One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 18, 2005 on OLTL

Evangeline's sister Layla found work at Capricorn. Adriana spent more time with Rex due to Duke's work schedule. Kevin and Kelly made love. Hayes introduced Marcie to a group of writers. Marcie overheard the group making rude comments about her after she left their table. Hayes chloroformed Rex. Tess and Nash shared a kiss.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 18, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, July 18, 2005

Roxy is upset that Natalie still has not been found. Michael comes to help comfort her. While talking she shows him some old baby pictures of Natalie including one where she had a beer bottle. Roxy feels remorseful that she was not the best mother and Michael decides to help her cheer up. He points out what a strong willed fighter Natalie is. While pointing out all of Natalie's qualities Roxy gets a feeling that Michael has a thing for Natalie. Michael argues that he does not have feelings for Natalie but she is a very good friend.

Meanwhile at the station the search for the killer is in full swing; however Bo is stuck with having to inform John that the mayor wants him pulled off of the case. John insists that he can handle the case even though it is so close and personal for him. While discussing his abilities to handle the case Evangeline shows up with the letter that she found in her apartment. After showing it to Nora, Nora takes her to Bo so that he can examine the note himself. After going over the note John insists that he will go and try to catch the killer. Bo concedes and allows him to go stating his confidence that John can handle himself properly with the case. Before allowing John to leave Evangeline stops him and insists that she go along. John is reluctant to allow it, but after realizing that she will not give in on the subject he concedes with the condition that she stay in the car.

After leaving Nora at the Station, Hugh leaves with his date and goes to Ultra Violet. When they arrive they are not too happy to hear that their booth is not available. Rex apologizes and informs them that some of the customers just aren't leaving nodding to the table of writers invited by Hayes. Also at Ultra Violet, is Marcie who has decided to attend the cocktail party being thrown by Hayes for the nominees of the Perot award for mystery writers. Rex takes notice of her arrival and notices that she is there to meet Hayes. He asks her what she is doing there with them and she fills him in on her reasons noting that she is not going to feel sorry for coming tonight because it is something positive. Begrudgingly, Rex lets the two go but makes sure to have a bouncer keep an eye on Hayes. Hayes introduces Marcie to the group of writes and she decides to broach the topic of the murders and her hopes for their assistance; however the writers are not so apt to help her. After shunning her rudely she excuses herself and heads to the bathroom to clear her head. She returns without them noticing and overhears them all saying rather nasty comments about her including Hayes mentioning that the book is partially based on the truth. She also overhears him express the impact the murders have had on book sales. The group continues on with their rude comments unbeknownst that Marcie is just feet away and can hear them. After leaving having to inform Hugh about the issue with the reservation, Rex gets confronted by R.J. about Ultra Violet. R.J. is not happy with the current financial situations. Rex informs him that he is doing the best that he can and since he is a co-owner of the club he should be allowed to help more. R.J. informs Rex that his sole reason for being there is to entertain the customers and that he should leave the financial aspects to R.J. Angered by R.J., Rex calls Antonio for a favor mentioning that he's acquired a taste for "sticking it to R.J."

After John and his squad leave the station, Bo and Nora are left there nearly alone. Nora asks Bo about the mayor's request. Bo tells her that the mayor wants John pulled from the case but he thinks that John is able to handle the case even with how close he is to it. Bo expects Nora to come down on him, but she agrees with him. The two then find their way on to the topic of Matthew and his future. They've both noticed his knack for the all things legal as well as his persuasion techniques. The two agree that he has a bright future ahead of them no matter which career he chooses. The two also agree that they want more than anything his happiness, mentioning how hard it is to find happiness and hold on to it. The two are in the middle of discussing their son and their current conflicts when the mayor walks in and overhears Bo mentioning that John is still on the case. The mayor expresses his distaste for the situation but Bo insists that John can handle the case even though he has so many ties to it. He points out that the case is actually close to everyone in the station given the killer has targeted not only Natalie, but Evangeline and both are well known and liked ladies around the station. After hearing Bo's case for John he agrees to give John one more chance.

Having heard more than enough of the conversation being held among the nominees and Hayes, Marcie decides to make her presence known. A sheepish looking Hayes asks how long she's been there and invites her to rejoin the group. Before Marcie gets the chance to retort, Hugh steps in and convenes on her behalf. He informs them his distaste with their current behavior and defends Marcie's novel including that the other writers' works are not of the caliber nor carry the message that hers does. Shortly after the confrontation the men decide to take their leave and Hayes shows them out. Upset by all that has happened that night Marcie decides to indulge in a few drinks all the while keeping an eye on Hughes. She starts showing the effect the drinks have had, when Rex comes up to her and she has no problem hanging on to him and being extremely friendly with him. Feeling rather awkward Rex evades Marcie and heads to the phone to call Antonio, on his way the bouncer stops him to inform the departure of Hayes Barber.

At Capricorn, Antonio informs Layla that she can end her shift after he introduces her to a few of the other staff members. Waiting out back is John and the team he's assembled. They think they've cornered the killer; however Evangeline runs up telling them that the person they've got is her little sister. After realizing the error in leaving a cryptic note for her sister she apologizes and the officers disperse leaving Evangeline and Layla to catch up. Layla informs Evangeline that judging from the last time she talked to her, her older sister sounded as if she needed someone to help cheer her up, so she packed everything up and decided to come to Llanview to be with her sister. Evangeline is not as happy about the gesture as Layla was hoping she would be. She points out the disadvantages of Layla moving in with Evangeline. After a minor argument about Layla's presence in Llanview, Layla heads back into Capricorn. Feeling guilty Evangeline confides in Antonio that with the killer on the loose and all, that the timing is just all wrong. After Antonio points out how he would give anything for some more time with Cristian, Evangeline decides to look past all of the conflict and goes to Layla to inform her that she would be happy for her sister to come stay with her. While the two are talking about old times, a mysterious figure makes his way through the halls of Evangeline's apartment complex and comes across number 42 which as shown in his or her hand is Evangeline Williamson's apartment.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

An elderly lady shows up at the station, requesting to speak with John McBain. She informs him that she believes she saw Natalie on the day of the kidnapping, being carried out of the Love Center by an "average looking" man in black. When John realizes that the woman is a religious fanatic, he is afraid that her lead is false. However, he has an officer check things out. Meanwhile, a report of a breaking and entering on Fuller Street comes into the station. John is sending a couple of officers to check it out when he realizes the address is that of Evangeline's building. He joins the officers and finds Van's apartment has been ransacked. There is also a note left by the killer, taunting John with a lock of Natalie's hair.

Meanwhile, Evangeline has taken Layla to Ultraviolet, where the latter wants to make a play for Rex. Van steers Layla clear of Balsom by asking Antonio to dance with her. The two of them practice some steamy moves on the dance floor, and Layla asks Vega if it bothers him to hang out with one of his employees on his down time. He tells her no way!

A drunk Marcie continues to pour out her sob story to Hugh, who is visibly taken with the author. His model girlfriend, Jett, takes off in a huff, and Hugh decides to escort Marcie home; but not before she throws up all over his two hundred dollar shoes.

In New York City, Nash receives a knock on his apartment door. A dozen people march into his digs, carrying pizza and beer, ready to party. The culprit is Tess, who waltzes in after the guests and reveals that she invited every last one of them. As the crowd enjoys itself and knocks over several of Nash's valuables, he tells Tess he's not impressed with her actions. She eventually tells everyone to clear out, and informs Nash that she came back because she missed him a little. He in turn reveals that he pocketed her bracelet and once again asks her who Jessica and Antonio are. Tess concocts a story in which Jessica is her twin sister who committed suicide. Nash feels bad for the blonde vixen and they share an embrace.

In addition to dancing up some steam heat with Layla, Antonio tries to get Dr. Jamison to reveal Jessica's whereabouts. The good doctor sees through Vega's scheme and suggests that he work on his own mental health and respect Jessica's wishes for privacy.

Ultraviolet is the sight of all the action this evening: R.J. stops by to collect the night's cash intake and warn Rex that he should keep his nose out of his affairs. Adriana convinces a slightly jealous Duke to drop by so that she can check on Rex. Balsom is visibly touched by the youngest Cramer's concern.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tess and Nash share a kiss and then some, but it doesn't feel right to her and she breaks away. Nash is furious and calls her a tease but she convinces him that she doesn't want to ruin their "alternative friendship." They become closer when Nash shares his nightly ritual of stargazing and how it symbolizes another life (which he won't go into yet). He offers to let her spend the night, on the floor so as not to "ruin what they have." Later, unable to sleep, he picks up a sleeping Tess and lays her on the bed.

At Ultraviolet Layla wants to hang out a bit longer with Antonio and have another drink, but when he gets a call from Evangeline asking him to find her sister another place to spend the night, he brings her to his place instead. Hugh wants to get a tipsy Marcie home after she pukes on his shoes; he insists he's not making a pass at her.

Evangeline shows John the note that the killer left after breaking into her apartment. It says, "You want her but I've got her." He tries to apologize for everything but she doesn't blame him for any of it, she responds. She reassures him that Natalie will be found safe and sound. The police have located Scott Randall, a former original member of the Killing Club and bring him in. To everyone's surprise, he's now a priest, which doesn't faze John at all. Scott has alibis and Evangeline doesn't recognize him but John wants him held for further questioning. He gives John a bit of the Killing Club history and mentions the fact that Marcie has a "loser's log," a list of all of the people excluded from membership. John is quite interested in this and immediately wants to find out more about it. He also learns that the lock of hair, inside the envelope with the note, definitely belongs to Natalie. Evangeline refuses to leave the station as she wants to do what she can to help out.

Layla likes Antonio's place though the rest of the evening gets off to a rocky start with both of them keeping subjects off-limits. Antonio offers the bed to Layla while he takes the sofa. She appears to be setting her sights on him, as she warns a picture of Jess. Much later, when Antonio catches Layla raiding the refrigerator, they decide to share some left over Chinese food. He learns about her last humiliating audition in Los Angeles and convinces her to perform her moving monologue for him.

While Michael keeps Roxy company, Hugh returns with a falling down drunk Marcie. When Michael has lots of questions, he and Marcie get into a shouting match over who dumped who and why Hugh is taking her to bed. He states that he should be the one to take care of her. Marcie is adamant that Hugh be the one to get her upstairs, which leaves Michael feeling pretty anxious. She falls asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow, leaving Hugh to take a phone call from John. He explains the circumstances, noting that Marcie is in no condition to answer any questions.

Natalie tries to break free when the killer returns, knife in hand. He cuts off her gag but when she refuses to eat anything, he puts it back on. He has something in store for her anyway, he snarls. Once she's locked up again, he removes his mask. It's Hayes!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Dorian talks Blair into coming over for a day by the pool also inviting Spencer over. She just can't help but want one of her girls with him. David is not too pleased with the idea of Spencer coming over; Dorian explains that she wants Spencer to help her get her job back at the hospital. While talking about the sparks between Blair and Spencer, Kelly walks in on the two. She's also there for a swim. Spencer can't help but enjoy the sight of Blair and Kelly in their bikinis. Dorian wants Spencer to woo Blair away from Todd. David's worried about her plans and points out how bad of an idea it is to encourage Spencer to go after Blair, mainly because he is supposed to be dating Kelly who can not help but notice the attraction between Spencer and Blair. Kelly thinks Blair is trying to turn Spencer off to Kelly and wants him to back off Spencer. Angry, Kelly goes home to shower and change. Blair then gives Kevin a call urging him to get to Kelly before her date with Spencer that night. Blair once again informs Dorian that she is perfectly happy with Todd and is not interested in Spencer. She also points it that she would rather see Kelly and Kevin together. Kevin takes her advice and goes to Kelly's where he finds her in the shower.

When dropping off some papers for John Hugh finds Evangeline sleeping on the couch in his office. John is wary about Evangeline going back to her home and asks that she stay with him. Though John feels it's the best way to protect her, Evangeline turns down the offer. As Evangeline is leaving Marcie walks in and John asks her about the list of people who were rejected from the Killing Club. She remembers someone who may be a perfect fit for the killer, Ivan Potter. John gives Nora a call to get some information on Ivan, when she gets back to him she informs him any information he needs on Ivan is his. After doing some digging John finds that after high school Ivan checked him self into Garvey Clinic in Baltimore which specializes in cosmetic surgery.

Hayes and the group of mystery people discuss Natalie's fate. It is decided that she will be used in their final "triumph" and killed.

After leaving John's office she meets Nora at Crossroads. She confides in her friend that she spent the night in John's office and that he asked her to stay with him. Nora thinks Evangeline did the right think in turning John's offer down. Nora then gets another dizzy spell and Evangeline makes her promise to get herself looked at. She gets a call from John while at the hospital so skips out on her appointment.

Adriana meets Duke at BE to go riding; however he's bogged down at the time and can't make it out of the office. She heads to the Crossroads where she stumbles into Rex. She confides how she feels she has some competition for Duke's attention in the form of BE.

Rex and Adriana talk about their pasts and their dreams as well as what all they have in common. Adriana feels bad for unloading all of her problems on Rex, but Rex doesn't mind because it keeps his mind off of all of his problems. Before she leaves Rex gives her an open invitation to call whenever she wants to talk. Unfortunately for her when she goes back to BE to meet up with Duke for their ride he is still too busy to go with her.

Michael meets Rex at Crossroads and points out how unhappy he is about Marcie getting so drunk the night before. Rex informs him that she didn't have much to drink and how she had a "good Samaritan" there to help her, another point that Michael doesn't like very much. At that time, Hugh walks in and Michael decides to apologize for his actions from the night before. Hugh lets it slide and quickly dismisses Michael. Michael gets a page from the hospital and is forced to leave. At the hospital he catches up with Spencer to talk about working with him. Initially Spencer blows him off, but after hearing his name and learning of Michael's family Spencer decides to give him a chance.

Marcie wakes up hung over from the night before and finds a multitude of messages from John on her answering machine as well as a note from Hugh telling her to call him; however she can't remember who Hugh is. After getting freshened up she goes to the police station. Upon arrival at the police station she runs into Hugh who refreshes her memory regarding who he is. After her meeting with John, she heads to Crossroads for a bite where she meets up with Hugh. She admits how everything is still a blur from the night before. After recalling the episode with the other writer's she remembers how he helped her, but she can't remember at first how the shoes played into the whole thing. After a little reminding her of how tipsy she was the night before she realizes what he meant and leaves. When she returns she has a new pair of shoes for him. After thanking her for the shoes, he asks if she would like to have dinner to make up for the shoes. She declines the offer as nicely as she can. He thanks her again for the shoes when she leaves she bumps into Hayes and lets it slip that John thinks he knows who the murderer is.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Kevin surprises Kelly in the shower, and she accidentally squirts shampoo into his eyes. Nearly blinded for a few moments, Kevin painfully tells his ex wife that he snuck into the carriage house and happened upon her in the shower; she looked so beautiful and he really wanted to be with her. Kelly is angry, but as she watches the words pour out of Kevin's mouth, her heart melts. She tells him to take off his own clothes, and the next minute the former husband and wife are making passionate love in the shower. Afterwards, they share memories and feelings that have been bottled up for too long. Kelly tells Kevin that she loves the way he touches her, and he tells her that he thinks about her every night. They decide to turn off their cell phones and spend the rest of the day in bed.

In New York City, Nash wakes up Tess by pouring bundles of cash onto her body. He had a lucky break with one of his stocks and earned a small fortune, with which he wants to pay a security deposit on an apartment for his spunky new friend. Tess, however, is upset by this proposal and wants to know why she can't just stay with Nash for a couple more weeks. He again becomes curious about her lack of money and goes so far as to ask her why she doesn't work. Tess says that she's a writer, currently doing research. She then takes off to a fancy restaurant to meet with Rich, her financial "gatekeeper" for the trust fund set up for her by Viki and Clint. Tess poses as Jessica and tells Rich she wants to liquidate some assets, but he reminds her that the money isn't entirely hers until she turns 30. Tess becomes visibly upset, but Rich reminds her that he's just looking out for her best interests, and that ultimately her parents said she could use her own discretion with the money. Nash comes in just in time to hear Rich call Tess Jessica, but Tess covers her tracks. Nash sticks around long enough to discover that Tess actually does have a lot of money, but she manages to evade his questions once again. Nash then invites her to lunch in the restaurant (he'll pay), and the two of them engage in still more heavy flirtation. Nash opens up to Tess, admitting that he thinks about her all the time and can't believe the extent to which she has gotten under his skin. After his grand speech, he leaves a stunned but smitten Tess alone with her thoughts.

John and Bo work against time with the latest technology to see who Ivan Potter turned himself into at the Garvey Clinic. Meanwhile, Hayes (a.k.a Ivan Potter) has words with Rex and Marcie at Capricorn, revealing a bit more of his dark side in the process. Rex threatens to punch the agent; the threat causes Hayes to realize that Rex's concern and love for Natalie is actually his major weakness. He phones his cohorts with a new scheme, then leaves Marcie with a cryptic comment about always wanting to be her friend. Rex and Marcie share tender words about Jen before Rex departs the club. As he walks outside, Hayes steps behind Rex with a chloroformed rag, bringing Balsom to his knees in a matter of seconds.

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