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Monday, July 25, 2005

Lily finds Keith playing pool at Yo's and tells him she is sorry she has dragged him into all her family's problems. She tells him she feels torn between him and her family. She and Keith dance, and Luke and a friend walk in and spot them. Luke leaves in a hurry. Keith and Lily then discuss time when they can be together, but their schedules don't mesh. Keith tells her that he is flying to the Tropics tomorrow for several days to deliver medical supplies. They leave, and Luke and his buddy return and ask a man in the bar "for a favor."

Gwen and Celia come into the coffee shop just in time to see a nasty fight going on between Will and Casey. The punches are going wild, and Celia gets on the receiving end of one from Casey that knocks her out. She comes to, and she and Gwen tell the boys how ridiculous they are. Will pays for the damages and leaves with Celia. Gwen tells Casey to grow up, and he blames her for not telling him about the baby and at least giving him a chance to step up.

Dusty and Jen linger in the church after the baby's memorial service. Meg peeks in the door of the sanctuary and sees how close those two have become. Jen and Dusty feel a special connection because they are the only ones who knew the baby his whole short life. Jennifer is filled with self-doubt, but Dusty talks her through it.

Paul gets a frantic phone call from Rosanna while he and Emily are relaxing. Paul realizes Rosanna is in her car and very upset. She asks him to meet her and tells him that she has reason to fear Craig. Paul decides to go help her, and while she is not happy about it, Emily supports his decision. Paul leaves and Susan arrives. Susan suggests to Emily that Rosanna may never have fallen out of love with Paul since James was pulling all the strings at the point Rosanna and Paul broke up. Susan expresses concern that Emily will get hurt.

Craig calls Rosanna from his car and tries to persuade her to come home and be a mother to "their son." Rosanna will not agree to ignore the fact that Craig switched the babies in the hospital, and then she is horrified to realize that Craig is right behind her in his car. He asks her to pull over, but she only speeds up. Craig pulls up alongside Rosanna and begins bumping her car to get her to pull over. Rosanna panics and crashes in the woods.

Meg and Barbara meet outside the church in Luther's Corners, and Barbara goes in to collect Jen and take her home. After they leave, Meg goes into the church and asks Dusty if he would like to go get a drink with her. He declines and leaves.

Paul arrives at the crash scene and gets Rosanna, who is unconscious, out of the car and calls 911. Rosanna comes to for a moment and murmurs, "The baby, the baby!" The EMTs arrive and begin working on Rosanna. Craig comes through the trees and Paul threatens to kill him. Hal shows up and separates the two. Paul tells Hal that Rosanna feared for her life from Craig, and Craig counters with a made-up story that the two of them were going to the hospital in separate cars to visit their new son. Paul then tells Hal that he saw Craig ram Rosanna's car and knock it off the road. Rosanna regains consciousness again and asks for Paul.

Luke and his friend are in the alley behind Yo's drinking from a bottle of liquor. The friend leaves for a moment, and Luke is surprised to feel a hand reach down and grab the bottle from him. He is busted by Keith.

Jennifer wakes up having trouble breathing and goes out and opens the door of Barbara's suite. Dusty is there, and Jen says she is happy for the company. Dusty puts her back to bed and talks to her until she falls asleep again.

Paul tries to talk to Rosanna who is in and out of consciousness. She says to him, "the wrong foot" and then drifts off again. Paul misunderstands and thinks she is referring to their relationship. In reality, she is talking about the footprint she has of Gwen's baby which does not match the foot of Craig's baby.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Lily is surprised to find Lucinda in the hospital chapel, and asks her why she is there. Lucinda seems to have had it with everyone hovering over her, and she tells Lily that she likes the utter silence in the church. Lily tries to persuade her to go home and rest, but Lucinda says no! that she is not dying, and that she wants everyone to go ahead and live their lives the way they usually do. Lily agreed - and when she asked Lucinda what she would like to do, Lucinda said they should go to a bar. But when they get to Yo's, they are surprised to see Keith in front of the building with a black eye! Keith tells Lily that he ran into a door because he was thinking of her.....Lily knows this is a lie, but goes on into the bar with her mother. What Keith doesn't tell Lily is that Luke gave him the black eye when they fought after Keith caught him and a friend drinking hard liquor outside of Yo's. When Luke returned, he had a bag of ice for Keith's eye and apologized for hitting Keith.

Will goes to Paul's to tell his brother that he wasn't the father of Gwen's baby. Paul isn't home, though, and Emily answers the door in her dressing gown. Will is surprised as he didn't know Emily had moved in. Emily tells Paul that he could call Paul on his cell phone - but when Emily admits to Will that Paul left to be with Rosanna, Will is angry that she has tried to use him to find out what he and his ex-wife are up to. Emily admits that she did try, but tells him she is really worried about Paul. Will believes her, but can't help throw in a few jabs about Paul and Rosanna and how Paul will eventually leave Emily for Rosanna. Shortly after Will leaves, Emily gets a phone call from Susan who tells her that Rosanna was in an accident and is in the hospital. Emily goes to the hospital and although her mother tries to persuade her to leave Paul alone for awhile, Emily tells Susan that he needs her and she is going to find him.

Unfortunately for Emily, things are not going well for Paul. Although Rosanna was talking after the accident and Ben thought the prognosis was good, Craig visited Rosanna and tried to find out if she told anyone about the baby. Rosanna had seizures and went into a coma, from which Ben is certain she will not recover. He encouraged Paul to talk with Rosanna, and Emily opens the door to the room just as he tells Rosanna that he loves her and pleads with her not to leave him as he will never love anyone like he loved her. Rosanna does not respond to Paul's words, but Emily leaves the room in shock.

Hal has arrested Craig for the attempted murder of Rosanna. Witnesses other than Paul have described how Craig purposefully ran into Rosanna's car at a high rate of speed. Craig is incredulous - he refuses to admit that he did anything wrong. However, when Hal leaves him alone in the interrogation room, Craig sighs and says to himself "at least my baby is safe."

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Mike and Katie saw each other at the coffee house so they sat down to talk. Mike told Katie that Jen moved out of the cottage. Mike was uncomfortable sitting with Katie at the coffee so she talked him into meeting her at her house later. Meanwhile, Henry went to the airport in his limo to pick up little sister Maddie who was in town to visit Henry. Maddie saw Henry's clothes in the limo so Henry was forced to tell her that he and Katie split up and that he was living in the limo temporarily. Maddie did not understand what happened so Henry told her that Katie was still in love with another man Mike. Maddie was allergic to Snickers so Henry went to Katie's to drop him off and Maddie and Katie finally met for the first time. Maddie saw that Henry was still in love with Katie so when Mike showed up she closed the door on his face.

Carly and Jack went to the hospital to see Rosanna. Carly screamed at Paul and blamed him for Rosanna's accident because he abandoned her when she needed him the most. A nurse told Carly and Jack that Rosanna's baby was ready to come home. Carly told Jack she promised Rosanna that she would take care of the baby if anything happened to her but Jack is apprehensive because they already have 3 kids at home to take care of. Carly said she needed to do this for Rosanna and Jack finally agreed. Ben arrived to tell Carly that there is a wonderful hospital in Switzerland that may be able to help Rosanna. Carly wanted what was best for Rosanna so she agreed to send Rosanna away.

Susan went to see how Emily was holding up. Emily told Susan she was up all night crying because she overheard Paul telling Rosanna how much he loved her. Susan wanted Emily to leave Paul and move back home with her. After much persuading Emily finally agreed. Susan left and Emily started to pack her things when Paul came home and picked Emily up in his arms and embraced her.

Margo wanted to know what happened between Craig and Rosanna that made her have the car accident. Craig said that he and Rosanna fought over Craig's feelings for their adopted baby and Rosanna left upset so Craig took off after her. Craig also said he pulled up next to Rosanna's car to get her to stop but when she would not stop all he did was give her car a little nudge and things got out of control and her car crashed. Craig is concerned about what is going to happen to his baby and demands that nobody will take his son away from him.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Maddie opened the door to Mike and asked Mike who he was. When he said his name, Maddie slammed the door in his face. Katie came downstairs and let Mike in. Katie asked Maddie Henry said that his sister was a handful and made her apologize. Maddie wanted to stay but Henry insisted they go. Henry offered Mike his condolences about the baby and told Maddie about the loss. Maddie wanted to know why Mike was even there and shouldn't he be with his wife. Henry made his sister apologize again and pushed her out of the house. Mike was feeling very uncomfortable and wanted to leave but Katie wouldn't let him. They kissed but Mike stopped and told Katie he had to tell her something. Mike told Katie that he loved her but he needed some time but Katie wanted to know how much time. Mike asked Katie to wait for him knowing that he would come back to her. Mike left Katie standing there with a look of disbelief. Katie ran after him. Mike told her that he was coming back and for her to be patient. They kissed and Mike told her that he loved her.

Dusty and Meg were going to have dinner when Jennifer walked up. Dusty wanted to know if Jennifer was doing okay and asked her to stay for dinner. Jennifer accepted and excused herself to go to the restroom. Meg asked Dusty how long Dusty was going to be the knight in shining armor. Dusty said that Jennifer was just a friend and he was trying to help a friend through a difficult tine. Jennifer came back and Meg left looking back at the two of them. Jennifer told Dusty to go on with his life and not wait on her. Dusty wanted to take her to the park for a walk but Jennifer said she couldn't go because there would be babies in the park and it was too soon for her. Dusty said she had to go on and she would have lots more opportunities to have babies. Meanwhile, Meg went home to find Lucinda dressed for the stockholder's meeting. Lucinda wanted Meg to help her with her coat. Meg refused telling Lucinda is was too soon for her to return to work. Lucinda fired Meg but when Lucinda pulled her stitches hired her back. Dusty's name came up in the conversation and it was a good excuse for Meg to call Dusty and demand that he come to Lucinda's house. When Dusty arrived, Meg told him that Lucinda has breast cancer. Meg was hoping that Dusty would stop Lucinda from going to work. Lucinda walked into the room demanding to know why Dusty was there. It came out about Lucinda's illness and Dusty told her that he was upset with her and was ready to quit. Dusty asked Lucinda when she was going to start trusting him. Lucinda said right now and sent him off to the stockholder's meeting. Dusty asked Meg what she was really up to.

Paul told Emily about the accident and she said she already knew. Paul was surprised and apologized because he wanted to tell her. He said everything happened so fast and said he was sorry again. Emily said he was forgiven and not to worry about it. Paul goes onto to tell Emily that he isn't good for anyone right now and kisses her then leaves the room. Emily started crying as she put her suitcase behind the chair. Later, Emily made drinks for Paul so he could relax and decompress. Paul was appreciative that Emily was there. Then, Paul received a call from Tom who said Craig made bail. Paul left abruptly with Emily hot on his heels but Emily went to the hospital instead and found out that Rosanna's condition would never improve.

Craig wanted to know if the charges stick against him will Margo raise the baby. Margo said that the baby wasn't his and it would probably be put up for adoption. Craig said if he could prove that he were the father would Margo raise him. There conversation was interrupted by a phone call. When she hung up she told Craig that he was going to get his wish. Margo told Craig that Rosanna already arranged for a guardian and it was Carly. Margo left to check on Craig's bail. Jennifer came in and Craig told her about the accident. Jennifer didn't believe it and slapped Craig calling him a monster. Craig told Jennifer that the baby was better off dead than to have Jennifer as a mother. Just as that was said Paul walked in.

Friday, July 29, 2005

At the police station, Craig tells Jennifer that the baby is better off dead than having her as a mother. Paul, who has just arrived, overhears this and punches Craig, knocking him to the floor. Hal and Margo intervene, and Hal tells Paul he has no business being there and should be arrested for assault. Paul tells Hal that Tom has indicated Craig might make bail, and he implores him to prevent that from happening. Hal tells Paul he seems to have a conflict of interest in sleeping with Hal's wife while still trying to be Rosanna's defender. Hal later reports that he told the bail judge hearing Craig's case that Craig had assaulted Jennifer, and the judge has refused to grant bail. Katie comes to visit Craig at the police station and finds out what he's accused of doing. He tells her it's another conspiracy against him, and that he'll never get out of jail. Paul tells Craig that he'll find out what it was that Rosanna was trying to tell him Craig had done, and that if the courts don't serve justice in Craig's case, he'll make sure justice is served personally. Paul then offers to take Jenn home, but Hal gruffly tells him that since Jenn is his daughter, he'll take her home. Jenn appears bewildered by the obvious animosity between Hal and Paul.

When Katie leaves to go talk to Margo and try to get a first aid kit for Craig, he grabs a book of matches out of her purse and sets fire to the interrogation room, making his escape in the confusion that follows. Margo tells Katie she's going to organize a manhunt for Craig, and that she'll make sure he doesn't get away with this.

Hal, meanwhile, has taken Jennifer out for coffee, where he is interrupted by a call from Margo telling him about Craig's breakout. He leaves and asks Jennifer to stay put, so he can send some uniformed officers to watch over her until Craig is caught, but she leaves despite his warning and goes to find Dusty.

Dusty has been working at Lucinda's house, trying to prepare for the stockholders' meeting. Meg tries to distract him, then tells him she'll leave him alone so he can work, but she changes into a swimsuit and returns to the house dripping wet, which makes it hard for Dusty to concentrate. They kiss, and when Meg can't convince Dusty to go for a "swim," they decide to go out for a drink. She picks the Lakeview bar, because Dusty's room is conveniently located upstairs, and after whispering to Dusty what her plans are, she goes to use the ladies' room. Jenn comes in and sees Dusty and tearfully tells him about her encounter with Craig and Craig's subsequent escape from the police station, telling Dusty she's worried that he might come after her. Dusty tells Jennifer that she's come to the right place, and he'll protect her. Meg sees the two of them together and makes a gracious exit, saying she was just leaving anyway.

At the hospital, Jack tells Carly he thinks she should go home to be with Rosanna's baby instead of waiting by Rosanna's side at the hospital for the medical transport people to come move Rosanna to the special clinic in Switzerland. Carly eventually agrees, and she says her goodbyes to Rosanna, promising her that she will make sure her son knows who his mother is and loves her like Carly does. She tells Rosanna that she doesn't even know what she wanted to name her son, but the nurses have been calling him Samson because he's proven to be so strong. Before she leaves, Carly tells Jack that she wants Craig dead for what he's done to Rosanna. Carly goes home and pays the nurse who has been watching Samson, but when the baby cries, she has a flashback to the black baby carriage with Iris's baby boy inside, and she sees it rolling away. The nurse leaves, and while Carly goes to get a bottle for the baby, Craig arrives and lets himself into the house. Carly comes out of the kitchen with the bottle and sees Craig pushing the baby carriage away and shouts out, "You get away from that baby!"

Back at the hospital, Paul also goes to tell Rosanna goodbye. He talks to Jack first and tells him that Carly was right to blame him for what happened to Rosanna, because it really was his fault. He tells Jack he's glad that Rosanna picked him and Carly to raise her adopted child, because he thinks they're the opposite of his own family and will do a great job with the baby. He then goes into Rosanna's room and tells her he's sorry that he has always been too late --- too late to save Cabot, too late to realize that James made Rosanna break up with him, too late to believe Rosanna when she tried to tell him the truth, and too late to respond to her recent declaration of love. He promises never to be too late again, and never to be too good --- he will fight fire with fire and knock aside anyone who gets in the way of him protecting Rosanna or her baby.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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