Passions Recaps: The week of December 11, 2006 on PS

Ethan dug up dirt on Jared. Theresa fought her feelings for Ethan in order to give her relationship with Jared a chance. Fox allowed Kay to believe that Miguel was back together with the real Charity.
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Passions Recaps: The week of December 11, 2006 on PS
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Monday, December 11, 2006

The saga continues with Miguel and Kay. Miguel wants Kay to tell Fox the truth about them, but Kay is still accusing Miguel of something she thinks he did; only Miguel doesn't know what he did. Kay tells Miguel that things cannot be fixed as long as Charity is in the picture. Miguel tells Kay that she is crazy, and Kay tells him that she is marrying Fox and walks out of the room.

Gwen is worried that Ethan left home without telling her his whereabouts. He returns upset but refuses to tell Gwen the real reason why he is upset. Sheridan shows up crying to Gwen because she thinks something is wrong with her since she has been stalking Luis and Fancy. She swears she loves Chris and James, but she still cannot deal with Luis and Fancy being together. Gwen tells her that it's a normal reaction. After Sheridan tells Gwen what she has been doing, Gwen takes Sheridan for a walk to clear Sheridan's head. They end up at the skating rink. Gwen tells Sheridan that she will not run into Fancy there. As soon as Sheridan tells Gwen that she is feeling better, she sees Luis and Fancy together. She reverts back into the jealous ex girlfriend and wonders what she has to do to keep them apart. Gwen convinces Sheridan that they should leave since seeing Fancy and Luis together upsets her. Sheridan fantasizes about confronting Fancy to stay away from Luis and throws hot chocolate on her face and tells her to burn in hell. Gwen tells Sheridan that she needs professional help, but Sheridan feels that the only way things will get better if Fancy leaves Luis. Gwen tells her that it is not possible since they are falling in love.

Jared, Theresa, and Little Ethan (LE) go ice skating. LE thanks Jared for taking care of Theresa. Ethan walks by the skating rink and sees Theresa kissing Jared and wishes that Theresa sees that Jared is up to something. Noah walks up behind Ethan and tells him that he is jealous. Ethan keeps repeating that he loves his wife, but he still has concerns for Theresa's safety. The longer Ethan stares at Jared and Theresa, the more he wants to bash Jared's head in. Noah convinces Ethan to go find JT so that he can find out the truth once and for all. Noah tells Ethan where JT is hiding.

JT shows up at the skating rink to pick up his extortion money. Apparently, he has been blackmailing a few Harmony folks. Rebecca follows JT and is upset that he is holding out on her in that he refuses to tell her who he is blackmailing and how much money he is collecting. She confronts JT, and he agrees to tell Rebecca who is not on the hit list just to keep her calm but it's doubtful that he will tell her. Rebecca asks JT the real reason why he is not telling her the truth about who he is blackmailing, and he tells her that he does not trust her. Rebecca fantasizes about carrying on JT's work if something were to happen to him, but she needs to know his secrets in order to carry out his blackmailing schemes. Rebecca doesn't trust JT either, so she plans to get a hold of the memory device with all of JT's secrets. She tricks JT by trying to get him drunk and manages to get a hold of it. JT is too slick for Rebecca. He takes the memory device back from Rebecca. Ethan is knocking on JT's motel room, and Rebecca tells JT that he cannot find her there. Rebecca hides in the bathroom, and JT lets Ethan in. He grabs JT and insists that he tells him the truth.

Sheridan continues to be an obstacle for Fancy and Luis. She notices that Luis is about to make love to Fancy, so she has the station calls Luis to interrupt them. Luis promises Fancy they he will wait until after she graduates. Luis runs into Fancy at the skating rink, and he is trying his best to behave around Fancy. Fancy borrows a line from Theresa. She tells Luis that fate wants them together, but Luis thinks differently since they have been having bad luck so far. Each time they are about to make love, something interferes.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

At J.T.'s apartment, Ethan roughs up the former editor, demanding to know if Phyllis really leaked his paternity information. Ethan alerts when he hears something in the bathroom, forcing Rebecca to make a clumsy escape before he discovers her.

Jared bonds with Theresa and Little Ethan as they teach him how to ice-skate.

Chad is frustrated when Whitney claims she still doesn't trust him. Chad gives her an ultimatum - marry him by Christmas or they are finished!

Luis and Fancy spot Sheridan sobbing in Gwen's arms at the ice-skating pond. Luis is tempted to go comfort his ex, but decides he should stay out of it. Gwen convinces Sheridan to seek counseling from Dr. Russell. Meanwhile, Eve receives a blackmail letter!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tabitha and Endora are in their dining room looking through books of spells. They are trying to understand why the dark side was not destroyed when Charity and Miguel made love, as it should have been, according all of Tabitha's books. Endora suggests that it might not have been Charity that Tabitha saw when she looked in her magic bowl. Tabitha replays the footage in the bowl. Endora suggests using x-ray vision. When Tabitha looks closely at the bowl, she discovers the doubles. She deduces that Fox was behind the imposter scheme.

In Tabitha's living room, Simone and Kay, still in the dark about the imposters, bemoan Miguel's behavior and the fact that he is Fox's best man. Kay does not want to walk down the aisle to marry Fox when Miguel is his best man. Simone thinks its fine that it serves Miguel right for his behavior.

When Tabitha tries to go to the living room to tell Kay, Endora stops her and stubbornly insists that she wants Kay and Fox to marry. Tabitha insists that she will tell Kay the truth as Kay and Simone walk into the dining room. Endora takes Tabitha's voice so that she cannot tell Kay the truth. Tabitha tries to write, but all Kay sees are scribbles. She and Simone leave to look at dresses. Tabitha's voice comes back. Endora wants Fox to be happy and will not listen to Tabitha when she tells her that they have to tell Kay the truth.

At the Tuxedo Shop, Fox gloats as he talks on the phone, because his plot to destroy the love between Kay and Miguel, using doubles of Charity and Miguel, has been successful. In the dressing room, Miguel and Noah try to figure out what happened. Miguel figures that it must have something to do with Charity, so he will find Charity and prove it to Kay. Fox overhears and plots to prevent Miguel from finding Charity. Fox vows to do what ever it takes to keep Miguel from taking Kay away from him.

At the police station Luis and Fancy start kissing. Fancy and Luis remind themselves that they are at work. They talk about how it will be after Fancy is no longer a cadet. They notice hanging mistletoe. Sam tells Luis and Fancy that he has an assignment for a female officer. Fancy says that she will take it. Luis vetoes the peeping tom assignment and asks another female officer to do it. Fancy is not happy. Without Sam or Luis' knowledge she talks to the chosen officer and her partner, when she finds out that the female officer is going to have to give up a big date, she offers to take her place as bait in the peeping tom case. The female officer agrees. Fancy convinces the male officer that she can do the job and they do not tell Luis. Later at the sting location, Fancy is dressed and ready to act as a decoy. The other officer waits outside. Luis calls on her cell phone. She tells him that she is wrapping presents. He apologizes for not letting her go on the case. A figure in a black ski mask slithers into the shrubbery near the open window where Fancy is talking to Luis.

In Theresa's office, Jared and Little Ethan return from rollerblading. They make a date to go again. Jared and Theresa kiss as Whitney walks in. Jared asks Little Ethan to go to the Book Café for scones. While they are eating, Little Ethan questions Jared's feeling for Theresa. He asks Jared if he will be his Dad. Jared asks if Little Ethan would like that. He says yes. Jared tells him that he loves Theresa and he hopes that he will be Little Ethan's dad. Theresa encourages Whitney to get back with Chad and she encourages Theresa to stay with Jared. Theresa tells Whitney that they can plan a fun wedding. Whitney says that fun is not enough. Theresa offers to hire a PI to follow Chad, but Whitney demurs. She says that she loves Chad but she does not trust him and will not marry him.

At the Book Café, Ethan is on the phone talking to JT. He agrees to help him with his IRS difficulties if JT finds out everything he can about Jared and reports to Ethan. Chad overhears and questions Ethan. Ethan tells Chad he is talking to Gwen. He says a few more words and hangs up. Chad believes him and tells Ethan to let go of Theresa. He gives his approval to Jared and leaves to get coffee. Ethan is not swayed and continues to find fault with Jared. Later, Chad tells Ethan that things are not going well with Whitney. Ethan asks Chad if he is having an affair. Chad denies that there is another woman in his life. Ethan tells Chad to go after Whitney. Chad gets a phone call and tells Ethan that he has to go see a friend. Ethan is skeptical. As he is leaving, Ethan sees Little Ethan with his nanny and stops to chat. Little Ethan tells him that he is getting a new daddy. Chad meets up with Jared, who had called while Chad was with Ethan. Jared wants Chad to help him pick out an engagement ring for Theresa.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Luis is at the police station showing Miguel how to use the police computer so that Miguel can track down Charity. Miguel is hopeful that he can locate Charity's whereabouts so that he can convince Kay that Charity is not in his life anymore. Luis' attention turns to thinking about Fancy. He gets a vibe that something about the sting to net the peeping Tom is not right. Little does he know that his vibe is correct because at that very moment Fancy puts herself in harms way by using herself as a decoy to lure the suspect.

Simone questions Kay about her love for Miguel. Kay tells Simone that if Miguel wanted to confess his lovemaking to Charity and ask for forgiveness, she would forgive him. Kay further tells Simone that she would leave Fox, even though he's dying.

Jared and Chad are at the local jewelry store. Jared is shopping for an engagement ring for Theresa. He and Chad discuss Whitney and his other lover. Chad is insistent that he wants to be with Whitney only. Jared chooses the ring and is eager to find Theresa to offer his proposal.

Theresa and Whitney are talking in her office at Crane Industries. Theresa is trying to reassure Whitney that Chad really does love her. During their conversation, Ethan bursts through the door and demands to know if Theresa is marrying Jared. Theresa is stunned. Ethan informs Theresa that Jared told Little Ethan that he's going to marry her and become his dad. Whitney leaves Theresa and Ethan alone when she goes to meet Chad. While alone, Theresa and Ethan talk about their lives. Even though Theresa is trying to move on, Ethan is afraid that Jared will hurt her. Ethan tells Theresa that he loves her and they kiss passionately. Jared makes his way to Crane Industries and is outside Theresa's office.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Fancy decides to check up on Burt only to find the peeping tom at the end of the radio. She tries to contact the station, but the peeping tom jammed the frequency. He also cut the phone lines, so Fancy has no means of communication. She tries to be brave and picks up her gun. She is now ready to do battle. She pulls her gun out but is distracted by an injured Burt on the ground. Things take a turn for the worse when the peeping tom grabs Fancy's gun. They struggle, and Fancy manages to get free. She picks up the gun, but the peeping tom threatens to hurt Burt with a knife if she doesn't put her gun down. Fancy, being a cadet thought the peeping tom only wanted a peep show. She is shocked after realizing he wants to force himself on her. Back at the police station, Miguel discovers Charity's whereabouts and finally gets to talk to her. She tells Miguel that they don't have a future together and wonders why Miguel is calling her. He tells Charity that he is in love with Kay and needs her help. Meanwhile, Luis is worried about Fancy not returning his call.

Whitney tells Eve about Chad being naked in the hotel room and that the news came from Rebecca. Eve tells Whitney not to believe Rebecca because she cannot be trusted. Rebecca only confirmed Whitney's suspicions because she had reasons not to trust Chad. Eve tries to calm Whitney's fears, but Whitney still has her doubts about Chad. Chad created a scrapbook of Whitney, Miles, and their earlier times together. He wants to show Whitney their history and what they have been through, and he also wants to convince Whitney to marry him. Whitney still has her doubts, so Chad continues his ultimatum with Whitney. He wants her to marry him by Christmas or else he will move on. Whitney wants more time to think it over, but Chad insists on getting an answer before the night is over.

Fox is setting things up to make sure that Kay has no doubts about marrying him. Fox asked a police officer to keep him in the loop if Miguel tries to locate Charity. It turns out that Miguel is in the process of finding Charity, so Fox uses that information and arrange it so that Kay overhears the fake Miguel and Charity on the phone making future plans. Fox is sorry for putting Kay through this ordeal, but he'll do anything to keep her.

Julian walks over to Eve's table in the restaurant to apologize for his behavior the other day in the park. Eve slaps him and tells him to leave her alone because he has become a drunken fool. Moreover, Eve thinks Julian is the one that is blackmailing her. Julian tells Eve that he is not the one because someone has been blackmailing him as well. Eve and Julian threaten to make whoever is blackmailing them pay.

Jared almost walked in on Ethan kissing Theresa. Theresa interrupts the kiss because she thought she heard a door closed. Luckily Jared decided to send an email before walking in on them. In any event, Theresa tells Ethan to leave and go to his wife. She cannot stop thinking about Ethan, and it's making her seem tense around Jared. She tells him that she is stressed over work. Jared kisses her and gears up to propose to her.

Ethan is desperate to find something on Jared, so he is pressuring JT to come up with some dirt. He can't wait to take Jared down. Ethan made a deal with JT to help him with the IRS and in exchange, JT will dig up the dirt on Jared. JT is confused as to why Ethan wants to get Jared out of Theresa's life since he was so determined to stay married to Gwen. JT gives Ethan the dirt he has on Jared, and he expects Ethan to hold up his end of the bargain by letting his problems with the IRS disappear.

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