told a shocked Kevin that Julie had him replaced as her psychiatrist. Kevin paid a visit to Julie and wound up in a tense confrontation with Rachel. Ellen once again warned Rachel that Scott was off limits. Rachel explained to Chris that they would need all the support they could get in order to win Julie's release. Julie called Scott and attempted to make amends with him and Lucy, but Scott merely warned Julie to leave his family alone.

Tuesday, August 10, 1999

Today's recap was provided by ABC Daytime.

Kevin decided to check into Rachel's background, but was discouraged when he came up with next to nothing. Later, Ellen stopped by and told Kevin that she could not place how she knew Rachel. Rachel met with Monica Quartermaine and was delighted to be hired at the hospital. Ellen told Matt that she turned down a job in San Francisco because she wanted to work on their relationship. Meanwhile, Rachel vowed to find a way to get Ellen out of town. A grieving Mary broke down at work and was escorted home by an understanding Karen. An emotional Mary finally apologized to Karen and gave her blessing to Joe and Karen's relationship. Joe and Karen reached out to each other and admitted that they wanted to be together.

Wednesday, August 11, 1999

Today's recap was provided by ABC Daytime.

Kevin continued to have dreams of Victor and the boy from his book. Kevin then paid a visit to Gail and began to feel better about his troubling dreams. Kevin's optimism faded when he once again saw a disturbing vision of the young boy. Rachel was intrigued by Kevin's strange behavior. Rachel tricked Chris into revealing Ellen's indiscretion with Sebastian. Joe became furious when Frank gave Neil a special gift. Courtney had to step between the brothers before they came to blows again. Chris figured out that Frank was Neil's biological father, but Courtney managed to blackmail Chris into keeping quiet.

Thursday, August 12, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Kim Stenger.

Matt and Ellen enjoy a romantic breakfast at the Recovery Room. Rachel enters, and, spying the two in a cuddly embrace, invites herself to join them for their meal. Rachel tries again to convince Ellen to visit Julie, but she refuses. The psychiatrist reiterates that Julie has proclaimed her innocence and wants to make amends with the people she has hurt. Matt grows angry at this proposition, and he grows even angrier when the conversation turns to Chris Ramsey. Matt calls Chris a deceitful, manipulative liar and declares that he will do anything for money--even if it puts his patients in harm's way. Matt advises Rachel to watch her back around Chris, and she promises to take that under consideration.

Later, after both Ellen and Rachel have left for the hospital, Matt spots Joe working in the restaurant. He questions him, and he informs Matt that Frank no longer works there. Therefore, Joe is filling in until his mom and Mike (the co-owner, from GH) can find a replacement. The talk soon turns to Karen, and Joe expresses his desire for the two of them to reunite. Matt told him to go for it, and, as if on cue, Karen comes into the restaurant. Joe informs her that the place is short-staffed, and she volunteers to help him out. Meanwhile, Lucy and Scott prepare to take their daughters out to lunch.

Scott bought 300,000 shares of DV's company after the fashion show debacle. The two now think they have what they need to take over DV's entire company, so they want to celebrate. While they're getting ready, though, each receives a phone call from Julie. She is begging for a second chance, but both Scott and Lucy refuse and strongly urge her not to call again. Later, Lucy asks Serena if she wants to bring Dirty Kitty along to the Recovery Room, but Serena informs her parents that she does not need the stuffed toy so much anymore. Lucy and Scott remark how grown-up the young girl is getting, and the four set off, leaving the cat behind. At the hospital, Rachel takes a call from Julie. She's upset about everyone's rejection of her, but the doctor urges her to give it time because she "knows how to take care of people like Scott and Lucy."

Afterward, Rachel told Chris all the bad things Matt said about him that morning. Chris gets upset and storms off in a huff. Rachel then runs into Ellen and tries again to convince her to see Julie. Ellen says no yet again, but Rachel "playfully" warns her that she is not above resorting to bribery to get what she wants. At approximately the same time, Chris runs into Matt and, tired of his condescending remarks, told him that Ellen slept with Sebastian. Matt seems truly shocked, and the hurt is evident in his eyes as he later asks Ellen if what Chris said is true.

Back at the Recovery Room, Karen is pleasantly surprised to see that her first customers will be her own family. Joe takes Serena back to help him cook, and Karen told Lucy and Scott that things are improving between her and Joe, albeit very slowly. She has decided that he does indeed deserve a second chance. This comment reminds Lucy of her earlier conversation with Julie, but Scott warns both her and Karen that supporting Julie is not a very good idea. When Rachel visits Julie at Ferncliff, she brought her some fragrant lotions as a gift. Julie thanks the doctor, but she is still frustrated by how unwilling everyone is to help her. Rachel repeats her earlier statement that people will come around, particularly Scott and Lucy. Meanwhile, the Baldwins return home to discover that their home has been robbed. Scott checks to make sure the intruder is gone, then he reports that nothing valuable is missing. He suggests that it may have just been a teenage prank, but Serena suddenly realizes that Dirty Kitty is gone. The family searches, but to no avail. Lucy rushes off to comfort a devastated Serena.

Alone, Scott reasons that because the toy is the only missing item, the burglar had to be someone who knew them well. Immediately, one man pops into his mind: David Vordisso.

Friday, August 13, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Stephanie Phipps.

At the nurses' station, Matt angrily asks Ellen, "Did you sleep with Sebastian?" Ellen replies, "Yes, I did".
Lucy, Scott and Garcia discuss the break in and that the only thing missing was dirty kitty.

DV talks on the phone about how he's not giving the correct code and told the person to threaten Victor with Kevin and Eve. Victor told them that he needs his medicine and he starts calling out "monk". Kevin is working at his laptop when he starts hearing Victor calling "monk". He gets upset and clears off the papers on on the desk.

Ellen and Matt discuss that it didn't mean anything to her. Matt says you could not sleep with him and not mean anything. She says it only happened because you broke up with me. He questions her about safe sex and she says that she did protect herself and him. She says she didn't tell him since she knew that he would react this way. He says he can't get past her lying.

Lucy, Scott and Garcia discuss that DV must have did it. Since he's done so much against them. Garcia went upstairs to check for evidence. Lucy and Scott discuss that DV could have taken the girls. Lucy says she scared. Scott leaves.

Eve comes home. Kevin told her he wants her to move out. He can't predict what he's going to do. He told her that he heard Victor again. Eve told him that he's going to have to figure out something else, because she's not leaving.

Eve says suppose I take all my sexy lingerie and leave. Who will save you from jumping off the lighthouse. Kevin says he won't and she reminds him that he once told her that they never knew what could happen. She says I can protect my self I know judo. He says you can. She says I love you and kiss.

Ellen comes to see Lucy and they discuss the break in. Lucy sees that Ellen has been crying. Ellen told her about Matt. Lucy blames her advice. Ellen says I made my own choice. Lucy remembers how Kevin couldn't forgive her. They discuss if he could get over it and Lucy says no more advice.

Scott arrives at DV and breaks a lamp. Pulls out DV's handmade silk shirts and walks on them. DV makes reference to Scott buying the stocks and FCC interest. Scott starts to cut DV's tie. Garcia came in and explains what Scott is talking about. DV talks about his alibi and Garcia says its true. Scott says every time that Lucy looks at DV she wants to throw up. DV told him to leave.

Ellen and Matt discuss the trials that their relationship has made it through. Matt says that I can't have a relationship without trust. Ellen wants to know what she can do to make it up. Matt says it can not be fixed. Matt says that I can't have a relationship without trust.

Eve says maybe you are hearing Victor psychically. Kevin says why hasn't it happened before. Kevin and Eve start finishing each others sentences. Eve has Kevin tell her what the child looks like. Eve finishes the description and says that is what I picture my son looking like. They discuss that they are having the same thoughts. They notice that it is a strong connection.
Scott comes home and told Lucy that he didn't do anything to DV yet. Garcia came in and helped not do something to get thrown into jail. Scott told Lucy he had an alibi and Lucy says I want to strangle him. She calms down. The door bell rings. No one is there but dirty kitty in a basket of flowers and a note that "History Repeats itself". They realize that DV is going after Serena in revenge of Scott's dad taking Meg away from DV, since DV can't get Lucy from Scott.

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