One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 1, 2005 on OLTL

Nigel spotted Margaret in Asa's cottage. David agreed to ask Spencer to be his best man. Tess remained on the run with Nash in New York after Nash hid her from Todd. Hayes collapsed after John strangled him. Viki attempted to make a deal with Hayes. Antonio protected Layla from a sleazy producer.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 1, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, August 1, 2005

Nash demands that Tess tells him whom he hid her from at the restaurant. Tess is reluctant to divulge Todd's identity and why he was looking for her. Nash asks her to leave if she cannot tell him. She insists that she will stay and after Nash lets it informs her that he hit him she slips and says Todd's name. Feeling guilty that she hasn't told Nash much about herself and knowing that he wants to know she informs him that Todd wants to take her away from her current life even if it is kicking and screaming. Nash continues to inform her that he also claimed that Todd tried to steal a little old lady's purse. Tess admits it may have been a step too far but thanks him nonetheless and laughs at the fact that they've had their first fight. She then asks if she can stay the night and Nash agrees to sleep on the floor. She offers to split the bed but Nash admits that it would be too easy to cross the line. As Tess heads off to the bathroom to get ready for bed, Nash can't help but smile to himself.

Todd is still being held at the police station and makes his one call to Blair who agrees to come to the city right away to get him. The guard who is watching Todd starts giving him a hard time and informs him that his charges had been upgraded. Todd can't hold his tongue and makes a few snide remarks about the guard and further angers him. When Blair finally shows up the guard has Todd's files and has gone through them. He threatens that Todd may be staying a while there. Before Todd can get himself into any more trouble, Blair pulls him aside. Todd tries to apologize for all that has happened, but Blair doesn't want to hear it. She tells him she is just happy that he is safe and that nothing is going to happen to their family. She also mentions that she though she saw Margaret and went to talk to Asa. Todd tells Blair he does not trust Asa but Blair thinks she can trust him. After their talk the guard returns and tells Todd that the charges had been dropped due to inadequate evidence. Before the two leave the guard snidely remarks that he hates to see a woman like Blair with a rapist. Blair has finally had enough and informs the guard that he's served his time and come out of it a better man than the guard will ever be.

Little do Todd and Blair know that Blair actually did see Margaret. Asa gets off of the phone with is mystery person and Margaret comes walking in the front door with a very bulging and pregnant belly. Asa is not too happy with her for being out on the town and tells her that Blair saw her and how he had to go to drastic measures to cover his tracks. Margaret tells Asa that he cannot boss her around which sends Asa over the edge. Asa decides that Margaret is too much of a liability and decides to send her away. Margaret pleads with Asa to allow her to stay and after her begging he concedes and allows her to stay in order for them to carry out his plan for revenge on Todd and Blair. Margaret is overjoyed with the news and tells Asa how good it will be for "Todd Jr." to grow up with his daddy. After giving Asa a hug (which Asa was not to fond of) she heads back to the cottage Asa is putting her up in.

John demands Hayes to tell him where Natalie is. Hayes refuses unless John will cut a deal with him. John turns him down and refuses any deals. After Hayes baits John, John loses his cool and starts to strangle him. He tells Hayes that if he doesn't tell where Natalie is, he'll kill him. Hayes still holds out on the truth and John continues to choke him until it looks as though John has killed him. Hayes collapses and the other officers walk in and ask what has happened. John tells him he's killed Hayes but Hayes comes to and as they carry him out to the squad car Hayes admits to John that it was a good bluff and mentioning he could have made it into Marcie's book.

Marcie and Rex are still being held at the hospital for treatment and observation. Evangeline comes to visit Marcie and the two talk about how Natalie is still missing and the toll the series of events has taken on John. Marcie feels that John is better, knowing that at least Evangeline is safe, though Evangeline is still remorseful for Natalie still being missing while she is safe. Across the hall in Rex's room a very surprise visitor shows up. Viki couldn't stay at home considering all that has happened and decided to come pay Rex a visit. Though he's happy to see her he scolds her for leaving home with her current condition. Viki tells him that she wanted to come see him and see if he is all right. Rex admits he will not be ok until Natalie is found. The two agree that she is probably still alive no matter where she is. After a heart felt conversation Viki decides to go back home to rest when Michael walks in to check on Rex. Viki gets another scolding for being out of bed and being at the hospital with her condition. He points out that she is currently more vulnerable to disease and the worst place to be is a hospital. He tells her he can avoid Dr. Miller catching her if she leaves right away. After Viki leaves Rex gets up and goes across the hall to Marcie and the two comfort each other.

When Viki returns home John surprises her when he shows up at her door. He came by to give her a quick report on all that is going on. He admits that he nearly killed Hayes and how he feels like he is just like him for wanting to do it. Viki tells him that he is nothing like Hayes. John admits though that Hayes refuses to give any information on Natalie's whereabouts. John tries his best to comfort Viki after giving her the news and informs her that he thinks she is still alive wherever she is and he will do whatever it takes to find her.

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

A recovering Marcie shows up at the station and runs into Hugh. He apologizes to her for what happened with the kidnapping, and she assures him he holds no fault. Michael comes upon their conversation and jealously reminds Hugh that he is there for Marcie to lean on. Marcie makes it clear that Hugh has been nothing but a perfect gentleman to her. When Hugh assures Michael that he's not trying to come between he and Marcie, Marcie hastily interrupts to point out that she and Dr. McBain are no longer a couple. Michael is obviously jealous, and Hugh excuses himself to attend to Hayes.

Viki pays a visit to Hayes' jail cell. She warns him that she's a woman of great influence, which she can use to make his life in prison a living hell. Hayes asks her if she wants to make a deal with him. Viki says that one way or another he is going to tell her where her daughter is. Hayes taunts Viki by telling her that the last time he saw Natalie, she was cold and sobbing. Viki maintains her resolve, refusing to crack. She asks Hayes who abused him as a little boy, which gets an angry reaction from him. Slowly but surely, Viki continues to pick at Hayes, until Hugh interrupts. The ADA tells her not to listen to Hayes and that no deal will be allowed to be struck. Hayes becomes upset and appeals to Viki, who says that she will make a deal with him.

Adriana shows up at Rex's apartment to find him shirtless and sore. She presents him with a bouquet of flowers, then proceeds to massage his neck. He lets her in on what the killer tried to do to him and Marcie. The two of them nearly kiss, but Adriana pulls away and takes off. Roxy shows up to check on her newly returned son, and immediately starts pushing the idea of Rex and Adriana as a couple. Rex tells her there is nothing but friendship between them as he stares longingly at a picture of Jen. However, he can't stop flashing back to the kiss that almost happened.

Meanwhile, a flustered Adriana happens upon Duke in the park, where he's just been on a run with Kelly. Adriana throws herself on her boyfriend with a passionate kiss, then begs him to spend the day with her. Duke must put her off for work, but promises that they will have dinner that night. Adriana takes a seat on a park bench and begins flashing back to the kiss that nearly happened. When Ginger comes over on a break from watching Starr and Jack, Adriana instantly suggests that she and Rex would make a good couple. Ginger thinks that Adriana is simply trying to keep her away from Duke. "Not quite," says Adriana reflectively.

Asa, Kevin, and Nigel are together in the Buchanan mansion; Asa threatens to get the truth about Natalie out of Hayes. Nigel says that Bo will handle the situation, and Asa says that the only thing Bo is interested in is seeing his old man behind bars. Kevin says that that might not be the case if Asa would stop committing felonies! Nigel mentions that he thinks there is an intruder on the premises, and Asa immediately comes up with a story about his friend Hank Winthrop. He says that Hank is staying in the guest house because his wife kicked him out. Meanwhile, the real "guest," Margaret, sneaks into the foyer and steals Kevin's car keys. She takes off to St. James, where the new reverend is meeting with Todd and Blair. Margaret talks to her unborn child, telling him that they are very close to Daddy "and that horrible Blair." Blair and Todd are very smitten with one another as they plan their fifth wedding with the new reverend. Once they take off to pick up Starr and Jack at the park, Margaret holds her own meeting with the reverend, telling him that she wants to plan a christening for her son at St. James. She has a daydream about the ceremony, in which she and Todd are joined by Todd's supportive family, who all mourn Blair's unfortunate passing.

Back at the Buchanan mansion, Kevin searches futilely for his keys, but is interrupted by Kelly. The two of them immediately begin to kiss and soon find themselves headed upstairs to Kevin's bedroom ...

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Viki wants to make a deal with Hayes so that she can learn Natalie's whereabouts; she manages to convince Nora and Bo to go along with it. Nora is able to persuade Hayes to accept the deal and a cushy, low security hospital if he pleads insanity, so she thinks, but then he loses it. He can go where he wants to in his head, and he still knows where Natalie is, he taunts them. Bo leads him away and comforts a distraught Viki. She should have known better, she cries. Nora displays her unhappiness to Hugh.

Spencer comes across Blair in the park and admits to what she's heard from Dorian; that he looks at her with more than mild interest because she's so beautiful. Blair is uncomfortable as he attempts to smooth things over by stating that Dorian read too much into it and that he knows she belongs with Todd. Blair receives a call from Asa, looking for Todd. When she asks about Margaret, he fakes a bad connection. She mentions the fact that David once sold her son, to Spencer, but will give him the details another time. Ginger is with the kids and convinces Starr to talk to the "hot kid" nearby.

Dorian traps David and tells him she's waiting for him to ask Spencer to be in their wedding. He wants her to stop trying to control yet another situation and was only kidding when he agreed previously. Spencer is dangerous and he doesn't want him near. They argue but he gives in and calls his brother who agrees to stop by. When he does, his first question is about David's selling Jack but Dorian interrupts them. Spencer agrees to be best man and while Dorian is consumed with wedding problems, he sneers that he knows things that Dorian doesn't but he'll keep David's secrets; he has some too which could ruin their lives. Dorian is frantic over a dress and caterer crisis and David suggests they postpone the wedding. She agrees but figures her fiancÚ is up to something. Spencer accuses David of being paranoid. David wants to know what his brother is hiding.

At the church, Margaret spots Todd and makes plans to do away with his other family. Todd locates Jack's toy frog and runs into the priest who expresses his pleasure in Todd's getting married in the church. Asa shows up and distracts Todd when he sees Margaret. When Todd goes to get him a glass of water, he orders her to leave. She has an attitude and the two have it out, exchanging threats. He has his plans, she has hers, which now include Todd. When Todd returns with the water, he suggests that Asa's story on Margaret's whereabouts is false. Asa cooks up another story when he demands the truth but he gives the older man 48 hours to kill Margaret before he goes to Bo with kidnapping charges. Blair arrives after Asa departs and wants to know why he was looking for them. Todd tells her Margaret is dead but quickly admits he only said it to make her feel better. He fills her in on what he told Asa; she just doesn't want him to do something that will leave their children fatherless.

An astonished Nigel encounters Margaret at the house and is disbelieving when she insists she's Asa's houseguest. She further gushes that they work together and he's allowed her to stay there. Nigel is quite sure she's lying and when he turns to place a call to the police station, she picks up a nearby object to clunk him over the head. Just in time, Asa returns home and stops her. Yes, she's his guest, he admits to Nigel. When the butler leaves the room, the odd duo bare their claws and threaten each other again.

Starr is deliriously happy that the nice boy speaks to her and gushes on about him possibly asking her out. Blair establishes that Todd has something on his mind and she will be the one to talk to about that.

Thursday, August 4, 2005

Rex goes to the police station to try to get the files on Hayes when John catches him and tells him to put them back. Rex figures it's not a big deal and tells John it's just him, but John is not on the same page as Rex. He informs Rex that since he's not on the force he's not privileged to those files. Rex is very upset by that and tells John it's his fault Natalie's missing anyways because all she wanted was some of his attention and now she's paying the price for it. John loses his cool with him and n the middle of attacking him Bo and Matthew walk in. The two back off of each other and Bo asks Matthew to go talk to another officer while he straightens things out between Rex and John. John fills Bo in on the situation and though Bo tries to sincerely tell him that he can't be intervening on the investigation Rex gets angry and points out that without him they never would have figured out the Colson case. He tells Bo that he figured that out on his own and he'll find Natalie on his own and leaves.

After Rex leaves Bo asks John how he's doing even though Bo knows it's not going very well for him. He figures John hasn't slept in days and clues him in on what he does to get himself calmed down. He calls Matthew and plays Alien Attack until he's got his head cleared. A John point out he has no son and Bo says he needs to take the night off and try to do something normal, go watch a game, catch a few drinks or something. After realizing that Bo will not take no for an answer he leaves the station.

Antonio is waiting bar at Capricorn when he gets a call from someone from New York. The connection is bad and he's only able to get a number and that it is for Layla. He gives her the message and when Layla calls him back she finds out it is a famous Broadway producer and he's on his way through town and is going to meet with her. R.J. and Lindsay are also enjoying the night at Capricorn and R.J. overhears Layla point out that Antonio should change the name of the place to Antonio's. He asks another waitress who Layla is and is informed that she's also Evangeline's sister. After learning that tidbit he heads to talk to Layla when Evangeline walks up and clues Layla in on who she's talking to. After being verbally emasculated by the Williamson sisters he heads back to Lindsay. However he still doesn't get to have a quiet evening with her. He tells her he has to head out and promises to be back in a half hour. Reluctantly Lindsay concedes and agrees to wait for him. While waiting she can't help but notice the sparks between Layla and Antonio.

When Curtis, the producer shows up he points out Layla's beauty and she fills him in on her past work including her walk on parts in Desperate Housewives and Lost to name a few as well as her admiration for musicals. Curtis however is more preoccupied with her looks. She tells him that she can come to New York for an audition as soon as he gets back into town. He informs her that she could do an audition for him right away if there was somewhere private that they could go. This immediately throws up red flags for her and she informs him that she's not that kind of actress when Antonio steps in and informs the producer that he's her agent and any auditions she can do for Curtis, Antonio will be present for. Curtis is definitely not pleased with this turn of events and after Layla tells him she doesn't need to waste her time with a sleaze ball he warns her that she'll be spending the rest of her days as a waitress because of her attitude. Undaunted by his words, Layla thanks Antonio and gets very comfortable with him. Lindsay sees it and catches it on her camera phone.

Duke, Ginger, and Adriana decide to go out to find Rex and give Ginger the chance to talk to him a little. Before arriving to meet Ginger and Duke Adriana can't help but think about her recent close encounter with Rex. She shoves the thought out of her head and goes in to meet the two. After commenting on her very attention grabbing dress, the three head out. When they initially arrive at Ultra Violet Rex is nowhere to be found; however he does show up eventually and taps Adriana on the shoulder in the middle of a kiss with Duke. After greeting each other Ginger arrives with the drinks and Rex is not very happy to see her. Ginger tries to smooth things over with Rex but Rex doesn't seem to care about Ginger too much. After Duke leaves for an unknown reason Rex, Adriana and Ginger sit and talk, but Rex is more interested in talking to Adriana than Ginger and Ginger notices. R.J. arrives and lectures Rex on leaving for days and leaving the place in the hands of bartenders. Rex fills R.J. in on what's happening and he doesn't seem to care. He accuses Rex of working with Antonio and threatens him not to cross him. Rex shrugs off the threats idly and after a near scuffle R.J. leaves. Ginger has no problem pointing out the chemistry between Rex and Adriana when she sees Duke walking back in and right behind Adriana. However Duke is not worried about what Ginger had to say and has something for Adriana. When she opens it she finds a new bra. Duke tells her it's to take the place of the one he had to use while they were in Argentina accompanying the bra is a voucher for a 2 night retreat for the two of them. Duke promises to take Adriana out and spend some time with her without meetings or work.

Tess and Nash return from a day of rollerblading when Nash asks if she wants to catch a move and talk a walk later. Tess seems a bit uncomfortable by this and tells him she has to leave. Nash seems upset by this and asks her where she plans on going. She tells him she'll be going home though she doesn't know where that is yet. Nash has just the answer to that problem and offers her to make the apartment her home. She is reluctant to accept the offer but Nash pleads his case and offers to split the bed and that financially it's the best idea. She accepts and he hands her the key. The two have dinner under on the fire escape and then call it a night in the newly divided bed Tess has devised. Nash seems a bit awkward in the bed with a sheet hanging down the middle of it separating the two. He can't help but reach over to tickle Tess when she gets after him for crossing his side of the bed. He admits he can't control his hands or his lips when Tess pulls the blanket shut in front of him she rolls over with a self satisfied look and Nash lays in the same position still a bit confused as to what just happened.

John decides to spend his night off at Capricorn and takes in a number of double shots of whiskey. Antonio asks about the case and how he's doing. John informs him that Bo wants him to try to have a normal night and then says he doesn't know how he's supposed to have a normal night when Evangeline finishes the sentence with "without Natalie." John says it was her words not his. The two have a small argument about their breakup and Evangeline leaves. John returns to his drinks and asks for another double shot. Antonio expresses his concern for his friend and John brushes it off. He decides to leave but Antonio takes his keys. He says it doesn't matter and as he's leaving he keeps saying he has to find her. Evangeline is trying to sleep when she is woke up by knocking at the door. She figures Layla's lost her key but when she answers the door it's John. She asks why he's there and he tells her that he needs to talk to her, and lets himself in. He says how he had been living at the police station and hiding himself there, until Evangeline came along. He doesn't know how to thank her. She points out that he saved her life. After that he informs her that it was actually she who saved him. The two begin to kiss then.

Friday, August 5, 2005

A drunken John shows up at Evangeline's apartment, seeking comfort. He struggles to articulate his feelings, but can't get the words out. Evangeline leaves the room to make coffee, and John begins talking to one of her stuffed animals; he grows emotional, yelling at the animal and venting his frustrations towards the criminals that he has apprehended in the past. Evangeline comes back and overhears him, then the two of them share a passionate kiss. Van pulls away, and John finally opens up to her for the first time. He says that she doesn't need him like Natalie does, and that being needed is the only thing he's really good at. Van insists that he has it in him to be the man he wants to be, but she also feels that he really wants to be sharing his innermost thoughts with Natalie, not her. John leaves the apartment and sinks to his knees in the corridor, a broken man.

Natalie is finally revealed, hidden in a deep, dark pit. She screams for help, but her plea goes unheard.

Bo has one of his officers trail Rex. The cop discovers Rex making a deal in a back alley. When Balsom makes his way back to the station, Bo orders him to produce the brown bag that he has hidden under his jacket. Inside the bag is a gun. Bo tells Rex that he needs to start acting like an adult and quit barking down McBain's back. Bo tells Rex that he knows how he feels, having lost Jen and now Natalie, but that he must remain rational. Bo takes Rex to the shooting range and is impressed by the young man's diligence. Oddly enough, only the first two shots produce sparks; a puzzled Bo looks on.

In New York City, Tess has agreed to give the roommate thing a try. She and Nash share a bed with a sheet strung along the middle. When Nash can't keep his hands to himself, Tess becomes annoyed. Nash accuses her of being scared of getting to close to him. Tess insists that she isn't scare of anything and that she needs to find a job. She gets out of bed and turns on her computer, but Nash isn't about to let her off the hook so easily. He insists that there is a connection between them, and Tess finally admits to feeling the same way. She approaches him on the bed and says "You got me from the start." They begin to kiss passionately.

At Capricorn, Todd's private eye is about to reveal Jessica's whereabouts when Antonio interrupts them. He demands to know what Manning knows about Jess, but Todd brushes him off. After Todd leaves, Antonio offers to pay the P.I. twice what Todd is paying him in order to attain information about Jessica. He learns that Jessica is indeed in New York and that she doesn't appear to want to be found. Antonio decides to head to the city and offers to transport Layla so that she can attend an audition.

Meanwhile, R.J. and Lindsay enjoy a painting session with Jamie. While R.J. cleans paint off of her bedroom wall, Lindsay bonds with the little girl, nearly calling herself Jamie's mother; she corrects herself at the last minute, referring to herself as "Aunt Lindsay." She is so taken by the little one that she decides to use the ammunition she has collected to help ensure that R.J. retains custody. When he returns to the room, Lindsay presents R.J. with the photo she snapped ... a photo of Antonio and Layla in a very tight embrace.

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