One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 8, 2005 on OLTL

Nash and Tess expressed their love for each other. Antonio located Tess and forced Jessica to emerge. Asa informed Todd of Margaret's whereabouts. Margaret stabbed Todd after telling him about their baby. Evangeline provided a clue to Natalie's location after undergoing hypnosis. David did some snooping for Spencer.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 8, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, August 8, 2005

John is unpleasantly waked by Michael, who has come to find out what John's been up to on his night off. He admits he went to check on him when Bo told him that he forced him to take the night off. Michael admits that he's worried about John and how he is taking on the problems of the world and taking everything so seriously. John shuts himself off from him and Michael admits that with all of issues John has that dumping John was Evangeline's best move. John gets angry with him and kicks Michael out as he heads to clean up and freshen himself up from his hangover. When he gets back in his front room Michael has returned and is helping himself to John's cereal. He asks why John is not at the arraignment and John dodges the question. After Michael presses John, he admits that he doesn't want to go because he's afraid he would kill Hayes. He also admits that he had already nearly killed him when he found him. In the confessing mood, he also confesses that he went to Evangeline's the night before. Michael admits that it was a rather pathetic move on John's part. John admits they did not do anything other than talk but he cannot remember exactly all that was said. Michael talks John in to going to the arraignment.

Antonio finds the bistro where Jessica was last seen, but finds no sign of Jessica. Layla, who is still upset over not landing the part she auditioned for, accompanies him. Still frustrated over the day's events she lets her frustrations out on Antonio about his search for "his missing girlfriend." She admits that she thinks Jessica does not want to be found and is only going to hurt him. Antonio loses her cool with her and asks her to drive herself home. She refuses and the waiter who filed the charges against Todd enters the room. He receives nearly no information about Jessica, but after meeting with the waiter he receives a call from the PI working on the case. He has found a hit from a job interview that used Jessica's social security number to run a background check. Layla and Antonio rush off to the fashion designer for whom "Jessica" will be interviewing.

Tess finds herself having a nightmare about Jessica in which she accuses her of being selfish and ruining everything as well as killing her. Antonio and Nash also appear in her dream both on opposing sides. When Tess wakes up she is happy to still be in bed with Nash. After the two get out of bed Tess decides one of them has to get a real job and informs him of her interview with the fashion designer later in the day. Tess calls the designer to confirm the interview and verifies that her legal name is Jessica Buchanan. Nash overhears the tidbit and questions her as to why she is using he dead sister's information for a job. Tess gets angry that he is pushing for information again. He apologizes and admits that he is just happy to have her for her. Jessica realizes that unless she hurries she'll miss her interview, but doesn't seem to care to much because she continues to enjoy the moment with Nash.

Evangeline sits in the courtroom waiting for the arraignment to start when Bo walks in she admits to him that she understands how people hold such animosity for defense lawyers now that she's on the other side. The two talk about Natalie and he reassures her that Natalie will be found alive. Rex walks in right behind Bo followed by Roxy who is clearly distraught. Marcie is the next to arrive and Bo comments on how good it is to see she and Rex are doing well now. Evangeline and Marcie talk about how much Ivan has done to make himself into Hayes Barber. While they are talking, Hayes arrives with his lawyer and Hugh Hughes enters the room as well. Roxy has an outbreak and yells for Hayes to tell where her daughter is, luckily for her and the prosecution the judge has not entered the room yet. Hayes also pulls something right before the judge arrives. While Marcie and Evangeline are talking he looks behind him at the two and winks, just showing that he really is not as mentally incompetent as he is trying to convince the judge he is. Judge Howard Lee enters the courtroom and Hayes' lawyer enters a plea of not guilty by means of insanity for his client. The courtroom erupts in protests and Hughes attempts to offer a plea for the safe return of Natalie but the plea is turned down by the lawyer who insists that Hayes may not even understand exactly what is being said let alone be competent enough to assist in finding Natalie. After Hughes informs the judge of all of the other charges pending Roxy stands up. Rex tries to calm her down and get her to sit back down but the judge allows her to talk. She informs the court that right now her daughter is missing and the only person with knowledge as to her whereabouts is the defendant. She gives the court a background on Natalie and what a good person she is, as well as how much she means to everyone near her. When she finishes Hayes still stands unaffected by the speech. The Judge admits right now his hands are tied and offers his prayers to the family of "the missing girl", Natalie. He orders that Hayes be checked out by the psychiatrist and tested for mental capabilities and that the trial will convene in ten days. As Hayes' lawyer walks him out of the courtroom he passes each person he's hurt with a stoic look on his face until he finds John and mutters to him, "You'll never find her."

After the arraignment Bo informs John that Evangeline has been looking for him. At that point he admits that he went to her house the night before. Shortly after leaving Bo he finds Evangeline who is worried about Natalie. She tells John to find her no matter what he has to do. Marcie finds Hugh and he asks her to go have coffee with him. Michael finds her and is hurt because he thought she needed him but instead she is going with Hughes. As everyone disperses Roxy and Rex decide to go fill Viki in on the outcome of the arraignment since she couldn't' be there.

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Todd sets a timer as he counts down the final two hours to Asa's revelation. Blair is concerned that if Asa hasn't killed Margaret, Todd will take extreme measures and get himself into trouble. Dorian interrupts the couple's conversation, ready to talk wedding plans with Blair. Todd excuses himself after sharing mutual insults with Dorian, and Blair exclaims over Dorian's choices for bride's maid's gowns. Dorian soon steers the conversation towards Spencer Truman, and Blair immediately grows annoyed with her aunt. She tells Dorian that she confronted Spencer about his interest in her, but she lies and tells Dorian that he said he wasn't interested. Dorian insists that it's only natural that he would say that. Blair tries to steer Dorian off the subject, but her aunt continues to pester her and soon brings up Kelly's interest in the doctor. Blair tells Dorian that Kelly isn't as interested as she thinks, and Dorian leaves in a huff to check on her other niece. Blair toys with the timer, allowing Asa more time, but Todd sees through her shenanigans. Blair tells Todd that she's not worried about whether or not Asa has done in Margaret, but about what Todd will do if he hasn't. Todd takes off for the Buchanan mansion, leaving Blair alone to fret.

At the mansion, Asa and Margaret continue to argue about who has the upper hand. Asa hasn't revealed his entire plan to Mags, but the former accountant has deduced that he wants her to destroy Blair. Margaret tells Asa he should just kill Blair himself. Asa scratches his head in puzzlement, wondering how a bright woman like Margaret could possibly think Todd loves her, when it's obvious that Manning wants her dead. Margaret insists that Todd's attitude will change and that they will be one happy family once Todd, Jr., is born. She leaves for the guest house just before Todd shows up, demanding to know what Asa has done about Margaret. "If you want Margaret," Asa bellows mysteriously, "you can have her."

Kelly and Kevin make out in the B.E. office, but she has to excuse herself so that she can break things off with Spencer over lunch. Before she leaves for the Palace, Kevin hands her top-secret documents pertaining to a possible merger between Buchanan Enterprises and a company called Cano. He swears Kelly to secrecy regarding these documents before she takes off for lunch. At the Palace, Spencer taunts David about allowing him to be the best man in his upcoming wedding. When Kelly arrives, Spencer watches her place the brief case behind the bar and ask the bartender, Briana, to guard it closely. Kelly tries to break things off with Spencer, but is interrupted by a phone call from Dorian, who has just stopped by the B.E. offices and received word from Kevin that he is back together with her niece. While Kelly tries to calm Dorian down, Spencer forces David to sneak behind the bar and look into Kelly's brief case. Spencer uses his charm to distract Briana while David snoops. David reports that the brief case contains documents concerning a possible B.E. merger. Dorian shows up to harass Kelly in person, but Kelly storms off ... Spencer gets called to the hospital before Kelly can break things off with him for good.

In New York City, Antonio and Layla show up at the fashion design firm where "Jessica" is scheduled to have an interview. The receptionist will not divulge Jessica's cell phone number to Antonio, so Layla steps in and pretends to be Ms. Buchanan. She gets herself sucked into the interview, which she promptly aces, scoring the job that Tess wants! While she is in the interview, Antonio snoops for Jessica's contact information, but is apprehended by the receptionist before he can procure anything useful. Meanwhile, Tess pulls herself away from a romp in the hay with Nash in order to get to her interview on time. She arrives just after Antonio and Layla depart the building and is disgusted to learn that the job has been given to someone else. Antonio and Layla are outside on the street when Layla realizes she left her bag inside. She goes back upstairs to the office in time to hear Tess yelling at the receptionist that she is Jessica Buchanan and that she is supposed to have an interview. "You're not Jessica Buchanan," says the confused receptionist. "She is." He points to Layla, who finds herself face to face with Antonio's missing fiancée just as Antonio is discovering Jessica's discarded necklace (the one he gave her) outside on the sidewalk.

Nash makes a shady deal with Bruce over the phone, agreeing to do some dirty work in order to turn a profit.

Note: the part of the receptionist who interacts with Antonio, Layla, and Tess is played by Jai Rodriguez, from "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy"

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A frantic Antonio yells at his PI, stating that he needs to get more information on Jessica. Spotting her bracelet in the street, he attempts to locate his girlfriend in the vicinity but has no luck. He returns to the office where Layla is now arguing with Tess. Tess wants to know why Layla pretended to be her in the interview, but when Layla mentions that she's a friend of Antonio's, Tess changes her tune and discloses that she's not really Ms. Buchanan. Hearing that Antonio is close by, she runs away, just missing him as Antonio steps off the elevator. He persuades the receptionist to accept a payment for giving him Jess' resume. Getting her address, he advises Layla that he's doing this on his own. He doesn't have any answers for her questions regarding why Jess left.

Kevin and Kelly talk in bed. They both want more than a sexual relationship though Kelly is sure that something will happen to drive them apart. Kevin wants to show that he loves her and they are hopeful that they won't hurt each other again.

Dorian is on a mission-she needs to talk to someone about Kelly getting back together with Kevin. She ends up at Blair's place but her niece refuses to discuss the couple. Instead, she advises her aunt that she believes she spotted Margaret. She further mentions the deal that she and Todd have with Asa. Dorian can hardly believe that Asa is being their "lookout" for Margaret and is worried over the supposed deal. When she steps over the line and talks about how "good" Todd had it while being Margaret's prisoner, Blair divulges that her husband was raped. Dorian is skeptical of all that Blair has to say which only gets her highly incensed. Todd was not only protecting his family but Dorian's as well. Margaret only wanted a baby but she's sure that the woman is not pregnant. She forces Dorian to swear on Addie's life that she will never repeat what she's learned to anyone, not even David. She regrets mentioning it.

Asa hands Todd a gun and tells him that he can have Margaret now as she's staying in the guesthouse right on his property. The gun will keep him safer. Todd takes off before Asa is able to mention Margaret's pregnancy.

Nash gets good news; his friend has located someone willing to back his winery. Tess returns disappointed that she didn't get the job. Nash tries to cheer her up and when Tess hears about the winery, she's all for heading to California for a vacation. Nash is suspicious but she covers up by mentioning that she's always nervous that she'll lose it all when she's so happy. Nash promises otherwise, gets dressed and leaves for his meeting. On his way out, he lets it spill that he's starting to fall in love with Tess.

Todd walks into the guesthouse as Margaret is up to her old tricks; cutting up pictures of Blair and poking her eyes out with the scissors. He is totally disbelieving when he sees her, but pointing the gun, announces his intent to kill her because she's insane. A thrilled Margaret stands up so that Todd can see that she's expecting his baby. Of course he's not accepting and disputes her claim, indicating that he saw her take the test. She took a second one of course, she informs him, and proceeds to go on about the christening and the godparents. When he reminds her that he already has a family, she is quick to tell him that one will have to be eliminated. Jack will be good to have around but Starr and Blair will have to die. After calling her a crazy bitch, the two begin to struggle over the gun but then have their hands around each other's throats. Falling to the floor, Todd is on the verge of choking a struggling Margaret to death. Suddenly, she is able to grab the scissors that fell earlier and stabs Todd in the stomach. She manages to get to her feet and babbling on, leaves a bleeding to death Todd on the floor! She takes the gun with her as she heads out.

Tess runs after Nash and promises to wait at a nearby bench until his meeting is over. She is falling in love with him too, she lets him know. She also has some very important things to tell him about her past and though he replies that he doesn't need to know, she feels it necessary. Just as Nash heads off, Antonio shows up!

Blair gets to Asa's looking for Todd. He plays dumb but finally tells her that it's all under control and to just go home. She'll never have to worry about seeing Margaret again.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Antonio confronts Tess on the street in New York. She tries to retain control and tries to break up with Antonio and make a quick exit, but Antonio is persistent and will not let Jessica go without a fight. Jessica eventually resurfaces after Antonio tells her he loves her and he knows that she loves him too. When she realizes that she is face-to-face with Antonio, she embraces him and starts to cry. Antonio escorts her into a restaurant where they can have some privacy. She tells him that she was in St. Ann's and does not remember the last few weeks. She also tells him that she left because she was worried for his safety as well as the safety of her other loved ones. She then tells him that Tess threatened to hurt Antonio if he found out about her. Antonio is confused as to who Tess is and Jessica admits that she is her alter and that she has MPD like her mother.

Meanwhile Nash is meeting with his possible backer for the winery he wants to establish. The meeting seems to be going well, Nash impresses him with his knowledge of the wine industry. The man even seems so impressed that he offers to introduce Nash to his sister. Nash has to decline though because he is spoken for. After the meeting, Nash revels in the possibility that his dream may come true. He calls her and leaves her a message telling her how great she's been for him.

Back in Llanview Marcie pays Ivan (Hayes) a visit. She has dug up some information on his history including the scoop that Potter's grandfather used to lock him in the cellar when he was angry with him. She uses the information to try to get Hayes to give up Natalie's location. He resists though and tries to come off as though he's still cool and calm. He brings up Marcie's past but she retorts with how well she's turned out and that instead of being a killer she surrounds herself with her loved ones. Hayes uses this as a chance to pounce he tries to make her feel guilty for writing the book that spurred all of the murders. At this point Rex steps in and defends her. The two continue to double-team him in an attempt to get the information they need. Hayes stands firm in his resistance but when the two leave he is clearly shaken by what was said.

Upstairs Evangeline approaches Bo with her idea to be hypnotized to see if she can remember anything from the time that she was in the car and barely conscious. Bo pitches the idea to John who is reluctant to allow the hypnosis. He agrees to try to get information on Natalie from Ivan before allowing anything of the sort to take place. When he goes down to the holding cell he finds Ivan whimpering and begging for his grandfather to let him out. Unfortunately Rex and Marcie rehashed too many unpleasant memories and now he's possibly crazy for real. This leaves John with no choice but to allow Evangeline to have herself hypnotized. By the time he makes it back upstairs she's already called Dr. Jamison and Dr. Thomas Fox, an expert in the field of hypnosis, is on his way over. When he arrives he takes Evangeline back to the night of her abduction right before she was taken. She remembers standing backstage listening to Nora's "beautiful introduction." She remembers that she is trying to clear her head of John and all of the heartache she was feeling from the breakup, when she is grabbed from behind. She admits that initially she though it was John but quickly realized it was not when she smelled the cloth with the chloroform on it. The doctor has her close her eyes to sharpen her memory. She then remembers being in the car and feeling as she did when she was little and fell asleep in the car, but she knows that she is not safe. She tries to get her bearings she sees the driver but does not recognize him due to the ski mask he is wearing. She then hears a song on the radio that John really likes. She admits that she can't stop thinking about John even though she is clearly in danger. After the doctor guiders her a bit she remembers forcing herself to focus and telling herself that John is not going to rescue her. He was only at the Palace for Natalie. She then remembers noticing a map with, but that there was something different about it. At this point though she begins screaming and breaking down. John asks the doctor to bring her out of the hypnosis.

After her meeting with Potter, Marcie makes her way to the Palace where she runs into Hughes. She thanks him for coffee and tells him about the dirt she dug up on Ivan's history. Though it's not an excuse for the murders and suffering he's caused, Marcie admits that it is actually a comfort to her. She now knows that she did not cause Ivan to become the unstable man that eventually murdered her friends. She realizes that he was damaged long before he even met her. She then realizes that Hughes has a date at the restaurant, although she is busily talking on her phone. She admits how this date is just like the one from Ultra Violet. Hughes agrees and admits that he usually doesn't have second dates. The date gets off of the phone and bids Hughes adieu. He offers Marcie the drink that the girl left untouched but Marcie reminds him of the night they met, he jokes and insists that it's ok because he's wearing old shoes. After a short laugh she admits that she's afraid that her and Rex's visit with Hughes may not have been as constructive as they hoped. Rex walks in and confirms her thought.

Natalie is still stuck in the cold wet pit (or whatever exactly she is in) and recalls her memories of John; beginning with their original encounters and her angry he used to make her. She wishes she could get angry enough to get herself out of where she is. She then reminisces about the good times they shared. She thinks aloud that maybe that's all she gets and that maybe she should just let go.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Nora informs Bo that Hayes' lawyer is furious about Marcie and Rex visiting his client in his jail cell and tormenting him. Bo is annoyed that Rex won't stop interfering, but he still takes his side and lays into Hayes' lawyer. Nora comes back a little while later, informing Bo that Collins isn't going to let this thing drop. Bo keeps his cool and tells Nora that they don't have to let the situation become a problem for Marcie and Rex; he wants to know if she is on his side. Nora says that it's problematic, because she is trying to build an entire case around the fact that Hayes knew exactly what he was doing with the murders and kidnappings. If Marcie and Rex have caused him to go crazy, then they have irreparably damaged her case. Bo continues to remain calm, convinced that Hayes is faking. As Nora storms out of his office, she nearly loses her balance as her vision falters yet again.

Meanwhile, in the Task Force room, John watches as Dr. Fox continues to hypnotize Evangeline. Slowly but steadily, Dr. Fox draws crucial information out of Evangeline. It seems that she did get a good glimpse of the map that was tucked into the back of the driver's seat as she was being transported to the basement. The map showed a big X on the right side of Llantano Mountain, and written next to the X were the words "This is where whoever McBain chooses dies." Evangeline grows terrified as she enters the basement in her hypnotic state. Dr. Fox brings her out of the trance, and John is grateful for the information his ex was able to provide. He gathers a task force and prepares them to search every inch of Llantano Mountain. As he is about to take off to rescue Natalie, Evangeline approaches him. John thanks her once again, and she gives him her blessing to bring Natalie home.

Rex continues to make a nuisance of himself at the station, causing Bo to grow increasingly annoyed. Rex recognizes Dr. Fox from television and demands to know what he is trying to accomplish with Evangeline. Bo won't divulge any details, and Rex leaves his office in a huff. As he mills about the station, he overhears a desk sergeant refer to someone coming out of a coma. "So, Nick Messina's back in the land of the living?" Rex asks, and the sergeant confirms his suspicions. Rex gets a gleam in his eye.

Meanwhile, deep in the dark pit, Natalie continues to lose strength. She finds an old rod of some sort in one of the puddles and uses it to write a farewell message in the dirt wall of the pit. She carves the names Mom, Roxy, Rex, Jess, and largest of all, John, followed by the word "Good-bye." Téarfully, she begins to lose consciousness.

Losing blood and strength at a rapid rate, Todd crawls around the floor of Asa's guest house, trying to get to his cell phone. He finally climbs up onto a chair and opens his phone, but his hands are slippery with blood. He tries to dial for help, but the phone flies out of his hand, too far for him to retrieve in his weakened state. As he flashes back to Margaret threatening Blair and Starr's lives, Todd begins to scream in frustration. Finally, he collapses, his hands leaving trails of blood on the pillow that has been sewn for Todd, Jr. Asa wonders into the guest house, finds all of the blood, and foolishly believes that Margaret and Todd have both been done in. The old man smirks, pleased with these results.

Jessica fills Antonio in on the existence of Tess. Shocked to realize that his lover has the same disorder her mother had, Antonio drives Jessica back to Llanview. She can't stop talking about the fact that Tess wants to hurt him and everybody else that she loves as well. Antonio is having a hard time understanding why Tess would want to destroy him, but his mind is primarily focused on making love to Jessica. Confused and shaken, Jessica is unable to agree to this. Antonio is hurt and demands to know why she can't make love to him. Jessica tries explaining that Tess could hurt him in this way, but Antonio cannot comprehend what she is getting at. Reluctantly, Jessica informs him that Tess has slept with many men ... Antonio is stunned.

Back in New York, a lovestruck Nash buys a bracelet for Tess. He is confused when she doesn't show up to meet him, but he waits around as it starts to rain. Finally, he realizes that Tess isn't coming and walks out into the wet street. Hurt by what he perceives as Tess's rejection, Nash makes a crack about the con artist getting conned. "I should have seen that one coming," he mumbles, heartbroken. He leaves the bracelet outside the restaurant and walks off into the city.

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