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Passions Recaps: The week of July 18, 2005 on PS
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Monday, July 18, 2005

Sam pulls Jessica away from her first "customer." He snarls that he is her father and he'll kill the man if he lays a hand on her. The man refuses to leave until he gets what he paid for or a refund. Noah gives the guy his money back and he leaves. When the man is gone, Jessica tries to leave too, but she is stopped. Sam is livid, but he realizes he can't yell at Jessica, so instead he asks her to come home. For a while it seems she is going to go with them, but then Noah and Ethan start trashing Spike, and Jessica screams at them to stop. She says that Spike loves her more than any of them do, and she runs into Spike's arms. Sam tells Spike he is nothing but a piece is garbage, and Spike and Jessica tell him to get the hell away. Sam is stricken and punches Spike. A brawl ensues between Spike, Sam, Noah, and Ethan. Jessica screams and tries to stop them, and she ends up being knocked to the ground. The police arrive and arrest Sam, Noah, and Ethan after Spike and Jessica lie that Sam attacked Jessica. At the police station, Jessica considers telling the truth about what happened, but Spike convinces her not to. They go into the station and Jessica tells the officer that she wants to press charges.

At Tabitha's house, it seems that Edna has been driving Tabitha and Endora crazy by taking advantage of their powers and making them fix all of the problems brought on by her old age, like her hearing. She tells them that her "renovation" is not yet complete, and asks for a complete makeover. Tabitha says they'll do their best. Before they can get started, Beth calls to tell her mother that she escaped with Marty. Edna is stunned. Beth tells her that she has won-Sheridan will never see Marty again. Tabitha tries to get Beth to come back and take Edna with her out of the country, but Edna doesn't want to leave anymore. Tabitha says a spell, and Edna is suddenly beautiful and young, but she still wants more. She has Tabitha change her clothes several times and give her "bling-bling" before she is satisfied. She is delighted at her appearance, and she then gets Tabitha to conjure up some "evening entertainment"-two hunky, shirtless men.

Sheridan pleads with Beth, but Beth says Sheridan will never see Marty again and Beth just wanted to say a proper goodbye to Sheridan. Luis takes the phone from Sheridan and Beth tells him she'll see him soon, and then hangs up. Sheridan takes the phone and sobs into it for Marty. Luis holds Sheridan, who is completely grief-stricken and devastated. Her anguish only intensifies when Luis tells her they weren't able to trace the call. He assures her, though, that they will find him, at which point Sheridan blows up at him again. She tells him to get out because it is all his fault. Luis quietly says that it is not his fault, but she doesn't think so. She says he keeps letting her down. She was right, and he doesn't trust her. She asks why he didn't shoot Beth, why he let her go. Luis protests, but Sheridan yells that Luis still loves Beth, that he loves her more than he loves Sheridan. He denies it, but she says she was stupid to love her when he loved and trusted someone over her. Later, Sheridan is in the bedroom and Luis is still out in the other room. Pilar tells Luis that Sheridan didn't mean what she said, but Luis is determined to leave Harmony until he can find their son. In the bedroom, Katherine tells her daughter not to let Beth and Alistair win by leaving Luis. Gwen says that Sheridan should either not let Luis leave, or go with him. Katherine tells her daughter that Luis will be tailed by Alistair's men and will end up chasing phantom clues planted by Alistair, and he will never come back. Gwen goes into the other room and tells Luis he can't go, but Luis says he knows what he has to do. In her bedroom, Sheridan stares at a picture of Marty. She looks up to see Luis standing over her. He tells her that he will search the entire world to bring Marty home. Sheridan tells him that even if he does, she doesn't think they could ever be together again.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

At Tabitha's house, Kay walked in the front door as a made-over Edna Wallace is leaving on the arms of two hunky half-dressed young men. She chastised Tabitha for using her dark arts to perform miracles with Edna's looks. Tabitha defended herself by saying that Edna knew she was a witch and blackmailed her. Kay immediately wanted to know if Edna knew about her dark activity as well. Tabitha assured her that she didn't. Kay moaned about how screwed up her family is now and ties it all to her unwillingness to tell the truth about Ivy's plot to break up Grace and Sam with David the faux first husband. If she'd kept her parents together, Noah would still be in school, her dad would still be the chief of police, and Jessica wouldn't be with Spike. Tabitha said she thought Kay hated her mother and Kay admitted that she misses her mom and that now that she has Maria, she realizes what a mistake she made. Tabitha told her to stop beating herself up—it wasn't all her fault. Tabitha told her she had a special gift from the dark side and Kay replied that she didn't want that; she wanted to do good things. She decided to go for a walk to clear her head.

At Sheridan's cottage, Gwen tried unsuccessfully to talk Sheridan out of sending Luis away. Pilar told Katherine she didn't need to stay and Katherine said she was there as Sheridan's mother. Pilar contested that saying she was the one who raised Sheridan when Katherine was gone. Luis talked to Sheridan a final time. Sheridan told him that they are over. If he comes back with Marty, they can talk about them. He pled with her citing all their past lifetimes. Sheridan reminded him that there was a common thread throughout all of those lifetimes and that was they'd never gotten married. Something always came between them. She tried to give him back her engagement ring because it makes her too sad to wear it and he told her to keep it and he'd bank on the idea that a say would come when it didn't make her sad. He packed his bag and told her he'd be back with Marty. Sheridan went out and told everyone he was leaving. He said good-bye to Pilar and Martin who took him aside and told him he'd be missing him every day. He told them not to badger Sheridan about them breaking up because it was his fault for not believing her. Pilar was very emotional not knowing when he'd come back and he replied that he'd be back as soon as he found Marty. Katherine, Gwen, Martin and Pilar left. He asked for one last hug and Sheridan asked him not to make it harder than it is. He made one last apology telling her that he was going to find Beth and Marty and bring back her son. She looked away and wouldn't watch him leave. He walked out the door and took one look back, then left. After he left, it finally hit Sheridan and she raced for the door moaning "Luis!" but he was gone.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa came to the realization that getting close to Alistair is the wrong thing to do. She told Whitney that he's despicable and vile and she'll never get rid of her entanglement to him. Whitney told her it's not too late to call of her date. She agreed then a florist delivered a large bouquet of roses to her from Alistair. Whitney told her that she had to throw out the flowers and call Alistair to cancel their dinner date. Whitney tossed the flowers and handed Theresa the phone. Theresa said she has to figure out what to say. Whitney said she had to leave and made Theresa promise to make the call. Theresa agreed. (In his office, Alistair told himself that he and Theresa would have a night to remember.) Martin and Pilar arrived home and told Theresa that they hadn't found Marty and that Luis and Sheridan had broken up. She thought that there was still hope for them since Luis was still at Sheridan's and they told her that he was leaving to find Marty. Pilar told her that nothing survives what Alistair controls. They told her that he'd helped Beth get away. Pilar reminded her that he hurts everybody who is not on his side. Pilar begged her to tell her that she wasn't accepting Alistair's proposal. Theresa said that Alistair is vile, but she'd rather be on his good side. She wanted to use his power to hurt him.

At the mansion, Katherine walked in and told Alistair he'd gotten what he wanted—two destroyed lives. He was ecstatic. He called Theresa and Pilar answered the phone. She refused to let him talk to Theresa and told him that if Theresa gave him the impression that she wanted to see him, he was wrong. He told her she should check that with Theresa. He told her that he'd sent over something for her for their date that night and Pilar yelled that her daughter would never go on a date with him.

At the Harmony Police department, Ethan called Ivy to find Gwen to come bail him, Sam and Noah out of jail. (At the mansion, Ivy spied Fancy and figured out where to get the moolah. She told Fancy that the Bennett boys were all in jail. Fancy whined that she didn't know what she said to Grampy would cause so much trouble. It wasn't what she planned and Ivy tried to explain that she can't just say anything to Alistair without there being consequences. She shamed Fancy into giving up the wad of cash Alistair gave her to buy clothes. She told her that she needed to go with her to see first hand what she caused.) They were processed through the fingerprinting and mug shots. Ivy and Fancy bailed them out and then Ivy told her she'd have to talk to Alistair and get all the charges dropped. Fancy got in a scuffle with Noah. She expected him to be more grateful and he reminded her that he'd rescued her many times. She countered that it was his fault that she had to be rescued in the first place. He called her a spoiled princess. She told him that as far as Las Vegas, she wished it had never happened, especially meeting him. She started to storm off and smacked into Sam who caught her.

In Las Vegas, the casino goons who were looking for Fancy and Noah hit pay dirt when Noah's arrest information in Harmony "came across the computer." They figured that the girl might be in the same vicinity.

At Chad's studio, Miles was still colicky. Fox dropped by and wanted to see him. Chad refused to let him in. Fox pressed and Chad agreed to let him go to the doctor with them in the morning. Miles got fussier and Chad put on a Miles Davis album on the stereo. Whitney walked by outside and heard Miles fussing, so she went up to see if she could help. She patted him and he settled down while Chad went to get a bottle. The two of them felt miserable that they couldn't help him.

Fox left Chad's and sat at the waterfront. Kay walked nearby and when she tossed some pebbles she'd been playing with over her back, she hit him. He took offence and she blamed him and his family for all of her family's woes. He wanted to know what his family had done this time and as she said that they'd done it all and smacked him in the chest with her palm. He recoiled in pain. When she stomped off he followed her and asked if there was anything else she wanted to get out of her system. She said she wished they'd all take a long walk off a short pier and then in walking away, tripped over a bucket. Fox saw her falling and tried to catch her, ending up underneath her on the boardwalk.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Fancy and Noah fight in the police station. Their bickering ceases when Fancy punches Noah and Sam tells them to break it up. An officer tells Noah he can press charges, but he decides not to. Gwen calls Ethan and she is caught up on what happened to them. Ethan asks about Sheridan. Gwen says it's going very badly and she explains what happened between Sheridan, Luis, and Beth. She says they need to be there for her, and they hang up after agreeing to meet at the cottage. Ethan tells everyone that Beth has escaped with Marty, and then he leaves. Later, Sam brings the subject back to what happened in Las Vegas. Noah tells him it's not big deal, and plays it down by saying they "overstayed their welcome." He says Fancy was exaggerating. Sam says he guess what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Noah pulls Fancy aside and thanks her for bailing him out of jail and not telling anyone about Las Vegas. But, he tells her, his dad doesn't deserve what she and Alistair have done to him. Ivy drags Fancy out of the station so they can have a long talk about what she's done. Sam is told by the officer that Jessica has filed a restraining order against him, and now he has to stay 100 yards away from her at all times. Noah tells his father he has decided to stay in Harmony. In their car, Ivy tells Fancy that all of this is Fancy's fault, and if she doesn't set it right, Ivy will make her life a living hell.

Luis is at the church, where he lights a candle and asks God to help him get Marty back. He says it's killing him to see Sheridan in pain. He questions why God lets Alistair get away with everything and asks God for a sign that He gives His blessing for Luis to kill Alistair. Father Lonigan appears behind Luis and tells Luis that it is not his job to carry out God's vengeance. Luis replies that sometimes violence is the only answer and asks for absolution for a sin he is about to commit, but Father Lonigan refuses. He says Luis will endanger his soul by killing Alistair, but Luis says he has no soul without Sheridan and walks out of the church.

Sheridan breaks down at the cottage. She cries that Luis failed her and Alistair will never let him find Marty, so now she's lost them both and her life is over. In her room, Sheridan comes across sleeping pills. She lies down on the bed and murmurs that she is so tired. Gwen and Ethan arrive at the cottage and are worried about Sheridan when they find the bedroom door locked. Sheridan, however, emerges a few minutes later and says she is fine. She says she is going to confront Alistair, and walks out of the cottage. Gwen talks with Ethan and wonders how Beth could be so cruel as to steal Sheridan's child just to cause pain. Ethan asks if that isn't what they've done to Theresa.

Kay falls on Fox and quickly gets up, only to trip again. Fox catches her and picks her up. Kay demands that he put her down, so he does—he drops her in a puddle of fish guts. She slips trying to get up and asks Fox for help, which he gives her. She is covered in slime and sarcastically says thanks a lot. Fox says she hasn't changed since they were kids. He recalls that once at a party, he burst the piñ;ata, after which Kay promptly hit him over the head with the bat for trying to steal all the candy. Kay laughs and says he was behaving like a typical Crane, so Fox says since she hates Cranes so much, he'll just leave. They say goodbye, and as she is walking away, she drops Maria's teddy bear. He leans over the edge of the wharf to help her get it, and they both fall into the water. Kay panics. They swim to the ladder, where Fox grabs her and then drops her again when she says Cranes are creeps.

Pilar tells Alistair to have his driver turn around, because Theresa is not going anywhere. Alistair points out that it was Theresa who asked Alistair out, not the other way around, and Theresa admits to her mother that this is true. Pilar tries to tell her daughter that all of Alistair's "dates" end in his bed, but Theresa doesn't think that will happen to her. Pilar says she can't go, and tells her to pray instead. Theresa says that God never answers her prayers, so she is going to help herself. Martin says he forbids it, and Theresa snaps that Martin doesn't have the right to forbid anything she does. She says she is a grown woman and will make her own decisions. Pilar says that Alistair will destroy Theresa, but Theresa doesn't think he will hurt her. Theresa says she'll do anything to get Jane back, and Pilar tells her she has no shame. Theresa takes the phone from Pilar. Alistair asks if she got his flowers. Theresa looks at the flowers in the trashcan and tells him yes and they're gorgeous. Alistair informs her that he will pick her up shortly, but in the meantime, he's sending over another gift. They hang up. Pilar begs Theresa not to go through with her plan, but she won't budge. Martin yells at her and tells her that all Alistair wants is Theresa in his bed, and that if Alistair's dates struggle, he rapes them. Pilar asks why she is doing this. Theresa says that everyone fights Alistair and all they get for their trouble is pain and suffering. She says if she goes along with him, she can get Jane, Ethan, and maybe even Marty back. Pilar says desperately that no one beats Alistair, but Theresa says that neither of them, especially not Martin, will stop her. Martin says all Alistair will do is hurt Theresa and he will do anything to protect her. The doorbell rings. Alistair has sent Theresa a skimpy red dress. She says that if Alistair wants her to wear it, then she will. She goes to try it on amid her parents' protests.

At the mansion, Alistair tells Katherine she could join him and Theresa, but Katherine slaps him and says she'd rather die—and so will Theresa when he's through with her. She asks why he insists on preying on young, innocent women like Theresa. Alistair laughs. He says Theresa is a lot of things, but innocent is not one of them. He says why not let Theresa have three generations of Cranes. Katherine tells him he is going to burn in hell and brings up Rachel. Alistair gets very angry with her and Katherine stalks off. He laughs to himself and retreats to his study, where he imagines his evening with Theresa and says he can't wait. Suddenly the lights in his study go off, and Luis grabs him from behind. Sheridan walks in to see Luis with Alistair in a chokehold.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

At the waterfront Kay struggled to stay afloat in the harbor. Whenever she tried to pull herself up the ladder, she lost her grip because her hands were slimy. Fox sat at the top of the ladder waiting for her to say "please." She flailed refusing to be civil and he taunted. She flailed and he taunted. (Tabitha and Endora were watching the whole Tracy and Hepburn sexual tension act from their scrying bowl. Tabitha got tired of Kay playing coy and asked Endora to help her out. They created a shark in the water to speed up the action.) Kay finally got moving and Fox got down in the water on the ladder to pull her out. He pushed Kay up first and as he got to the top, Kay handed him an oar to bonk the shark. When he pulled the oar up, there was a chunk bitten off of it. Kay said a thoughtful thank you and Fox sweetly told her she was welcome. Fox walked her home to Tabitha's and she asked him in to dry off and have some hot tea. He took her up on it and Tabitha quit watching the bowl and covered it up as they walked in the front door. Tabitha reminded Endora that Fox is her half-brother. Fox made a fire in the fireplace and Tabitha saw "sparks flying" between the two of them. She decided that she didn't like this arrangement after all.

Ivy and Fancy returned to the mansion from bailing out the Bennett boys. Ivy wanted to talk and Fancy wanted to go to bed. Ivy wanted her to admit that she'd caused ruination on the Bennetts because of her loose lips. Fancy said she'd talk to her grandfather, but she couldn't guarantee he'd listen to her. Ivy demanded that she make him listen because Sam didn't deserve what he'd gotten. Fancy was surprised that Ivy cared so much for him since he'd kicked her out of his house. Ivy's pride was hit and she turned away saying she was asked to leave. Fancy wanted to know why Ivy cared about a man who didn't love her. Fancy asked her if she was still hung up on Sam and Ivy admitted she cared for him, and then she changed the subject to Jessica. Fancy agreed that Jessica is one messed up teen. Ivy reminded her that she had to talk to her grandfather. Fancy told her exasperatedly that she would but she didn't owe her mother any favors. Fancy ranted that "her sister" (still generic and unnamed), Ethan and Fox were raised by nannies until they were shipped off to boarding school. Grampy was the only one who paid attention to her on her rare home visits. Ivy apologized and explained she was miserable back then. Fancy said that she was a product of Ivy Winthrop Crane-she shopped and was self absorbed. Ivy was hurt to the core. Ivy protested that Julian was partly to blame for her self centeredness. Fancy went on about how moony he was about Eve Russell and Ivy had to admit that he was very caring of his first love. Fancy told her mummy that she'd gotten the money, power and position that she'd wanted. Ivy said that all she'd ever wanted was Sam. Fancy asked why Sam had thrown her out and Ivy admitted that she'd stupidly lied about what Jessica was doing to protect Sam. Fancy wanted to know what had happened to Grace and Sam-how had she been married without knowing it. Ivy let Fancy fill in the blanks herself, not wanting to lie, yet not wanting her involvement with bringing David to town to come out. Fancy asked her if she knew anything about Grace's past and Ivy flashed back to Kay confronting her about the fake first husband plot. Ivy's face gave her away and Fancy asked her if she was keeping some deep dark secret. Fancy was almost giddy she was sure she was right and Ivy prayed her secret never came out, but said of course there wasn't a secret.

Sam and Noah drove home from the police station the long way. Noah was glad to be home and off the gambling circuit. Sam filled him in on all the happenings since David Hastings had arrived and then he and Grace left. Noah said he missed the tomato soup cake and Sam admitted that he couldn't stand it, but never had the heart to tell Grace. Noah asked how she was and Sam admitted he'd had a hard time getting a hold of her. Noah quizzed Sam about his feelings for Ivy and Sam gave him the whole history of their young love broken up by Ivy's father and Alistair. When Noah asked how Ethan came to be, he told how Ivy had come running back to him on her wedding night and then after a night of passionate love, she'd gone back to Julian out of fear of Alistair. She'd raised Ethan as if Julian were his father. Neither he nor Ethan knew it until it came out in the tabloid. Noah then asked about Sam's recent relationship with Ivy. Sam said that she'd lied about Jessica going to Spike's club in order to protect him. He'd had enough secrets and lies and asked her to leave. Noah said he was sorry it hadn't worked out with Ivy and Sam regretfully agreed. He said he'd turned to Ivy too soon and hadn't paid attention to the girls. Noah reassured him that it wasn't his fault and that she was probably acting out because she missed her mom. Sam said he missed her every day. He said he had to keep reminding himself that he wasn't Grace's first husband. Noah finally realized that they were driving around in circles and Sam admitted he'd wanted a chance to talk to Noah without interruption. He was glad Noah was going to be home for a while and thought maybe he'd find a nice girl and settle down. Noah said he was done with the gambling life and it would be nice to meet a nice girl. Sam asked him if he was already hooked up with Fancy and he protested that they were like oil and water, but he'd like to find a nice girl who would be anything like Fancy.

Gwen arrived back at their bedroom after checking on Sheridan. Gwen berated him for comparing Sheridan situation to Theresa. She reminded him that they'd been given Jane by the court and Beth was a psychopath who kidnapped Marty. He tried to explain that both women were hurting because they didn't have their babies. Gwen said it was wrong to compare the two women because Sheridan is a saint and Theresa is the devil. Ethan agreed that the situations were different as she got in bed and he told her that they had to find a way to stop arguing about and with Theresa. Gwen yelled that it was always Theresa instigating the situations. He said that Theresa's bag of tricks was empty and she's a broken woman. He told her that he'd seen Theresa earlier on the wharf and told her that he was never leaving Gwen and that they'd always have to share custody of Jane. He told Gwen not to worry. He climbed under the covers with her and Gwen told him that he was prone to see the good in people, but there was no good to see in Theresa. He said she was just headstrong and made mistakes. He told her there was no reason to worry. Ethan leaned over to her and said that he thinks she's giving Theresa more credit that she deserves because she's not that clever. Gwen replied that she may not be clever but she's demented. He said he didn't know what to say-she'd given it her best shot and lost. He asked, "what more could she do to us?"

Alistair sat in his office gloating about his upcoming date while smoking a cigar. The lights went off, startling him. Luis grabbed him around the neck, putting a knife to his throat. Sheridan burst in from the lit hallway, but neither of them noticed the door open or her standing there. Alistair asked him why he was there when every second wasted there was one he wasn't looking for his son. Alistair struggled and Luis menaced him. Sheridan looked on seething before backing out of the room and closing the door. Luis demanded that he tell where Beth had taken Marty. Alistair denied knowing where they were. Alistair wondered what he was still doing there instead of chasing after Beth. Luis told him that he lost because he would find Marty and then he and Sheridan would be together forever. Alistair laughed at him snarling that she was finished with Luis. Sheridan listened at the door with a look of concern. Alistair told Luis that he could slit his throat, but it wouldn't get him Sheridan back because she doesn't want him or his empty promises. Alistair broke free from Luis and said he'd have fun watching Luis chase all over the globe. Luis said he would find Marty and Alistair said he'd lost his chance. He asked him why he hadn't shot Beth when he had the opportunity and Sheridan turned on the light and stepped in saying she wanted to hear the answer also. Alistair turned around and sized up this new and improved Sheridan. Luis said he couldn't get a clear shot. Alistair said it was because he was gutless and Luis interjected that she was unarmed. Alistair dug at him that he'd missed a golden opportunity and Luis demanded that he shut up because he was the reason Beth got away. Alistair asked him if he shouldn't be off looking for his son. Luis said he was going but he'd be back and then he asked Sheridan if she was okay. She said she was fine; she'd come over to thank him for making her into a vindictive Crane like him. He said he was happy she'd developed a backbone and Sheridan said he wouldn't be happy when she was finished with him. He said he was looking forward to being amused by the challenge, but he had a date and left. Luis started to make nice and she commanded him to just go and find her son. Luis told her didn't want her going up against Alistair when he wouldn't be there to protect her. She said not to worry and he said he couldn't leave her like this. She pled with him to go find Marty. He said he would but he wanted her to know that he loved her and would think about her no matter how long he was gone. She told him that if he brought her son back they could talk about their relationship. He said good bye and she didn't turn away this time, much of her anger toward him spent. She watched him as he left the office through the back way, then she watched him through the window get into his car.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa put on the sexy, short, red halter dress that Alistair had sent to her. Martin and Pilar protested that she looked like a hooker. They forbid her to go out looking like that and Theresa reminded them that she is an adult and what they have to say doesn't matter. They begged her to call off her date with Alistair before she got hurt by him. She swore that she knew what she was doing and would beat Alistair at his own game. They reminded her that Alistair never did anything unless he would get something in return. Martin didn't even want to talk about what Alistair wanted, but assured her it was more than dinner. She still thought she was in control. Pilar told her to think of her children and Theresa said that was all she ever thought about. She was going to do what she had to do to get Jane and Ethan back. Pilar told her to at least cover herself up and be the good mother she said she was. Theresa reiterated loudly that it was just dinner. Pilar exasperatedly spit out that it wasn't just dinner. Theresa vowed that she wasn't going to be dictated to by Alistair like Luis and Sheridan or her parents; she was going to get what she wanted from him. As Theresa put on her make up, Pilar derided her for looking like a common street walker. Martin told her not to do something so stupid and Theresa lit into him for abandoning them. She said Pilar had to wait on the Crane's hand and foot because he'd left. Pilar reminder her that nobody uses Alistair Crane-that he'd use her and dump her like trash. Theresa started to go off on Martin for leaving to be with Katherine and Pilar stopped them saying it was beside the point. They agreed she was making a huge mistake if she thought she could control Alistair. Martin asked her what she thought Alistair could do to help her. She lamely said that Gwen and Rebecca were terrified of Alistair, so she was going to be on Alistair's side and they'd tip their hand about sending the story to the tabloid. Pilar told her that they are clever enough to have covered all their tracks. She said she needed Alistair to shake them up until they spilled the beans then Ethan would dump Gwen and go back to her. They told her that Alistair is a venomous snake that can't be trusted. For the forty ninth time she said that she would get close to Alistair to see how to use him and there was nothing they could say to stop her. Martin asked her again to call off the date and Pilar said it was beyond dangerous. Theresa said she was doing it for her daughter. Alistair rang the doorbell. She opened the door and he came in. She thanked him for the flowers and dress. He told her she was gorgeous and she said she loved red. He gave her his arm and they set off. Under his breath, Martin swore, "over my dead body!"

Friday, July 22, 2005

In the car, Noah tells Sam that he wants the quiet life Sam and Grace had. Sam assures Noah that he will meet someone when he least expects it. He tells Noah that he has to take care of something, and tells Noah to go out and have fun. Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, hit men are sent after Noah and Fancy. They land in Harmony and meet their contact-none other than Spike. He gives them Noah's address and is happy when he learns they are going to be "taking care of" Noah.

Fancy tells her mother that she knows Ivy has done far worse than Fancy, so it's not right for Ivy to judge her. Fancy walks off and returns later, dressed to go out. Ivy tries to stop her from leaving but can't-all she gets for her trouble is a few insults.

Jessica and Spike walk down the street. He has coerced her into going back to prostituting already, though she wants to wait until tomorrow night. He gives her one of the drug stickers and tells her they need the money, so she agrees. Spike catches sight of Sam watching from his car. Spike is delighted that Sam is witnessing Jessica selling herself. Sam and Jessica see each other and both remember times they spent together when she was a little girl. She says to herself that she needs her father. Ivy goes to Sam's car. She says she had a feeling he'd be here, and she hoped she could do something to help. He tells her that it is pure hell sitting here watching Jessica prostitute and not being able to help her. Ivy offers to try to talk to her and Sam consents. He watches Ivy go up to Jessica. Ivy tells her that she and Sam are very worried about her and want to help. Jessica snaps that neither of them cares about her and she doesn't need their help. She tells Ivy to go away, and Ivy goes back to Sam's car, where she apologizes for not helping. Sam says he wishes there was some way he could prove to Jessica that he cares.

Ethan goes over Sam's contract, hoping to find something to nullify Sam's dismissal. Gwen warns him to make sure Alistair doesn't find out what he's doing, and he tells her that Alistair already knows. Gwen is sure Ethan has made a huge mistake in telling Alistair. She is convinced they will have to flee Harmony now. Gwen tells Ethan it's no wonder he was arrested tonight; Alistair's revenge has already begun. She is adamant that they need to leave town, but he is just as adamant that they should stay. He tells her he is not going to let Alistair stop him from doing the right thing. He also says it wouldn't be fair to Jane and it would weaken their advantage in the custody battles. Gwen asks if he is really worried about his daughter or if he is more worried about Theresa. Ethan tells her he's worried about Jane. Gwen is upset that on top of all of her problems, she now has to worry about Alistair. She tells Ethan that a horrible thought just occurred to her-what if Alistair and Theresa start working together? Ethan isn't worried about this possibility. He says that Alistair destroyed Theresa's family and Theresa would never team up with him.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Martin grabs Alistair's arm as he and Theresa are walking out the door and says he's not taking Theresa anywhere. Martin says that if Alistair touches Theresa, he'll kill him. Theresa yells at Martin to stop and Alistair taunts Martin. Theresa tells them to stop again, and says that she and Alistair are going now. Pilar grabs her and shouts at Alistair to stay away from Theresa. Theresa pulls Pilar aside and Martin follows Alistair outside. Pilar tells Theresa that since she keeps saying she's a grown woman, she should start acting like it and realize that Alistair doesn't help, he only hurts, and he will take her soul. Martin tells Alistair that he's not letting Alistair out of his sight until he leaves, and Alistair replies that he's not leaving with Theresa. Alistair laughs at Martin's sudden fatherly behavior and says that Theresa has slept with almost every Crane man, and she doesn't need "Daddy's" permission-plus, after all, Martin abandoned Theresa. Martin snarls that he won't let Theresa be Alistair's next victim. Theresa steps outside and tells them to stop fighting. She says she and Alistair are leaving, and asks Pilar to take care of Little Ethan. Theresa and Alistair walk away, leaving Pilar and Martin terrified of what he might do to her. In the limousine, Alistair and Theresa toast to a lovely evening. Alistair says that her dress is beautiful on her, but he thinks it would look even more beautiful off of her. He suddenly tries to force himself onto a disgusted Theresa.

Edna dances at the Blue Note with the two studs Tabitha conjured up for her while Liz watches, trying to figure out why Edna looks so familiar to her. Noah arrives at the club and talks to the bartender while Fancy comes into the club unbeknownst to him. Edna and her friends take a break from dancing. Edna comes across Fancy and sits down at her table. They get talking and Fancy explains that she is having guy troubles. Edna says she'll find Fancy her perfect man. She tells Fancy that she can find her soul mate and explains that she used to be the best matchmaker in town. Edna comes back to the table after a few minutes and tells Fancy she's found the man Fancy is meant to spend the rest of her life with. Fancy gets up to meet the man and turns around to see none other than Noah Bennett. They are shocked to see each other and they immediately start bickering. Edna says they are positively perfect for one another!

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