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Lily saw Ryan, but she assumed that he was a ghost. JR and Babe argued. Amanda tried to apologize to Jamie. Kendall confronted Erica. JR and Dixie were in a car accident that JR blamed on Jamie.
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Monday, August 1, 2005

Krystal and David chatted about her belief that he has the goods on Dixie and is withholding it from her. He then downed some of his own truth serum to prove that he knows nothing. He became woozy and invited her to interrogate him. "What are you hiding?" she asked. David made it clear that he'd only faked the self-medication when he said he was over Dixie because he wanted another shot at her, so Krystal stormed off but before she left, Hayward insisted he wasn't lying about his desire for her.

At the Chandler mansion, Adam defended himself to JR for having nursed suspicions about Dixie's true identity and begged his son not to move out. Adam then offered JR the house because without him and the baby, it wouldn't be a home. JR didn't buy the sincerity of the gesture at first, but Adam eliminated his doubts with a heartfelt speech. So JR told him to go pack his bags. When Adam didn't fight it, JR backed down and told Adam he'd continue to live with him. JR left and Adam began to cry. Later, Krystal returned and reported to Adam that she'd been unable to pry info from David at least not yet.

At the hospital, Tad and Dixie's old style of banter was on full display as she berated him for his stubbornness about seeing a doctor about his bank robber-inflicted wound. Joe took Tad in for an examination. Dixie became discombobulated when she saw that the cardiac care unit in the hospital had been named in her memory. Tad returned and reported that he'd gotten a clean bill of health. Dixie expressed to Tad how frightened she'd been at the bank at the prospect of losing her life when she'd finally gotten it back. She also told Tad that she couldn't bear to have watched him die. Tad promised not to jump into the line of fire again.

At the gazebo, Lily marveled at the sight before her. "Ryan!" she gasped. Ryan encouraged Lily's assumption that he was a ghost. Zach arrived and convinced Lily not to tell Greenlee about what she'd seen. At Zach's urging, Lily described to the "ghost" how Greenlee feels in the wake of his "death." When Ryan slipped off, Lily believed that she'd set Lavery's spirit free. In reality, Lavery found a spot to hide while Zach continued to stress to Lily how important it is that Lily not tell Greenlee about her ghostly encounter. Lily then reported to Zach that she'd seen a ghost at Wildwind who she thinks is Edmund. Zach volunteered to go check it out. Ryan then returned to the shed for a nice, long series of flashbacks about his romance with Greenlee. Zach then joined Ryan, who promised Slater he wouldn't return to Pine Valley.

Greenlee surveyed her suite, which Kendall had filled with baby items in the hopes of helping her pal focus on the future. Greens was moved to tears by Kendall's gesture and the two discussed how far their relationship had come. Kendall was touched when Greenlee asked her to be the baby's godmother. "I love you, Kendall," said Greenlee. "I love you, too," she replied.

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Aidan congratulated Tad for being a hero and foiling the bank robbery. As they entered their office, they saw that someone had trashed the place. Aidan suspected Amanda and explained why telling Tad that Amanda was nothing but trouble. Tad called Joe to see if Amanda had been discharged from the hospital and found out she was still a patient. He told Aidan his theory was just blown out of the water. Tad began to talk about Ryan and said that he wished he had done more for him, but Aidan said that he didn't think anyone could have helped him. Babe showed up to see Tad to ask if she could trust Dixie. Babe told Tad that she asked Dixie to help her get J.R. to lighten up on Jamie.

Amanda told Babe that she didn't think Dixie would help her with J.R. Babe told Amanda that she would do whatever she had to do to make Jamie's dream of becoming a doctor come true. When Babe left Amanda immediately got dressed and went to see J.R. She told him that Dixie had made a deal with Babe. He said there was no way Dixie would go behind her back like that. J.R. threw her out. When Amanda returned to the hospital, Aidan was there asking if she broke into their office. Amanda told him that he had been a jerk and Aidan offered her a job. She told Aidan that she didn't need him to get what she wanted.

Looking at all the baby gifts that Kendall got Greenlee, Jack told Erica that Greenlee shouldn't be having Ryan's baby. Jack said that Greenlee should erase all memory of Ryan from her mind. Erica told him that this baby gave Greenlee purpose and hope. Erica reminded Jack how she begged Bianca not to have her baby, but how Miranda had helped Bianca and how this baby will help Greenlee. Erica told Jack that she understood his anger at Ryan, but if he held a grudge against this baby, Greenlee would never forgive him. Erica told him to go to Greenlee and tell her that he loved her and the baby.

Greenlee and Simone went to Dr. Madden's office for a checkup. Greenlee asked Dr. Madden why he was being so nice to her after she broke into his clinic. He told her that they both went to extreme measures to bring children into the world and he accepted her as a patient. He ordered a complete medical history as well as a psychological profile. Dr madden then told his nurse to retest Greenlee's HCG levels and rush the results. Greenlee had an ultrasound and saw the baby's heartbeat. Jack went to the clinic to see Greenlee and she showed him a picture of the ultrasound. Greenlee and Simone left and Dr. Madden told Jack he was glad he stayed so they could talk.

Dixie gave J.R. a full account of the bank robbery including how Tad took a bullet in the arm for her. Dixie asked J.R. to go easy on Jamie. She told him that she wanted him to give up the revenge and hate. He asked if she talked to Babe and Dixie said yes she did. She told her that she didn't want this for Babe but for his brother. J.R. told her that this was about giving Jamie the punishment he deserved.

Ryan, incognito in a diner, struck up a conversation with Libby the waitress. He introduced himself as Rick Squires from Cleveland. He showed her a picture of Erin and asked if she had seen her. She said she had not seen her and looking at this wedding ring told him that it was too bad he was already taken. Ryan took off his wedding ring, put it in his pocket and told Libby that he had recently left his wife. He gave the waitress a story about Erin and she told him what a great guy he was. He showed Erin's picture again and Libby said she did remember her. She told Ryan that she was headed to Canada. He left her a tip and she told him he should smile more often. As he was leaving he gave his wedding ring to a man down on his luck.

Erica told Josh that his father was being very kind to Greenlee. Josh told Erica that Dr. Madden had a major crush on her. Erica told Josh that she thought it was more than a crush. She said that from the first time she saw Greg, she couldn't shake the feeling that they had already met.

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Zach is breaking into Wildwind to seek out Lily's ghost. He runs a square black box along the seam of the door disabling the alarm and allowing him to pick the locks. He slowly walks through the house looking around. Out on the patio he hears a gasp. Following the sound Zach finds Lily on a ghost stakeout. Lily informs him that she saw him use the magnet on the front door alarm and that he should have just memorized the code like she did from watching Sam. Lily shows Zach Edmund's shirt that had made its way back upstairs by itself. She doesn't know what a ghost wants with a shirt. Zach reminds Lily that they agreed that he would investigate the mystery ghost. Sam walks in ordering Zach out of Wildwind. Lily tries to tell Sam that Zach was there to help them solve the mystery. Sam though doesn't want Zach's help and again orders him to leave. As Zach leaves Sam turns and tells Lily she should stay away from Zach. Lily again says that Zach was there to help. She explains to Sam how she told Zach about the ghost and he offered to help. Sam starts yelling at Lily telling her that Zach is a liar and that there is no such thing as ghosts. He tells her to stay away from Zach. Lily tells him that Zach is her brother in law. Sam yells at her to never bring Zach to Wildwind. Lily is upset and starts yelling at Sam about how maybe she doesn't know everything and maybe he doesn't want to be her boyfriend anymore. Sam quickly apologizes to Lily. Lily says that if Sam won't believe her about the ghost then she doesn't want to be around him. An upset Lily tries to storm out as Sam grabs her to top her she starts yelling, "Don't touch, don't touch!" Sam quickly lets her go and she rushes out the door where she finds Zach waiting. Zach apologizes to her telling her that he is sorry if he caused problems for her and Sam. Lily informs him that Sam is the one with the problem.

Jamie is playing basketball when Amanda shows up. She asks if he needs anything and he tells her he doesn't need anything from her. "Do you have any substance or are you just a puppet with JR's hand up your back?" he asks. Amanda tries to explain her actions and apologizes for all that she has done but Jamie wants to know how he is supposed to believe anything that she says. She admits that she wouldn't blame him if he didn't believe her at all but stresses how sorry she really is. Softening slightly Jamie starts talking to Amanda asking how her life is going and how she likes living at the boarding house. As Amanda says how she is enjoying it Dixie shows up and Amanda beats a hasty retreat. Dixie warns Jamie that Amanda is bad news. "Yeah thanks to JR", he tells her. She should worry about her own son and leave Amanda alone. Dixie and Jamie talk about he and JR's relationship. Jamie thinks that JR is trying to make him give up Babe and that Dixie is helping him. Dixie says that she doesn't want him to give up anything. "Family is about compromise," she tells him. Dixie tells him how sorry she is for all that JR has done to Jamie. Changing the subject she tells Jamie what a good job he did on the brakes of her car. Jamie angrily replies that , "Thanks to JR that is what I do now fix cars." Dixie tells Jamie how she feels like she hasn't done right by him since she came back and how she never stopped loving him. As they go their separate ways Dixie promises to keep working on JR.

JR finds Babe at the garage and tells her to stay away from Dixie or she won't see her son at all. "That's IT!" she exclaims. She tells JR how sick she is of his threats and attitude. The conversation quickly disintegrates into a "my mother is better than your mother" argument. Babe loses all patience with JR's attitude and storms past him shoving him out of the way. JR falls hitting his head and knocking him out. As he regains consciousness he realizes that Babe has tied him up and gagged him. A furious JR glares at Babe as she informs him that she is sorry she had to tie him up but it was the only way to get him to listen. She tells him he will listen and they are going to settle it all right now. She starts telling him how she knows that she did horrible things. That she lied and told him his son was dead but that she did it all to protect her son, it wasn't about revenge or getting back at JR. She points out how in the end he won anyway, he got little Adam, so why is he so hard on Jamie. JR looks like he is trying to answer so Babe removes the gag. "Do you know what I am going to do to you?" he growls. Babe kisses him to shut him up. "You little skank", he says to her as he spits. "What's the matter Jamie not enough for you?" Babe replies, "Oh, he's more than enough." She asks JR if that is why he hates Jamie because Jamie has something that used to belong to him. JR threatens to go to the judge and tell what Babe did tying him up. Babe again tells him that this is GOING to end. JR tells her that there is no chance for her and Jamie to be happy. Babe asks if there is any chance that JR will ever be happy. Josh walks in asking if this is a bad time. Babe introduces JR as her ex. JR tells Josh to call the police but Josh replies that if Babe thinks that JR should look like a mechanics S & M doll then she is probably right. Babe proceeds to untie JR who leaves promising retribution. Josh says that she can see why Babe divorced JR. He tells her that he is at the shop to drop off the money for the car. Babe is stunned as Josh hands her money and tells her that Jamie sold his prize car to give her a dream wedding. Babe hands Josh his money telling him to take it back, that there won't be a wedding just in time for Jamie to walk in and hear her announcement.

JR finds Dixie and tells her that his thing with Jamie is over.

Kendall walks into Erica's office announcing that she is divorcing Zach so that she can marry JR. "WHAT!" asks a stunned Erica while Kendall continues to explain how as soon as the ink is dry on her quickie divorce papers she and JR are heading to Reno to find a cute little wedding chapel. Kendall says that she now realizes that Erica was right about Zach and exclaims how she loves JR. She asks Erica if she thinks that Bianca will give Chandler Enterprises back to JR after the wedding. A now panicked Erica asks Kendall if she doesn't think that this is going a little fast. Kendall reveals that it is all a joke and tells Erica that she knows that Erica made some sort of a deal with JR to get her away from Zach. Erica and Kendall start arguing about who is worse Kendall for the fake divorce story or Erica for sending JR to seduce Kendall. Erica says that Zach is just awful. Kendall points out that Zach has been very supportive helping her deal with Ryan's death. Jack interrupts the two women saying that he needs to talk to Erica. He goes into the other room to make some calls while Erica and Kendall finish their argument. Kendall says that she knows that Erica sent JR because she loves her but to PLEASE quit meddling in her life. Erica agrees to stop meddling but as soon as Kendall leaves Erica makes a call to JR telling him to get a hold of her so that they can make some plans. Erica then goes in to talk to Jack. Seeing how he looks she asks what is wrong. Jack tells her how he talked to Greenlee and told her that he loved her and how he was happy about the baby. He got to see the sonogram of the baby. Erica says that sounds like good news but still senses that something is wrong and asks Jack to tell her what it is.

Simone and Greenlee get to Ryan and Greenlee's apartment where Greenlee is met by memories of Ryan. Lost in remembering Greenlee tells Simone how she can hear and see Ryan in the apartment. There is so much of him there and she wants the baby to feel that. Simone thinks that being at the apartment is too much for Greenlee to handle but Greenlee wants to stay. She says that she doesn't want to forget and that she has to live her life. Greenlee continues to reminisce through her memories of Ryan. After showing Simone a fake spider that Ryan bought Greenlee wonders if the baby will have his sense of humor. She picks up some shirts off the chair and says how she wishes she hadn't had them washed then they would still smell like Ryan. She leans over and picks up a baseball mitt. She tells Simone how Ryan used to take it with him every time they went to the park. Breaking into tears Greenlee asks, "Who is going to play ball with our child?" Sobbing that she can't handle this, it is too soon, Greenlee runs from the apartment passing Kendall in the hallway. Kendall calls out to Greenlee asking where she is going but Greenlee doesn't stop. Kendall goes into the apartment asking Simone what she was thinking bringing Greenlee to the apartment. Simone tells her that Greenlee insisted that she wanted to go home and Simone went with her so she wouldn't be alone. Kendall and Simone leave to look for Greenlee who they find on a lawn playing Duck, Duck, Goose with a group of kids. Simone tries to go to her but Kendall says wait. They watch as Greenlee plays with the kids. After thanking the kids for the wonderful time Greenlee tells Simone and Kendall that she is fine now. She just had to remember. They all head back to the apartment.

Thursday, August 4, 2005

JR wants to make a mad dash to get out of the impending rain storm, but Dixie refuses to budge until they talk about Jamie. After insisting that he wouldn't change his mind regardless of which way she approached it, Dixie informed her son that she refused to sit back and watch JR kick his brother's life to pieces. Caustically, JR thanks his mother for coming back from the dead, only to not support him. Dixie swears that she isn't taking sides - but that she simply wants to see him give up the vendetta against Jamie. She doesn't believe that any good can come out of destroying his brother's future. JR believes that Jamie got a great head start on his own by teaming up with Babe, kidnapping little Adam and telling JR that his son was dead. Further, JR doesn't think there is anything he could do to either one of them that would come close to being that bad. As the thunder continues to roll, Dixie suddenly grabs her son's hand and asks him to come with her to find a miracle.

A short time later, Dixie and JR arrive at a rustic cabin in the woods, and it is soon revealed to be the place where both Babe and Bianca gave birth to their children. Dixie reminds JR that for all of the bad things that Babe has done, she protected and delivered the most precious thing in his life: their son...and she did it without doctors or any modern day medicine. JR asks if Dixie believes that he owes Babe because of all that she went through to bring Little Adam into the world. Dixie tells him again that it is not about what is owed. She just wants him to remember that Babe was a victim too - she lost her son the night she brought him into the world. She also wants him to remember that Jamie was with him that night, searching for Babe, out of love for his brother. JR is ready to throw it all out the window again because he still feels that their egregious actions toward him warrant no sympathy. Dixie tells him that although he and Jamie gave it a good try, she will never be convinced that they hate each other. JR tells his mother that she can believe what she wants, but the hate between he and his brother is real. Dixie tries to convince him that he has the freedom to do whatever he wants - and that he shouldn't waste that on revenge. She also tells him that by letting go of his vendetta, he'd not only be letting Babe and Jamie have a better life - but he'd also be improving his own.

Having accidentally overheard Babe's confession to Josh that there would be no wedding, Jamie demands to know what's going on. Uncomfortable, Josh makes a quick exit so the young couple can talk it out. Babe admits that she hates the fact that Jamie wants to sell his car for the wedding because it's just another thing he has to give up for her. He asks Babe if she is really willing to give up their wedding for a set of wheels, and without hesitation, she confirms this fact. Jamie can't believe that after everything they went through, in the end it only took a car to break them up. Babe assures him that it's not just the car - it's living the way they do, him working at a job that he hates, living with a ruined reputation, and not being able to get his medical degree, let alone work at the hospital. Jamie tells her that those were all choices that he made because what she gives him in their life together is worth much more. Finally, Babe tells him that she will take Josh's check and spend every last cent on the most beautiful and lavish ceremony and reception he could imagine - on one condition: that as soon as the honeymoon is over, Jamie has to get to a school as fast as he can, in a place where JR can't touch him, and stick it out until he gets his undergrad and medical degree. She will live happily ever after with him - from afar. Jamie tells her that their marriage isn't up for negotiation and that he refuses to let JR win by leaving her. Babe tries to convince him that he wouldn't be leaving - but rather simply going after his dreams. Jamie can't let go of the idea that if they are not physically together, than they are doing things JR's way. He tells her that all he wants is for them to be together, the rest of the things she worries about be damned. Finally, Babe asks if Jamie is staying with her because he loves her - or as a way to stick it to JR. Jamie fervently denies that he is using her in any way, and asks why she can't just accept that she is the only important thing in his life. She in turn asks why he can't accept that if they choose to be apart for as long as it takes him to him to get his degree, they will win in the end. Jamie finally admits that the bigger issue is that he doesn't trust JR not to do anything to her with him not around. Babe insists that she can handle JR, but Jamie always has the memories of what JR did with drugs, tire irons and motorcycles at the forefront of his mind. Babe tells him that JR knows he is killing her by keeping her son away, and that is almost a guarantee that he won't try anything else. Jamie is unwilling to take that chance, and Babe asks whether it's really her that he doesn't trust. Softening, Jamie assures her that his mistrust is directed only at JR. She tells him that as a grown woman who took care of and protected herself before, she can do it again. She then tells him that after not having custody of Little Adam, the thing that hurts her most is seeing Jamie stuck, not studying to be a great doctor who will save lives. Jamie starts to shoot off again about letting JR win, but Babe tells him that when all is said and done, she will be right beside him as he holds his degree. She pleads with him to go along with her plan - if only because they love each other. They kiss passionately as a way to seal the deal.

Some time later, after they have made love in the back seat of the car, Jamie is ready for a second round. Although tempted, Babe tells him that he has more important things to do - like apply to medical school. Jamie dryly asks if they could just play doctor instead, but Babe is very serious about the topic. She believes, just as she did with her mother, that they deserve the best and together they can get it. She tries to get him to promise that he will do as she asks.

Out in the courtyard at Wildwind, Amanda takes it upon herself to have a look around. She finds a crystal glass and deposits it in her bag without a second thought. A split second later, Aidan emerges from the house and startles her. Trying to divert attention from herself, she asks why he's there, and notes that he doesn't live there. Unsuccessful at her attempt, Aidan notes the same thing about her, and since Maria and Maddie moved to California - he asks why she's on the grounds. Smoothly, Amanda tells him that their families were close back in the day and that before Maria left, she told Amanda that she could come by and enjoy the place when she wanted to. Aidan clearly doesn't believe her and starts to badger her with questions. Amanda gets more and more irritated and decides that she's going to leave. Before she can make a move, Aidan asks what's in her bag. Indignant that he would even ask, she tries to avoid the question and his hands. Failing miserably, Aidan gets a hold of the bag, dumps out the contents on the tray and finds the glass. As explanation, Amanda tells him she was planning on sending the glass to Maria and easily follows that with more lies. Aidan remains unconvinced and he whips out his cell phone. She tells him not to call Maria because Maria didn't know about Amanda's surprise, but Aidan informs her that he's actually calling the police. She freaks out, grabs his phone and throws it to the ground, breaking it in half. Aidan then strong arms her and says that she earned a personal escort to a visit with Chief Frye. As they struggle, someone watches through a window from the shadows. A few moments later, Aidan and Amanda return to the patio, with Amanda still struggling to get out of Aidan's grasp. Aidan is still determined to take her down to the station, even in the face of her threats that she could drum up some charges against him. Suddenly, her cell phone starts ringing and she tells Aidan that it's her mom and begs him to let her answer the call. At first he doesn't believe her, but he sees true panic on her face as she tells him that she has a unique ring for her mom's calls. He lets her go and she grabs the phone, immediately apologizing for taking so long to answer. Aidan then gets to hear a one-sided conversation where Amanda tries to convince her mother that while she will always love her, she can't come home just yet. She assures her mother that Trevor is there for her and will keep her safe. She then tries to ascertain whether her mother has been taking her medicine and then moments later, a sense of urgency creeps into her voice. As a puzzled and concerned Aidan continues to listen, Amanda insists that her mother put down the mirror and stop listening to the lies she's hearing. Moments later, the phone call ends, and Aidan asks if she wants to call her back. Amanda tells him that it won't do any good, and then unleashes a fresh batch of anger on him. She tells him that she knows he is thinking she is crazy like her mother, and advises him to take her down to the police station and tell them that information so she'll get out on an insanity plea. Aidan softens his approach to her and tells her that he just wants to be a friend. This only fuels her fury because she thinks he is trying to placate her. This theory is only confirmed when he tries to offer her some money so that she can get by. She rejects his good will, and blows him off, saying that she is perfectly capable of finding her own way. As she storms off with Aidan watching her exit somewhat forlornly, the unknown presence once again takes in the scene from the other side of the glass.

Lily and Zach arrive back at the townhouses, and in the courtyard, Lily laments about Sam being angry with her. Zach apologizes and takes the blame on himself because Sam doesn't like him. Lily notes that she just wants to help the ghost at Wildwind like she helped Ryan's ghost. Uneasy, Zach reconfirms that her sighting of Ryan's ghost would be their secret. Just as Lily repeats that fact back to him, Kendall emerges from her place, shocked at what she hears. She demands to know what Lily meant, but Zach continues to talk over her so that Lily won't have to answer. In her agitated state, she forgets Lily's boundaries, and it isn't until Lily starts to get upset over her loud voice that Kendall tries to calm down. Zach continues to try to get Lily to go into his place but Kendall is furious at being put off. Lily tries to go inside, but Kendall grabs her to try to make her stay. Almost instantaneously, Kendall realizes her error and lets her go. Zach urges Lily to go inside, and prevents Kendall from following her. Kendall says that she has gotten to know Zach pretty well since they exchanged vows, she knows that he's hiding something - and she demands to know what it is. Zach breaks down and tells her most of the truth - that Lily read a book about ghosts and is now obsessed with the idea that troubled spirits still walk they earth. He tells her that Lily saw a shadow at Wildwind and thought it was Edmund, and another at the casino and thought it was Ryan. Calming down at last, Kendall realizes that although these things are very real to Lily, they aren't to anyone else. Zach tells her that he understands why she got so upset, but that she needs to let Ryan go. As Kendall reviews the recent events in her head, Zach notices that Kendall has her bags packed. He asks if she is leaving him. She jokes around for a moment, pulling the same lie about wanting to marry JR that she used on her mother. Zach plays along, and offers to give her a quickie divorce so that she can be with the man she loves. She gives it up and confesses that she had plans to go stay with Greenlee for a few nights so that her friend didn't have to be alone. Zach notes that Greenlee is lucky to have Kendall as a friend. Blowing the compliment off, Kendall starts to take her leave. Zach stops her by telling her that he stands by their agreement: she only has to stay married to him until she doesn't want to be. He offers that if she is truly ready to be done with him, he will indeed give her a divorce this very night. She asks if he is the one who really wants the divorce, but he tells her that business-wise, it's working out well for him. Just then, thunder rolls through again, and Kendall is visibly shaken. Zach asks if she is really afraid of storms, and initially, Kendall says that it's her mother and sister that have trouble dealing with it. Zach asks what it means to her when she hears thunder, and after a moment, she confesses that it reminds her of the night that they almost lost Bianca and Miranda in the storm. Zach offers to let her come in until the storm passes, but Kendall declines. She says that she keeps thinking that she has reached a point where she has forgotten that night, only to have it all roll back in on her when a storm approaches. She then quips that with all of the stuff that she is dealing with in her life, a divorce would be nothing more than an additional nuisance. She then grabs her bag and heads off for Greenlee's place.

Back inside, Zach tells Lily that he straightened everything out with Kendall. Lily is pleased to hear that because she doesn't want anyone else angry with her. Zach promises that Kendall will be fine, and that she will keep the secret. He then asks for more information about the ghost she saw at Wildwind. She tells Zach that she didn't see a face or body, and that Sam didn't believe it could be Edmund's ghost. She understands that but admits that she can't think of who else could be haunting the manor.

Josh shows up at BJs and finds Dani at a table alone, admiring the first product she was allowed to develop at Fusion. He joins her, and asks how she's doing. She does a miserable job at trying to convince him that she is okay. She tells him that she didn't get anything worked out with Reggie, and that she royally screwed everything up at the beach that night. Josh reminds her that he was there too, but she tells him that she misrepresented herself so he really can't be blamed. As they continue to talk, Garret walks in the front door. He sees the duo and his expression darkens. He approaches the table and after asking if he's interrupting, Dani makes introductions. Josh stands and offers his hand to shake, but Garret realizes that Josh is the man from the beach, and fails to return the gesture. Dani tries to assure Garret that everything is okay, but he still requests a private talk with Josh. Dani tries to call off the confrontation, but is interrupted by a phone call from Fusion. She asks them both to remain cool while she takes the call. Once she's gone, Garret feels the need to try to read Josh the riot act. He tells Josh about all that Dani has been through and how she is on shaky ground trying to keep everything together. Josh tries to say that he is aware of what is going on, but Garret refuses to believe that Josh could know the first thing about Dani from one night. Garret tells Josh that with everything going on, the last thing that Dani needs is some random guy trying to take advantage of her. Smartly, Josh notes that while he isn't taking advantage of Dani, it is quite apparent that Garret is. Garret demands that Josh not try to turn the tables and make him out to be the bad guy. He continues to try to intimidate Josh, warning him that if he doesn't stay away from Dani, he will regret it. Undaunted, Josh tries to blow Garret off but Garret is not amused. He confirms the warning as their gazes lock. Just then, Dani comes back and asks if everything is all right. Josh assures her that he was just getting acquainted with Garret. Josh grabs his food, and Garret menacingly notes that he should go before his food gets cold. Ignoring him, Josh turns to Dani and tells her that if she needs anything, all she has to do is call. As he takes his leave, Garret's eyes bore holes in his back. Once the door swings closed, he tells Dani that she should stay away from Josh. Dani is confused as to what he is talking about, and Garret further notes that he had to let Josh know where he stands with regard to Dani. Upset, Dani tells him that he should stand back - because she doesn't need him disrespecting her or her friends. Garret then tells her that from what was exchanged during their confrontation, she can be assured that Josh is not her friend. Dani doesn't believe him at first but when Garret spins a tale about how Josh is nervous about her having two cops for parents, and how he is worried that they will make trouble for him, she slowly changes her mind. Garret tells her that the friend play was only an attempt to save himself. Dani takes the bait and admits that she is failing in every aspect of her life. Garret smiles comfortingly and tells her that they will find the right person for her - together.

Kendall shows up at the New Beginnings offices and calls out to see if anyone is there. After hearing only silence reverberate back to her, she pulls out a small gift box and notes that what is inside will have to be a surprise. Just then, someone puts a hand on her shoulder and startles her. It turns out to be Josh, and he makes fun of her for being so jumpy. They talk for a moment, and then the storm starts to unleash itself on the town. Kendall mentions that she wanted to get home before the rain came down - and then realizes that she doesn't have an umbrella. Smoothly, Josh provides her with one, and snaps it open to show her that it's functional. She thinks it's bad luck to open an umbrella indoors, but when she goes to close it, her skirt gets jammed in one of the mechanisms. Josh initially tries to help but she tells him to stay back, for fear that he will do more harm than good. He does, but soon, when she realizes she is getting nowhere, she changes her mind and asks for his assistance. As he tries to help her, Josh's father comes in and finds them, thinking that the situation is somewhat compromising. He demands to know what is going on.

Zach shows up at Wildwind and looks around the courtyard. Moments after his arrival, lightening flashes and he turns in time to see a person in a dress, silhouetted.

Friday, August 5, 2005

Josh figures out how to unsnag the umbrella from Kendall's skirt, as Greg continues to be suspicious about what is going on and Erica walks through the door. Kendall explains that she had a problem with the umbrella and Greg apologizes for his reaction. Kendall gives her mother the box, but rushes off to be with Greenlee before Erica has a chance to open it. Greg admits to his dad that he told Erica about his secret crush on her before leaving. Erica tells Greg that she thinks it is more than just a crush and Greg tells her that he has not been exactly honest. He tells Erica that he first saw her at a reception during her modeling career and he instantly fell for her. They bumped into each other briefly, where he gave her a small gift, then he went home and thought about her all night, Greg says. He admits that he was engaged when he feel in love with her, but he knew she could not have her, she was only a dream. Erica is flattered by Greg's interest and believes him when he tells her that he is not going to pursue her now that she is married. When Erica asks about Greenlee's situation, Greg admits that something is seriously wrong with her.

Ethan comes to visit Greenlee, who is being cared for my Simone. As Simone pours Ethan a glass of wine, Ethan recants what a honest person Ryan was. Ethan tells the two ladies about the watch his grandfather, Alexander Cambias, gave to Ryan before he died. Ethan said that the watch was supposed to be given to his sons, but one was a rapist and the other one died. The watch was given to Ryan, but Ryan returned it to Ethan and now, it should belong to Greenlee and Ryan's future child. Ethan says that he wants the baby to know what a wonderful man Ryan was. Greenlee takes the watch and thanks Ethan for his kindness. As Ethan opens the door, Kendall comes in, and when Ethan offers to take Simone back home, Simone is not sure. Greenlee encourages Simone to go, who has been at her side since Ryan's death. Simone agrees to leave and promises to come back tomorrow. After she and Ethan leave, Greenlee asks Kendall is she is comfortable with Simone dating Ethan. Kendall tells her she has no hard feelings about it, but Greenlee wonders if that is because she is over her former flame or has fallen for someone new. Kendall says neither one and is surprised when Greenlee asks her if she thinks she will have children. Kendall doubts it, since she has a bad track record in the love department. Greenlee reminds her that she is married, but Kendall reminds her they are married in business, not in love. Greenlee even says that their children can be best friends, just like them. Kendall reminds her that she is against love, but her best friend tells her that she will find it one day. Kendall admits it would be nice to have it, but that is about as far as it will go for her. Greenlee asks Kendall to put a bag of sugar on her belly to get the idea of how it will feel like. Kendall jokes that the best part of her pregnancy is she will get to see her fat, but Greenlee counters that the extra weight will go in just the right places. The two joke about silly names for the baby and stretch marks until Greenlee excuses herself to go the restroom. After a few moments, Greenlee comes back and says that something is wrong.

Simone and Ethan go to a room at the Pine Valley hotel because he feels that they both probably did not want to be alone. Simone tells him he had the right idea because when she is alone, she thinks about the pain Greenlee is feeling. Ethan wishes that he could have done more for Greenlee, but Simone assures him that it was a sweet gesture. Ethan tells Simone that he wants to make her as happy as she makes him, but Simone questions if he is over Kendall. Ethan tells her that he is over Kendall and wants to make love to her. Simone is shocked, but does not refuse Ethan's advances.

Babe and Jamie return back to their home and they continue to talk about their future plans for Jamie's medical school and Babe's dream wedding. Babe tells him that she wants them to have a great life, like his grandparents, and get out of the grease pit they call a home. Jamie says that they have a great life already, but Babe disagrees and says that she is concerned about their future. Babe tells Jamie that she will not let him hold himself back for her or just "settle" for what they have. Jamie admits that he will not leave Babe alone in Pine Valley so JR can bug her and he is scared they will not last if they were physically apart. He realizes that Babe is strong enough to hold her own and would get by without him there to protect her.

Back at the cabin where Babe and Bianca gave birth, Di continues to try to convince JR to let his revenge go, but JR says that Babe and Jamie ripped his life apart. Di says that JR ripped his own life apart before Babe came into her life because her death played a role in his behavior. Her absence left him in the hands of his controlling father, she says. JR tells his mother not to give Babe another chance because she is feeling guilty about her disappearance. Di tells him that he is not just angry at Babe and Jamie, he is upset at her and he has never told her exactly how he felt. Sure, he forgave her, but he isn't even giving that option to her brother and Jamie, Di says. JR is silent as Di begs him to release his anger, but he hugs her and tells her he will not punish her for leaving him because it was an accident. As JR drives Di back to their home, the rain continues to fall heavy and JR's driving becomes a bit hazardous. After Di pressures JR more in the car, he agrees to think about forgiving JR and Babe. Di asks JR to slow down, but he tells her that the brakes are not working at all, even though Jamie fixed them the prior day. JR tells his mother to hold on as the car skids off the road.

As the lightening flashes, Zach peers deeper into the woods to try to identity the shadow that he saw. He yells, "I saw you! You don't belong here," but no one appears. Zach starts looking around the house and outside because he knows that an intruder is there. When Zach walks up the stairs and turns the corner, he is assaulted and comes tumbling down the stairs. A woman comes down the stairs and checks to see if Zach is alive. He wakes up, grabs her hand and comes face to face with Julia. She holds a gun on him and threatens to call the police, but he tells her that he knows who she is. Julia asks Zach why Maria is not there and Zach tells her that she has gone to California. Zach is confused about Julia being there, especially when she is supposed to be in the Witness Protection Program. When Julia asks about Edmund, he realizes that she does not know he is dead and offers to take her to a safe place. Julia refuses to leave with him and wants to stay at Wildwind.

JR interrupts a passionate moment between Jamie and Babe. He accuses Jamie of trying to kill him.



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