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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 8, 2005 on GL
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Monday, August 8, 2005

Ross is at Company trying to convince Dinah to agree to a vacation with him after the baby is born. Dinah is moved by her father's offer, but declines saying she will stay in Springfield in case Edmund needs her. Ross is disturbed to hear that Dinah has not given up on Cassie's husband and asks her if she believes Edmund feels the same about her. Dinah evades the question and responds that she believes in the life she and Edmund will share when he is over Cassie.

Cassie is at Reva's house waiting for news about Tammy when Edmund arrives after hearing that Tammy has been abducted. He offers her support but Cassie refuses saying he is only too happy to take advantage of the situation in an attempt to get close to her. Edmund is affronted and reminds Cassie that he is divorcing her - not the children. Cassie relents and agrees to let him sit with her while she waits for news. Outside, Dinah peers in as Edmund embraces Cassie. The moment is lost when Dinah rings the bell and is greeted by a furious Edmund and Cassie who is relieved to see Dinah. At least she knows her baby is safe. Inside, Dinah lets out a moan, grabs her stomach and announces she thinks she is going into labor. Edmund sends her a scathing look.

Alfred has taken Tammy to a boathouse in the middle of the lake in an attempt to lure Jonathan there to rescue her. After telling Sandy he is not interested in Tammy and won't help her he caves in when Alfred calls and threatens to drown Tammy unless he shows up with the money stolen from Lewis Construction. Jonathan arrives at the docks and swims to the boathouse despite his fear of water. Once there, he frees Tammy and gives Alfred the information about the money but is disappointed when he discovers Alfred's plan. Tammy is free to go, but Jonathan isn't going anywhere.

Harley and Mallet are trying to break into Phillip's crypt when Harley stops because she feels creepy. Mallet teases Harley about being afraid of the dead. She corrects him and says it isn't the dead that scare her it's the living dead - zombies. Mallet is amused and assures her that if they meet with zombies he will be their target. Zombies eat brains so Harley will be safe. She gives him a dry look but is startled when she thinks she hears something. Mallet leaves to investigate, crowbar in hand and calling 'here zombie, zombie. Fresh brains.' He glances up at a ledge where a gloved hand has pushed a gargoyle over the edge.

Gus arrives as Harley is sprawled atop Mallet who has collapsed after being struck in the forehead by the gargoyle. He asks the two how things are going in the grave robbing business. Harley scrambles off of Mallet to appease Gus who is aware of her plan to open Phillip's casket. Mallet stumbles to his feet and asks Gus if he's responsible for dropping the gargoyle on him. Gus gives him a puzzled look and asks what he's talking about. Rick arrives with a paramedic after receiving a call from Gus. While Mallet is being treated for a possible concussion Gus pleads with Harley to let Phillip - who is dead - rest in peace for the sake of their relationship.

Later, after receiving help from the paramedic, Mallet is approached by a groundskeeper who comments what a busy night it's been in the graveyard. Mallet pretends to understand what the man means and finds out that there was another man who wore his hat low and drove a car with Florida tags.

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

On the speedboat, Nate tells Jonathan that to save Tammy from any more pain, he must leave Springfield with him for good. Jonathan surprises them both when he decides to go with Nate and orders Tammy to leave. He's forced to be deliberately cruel to Tammy in order to get her off the boat. Heartbroken, Tammy gives Jonathan her locket and goes. Meanwhile, Reva and Josh rush to Jonathan's hotel, wanting to enlist his help in getting Tammy away from Nate, unaware that's exactly what he's doing. Later, Tammy returns and Reva hears that Jonathan's decided to leave with Nate. Reva sets off to notify the paramedics that Tammy's been found but later, when Josh goes looking for her, Reva is no where to be found. On the speedboat, Jonathan has resigned to his fate, certain that he doesn't deserve anything better than Nate, unaware the Reva lurks nearby, determined to change his mind. Dinah fakes contractions and Edmund is forced to talk her down from her jealousy and convince Cassie that it was a false alarm. But, Dinah isn't willing to back off completely, now that she has come to doubt that Edmund hates Cassie, as he claims. So Edmund spins another tale, elaborating on a plan to get Dinah the farm and leave Cassie with nothing. Desperate Dinah puts aside her doubts, for now, but gives Edmund a deadline: in two weeks, she's going to fake a miscarriage and he'd better have everything in order. Olivia returns to town and Bill's anxious to tell her about his new roommate, Michelle, before Olivia finds out for herself. But, Olivia's consumed with an epiphany she's had about Nate and the conversation doesn't come up until a shocked Olivia finds a bra behind the couch.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Harley's ready to put the search for Phillip behind her until Mallet arrives with a strong lead. He tells her he's traced a rental car to a town in Florida, the town they used to live in, and has reason to believe his attacker from Phillip's gravesite is there. Unable to let go, she makes up an excuse to Gus and leaves to investigate with Mallet. In Florida, Harley gets a surprise when she comes to the apartment she shared with Mallet and realizes it hasn't changed one iota since she was last there. The memories come flooding back but she puts them aside and sets out to investigate, only to walk right into an entering Gus. Beth hears Alan's being transferred to a mental institution and gets to him before he can be brought away. He shocks her by saying he's not actually crazy but made up the story about Phillip being alive in order to keep himself out of jail. Playing on her insecurities, he tells her he needs her help in protecting her children's legacy from Gus and the Coopers. Beth is blown away when Alan suggests that a marriage between the two of them would secure her children's fate. At that moment Alan is led away, leaving Beth to consider the outrageous proposal. Marina looks at a room to rent, right next door to where Michelle is staying with Bill. Marina finds it too expensive but Danny thinks that means that they should just move in together. Marina's rocked by the offer but begins to warm to the idea, unaware that Michelle continues to think about Danny and about raising her new child with him.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Buzz anxiously wonders where the runaway bride has gone. In Florida, Gus finds Harley at the home she once shared with Mallet. Gus refuses to believe that Phillip is alive and says that Harley should be thinking about their wedding. Harley retorts that he is marrying a cop, not June Cleaver. She begs him to help her finish what she started.

Coop helps Lizzie and Roxie move. Buzz finds them kissing on the porch of Company. Coop balks when Buzz tries to set ground rules. Lizzie tells Buzz that she doesn't mind rules. Buzz tells Coop that he read the stories that Coop wrote. Buzz cautions him not to give up on his dreams. He is concerned that Lizzie will keep him away from his writing. Lizzie overhears. She promises Coop that she'll be good for him.

Beth visits Phillip's grave and ponders whether to accept Alan's marriage proposal. Lillian can't believe that she's considering marrying Phillip's murderer. Beth says the marriage will put her in the powerful position of protecting her children's birthright. Lillian says that Alan is using her. Beth plans to use Alan as well to prevent Gus from taking over the family. Beth is still angry that Gus nearly destroyed Lizzie on the witness stand and convinced her to move out of the house. Lillian says that Lizzie is much stronger now. Lillian pleads with Beth against the marriage but Beth makes a decision. A shadowy figure watches Beth.

Alan arrives at the mental hospital and finds a note in his room saying, "I'll never be far away." Alan asks his shady lawyer to find out about the note and to get him released. Alan wants him to leak to the press that he is going to marry Beth. Mallet calls Alan to ask where to start looking for Phillip. Alan tells him about the note. Alan says that if Mallet helps him find Phillip, he'll help him with anything, including Harley. Mallet tells Gus and Harley about the lead. Gus accuses him of using Phillip to keep Harley away from Gus. Gus leaves and tells her to get Mallet out of her system.

Alan dreams about marrying Beth.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Rick drops in at the Beacon to see Olivia for a house call. He's shocked when, instead of seeing Olivia, he sees Michelle sitting in the bed. When he rushes over to hug her, Michelle stops him by saying that she has a cold and doesn't want him to catch him. Rick tries to shrug off her concern, but Michelle is adamant that he not touch her. Soon, they start talking about Danny. Rick tells Michelle that Danny was looking for her at the Bauer Barbecue and mentioned that he couldn't wait until she got home. Before he leaves, Rick writes Michelle a prescription to make her feel better--call Danny.

Meanwhile, Danny is with Marina at Company talking about Gus and Harley's upcoming wedding. Talk of the wedding leads to talk of their moving in together and Marina wonders if he's freaked out about that. Danny thinks Marina's the one who's scared and gently reassures her that he wants to live with her. At that moment, Danny's cell phone rings--it's Michelle. Thinking that she's still in Africa, Danny tries to convince her to come back home for Robbie's sake since Robbie really misses her. He suggests coming next week for Parent's Day at Robbie's school, but Michelle claims that can't come home yet. This upsets Danny and he almost tells her off but decides to just let it go. Michelle tries to find out what's new with Danny but he doesn't tell her anything. This isn't lost on Marina and when the call ends she's upset that he didn't tell Michelle about them moving in together. Danny assures her that it wasn't intentional. As he's talking to Marina, a woman dressed in a hat and dark glasses looks through the window. Danny is shocked to see the woman, who happens to be Michelle.

Tammy and Cassie are finishing up at the hospital discussing Jonathan's decision to go with Nate. Cassie tries to tell Tammy that the world is better off without Jonathan. Her derogatory comments anger Tammy and she defends Jonathan. Tammy tries to convince Cassie that Jonathan had it rough growing up and he deserves a second chance, but Cassie is unmoved. Sandy then arrives. Cassie notices that Tammy is a little upset when Sandy brings up Jonathan's name and comments that Jonathan came through in the end. Suddenly, Tammy does a complete turnaround and says that it's good for everyone that he's gone. Cassie's a little confused and when Tammy leaves the waiting room, Cassie tells Sandy that Tammy is still in trouble. He promises that he'll take care of her.

Edmund is at Company with a lawyer, Vince Russo, discussing purchasing a baby ASAP. As the meeting is coming to an end, Dinah arrives. Edmund tells Dinah that the lawyer is there to finalize the custody papers (that would cause Cassie to relinquish custody of the child). Dinah's very happy and admits that she had doubts he'd keep his promise. She's very happy that she's going to win--she's getting Cassie's man and the farm. She tries to get Edmund to promise her that they'll win, but Edmund evades the question by stating that he has to go to hurry and get Cassie to sign the papers. Edmund then gets Cassie to come to Company. Cassie is concerned to see a groggy Dinah, but Edmund insists that she's fine, just tired. Edmund informs Cassie that the doctor stated that she had to have bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy. A very tired Dinah informs Cassie that they need to talk about the farm but then she just falls asleep right there. Edmund assures Cassie that Dinah's fine and tells Cassie he'd like to move back into the farm to help with the baby after it's born. After reassuring her that it'll be platonic, he just wants to help, Edmund goes to get a drink. As Cassie is digesting this news, Dinah wakes up and asks if Edmund told her about the farm and custody. Meanwhile, Edmund is at the bar, slipping a drug into a glass of orange juice.

Sandy then takes Tammy home. She's still upset and he tells her that she doesn't have to talk about anything until she's ready. Tammy tells Sandy that Jonathan did the right thing tonight. Sandy agrees and points out that Jonathan listened to reason. With that comment, Tammy realizes that Sandy sent Jonathan to rescue her. Sandy admits that he did ask Jonathan for help. When he states that he wasn't good enough to be her hero, Tammy objects and tells him that he's the guy for her--he's her hero. They then kiss and make love. Afterwards, Sandy notices that Tammy's locket is missing. Having given it to Jonathan, Tammy lies and states that she must have lost it in the water.

Nate and Jonathan are apparently preparing to leave town together by boat. When the boat won't start, Nate gets suspicious since he just checked it yesterday. Checking it out, Nate learns that the spark plugs are missing from the engines and he accuses Jonathan of taking them. Unbeknownst to him, Reva is hiding nearby with the spark plugs in her hands. When Nate begins arguing with Jonathan, Jonathan finally has enough and attacks him. Consumed with rage, he moves to kill Nate, but Reva comes out of hiding to stop him. Reva tries to convince Jonathan that he can't kill Nate because he's better than him, but Jonathan's not listening as he begins trying to choke the life out of him. Finally, Jonathan does stop and turns on Reva by grabbing the spark plugs from her. he then shocks Reva by admitting that he is who he is and stating that he's going with Nate. Nate's pleased by this little turnaround and tells Jonathan that he's at the point of no return, he can't go back and neither can Reva. Looking at Reva, the woman he points out abandoned Jonathan, Nate tells Jonathan that he has to release his anger--he has to kill something. Nate questions whether Jonathan has what it takes. Reva tries to tell Nate, and Jonathan, that Jonathan is a good person, that all he needs is love. Suddenly, Jonathan rushes full speed at Reva.

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