All My Children Recaps: The week of December 11, 2006 on AMC

Erin Lavery was found dead on the Fusion rooftop, and there were eerie similarities between her death and Simone's death. Amanda and Annie tried their best to comfort Ryan and Jonathan. Zach recalled a past event that could shed some light on the murders. JR told Colby that he still loved Babe.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 11, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, December 11, 2006

Erica announced to Jeff that her marriage was over. She explained that Jack saw a lawyer and wanted a divorce. Jeff asked what Erica wanted. Erica explained she wanted to get to know herself again. She was annoyed that Jack ordered her to return home and claimed he no longer knew who she was. Jeff believed he played a major role in her failed marriage. Erica said their relationship and their kiss was innocent. Still, Jeff believed Jack picked up on their attraction for each other. Erica then got annoyed with Jeff because he too thought her decisions revolved around him. Erica informed Jeff that she did not move into the Pine Valley Inn because of him. Then, she reflected that Jack did not know who she was and should know better than to give her an ultimatum. As Erica further discussed her relationship with Jack, Jeff took some pills. Erica inquired about the pills, but Jeff was obscure with his explanation and went to leave. Then, he almost fainted and Erica grabbed him. Jeff finally admitted he had reoccurring malaria, so Erica wanted to call his father. Jeff begged her not to get his family involved because he did not want them to worry. Erica agreed, but made Jeff lay down. When Jeff rested he looked at Erica and thanked her for being his wife. He also told her their honeymoon would be great. Erica looked confused.

Babe entered JR's bedroom. JR told her to leave his room and his life, but Babe refused and closed the door. Babe explained that she still meant her wedding vows and hoped to get back to the better instead of the worse part. JR was cynical and chastised Babe for cheating on him twice. Babe said JR broke his vows and promises also by trying to kill her and drinking again. JR said Babe drove him to drink, but Babe did not agree. Then, Babe stated that if JR still loved her, he would not make her leave. She then explained that she could leave him because she had money, custody of Little Adam, and a handsome admirer. However, Babe would not leave because JR was what she really wanted. Then, Stuart entered with Little Adam. Babe hugged her son and held him up to JR so he could give his father a kiss. JR was smiling and glad to see his son. After Stuart and Little Adam left, Babe asked JR to give their marriage another try, especially for their son.

Zach and Kendall came home to their condo. Zach wanted Kendall to rest, but she could not. So, Zach went into the bathroom to run her a bath. While he did this, he made a phone call requesting an investigation of Zarf. Kendall overheard this and asked if Zach thought Zarf murdered Simone. Zach said he was investigating everyone who was in the Fusion office that day. Kendall believed Zach knew something, but did not want to scare her. Zach stated he was investigating everyone to assure Kendall of her safety. Kendall then said she felt safe with Zach. Kendall believed Simone's death was hard on Zach because of Ethan. Kendall took comfort that Simone and Ethan were reunited in death. Kendall then suggested that she and Zach help each other through this terrible time. Then, Kendall got into the bathtub and Zach washed her back. They then hugged and kissed. Next, they were in bed together and held each other tightly. Then, Zach fell asleep. He smiled as he dreamed of the mystery woman. The woman said she loved him more than the scent of gardenias. When he woke up, Kendall asked what he was dreaming about.

Josh was at the gym. He was beating a punching bag intensely when Amanda entered. Amanda joked that the punching bag was a substitute for JR. Josh vented that although he made Babe happy, she was staying with JR. Amanda told Josh to kidnap Babe if he had to so she could escape the murderous JR. Josh was surprised that Amanda was on his side and asked if they were becoming friends. Amanda said she would choose Josh over JR for Babe, but warned getting over Babe would be difficult. Amanda explained that because of her experience with Jonathan, she knew living in the same town with Babe would be torture for Josh. Amanda advised Josh to find someone else to help him move on from Babe.

Aidan hugged Erin inside of ConFusion. When Di walked in, she saw this. Erin immediately said it was not what it looked like, but Di did not care. Di was concerned with Erin's state of mind since Simone died and tried to console her. Erin and Di then discussed Simone and Aidan. Di said that if Erin and Aidan still loved each other, she would step aside. Erin explained they were just friends, but believed Di wanted a serious relationship with Aidan. Di admitted she was falling for Aidan, but told Erin not to tell anyone. Meanwhile, Aidan saw Zarf partying at the bar and approached him. Aidan called Zarf by his real name, Freddy, and revealed where Zarf was from, Indiana. Zarf said that Freddy was dead. Zarf also stated that names and bodies did not matter. Then, Zarf asked which girl he could have, Erin or Di. So, Aidan walked over to the girls and said Zarf wanted to party with them, but Zarf suddenly disappeared. So, Erin decided to leave to prepare for Simone's memorial service. But, before she left, Zarf found her and asked if she wanted to be in a world where there was only light. Erin stated everyone did and went up to the Fusion office. While she was in the dark office alone, she heard a noise and asked if anyone was there.

Josh was upset, so he went to the Fusion rooftop. He saw someone sitting in the lounge chair and walked over to it. In the chair he found Erin sitting motionless with a white ribbon and gardenia in her hair!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ryan read Simone's Will to Bianca. In the letter Simone wrote to Bianca, she said she was leaving her trust fund to Miranda. Zarf showed up and gave Bianca a kaleidoscope. He quizzed Bianca about her life and she told him to read her vibrations. He then asked if it scared her that he had fallen madly in love with her. Bianca said that she wasn't scared; she was more intrigued with him every time she saw him.

At ConFusion, Amanda handed out gifts to the bartenders, while on the roof Josh discovered Erin's lifeless body. He called the police and explained to Derek that it appeared that Erin's death was a copycat crime. Zach and Kendall were busy in bed when the phone rang. Josh told Zach that he found Erin dead on the Fusion rooftop. Zach immediately got dressed, but wouldn't tell Kendall where he was going or what had happened. Outside he saw Annie and dragged her inside to stay with Kendall and Spike. He then called Sid and told him to double the security on Kendall. Zach then made yet another phone call to Ryan and asked if Bianca was alright. Zach told Ryan that he needed to get to the Fusion rooftop. When Zach arrived on the rooftop, he demanded answers from Derek. Jonathan came up to Fusion and followed the cops out on the rooftop. He saw Erin and told her to wake up. Derek told him it was too late, but Jonathan reached out and took Erin in his arms and vowed to take good care of her. Ryan was next to arrive at Fusion. Zach led him to the rooftop where he saw Jonathan with Erin. Zach told Ryan that his sister was dead. Jonathan told Ryan that he would not leave Erin, but Ryan was forced to tell him that their sister was dead. They watched as the body bag was zipped closed. Ryan announced that someone would pay for this. Back at ConFusion, Jonathan attacked everyone he saw, wanting to know if they were the one who killed Erin.

At Chandler Mansion, Babe continued to remind J.R. of all the reasons that he should take her back. Adam came in and told Babe to get out, but J.R. said she could stay. Babe declared that she would not give up on their marriage. As Babe rattled on and on, Josh came to the mansion to make sure that she was alright. She and J.R. heard a lot of yelling in the hallway and Babe went to see what all the fuss was about. Josh ran up to her and hugged her and said he was so glad she was alright as J.R. watched from his bed. Josh told her that something terrible had happened at Fusion and that Erin was dead. Babe asked Josh to leave and he respected her wishes. J.R., meanwhile, told Adam to make sure that everything was taken care for Erin's funeral.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Erica was bringing Jeff to his room to rest, but before she could walk in the door, Jeff picked her up and carried her over the threshold. Erica was shocked and asked Jeff if he was out of his mind. Jeff believed they were on their honeymoon and wanted to start things off right. Jeff then lay down on the couch and Erica wiped the sweat off his forehead. Jeff then began to discuss his hopes for their marriage. He explained that he wanted children, but understood that Erica's career would come first. Still, Jeff said he did not want to wait until they were old and grey to have kids. He also said he loved Erica. Erica looked shocked and tried to inform Jeff they were divorced and she was married to another man. Then, Erica asked Jeff what year it was and Jeff answered correctly. Erica realized he was no longer delirious and told him what he did. Jeff thought it was funny, but still demanded that Erica not call his father. Then, Jeff lay in bed and slept. Erica lay next to him and hugged him.

Jonathan was screaming inside of ConFusion. He asked the bar patrons who followed Erin. Everyone just stared at him. Then, Jonathan saw Aidan and questioned him. Jonathan believed Aidan felt scorned that Erin dumped him and asked if he killed Erin. Aidan was confused and then seemed horrified that Erin was dead. Meanwhile, Amanda tried to calm Jonathan down as Derek arrived to question everyone. However, Jonathan did not want to calm down or leave with Amanda because he wanted to find the killer. But, Ryan and Zach promised Jonathan that they would personally see to it that the killer pays for their crime. So, Jonathan sat down with Amanda and reminisced about Erin. He explained that Erin saved him numerous times. He told stories about her heroism when he was abused as a child and when he got sick with the brain tumor. Jonathan wanted to go see Erin's body, but was upset because he knew this would not be allowed. So, Amanda approached Derek and asked for a favor. She explained that Derek did not allow her to spend time with Trevor after he died and this made her very sad. Amanda pleaded with Derek to bend the rules and allow Jonathan to spend time with Erin. At first Derek was reluctant, but finally gave in. Then, Amanda told Jonathan he could see Erin and they went to the morgue. Meanwhile, Derek continued to question the bar patrons. One girl remembered Erin talking to Zarf. Ryan heard this and said Zarf was with Simone right before she died too. Derek agreed to investigate Zarf. Then, Aidan asked Zach for details. Zach said Erin died with a white ribbon and gardenia on her just like Simone. Aidan stated that Fusion had a serial killer. So, Aidan asked Derek if he could work with the police on Erin's case. Derek said no because Aidan might be looking for revenge. However, Derek promised to keep Aidan posted on the details. Then, Aidan told Di he loved Erin and reminisced about the times they shared.

Zarf and Bianca were in the Cambias office. Bianca asked what Zarf's secret was. Zarf said he would reveal it when the time was right. Then, Zarf told Bianca they were the same, but Bianca did not agree. Bianca said she was a gay businesswoman and Zarf was a straight, male, rock star. Zarf then announced the office was too sterile and wanted to go to a place where Bianca could be herself. So, Bianca took him to the boathouse. Zarf asked if she spent time with her lost girlfriend there. Bianca did not believe Maggie was lost. Zarf said the relationship failed and it was not Bianca's fault. Still, he believed love was not a mistake because it teaches great lessons. Then, Zarf asked to kiss Bianca. Bianca said she was a lesbian and this would not change. Zarf asked if she loved a woman for her body or her soul. Bianca said her soul. So, Zarf persisted Bianca kiss him. Finally, Bianca agreed and they shared a soft kiss. Bianca looked emotional afterwards, but claimed she felt nothing. Bianca stated she had overcome prejudice and was now confident in who she was. Zarf asked her again if she felt something and Bianca admitted she did. Zarf stated this was monumental and she would realize why later. Then, Bianca got a phone call from Ryan and Zarf sensed something big happened. Ryan sounded upset and asked where Bianca was. When Bianca said she was with Zarf, Ryan rushed over, but Zarf was already gone. Ryan questioned Bianca about Zarf's whereabouts during the past few hours. Bianca was not sure and wondered why Ryan was so upset. Ryan then told her Erin died. Bianca was shocked at first, but then cried and embraced Ryan. Meanwhile, Zarf walked into ConFusion. He looked around briefly and left without talking to anyone.

Annie admitted to Kendall that she was falling in love with Ryan. Kendall believed she had a crush on her hero, but Annie disagreed. Annie said she was falling for Ryan because he was the best of everything in regards to his family, his business, and his son. Annie felt he was the perfect mix of strong and sensitive. Annie was also happy with how well he got along with Emma. Kendall looked annoyed and said Annie made Ryan sound like the perfect man. Annie said he was the perfect man for her and believed he could fall in love with her also. Kendall then showed Annie a picture of Greenlee and asked what she noticed about it. Annie thought she and Greenlee looked alike. Kendall then explained that Greenlee was Ryan's ex-wife. Kendall also informed Annie of why Kendall got pregnant with Spike. Annie was shocked. Then, Zach came home. The women sensed he was upset and asked what was wrong. Zach told them about Erin. Annie was distraught because Erin helped save her and Emma from T. Kendall, however, was in denial. After Annie left, Kendall kicked the refrigerator and threw objects around the condo. Kendall begged Zach to tell her he made a mistake, but he could not. Kendall cried and Zach held her.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Jeff and Erica wake up in bed together and she asks him how he feels. He tells her that their current situation must mean that he's feeling fantastic. He asks what happened while he was sick, and Erica fills him in, saying that he believed that they were newlyweds on their honeymoon. She also tells him he admitted that he was crazy in love with her and, after a moment, he tells her that morsel is still true. A short time later, they have room service deliver breakfast. As Jeff surveys the spread, Eric picks up the daily newspaper and sees the headlines about Erin's murder.

At the condo, as Kendall prepares to leave, Zach tells Rachael that they need her to be flexible in terms of availability for child care. Kendall heads for the door and Zach asks where she is going. When she tells him Fusion, he blocks her way. Rachael decides to excuse herself, and Zach demands that his wife stay put since it is obvious that the murderer has full access to Fusion. Kendall admits that she is scared but she says that no one will make her hide. She tries to leave again, but Zach stops her in her tracks by saying that he refuses to lose her. Kendall reasserts that she will not cower in a corner while her company is under attack, and follows by saying that neither Simone nor Erin would want her to be afraid. Determined to leave this time, she turns back to the door to find her sister and niece in the doorway. Bianca explains that Cambias guards will be waiting at Fusion to meet with them to discuss security, and notes that the team is made up of former military men. Zach doesn't think it's enough but Bianca reminds him that Kane women don't back down from fear. She goes into the next room to get Miranda settled in with Rachael, as her babysitter had called in sick. In their few moments alone, Zach tells Kendall that the only way she can go into the office is if he accompanies her. He then tells her that because of him, she may be in the most danger of all. Kendall tells him that she doesn't believe that the murders are connected to him in any way, but admits that his reaction is normal, given the blows that they have taken. He tells her that he would never forgive himself if something happened to her. Before she can respond again, Bianca rejoins them, ready to go.

At the Chandler mansion, Babe goes into JR's makeshift room to fetch her keys. JR tries to act indifferent, but when she tells him that she is going to Fusion, he tells her that she shouldn't go. She mistakenly thinks that he wants to talk about them becoming a family again but he corrects her quickly, telling her that she is stupid to go someplace where people are getting killed. She tells him that as a part owner of Fusion, she has a responsibility to report in for work. He tells her that she has a responsibility to her son. Babe says that by going into the office, she will be setting an example and teaching her son to be brave and strong. She reminds him that she fought to be a part of Fusion and that she will not abandon them. As Dixie approaches in the hallway, JR vacillates between demanding that she stay home, and trying to guilt her into it. Babe wins, and she passes Dixie as she exits the room. When they are alone and out of Babe's earshot, Dixie asks why he feels the need to attack his wife instead of telling her the truth - that he loves her.

Babe goes out the front door and runs into Josh. She thinks he is going to try to stop her from leaving, but he tells her that he only wants to follow her - so that she can stay safe. As they walk away, Colby sticks her head out of the doorway, watching them leave.

Back inside, JR asks why he should have to be the one to reach out to Babe, and wonders if his mother is actually fighting for Babe's happily ever after. He then lobs a few low blows, but Dixie dodges all of them and simply tells him that she is trying to ensure his happiness. She tells him that even though there is distance between he and his wife right now, the look in his eyes when Babe left showed concern. Dixie goes on to explain that loving someone does not mean you are weak. She then takes a break from the serious discussion and offers to get them some breakfast. Before she makes it out of the door, JR calls out to her and asks if either she can call and get some guards for Babe, or if she can ask Adam to do so. Smiling her approval, Dixie gladly agrees. Colby enters the room in short order and tells her brother that Babe doesn't need professional protection because she left in the company of her own private guard - Josh.

In the autopsy room, Ryan tells Jonathan that they need to let Erin go. Jonathan resists, saying that he will not leave his sister. Amanda backs Ryan up and says that Erin would understand if he left. Ryan promises his brother that they will find out who killed their sister, and then Amanda gently leads Jonathan out of the room. Ryan turns back and takes a moment to say his goodbyes, and then says quietly that Erin can be taken. Before he moves, a hand slides into his, and when he turns, he sees that the hand belongs to a teary Annie. He tells her that she doesn't have to be there, but Annie tells him that she does. She recalls the story of when she first met Erin, when she was on the run with Emma and despondent. She was struck by the stunning redhead who was so unbelievably kind. Ryan brokenly tells her that her tale would be a good one to share at Erin's memorial. Annie silently agrees, tells him that she knows how much he adored his sister and then says that because she cares about him, she wants to know how she can help. Thinking for a moment, Ryan pulls the sheet up over his sister's face and then asks Annie to pick out the right dress for Erin to be buried in. Annie reminds him that he has so many friends that want to help, but Ryan insists that he is fine, and that he can handle things on his own. He tells her that he needs to wait for the funeral home before he can leave, and Annie asks if she can wait with him. When he agrees, she pulls another seat up and does just that.

At Wildwind, Di enters the living room and finds that Aidan had stayed up all night, working on finding leads in Erin's murder investigation. She asks how she can help and he simply tells her that with a murderer targeting young women, the best way that she can help is to stay safe. A few moments later, Julia and Jamie join them, and extend their sympathies about Erin's death. They ask what they can do, and Aidan asks them to let him concentrate, as a few of his buddies still on the inside gave him access to all the criminal databases for a brief period of time. He tells them that he is entering as much information as possible to see if he hits on any other crimes with the same M.O. He works a bit longer, and then utters frustrated noises aloud at not finding anything helpful. Di tries to comfort him but it does little good. Just then, Amanda and Jonathan show up because Amanda felt that Jonathan needed to be around people that cared. Everyone re-voices their sympathy, and Aidan apologizes for not being there to protect Erin. As they continue to comfort Jonathan, Di manages to slip out quietly. They take a seat in various spots and Aidan recalls a funny story from the previous holiday season that clearly demonstrates characteristics that he loved in Erin. Julia then notes that she got Amanda to lie down, and she asks if Jonathan would like to do the same. He shakes his head, unable and unwilling to do much more than think about his sister. Jamie promises that everyone who can is working to find the killer. Aidan leaves to meet up with Tad in regard to the investigation, and Jonathan tells the remaining crew that Erin saved his life.

Babe and Josh arrive at Fusion, and she quickly tells him that he can leave. He responds that she doesn't have to acknowledge his existence, but insists that he will be staying to make sure she stays safe. He tells her that when he discovered Erin on the rooftop, he thought it was Babe for a split second, and the idea of a world without her was horrific. He tells her that no one will get to her without going through him first. Resigned, Babe picks up a framed picture of the Fusion women and notes that things will never be the same. Kendall, Zach and Bianca arrive just as she says that and they agree with her words. Kendall announces that any bad blood between them will be put on the shelf while they try to track down the murderer. Everyone agrees to pitch in and do what is needed to keep Fusion running. A short time later, Derek and Dani arrives and the young woman reunites with her friends. Derek tells the group that if they insist on staying, they must be vigilant and promise not to wander off without telling someone where they are going. Derek and Zach go off to the side to discuss the protection that is in place to make sure there is no overlap. Jack shows up next and is glad to see Kendall and Bianca okay. He tries to tell them that they need to leave, but both tell him they have to stand firm. He joins Zach and Derek for a moment and gets an update on the investigation as the Fusion group decides that they need to address the public. Next, Erica shows up with Jeff in tow, and she ignores all of the security precautions in place so that she can more quickly get to her daughters. She doesn't show ID and she manages to trip an alarm. This brings the entire room's focus to her, allowing Jack to hear the security guard scold Jeff for letting his wife be so reckless.

Zach asks Erica to convince her daughters to go home, but Bianca and Kendall assure her that they feel safe where they are. Di arrives at the offices and asks Zach for some time off so that she can help out where she is needed, out of respect for Erin. Zach grants the request with a nod of his head, and she goes over to talk with the staff about what she could do. As she does that, a man with a large case comes into the lobby and without any words, he starts to reach into his coat pocket. Thinking that he might be a threat, Zach lunges at him and demands to know who he is. Kendall quickly rushes over and tells her husband that the man had shown up at her request, as he would be their cameraman for their press conference. Zach apologizes and lets him continue to set up.

Jack asks Jeff if he can have a moment alone with Erica, and Jeff quickly takes his leave. Jack admits that he agrees with Zach for once and asks that she convince their daughters to leave. Erica fills him in about a talk that she had with Kendall shortly after she brought Spike home. Kendall was set on keeping her son indoors so that she could more adequately protect him from danger, but Erica convinced her that the best tactic was not to hide, but rather to decide how to react should they find themselves in danger and then proceed to live proudly in times of calm. She tells her husband that she can't take those words back now.

Kendall then interrupts all of the side conversations and says that they are ready to start the press conference. She reminds them that everyone that stays needs to be supportive of their decision.

The press conference begins, and Kendall steps out as the spokesperson. She tells the viewing audience that they took a hit as a company, and that they would be lying if they said they weren't afraid. The difference is that the attacks didn't break them apart; instead it bonded them together. She recalls how Fusion started - a couple of girls in her kitchen, throwing things into a boiling pot on the stove and hoping for gold. She tells them that melting pot is still the foundation of Fusion - and that while separately, they are all very good, together they are gold. She goes on to say that they will not be destroyed - rather, they will work to keep Fusion going to pay honor to the memories of their friends.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Zach remembers the mystery woman telling him that she loves him more than gardenias. He pulls a picture of the woman out of his wallet as Kendall walks into the living room of their home. When Kendall asks Ryan what is his wallet, Zach says he is just stressed out about problems at the casino. Derek comes to the home and asks to speak to Zach alone. After Kendall goes to check on Ryan, Derek asks Zach how he knew Simone was murdered, which makes Zach wonder if Derek is accusing him of being the killer. Derek says he is just looking for answers, but needs some answers from Zach. Zach said he knew Simone and Erin would never kill themselves, so that is why he called out murder. Derek and Zach agree that Zarf has a pretty clean record, but there is still something strange about him.

Zach finds Annie at home laying out Erin's favorite shoes and dresses. She asks Ryan to pick the dress he likes, but Annie tells Ryan that Erin would want him to choose. Annie goes to check on Emma as Ryan touches the fabric on the dresses and finds a penny in one of the shoes. Ryan lets Kendall inside when she comes to visit. Kendall asks him how he is holding up, but Ryan continues to act fine. Ryan asks about Spike and the other girls at Fusion, but Kendall tells Ryan to open up to her. Ryan tells Kendall she should go home and be with their son. He walks her out the door and promises to call if he needs anything. Ryan tells Annie he will take all of the dresses to the funeral home and have them choose one. Annie finds the penny on the floor and Ryan puts it back inside of Erin's shoe. He tells Annie that Erin used to wear a penny in her shoe for good luck. Annie pushes Ryan to grieve, but Ryan admits that feels guilty about leaving Erin and Jonathan behind when they were younger. Ryan says he needs to be protecting his siblings now, not worrying about the pain he feels. Annie tells Ryan that he gave Erin and Jonathan more than he knew because Erin told her. Ryan thinks it is too late, but Annie claims Erin was over what happened in the past. Annie tells Ryan he needs to feel the pain for the sister he loved. Ryan finally takes Annie's hand and breaks down into tears in her arms.

Danielle and Zarf are working at Fusion, but Josh is worried because Babe left the building. Josh runs up the roof and finds Babe laying on the lawn chair that Erin died in. Josh beings freaking out when he thinks Babe is dead, but calms down when she wakes up after a nap. Babe apologizes for scaring Josh, but says wanted to try to be with Erin, who died around the same time she feel asleep. Babe asks Josh if Simone and Erin suffered during their death, but Josh says the drug was fast-acting. Josh continues to say that he is only at Fusion to protect everyone. When the killer is found, Josh will leave. They are interrupted when a security guard comes up and says that JR hired him to protect Babe.

Amanda and Jonathan arrive at Fusion because Jonathan wanted to get Erin's belongings. When Danielle offers to do it for him, Jonathan says that he needs to do it as a way to repay Erin for all the kindness she showed him. Olivia arrives and immediately hugs Danielle. Danielle says that she is trying to do the right thing for Simone and Erin, but she is scared. Olivia says they will get through this tough time together and offers her sympathy to Jonathan. Danielle tells Jonathan and Amanda where Erin's belongings are as Olivia insists that Danielle stay with her until the killer is found. As soon as Zarf tells Danielle he can finish working without her, Olivia gets so excited when she realizes it is Zarf, one of her favorite singers. Jonathan and Amanda bring the box to Erin's desk, which contains items that he and Ryan gave her growing up. Zarf tells Jonathan that when he saw Erin for the first time, he saw a woman who was generous, kind and old sole who loved Jonathan very much. After everyone is gone, Jonathan and Amanda leave with the box of Erin's belongings.

As Colby brings JR lunch, she tells him that she will get rid of Babe if he wants her gone. JR tells Colby to let it go, but Colby insists that she is the only person on JR's side because Babe has manipulated everyone else. JR claims he still loves Babe and maybe they have a chance if she stays faithful to him. JR says that if Babe is being dishonest, he will snatch Little Adam away from her faster than she can blink. Colby offers to help JR, but he insists that she stay out of it because a killer is on the loose. Colby promises not to interfere, kisses JR on the cheek and goes to Josh's room. She plants a camera in the room and gets on the bed. Colby begins pretending to be making out with Josh as the camera is rolling, but Josh walks in.

Kendall goes back home and Zach tells her that Erin was killed with the same drug as Simone. Zach asks about Ryan's condition, but Kendall says he has shut down like Zach did when Ethan died. As Zach says he should have been there to protect Ethan, he accidentally slips and says "her" instead of "him." Kendall asks what Zach means, so Zach says he was remembering when Kendall woke up at the hospital and he was not there. Kendall goes to tend to Spike and a package is delivered for Zach. Inside of an envelope is a drawing of a woman lying on the ground with a gardenia in her hand. Zach tells Kendall he needs to take care of something at the casino and leaves.

Zarf goes on the roof and tells Josh that he should save Babe from her marriage with JR. As he is leaving, Zach shows him the drawing and asks who the woman is that Zarf killed.

Babe goes home and checks on JR. She thanks him for hiring the guard, but JR says he did it for Little Adam's sake. JR tells Babe he saw the press conference with Josh standing behind her. Babe says Josh came to protect all of the women at Fusion, but maybe JR hired the guard to catch her cheating on him. JR says if he hired a spy, Babe would never even know it, but this was simply about her not wanting to die.



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