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Monday, August 9, 1999

Annie is going through Olivia's purse and finds a notepad and pockets it, and some money and takes it when Olivia walks in and catches her. Olivia calls the police and says I want to report a robbery, when Annie hangs up, and tells Olivia that she can't prove that she took it. Annie told Olivia that she will go away if she gives her $3 million dollars. Olivia says give $3 million dollars of Trey's inheritance to pest control. Annie says bad Olivia now it's $5 million dollars. Annie says she will contest the will, Olivia says if you stay here you better lock the doors cause no one cares about you, no one. Annie says yes Aunt Bette, and Cousin Emily care about me, Olivia says they are your family and they will be ashamed at what your doing, Annie leaves to go upstairs and says Maria likes me and calls her and Maria is mad at her for telling Meg that Maria slept with Ben. Annie talks to the dog Spike and says you like me, the dog growls at her and Annie has one of her dreams about her father, he says she has nothing, she told him she has a maid, a place to live and that she will have money, she will get what Olivia stole from her, Her father Del told her you give things to the people that you love that's why Gregory didn't leave you anything. Annie wakes up from her dream and yells at the dog, what are you staring at.

Caitlin, Trey, and Cole are at the park, AJ comes over and told Caitlin that she wasn't the only one upset by Cole and Olivia's fling. Cole told him not to bring that up, but he told Caitlin that if you really love the person you deal with what happened and forget about it, he told her I think of you as a daughter and if you ever need anything you can come to me. Caitlin told them that they should get Trey home, AJ told them he will take Trey home, Cole thanks him and says I would really like to spend time with Caitlin. Caitlin says so what should we do, go watch the sports competition or go to the movies, he tell her to stop and he told her I know this is hard on you but AJ is right. He told her how much he loves her, and that they will get through this together.

Olivia told AJ that Trey is sleeping and is glad that Trey is home, she tells him about Annie offering $3 million to leave, AJ asks if Olivia accepted she says no that is Trey's money, AJ told Olivia to keep an eye on the safe, she told him she did something to the safe, ever since she found out Trey was in the will. Annie went to the safe and opens it and went to touch the money when she is sprayed in red. Olivia and AJ come in and Olivia says so that's what it means when they say caught red handed.

Sean told Amy that he has to tell Emily that he slept with her. He says he needs to tell her the truth, Emily shows up and says tell me what, Amy says no not you it's about his mom. Sean says no it is about you Emily, Sean says Amy will you excuse us, Amy says no that she should stay, Sean says fine, and takes Emily and went to talk, and told her he doesn't deserve her, and she says why, and told her that what happened with his family he has done things, Michael interrupts everyone and says it's time for the sports tournament, Amy told Sean they have to go, and Emily says in a minute, Amy says they don't have a minute, and Sean says we will talk later. The first game is a running maze game and Brad and Emily win mainly cause Emily falls into a chair and asks if she is ok. She says yes. Emily wants to finish their conversation but Sean says he doesn't want to talk in a crowd. Amy grabs Sean and says they need to plan their strategy for the volleyball tournament, Sean says what strategy she told him he can't tell Emily that they slept together, and guilts him by saying if you tell her my friendship with her will be over, she is one of the only real friends i have. it's time for volleyball and Brad misses the ball, and then Emily misses it, a guy on the sidelines says that Amy was over the line and says it is cheating, Sean asks what his problem is, that nobody cheated. The guys says of course you would say that she's your team mate, and who knows what else, Sean decks him.

Carmen told Gabi that she made another tape of Gabi and Antonio in bed together, but she destroyed it and Gabi says how do you know that Ricardo didn't see it before you destroyed it, she told them that the house was cleaned and the tape is at the dump. They hear a beep it's Ricardo, Tyus checks on him and told Ricardo that his blood pressure went up but he should be okay. Tyus went to tell Gabi, Carmen, Antonio, and Maria that Ricardo didn't react to good to a medication and that he was taken of it and that he will be ok and that they can take him home soon, they are happy, Maria told Carmen that she looks tired, but Carmen doesn't want to go, Maria told Carmen that they can plan Ricardo's homecoming, Gabi went to see Ricardo and she told him that he can come home soon, he wonders why she married him and thinks that she will have an excuse to see Antonio because he is Ricardo's brother, Gabi told him that she loves him and he to himself calls her a whore. He tried to talk and the words I wish you would die come out.

Maria is thinking back to when she last slept with Ben at his office and is happy they were that close again, she hears Tim's voice and went to see what he is doing, Tim told Tess he needs to talk to her, Tess sees Maria and says hi, Maria told Tim that she needs to talk with Tess. Tim says ok, I will see you later Tess, she says okay. Maria told Tess that she is going to go see Ricardo and that Ben is off with Benjy so she can take a break, Tess went for how long, Maria says I will let you know. Tess asks Maria if she is upset with her. Maria says it's Tim, she doesn't trust him and neither should she, the phone rings and Maria says excuse me and went to answer it, it is Annie. Annie asks Maria if they could hang out. Maria says no, she is going to see Ricardo. Annie says she could help cheer him up, Maria says no. Annie asks if Maria if she is upset. Maria says you promised not to tell anybody that I slept with Ben and the first person you told was Meg. Annie told her I was just trying to help you out. Maria says good-bye.

Tim told Tess that Hank fired him, Tess asks then what are you doing here, he told her that Sara got him the job back, she says good then what is the problem he says I think she is up to something, I think she is mad about me breaking up her and Casey and she will find out why I did it. Tim told Tess to go get the Money from Maria that she promised her, Tess told him no, and says that she is the one calling the shots not him.

Tuesday, August 10, 1999

Meg asks Sara why she isn't at the sports tournament, she told her that she is she is making the food for the party. Meg asks if Sara will be at the party cause Casey will be there. Sara told Meg that it is a small town and she will bump into Casey. Sara told Meg that she is okay, Meg told Sara that she cares for her, and Sara says the same thing. Meg leaves and Joan asks Sara if she think Meg bought it, Sara says bought what, She says you can fool your sister but not me, I know your not okay, Sara says she is. Sara/Casey:
Sara went to the lifeguard station to drop something off and runs into Casey, she thought he would be at the sports competition, he says he is he just had to get something. He asks if she is avoiding him, she says yes, Casey asks if they can go back to being friends, she says no, that's not what she wanted for them.

Annie went to open the safe and is sprayed with red dye. Olivia and AJ come in and Olivia says so that's what it means to be caught red handed. Bette comes in and Annie says look what Olivia did to me. Olivia told Annie she will have her arrested for breaking into the safe, Annie says it was my husband's safe. Olivia says there are plenty of other things you did. Bette tells them to grow up. Annie told Olivia she was thinking with her libido when she slept with her daughter's husband. Olivia went to hit her when AJ stops her, and Olivia told him she doesn't need a baby-sitter, he says then prove it. Olivia told Annie to leave before she changes her mind about having Annie arrested. Bette takes Annie upstairs to wash off the dye from her. AJ thanks Olivia for letting Annie go, Olivia asks who side he is on.

Bette is washing off the dye off Annie, they talk about Annie's father and that may be the reason she wants money so badly, Bette thought she would have been a good influence on her but she wasn't any good either, saying she had been married and divorced 7 times. Annie says "well at least you didn't kill anyone."Bette says so there are some things you don't know. AJ comes in and asks if he can talk to Bette, Annie says no. Bette told Annie to go into the Jacuzzi to take the rest of the dye off. AJ asks for Bette's help in the war against Annie and Olivia.

Sean punches a guy out when he says that Amy was cheating in the volleyball tournament, Sean told him she wasn't, the guys says of course you are going to defend her she's your teammate and who knows what else, Sean decks him, and Michael and Casey disqualify Sean from the team, but Amy comes to his defense and Sean is back on the team. Michael told Sean he is lucky Amy defended him and shouldn't take that for granted, he says I know. Sean and Amy win the volleyball tournament. the next on is the diving one. Michael goes first to make sure the water is OK. Emily went then it's Sean's turn, he is just standing there and realizes that this is where his dad and Cole fell of the pier, he went anyway and is under the water for a few minutes, he finally comes up and Michael thinks it would be safe to call of the rest of the diving, Vanessa is happy with that. The last part of the competition is an orange toss, you toss it from your neck to the next person, everyone does it. Hank, Joan, and Sara watch Casey pass it to Meg, Meg drops it and her and Casey start laughing and hug. Sara is upset about it and leaves. Brad asks so how do you find out who wins, Michael says no one and then he says it's for charity everyone wins. Casey says lets party now.

Sean starts to talk to Emily to tell her what he did with Amy when Amy says to her self he can't tell her not now. Amy went over to Sean and Amy and tells Sean he has to tell Emily right now what happened.

Gabi told Antonio that Ricardo said to her that I said I wish you would die. Antonio went to talk to Ricardo about it and Ricardo squeezes Antonio's hand and he won't let it go, Tyus comes in and Ricardo finally lets go of his hand, Tyus told them that Ricardo can go home today and to not take anything personally that he says to them. he is just feeling sorry for himself. Gabi is sure that Ricardo knows that they slept together. Gabi asks if Antonio still has feeling for her. He says if your asking if I will be a problem for you and Ricardo the answer is no. They go to prey for Ricardo. Ricardo has a dream that he is harming Gabi and Antonio by pulling their hair. When he wakes up he keeps eying a pair of scissors, he asks to see Gabi.

Wednesday, August 11, 1999

AJ asks Bette to help him get Olivia to share a future with him, she isn't sure about it. He says he will straighten Annie out if she helps him, he says that's what friends do for each other, he told her that they have known each other for a long time, he asks her why she isn't with someone, she told him she is waiting for the right guy to wake up. She told him she will think about helping him with Olivia. He told her to now wait to long. He told her he will appreciate it very much if she helps him, he kisses her on the head and leaves. Bette says out loud, "Now what am I going to do."

Cole is giving Caitlin a backrub in the hot tub telling her how they haven't been together like that for a long time, Caitlin told him she loves him and he says the same thing. They are kissing when Annie hops in the hot tub, they want to know what she is doing, they laugh and tell her she has something red on her nose, Caitlin says enough games, what do you want. Annie says it has to do with money, they are both like big surprise there. Annie says she doesn't need Caitlin's help but Cole's. She asks him for a loan, so she can pay off the bills to contest the will, she wants to borrow some of Trey's money. Cole told her she is talking to the wrong parent. they get up to go see Trey. When Annie says you are not on the same page as Olivia. Olivia and Trey left an hour ago. Cole wants to know where Trey went, the maid Rose said she just left she didn't tell me where she was going, he says why didn't you ask, Caitlin says Olivia wouldn't have told her anyway. Cole leaves to go find Trey. Annie comes in and told Caitlin that they use to be friends for 10-15 minutes. Caitlin says yeah you used me, Annie says no everyone used me. Annie told Caitlin that she had a monster of a father, a slut for a mother, and Cole should learn to keep his pants zipped, Caitlin calls Annie a bitch and then slaps her. AJ says Caitlin what is going on. Annie and Caitlin start to yell at each other and AJ and Bette break them up. AJ takes Annie and tells her to get out, Annie says I live here, Caitlin says use to live here. Bette tries to talk to Caitlin, but Caitlin just says she is sick of Annie.

Vanessa told Meg that she could get back with Ben, because Vanessa went through the same thing with Michael and they are together. Meg says there is no way that her and Ben will get back together. Vanessa says why. Meg says Ben will always love Maria, and Maria walks in. Maria thanks them for helping get the house ready for Ricardo coming home. Meg told Maria to say hi to Ricardo for her she has to go. Maria told Meg to stay and tell Ricardo herself, he will be home in a minute. Meg says she has to leave. Maria follows her. Meg says she doesn't want to fight. Maria says she doesn't either. Maria told Meg that she misses their friendship, that Meg was her first friend when she came back. Meg says that's in the past. Maria says she knows and that's all she wanted to say. Meg says are you sure. or are you really here to gloat about being with Ben. Maria says fine have it your way and leaves. Meg says she will have it her way, and went after Maria.

Gregory sees a newspaper and wishes he was at the hearing of his will to see their faces. He wishes he could see Annie prancing around, me, me. He wished he could have seen Olivia go he cut Trey out of the will, how could he do that. He says Sean always hated him. He decides to go see some of the unhappy people he hurt.

Gregory listens to Olivia telling Trey that someday she will have to explain everything to trey, she told Trey she will always be there for Trey, that she wasn't there for his brother and sister. She told Trey what a wonderful father he has, how caring he was, how much he cared for Trey. Cole shows up and sees Olivia and Trey.

Emily wants to know what Sean was going to tell her. Emily told Sean you have to tell her. Emily wants to know what is going on, Brad takes the newspaper out of Amy's hand and looks at it with Emily, it's the reading of Gregory's will, saying that Sean was cut out. Sean told them it was no big deal. Emily says if it was no big deal then why did you tell Amy. Sean says he has to go. Brad asks Emily if she is okay. She says yes, she has to go wash her hands. Amy told Brad to stall Emily she is going to see Sean, he says that she should tell Emily that she slept with Sean and get it over with, Amy says not right now. Brad stops Emily from leaving by telling her his troubles, that he likes a girl that doesn't even know he is alive. Sean goes home and finds a note on the door it's from Caitlin saying that she and Cole are in the hot tub and for him to join them, he went to the hot tub and thanks Caitlin for inviting him, but it's not Caitlin it's Amy.

Gabi hugs Ricardo, saying he will be home soon, he tries to get his hand on the pair of scissors, when Antonio comes in, Antonio told Gabi that he can leave as soon as she signs his release papers. She told Ricardo she will be back, Antonio went outside his room, Ricardo gets the scissors in his hands and says what am I thinking I can't do this to my brother, there has to be another way, Antonio told Ricardo he can go home now.

Gabi is putting a blanket that Meg bought them as a wedding present when something gets in her eye, Antonio went to help her, Michael asks them to go outside, he wants to put Ricardo in his bed, Gabi told Ricardo she will be right back. Michael says are you ready to get into bed, When Ricardo is in bed Michael gives Ricardo this stress ball that anytime your mad just squeeze it, it will also help strengthen your arm. Vanessa says everything is all set, we will see you tomorrow, Michael told Ricardo to get some rest, cause tomorrow will be a grueling day. They leave. Antonio and Gabi are outside, he says I know exactly what they are saying. he thinks they are saying, Antonio I am so glad Ricardo is back home, it's easier for me to be with you Antonio my lover, Antonio says my lover for always. Ricardo says they will pay for what they have done.

Thursday, August 12, 1999

Emily told Brad that since the girl he likes doesn't think he exists, he has to tell her how he feels, he says he can't do that, it's not that easy. Emily says oh my I think I know who it is, he starts to say no, because he thinks she thinks it's her. But she says Amy---he says no way. Emily says she has to go, but Brad stops her, she told him she will help him out, but not right now, and he lets her leave.

Sean went over to the hot tub and thanks Caitlin for leaving a note for him to join her and Cole in the hot tub, but it's not Caitlin it's Amy. Amy told him to come into the hot tub, but he says he wants to go find Caitlin. Amy thanks him for defending her to the guy who accused her of cheating at the sports competition. Sean thanks her for sticking up for him, so he didn't get kicked out of the sports competition for hitting that guy. Amy told Sean to have fun and grabs him and brought him into the hot tub. Amy asks Sean if he is going to tell Emily that they made love, he says that's all he can think about. He says he wants to be honest with her, and not be like his father. Amy says he is nothing like his father. They horse around in the hot tub throwing water at each other, when Emily sees them together.

Caitlin is at home by herself wondering what she will do, she is always picturing her mom and Cole in bed, and wonders when it will stop, she wishes that Annie would have kept her mouth shut, then everyone would still think Gregory was the dad of Trey.

Olivia is telling Trey how great his father is, and that people will tell him that his father had a temper, Cole shows up and told Olivia she should tell Caitlin and him, when she takes Trey out. She told him she was just taking Trey for a walk. Cole told her that they need to set up a schedule for Trey, and that no matter what, that Trey will always come first, Olivia say I know Trey is my world, He says if you don't abide by the schedule I will take you to court. Olivia told Cole that things would have been better off if Cole didn't know he was Trey's father for Caitlin and Trey's benefit. Cole says Caitlin is okay with it, she says oh really, Olivia told Cole she is going to take Trey home, to go to bed, Cole says this isn't over yet. Gregory says he is right this isn't over yet. They go home and they start to fight, Cole has his hands around Olivia and Caitlin sees and runs out, and says how could you. Cole went after her, and Caitlin says did you come after me cause I think you to were close, he says yeah, she says I know a fight when I see one. Cole says he would do anything for her, but he doesn't know what to do, she says she does, she wants to let Trey go, and she wants her and Cole to leave sunset beach without Trey.

Meg walks into Maria's house and Maria says Meg what are you doing here, Meg says we weren't finish talking yet, Maria says yes I think it was. Meg says did you say you wish we still had are friendship cause you pity me. Maria says when you were living down the hall in my bedroom, with my husband, didn't you feel a little sorry for me. Maria says I am sorry if I am a little harsh. Ben and Benjy enter. Benjy gives his mom a hug, and Meg says she is leaving, Ben told her not to leave, he means not on his account, Ben takes Benjy upstairs to read him a book. Meg and Maria talk about how there friendship use to be before, they tell each other that they still care about each other, and Meg says it would be so much easier if Meg didn't like Maria, like the way she doesn't like Annie, Meg apologize knowing that Maria is friends with Annie, Maria says it's okay. They hold hands. Ben comes in and Meg explains that they were talking about the old times that they both love him. She told him again that she wants him to be happy. she leaves and turns around and says welcome back Ben, he says thanks. Maria says you probably thought you came into the wrong living room when you saw me and Meg together, he says yeah. She told him she has made up her mind about staying or leaving with Benjy.

Gregory says he doesn't care how many paternity tests are done that Trey is his son. He says that now Cole will get Trey's inheritance and that Annie will be holding the strings to the purse. he says he has to work fast that he can do something, and he wants to go see Caitlin one last time.

Friday, August 13, 1999

Meg told Sara that she went to Ben's house to see Maria, she didn't think Ben was coming home from his trip yet. Sara says why would you want to talk with Maria. Meg says she wanted to come to an understanding with her. Sara says you caught them doing it, the hell with the both of them. Hank told Joan do you think they are fighting? Joan says they are not kids anymore you can't tell them to go to there rooms. They go over and tell them to keep there voices down. Meg calls Sara selfish, and Sara yell how could you steal my boyfriend, Hank and Joan tell them to stop it. They apologize to each other.

Maria told Ben she has made a decision about staying or leaving with Benjy. She says it really is the only choice. He says so you are leaving, she says no she is staying. She told him that she missed Benjy so much, that she doesn't want to share custody. he says so you want him full time. She says yeah with you. He told her it is the right decision, she says I hope so. Tess overhears the conversation, and is glad that Maria is staying. Tess comes in and says hi, and went to say hi to Benjy. Maria told Ben they should celebrate her decision to stay, Ben says pizza and root beer. Maria says so you know that is Benjy's favorite. He told her he will be back soon. She told him to hurry. Ben thinks about Meg, and told himself to stop thinking about her. Tess says that she is glad Maria is staying and maybe pretty soon they will become a family. Maria hopes so. Tess told Maria that she looked over Benjy for a year and shows Maria a paper of Gregory's reading and told her to plan for Benjy's future in case they die. Maria says that Ben probably has that taken care of but thanks.

Tess calls Tim and told him she has good news, he asks you got the million dollars, she says no and that she will be right over. Meg overhears Tim ask about the million dollars, and knows that it isn't from the lotto, she wonders what Tim Truman is up to. Meg and Sara watch Tim and Tess hug and look happy together but Sara knows it's only business, Meg told Sara about overhearing him talk about getting a million dollars. Tess told Tim that Maria has decided to stay and they should get the money, she says not so fast, they are living together, we need to see some sparks first, she told him she wants to go see what Maria and Ben are up to, he says I hope they are between the sheets. Meg and Sara decide to find out what Tim is up to, and ask him to go out with them tonight, that they miss how they use to hang out all the time.

Olivia thinks about Caitlin running out of the house and she knows something has to change, she feels bad for Caitlin, that she has to go through this. AJ comes in and Olivia told him she is going to go away for a while so Cole and Caitlin can spend time with Trey, he says that they should move out, she says no she needs to give them some time. He says he will go with her, she says no she wants him to look after his grandson. He says he will take her to the airport, she says no that she will get a cab. AJ asks for a kiss, she obliges.

Gregory went into his office and puts a disk in the computer and says that no one will trace anything back to him. he looks at a picture of Caitlin and says that he can't see her anymore and that she will have to do things on her own, but says he has to see her one last time.

Caitlin told Cole that he has to choose between her and Trey, that he can stay with Trey or leave Sunset Beach with her. She says if you really love me you will leave with me, he says if you really love me you wouldn't ask me to do that, he says he can't abandon Trey and that he was your son for a year too, and that she wouldn't want to do that either, she asks him to forgive him, for trying to manipulate him and that she is turning into her father, he says no, and that there is nothing to forgive, they go home. Gregory overhears them and says to himself that Caitlin you are like me and you shouldn't be ashamed of that.

Olivia asks Cole if she can talk to Caitlin alone. He says okay. Olivia apologizes and Caitlin says no it's her fault, she told her mom, that she tried to get Cole to walk away from Trey and leave with her, and that she is turning into her father, a cold mean person. Olivia says no, you are your own person, and Gregory won't influence anyone ever, he is dead.

The maid Rose told Olivia that her bags are packed and she can go. Rose says good-bye, Olivia went to leave and Cole yell where are you going. She looks at him, and went to leave when AJ is there and says change of plans.

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Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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