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Erin Lavery
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Actor History

Was said to be 4-years-old when her brother Ryan, who was 15 at the time, ran away from home

Born in 1980, was said to be 26 at the time of her death

Was found dead on the Fusion rooftop on December 11, 2006


Former associate at Fusion

Worked for the Miranda Center

Former assistant manager at a coffeehouse


The Penthouse

Formerly The Pine Cone

Formerly in Nova Scotia, Canada

Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married

Past Marriages



Patrick Lavery (father; deceased)

Gail Curry (mother; deceased; died Sep 26, 2001)

Braden Lavery (brother; deceased)

Ryan Lavery (brother)

Jonathan Lavery (brother)

Emma McDermott Lavery (niece)

Spike Lavery (nephew)



Flings & Affairs

Aidan Devane (lover; he was her first)

Crimes Committed

Knocked Aidan unconscious to prevent him from calling the police about Jonathan and hid his body. [Nov 8, 2005]

Brief Character History

Erin Lavery is the youngest of the Lavery siblings. Her eldest brothers Braden and Ryan ran away at an early age, leaving Erin and her older brother Jonathan with their abusive father, Patrick. Ryan lost track of Erin as the two grew older.

Ryan was forced to kill a crazed Jonathan in order to save his wife Greenlee. Guilt ridden, Ryan faked his death and tracked down Erin. Ryan wanted to see if Erin was victim to the same anger and rage that had killed Jonathan and Braden, and ultimately destroyed Ryan. Ryan found Erin working at a coffee shop in Nova Scotia, a seemingly affable and vibrant young woman. Happy that Erin had escaped "the Lavery curse" he was shocked when Erin recognized him and confronted him. Erin blamed Ryan for her beloved Jonathan's death and told him that she never wanted to see him again. What Ryan didn't find out until several days later was that Erin was harboring a secret -- her supposedly-dead brother, Jonathan.

Erin and Ryan eventually came to believe that there may be a medical explanation to Jonathan's madness and, after taking him to the hospital, learned that he had a brain tumor. An operation removed the brain tumor, and drastically changed Jonathan's personality. Jonathan and Erin followed Ryan back to Pine Valley, where Erin soon began to clash with Aidan, the private investigator who had been hired to keep an eye on Jonathan. The two slowly fell in love, with Erin trusting Aidan enough to give her virginity to him. The two seemed very happy, but shortly after starting to work for the Miranda Center, Erin abruptly broke things off with Aidan.

Because of the abuse she and her brothers had suffered as children, Erin's work with the Miranda Center became very important to her. Assisting other victims of familial abuse helped Erin come to terms with her own life. But Erin also knew that were some people that neither the Miranda Center nor the law itself could help. Erin became acquainted with an underground rescue group dedicated to helping those very people the law had abandoned. With her own memories of childhood abuse fresh in her mind, Erin agreed to help however she could. Jamal Cudahy, a member of the rescue group approached Erin and asked for her help.

Erin agreed to take in and hide Annie McDermott and her daughter Emma at the penthouse she shared with Jonathan. Annie's husband Terry had an unhealthy interest in young girls. Unknown to Annie, Terry had drugged and raped a young girl who had babysat for their daughter, Emma. After discovering this, she divorced Terry, but without proof of what he had done, she couldn't keep Terry away from their young daughter. Fearing what Terry might do to Emma, and with the help of the rescue group, Annie went on the run from him.

Erin introduced Annie to her brothers as an old college friend. Shortly after taking in Annie, Erin found out that Aidan had been hired by Terry McDermott to help track down his missing wife and daughter. Although it broke her heart to do it, Erin broke off her relationship with Aidan, fearing that if he found out about Annie, he would betray her to Terry. As much as she loved Aidan, she couldn't abandon another child to a life of abuse similar to what she and her brothers had suffered.

Besides her volunteer work at the Miranda Center, Erin was also working at Fusion, the cosmetic firm owned by Kendall Hart, Babe Carey and Simone Torres. When the new bar, ConFusion, opened in the same building Erin began working there too. Jamal Cudahy also got a job at the bar. To make Aidan give up on her once and for all, she faked a relationship with Jamal. Hurt, Aidan stopped his pursuit of Erin and turned to Di Henry for comfort. No matter how much her heart ached, Erin continued to protect and support Annie and Emma until the time they would be safe.

Terry eventually discovered that Erin was hiding Annie and Emma, but he was unable to breach the security at the penthouse to get his hands on them. Confronted with the truth, Terry fled the country. Terry snuck back to Pine Valley and was killed by Erin's brother Jonathan when he attempted to rape Lily Montgomery. With Annie and Emma safe, Erin could finally tell Aidan the truth about why she had broken off their relationship. Too much had changed between them to reunite, but at least they could now be friends. Erin realized that she had her whole life ahead of her, and although Aidan was her first love, he wouldn't be her last.

In spite of losing Aidan, Erin's life had never been better. She loved her work at Fusion, and the group of women there became a second family to her. Her brothers were safe and happy, and Erin had finally allowed herself to enjoy life the same way other young women did. All of that came to an end far too quickly.

One night in early December 2006, Erin and the crew left the Fusion offices at the end of the workday to celebrate downstairs at ConFusion. Only Simone Torres stayed behind. Shortly after, Erin went back to the office to try to get Simone to come downstairs and join them. Instead, she found Simone dead, the first victim of the Satin Slayer. Brokenhearted, Erin made her way downstairs where she told her friends what had happened. Furious with grief, Erin vowed that nothing would stop her from finding who had killed her friend. But instead, Erin's lifeless body was found the next evening by Josh Madden. She had been poisoned on the rooftop deck at Fusion, the second victim of the Satin Slayer.

Erin's murder devastated her brothers, Jonathan and Ryan, as well as her many friends. She left behind clear proof to those she loved exactly how much they meant to her, and they resolved to find the person who murdered a young woman they all loved so very much.

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