One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 11, 2005 on OLTL

Evangeline and John continued to follow leads in order to find Natalie. Dorian warned Kelly that Spencer appeared to have eyes for Blair. Rex and Adriana grew close. Antonio stepped in to help John. Tess caused a commotion at a party. Blair and Asa discussed future plans for Margaret. Bo and John realized there were two killers.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 11, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, July 11, 2005

Blair pays Asa a visit at the Buchanan residence making sure that he is going to follow through on his end of their deal. Asa reassures Blair that he is taking care of Margaret. He just has one question, what to do with Margaret after they find her. Blair is left with the choice to let her die or allow her to live and fill out the rest of her days in prison. Though she is filled with anger, hate and would love to see Margaret die, Blair realizes that killing her would put her on Margaret's level. She tells Asa she doesn't care what happens as long as she can find a way to live a normal life.

Duke and Kevin are inside talking when Duke receives a call from Adriana who has just finished a work out session. Though he's happy to hear from her, Duke's not happy to hear that she's walking through the park by herself while the killer is on the loose. Adriana reassures him that she'll be fine, but does invite him out to the park. Kevin urges him to go and though he's reluctant to leave his father he agrees to meet her. Before leaving he tells Kevin that he should call Kelly. He tries to call her but she is on a date with Spencer. Before Blair leaves Kevin stops her and asks her for a big favor. He wants her to help him get a second chance with Kelly. Blair is not too sure whether she should help him or not, but does offer him a bit of good news. Kelly has not made her mind up about him and has not written him out completely yet.

Though she has not written Kevin out of the picture completely yet, Kelly is enjoying herself immensely with Dr. Truman. The two have a nice lunch and discuss her past with Kevin and Spencer mentions his ex-wife Paige. Kelly admits to Spencer that though she is growing to like him a lot she does still have "unresolved" feelings for Kevin. Spencer is non the less undaunted by that and admits that Kevin would be a fool not to want her back. While talking about Kevin the topic of her inability to carry a baby comes up and Spencer gives her some information on a case study he is doing with mothers helping them carry a baby when previously they would not have been able to. Spencer agrees to talk to her more about it on their next date.

After realizing that it had to be two killers, Bo and John ask Marcie to come in and help them brainstorm. Rex decides he has to join them because he wants to help find Natalie. Reluctantly Bo agrees to allow him to sit in while they talk to Marcie. Marcie is at first unable to recall much about the killings until they mention the possibility of a second killer which reminds her that there were two people working on the "cheerleader" murder. She realizes that she could never recall the murder of two girls because they had only planned to kill the one and allow the "survivor" to live as a warning. She provides them with the names and some background information on the two guys who worked on that particular entry in the Killing Club. Of the two one seems like a perfect match for the Killing Club killer; however Marcie informs them that he is dead leading to another dead end. A frustrated Rex gets angry with Marcie and Bo kicks him out of the station.

On his way to Capricorn Rex comes across Adriana in the park. Having just ended her call with Duke who has warned her about the killer she is rather on edge. So when Rex comes up behind her and taps her on the shoulder she kicks him in the head and punches him. She quickly realizes that it's just Rex and apologizes while helping him recover. After explaining why she's so on edge she apologizes for bringing up the Killing Club while Natalie is still missing. She reassures him that she is certain Natalie will be fine. She then offers him a dollar for luck just like he did when she first came to town. Feeling bad, Rex admits that he was only nice to her at first because he thought she had a lot of money. Adriana doesn't care and passes it off as no problem. In the middle of their conversation, Duke shows up and Rex soon takes off. Duke and Adriana talk about all of the past events and how they hope Natalie will be all right.

Evangeline has decided to return to work and a concerned Michael pays her a visit in order to check on her. He's afraid she will bury herself in her work to try to bury the pain. He knows because he's seen John do it. Evangeline admits that she and John kissed. Michael wonders why she does not let this change the situation. She insists that any relationship with John would be too difficult and cause her too much heartache. She does not want to put herself through it. Evangeline insists that she is not like John and will work through all of the problems. She inadvertently makes a snide remark about Natalie and then feels guilty for being alive and well and Natalie being held captive. After asserting the point that she is fine Michael leaves. She then sees a note slipped under her door.

After his run in with Adriana Rex heads to Capricorn to mend his wounds. He puts his drinks on Antonio's tab and Michael spots him and asks how he is. Rex is not too happy to see Michael and releases all of his frustrations on him. He feels like it is his brother's fault that Natalie was targeted and his girlfriend's fault for writing the book. Michaels insists on helping Rex and Rex buys him a drink and invites him to sit and talk.

After hearing about the Note left for Evangeline, John shows up and takes the note back to the station. The note is a cryptic message stating that "she was gone" but "the others did not know that she was still there to hear them cheer." Marcie is unable to decipher the cryptic message but recognizes the symbol on the envelope. She states that the coffin with KC inscribed on it stands for a scenario that they were sure could be pulled off perfectly. Marcie is convinced that this means Natalie is already dead.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Nora stops by the gallery to tell Lindsay that she ought to take an HIV test. Lindsay asks if Daniel is HIV positive. Nora reveals that his attorneys won't allow him to take a test, but that she has taken one herself. Lindsay says that although she and Daniel dated a couple of times, they were never intimate. Nora is relieved to hear this, and Lindsay thanks her for her consideration. R.J. shows up and Nora collapses into his arms. She brushes off Lindsay's attempt to call 911 and simply accepts a glass of water. She leaves, embarrassed. R.J. asks Lindsay if he can borrow the gallery for a couple of hours for a business meeting. She agrees, but is worried when he tells her that she can't attend. Lindsay warns him that he shouldn't get into any shady business dealings or he'll only end up hurting himself and Jamie. Jackie shows up, hot off of a meeting with Antonio, in which he vowed to get Vega some dirt on R.J. Lindsay reluctantly leaves R.J. and Jackie to themselves.

Antonio also receives a visit from Carlotta, who had just stopped by Llanfair and discovered that Jessica has gone away. She believes Antonio has sent her away to keep her safe from the Killing Club Killer and is stunned to learn that her son doesn't actually know where Jess is. Antonio explains to Carlotta that Jessica chose to go away of her own accord and that he wants to respect her wishes. He believes that his interference was what caused her to fall into Tico's arms, and he doesn't want to do anything to jeopardize his chance at a future with Jessica and Jamie. Before she leaves, Carlotta warns her son not to mess with R.J., as he is a very "dangerous man." After Carlotta departs, Nora drops off some photos of Jessica and Jamie that Matthew had taken at a birthday party. Antonio tells her that R.J. is about to become involved in some shady business dealings, and Nora tells him that she will not let her friends interfere with her job as District Attorney.

Meanwhile, Tess is causing a commotion at the party in the Hamptons. Bruce, the party's host, confronts Tess and Nash and in the process reveals that Nash is an uninvited guest. Tess is surprised to discover that Nash isn't the big shot he's been pretending to be, but she nonetheless comes to his defense when Bruce threatens to kick him out of the party. Tess concocts a story that Nash is on a new reality television show called The Vanquisher! Nash is still not impressed with Tess, who reveals that she stole his wallet. She promptly tucks the wallet down into her cleavage and is stunned when Nash retrieves it. He then tries to make her jealous by taking off his shirt and going for a swim with another girl. Tess upstages him by stripping down to her underwear and heading up onto the diving board, to many cheers from the partygoers. Nash continues the game of oneupmanship by pushing her into the water. After she's come up for air, Tess discovers that Nash somehow removed her underwear, which is now lying in the pool several yards from her!

Bo interviews the janitor in Evangeline's office building, who seems suddenly reluctant to admit to seeing anyone suspicious in the vicinity. Once the guard leaves the room, the janitor opens up to Bo, offering a vague description of a twentysomething man about six feet tall, wearing a dark cap. Bo releases the janitor and calls the guard back into the room. He tells the guard to get the names of everyone who works in the building, unaware that this very guard seems to be the person the janitor was describing!

Back at the station, a profiler named Grant Davis shows up to assist John, per the mayor's orders. John gives the guy a chance, but feels that he's not bringing anything new to the table. Marcie reveals to Evangeline just how upset John was when she disappeared from the Woman of the Year Awards ceremony. Evangeline and Marcie are both upset when someone calls Natalie's desk phone to make the office supply order. Even more upsetting is an actual call from Natalie's cell phone, which John intercepts. John hangs up and says that the killer played a recording of spectators at a football game, which prompts Marcie to remember how the story in the original Killing Club journal ended: with the cheerleader being buried alive! Bo immediately orders a list of every high school football field in the area. Evangeline tells them to check Kendall Creek first; it's a private school near her apartment building. John and an officer race to Kendall Creek and discover a marked up area that the killer has just abandoned. John starts digging frantically, hoping to rescue Natalie before it's too late.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Tess manages to lose her panties when she jumps into the pool and while Nash makes a show of it in front of everyone, he eventually tosses them back to her. Shortly after, he watches as Bruce pours a powder into her drink while she's off getting dressed. He calls out to her but not before she drinks some of it. Nash gives up a great deal in coming to her rescue; he ends up losing Bruce's previous offer of help with his problem. Leaving Tess on a chair after she passes out, and after voicing his opinions of her, he again watches as Bruce makes yet another move. Nash has had enough and swinging Tess over his shoulder, he departs with her. He manages to knock Bruce into the pool on his way out.

Todd and Blair have a belated New Year's Eve celebration while Dorian meets Spencer for dinner. David attacks Spencer when Dorian goes to say hello to her niece and they fight in front of a growing crowd. David is no match for his brother and is quickly overpowered. He threatens him instead; Dorian is off limits and he has information that he'll use if need be. David accuses his brother of not knowing how to love, that he's the one happy now and he has a home full of women who love him. He's not playing a role as Spencer accuses him of doing. It obviously all strikes a chord with Spencer, who focuses on Blair standing nearby alone and begins to daydream about her. When the pair strikes up a conversation and he lovingly strokes her face, it immediately draws attention from David and Dorian, as well as Todd who had stepped out momentarily. He strides over to Blair immediately, pulling her into a passionate kiss. "She's taken," he grins. Spencer snaps out of it and hastily mentions that he was removing an eyelash from her cheek. David convinces Dorian that he and Spencer were fighting over her because he doesn't trust his brother and wants to protect her. She's flattered and agrees to go home with him. While David gets the car though, she apologizes to Spencer and promises to bring David around. She mentions her beautiful niece, Blair. Todd admits that he's worried about Jess and will be out of town for a few days, searching for her. Blair isn't thrilled but understands.

Viki runs to Bo, hysterical, to advise him that she's received a call from the killer from Natalie's phone, taunting her. In the meantime, John digs frantically after locating Nat's phone but only comes across a note from the killer. It's a page from the killing club journal and obviously is meant to scare John, as it suggests that there's nothing wrong with killing cops. Michael comes by and they return to the police station together, where Evangeline and Marcie have been waiting for news. When Viki learns of the circumstances surrounding the locating of the items, she begins to feel faint and collapses. When she collects herself, John reassures her that the killer will need to keep Nat alive so that he can have power over them. Michael checks her doctor who wants her home resting so he and Marcie offer to get her there. Bo suggests that John get some rest as well and Evangeline offers to get him home. Bo agrees with Michael, that the killer will possibly come after John.

Arriving at home, John falls asleep rather quickly, even without the brandy that Evangeline pours for him. He's restless though and has a nightmare.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Rex is taking a run through the quarry when he comes upon John overseeing a search. Upset, he accuses John of wasting his time searching for Natalie in the quarry when he should be searching for her somewhere else. John blames Rex for the whole kidnapping. He thinks that if Rex had not written the bogus note and sent him on the wild goose chase, John would have been at the awards ceremony when the killer abducted Evangeline and he may have caught him and Natalie never even would have been taken. John tells Rex that if Natalie dies, her blood is on his hands. A clearly angry Rex retaliates physically, punching John in the face. After regaining his composure, John asks Rex if he should, "knock him out or take him in." Rex asks for John to give him a break. He explains that he was not brought up with a father to teach him what to do and he makes mistakes. Considering that Rex is Natalie's brother John lets him off the hook and Rex leaves him to continue to his business.

At the country club, Kevin sees a paper headlining Natalie's disappearance. Kelly walks in and expresses her hopes that Natalie is found safely. She then continues on to find Dorian, after Dorian clues her in on the latest happenings with Spencer Kelly warns her to stay out of Adriana's love life warning her that she is her mother's daughter and that bothering Adriana incessantly about Duke would only push her away. Dorian seems to have taken this information to heart because when Adriana approaches her, Dorian does not tear into her about her relationship with Duke. After talking with her mother, a stunned Adriana heads off to the quarry to clear her mind. When she gets to the quarry she happens upon a snoozing Rex. Rex is having a dream about Jen and when Adriana reaches down to him he grabs her and kisses her.

Tess meanwhile, wakes up in Nash's apartment with no memory of what had happened the night before. When he walks in, Tess wants to know how she got there and out of her clothes. After being accused of rape, Nash explains what really happened the night before including how she was drugged. Tess is less than impressed by Nash's apartment. She was expecting much more based on the car he was driving, but she learns that he borrowed it from a friend. The two talk about what he wants out of life and how he believes she has nothing right now. She offers to pay him back, but he is convinced that she is broke and agrees that as long as she does not steal his car or wallet again he'll consider them even. The two seem to make a connection, but she leaves to ponder what her next move will be. She does, however, leave behind her sunglasses giving Nash a reason to follow her. When he finds her he overhears her talking to Jessica and asks whom Jessica is.

After the scuffle with Rex, John makes his way to the hospital to have his hand redressed. He comes upon Kelly who has come there to see Spencer and Kelly asks how he is and whishes him luck on the case. Spencer is taking a run through the park though, and finds Blair and the kids who are having breakfast. After looking at Jack's tracheotomy scar he asks Blair where Todd is. She informs him that he had to go out of town. Spencer admits that if he were with Blair he would not let her out of his sight. After Blair affirms the strength in her and Todd's relationship, he runs on and eventually makes it to the hospital. Upon exiting the elevator at the hospital, he is greeted with a barrage of young doctors with question for him. He hurries through their questions and finally gets to talk to Kelly. While they are talking though, he overhears a colleague talking about him. He asks Kelly to wait for him in his office and confronts the doctor showing the darker side of Spencer Truman. Kevin overhears the entire scenario and does not look too happy with what he has observed.

After leaving the hospital, John visits Viki to see how she is doing. She informs him of the doctor's orders to stay in bed for the next few days and asks how the investigation is going. She can clearly see that the investigation is taking a toll on him. She reassures John that Natalie's disappearance is not his fault. She then shows her sympathy for Evangeline as well, expressing her regret that John was put in the position to choose whom to save first. She leaves John with some encouraging words telling him not to give up and to continue having faith. The toll of the case is even more visible when John is at the shooting range and he gets shaky when trying to shoot his gun. He forces himself to pull it together and continues practicing.

After the surprising Kiss, Rex realizes just whom he is kissing. Embarrassed, he stammers through an apology and Adriana tells him that it's all right. She informs him that she just doesn't want to be there. She then asks how the search for Natalie is going, and Rex expresses his frustration. He wants to help out as much as he can, but he is frustrated that John is brushing him off. He feels like he is "outside looking in" and that since he is not blood relation to Natalie he feels as if he is being brushed off as if it is not as good as being a Buchanan. Adriana feels as though she can relate. Though she is blood relation to Dorian, she feels as if she doesn't have the same closeness to her as she would if Dorian had raised her. Rex agrees that Adriana can relate and at about that time Duke walks up on the two and Adriana leaves with him.

Friday, July 15, 2005

There's a new woman in Llanview, and her name is Layla. She shows up for an interview at Capricorn and is hired on the spot as the club's new waitress. Agreeing to start work that very afternoon, she offers Antonio a drink when he shows up, unaware that he is Capricorn's owner. Layla obviously likes the looks of Antonio, who in turn stares lustily across the room at his new waitress. Taking his mind of Layla is Jackie, who calls him from a corner table in the club to tell him that R.J. is exactly where Antonio wants him. Antonio has another favor to call in with Jackie, who is reluctant at first. He changes his tune when Antonio tells him that the favor is for Mrs. Davidson: he needs Jackie to locate Natalie Vega.

Meanwhile, John is torn up inside about his inability to locate Natalie. He opens the wound in his hand yet again while taking practice shots at the range. Heading over to the station, he rounds up Hayes loitering outside with a gun. Bo checks into the gun and discovers that it has been properly registered. Hayes warns Bo and John that he's sick of being harassed. Later, Bo calls John into his office: the Mayor wants John removed from the Killing Club case, because he's sick of getting heat from Hayes Barber and his attorney.

Nora and Evangeline have a heart to heart in the park. Nora tries her best to convince Van that she doesn't owe John any concern. Evangeline reassures Nora that she is not going back to McBain, but insists that it's too difficult to simply put him out of her mind, especially since he saved her life. Nora lets Evangeline in on her HIV test, and Van is livid that she kept it from her for this long. After Evangeline leaves for her apartment, Nora goes to the station, where she is surprised to learn that Matthew is home from camp early. Bo and Matthew have just had a heart to heart of their own about Natalie, and the boy is thrilled to see his mother. Nora, however, is less than pleased with Bo for not informing her of Matthew's return. Nora and Matthew go for their own stroll in the park, where the boy presents his mother with a dream catcher in order to help with all of the bad dreams he knows she's been having about Mr. Colson.

In New York, Nash catches up with Tess, who is laying on a city bench, talking to herself about Jessica. Nash wants to know who Jessica is, but Tess gives him the brush off. Not one to be defeated, he follows her down the street, taunting her about her inability to buy herself breakfast. Tess tries to use her wiles to get him to buy her some food, but Nash wants information first. He says it's obvious she's rich, which makes her current desperate straits all the harder to understand. He also wants to know why she's wearing a bracelet inscribed to Jessica from Antonio. Tess acts like she stole the bracelet, and then starts hollering at Nash to leave her alone. He takes off, and she nearly collapses from food deprivation. She regrets dismissing Nash, who obviously intrigues her. While sitting next to some dumpsters, debating her next move, Nash returns with breakfast for Tess. She tears into the food, but still refuses to divulge any information about her life. When his questions become too personal and he once again insults her ability to take care of herself, Tess takes off into the city by herself.

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