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Kelly and Kevin argued. Spencer promised to find Lindsay a liver for her transplant. Hayes revealed himself to be Ivan and blamed Marcie for his actions. Viki agreed to be Dorian's matron of honor. Hayes taunted John after John arrested him. Asa spoke to Margaret at the mansion after Blair demanded that Asa find her.
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One Life to Live Recaps: Daily Recaps | 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, July 25, 2005

Kelly and Kevin lie in bed trying to figure out what to do next. Kevin admits that he's been thinking about her constantly and wishing for the day when he could touch her again. The two admit how much they've missed each other. After discussing their feelings for each other, Kevin decides he must tell Kelly the truth. He informs her that Blair called him that day and told him he was possibly going to lose Kelly to Spencer. Kelly does not take to the admonition as well. She accuses Kevin of only coming over and wanting her back as a way of staking his claim on her. She feels that the only reason Kevin's been paying attention to her is Spencer's attraction to her. After Kelly tells him what she thinks Kevin accuses Kelly of using it as a way of pushing Kevin away.

Michael catches up with Spencer at the hospital and asks why he has suddenly renewed interest in him. Spencer explains that it's not that he hasn't been ignoring him before but did not want to play favorites. Michael accepts the excuse as the truth and the two are interrupted when Lindsay asks Michael if he knows where her friend is and fills him in on her conditions. She is very worried because she is in desperate need of a liver and her doctors do not think they will find one in time. Spencer steps in and promises Lindsay that they will find a liver they let her go to visit her friend, and he and Michael continue on to observe a neurological surgery. In the middle of the surgery the situation takes a turn for the worst. The patient goes into arrest and the doctor working on him fervently fights to bring the patient back. Doctor Truman steps up and informs the doctor that he should let the patient go with dignity and that the patient signed a DNR. The doctor is reluctant initially, but after he reminds him that even though he may pull through he will never be fully conscious again. He concedes to allow the patient go in peace. After the traumatic surgery Spencer finds Lindsay and informs her that he's found a liver for her friend and that he'll perform the surgery, which is a very good thing as Michael pointed out Spencer had invented a new technique for liver transplants. Michael asks Spencer if he can observe; however Dr. Truman turns down the request because he will be assisting.

Hughes finds Marcie at Roadies after her arguments with Rex and Hayes. He thanks her again for the shoes and notes that he even likes them more than the old ones. In an attempt to cheer her up he invites her to get sick on his shoes any time. Though she cracks a smile she tells him how badly she feels for Rex right now. She tells him about the argument they just had and that hey both said hurtful things that they did not mean, but it's more than that worrying her. She fears Rex may be in a bad position right now considering not only had he just recently lost the love of his life when Jen died, but on top of it all his sister's missing. Hugh tells her to call him and then have lunch with him, which piques Marcie's attention. She can't seem to figure out why Hugh would have ditched a super model to help her. He explains his actions the best he can and informs Marcie that it's just lunch and nothing serious. She accepts; however they two cannot have a peaceful lunch. After asphyxiating Rex, Hayes determined to talk Marcie into signing the release papers for the award. Marcie points out that she really doesn't care about the award. Hayes pushes her and points out that not doing so would allow the men who were so rude to her win. She finally concedes and Hayes escorts her to her apartment to retrieve the papers. Hugh takes a rain check on dinner.

When Hayes and Marcie get to her apartment he points out what a good form of revenge winning the award would be. Marcie informs him that she doesn't really care about revenge and the two get into another argument. Hayes then points out that Marcie never liked him. She never liked the way he dissected frogs and never let him in the Killing Club. Marcie realizes then that Hayes is actually Ivan. He blames her for turning him into what he is because she rejected him. He informs her of the measures he's taken to become Hayes and get where he is today. He tells Marcie to come with him peacefully and she might get to see Natalie alive, but he will not make any guarantees. He only guarantees that if she does not, he will kill others. She decides to go with him and when they arrive Natalie, Rex, and another figure clothed in white are visible.

Bo and John work on finding the identity of Ivan Potter. After the system crashes they finally find that Ivan is actually Hayes Barber. The squad works as hard as possible at finding Hayes. They track down a flight heading to Chicago, which Hayes is supposed to be on. However, after digging further they find that Hayes is not on the plain. Bo decides to have a few cops search Hayes' room at the Palace and John calls Evangeline to see how she is. He also asks if she's seen Hayes. After learning that Hayes had just left with Marcie, John fears that Hayes may have taken Marcie.

Evangeline is also at Roadies waiting for Layla. When she arrives Evangeline gives her a one-way ticket back to LA. Layla is furious that Evangeline wants her to leave. She accuses Evangeline of just wanting her out of the picture. Evangeline adamantly disagrees. She wants Layla out of danger because she fears that the killer could Layla next if she is too close to Evangeline. Layla still refuses to accept the reasoning and Evangeline informs her that she is really losing her cool. Layla agrees to leave only if Evangeline goes with her. She feels that the recent events has taken too much of a toll on her sister and Evangeline has always remained cool and calm even in the most high-pressure situations. Evangeline refuses to leave as well and gets a call from John, who wants to know if Hayes is at Roadies. Evangeline informs him that he just left with Marcie. When she gets off the phone Layla tells Evangeline that she will not let anyone mess with her big sister. She doesn't mean the killer though, she means John.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Adriana stops by Antonio's apartment to ask him if he wants to grab dinner with her. He tells her he has plans to meet Rex at Rodi's, and Adriana asks if she can tag along. While freshening up, she discovers Layla's bra in Antonio's bathroom and promptly puts the heat on her brother to come up with an explanation. He turns the tables on her by mentioning her interest in Rex. Before leaving for Rodi's, Adriana spots a painting done by Cristian before he "died." Antonio shares a fond remembrance of his brother. When Antonio and Adriana show up at Rodi's, they learn from Evangeline that Hayes Barber has been pegged as the Killing Club killer. Adriana also has the opportunity to meet Layla, and the two of them immediately get off on the wrong foot. When Adriana realizes that Layla is joking about carrying Antonio's baby, the two women start over, enjoying a friendly chat. As the two women get to know one another, Antonio begins to wonder why Rex is late for their meeting. As Evangeline and her police escort leave Rodi's, Van notices a red rag on the ground. She struggles to remember where she has seen the rag before, and suddenly recalls that the killer used it to chloroform her before the kidnapping. Adriana comes outside just as the police officer spots Rex's watch on the ground. Realizing that Rex may have been kidnapped, Evangeline orders her police escort to call John McBain.

Meanwhile, Bo and John are racing against time to locate the theater where they believe Hayes may have taken Marcie. As they search, Ron shows up at the station and receives the news of his sister's abduction. He blasts Bo and John for pulling the police protection off of his sister, and Bo reminds him that those orders came from the mayor. John and Bo also question Hugh Hughes, but immediately rule him out as the killer's accomplice.

As the police search for Marcie, Hayes leads her into a theater where he has set up a circle of dummies representing the Killing Club victims. There is one real human being amongst the dummies: Rex! Marcie begs Hayes to turn himself in, but he taunts her by removing Rex's blind fold. As Rex comes to, Marcie knocks Hayes over the head with the arm from one of the dummies. She then unties Rex, but he refuses to leave the theater without searching for Natalie. Hayes comes to and zaps Rex with a tazer, then chases Marcie and threatens to strangle her. Just then, Nick Messina steps out from behind the curtain, and Marcie begs him to help her escape. To her horror, though, she realizes that Nick is Hayes's partner in the murders! Hayes reveals that he tricked Nick into killing Julie, then blackmailed him into assisting with the kidnapping of Natalie and Evangeline. Marcie tries to persuade Nick to help her, but he believes he is in too deep to turn back now. Hayes sends him off to do some more dirty work, and forces Marcie into a chair. He tells her that it's time for her induction into the all new Killing Club.

In New York City, Tess stops by Nash's apartment with a replacement for one of the vases that was broken during the party. He is grateful, but also upset because his latest plan has fallen through. Tess asks him about it, but he is slightly evasive. When she finds a crumpled photo of California wine country, he admits that he was going to make a deposit on some land there, but the deal went sour at the last minute. Tess reminds him that he is a fighter and will certainly find another way to come up with the money. Nash then dismisses her for fifteen minutes so that he can concoct a surprise of his own. When she returns to the apartment, he has prepared several glasses in order to treat Tess to her very first wine tasting. The two friends enjoy the wine and each other's company.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dorian tries on hundreds of wedding shoes, much to David's chagrin; he's bored. When Kelly and Blair show up to help he's desperate to escape the fashion show and none of them can agree on the shoes. Deciding to sample champagne and cake instead, the engaged pair goes off to retrieve the items, which enables Kelly to accuse Blair of meddling. She was only trying to help, Blair swears. Besides, Spencer is too flirty and Kelly still loves Kevin because love doesn't die. Interrupted by the happy couple, the cousins are unable to continue their discussion and the mood changes when Dorian announces that Spencer will be the best man. An angry David is spirited away by Kelly but not before he suggests that if his brother is the best man, then Viki should be the matron of honor. Dorian grudgingly accepts Blair's commitment to Todd but then takes off without telling anyone.

As Viki wills Natalie to be strong, a scared and upset Roxy pays her a visit. The women bond further over their daughter. Roxy receives a suspicious call requesting that she bring Rex's toothbrush to the police station. Dorian stops by and asks an amused Viki to be her matron of honor. Her explanation is that she has too many family members to choose from and because Viki has always believed in her and David. Viki finally consents but gives Dorian the option to change her mind.

John calls Michael to advise him that Marcie is missing and was last seen leaving Rodi's with Hayes. The doctor takes off for the bar to look for clues. Evangeline and Adriana accompany the possible evidence picked up at Rodi's to the police station and confirm that it's Rex's watch along with a chloroformed scarf. They convince John and Bo that Rex is missing and probably taken by the killer. Roxy arrives with the toothbrush and learns the worst; the killer has possibly taken both of her kids. The toothbrush is wanted for DNA. Bo promises that Rex will be fine as John blames himself for not figuring the killer out ahead of time.

Dorian proudly returns home with her news - Viki will be her matron of honor!

Evangeline and Adriana escort Roxy home. She is urged to pray.

Nick races to Rodi's to confront Michael and lures him to the back alley, suggesting that perhaps they can find some evidence of Marcie being there. Once there he pulls out his gun and points it at Michael, explaining that he will have to go with him. Michael can't believe that Nick is Hayes' accomplice even as Nick explains how he became involved. Michael tries to get Nick to give himself up but as he tries to convince him, he slowly reaches John on his cell phone behind his back. John is able to hear enough of the conversation to dispatch a team to Rodi's as Michael id's the spot. Unfortunately, Nick catches on to what he's done and becomes frantic.

Hayes wants Marcie to commit a murder so that she can be a member of his club. He wants Rex killed and Marcie should be happy that he picked someone who she hates. He further explains that she'll die inside when she kills him and that will be like him killing her too. That will give him pleasure. He hands her a knife. Marcie refuses to obey and shouts that Hayes is still the same ugly and sick Ivan from school, that he's not a better person with the physical changes. When she tries to leave for help Hayes declares that if she doesn't kill Rex, then he will have Michael killed. Stalling Hayes, a crying Marcie states that she will have to know that Michael is all right before she does anything. Hayes agrees but as he's about to call Nick, Nick calls instead. As Nick is giving Michael hell for the move that he's made, Hayes hears that the cops are on the way. He is irate, immediately blames Marcie and orders Nick to kill Michael. Nick just falls apart and when the cops burst through Rodi's to the alley, he feels trapped. As Rex begins to awaken and as Hayes screams, they hear a shot over the phone. Marcie becomes hysterical while Hayes is ecstatic.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Marcie sinks to her knees when she hears the shots ring out over the phone while Hayes basks in the glory of his deeds. He informs Marcie that since she could not do as she was told he has to eliminate her. While the two are talking Rex is untying himself. After tying Marcie to a chair he approaches Rex. Rex takes the chance and punches Hayes knocking him unconscious. He tries to untie Marcie but is not fast enough and Hayes comes to and pulls him away. He then ties the two up and attaches a pulley of 300 pounds of sandbags to a rope tied around their necks. He figures he'll kill the two at the same time.

The shot that Marcie, Rex, and Hayes heard on the phone actually hit Nick. Michael works his hardest to revive him when the ambulance arrives. The EMT begins working on him and John grabs him trying to shake an answer out of him. Michael and Bo warn him to stop or he'll kill Nick. Michael asks the EMT to administer ammonium pentathol after doing so Nick informs them that Rex and Marcie are at an abandoned warehouse that he's turned into a theater. Bo calls for back up as John races to the scene.

After picking out shoes and tasting cake and wine with Dorian, Blair takes Starr shopping. When the two finish up Blair mentions possibly getting ice cream but Starr gives her the cold shoulder. Blair tries to start a conversation with he daughter and asks whom honeybear is. Starr is outraged that her mother looked at her IM. Blair tries to explain but Starr continues and admits that honeybear and all of the others who IM her, are instant messaging her to tell her about the parties she has not been invited to. All of her classmates' parents are afraid that someone like Margaret Cochran will kidnap their kids if they go places with Starr. Blair admits she just worries about her daughter and Starr tells her that she wishes she lived somewhere else and had different parents. After a talk about how much her parents love her and reassuring Starr that Margaret will not bother them anymore Starr admits that she doesn't really want different parents and decides to take her mother up on the previous offer for some ice cream. The two then gather up their spoils of the day and head home.

Dorian reminds David that she has asked Viki to be her matron of honor which to her means that David now has to ask Spencer to be his best man. David objects saying that Dorian really does not want Viki to stand next to her at the wedding and that Viki may get all of the attention. Dorian dismisses the subject and tells David that if he's not going to ask Spencer to be his best man then she'll do it for him. David gets a reprieve though because at the time she calls the hospital Spencer is in surgery. After dealing with the entire Spencer ordeal, David decides to have a root beer float. While enjoying the float, Adriana busts in with a very unhappy look. David asks what's wrong and she informs him that Rex's been taken by the killer. After reminding him who Rex Balsom is, David makes her an "industrial size" root beer float and she expresses her concern for Rex and what a good guy he is. Dorian walks in as David gives her a hug to comfort her. She retells the story for Dorian and after admitting how lucky she is to have her family and Duke. She says how unfair it is if something happens to Rex considering he is doing so much to change himself after all he's been through. With prompting from David, Dorian keeps her mouth shut about Duke and Adriana leaves to go to her room. When Adriana's out of the room Dorian can't help but wonder aloud when Adriana and Rex got so close.

Tess and Nash enjoy in some wine that Nash has while Nash discusses his dreams with Tess. Nash asks what her dreams for the future are. Tess avoids the subject by telling him she lives in the moment. Nash presses for more information, and Tess admits she wants to "stay here" not necessarily in his apartment but she wants to be free. Nash takes it that she is trying to get away from her past. As a symbol of her freedom she decides to throw all of her clothes out of the window. After doing so, Nash brings up the fact that she's going to need more clothes, which reminds her to call Rich.

Todd tracks down Rich, Jessica's financial advisor, in hopes that Tess has contacted him for money. Initially Rich is hesitant to divulge information on Jessica, but Todd entices him with a half million dollar stock portfolio he wishes to set up for Jessica. Rich informs Todd that he's waiting for Jessica to contact him since she did not give out any contact information. While the two are talking Rich receives the call from Jessica and is pleased to inform her that he has some money for her. They set it up to meet that night. Little does she know Todd will be there too.

The EMT load Nick into the ambulance and rush him to the hospital as Michael goes with them. As they wheel him into the OR he has something to tell Michael. He's only able to get out "she's dead" when he goes into arrest and they cart him into the OR. Meanwhile, as the nooses around Rex and Marcie's necks tighten the police rush to the warehouse to save them. Considering Marcie is so much shorter than Rex she starts to go unconscious earlier on. Marcie is not doing to well when John finally busts in. He scrambles to find a way to give them some slack in the rope when he finally shoots at the rope and snaps it letting the two down. John then frantically asks Rex where Natalie is.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Antonio comes home to find Layla acting out a scene from "Hamlet." He is tired and therefore unintentionally comes across as unimpressed with her performance. She reminds him that every acting coach she has ever worked with has told her she has presence. They flirt a little bit, and Antonio presents her with the bra that she left in his bathroom. Suddenly, Layla confesses that she left the bra there on purpose and tells Antonio that she wants to start a relationship with him. He is understandably surprised and reminds her that they just met. Layla goes on at length about the connection she feels to him, even telling him that a gypsy fortune teller predicted she was going to meet someone when she arrived in Llanview. Antonio tells Layla that he is flattered but that he is in love with Jessica and plans to marry her some day. Layla bursts into tears, then abruptly pulls herself together. She has been acting, and Antonio is forced to admit that she turned in a stellar performance; he was fooled! Tired and slightly annoyed, Antonio heads to bed.

Rex and Marcie are wheeled into the hospital, where a frantic Michael insists on treating his former girlfriend. Meanwhile, Bo congratulates Rex on a job well done. Rex insists that he's no hero, but Bo tells him that leaving his watch behind was a really smart move. Rex says that he simply asked himself "what would Bo do?" The commissioner is touched. Back in Marcie's cubicle, she and Michael share warm words, confessing how distraught they each were when they believed the other to have been killed. Marcie also tells Bo that Hayes kept looking in the direction of the front of the stage, where there was a stack of crates and a lot of scenery. Bo phones this information into John.

At the theater, John tries to physically force the truth of Natalie's whereabouts out of Hayes. Barber isn't talking, though, and he taunts John, sending him on a futile search around the theater. John takes a call from Bo and investigates the front of the stage as Marcie suggested. He opens one large crate and finds a red wig over a skull. Hayes finds this hilarious, but John is just about to go over the edge. Once again, he physically assaults Hayes (pushing his chair across the stage), but holds back from doing too much damage. Exhausted and running out of options, John orders Hayes to be taken to the station and thrown into a cell. Before leaving the theater in cuffs, Hayes asks John how much Natalie means to him. He offers to tell him where Natalie is in exchange for a favor.

Blair marches into Asa's mansion, demanding to know why he hasn't done anything to locate Margaret. Asa insists that these things take time, but Blair reports that she just saw Margaret riding through town in the back of a taxi. She reminds Asa that the only reason he's not in jail for kidnapping her is because he agreed to help find Margaret. Asa reluctantly shows Blair a series of surveillance pictures that his men took of Margaret. He tells Blair that she is up in the mountains in Mexico, but the rainy season is preventing his men from going up and capturing her. As soon as Margaret comes down, Asa assures Blair that his men will grab her. Blair leaves, slightly satisfied, but unaware that Asa is double crossing her. As soon as she's out the door, Asa makes a phone call, ordering someone to get their butt to the mansion. Moments later, a pregnant Margaret enters ... "You called?" she asks.

In New York City, Tess goes to the restaurant where her financial advisor, Rich, is waiting to meet with her. Unbeknownst to Tess, Todd is also there, waiting with Rich for his niece to arrive. Nash follows Tess to the restaurant, unable to let her go for fear that he will never see her again. At first, Tess is annoyed that Nash is following her like a shadow; once she spots Todd, however, she is grateful to have Nash around. She tells him that Todd cannot spot her, and Nash steps up to the plate. When Todd starts walking towards Tess, Nash punches him out and then tells the manager that Todd was trying to steal an old lady's purse. Todd is promptly placed under arrest. Back at Nash's apartment, Tess expresses her gratitude. Nash wants her to return the favor by opening up about her past and telling him who Todd is.

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