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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 11, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, July 11, 2005

While Lily and Sierra worry about her whereabouts, Lucinda plays pool with Meg. When Meg and Lucinda return home, Lucinda tells her daughters that she has decided on a lumpectomy, and that she has hired Meg as her live-in nurse. Lily and Sierra pretend to be supportive of Lucinda's decision, although they wonder what Meg is up to.

As Emily and Paul drunkenly tango through the park, Emily leaves her wrap on a bench.

At Fair Winds, Rosanna interrupts Craig's brooding over the 5-year restraining order to talk about establishing a trust fund for Gwen's baby. Rosanna leaves to meet Carly at metro to tell her about the adoption. Craig has asked Margo to come to the house, where he tells her about the new baby, and Margo is supportive. As Craig walks Margo to the door, he receives a message from their lawyer, Albert Parks, saying that "the birth mother is going into labor."

Carly expresses her doubts about Craig as a father, but in the end she promises to support the adoption, and agrees that she and Jack will be the baby's guardians. They say goodbye in the park, and Rosanna sits on the bench where Emily left her wrap.

Gwen and Will are frightened by Gwen's sudden abdominal pain. While they wait to see if there will be more pains, the two find that neither values Casey any longer, and that they both hope that their friendship will continue even after the baby arrives. When another pain hits, Will calls the ambulance and accompanies Gwen to the hospital. While Dr. Schiller examines Gwen, Dr. Bob Hughes tells Will that Gwen's smoking and poor nutrition could endanger the baby. Dr. Schiller announces that Gwen is going to have the baby right away.

Dusty makes his way to Barbara's remote cabin while Jennifer goes into labor following her fall. By the time Dusty arrives, Jennifer's water has broken and her pains are less than three minutes apart. Dusty delivers the baby boy, but he looks worried as he gazes at the new baby.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Paul has found Rosanna sitting on the same park bench on which Emily left her coat. He congratulates her about the baby, but Rosanna is more concerned with Paul. She tells him that she doesn't love Craig and she can't understand why Paul feels the way he does. Paul tells her he is angry, and Rosanna understands that. She then tells him that she loves him, she always has and always will.....she starts to ask him if there is any chance at all that he still loves her when the phone rings. It is Craig, who tells her that Gwen's baby has been born. Rosanna is obviously thrilled, but Paul then tells her that how he feels doesn't matter any more. Rosanna agrees that it probably doesn't. He chokes back tears as she leaves. When Rosanna gets home, Craig tells her that they can't go see the baby, that Gwen has requested a closed adoption -- but Rosanna convinces him otherwise and the two barge into Gwen's hospital room as she is speaking with the adoption attorney. The attorney tells them they aren't allowed to be there, but Gwen allows them to say. She signs the adoption papers and Rosanna hugs her and tells her that no one has ever done anything so wonderful for her. Later, Gwen seems to regret having given up the baby and gets up to see him in the nursery. She changes her mind, however, when she sees Rosanna and Craig cooing to the baby. She even goes back into the hospital room and puts her clothes on to leave.

Dusty thought the worst was over when he delivered Jennifer's baby, but after putting him safely in the car, he comes back to find that she has collapsed on the cabin floor. He rushes her to the hospital where it is found that she is hemorrhaging badly. The doctor tells Dusty to call her husband, that he should be there in case..... As Jennifer is wheeled into surgery, he tells her the baby is fine and that she will be fine. He tries to call Mike.

Katie and Mike kiss outside of Metro and decide they should stop as they don't want the news that they are back together to become public. However, when Margo and Tom see them cuddle at the bar, Margo goes to Katie and tells her that pretty much everybody will know they're back together now. Margo doesn't seem happy that they are back together, and is still worried when Katie tells her that she and Mike got back together after Mike and Jennifer broke up. Margo isn't happy, and Mike notices that. Katie tells him it's probably just Margo's frustration at the whole family, including Craig. Just as she says that, Mike's phone rings. He is not happy to see it's Dusty. He answers, though, and Dusty tells him about Jennifer and the baby. Mike panics but Katie tries to reassure him. As Mike leaves, he tells Katie he will call her - and she tells him that this isn't his fault.

Celia is not happy with Casey's reluctance to go through with their "Virginity Ceremony." He also doesn't want to wear the virginity rings in public, telling her that he wants to keep their private life private from their friends. Just as Celia talks Casey into exchanging rings, Will shows up and interrupts. Will laughs when she tells him they are having their "Virginity Ceremony," but they don't notice. He tells them about Gwen's baby. They decide it's too late to go on with the ceremony, so Celia leaves. When she's gone, Will calls Casey a hypocrite.

Back at the neonatal intensive care unit, Craig watches as Baby Kasnoff is wheeled in and placed beside Gwen's baby. He looks at the ID cards and wonders how he can love a baby that isn't his.......

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Casey found out from Dr. Bob that Gwen checked herself out of the hospital.

Casey went to see Gwen at her apartment and demanded to know if he was the father of her baby. Gwen yelled at Casey for not caring about what happened to her and the baby before and for being so mean to her. Gwen finally admitted that Casey was the father of her baby. Casey was angry that she did not tell him about the baby. Gwen could not listen to Casey yelling at her anymore so she threw him out.

Dusty blamed Mike for Jen having the baby prematurely. Will went to the hospital to visit Gwen but when he found out Jen had her baby he went to visit her. Will told Jen that their family is strong and the baby is apart of the family so he will survive. Will leaves and Mike tried to console Jen. Jen wanted to see the baby so Mike got her a wheelchair and started to take her to see the baby when the nurses called out for a doctor because Jen's baby heart stopped.

Jack tried to talk Carly out of finding out about the woman in the picture with her father but Carly will not back down. Jack just wanted to concentrate on planning their anniversary party. Carly agreed to stop to plan the party. Jack left when Kim showed up to talk to Carly. Carly showed Kim the picture hopping that Kim knew the woman in the picture; however Kim did not recognize her. Kim told Carly she would help her figure out who the woman was. Later Jack meets with the woman in the picture.

Katie went to tell Craig that Jen had their baby but Craig did not seem surprised at the news which upset Katie. Katie wanted to know why Craig was acting like he did not care about his baby. Craig than decided to tell Katie that he and Rosanna were adopting a baby of their own. Craig hoped that this will be the second chance he deserves.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Carly ran into Henry and asked him if he wanted to do some investigative work. Henry said he would think about it but Carly was sure he would oblige. Sure enough, he did. Meanwhile, Jack was meeting with Iris who was the woman in the photo with Ray. Iris didn't want to talk about it and tried to leave. Jack said he would do anything to keep Carly from finding out about the past. Iris said she didn't care about Carly and what she felt. Jack told her that he would do anything to protect his wife. As they argued, Carly approached the table and became excited when she saw Iris. Jack gave the story that Ray had a construction company and stole money from it. Iris took the fall for him and spent time in prison. Carly bought the story until she remembered a woman crying about her boy. Iris continued on with the story not really telling Carly the truth. Carly saw right through it and told Jack that Iris was lying through her teeth.

Paul and Emily were getting the lowdown from Will on Jennifer and the baby. Hal approached and was angry to see Paul and Emily there. Paul said that they should be thinking about Jennifer. Hal told them to stay out of his sight. Emily left Paul and Will alone so they could see their sister. Casey came up to Will and told him he knew he was the baby's father. Casey asked Will why he didn't tell him. Will said it wasn't his place to tell but someone had to help Gwen. At Gwen's, Celia was a Gwen's questioning her about Casey and why he was there. Gwen said to see how she was. Celia started to say how thoughtful Casey could be but Gwen cut her off saying she was tired. Celia then asked Gwen how she felt about giving up the baby. Gwen said it was okay because the baby was going to a good home. Gwen said things would have been different if the father had been involved. Celia wanted more information but Gwen told Celia to ask Casey and if Casey didn't tell Celia the truth, Gwen would. Celia left and Barbara showed up at the door. Barbara was shocked to see Gwen not pregnant. Gwen told her to mind her own business and told Barbara to leave. When Celia caught up with Casey, she slapped him.

Mike was wheeling Jennifer to the nursery and got a signal from Dusty to take her back to her room. The baby was in respiratory distress. The nurse told Dusty and Mike that the doctor was working on him and would be out as soon as the baby stabilized. Jennifer kept saying she wanted to see the baby but Mike told her that the doctor was with him. Hal interrupted and teased Jennifer about making him a grandfather. Mike went to check on the baby. The doctor came out and told Mike that the baby died because his lungs weren't fully developed. Mike went into shock and later told Dusty he couldn't tell Jennifer and break her heart all over again. Dusty offered to be there with Mike when he told her. Mike declined and when he went into Jennifer's room, she was asleep. Paul came up and Mike told him about the baby. The nurse came up to Mike and told him he had to fill out some paperwork. As Mike was filling the papers out, he realized the baby didn't have a name. Jennifer woke up and asked Hal to find out where Mike was. Outside her room Dusty told Hal who wanted to get Dr. Bob before they told Jennifer. Dusty went into Jennifer's room and tried to keep her calm but she knew something was wrong and fought Dusty to leave the room.

Rosanna walked into her living room and found Craig surrounded by toys and stuff animals. Craig said he got carried away because he was so excited abut the baby. Rosanna thought he was out of his mind but he said it was fun to get excited. Craig started going through a book to pick a name for their son. Rosanna left to go to the hospital. Craig smiled to himself and said that he and Rosanna were going to make great parents.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Celia confronted Casey, slapping him and demanding to know why he'd been lying to her about having slept with Gwen. Casey told her that it was before he'd met Celia, that he and Gwen had both been wasted, and they had both regretted the incident, so he hadn't seen a reason to tell Celia about it. Celia then told Casey to tell her himself that he was actually the father of Gwen's baby, and Casey admitted that it was true. Celia wanted to know what Casey was going to do about his baby. Celia said that even if she could forgive him for having lied to her, she couldn't forgive him for the terrible way he had treated Gwen since then. Casey begged her not to let this break them up, but Celia told him it was too late, that it already had, and she left. Casey then went to the NICU and looked through the window at "Baby Boy Doe."

Celia called Will and asked him to meet her on the roof of Yo's, where she said, "You really care about Gwen, don't you?" and Will admitted this whole experience had brought them pretty close. Celia then told Will that she knew he wasn't the baby's father, and she asked him to tell her why he'd done what he had done.

Carly and Jack argued about whether Iris was telling the truth about what happened with Carly's dad; Carly was convinced that she was lying, and she was suspicious of why Jack was taking Iris's story at face value. Jack begged her to let it go, at least for today, and gave her an envelope full of cash to take to Artie at Yo's for the party later, along with a list of other errands to run that would keep her busy all day. Carly left and called Kim, giving her Iris's name and asking her to look for mentions of her in the news clips from WOAK. At Yo's, Carly ran into Henry, and she told him that she now had a name and had met the woman she'd been looking for and wanted to hire Henry to pursue it further. Henry told her she'd have to pay him first, at which point Carly gave Henry the envelope full of cash. Henry went to Iris's house, where he told her he was going to "make her millennium," while Carly listened from behind a wall. Later, when Jack arrived at Yo's, Artie told him that Carly had been there but hadn't given him any money, and that he had to have the deposit now if the party were to go on as scheduled.

At the hospital, Mike filled out the paperwork for the baby's death certificate, and then Katie told him that someone should tell Craig what had happened. He exploded at Katie and forbade her to tell Craig, saying Craig had no right to know anything or be anywhere near the hospital. Barbara asked Emily what she meant when she said she was so sorry about the baby; Hal then took Barbara aside and explained what had happened. Jennifer came out of her room to find most of her family standing in the corridor looking very sad, and she realized that her baby had died.

When Barbara saw Mike and Katie talking in the hospital corridor outside Jenn's room, she exploded, telling Mike that the baby's death was all his fault for leaving Jennifer to go to Chicago. Dusty took Barbara aside and made her leave, trying to calm her down. Katie told Mike not to blame himself for the baby's death and to go be with Jennifer, because the two of them needed to share this loss. Mike then apologized to Katie for yelling at her and told her that he understood why she felt Craig should be told, but that he wouldn't be held responsible for what he might do if Craig showed up at the hospital.

Mike finally went in to see Jennifer, who told him this was all her fault, that she had messed up everything and killed her boy. Mike told her not to think like that, that it wasn't true, and he wished there was something he could say to make things better for Jennifer, but all he could say was that they all loved her, and he loved her, and they would all be there for her, including him.

Margo went to visit Craig and was surprised by how happy he seemed and how well he was taking things, since he wasn't being allowed to visit his son with Jennifer. Craig said there wasn't much he could do about it right now except try to be a good father to his adopted son, and he swore to Margo that his adopted son would never feel second-best in his life. Then, Katie arrived, and she told Craig that his son had just died, that he had been too little to make it. Craig wanted to know how "the mother" was doing, and Katie said that Jennifer was physically okay but emotionally distraught. Craig asked if Katie was sure it was his son who had died, because hospitals sometimes make mistakes, and Katie assured him it was "baby boy Kasnoff" who had died. Craig said that he would go to the hospital, and although both Margo and Katie pleaded with him not to go, reminding him about the restraining order, Craig insisted that a father had a right to visit his dead child and that no judge in the country would disagree with that.

Emily told Paul that she felt that she should go home, because this was too hard for Hal, losing his grandson and seeing Emily there, too. Paul insisted it was okay if she stayed, but he told her it was up to her, and Emily left.

Barbara kept insisting that she had a right to see her daughter and that Jenn would need her now more than ever. Dusty then told Paul that he thought Barbara was right, that Jenn really might need her mother at this moment, so Paul let Barbara go in to see Jenn. Barbara told Jennifer that she'd talked to the nurses, and Jennifer wanted to know if her son had suffered. Barbara told her they said it was very quick and that he hadn't suffered at all. When Barbara told Jenn she knew how hard this was for her, Jenn remember that Barbara had lost a son, too (with John Dixon), and Barbara said she felt that Johnny was with her every single day, and that Jenn's baby would be, too. She told Jenn that her baby had known her and had known he was wanted, and that he would be with her forever. She also told Jenn that the one thing she most regretted about losing Johnny was that she hadn't been able to hold him and touch him and tell him goodbye, and that she really thought Jennifer should take the chance to do that with her son. Jennifer insisted she couldn't listen to any more talk like that and asked Barbara to leave. But later, when Mike went back to her room, she was gone, because she went to see her baby. When she got to the incubator and looked in, she stopped, shocked, and said, "No, there's been a mistake --- this isn't my baby!" In the background, Craig appeared, and he overheard Jennifer's reaction to seeing the baby.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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