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JR believed that Jamie had sabotaged his brakes. Babe vowed to help Jamie. Babe propositioned Josh. Greenlee learned that she would never be able to carry a baby to term.
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All My Children Recaps: Daily Recaps | 2005 on AMC
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Monday, August 8, 2005

Greenlee is spotting. Kendall tries to calm her down and suggests they go to the hospital but with the bad weather they decide to call Greg Madden instead. Dr. Madden tells her that with the stormy weather it is good that they called him. He tells Kendall to keep Greenlee calm and he will be right over. Kendall hangs up and suggests to a frightened Greenlee that they use the time until the Doc arrives to look up her symptoms online to see what they can find. They find a web site that tells them that spotting without cramping is a normal part of pregnancy. The relieved girls start to laugh about freaking out and thinking the worst. When Dr. Madden arrives Kendall informs him of what they found online and apologizes for dragging him out in the rain for nothing. He replies that he is glad that they were reassured but suggests that he check Greenlee to make sure she's OK since he is already there. Greenlee thanks him telling him it will make her feel better to here that everything is OK from him. The Doc invites Kendall to come in for the examination to which she quickly says no thanks! She waits in the front room while the Doc examines Greenlee. When he emerges from the bedroom Kendall asks him to confirm their diagnoses that everything is normal. Dr. Madden looks at Kendall and tells her he is sorry but they need to get Greenlee to the hospital as quickly as possible. Greenlee overhears and says she is not going to the hospital. She says that if something were really wrong with the baby she would know. She is convinced that everything is OK. Just then she doubles over in pain holding her stomach. Dr. Madden quickly scoops her up into his arms as they all leave for the hospital.

Ryan checks into a seedy motel. He remembers a similar stormy night when he and Greenlee checked into a similar room. He shakes his head to clear his mind of the memories telling himself to stop thinking about Greenlee and start concentrating on finding his sister. It doesn't work and he is soon caught up in more reminiscing. Coming out of his reverie he looks in the mirror and tells himself, "Lavery is dead and he is never coming back." "Goodbye Ryan" he tells his reflection as he starts shaving his head. Later in bed asleep he dreams... Ryan enters a room to find Kendall. He tries apologizing to her but she doesn't seem to hear him. She ignores him and plays blackjack with Zach. Ryan notices a coffin in the room and looks inside to see who is in it. While he is gazing into the coffin Greenlee shows up. He tries to tell her how sorry he is. Greenlee just looks into the coffin and starts talking to Ryan's body. She says how her life ended on the day that he died. Next to show up is Ryan's sister Erin. She talks about how he was supposed to protect her and Jonathon. Jonathon appears next saying that maybe Ryan is in Nova Scotia. He tells how his father always said that was where heaven was. Ryan awakes thinking that maybe his sister is Nova Scotia. He gets on the computer to do a search and jackpot one Erin Lavery listed in Nova Scotia. "It has to be her", he tells himself.

Garret and Mimi are enjoying having the stormy evening to themselves when Danielle walks in. Danielle says that she came by to see them but Mimi isn't buying it. She thinks that Danielle is there hoping to see someone else that lives in the building. Danielle says that if Mimi wants a fight Danielle isn't staying to play. Garret jumps up to keep Danielle from storming out while Mimi answers the phone. Mimi has to go to work and Garret invites Danielle to hang out with him while her mom is gone. After Mimi leaves Garret asks Danielle what it is going to take to make her like him. Danielle says that Garret has a lot of powerful friends, has lunch with the mayor, why does he want to hang out with her. Garret replies by saying how much he loves Mimi and how much it would mean to her if Danielle and Garret became friends. Danielle agrees to try to they settle down to play backgammon and wait for Mimi.

Zach is staring down that barrel of Julia's gun. She doesn't believe that he means her no harm. As she threatens to shoot him Zach quickly reaches out and snatches the gun out of her hand. Now Julia is looking down the gun barrel pointed at her. She tells Zach to go ahead and shoot her. Her life ended when she went into the witness protection program. She again tells Zach to shoot. Zach calmly hands the gun back to her telling her that he is not there to hurt her. Suddenly they hear banging and shouts of "POLICE" coming from the front door. As Derek and Mimi burst into the room Julia flees to hide. Derek and Mimi don't see Julia but they do want to know what Zach is doing in Wildwind. Zach says that he is checking out the house for Maria. Derek was notified that Julia disappeared out of the witness protection program. He is at Wildwind to look for her. Derek is convinced that Julia would return to Pine Valley to try to see Maria and Edmund not knowing about Edmunds's murder and Maria's move to California. Derek and Mimi split up to search and Zach follows Mimi to the chapel. Mimi tells him that she is new in town and may be interested in residing at Wildwind. She then tells Zach that if he comes to Wildwind again he will be trespassing. Mimi and Derek meet up in the front hall. Derek gets a call that he has to follow up on and leaves with Mimi following. Once they are gone Julia reappears saying that since Zach didn't squeal to police that she was hiding in the house that maybe he isn't there to kill her.

JR confronts Jamie convinced that Jamie tried to kill him by rigging the brakes of Dixie's car. He says that he JR is the sensible one and that Jamie is the bitter hateful brother. Babe and Jamie can't believe that those words came out of JR's mouth while Dixie tries to get JR to calm down. She tells him that she knows that Jamie didn't mess up when he fixed the brakes on her car. JR agrees and says that if there is anything that Jamie knows how to do it is fix cars which means that he did it on purpose. Dixie points out that it was her brakes that went out not JR's and that if Jamie wanted to kill JR why didn't he mess with his brakes. JR says that Jamie knew that JR would be in the car. Fed up with his brothers accusations Jamie tells JR to get out or he is going to call the cops. JR replies by whipping out his cell phone and calling the cops on Jamie. Derek arrives telling JR, "I thought I told you to loose my number." JR tells Derek about the brakes going out in Dixie's car and says that he wants Jamie arrested for attempted murder. Familiar with JR's numerous accusations against his brother he takes BOTH of them down to the police station.

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

While in the hospital, Greenlee dreamed that she had a baby boy. Dr. Madden told Jack, Erica and Kendall that Greenlee would be just fine, but that she had lost the baby. Kendall went into Greenlee's room and told her that she had miscarried. Greenlee accused Dr. Madden of giving her something to make her miscarry because she broke into his clinic. Kendall told her that she had been spotting the night before and then started cramping so they rushed her to the hospital. Greenlee began to sob. Erica asked Dr. Madden if there was anything that she and Jack could do for Greenlee and he replied that they should stay close to her. Jack admitted that although his heart ached for his daughter, he was enormously relieved that Greenlee was finally free of Ryan. Greenlee asked Kendall to get Dr. Madden so she could talk to him. When Dr. Madden arrived in her room, he assured her that he would never have done anything to compromise her pregnancy. Greenlee asked Dr. Madden if there was anther vial of Ryan's sperm left and then said she wanted to be inseminated again.

Kendall left the hospital to get some fresh air and she ran into Lily. She told her that she was mad at Sam for not believing that she saw a ghost. Kendall told Lily that if she wanted to still kiss Sam, to go ahead and kiss him or if she wanted to fight with him to do that. Lily asked if you could do both, and Kendall told her that was love.

Julia continued to accuse Zach of knowing who killed Noah. Zach told her that no one he knew killed her husband. Julia told Zach how she and Noah had to change identities and live a life they hated. She said they made Noah cut his hair to fit in. Julia told him that it was like someone let the air out of their souls. She said that Noah began taking more risks and that one day he just didn't come back. Julia refused to let Zach help her but handed him her gun and told him to get it over with and kill her now. Zach took the bullets out of the gun and she asked who he was. He said he was the man who loved her sister Maria with all his heart. He told Julia he would not let her stay at Wildwind. Zach told Julia that if he ever saw Maria again, he would not tell her that her sister needed help and he did nothing. He said he didn't want to hurt Maria's family anymore. Julia finally realized that Zach meant what he said about helping her and she cried in his arms as Kendall opened the door and saw them.

At the police station, Derek told Tad, Dixie, J.R., Jamie and Babe that the forensics report showed that there was no evidence anyone had tampered with the brake system. J.R. continued to insist that Jamie had something to do with the brakes in his car going out. Back at the Chandler house, Tad and Dixie tried to talk some sense into J.R. Tad told J.R. that Jamie was always considered the "good' brother, while if something bad happened, J.R. always was blamed.

Jamie, livid from J.R.'s latest stunt, told Babe that there was no way he was going to leave her and go to school while J.R. was still around. Babe tried to convince Jamie that she could handle J.R. Jamie told her that he would not leave her to go to school so there was no reason to fight him. Babe said that she would not marry him if he did not go to college. Jamie again professed his love for her and told her there was no way they were going to break up. Again, Babe told Jamie that if he does not go to college, she will not marry him and that was final.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Babe confronted JR at the Chandler mansion and declared that she was giving up. "I broke up with Jamie," she announced. JR then volunteered to drop his quest for revenge; she didn't buy it. But just when she started to believe him, JR dropped the act and started cracking up. Babe reminded JR that nevertheless, he now has to honor Phoebe's will and give Jamie the money. JR corrected her — it's not unless Jamie dumps her that he gets the dough. After JR left for a Daddy and Me class with Little Adam, Babe thought about the new info JR had given her and began to concoct a new plan...

Dixie scoffed at Tad's suggestion that someone is out to kill her, but his suspicions weren't allayed by her repeated denials. Finally, Tad backed down and left, but Di clearly remained concerned and scrawled a mysterious note. Tad went back to his office, where Aidan soon joined him. Tad asked Aidan to keep a close eye on Dixie for a while, explaining he was off to Thailand to track down Dixie's ex-boyfriend...Di then made a collect call to someone and warned the person she was speaking to that if "he" continues to come after her, the whole world will know "his secret," because she's put it down in a letter that will remain undead so long as she's alive.

Greg entreated Greenlee to rest but she demanded to know if there is another vial of Ryan's sperm that she could use to become pregnant. Jack interrupted and tried to dissuade Greens from having Ryan's child. Greg confirmed that more of Ryan's sperm is housed at the clinic; she was pumped. Greg then gently broke the news to Greenlee that she is physically unable to carry a child to term. She ordered him to leave, then broke down sobbing. Greg reported to Jack that he'd filled in Greenlee about her condition.

Ryan recognized his sister immediately at the coffeeshop in Canada where she works and was relieved to observe her living a seemingly blissful existence. Ryan began to get twitchy when a rude patron started insulting Erin, but she handled the situation expertly and soothed the customer. Ryan decided to leave before Erin detected him, but before he could dash off, she approached him and asked if he needed help.

Kendall was stunned to spy Zach comforting Julia. She questioned Julia as to why she was back in Pine Valley and why she was in her husband's arms. Julia asked Zach why he'd married "the anti-Maria," Kendall. Kendall pressed Julia as to Noah's whereabouts; she took off, but Zach stopped her. When Kendall realized that Zach was determined to help Julia, she asked her hubby if he'd lost her mind. Julia added that even if she could trust Zach, she certainly couldn't trust Kendall. Zach dragged his wife inside to discuss the matter and demanded that she promise him she wouldn't disclose Julia's location to the cops. She was so testy that Zach suspected something was up. Kendall then revealed that Greenlee had lost the baby. "Maybe she's better off," said Zach. Kendall blasted him for his coldness; he maintained that he understands the situation better than she thinks. Before leaving, Kendall told Zach he could assure Julia her secret was safe. Julia, meanwhile, had flashbacks to happier times with Noah. But by the time Zach and Kendall returned, she was gone, off to the bus station.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Babe visits her mother at the Pine Cone, and asks for help dealing with JR and the hoops he is making Jamie jump through. Babe updates her mother on how JR is sticking to the letter of Phoebe's will, and insisting that Jamie needs to dump her. After briefly considering the possibility that Jamie would follow along with a ruse like that, Krystal realizes that they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Babe acknowledges that unless she can kill Jamie's love for her, Jamie will be settling for a second rate life with a consolation prize - and she refuses to let him sacrifice one more thing for her. Babe thinks that the best course of action (and the only way that Jamie can become a doctor) is to hurt Jamie as much as JR wants to hurt her. Krystal sees major flaws in any plan with that as a result, because as much as he talked about his dream of being a doctor, he talked more about his dream of being married to Babe. Babe then tries to compare her relationship to the one Krystal had with Tad - Krystal didn't give Tad a choice in their breakup. She simply did it because she thought it was best. Krystal counters, saying that she did so because she isn't Tad's true love - Dixie is. Babe, on the other hand, is Jamie's whole world. Babe comes right back and says that Krystal ended her relationship with Tad because she saw that there was something more important in his life - and that is exactly what she is trying to do for Jamie. She then asks for her mother's help - together, she wants them to find a way to shatter Jamie's faith in her so completely that he will walk away. Krystal spouts off several ideas that Babe could employ to get rid of Jamie, but Babe shoots them all down for one reason or another. Krystal soon runs out of suggestions, and is at a loss as to how she can help her daughter. Just then, Babe thinks of something that might work. Krystal takes one look at her baby girl and knows what she is thinking. She tries to discourage Babe, but Babe is sure that if she follows through, Jamie will leave her. Krystal tries to warn her daughter off, but Babe's mind is made up. Krystal worries about what Babe's life will be like after she goes through with her plan, but Babe assures her that she will be able to carry on, if only to make JR pay for taking away both her child and the man she loves.

At her request, JR stops by to see Erica at the New Beginnings offices. Erica lays into him about botching their plan to lure Kendall away from Zach. Initially, JR says that he needs to take time with the plan so that Kendall doesn't suspect anything, but Erica quickly fills him in on the fact that her daughter is already in the know about everything. JR then shifts gears, saying that the plan is best left for dead because Kendall is too hardheaded and doesn't know what's good for her. Erica lets on how disgusted she is that JR couldn't win a battle against the town pariah. JR insists that the debacle with Kendall is not his fault. He blames Erica for Kendall's inability to see the good that is right in front of her face, and always choosing the hard way - which continually ends her in a heap of heartache and pain. Erica is aghast at JR's claims, especially given his own history. Before they can go another round, Josh walks in. After snidely acknowledging that they know of each other, JR demands to know who his nemesis is. Erica introduces Josh by name, and JR seems slightly pleased, as he believes he now has Josh right where he wants him. Erica is confused as to how JR could sound so smug, as if he has something on Josh, when he has only known Josh's name for 10 minutes. JR clears up her confusion by admitting that Josh bore witness to Babe holding JR hostage and terrorizing him. He insists that Josh needs to testify before the judge as to what he saw, so that Babe will lose her visitation. Erica asks Josh to confirm JR's story, but Josh pretends that he hadn't seen a thing, and that he'd been working too hard to keep his days straight. Erica is none too pleased that Josh is defending Babe, and reminds him that she told him how she feels about JR's ex. She insists, as his boss, that he do as JR asks and testify. Josh, unmoved by her ultimatum, tells Erica that it will never happen. Erica tries to convince him that as an employee, she expects him to be a law-abiding citizen. Josh informs her that he loves his job, and when he's doing it, he's 100% hers. However, he then reminds her that it is not in his job description to snitch on her friends' behalf, nor does she have any say in his personal life. Erica decides to try a different tactic, and informs Josh that Babe is a convicted kidnapper, and is not worthy of his protection. Josh is stunned at the revelation, but feels that it would be remiss to act without having all of the facts. Further, he notes that no one should want him on a witness stand - especially not her. After ending a quick phone call from Val, Erica returns to Josh and asks why he shouldn't be on the stand. Josh tells her that once he starts being honest, he doesn't know when to stop - and what would they do if he started out testifying against Babe and ended up spilling the beans about Greenlee's break in at the sperm bank? Erica doesn't think he would do that, and truthfully neither does Josh, but he doesn't want to take any chances. Erica reminds him that Greenlee is nothing like Babe - after all, Babe is a baby stealer. Josh quips that Greenlee's label could be an "almost baby stealer", which infuriates Erica. Josh reminds her that she was perfectly happy when he lied to his father to protect Greenlee - and that she can't have it both ways. She insists that he wouldn't be protecting Babe if he really knew the kind of person that she is. Josh tells her that Babe isn't the same person to him that she is to Erica - and that he will take his chances. Erica implores him reconsider, but Josh stands his ground, and then takes his leave. JR, who had been standing off to the side and hadn't heard the conversation, asks Erica if he can have Babe arrested yet and count on Josh's testimony. Erica tells him that the testimony wouldn't work in his favor. JR is furious that Erica failed him, but she reminds him that she has obligations to other people besides him. In addition, she notes that he failed miserably at his pledge to her. He tells her that if she ever wants him to take another crack at Kendall and make it stick, she'll find a way to make Josh produce results for him - and then storms out.

Later, Babe shows up at the New Beginnings offices and finds Josh on the other side of the elevator doors. Surprised to see her, Josh asks what she needs. Babe blurts out to a stunned Josh that she needs him to have sex with her.

Kendall returns to the hospital to find Dr. Madden and Jack talking outside of Greenlee's room. After they assure her that nothing further has happened to Greenlee, Jack tells her that Greenlee asked the doctor to inseminate her again. Greg then jumps in and explains that Greenlee's body rejected the pregnancy, and that it would happen again with any subsequent pregnancies. Saddened, Kendall goes to join her friend in her hospital room. She finds Greenlee huddled in bed, flatly reviewing that now she has nothing of Ryan left to hold. As she goes over how all of her plans of a life with Ryan's baby are now over, Jack walks into the room and hears the tail end. Kendall tells Greenlee that she shouldn't give up hope. She goes on to tell Greenlee that there is always a way around the impossible, and that she will do everything she can to help her find it. Just then, Jack asks if he can speak to Kendall in the hall. Kendall initially denies his request, but after he insists that it's important, she agrees. Out in the hall, Jack tells Kendall that even though he knows she is trying to be a friend, she is doing nothing but hurting Greenlee. Before they can launch into a fight, Simone shows up. After ascertaining that she wasn't kept out of the loop, Simone rushes in to visit Greenlee, leaving Jack and Kendall alone once again. Irritated, Kendall demands to know how she could possibly be the problem. Jack tells her that she needs to stop fanning the flames of possibility with regard to Greenlee having Ryan's baby, especially since the doctor pronounced the source of Greenlee's problem. He goes on to say that his daughter is resilient, and that she will eventually bounce back and stop thinking that a life without Ryan is no life at all. Kendall is shocked that Jack could be so callous, given that she thinks they both saw the same Greenlee - a woman curled up in her hospital bed with the life sucked out of her. Jack is insistent that because Greenlee can't carry Ryan's baby to term, the only thing left to do is help her heal without Ryan or his child. Kendall informs him that there is no way that Greenlee will just give up on that dream and move on, no matter what either of them wants. Instead, Kendall promises that if there is another way to help Greenlee get through this, she will do whatever it takes to find it - and then she will carry through with it. Jack notes that Kendall's feelings for Ryan are coloring her view of the current situation and pleads with her to understand that the only option she and Greenlee have is to let go and move on. Kendall tells Jack that if Greenlee simply picks up and moves on, she won't be the same person - and she plans to find any way that she can to prevent that from happening. She wants to find a way to give Greenlee hope again. Caustically, Jack lays down the bottom line for her: as far as he is concerned, there is no way that Greenlee can get what she wants, and Kendall pretending that there is does his daughter no good. He tells her that if she continues to sacrifice Greenlee's future - it would have been better if Greenlee had gone off the cliff with Ryan. Jack continues to ask Kendall to give up the course she is on, but Kendall vows to find a way to give Greenlee her dreams back. Dr. Madden returns to the area, and Kendall begs him for some alternatives that they can explore, but he says there are no options. Jack then says that he will make sure that Greenlee recovers, and hopes that Kendall will support him. He goes back into Greenlee's room, leaving a despondent Kendall to consider what has happened.

Back in Greenlee's room, Jack tries to offer words of comfort to his daughter, and lays out ideas on how to help her heal. Simone vacates her perch by the window and tells Jack that Greenlee probably doesn't care about moving on right now - and that it would be better if they said nothing at all.

In the hall, Kendall talks out her thought processes with Dr. Madden - there is still a vial of Ryan's donation at the clinic, and Greenlee can still make eggs. She is certain there is a way to bring a child of theirs into the world. Dr. Madden confirms that there is one way.

Erin asks Ryan if there is anything further that she can get for him, and as he tells her no, he slips up and uses her name. Taken aback, she inquires as to how he had that information. Ryan makes up something about how he overheard someone call her that, and she seems relieved. He then asks her a series of questions, and she cautiously answers them, but her defenses quickly return. Ryan tries to play his questions off as harmless, saying that he is new to the area and wanted to find out if it was a good place to call home. Erin admits that it was about what she expected, which prompts Ryan to ask why she chose Nova Scotia. He gets confirmation that she is really his sister when she says verbatim what Patrick Lavery always said: "Nova Scotia is as close to heaven as any Lavery will ever get." Despite expecting that answer, Ryan is still stunned and stares intently at her. Erin demands to know why. Just as suddenly, she backs off, sheepish about being so confrontational. She notes that Ryan gave her an odd look when she mentioned her father's saying, and that he must think her strange. They are interrupted briefly by a patron who stops by to ask her out on a date. She politely declines, saying she is somewhat spoken for. After she serves the guy up some coffee, she returns to a nearby table and folds napkins. Ryan notes how everyone seems drawn to her, and asks if it's tiring always being so nice. She tells him, simply, that life is too short to be angry all of the time. She goes back behind the counter, and Ryan silently ponders how it is that Erin came out of the same situation he grew up in - only kinder, sweeter and more adjusted.

A short time later, Ryan approaches another employee and says that he wanted to leave a tip for Erin, but hadn't seen her. The woman tells him that Erin's shift ended 20 minutes ago, and that she was long gone.

Ryan goes outside and calls the coffee shop from a payphone. He pretends that he is calling from a radio station and that Erin signed up for a contest where she could win a queen sized mattress. The woman tells him that Erin is gone but will return the following day. He tells her they are live and he can't call back - but she can answer the questions FOR Erin. She agrees, and answers the questions correctly. Excitedly, she informs Ryan that he called a business, and that they would have to ship the prize to Erin's place. Smoothly, Ryan asks for the address. He then goes to her house, hides in the bushes and surveys her life, remotely. To himself, he admits that her life is good and that she doesn't need him messing it up. He stands and starts to go, but she comes out the front door, calls him by name and tells him to cut out the games and come inside.

At the bus station, an enshrouded Julia waits in line to get on the bus to Philadelphia. As the line starts to move, a security guard shows up to check each passenger. Shaken, Julia starts to look around for a way to make an escape when she spots a newly arrived Zach. After a moment's pause, Zach makes a show of "welcoming her home" to throw off any suspicion that may have been caused by her hesitance. She initially is resistant, but he quickly convinces her that leaving with him is best, and they exit the station.

Zach and Julia return to Wildwind, and he grills her on where she had planned to go and why. Julia tells him that he is a fool if he thought she would be a sitting duck while Kendall blew her cover. Zach insists that Kendall plans to forget she ever saw her. Julia tells him that she doesn't need his help, but Zach reminds her that he made a promise to do so - if only for her sister's sake. Julia still doesn't trust Zach, and will never trust his wife, but he tries to convince her that Kendall is a different person than she was 9 years ago - and that she has too much on her plate now to handle her too. Additionally, Zach tells her that he can get her out of the country without a trace, and give her a whole new life. While mildly tempting, Julia tells him that she has had other lives - and while she didn't get chased, it was worse than being dead. He tells her that he has connections outside of the government that could get her something better than a no-name town in the middle of the country. She insists that she wants her life as Julia Santos Keefer - or nothing at all. Zach is bemused by her determination to return to a life lost, but she tells him to stop worrying about her. She tells him that she will write a letter to Maria letting her know that he tried to protect her. She also tells him that her old life, however brief, would be better than all the lives she lived over the past 9 years. Zach tries to talk his way through it, to try to gain some understanding when suddenly a light bulb goes off - and he realizes her motivation. He announces his theory - she didn't come back to Pine Valley to hide - she came back to kill the person who killed Noah.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Dr. Madden tells Kendall what Greenlee's other option is, but she is not sure that it will work.

Zach says that Julia was setting herself up so Noah's killer would find her and she could kill him. Julia agrees, continuing to say that she wants to live her life as herself, not a fake. She says that she also came to see Maria and Edmund, but she did not know what had happened to them. When Zach probes further about Noah's murderer, Julia tells him that all she knows is he goes by the name "the general." Zach gets an urgent call from Kendall, but he cuts her off before she can explain something important. He rushes after Julia as she attempts to run out the front door. He grabs her and drags her back to the living room, still claiming he is going to help her, whether she likes it or not. Julia begins talking about Noah and his lack of being closed up and separated from his mother. She says that the feds keep making arrests, but it was never the right guy, so that is when Noah decided to go after the man himself. He kissed her, said he would be safe and sound, then left, Julia says. She admits to Zach that he called her once after he left and would not tell her the name of her man's name. He was also looking for proof to nail the general, but eventually, his main contact about the general was killed, Julia says. She tells him that Noah found out the general was actually stalking her. The agents wanted information from her, after they told her that Noah was dead, but Julia says that she had nothing to give them-not that she would have anyway. Zach tells Julia that she needs him to help scope out the bad guys, but she does not want him to get involved. Zach threatens to end the investigation by telling the feds what he knows unless she allows him to be in charge of the case. Julia is not thrilled at the idea, but agrees to let Zach handle things.

Josh thinks that Babe is kidding about having sex with her, and to prove she is real, she pulls him close and kisses him. He pushes her away and asks her why she has a sudden interest in him. Babe pretends to be interested in him, but Josh does not believe her act because she loves Jamie. Babe acts as though she and Jamie are not together, but Josh demands to know the truth. Babe tells him that she needs their sexual act to be set up at the right time and in the right place before they can do anything. Josh asks her if he being set up and why the sudden spilt with Jamie. Erica walks in and asks Josh if he is testing her by allowing Babe to be in her office. Babe tells Erica that Josh did not invite her there, she dropped in to ask him a question. Babe leaves as Erica's temper rages and she threatens to fire Josh. Josh continues to say that his impression of Babe is not the same as his and he would not go against her wishes. Erica is astonished when Josh threatens to quit because he is also disrespecting her. Erica agrees that it is not right to expect Josh to hate who she hates, so he gets to keep his job, at least for now. She makes a suggestion that he should stay away from Babe, then Josh leaves for a late lunch. He goes to see Babe, who is surprised that he still has a job. Josh pressures her about why she wanted to have sex with him and Babe admits that she needs Jamie to catch them in the act. Jamie walks in and asks Babe what is going on.

Simone tries to help Greenlee, but she continues to keep herself withdrawn. She offers to get Greenlee some food, but David walks in and is cut off by Greenlee before he can even comfort her. Simone leaves and David suggests that Greenlee see a shrink, but she thinks she does not need one. After all, a therapist can not bring back her child, she says. Outside her room, Simone tells Ethan that she does not know how to help Greenlee because she keeps shutting her out. Kendall comes over and inquires about Greenlee. Simone tells her that Greenlee won't eat and is pushing people away. When Simone asks Kendall what they are going to do, Kendall screams that, "I can't do it!" and rushes off. Inside, Greenlee tells David that she feels empty and dead without Ryan.

Kendall goes to the elevator and starts thinking about Greenlee's reaction to losing her baby. She curses at Ryan for leaving Greenlee and his child and bearing the responsibility of caring after Greenlee on her. Kendall continues to say that she can't "do this" because no one else would do it. Kendall walks over to Simone and Ethan. Simone tells Kendall that Greenlee is not responding to David and perhaps, a confrontation with Kendall would work. Kendall goes inside and asks to speak to Greenlee privately. David promises to stop by later and walks out. Kendall tries to be upbeat and joke with Greenlee, but she sees that it is a lame attempt at cheering her up. Kendall tells Greenlee, that after everything she has failed at in her life, she is all that she has life. Kendall admits that she is angry at Ryan for leaving her and at God for denying her child a life. Greenlee says that there is nothing Kendall can do to help, but Kendall disagrees. Greenlee asks Kendall to leave, but she refuses. Kendall tells her that she can give her Ryan's baby.

Erin tells Ryan that she knew it was her brother when he called her by her name at the coffee shop. Ryan says that she did not have to pretend to not know him, but Erin claims he is not her brother anymore then walks inside her home. Ryan follows her inside, but she pretends to ignore him as she shuffles through a pile of mail. Erin admits that she is still hurt because he left her when she was just 4. She claims Jonathan was her real brother, but Ryan killed him. Ryan tells Erin that Jonathan hurt a lot of people and if he had any other choice, he would not have killed him. Erin still seems to think that Jonathan was the better brother, so Ryan tells her that he loves her and only came to make sure that she was alive and well. Erin shows Ryan newspaper articles about everything that happened to Ryan after he killed Jonathan, up to his motorcycle jump and fake death. She tells him that she wished he had died off that cliff, just like her other brothers. Ryan tries to tell his sister that she does not know everything that happened between him and Jonathan. Erin does not care; she recalls how their father used to punish Jonathan for looking up to Ryan and wishing that he would return to save them. Jonathan told her that he was still a disappointment to Ryan, Erin says. Ryan argues that their brother came to Pine Valley because he hated him and his wife. Erin tells Ryan that she begged Jonathan to come home, but he would not listen. She paints him out to be a great man who worshipped the ground that Ryan walked on. Erin tells Ryan to get out of her life so he can go back to being dead again. Before leaving, Ryan apologizes for hurting Erin and says that he still loves her. Erin remarks that his apologies and attempts have come too late as she shuts the door. Erin goes into a closet and pushes behind some clothes, which leads into another room. She tells someone that Ryan was there, but left for good.



Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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