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Passions Recaps: The week of August 1, 2005 on PS
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Monday, August 1, 2005

Katherine wants to warn the people of Harmony about the imminent tsunami, but Alistair stops her and holds her at gunpoint. He ties her to a chair and snaps that she isn't worried about saving the townspeople's lives; she only cares about saving Martin's life. He goes to his computer and deletes the public warning as the tsunami nears Harmony. Alistair turns on his monitors of town, and when Katherine again tries to convince him to warn everyone, he tells her that the strong will survive. The tsunami nears the town, and Alistair is actually happy.

Whitney tells Miles she'll keep him safe. When the aftershock stops, she cuddles her son. Chad tells her to admit she still loves Miles and regrets giving him up for adoption. Whitney tells him to stop it, and he says okay, he won't push. They start noticing the same noise people all over Harmony are noticing.

Jessica and Spike are in the car during the aftershock, and Jessica thinks that God is punishing her for killing that man. Suddenly the aftershock stops, and Spike says they have to get going. He opens the trunk and says it is time for the man's scuba-diving lesson.

Ethan grabs Theresa before she is crushed by the sign hanging over her. She hugs him tight and says he saved her life, and Ethan has to tell her that he didn't come here for her, but Theresa tells him that times of crisis bring out the truth, and according to her, the truth is that Ethan can't live without her. She tells him to take her to the mansion, and on their way to the house, they come across Jessica and Spike lugging the body in the rug. Theresa says thank God Jessica is okay, and asks what is inside the rug. She tries to look inside, but Spike stops her. He says it is a couple of dead dogs that they offered to dispose of. Theresa tries to lead Ethan back to the mansion, but Ethan wants to try to stop Jessica from being with Spike. Theresa warns him to "play it cool" or he'll lose Jessica forever. She tells Jessica to get rid of Spike before she does something she'll regret, and warns her to go home because it's dangerous. They leave Jessica and Spike on the wharf and walk through the town. All of a sudden they notice the strange behavior of the birds above them and Theresa says it is like a Hitchcock movie. They hear a rumbling noise and the tsunami crashes over them!

After they meet up with Theresa and Ethan, Jessica and Spike dump the body in the harbor and it goes out with the tide-very quickly, as Jessica notices. She looks at the water and sees the body riding on a massive wave heading straight for them. She screams and the wave hits them!

When the aftershock ends, Kay sees the destruction of her father's home and she and Fox go to check it out. They hear someone coming, and Fox thinks it might be looters, but it is just Ivy and Sam, who are searching for Jessica, Noah, and Fancy. They all of a sudden notice a strange noise, and before long, the tsunami hits them too!

Eve is shocked when TC asks her to come back to him, but before she can answer him, the aftershock hits and a lamppost falls on TC as he tries to protect Eve! Eve screams and sobs for help. Thankfully, TC is still alive and aware, and together, they are able to get the lamppost off of him before the tsunami hits.

Luis tells Sheridan he'll protect her. Sheridan asks if he's found Marty, and he has! Sheridan picks up her son, who immediately starts crying. Sheridan asks Luis why he won't stop, and Luis walks out, saying that he'll always love her. Sheridan soon wakes up and discovers that this was a dream. Maureen puts Mark to sleep before asking about Sheridan's dream. Sheridan tells her she was dreaming about her heart's desire, and Maureen asks if it was about a man. Sheridan says yes, and Maureen says you can't trust men, because they'll break your heart every time. They hear a noise, and the water bursts through the window and into the apartment!

In the Blue Note, Liz is still trying to seduce Julian, and she plants a kiss on him, which he pulls away from and yells at her to stop. Liz asks if he doesn't remember that night, and Julian asks what she is talking about. Liz says she will never forget the night he made love to her. Julian doesn't believe her, but Liz says he slept with her and then threw her away like a piece of trash. They hear a rumbling noise, and Liz says that whatever it is, it won't rock his world like she's about to. Water drips from the ceiling, and the wave crashes into the club.

Noah and Fancy take a break from their trek back to town and rest on a secluded beach miles away from Harmony. They hear a strange noise, and Noah notices that the tide is going out very fast. Fancy doesn't notice, and she runs toward the beach to look at the shells. Noah screams for her to stop, but she doesn't listen, and the tsunami washes over them!

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

At the beach, Fancy and Noah marveled at the low tide and Fancy started looking for shells and treasure. Suddenly a tsunami wave swept over them. Noah struggled to stay afloat and find Fancy. He dove undersea and saw her struggling to get loose. He tried to get her foot free and when Fancy was out of air, Noah surfaced for breaths and went back down to blow air into Fancy's lungs. He rose again and breathed more air into Fancy's lungs. She opened her eyes to see large wooden pallets coming at them. He lay over her until they passed, then tried again to get her free. They surfaced, but Noah wasn't breathing. Fancy cried and apologized for him being hurt trying to save her. She pulled him back out onto the beach. He came to and realized that the tide had gone out too rapidly. He told her there'd be another tidal wave and they began to run as the enormous wave ran back to the coast.

At the pier, Spike and Jessica had been watching Butch's body sweep out to sea when suddenly it was returning on the crest of the tsunami. Jessica struggled to cling to a building and Spike swam away to save his own skin. Jessica called after him for help and he wished her good luck. The tide flowed back out again and pulled Jessica with it. She landed on the dock and then saw the next wave.

At Maureen's apartment the water filled the living room. Sheridan came up out of the water with Mark. She called for Maureen, but couldn't see or hear her. Mark called out for his mommy. She found a high spot to put Mark and then went to help Maureen who was floating lifelessly, face down in the water. Sheridan saw that she wasn't breathing and tried to help. She gave her CPR until she started breathing and then took Mark to her. Maureen thanked her and then they heard the roar of the next wave.

Downtown, the water swept in and as Eve clung to a tree, T.C. swam to her and just as they touched hands, the current was too strong and pulled him away. Eve swam after him trying desperately to find him. As she called out, he finally answered. She told him that she thought she'd lost him. They clung to each other gratefully and kissed. They heard the next wave roaring in and they tried to get to higher ground, but the water came over the top of them.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Martin, Pilar and little Ethan made it to the attic where they were safe. Pilar asked him what was happening as he looked out a window. They worried about Theresa, and Martin hoped that she'd made it to the Crane's because that was much higher ground.

Theresa and Ethan came together in the raging water and were pushed toward some trees by the current. Ethan pushed Theresa behind him so that he'd take the brunt of the impact. They landed in the tree branches. Ethan woke up and called for Theresa. He told her not to look down or move a muscle. She saw how high they were and then as she moved, their branch cracked and they fell, screaming.

At the Blue Note, Julian asked if there was a water tank on the roof as water from the tsunami began pouring in. As Julian and Liz bobbed just under the ceiling, she frantically cried saying that she didn't want to die. He told her to calm down because she was making it worse. He told her it must be a tidal wave caused by the earthquake and Liz was incredulous. He told her that if she wanted help she had to shut her mouth. Liz berated him for not really wanting to save her. She bitterly told him that he only wanted her sister. As she got more hysterical, he told her to stop it. Julian broke through a skylight and he pulled Liz up into the air with him. He noticed that the water was receding quickly. Liz was glad that they were alive and Julian said that as soon as he could he had to search for Eve. Liz couldn't believe that he'd leave her there alone to go after her tramp sister. He said he'd go in a New York minute and Liz told him "not if I have anything to say about it." He told her to stop making a fool of herself because he isn't attracted to her romantically, physically or in any other way. She retorted that it wasn't what he said to her twenty years ago. He swore it didn't happen and she was delusional. When the water receded to just a few feet, they jumped back down inside. Liz harped on about how he'd once made love to her and he wasn't leaving there until he'd made love to her again like that night. She kissed him and he pulled away angrily. He demanded to know what was the matter with her. He told her that he didn't want to kiss her any more than he wanted to make love to her. She reiterated that it wasn't like that all those years ago. He swore he'd never made love to her. He said he knew she was a vengeful bitch, but he had no idea that she was insane as well. He started to leave to find Eve and Liz yelled at him to forget about her because she was there for him. He said it was a pathetic attempt to hurt Eve more than she already had. Liz smiled wickedly as she asked, "You mean T.C. dumping her so he could propose to me?" She laughed as she told him that at least T.C. knew which sister deserved him. He said he didn't understand how someone could be so hurtful and mean to her own sister. She spit out, "half-sister thank god!" She said she wouldn't rest until she had suffered as much as Liz had. Julian angrily asked her what else she could take and she venomously replied that with everything Eve had lost, she was still happy because she was waking up beside a man she loved, who loved her back. A wild-eyed Liz swore she would strip her of every glimmer of hope for a happy, loving life and so she wasn't going to rest until she'd destroyed her relationship with Julian. He asked her what kind of woman she was and she replied, "the kind you found attractive and made love to all those years ago." He thrashed in the water screaming that it was all in her mind; it never happened. She swore it did and then they heard the roar of the second wave approaching.

At the Bennett's house, the wave crashed over Sam, Ivy, Kay and Fox. As they were being pulled by the current, Ivy told Kay to take her hand. Debris hit them, pushing Kay under water. Fox and Sam rescued Kay and Ivy. They got to a ladder on the side of a building that took them to the top of a school where a soccer coach had taken his young team of children. The coach hadn't taken a headcount yet so was worried that not everybody was safe. Ivy worried about Fancy and Sam worried about Jess. When the waters receded, Fox decided to go downstairs to check things out, but Sam told them all to secure themselves because another wave was coming.

At the Crane mansion, Katherine struggled as she was tied to a chair. She couldn't understand why Alistair had kept the people of Harmony from getting the tsunami warning. She asked him if he wasn't worried that Julian and Sheridan could die. He sat there calmly smoking a cigar and watching the destruction of Harmony on his monitors. Alistair told her she was really worried about Martin instead. She asked him how he could live with himself for being ,.".." and he finished her question with "monster?" Then he wished someone would come up with a better word to describe him. She said that the word was murderer because he was a cold-blooded murderer. He could only think about the power of the tsunami and how it rivaled his own. As he knelt down and wrapped his hand around her neck, he told her it made him want to make love to her. She screamed to no avail. When he was done raping Katherine, he asked her if it was as good for her as it was for him. She was still tied up and her clothes were half off. He said he wanted a thank you kiss and as he pressed himself on her, she bit him drawing blood. He was angry and she told him to never do it again! He angrily sniped at her that she should expect more of the same now that she was there to do his bidding; especially since they had a deal with her "low born" lover for him to keep silent about Sheridan. She told him that rape wasn't part of the deal and he said it was only rape if she struggled. He angrily told her that he was fed up with her and asked her what she'd thought "doing his bidding" meant when she agreed to move back into the mansion. He reminded her that if she wanted to protect Sheridan, she'd do what he wanted when and where and how he wanted it. He stood there drinking brandy as Katherine apologized. She told him that she understood their bargain, but she didn't want to be "taken" in the library like a caged animal. She had expected him to be respectful. He was shocked. She said she understood their deal and she was a realist; there is a price to be paid for his silence. He asked her if she wasn't going to fight him anymore and she said that even though she didn't like what she had to do, she wouldn't fight him. He wanted to know what brought on the change and she said it was watching all the destruction. She realized that life was short and she had to protect the ones (like Sheridan) that she loved. Then she asked to be untied and treated like a human being. He asked her why he should and she said he should be the man she knew he could be. In a moment of ego, he thought he'd won and untied her telling her to go to his room and that she'd have to do what he wanted. As he untied her legs, Katherine reached over with her newly freed hand and grabbed the heavy crystal ashtray that his cigar rested in, and clonked him on the head with it. He fell to the floor unconscious. She considered killing the "dirty, filthy, bastard," but decided to find Martin and Sheridan instead.

Katherine walked downtown with a flashlight trying to find Sheridan and Martin. The second wave crashed over her. As she worked her way to the surface of the water, a coffin floated by. She climbed up on top of it and floated on the current.

Tabitha and Endora watched the havoc on their witchy flat screen television. Edna woke up and worried about her house. Tabitha told her that it was under the waves. Edna wondered why they weren't underwater at Tabitha's house. Tabitha told her that they had protection and opened the door to the front room to show Edna a shark swimming by the window. When the water went down, Edna decided to go check out her house. Tabitha thought good riddance, but Endora thought they should warn her, but it was too late. Edna swore that she didn't want anything to do with Tabitha's evil house just as the next wave crashed down on top of her. She started to float by and stopped at the window to wave under the water.

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Jessica thrashes in the water after Spike abandons her, and she is grabbed by none other than Simone. Jessica tells her to let her go, but Simone refuses. Jessica pulls away only to be grabbed again by Simone. Simone tries to pull Jessica up, but Jessica's foot is caught and it takes awhile for Simone to pull her up, but finally she succeeds. Jessica collapses on the dock and cries. They hug.

Tabitha watches as Edna struggles to stay afloat outside. Edna shouts for God to send her a sign and he does-literally. A sign that says "you are now leaving Harmony" floats by Edna, and she climbs on it and uses it as a surfboard, surfing through town.

Sam, Ivy, Fox, and Kay take refuge on the roof of a building. After the second wave strikes, they realize that one of the children they were on the roof with is missing. He is in the water, screaming for help. Fox sees him, and Sam and Fox jump in to save him while Ivy prays for their safety. In the water, Fox and Sam swim toward the boy, but it seems as though a propane tank will get there first. Fox says he'll deflect the tank if Sam grabs the boy, and as Sam rescues the kid, Fox blocks the tank and is knocked out by it. Kay screams, thinking he is going to drown, but Fox soon comes to the surface. The boy thanks him for saving his life, and Sam, Fox, and the boy swim back to the building. They are helped back up onto the roof, and Fox plants a kiss on Kay.

Sheridan rushes to save Mark, and when she returns to Maureen, it seems as though Maureen is having a seizure. When it passes, Maureen gasps that she's dying, and begs Sheridan to take Mark and raise him. Sheridan promises that she will. Mark says "Mommy" as his mommy dies. Sheridan murmurs that his mother is going to heaven, and she covers Maureen with a blanket before returning to pick up Mark. She tells him that it will be okay.

Pilar, Martin, and Little Ethan are taking refuge in the attic of their house. Pilar worries about their children and loved ones while Martin silently worries about Katherine. They look out the window and see a strange sight; a woman floating by on a coffin. Martin jumps out the window and swims to the woman, who turns out to be Katherine. They both climb back onto the coffin. Katherine says she's afraid another wave is coming, and they manage to ride the coffin back into the Lopez-Fitzgerald home.

Chad and Whitney, meanwhile, are safe in the studio. Whitney worries about everyone and Chad starts talking about Miles again. Whitney tells him to stop it, but he won't. He says Whitney loves Miles and she wants to be with him. He tries to kiss her, but Whitney stops him and he apologizes. Then he starts talking about how this could be their last night on Earth, and he says that she is the love of his life. They lean in for a kiss and start making out.

Ethan and Theresa wake up in Ethan's old tree house. The second wave is coming, but Ethan says it won't hit them. Theresa passes out, and Ethan finds a lot of blood on her leg. He finds the wound, and is terrified. He thinks she is going to bleed to death. Theresa asks him if she's going to die, and he tries to assure her she will survive. Theresa says this can't happen; they were fated to be together. Ethan tells her again that she is going to live, and Theresa slips out of consciousness. Ethan's makeshift tourniquet isn't working, and Ethan begs her not to leave him.

Liz kisses Julian before the second wave hits. After it hits, Liz says that Julian will make love to her, and she can even prove that he did before. Julian demands to know what the proof is, but she says that he has to make love to her first so she can lord it over Eve. She says he is not going anywhere until he does, and then she threatens to kill him if he doesn't. She kisses him, and Julian pushes her away across the room. She grabs a knife and stabs him in the back!

TC and Eve are in the car, being pounded by water as the second wave washes over them. The water rises in the car as TC tells Eve he has always loved her. Eve says he told her not to marry Julian, but it won't matter anyway, since she is going to jail for crimes that she didn't commit. She says that she never thought it would be her that would cause Whitney pain, and she announces her decision to marry Julian. TC asks her not to. He tells her they belong together.

Fancy and Noah crash through a building window, and when they are able to find a candle, they discover that they are in a place called Nancy's Bottle Shop, where wine baskets are made. Noah pours Fancy a glass of wine, and they feast on caviar from one of the baskets, but Fancy and Noah can't help feeling guilty about having a picnic while everyone else is suffering. However, as they look at the destruction outside, they realize they can't leave. They start talking, and Fancy recalls hearing about Whitney and Chad's doomed relationship. She has to be assured by Noah that they are in no way related, and Noah asks if this means she wants to be in a relationship with him. Fancy tells him to dream on, but Noah says she doesn't know what she's missing. The conversation turns to their lives and families, and Noah tells her this: he used to be a huge overachiever, and then it all fell apart. After Grace left, he was afraid to go home, so he pretended to be going to graduate school because he was afraid to go home and let them down. He tells her that his gambling started in a frat house, and he realized that was how to make the money he needed. He asks about Fancy's family, and she says that even though no one in her family cares about her, he shouldn't feel bad for her because she is living the American dream. They smile.

Thursday, August 4, 2005

At Maureen's apartment, Sheridan told Mark that they'd go find help and then glanced over at Maureen's lifeless body, covered by a blanket. Pieces of the ceiling fell and narrowly missed them. The building was collapsing and when she looked out, Sheridan saw that the street was like a river full of debris. She wondered how they would get out of there. Sheridan told Maureen that she was sorry she had to leave her there. Sheridan and Mark went outside to look for help and a dry place and as she heard people scream, another tsunami wave swept in and knocked them over. Sheridan lost hold of Mark and when she called for him a man brought him to her. He told her that it was higher ground to the East - just follow the church spire.

In the car in the parking garage that Eve and T.C. took refuge in, he told her that he'd never stopped loving her and wanted to know if there was a chance that they could get together again. She told him she had feelings for him, but she didn't understand what he was feeling since he had been the one to hate her and start the divorce. He said he'd been responding in anger and that his feelings were clear now. He still loved her and wanted to know how she felt. As she started to answer, her cell phone rang. Whoever it was couldn't get through and Eve decided that she was needed in the emergency as a doctor.

At the Blue Note, Liz stabbed Julian in the back with an ice pick. As he fell to the ground, Liz told him that she was getting justice from him for ruining her life. She said that Eve was seduced by his money and power and didn't care what happened to her. She waited years for this justice and she wasn't going to miss a moment as she watched him die. Eve and T.C. arrived and found Julian. Eve was desperate to take care of the man she loved and she sent T.C. to find towels. He returned to find Eve fretting over Julian and telling him she loved him. She asked him who stabbed him, but he didn't answer. T.C. helped her take out the ice pick and then they heard Liz hiding in the closet with blood on her hands. Eve asked her if she stabbed Julian and she answered insanely that she had. T.C. pulled her out of the closet calling her sweetheart. Liz told them that Julian attacked her wanting to have sex with her. Eve and Julian called her a liar and T.C. angrily stood up for her asking why her half-sister would lie about something like that. T.C. started to attack Julian and Eve stopped him. Liz wickedly told them that Julian tried to rape her and T.C. shouldn't listen to Eve because she tried to poison her. Eve told him to think logically; if Julian was attacking Liz and she defended herself, Liz would have stabbed him in the chest, not the back.

At Chad's studio, Chad convinced Whitney to kiss him because this could be their last day on earth. They lay down on the sofa getting more passionate. Then they lay wrapped in his sheet, undressed and kissing intimately and telling each other they loved each other. They drank wine after they made love and Whitney got very emotional as he told her how much he loved her. She wondered what they'd done. She said it was wrong; it was evil and they were going to hell for it.

In Ethan's tree house, Ethan told Theresa to hold on. He talked to her, telling her to stay strong for him and their baby. She was still bleeding and unconscious as he willed her to live, stroking her hair and kissing her. He told her that her strength was one of the reasons he loved her. He said that she had to hold on and live to raise Jane. He told her that he needed her too. Rescuers came in a rubber boat and asked if they were okay. The rescuer told Ethan that it was a good thing he had put a tourniquet on her cut leg. He wanted them to keep him informed about her because he was going home to his wife. She woke up as they were taking her into the boat and she wanted Ethan to go with her. He said she'd be well taken care of and he had to go home. She begged him and after he found out that the mansion was okay he decided that he'd stay with her.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Pilar was angry that Katherine had gone out in the storm to get to her husband. Martin reminded her that they didn't know who she was when she was floating by on the coffin and Katherine vowed that she had no idea where she was in all that water. Katherine explained that she'd been swept up by the tsunami and just clung to the coffin in desperation. She decided to go out to look for Sheridan and Pilar softened, telling her that it wasn't safe to go out and asking her to stay. Martin told her she was a wonderful woman and Pilar said that in cases of emergency she had to overlook her personal feelings. She told Katherine that she'd get her some dry clothes. Martin thanked her and she said she hoped she wasn't being foolish. She helped Katherine change and Pilar saw all the bruises from Alistair beating her when he raped her. Pilar asked if Alistair did it and Katherine wouldn't talk about it. Pilar said he was an evil man and hugged Katherine compassionately. Pilar asked her why she stayed with him and Katherine reminded her of Sheridan's secret killing of Rachel and that she had to stay there to protect Sheridan. Pilar wanted to tell Martin, but Katherine told her that if they did, Martin would go after Alistair who would ruin his life. They decided they couldn't tell Martin just as he walked in and wanted to know what he shouldn't be told. They started to make up a story about what they'd said when Sheridan and Mark stumbled in. Everybody marveled at what they'd come through to get there then asked who Mark was and Sheridan had to explain about his mother not making it. They got Mark to bed and then Sheridan asked what Katherine was doing there. She said she'd floated in on the coffin that was sitting in the living room. They wondered who was inside and they didn't see the brass tag saying that it was Rachel Barrett, Betrothed of Alistair Crane.

On the school roof Fox and Kay kissed and were interrupted by a grateful volunteer. She gave them a blanket to dry off and then mentioned something to Kay about her brave husband. After she left, Kay and Fox argued about whether she kissed him or not, and which of them wanted to kiss or liked it. As they argued, he leaned in for another kiss and Kay sank into him as she wrapped her arms around him. She stopped only long enough to take off his shirt and then go back at it. They lay down, kissing more and more passionately. Rescuers came looking for them at Sam's request, since they hadn't been there when he and Ivy got downstairs. They muttered that they'd been watching the water. Sheepishly, they followed the rescuers downstairs.

Friday, August 5, 2005

Whitney is incredibly upset after making love to Chad. She is disgusted that they just committed incest again, and she says they are going to burn in hell for this. Chad doesn't think God would punish them for this, but Whitney says He already has and tells Chad to look at everyone they've hurt-their siblings, their parents, Miles...Miles starts crying, and Whitney gets extremely agitated and begs Chad to make him stop. She says it is their fault Miles has colic, and tells him she can't believe they made the mistake of not using protection again. She tells him she can't go through it again. Chad asks what she means, and Whitney says she is scared they made another mistake. She says she is about to tell him something that concerns all three of them-Whitney, Chad, and Miles. Before she tells him, she makes him swear on Miles's life that he won't tell anyone else, and then she reveals that he is Miles's father!

At the Blue Note, Eve asks Liz to explain how she could have stabbed Julian in the back if he was attacking her, and Liz lies that she was able to dart away from him and then she stabbed him when he still had his back turned. Julian chokes that this is a lie, and Liz asks TC to believe her. She asks what reason could she possibly have for lying about this, and Eve answers that she would lie because she hates Julian and Eve. Liz says that she doesn't hate them; it's them that hate her. She says that she was simply defending herself, but Eve says that's not true. TC says that Eve has a point, and asks why she was hiding. Liz lies that she was trying to get away from Julian and she chose the closet because she couldn't go outside. Julian says that Liz threw herself at him, and not vice-versa. Eve asks why Julian would possibly want to attack Liz. She says it doesn't make any sense, but Liz says it does make sense. She says Eve isn't the only one with a past with Julian. Liz says that she met him in Boston and Julian took advantage of her there.

Jessica thanks Simone for saving her life, but asks why Simone is in Harmony when everyone thought she was in California. Simone admits she only pretended to go to California, but when Jessica presses the matter, Simone refuses to talk about it. She says she is trying to get a handle on her situation and when she is ready to tell Jessica, she will. Simone changes the subject and learns that Jessica was with Spike tonight, and she also learns exactly what Jessica was planning to do for Spike. Simone is furious and outraged. She asks how Spike could sink so low to do that to Jessica. She says Spike loves controlling Jessica and he is sick and twisted. Jessica lies that Spike tried to save her tonight, and says she doesn't know what happened to him. Simone tells Jessica that she hopes Spike is dead. She notices Jessica's weird behavior, and asks if something happened with Spike, but Jessica tells her nothing is wrong. Simone asks if Jessica wants to go check on her family, but Jessica says Spike is her family now. At that moment, Spike jumps down behind them and says he has been looking everywhere for Jessica.

At the mansion, Gwen is worried about the victims...and Rebecca is not. Gwen reveals she is worried about Ethan, and Rebecca says that Ethan and Theresa are probably together since, according to Rebecca, Ethan still loves Theresa. She is convinced that Theresa will use the tsunami to her advantage. Gwen asks how she could do that, and Rebecca admits she doesn't know, but she is absolutely certain Ethan is with Theresa. Gwen says she'll prove he's not by going and finding him, and in the end her mother goes with her. They get in a rowboat and start looking for Ethan, but Rebecca tells her to row to the Lopez-Fitzgerald home, and if Ethan isn't there, than Rebecca will row until they find Ethan. Rebecca says to herself that if Ethan is, in fact, with Theresa, then he's a dead man. She and her daughter row to Pilar's house.

Theresa and Ethan are in a boat on the way to the hospital when Ethan assures Theresa that he'll be with her as she needs him. As they go through the town, Ethan is shocked at the devastation and is surprised to hear there have been no deaths. Soon, they arrive at the hospital and they thank the men who brought them there. They find a nurse, who says Theresa's injuries could be worse and says that Ethan saved her life. She gives Theresa a number (sixty-four) and says she'll be treated when her number is called. Ethan says he has to go home now, but Theresa tearfully begs him to stay with her and eventually he agrees to stay for a while.

Tabitha watches Harmony on her TV. She witnesses the events in Pilar's house, and says that soon, someone will come along to complicate things with Mark. She wonders who is in the coffin, and says "bloody hell" when she sees that it is none other than Rachel. She says this whole affair will have bad consequences, and soon more secrets will be revealed.

Sheridan wonders how they can find out whose coffin is in Pilar's foyer. Katherine tells them she feels a strange connection with whoever is in the coffin, probably because it saved her life. Pilar brings Mark into the room, who is now dry and dressed in some of Little Ethan's clothes, and notes his resemblance to Marty. Katherine asks what Sheridan is going to do with Mark, and Sheridan says she'll honor her promise and keep him. Katherine tells her she needs to talk to the police, and Sheridan says that once everything is normal, she'll call Family Services. When Katherine points out that there may be other family members to take Mark, Sheridan says Maureen wouldn't ask Sheridan to take her son if there were. Katherine tells her gently she doesn't want her to get too attached to the little boy, but Sheridan is adamant about keeping him. Martin tells her that's fine, but she needs to go about it in the right way, and Sheridan says she will. Pilar takes Mark to put him to sleep, and Sheridan returns to the foyer to study the coffin. Martin tries to move the coffin so Little Ethan doesn't see it, but it is heavier than he expected, and the top of it opens a little. Sheridan goes to open it more, and the corpse springs out!

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