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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 18, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, July 18, 2005

Jack arrives at "Yo's" and cannot believe that Carly did not pay for their upcoming anniversary party with the cash he gave her earlier. Jessica drops off a present for them, and she and Jack discuss how devastated Carly would be if she found out the truth about the mystery surrounding her father.

Henry, whom Carly has hired with the party money, arrives at Iris' door with balloons pretending to be from a Sweepstakes Award company. He tells Iris she has won "a six-figure sum" if only she will answer a few questions about herself. Carly is hiding right outside the door, listening. Iris does fine with the questions until Henry asks her if she has ever been convicted of a crime. Iris waffles and asks for Henry's ID.

Celia tells Will that she knows Casey fathered Gwen's baby and that she has broken up with him. Why, she asks Will, why did Will shoulder that responsibility? Celia blames herself for being too trusting of Casey. Will finally tells Celia the truth: that he loves her and wanted to spare her the hurt of realizing that Casey was lying to her. Celia admits that she felt something for Will when they danced at the prom, and they kiss.

Rosanna calls on Celia and once more asks her if she is sure she wants to give up her baby. Gwen has no doubts about Rosanna, but Craig is another story. Rosanna tries to give Gwen cash, but Gwen refuses. Rosanna gets an emergency call from Margo telling her that Jennifer's baby has died and that Craig is at the hospital.

Jen sees Gwen's baby in the incubator and screams that the baby is not the one she delivered. Craig approaches her and tries to calm her. Jen insists that the dead child is not hers, but everyone thinks she is just hysterical. Dusty is able to calm her somewhat, and they get Jen back to bed. Jen asks Craig to come in and questions him about the baby.

Casey comes to Gwen and argues with her about Celia. He wants Gwen to intercede and help him get Celia back. Gwen throws him out of her room.

Iris tells Henry that she has never been convicted of a crime, and that is too much for Carly to take. She storms in and reminds Iris that she told Jack that she was arrested for embezzlement. Carly and Iris argue, and Carly demands to know why she lied before. Iris tells her it was Jack's idea and she should go to him for the answers.

Jen cannot persuade Craig that the baby was not theirs and has to be sedated. Craig leaves and Mike decides to wait around at the hospital in case Jen needs him when she awakens. Katie is there and understands that Mike needs to stay.

Craig and Rosanna go home but Rosanna is uneasy. She questions Craig about why he is showing no emotion about the death of his infant son. All he can talk about is the baby they are adopting. She is suspicious.

At "Yo's," Jack cancels all the guests for the party. Carly is still at Iris' place, and remembers Iris' voice calling for her son. Carly pleads with Iris to tell her what Ray did to Iris' boy. Iris tells her bitterly that it was not her father, but Carly, herself, who hurt the boy.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Ali finds her mother at the hospital. She is all smiles as she tells her mother that she is leaving Oakdale to join Aaron. Susan isn't terribly happy to hear her daughter is leaving, but she is very happy for Ali. She tells Ali to never let anything get in the way of true love.

Speaking of true love, Celia and Will are kissing, celebrating their newly discovered feelings for each other. Will asks her if it's all right with her if they kiss, and she answers with yet another kiss. Ali walks around the corner and breaks up the happy moment. She is thrilled for Will and Celia. She tells them that she is leaving and Celia leaves to give the old friends a few moments to talk. Ali tells him how happy she is for him, and he tells her he hopes he doesn't screw it up.

Paul comes home to Emily, who seems to be worried that she wasn't at the hospital for her family's crisis. Paul tries to tells her that it isn't her crisis, but his mind is on Rosanna and having run into her earlier. Paul tells Emily that he is glad she is there and she says she's glad, too - but she doesn't seem convinced. Susan knocks on the door and neither Paul nor Emily are happy to see her. She has come to bring a postcard that Daniel sent to his mother from camp. Susan makes a few remarks that seem to insinuate that Emily is not a good mother, and she leaves, much to the relief of Paul and Emily.

Bob Hughes is happy to see Gwen at the hospital. She is out of breath as she asks him if the baby is okay. He says yes, that the call that requested her return to the hospital was because she had just given birth and needed care. Dr. Bob suspected Gwen was having second thoughts, but she assured her she was fine. Gwen then went to the nursery to look at her son. But when Craig and Rosanna arrive, Craig is furious to see Gwen by "his" baby! He tries to get her away from the baby, and Rosanna notices that Craig calls it "his" baby, more than once. Craig gives Gwen a sweet story about how he loves "his" son and is afraid to lose him. He even tells her about losing Bryant. Gwen seems to believe Craig, but Rosanna does not. She asks Craig when he got so attached to this baby. He tells her it was when she left to talk to the attorney and he stayed with the baby just after it was born. Rosanna realized that meant Craig was alone with the babies. Rosanna excuses herself and asks a nurse if she could talk to the nurse on duty that night to thank her for giving her the baby's footprint on a certificate. The nurse tells her that she quit that very night - it was very out of character for her, that she had before then been very reliable. Rosanna watched as Craig stared at "his" baby and she wondered....

No amount of pleading could convince Iris to tell Carly what happened to her son. Iris honestly thought Carly remembered, but Carly when she realized Carly had no memory, Iris still refused to tell her. Carly went home to an angry husband who was trying to get information on Carly's whereabouts from Henry. When Henry left, Jack wanted to know where Carly had been and seemed angry. But Carly turned the tables on him when she told him that she learned she couldn't count on him. She believed Jack knew the truth about Iris's son and that he was trying to protect her. He was able to convince her that he didn't know and Carly even asked him to help her find out the truth. Jack agreed, but insisted that Carly allow him to investigate by himself. She agrees. Before enjoying an evening of anniversary celebration, Jack tells Carly he has to take out the trash. She decides to pick up the toys in the living room. As he takes a large black bag out the front door, he grabs a briefcase at the desk and takes it out behind the garbage bag. Outside, he opens the briefcase and puts the file - with a photo of a baby carriage - in the garbage bag. Inside, however, Carly has also seen a baby carriage - as she moves Sage's baby carriage out of the way, she has memories of herself as a small child looking into a baby carriage.....

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Carly had a flashback of a baby crying and a blond girl walking toward a baby carriage. Carly told Jack that the memories were driving her crazy and she needed to know what happened with Iris and the baby. Jack than left to go see Iris where he told her to stay away from Carly, but Iris threatened that if Carly pushed her she would be sorry. Meanwhile, Kim went to see Carly and brought her a video tape of an old newscast involving Iris and a missing baby. Once Kim left Carly watched the tape which showed a baby missing and an empty baby carriage found in the woods which started to freak Carly out. When Jack came home Carly told him that she was going to forget about Iris and that she wanted to move on with her life.

Craig overheard Rosanna on the phone making lunch plans with the nurse supervisor at the hospital. Craig tried to get Rosanna to change her plans but she made up an excuse and left. At lunch Rosanna asked about the nurse that was so nice to her and took care of the baby. The nurse supervisor told Rosanna that the other nurse left in the middle of her shift and never came back. The nurse also mentioned that there were only two premature babies in the hospital that day. After the nurse left Paul stopped by and told Rosanna that if she ever needed to talk he was there for her. Rosanna then received a phone call from Craig telling her to come to the hospital to meet her son.

Dusty went to hospital to see Jen to try to talk her into going to the memorial service for her baby. Jen agreed thinking that it might bring her some closure. After Jen left the hospital she went to see Craig to invite him to the memorial service. Jen said the problems they had before were in the past and they should say goodbye to their son together. Meanwhile, Mike was home looking at all the baby toys and started to break down when Katie showed up. Katie told Mike to get ready for the memorial service and that she would clear the house of all the baby stuff. Katie and Mike began to embrace when Jen showed up to get ready for the memorial service. Katie left and Jen told Mike she needed to be alone before the service.

Alison went to see Emily before she left for the airport. Susan and Emily started to argue over her relationship with Paul when Emily told her she was going to the memorial service for Jen's baby and not to the airport with Alison. Alison told them to stop arguing and to enjoy their last moments together as a family.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Lily was preparing for Lucinda's homecoming when Luke walked in and asked what she was doing. Lily said she was creating a holistic environment. Luke looked unimpressed and said he came to fix Lucinda's computer. The doorbell rang and moments later Keith walked in with flowers. Luke made snide remarks about Keith being there until Lily rescued him and walked him to the door. They were kissing good-bye when Lucinda, Holden, Sierra and Meg walked in. Lucinda told Keith to leave immediately! Sierra gave Lily a disgusted look at they led Lucinda into the living room. Lucinda asked for a mochaccino and Luke left to get it. Keith left and Meg asked what Lily was doing. Lily told her it was none of her business and Meg said that anything that affects Lucinda is her business. They argued until Holden came in and asked what they were arguing about. Meg blew it off and left to pick up Lucinda's prescription. Lily said that she let Meg get to her. Holden said he knew that Lily was trying to make it work with Keith but Lily had to think about her mother's wellness first. Lucinda came back downstairs and told Lily and Holden that what she wanted most was for them to be together because they had more happiness with each other than they could ever have with anyone else.

Barbara arrived at Paul's wanting a ride to the funeral. When she saw Emily dressed in black she asked Paul why. Paul said Emily was attending the service with him. Barbara started in with Emily until Paul said it was enough. Paul defended Emily and shouted at Barbara that Emily was going because he needed and wanted her there. He told Barbara to LIVE with it!!

Jennifer, Mike and Dusty were talking to the minister about the service. Dusty excused himself. The minister told Mike and Jennifer where he wanted them to sit and offered his condolences. Mike left and ran into Katie who was worried about him. Mike didn't want her to stay for obvious reasons. Mike said he would call her. Dusty came out and told Mike that Jennifer needed him. Dusty gave Katie a bad time about being there and they argued. Henry arrived to rescue Katie as he always did. Inside, Jennifer told Hal, Bob, and Mike that she invited Craig to the service. Mike asked Jennifer why she didn't tell him about Craig. Jennifer said she didn't think she needed to run things by him. He said he just wanted to know what to expect. Jennifer snapped back that life was like that. You don't always know what to expect!

The service began for John Dustin Kasnoff. The minister spoke of John's innocence and how much he was loved. Jennifer tried to say a few words but broke down so Paul finished for her. She wanted her baby's life to count for something more than what they were grieving today. She named him John because it means God's gift and Dustin for the man who brought him into the world. At that moment Dusty responded with a kiss on Jennifer's cheek. Jennifer wanted Craig to say a few words but he was at the hospital holding his son as Rosanna looked on. Craig told the baby that he came into their lives at the perfect time and he was about to meet the best Mom he could ever have. Rosanna cooed over the baby and Craig thought it was the most beautiful site.

After the service ended, Will walked outside to find Gwen standing there. Will was surprised to see her. Gwen said she was trying to be a friend. Will was grateful. Gwen told Will about her baby's adoption and the baby would be living like a prince in Oakdale. Inside, Mike was waiting to take Jennifer home and was surprised to still see him there. He said he would be there for her for as long as she needed. As she was about to say something, Dusty appeared at the door.

Back at the hospital, Bob ran into Rosanna and asked why Craig wasn't at the service. Rosanna was surprised because she didn't know anything about it. Bob said burying a child is the worse thing that can happen so maybe Craig couldn't handle going through it again. Rosanna said Bob was probably right but became more concerned about Craig's behavior. She returned home and pulled out the footprint of the baby and noticed the crease wasn't there and remarked it wasn't the same baby!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Rosanna confronts Craig with the fact that she knows he switched the babies. Craig vehemently denies, but is ultimately forced to admit what he did. Rosanna is appalled but Craig tries to defend his actions and convince Rosanna to stay silent. Rosanna seems to relent, but as soon as Craig turns away she flees. Meanwhile, Paul covers with Emily about his feelings for Rosanna and they make love. But, later, they are interrupted as Rosanna, who is in her car and being followed by Craig, calls Paul and says she must see him and tell him the truth. At the church, Mike offers to take Jennifer back home with him. But, Jennifer makes it clear to Mike that she cannot return to him and tries to shut down her emotions. Dusty urges her not to do that and Jennifer ends up breaking down in his arms, a sight that an uneasy Meg arrives to see. While Will and Gwen break the news to Barbara that Will was not the father of Gwen's baby, a miserable Casey nearly tells his mother all but can't bring himself to do it. Seeing Celia, he makes another plea for the two of them to get back together. He is stunned and furious when he realizes that Will and Celia have begun to see each other. An angry Casey confronts Will and the boys end up in a fight.


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