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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 1, 2005 on GL
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Monday, August 1, 2005

Ross arrives at Cassie's to thank her for helping with Dinah. Cassie is confused until he elaborates that Dinah's pregnancy has brought out the good in his daughter. Although he enjoys the new Dinah, he's concerned that she will be caught between Edmund and Cassie when the baby is born and she has to hand it over. He asks Cassie to try to be the one Dinah turns to for support - not Edmund.

At Company, Dinah finds Edmund with surveillance equipment. She correctly guesses his intent when she also sees a key to Jeffrey's room. Edmund doesn't deny his intentions and states that he wants to hear whatever Jeffrey and Cassie plan together. Dinah asks Edmund to drop the charade of her pregnancy and announce that they are now together. She suggests they go somewhere to make love to seal the deal. Edmund feigns interest and tells her she must wait for her reward - the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In order to go undetected in Jeffrey's suite, he asks Dinah to go to the farm and keep Cassie occupied.

At the farm, Dinah arrives just as Cassie has finished wrapping a gift for her. It's a picture of the two of them at the baby shower. Cassie comments how beautiful Dinah is in the photo. It's true, she says, pregnant women really are radiant! Dinah grimaces as she holds the photo. Cassie cuts the meeting short when the phone rings and she sees Jeffrey's number on the ID. She tells Dinah she has to leave to surprise Jeffrey who must have returned early from his trip.

Edmund has arrived at Jeffrey's suite but discovers someone else is already there. He is shocked to discover that there is a woman waiting for Jeffrey who insinuates that she is a paramour of the DA and is anticipating a romantic evening. Edmund is overjoyed to have discovered the woman and learned of her plans. He excuses himself so she can freshen up for her 'date' but stops long enough to call the farm and say nothing when Cassie answers.

Harley has gone to the abandoned office building to search for clues about Phillip. She sees a man crouched in the corner, assumes it is Phillip and tries to leave. Before she can reach the door, a hand reaches out to grab her. In a panic, she turns around to see that it's Mallet who is also there searching for information about Alan's story that Phillip is alive. They bicker back and forth about who is in charge of the investigation until Mallet shows her his new police badge. Frank gave him his old job as a detective in Springfield. Harley is suspicious but says nothing as Mallet tells her to stay out of his way and go back to Gus so they can plan their wedding.

Cassie has let herself into Jeffrey's suite and shouts 'Surprise!' She is mortified when a bathrobe-clad women saunters from the bathroom. The woman, Sonia, mocks the vintage of champagne Cassie is holding and reasserts her claim that she is in the right place looking for the right man. Cassie regains her composure and tells the woman to get out. Jeffrey is her boyfriend and this would have been clarified if she had called before showing up unannounced. Sonia tries to goad Cassie by saying she is used to Jeffrey being away on business; in fact that's how they met. Cassie is not roused by this taunting and responds that her guess would have been that Jeffrey had her arrested for soliciting. Cassie again tells her to get out or she will call security.

Later at the farm, Cassie has convinced herself to not be jealous. She calls Jeffrey and begins to leave a message for him when the lights go out. Edmund is outside with a flashlight closing the panel on the breaker box.

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Reva continues to lure Nate into a trap. But her plan is foiled when Bill stops by for a visit. She eventually gets rid of him and is alone when Nate arrives. He questions Reva's motives for inviting him over. She spins a story about how Jonathan will give him the stolen money if he leaves town for good. But Reva gets caught in her own lie and Nate turns violent.

Meanwhile, Olivia finds herself in the odd position of offering marital advice to Josh. She urges him to put some space between him and Reva. Later, Bill arrives. He and Olivia team up to drill the point home but just when they think they've gotten through to him, Josh sneaks off and heads home.

At the Lewis house, things are looking very bad for Reva. Fortunately Nate collapses, thanks to a drugged cocktail which she concocted. Outside, Josh arrives at the door but thinks twice and walks away instead of knocking, unaware of what's happening inside.

Alone in the farmhouse with Cassie during a blackout he arranged, Edmund continues to play both ends against the middle. He offers Cassie the farm in the divorce settlement. But while he is making inroads with Cassie, Dinah has a run-in with Mallet. It inspires her to rush home and tell Cassie the truth about losing the baby. Threatened, Edmund works to convince Dinah that his plan remains to hurt Cassie. But later, Dinah overhears Cassie thank Edmund for the farm. Dinah realizes she has been betrayed.

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

After drugging his drink, Reva ties up Nate. She holds him captive so he can feel what it's like to be powerless, just like Jonathan. Nate grows worried she might kill him for all he's done to her and Jonathan. But she reveals she's set it up to look like he attacked her. With her plan in motion, she sets off to call the cops.

Meanwhile, Sandy and Tammy are having a romantic morning together when a drinking Jonathan interrupts them. Sandy and Jonathan get into a heated discussion over Tammy. Jonathan nearly reveals that he and Tammy kissed. Later, after Sandy leaves to handle some business, Tammy tries yet again to get through to Jonathan. He cruelly rebuffs her. Tammy smacks him hard across the face, leaving Jonathan shaken. When Sandy returns, he sees Jonathan intends to drive drunk so he takes his car keys from him. As Sandy drives him home, an angry Jonathan grabs the wheel and the car careens out of control.

Upset, when Tammy comes looking for Reva to talk, she spots Nate tied up in her aunt's house. He concocts a story, blaming Jonathan for tying him up and Tammy, fresh from her nasty encounter, begins to believe Nate.

Danny plans a special date with Marina but she can't participate because of an undercover assignment she has been given. They get into a discussion about their relationship and decide it's time to take the next step, unaware that simultaneously, Michelle is getting off a plane in Springfield. She is unsure to whom to turn. Later, she surprises Bill, who is nakedly expecting Olivia.

Thursday, August 4, 2005

Danny leaves a message for Michelle about Robbie's swim meet. Marina plans to move out from under the Cooper roof. Frank doesn't want her to leave.

Bill plans a romantic interlude with Olivia. He removes his pants when "Olivia" comes to the door but is shocked to see Michelle instead. She wants to know what has been going on between Danny and Marina. She reveals to Bill that she's pregnant. Danny arrives unexpectedly. Bill hides a panicked Michelle in the closet. After Danny leaves, Michelle plans to hide out long enough to find out whose baby she's carrying. Bill warns her that she has to tell Danny if he is the father.

Reva calls Joshua and begs him to come home. She's afraid of what she might do to Alfred. Alfred, who is still tied up in Reva's house, manipulates Tammy into setting him free. Reva discovers Alfred has escaped. Alfred and Tammy are nowhere to be found. Joshua berates Reva for not telling him about her crazy plan. He tells her that he won't clean up her messes any more.

Against his better judgment, Jonathan helps Sandy out of the wrecked car. Jonathan promises to break off ties with Tammy and Reva if Sandy helps him leave town. Sandy arrives at Reva's house to tell her Jonathan is gone and is not coming back. Sandy doesn't tell her Jonathan said to say that Reva was right to give Jonathan away. Jonathan checks into a motel using Sandy's name.

Reva realizes to her horror that Alfred left with Tammy. Alfred tells Tammy that Jonathan has rented a boat in order to kill Reva. She says she doesn't believe him. Alfred backs her against a wall and threatens her. Frank overhears Tammy's screams but Alfred quiets her until Frank leaves.

Danny tells Marina that Bill is converting some of the Beacon's rooms into condos which would be just right for her. Marina gets excited about moving to her own place.

Friday, August 5, 2005

Josh and Reva are frantically trying to locate Tammy to no avail. Sandy arrives; he hasn't had any luck either. Reva realizes that Nate has Tammy as bait for Jonathan. Reva and Josh rush to find Cassie to tell her the news while Sandy goes in search of Jonathan. Reva and Josh later find Cassie outside Company with Jeffrey and tell them about Reva's plan to trap Nate and his kidnapping of Tammy. Cassie gets upset not only because Reva's plan put Tammy in danger but also because she thinks Reva's more concerned about Jonathan than Tammy. Jeffrey promises to get the police involved and convinces Cassie to stay at Reva's. Meanwhile, Reva figures out that Nate must be holding Tammy at the docks since his plan must be to drown Jonathan the same way he drowned Marissa. They rush to the docks but Tammy and Nate are nowhere to be found.

Sandy has succeeded in locating Jonathan and tells him that Nate has Tammy. Although shocked at first, Jonathan refuses to help stating that Tammy is Sandy's problem not his. Later, Sandy gets a message to meet Reva and Josh at the docks but they tell him they didn't find Tammy. However, before he leaves, Sandy spots something.

Unbeknownst to all of them, Nate and Tammy are nearby at the docks. Nate has Tammy bound and gagged but removes the gag when she agrees to behave herself. Tammy figures out that Nate's sing her to get Jonathan and tries to run away but Nate grabs her. Tammy tries to tell Nate that Jonathan hates her and won't come, but he doesn't believe it. Later, Tammy kicks Nate and tries to run away again. Nate catches to her quickly and spots her cell phone in her pocket. (that he didn't know she had) Nate then places a call to Jonathan.

Harley and a very sullen Gus are at Company making wedding arrangements. Harley knows he's upset about her missing the appointment with the wedding planner yesterday and apologizes. Remembering her with Mallet, Gus accuses her of ducking out rather than forgetting about the appointment and suggests that they postpone the wedding. Gus thinks they should wait until she's 100% sure of what she wants. Harley assures him that she wants to marry him. Suddenly, Mallet rushes in with news for Harley. Realizing a second too late that Gus is sitting right there, Mallet tells them that Alan has been pressuring him (through threats and bribery) into believing his story about Phillip being alive. Gus gets up to reschedule the wedding planner which gives Harley a little time to grill Mallet about what exactly his news was. He tells her that a janitor at the old warehouse told him that a doctor and nurse had been paying frequent visits and Alan had a key to the office door. Although that's interesting information, Harley points out that it doesn't actually prove Phillip's alive. Suddenly, Gus returns and Harley gets up, telling Gus she's going to ask Lizzie to be one of her bridesmaids. However, alone with Lizzie, Harley asks a totally different question- can she exhume Phillip's body in an effort to stop Alan's ranting about Phillip being alive. Lizzie refuses the request. In the meantime, Gus asks Mallet what he and Harley are up to. Gus accuses Mallet of helping Harley prove the "Phillip is alive" theory. Mallet states that he tried to talk Harley out of pursuing it.

Having excused herself from Company, Harley high tails it to Phillip's burial vault, ready to exhume the body herself. Mallet arrives and after questioning about whether she's doing the right thing, he offers to help her. At the same time, Gus learns from Lizzie exactly what their conversation was about.

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