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Ryan rode his bike over a cliff. Zach helped Ryan fake his own death. Tad drugged David and tied him up in a cabin. Tad found Sam and Lily at Wildwind. JR was cruel to Amanda. Di played into Adam's hands.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 18, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, July 18, 2005

Danielle admitted to Reggie that she slept with Josh. She took full responsibility for her actions and told Reggie that it was not Josh's fault. Reggie refused to believe that Josh did not take advantage of her. She told him that she just wanted to be someone else that night at the party. Reggie told her not to try to blame this on her mother, but that it was all on her. Reggie told Danielle that he waited for her and she gave her virginity to the first random guy that came along. Danielle assured Reggie that she loved him, but he told her that she might as well have thrown their relationship out the window along with her virginity. He told her that just looking at her made him sick. Reggie said that he never wanted to see her again. When Danielle got home she was met by Garret. She told him that she admitted to Reggie that she had slept with Josh and he never wanted to see her again. Mimi came downstairs and told Dani that she wanted to help her. Danielle told her mother what happened the night of the party and dared her to still love her. Reggie went to the television studio and punched Josh.

Josh handed Erica a piece of paper letting her know that her first guest for the show was exactly who she wanted. Josh told her that after the antics at the New Beginnings gala, it would be a good idea to insist her family stay home. Dr. Madden came to the studio and Josh excused himself. Erica told Dr. Madden that Greenlee was pregnant and asked if he would not press charges for the break-in. He told her he would not press charges if she fired Josh. Erica, not taking well to being threatened, tried to explain to Dr. Madden that Josh's job was not the issue. He told her not to give him parental advice and Erica let him know that he was no longer welcome as a guest on her show. He asked if he was supposed to be threatened by a petite primadonna with a television show and responded by letting him know that yes, he should feel very threatened. Erica told Dr. Madden that he had no proof or witnesses that Greenlee stole Ryan's sperm. He summoned Josh and told Erica that he knew Josh saw Greenlee in the clinic sample room. Josh said he didn't know what his dad was talking about. Dr. Madden asked Josh not to cover for Greenlee and then told Erica, that although he knows Josh is lying, it wasn't over. Josh wanted Erica to tell him what was going on between her and his dad. Erica thanked him for not exposing Greenlee to his dad.

Lily told Sam that they couldn't go out until she had a talk with her dad so Sam suggested that they would not be breaking any rules if he came in to be with her. Lily asked Sam to kiss her and she gave him a book about baseball. He put on a music cd and asked Lily to dance. She told him that she didn't know how to dance but Sam put the music on and they started to dance. After a few moments, Lily began having a meltdown. Aidan appeared and told Sam to get away from her. Lily told Aidan that it was not Sam's fault, but that the music was too loud. She asked Aidan to leave but instead he put Sam out the door.

Jack went to Fusion to find Greenlee and attacked Simone for helping Greenlee get pregnant. Kendall called and let him know what had happened with Ryan and that he needed to hurry to the site.

Ryan, still speeding on a motorcycle with Zach, Kendall and Greenlee close behind, went over a cliff. Zach told a hysterical Greenlee that he would go find Ryan. Zach then jumped off the cliff and into the water. Jack, Simone and Ethan arrived to find Greenlee in shock. The emergency crews began searching for Ryan and Zach, but only Zach returned. Simone and Kendall took an unwilling Greenlee back to the hotel to wait for news of Ryan. Zach told Jack that Ryan got on that motorcycle to protect Greenlee by putting distance between the two of them. Zach returned to the hotel room and immediately Greenlee, Kendall and Simone knew Ryan was presumed dead.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

David gets back to his cabin after a run. He grabs a bottle of water and makes a face at the way it tastes. He then collapses. David awakes to find himself tied to a chair by Tad. Tad tells David that it is time to pay the piper and that Tad is the piper. David tries to convince Tad that he did a great thing for Tad by bringing Dixie back and that it is not his fault that Dixie wants nothing to do with Tad. Tad says that David did not intend for Di to really be Dixie. He is going to make David pay for setting out to hurt JR and Tad. Tad is going to make David pay for what he intended to do. Tad then starts talking about the well in front of the cabin. How deep and dark it is. Tad tells David that he is going to throw him down the well. As Tad duct tapes David's mouth shut in walks Dixie. "Are you out of tar and feathers?" she asks while admiring the sight of a tied up David. Tad informs her of the plan to put David in the well. Dixie says "All's well that ends well." She lets tells Tad that she wants to help him pay David back for all he has done. She will help Tad get rid of David. Tad looks on while Di draws big red lips on the duct tape on David's mouth. Dixie tells Tad that she never called or contacted David. She had already hurt Tad and JR enough. Tad rips the tape off of David's mouth. David says that he has pieces of the puzzle that Tad doesn't and that only he David knows what Dixie's real secret is. Dixie tells David that after all he has done no one will believe anything he says. Tad leaves saying that Dixie just got out of prison and he doesn't want to get her in trouble. David tells Dixie that she has Tad duped but not him. He knows what he knows. She leaves David still tied to the chair.

Krystal eats several shrimp cocktails while she and Adam discuss who Di(xie) really is. Adam is convinced that she is Dixie's sister Lani. Brooke joins them and proceeds to tell Adam that he is just jealous and that he doesn't want to have to share JR with Dixie. Brooke reminds Adam that he said he was trying to change but maybe that was just a line to get her into bed. She then leaves. Krystal warns Adam that if they reveal that Di isn't Dixie they won't be very popular. Adam then gets a call from his squad of investigators that he had searching for Lani. They had found her alive and well. Adam hangs up and says that Dixie must be who she says she is. Lani was their only shot.

Danielle and Mimi fight over Danielle sleeping with Josh. Mimi can't believe that Danielle would sleep with someone she doesn't even know. Danielle says that it must run in the family since Mimi had an affair. Garret convinces them to sit down and talk about everything. Mimi explains how she was sad and confused when she had her affair and didn't know she was pregnant with Danielle until after the affair was over. Garret points out that Mimi's reasons for her affair are no different than Danielle's reasons for the Josh encounter. Mimi tells Danielle that she is glad that Danielle is ok. After Danielle leaves the room Mimi tells Garret that she is a bad parent. Garret tells her that there are no instructions with kids. She wonders how long Garret has known about Danielle having sex with Josh. Garret says that he made Danielle tell him about it the morning after it happened and that he couldn't tell Mimi because he wants Danielle to trust him.

JR breaks up the fight between Reggie and Josh. He gets the two to talk instead of punch. Josh tells Reggie that he would have never slept with Danielle if he had known about Reggie. The last thing he needed was a jealous boyfriend decking him at work. Erica walks up and wants to know what is going on. While she waits for them to explain her cell phone rings. She rushes out having been informed of Ryan's accident. Josh tells Reggie to go talk to Danielle.

Greenlee thinks that Ryan is dead. She is ready to give up. Simone tries to get her to keep hoping but Zach tells Greenlee to sit down. He says that he respects Greenlee too much to give her false hope. He then explains Search Teams were now calling it a recovery not a rescue. They had found Ryan's bike destroyed on the rocks and the divers say that the rip tide is so bad it would keep him from swimming to shore. Greenlee thinks that she killed Ryan by getting pregnant. He didn't want a baby and killed himself when she told him about it. It's all her fault. Kendall tells Greenlee that it was an accident not a suicide and that Greenlee has kept Ryan alive by being pregnant with his baby. Simone and Kendall try to convince Greenlee that the baby is a part of Ryan that she has left with her. Jack and Erica show up to offer their support. Greenlee tells Jack to get away from her. She says that he got what he wanted and asks if he is happy now that Ryan won't be around her anymore. She then runs from the room. Erica tells Jack to stay and that she will talk to Greenlee. Zach tells Kendall that she is the best friend that Greenlee can have and that she said exactly the right things to her. Kendall says that she wanted happy endings for Greenlee and Ryan and that she should have listened to Zach when he told her Ryan would never be happy about a baby. Zack says that Ryan going over the cliff is what Ryan said he would do if he ever wanted to hurt Greenlee. Zack then leaves saying that this was a time for family. Meanwhile Greenlee tells Erica that Jack didn't know the real Ryan. Erica tells her that Jack didn't hate Ryan he was just trying to protect Greenlee. Erica pleads with her to talk to Jack. Erica points out that the baby will need a family to love it and urges Greenlee not to make this tragedy worse by turning away from Jack. Greenlee agrees to talk to Jack and Erica goes to get him. Jack tells Greenlee how sorry he is. She asks him if he is sorry that she is bringing another Lavery into the world.

In the darkness at the bottom of the cliff, Ryan watches the searchers from his hiding place behind some rocks.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

As Kendall and Simone listen at the door, Greenlee interrogates Jack with an antagonistic edge. At the culmination of her questioning, she asks Jack if he wants her baby in the water too. At this, Erica brokenly begs Greenlee to stop attempting to make a bad situation worse.

Kendall and Simone return to the living room, and Kendall starts to explode about the situation. She is angry that despite the fact that Greenlee only gave Ryan love and hope, he couldn't bear to take that and fight for their relationship. All Ryan gave to Greenlee was heartache. She says that the reasoning is because Ryan is a guy and that's what guys do: destroy your hope and dreams by grinding them in to dust. Just then, she sees that Ethan has shown up and Kendall unleashes on him too, asking why guys always have to hurt the women they supposedly love. Twisting her own horrible experiences into the mix, Kendall rants on about how convenient it is for men to use excuses like 'My daddy hates me' to destroy the woman who loves them. She is amazed that Greenlee took a leap of faith that she never could, time and time again, amazed that she gave Ryan the world by giving him a child - and for what? She notes that love is a lie - one that we use to comfort ourselves. Simone breaks in and tells her that it really does exist, and Kendall dares her to go into the other room and tell Greenlee that what happened with Ryan was the way things were meant to be. Ethan agrees with Kendall, but somehow she is not comforted. Simone slips into the optimist role by telling both of them that the point of love, even if it ends badly, it to reach out, connect with someone and try. Kendall feels that is all well and good, but what about people like Greenlee, who trust blindly and have endless faith? Somehow she got it wrong, and now she is broken and she never saw it coming. Kendall points to that situation as the reality of love, and asks to be spared the lecture on the magic of love.

Greenlee turns her rage onto Erica but her target refuses to back down. Erica tells her new stepdaughter that she is there to help and is in her life to stay. Greenlee blows over Erica's offer by asking if they are both trying to parent her. She then goes back to raging at Jack, telling him that he can't just play Daddy, rock her and tell her that everything will be okay. Jack replies that for whatever she thinks he has done to her, and however angry she is at him, he is still her father. She then denounces him as her father, noting that the change came about the first day that he declared that she and Ryan shouldn't be together. The only family she has now, according to her, is the baby that she is carrying. After a few moments, Greenlee wonders why her father hasn't left. He tells her that he will always love her and her baby, and he would never desert them. Greenlee reminds him that the baby is part of the man that he hated. That doesn't matter to Jack, but Greenlee doesn't believe him. He tells his daughter that all he wanted was the best for her, but she believes that she had the best in Ryan, and now he's gone. She reminds her father that he tried to get Ryan out of her life by telling him that he was dangerous. She never believed that he would hurt her, but Jack refutes the back half of her comment and says that everyone saw what Ryan became - even Ryan. Greenlee then says that she doesn't know how she can look at her father with all the things he said and did to her husband, let alone forgive him. Jack lets her rant on for a moment longer, and then he grabs his daughter and begs her to listen. He admits that he recognizes how much she loved Ryan, and how torn up she is that he's gone. He tells her that she is not responsible for what happened, and choking up, he apologizes for her loss. Finally cracking, Greenlee allows her tears of pain to roll down her cheeks, and then falls into her father's loving embrace. Erica takes the opportunity to leave her husband and stepdaughter alone.

Erica returns to the main part of the room as Kendall swears that she is done with love. Kendall spots her mother and asks how Greenlee is doing. Erica doesn't have anything positive to report, so Simone and Ethan decide in that moment that they need to take their leave. When mother and daughter are alone, Erica asks Kendall how she is doing. Kendall tries to put on a brave face, but Erica knows it all too well, and calls her eldest daughter's bluff. Kendall insists that there is no way her mother could know or understand what is going on inside of her head. Erica knows that, as her mother, she has an insight that Kendall may not understand. She remains quiet while Kendall rages about the fact that Ryan couldn't let himself be loved. She admits that she can't imagine a world without Ryan and never wanted to.

At the cliffs, the search and rescue team continues to look for Ryan as he hides out behind some rocks. Moments later, Zach shines a light right on Ryan, and wonders how he survived the fall. Noting that Greenlee will be happy to find out that she isn't a widow sparks Ryan's anger again, and he threatens Zach with death if Greenlee ever found out he was alive. Zach informs him that he was the one that told Greenlee that the mission had moved from rescue to recovery, and tells him about the blank look in her eyes. He goes on to say that while it would be good for his image to bring Ryan back from the dead, the more important thing would be that Ryan could put the light back in his wife's eyes. Ryan tries to convince Zach that Greenlee would be better off without him, because she would suffer less on the whole by believing he was dead. Before Zach can refute the theory, another rescue worker calls down to him and asks if he found anything. Zach pauses for a moment, and then calls up that he did indeed find something. Ryan silently begs Zach not to blow his cover, and after a moment, Zach caves, saying that he found some random unrelated things. After Zach promises he will let them know if he finds something pertinent, they leave. Zach then tries to get a handle on why Ryan made the decision that he did. Ryan swears that he knows what Greenlee needs, and that this is the best course of action. Zach then asks how he would feel if Greenlee loved him and mourned him the rest of her life. Ryan doesn't take time to ponder that, instead asking his own question: does Zach believe there is any chance that Ryan can be someone other than who he has already become? Zach doesn't think that Ryan will have any other existence besides going to bed and waking up, still hating himself. Ryan believes that Greenlee never would have walked away from him, despite the dark and twisted soul that lived inside him - so he had to take the option out of her hands. With nothing changing Ryan's mind - not the baby, nor his loving wife who, at this very moment is grieving for him), Zach takes in the view below him - the jagged rocks, the strong current. He then turns and tells Ryan that maybe it wasn't his turn to die. Zach thinks that maybe Ryan has been afforded a second chance, but Ryan tells him that even if it were true - the good times would never last. He believes that it is best to leave it with everyone thinking that he's dead. He asks Zach to leave him alone and to keep his mouth shut. Zach readily agrees, but then asks how Ryan will deal with the rescue workers and the media. He is certain that one group or the other will manage to find Ryan. He asks Ryan if he thinks anyone from those camps would keep his secret. Momentarily speechless, Ryan just stares at Zach as he contemplates the near future. Zach then sheds a ray of light: he tells Ryan that if he is going to fake his death, he needs to work with Zach so that it's done right.

Ryan follows Zach into a storage shed, wary of his plan. He questions how long he will have to stay there, but Zach couldn't confirm anything. Ryan confesses that he doesn't trust Zach, so Zach offers to let him leave so that he can do things on his own. He does, however, remind Ryan that he knows a thing or two about faking your own death. Ryan acquiesces and Zach goes to leave. When he closes the door, he padlocks it shut. Realizing too late, Ryan tries to open the door while screaming at Zach, but to no avail. He looks around for something to break the door open with, muttering about how he will make Zach pay once he gets out.

Greenlee and Jack come out of the bathroom, noticeably less shaken. Greenlee thanks everyone for being there for her, but tells them that they can go home, and that she will be okay. Before they can make a move, Zach returns to the suite, and they look to him for an update on Ryan.

At Tad and Aidan's office, Sam roots through a file and finds the security pass code for Wildwind. He rejoices for a moment, and then calls Lily. He tells her that he wants to see her, but informs her they would have to break some rules in order to do so. Lily is game, so he tells her to meet him at Wildwind. He hangs up and gets ready to take off, but when he turns around, he sees Tad. He tries to be nonchalant about what Tad may or may not have heard and tries to leave, but Tad isn't having it. Instead, Tad wants to sit down and have a talk. Reluctantly, Sam sits down and hears Tad out. Tad starts by apologizing for being so absent in Sam's life over the past couple of weeks. Sam pretends to be appreciative but is really antsy to leave. Tad keeps thwarting his exit until finally he tells the newest member of his family that he won't be allowed to leave until he confesses what is going on, and why he was snooping in the office. Sam makes up an excuse where Ruth said Tad would buy dinner. Tad decides to let it go, giving Sam money but noting that someday, he would get Sam to open up. As a relieved Sam dashes out, Tad starts to try to track down the real reason for Sam being in the office - alone. He checks in some drawers and on the desk, but doesn't see anything suspicious. Before he can get too involved in his search, he is interrupted by a kiss placed on the back of his head by Amanda. After a startled Tad realizes who kissed him, he attempts to ascertain why. Amanda tries to pull a double cross by telling Tad that she thought he was Aidan and she wanted to thank him for the job offer. Tad tells her that Aidan never mentioned it, and Amanda feigns disappointment somewhat convincingly. She tries to convince Tad that she has skills that would be an asset to the PI business, but Tad remains completely unmoved. She continues to sweet talk Tad, and tells him that Aidan said she could have the job if Tad signed on. Tad thinks for a moment, and after deciding that there was no real harm, hires her. She squeals with glee and goes to hug Tad, but her joy is short lived. Aidan had shown up at the office and overheard her scam. He promptly fires her.

At the Montgomery residence, Lily grabs her purse and plans to leave, but when she opens the door, she finds Aidan standing outside. She tries to talk her way around him, but he apologetically tells her that he can't let her leave. Even though she didn't schedule time to talk to him, Aidan is unwilling to leave her alone. He tells Lily that Jack called and that in addition to asking Aidan to check on her, told him about an emergency. Lily inquires about the emergency but Aidan tells her that Jack will tell her about it when he sees her. He then invites himself in and ignores all of her attempts to leave. She gets increasingly agitated that he is getting her off schedule, and when he comes near her, she kicks him and runs back to her room. A short time later, Aidan talks to Reggie in the same spot where Lily left him. Reggie asks for the latest on the Ryan situation - how Greenlee is, if Jack is with her, if he should go to be with all of them. Aidan tells him what he knows, but suggests that it would be better if he stayed with Lily. Aidan admits that he didn't tell Lily what had happened because Jack wanted to be certain that she would be okay. He also tells Reggie that he was asked to check in on Lily to make sure she didn't go anywhere. He thinks that she is angry enough not to come out until morning. At the same time that he is absorbing that information, Reggie wonders why there are people that just can't get a break, no matter how well they live their lives.

Having snuck out of the apartment, Lily meets up with Sam at Wildwind. They successfully get into the house and disarm the security system. They discover that the electricity has been turned off, so they opt to light candles. After some small talk about breaking the rules and learning from your mistakes (all things in the teenagers' handbook), they decide to explore the house to see what was left behind. After poking around for a while, Sam vents about the fact that it seems his family has been erased - all the furniture is covered up, all of the pictures are gone. He thinks briefly that things would be better if his dad were still around. Lily tells him that bad things happen to her family, but good things happen as well, and that she tries to remember those more. Sam agrees and he lets go of his angst for the moment. He says that he has something much better in his bag. He pulls out a portable stereo, and tells her that he has new music for her to listen to. He asks her to dance and she agrees - adding on that she wanted to try the touching kind of dancing. Sam tells her to let him know if something doesn't feel right, and she agrees. He reaches out to touch her but before he can, she sees something over his shoulder and screams.

Simone and Ethan return to the hall outside of his suite, and she laments about never really being able to be the kind of friend that she should be. Ethan assures her that she did everything right, by believing in her friend and in love. She reminds him that he doesn't think that love is a good thing. He agrees, but says that he wishes he could. She thinks briefly that maybe, if there is a next time, she should be more like him, like Kendall. He replies that he hopes she doesn't - because her faith in people is a big part of who she is, and he would miss her. He then offers to get her whatever she wants - like food or something to drink. He feels that she has done so much for others that it's time for her to be taken care of.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Amanda is disappointed that Aidan fired her and looks to Tad for help, but he refuses to go against Aidan's word. Amanda tells Tad about how she tagged the pervert at the S.O.S., but Aidan says she is not a professional undercover agent. Tad asks Aidan if they could give her a chance, but Aidan still refuses. Tad interrogates Amanda about her experience in following people and she quickly comes up with a story about tailing her cousin. Tad notices that Aidan is being distant and leaves. Amanda asks him to forgive her for being mean to Lily, but that is not what is bothering him. Tad comes back in the room and begins to wonder why Sam has not returned yet. Amanda offers to track him down, but Tad refuses his offer. Tad leaves to find Sam as Amanda tries to seduce Aidan into giving her a job. She gives him a kiss before leaving and Aidan gets a call about Erin Lavery's case.

Lily tells Sam that she saw something move in the house and he says that he believes her. Sam rushes off to look around the house, although Lily wants to go with him and be a detective too. He tells her that if he does not return in 10 minutes to call the police. Sam comes back with his father's shirt in one hand. He says that the shirt was not there before he returned. Lily suggests that maybe his father is still alive, but Sam does not believe that his father's ghost is hanging around.

Danielle comes to see Reggie at his home, but he says that he is not ready to talk to her because of things that are going on with his family. Danielle tries to come clean about the reason she slept with Josh, but Reggie is not interested in what she has to say and asks her to leave. Danielle begs for his forgiveness and wants to get back together, but Ryan blocks her out. He even tells her to be with Josh since she could not have sex with him. Danielle tells him that she loves him, but Reggie does not return the feelings. Danielle counters that maybe Reggie didn't care about their relationship either if he can blow her off so easily. She leaves and he gets a call from Tad, asking if Lily is there. Tad goes to Wildwind and finds Sam and Lily. Lily tells Tad some of the new things that Sam taught her about rules and guidelines as Reggie walks in. Lily asks Reggie not to be upset because he breaks the rules too sometimes. Reggie takes Lily home so Tad can talk with Sam, who asks if he going to be spent to California. Tad says that he is disappointed Sam took advantage of Lily and he will not allow it to happen again. He adds that Sam reminds him of himself and although Lily is great, she is very protected because of her special condition. After the house is empty, someone picks up Edmund's shirt.

Back at Reggie's home, Reggie begins yelling at Lily for being a woman who wants to do whatever she feels like. His lets his emotions about Danielle cheating on him come out onto Lily. She gets upset and tells him that he can not run her life because she is not is father. She goes to her room as Reggie realizes how much he has hurt his sister.

Greenlee and the rest of her family ask Zach if he found Ryan, but he does not answer her directly. He tells her that the search is still going on, but no one has found Ryan. Greenlee still hopes that Ryan is alive and he is just faking her out, but she realizes that the rest of her family believes he is dead. Zach tells Greenlee that Ryan changed and his actions earlier that day proved it. Jackson asks what Zach is talking about, but Greenlee begins a tangent about how she could have saved Ryan, even if no one else thought so. Erica leaves so Jackson can tend to his daughter. Kendall tells Zach that after seeing Ryan nearly hit Greenlee, she is not sure if Greenlee could save him. On the other hand, she has never experienced the type of love that she has for Ryan, so perhaps, she could have saved him, Kendall says. Inside the room, Greenlee tells Jackson that she is not leaving the room that night. Jackson offers to stay with her as Greenlee asks him if he believed their child would have saved him. Jackson says that given time, she could have changed Ryan. Jackson leaves Greenlee to go tell his other children about Ryan's death. Greenlee finally get some sleep and dreams that Ryan has come back. When she wakes up, he is gone and she begins to cry.

Erica goes to the New Beginnings office, where she is startled by someone.

Ryan grabs anything that he can in the building to use as a tool to get out, but he stops making noise when he hears Simone and Ethan outside. Ryan overhears Simone describing how much pain Greenlee is in because of Ryan's death. Ethan tells Simone that she will pull through because she has her family to support her. Simone tells him that Ryan was just confused and that she is happy she helped Greenlee get pregnant. Ethan hears Ryan moving around inside the building and begins to call security. Zach shows up just as a security guard is about to open the door and ushers him away. Zach tells Simone and Ethan that they probably heard rats in the building getting caught in traps. After they leave, Zach walks into the building and Ryan grabs him by the throat. After he puts Zach down, Zach explains that he did not tell his wife that he was alive. He says that he would rather see her grieve over him for a few years than live another second as his wife. Zach starts to formulate a plan for Ryan to fake his death. Zach walks outside and locks the door as Kendall shows up.

Simone goes back to see Greenlee and spills to Kendall about hearing noises in the shed and Zach's reactions. Kendall tells Simone that she will find out what Zach is up to. Simone hears Greenlee sobbing and goes in to comfort her.

Jackson comes home and hears about Lily sneaking away to see Sam from Reggie. Jackson decides to deal with that later and tells Lily that he has some bad news.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Di thanks JR for going ahead with the Christening, despite the drama that has surrounded them. She tells him that she is proud he wants to build a relationship with Tad, but questions if he will ever forgive Jamie and Babe. JR says he will not forgive them and he has already given them enough, such as extra time with little Adam and an invitation to the family picnic. Di tries to get him to see past his anger, but it fails, and he goes upstairs to bed. When he gets to his room, he finds Amanda sitting on his bed with tears streaming down her cheeks. She starts apologizing to JR for hurting him, but he says he won't give her another chance. JR calls her a piece of trash, but she continues to plead that he knows her better than anyone else. She tells him that she is jealous of him because he has a mother who loves him, something she does not have. When Amanda kisses him, he pushes her away at first, then gives in to temptation. After they make love, JR turns against Amanda and tells her to get out of his bed and his life. Amanda puts on her robe and scolds him for tricking her into bed. JR continues to insult Amanda and when she goes to hit him, he holds her back. She tells him that she hates him.

Adam walks in and confesses that he was not happy he thought she had died. Di does not believe it, even when Adam, pours himself a drink and says that he accepts she is Dixie. She tells him that she does not expect JR and Jamie to become best friends, but they are relatives. Adam says that he is the last person JR should forgive because he chose Babe over him. Di thinks Adam wants JR to keep hating Jamie, but he counters that he just being realistic. Adam admits that he is scared she will take JR and his grandson away from him. When Di asks him to continue, Adam tells her that he has changed since she almost died. He also brings up his strokes and admits that they have made his realize how important JR is because his other children are no longer around. Di tells him that he has to stop controlling his son and Adam asks her to stay and show him how to change his controlling ways. Di is not sure if they can all live together peacefully, but agrees to talk to JR about it. After she goes upstairs, Adam says that she is not Dixie.

Josh runs to Babe's side as she is being over a car door by three men. The men drive off when Josh grabs her and instead of thanking him, she scolds him for interfering. Babe tells him that she was trying to stop them from stealing Jamie's car. Josh tries to look on the bright side by saying she is lucky she is alive. Babe tells him that they stole the car because she would not give them any booze at the bar. When she tells Josh they should follow them in his car, he agrees and they leave. Babe and Josh find the boys chugging beer on the beach. She decides to get revenge instead of calling the police on them. Josh agrees to help and they start planning. Josh introduces himself to the drunk boys and he starts pushing them around. Babe comes out and tells "Vinnie" to kill the boys because they messed with their family. Babe and Josh keep up their act until the boys are so scared that they run away.

Dr. Madden tries to give his sympathy for Erica's loss, but she asks to be alone. Dr. Madden asks how Greenlee is, but Erica takes it as a way of thinking he can lock Greenlee up for stealing Ryan's sperm out of his clinic. He tells her that he is not out to hurt Greenlee and apologizes for pressuring her to fire his son. He asks if he can help her and Erica begins to tell him about her friendship with Ryan. She admits that she wished she could have helped Ryan, like he always helped her. Before leaving, Dr. Madden asks Erica if they could start over and she agrees.

Kendall pressures Zach to tell him what he has hiding in the building, but he does not answer her. Aidan cuts in and tells them that he needs to speak to Greenlee about Erin Lavery. When Kendall and Zach ask what the news is, Aidan tells him that Erin is alive, as Ryan listens inside the building. Kendall says that Greenlee does not need to hear the news, but Aidan tells her what he has found out. He says that Erin was spotted in another state four weeks after Jonathan died. She has used her ATM card recently and plans to go to Canada, Aidan says. Kendall and Aidan leave and Ryan tries to break free as soon as Zach opens the door. Ryan wants to go to his sister, but he remembers that he is supposed to be dead.

Aidan and Kendall go back to the spot where he was shot and she recalls the past. She tells him that if he survived a bullet, Ryan had to have survived the wreck. Aidan reminds her that although he is tough, you cannot cheat death forever. Kendall realizes that if Zach faked his death, then maybe Ryan is doing the same thing. She does not tell Aidan her theory, but they break into the building.



B&B's Kim Matula lands screwball comedy
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