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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 18, 2005 on GL
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Monday, July 18, 2005

Cassie is at Company preparing to throw a children's party when she discovers the clown she hired has cancelled. Jeffrey arrives in black-tie and tells her he left a room full of lawyers to see if he could help her with the party. Jeffrey is shocked when Cassie announces to the children 'Jeffardo the Magnificent' has arrived to entertain them with magic tricks. After trying to convince Cassie he doesn't know any magic tricks, he agrees when she promises some magic of their own after the party.

Edmund and Dinah are in her suite planning how they are going to deceive Cassie into believing Dinah is still pregnant until the baby should be born. Dinah tells Edmund she lost a part of herself when she miscarried and asks him to give her a child of their own to love. Edmund firmly tells Dinah a baby between them is not in the plans. Cassie's complete suffering can be their only goal. They make love and afterwards Edmund awakens to an evil voice in his head encouraging him to hurt Cassie. He dresses to find Cassie at Company. Once there, he hugs RJ and tells Cassie he has decided to let her help raise the baby Dinah is carrying. Cassie thanks him for being so generous.

At the courthouse, Frank is trying to convince Mallet to remain in Springfield, but he thinks it's time for him to leave since Harley has been cleared of Phillip's murder. Gus and Harley arrive and tell Frank that Gus received a tip Alan was seen at the docks near an abandoned office building. Harley convinces Mallet to accompany them in their search for Alan.

Alan is preparing to enter a room in a deserted corridor when a woman approaches and tells him she has seen the morning paper. Alan cuts her off by saying 'Don't believe everything you read, doctor.' The doctor unlocks a door. Alan enters and greets Phillip, who is seated behind an executive desk reading some papers. He approaches his son with caution and tells him he is looking well. Phillip ignores the remark and tells his dad he's glad to see him because he's having some trouble with a property on the east side. Alan tells his son that whatever the problem is, he is sure he can handle it. He tells Phillip the time has come to hand over the reins of Spaulding because he has to leave and may not return for a while. Phillip appears lucid and asks if the children are okay. Alan assures him the kids are fine and shaping into perfect little Spauldings. He says goodbye and prepares to leave since Phillip has a 'board meeting.' He watches from the door as two orderlies enter the room and Phillip emerges from behind the desk wearing pajama bottoms beneath his shirt and tie.

In the hallway, Alan leans against the door and promises he will always keep Phillip safe. He's interrupted by Harley and Gus who tell him not to run. Alan runs but is blindsided by Frank who slams him against the wall and handcuffs him. Later in the courtroom, Harley taunts Alan with a life behind bars the way he intended it to be for her. Alan sneers at her and Gus, telling them they think they know so much but they know nothing. They will never pin a murder charge on him. Harley wants to stay and watch Alan being led away to jail but Gus convinces her they should leave. He takes her to her house and tells her they are finally home.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Gus takes Harley into their new home, which he has decorated with candles and a few essentials. But just as they start to get cozy, Rick runs in to see Harley. He is so excited to see her that he doesn't realize he interrupted a romantic evening. Just as he decides to leave, in walk Ross and Blake with champagne and balloons. Gus is really not happy with the impromptu "party" Blake has planned, but she really won't leave until Harley tells her all the details of what happened while she was on the lamb. Ross, however, sees Gus has decorated and suspects they interrupted something. After a short celebration, he is able to convince his wife to leave Gus and Harley alone. Gus is relieved, and continues the tour of the new home - which ends in their new bedroom. They enjoy a long awaited romantic interlude. Later, Gus presents her with her engagement ring - she is thrilled. She grins as she shows him that she has kept his mother's ring.

Sandy goes to the courthouse in search of the clerk - per instructions from Lewis Construction - but finds Tammy is waiting for him. She tries to tell him that she was called there on business, too, but Sandy realizes she set him up. She grabs him to kiss him and it's pretty clear he enjoys it. He leaves her and tells her they'll meet in an hour and talk about getting back together.

Jonathan is at Company working on his laptop computer. He checks that the money embezzled from Lewis Construction is in his account. Just as he does, Josh shows up. He asks why he resigned from Lewis Construction. Jonathan says he left before he screwed it up, because he is a "screw-up."

Nate breaks into Reva's home. He is surprised when Reva turns the lights on and asks him why he is there. He makes up a story about not finishing the job when he tried to move money from Lewis Construction to another account. She tells him the money is gone, so somebody did it. He asks her if she suspects someone, but she won't admit she suspects Jonathan. As they talk, Josh walks into the room. Nate leaves, and although Reva is ashamed of what she's done to Josh, she is very glad to see him. She tells him everything - including that she gave Nate the password to move the money. Josh is furious. He gets even angrier when Reva pleads with him to let her handle the situation her way! He reminds her that the money was there for their family and for the Lewis Construction payroll and doing things her way has cost them dearly. She pleads with him to help her because she is afraid Nate will hurt Jonathan. Josh agrees to help her but tells her that he will go to the police if they haven't found Nate and Jonathan in two hours. They go to Company to look for Jonathan, but he has moved on. They fight - Josh says he is very angry that she didn't come to him for help, but instead turned to Nate. He tells her it is her problem, not his, but she will have to deal with it later. At the moment, they need to find Jonathan and confront Nate.

Jonathan is indeed planning to leave town. He waits at the dock for a boat to arrive. Nate finds him and threatens to hunt him down and kill him if Jonathan leaves with the money. Nate pretends to leave but as soon as Jonathan relaxes a little, Nate turns around and pushes him into the water, knowing he can't swim. Nate takes Jonathan's computer.

Tammy has gone to the dock to think about Sandy. Thoughts of the beautiful things he's said to her go through her mind. Her thoughts are interrupted, however, by the sound of someone struggling in the water. She realizes it is Jonathan and rushes to get him out of the water. She is able to rescue him and he seems scared and shocked as he looks at her.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tammy pulls Jonathan from the water but he tells her she should have let him drown and takes off. Tammy then goes back to Sandy and makes a promise that Jonathan won't interfere with their relationship any more. Later, Reva finds Jonathan and confronts him about the money and his relationship with Nate. She nearly gets through to him, but he pulls back and pushes her away. Meanwhile, determined to get the truth out of Nate, Olivia, Bill and Josh confront him about Marissa. Nate sells a hard story that it was Jonathan who killed her and though Josh and Bill don't buy it, Olivia begins to doubt Jonathan's innocence. Later, stung off her encounter with Jonathan, Reva is walking alone when she comes face-to-face with a dangerous looking Nate while Josh finds Jonathan and tells him it's time they had a talk. Danny and Marina are celebrating her acceptance into the police academy when Danny senses someone is watching them. Danny corners the guy who turns out to be an old illegal associate who congratulates Danny on getting a cop in his pocket. Danny insists that being with Marina isn't a career move but Danny remains unsettled about what his past could cost Marina.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Edmund tells Dinah to keep her doctor's appointment but to tell them she will be seeing a new doctor. Edmund says they are setting Cassie up for a fall.

Joshua breaks down Jonathan's door. He demands to know what happened to the $ 2 million dollars. Jonathan tries to taunt Joshua into hitting him. Joshua says Jonathan is nothing like Alfred and prods him to grow up and become a man.

Alfred corners Reva on the docks. She accuses him of murdering Marissa and trying to drown Jonathan. He says he came to town to restrain Jonathan from going off the deep end under Reva's influence. She vows to fight him for Jonathan and will kill Alfred before he hurts her son again. Alfred attacks Reva's mothering skills. Jonathan arrives to witness Reva with her hand around Alfred's throat. Reva and Alfred plead with Jonathan to make the right choice. He tells her to leave him alone with Alfred. After he gets Alfred to confess to killing Marissa, Jonathan tells him to take the money and leave. Alfred grabs him by the mouth and threatens him.

Tammy talks to Cassie about Sandy's ultimatum: cut Jonathan out of her life or lose Sandy. Cassie tells her to walk away from Jonathan or he will drag her down. She says Tammy cannot fix Jonathan. Tammy runs out.

Cassie gets a call from the doctor to come in for Dinah's sonogram. Dinah frantically calls Edmund to tell him they are about to be busted. He tells her to think about their future and to do anything she can to get out of it. Cassie arrives and Dinah pretends to be nauseated. She says she only wants Edmund in the room with her. Cassie tells Dinah she isn't leaving until she sees the sonogram.

Sandy tells Joshua about the money taken from Lewis. He tells Sandy to drop it and let him handle it internally. Tammy greets Sandy at Company with a passionate kiss and tells him she's done trying to save Jonathan. She has pity for Jonathan and love for Sandy. Sandy reports Jonathan's theft to the police.

Reva comes home to Joshua. He says he might have a better chance of gaining her respect if shows his dark side like Alfred and Jonathan. He tells her about a flirtatious encounter he had with a beautiful woman on a plane. Josh says he "gets it" about having someone look at you with fresh eyes and to laugh at all your jokes. He says he's not sure that love and happiness are enough for Reva. He warns her he may not stick around if she plays with their marriage again.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Jeffrey is at the prison trying to convince Alan to make his statement. Alan refuses to cooperate, however, and keeps insisting to speak with his lawyer. Alan tells Jeffrey that he's not going to prison. Jeffrey tries to scare Alan by bringing up his claustrophobia and pointing out that he'll be in a small, dark enclosed space for the rest of his life, but Alan's not intimidated by his scare tactics. Jeffrey then tries to point out that the DA's office can make Alan's prison stay a little easier but Alan still refuses to budge and asks to call his lawyer. Jeffrey allows it and gives Alan some privacy. Alone, Alan places a call--but not his lawyer. He ends up calling the doctor who is taking care of Phillip. The doctor has read about Alan's situation and is concerned about how she and her staff will get paid if he's sent to jail. Alan tries to convince the doctor that he's not going to prison but she's not convinced. She's only concerned with being paid for her services and if she isn't paid tonight, Phillip is on his own. A desperate Alan tries to convince her that she can't just abandon Phillip but she's unmoved. Alan asks to talk to his son. Just then Gus enters the room and thinking Alan is talking about him, grabs the phone away from Alan.

Tammy, at Company preparing for Cassie's baby shower leaves a message for Sandy telling him how much she wants to make their relationship work and that she loves him, As she hangs up, Blake enters and asks if she meant what she said. At first, Tammy ignores the question but then becomes concerned that she sounded fake. Blake points out that it did sound rehearsed but brushes it off as normal--people do usually think out what they're going to say. Blake asks how things are with Sandy and Tammy states that he's great; he's what every girl should want. Blake picks up on the "should" and tries to give her some advice about sticking with a nice guy like Sandy. Although Tammy states that everything's fine with Sandy, Blake is wondering if there isn't somebody else she's attached to. Tammy denies it and goes to get her mother for the surprise shower.

Cassie is at the hospital waiting for Dinah's pre-natal exam. Dinah tries to convince Cassie to wait outside but Cassie insists on staying. Cassie then makes a move to touch Dinah's stomach in an effort to feel the baby kick. Luckily, just as she's about to touch Dinah's fake belly, Edmund rushes in and distracts her. Cassie gets confused when Edmund acts like he wants her to leave, but Edmund buys some time by getting Cassie to leave for ten minutes so Dinah can relax. Cassie agrees but insists that she will see the sonogram. With Cassie in the hall, an upset Dinah lashes out at Edmund because they almost got caught. Dinah tries to get Edmund to see that their plan is flawed, Cassie is going to find out they're lying, especially since there won't be a sonogram. Throughout all this, Edmund is furiously fiddling around with the sonogram machine.

While Cassie's waiting in the hall, she's pleasantly surprised to see Jeffrey who has plans to take her for a romantic dinner. After playfully pointing out that the newborn baby is going to change their lives and he should get out while he can, Cassie goes back into the room for the sonogram. However the doctor can't begin the procedure because the machine is broken; they'll have to reschedule. Meanwhile, Tammy has come to the hospital and told Jeffrey that he can't take her mother out--he has to bring her to her shower. Disappointed that the sonogram was cancelled, Cassie is further disappointed when Jeffrey states that he's canceling their dinner plans--he just feels like getting takeout from Company.

Harley (basking in the afterglow of making love to Gus) comes to Company for the shower. Alone with Blake, Harley shares the happy news of her engagement. However, Blake doesn't seem too excited since she makes the comment that they didn't waste any time. She then asked her to explain her comment. Blake states that she has concerns that Harley may be rushing into things and brings up Mallet. Blake tells Harley that she thinks Mallet still loves Harley and wants her back. Harley insists that she loves Gus. However, Blake's even more concerned when Harley states that she's forgiven Mallet for everything. Harley tries to explain that Gus is the love of her life and Mallet's just another ex-husband. She tells Blake that nothing will get in the way of her marrying Gus. Suddenly, Harley's phone rings. It's a friend of hers telling her that Gus is out the prison visiting his father. Worried, Harley rushes out.

Tammy's now come back to Company to help Blake. They hear footsteps at the door and assuming it's Cassie,, they shut the lights off and hide. However, it's not Cassie who enters--it's Dinah and Edmund. Dinah starts complaining to Edmund about her belly pad. Dinah's comments confuse Tammy. Meanwhile, just as Dinah is getting ready to remove the belly pad, Jeffrey opens the door to come in.

At the prison, Gus is wondering who was on the phone since the person hung up when he got on. Alan is not forthcoming with answers so Gus just gets to his reason for being there. He's taking over control of Spaulding and freezing Alan's assets. Alan is shocked and tries to explain that he needs money for legal fees but Gus states that he'll be given a court appointed attorney. Alan tries to appeal to him as his father, but an unmoving Gus states that Alan will be going for the rest of his life and nothing he can say can change that. Just then Harley arrives. Alan gets defensive and insists to both of them that he's not staying in jail. Rattled from Gus's news, Alan blurts out that he didn't kill Phillip. Gus and Harley think this is just a pathetic attempt and turn around to leave. Just then a desperate Alan blurts out that Phillip is alive.

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