All My Children Recaps: The week of December 4, 2006 on AMC

Simone's untimely death rocked the residents of Pine Valley. Babe admitted to Josh that she loved him. Dixie told Tad about David's claim that Tad was the father of Krystal's child, but Tad refused to believe it. Jamie and Julia moved in together. Jonathan and Lily found closure.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 4, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, December 4, 2006

Dixie told Tad that David said Krystal's baby was his. Then, Krystal walked in and asked what they were discussing. Tad and Dixie did not tell her the truth, so Krystal left for the hospital. Tad then stated he did not believe Dixie's information because it was a typical lie that David would create to hurt everyone. Still, Dixie believed there might be truth in David's accusation because she never told anyone about Tad and Krystal having sex. Dixie wondered how David could come to this conclusion without knowing something. Tad was still reluctant to believe, but Dixie persisted. Dixie said Tad deserved a daughter and she would not allow Krystal to take a child away from him like she did. Tad thought Dixie needed help getting over the fact that Emma was not Kate. Dixie claimed she was not trying to replace Kate with Krystal's baby. Then, Tad explained that he already asked Krystal if the baby was his and she said no. Dixie stated Krystal was not very trustworthy and lied to Tad before. Dixie also said that if the baby was Tad's, she was going to find out.

Adam was at the hospital chastising Joe for taking JR off of his pain medication. As Joe explained that it was JR's decision, Krystal arrived. Krystal began to agree with Joe when she felt a contraction. Joe brought Krystal to her doctor immediately. Meanwhile, Adam waited and imagined Charlotte calling him dad. Then, Joe came to tell Adam that Krystal was fine. So, Adam went into the hospital room to see Krystal. The doctor said her contractions were just a "warm up" for the real thing and reassured them nothing was wrong. Then, Adam expressed his relief to Krystal. He also apologized for being mean to Krystal because of Babe and JR's ordeal. Krystal apologized for threatening to take away Charlotte. Adam then promised to leave Babe alone. And, they agreed to stay together and be happy, regardless of Babe and JR's marriage.

Josh explained he did not come to pressure Babe, but came to leave her a present. Then, he gave Babe the photo album of Little Adam. Babe looked through it with amazement and declared that she loved Josh. Josh was happy and started to talk about their future, but Babe stopped him. Babe explained that although she loved Josh, she would not leave JR. Josh was shocked and disappointed. Babe said her feelings for Josh would fade, but her feelings for JR never would. Josh believed that Babe was still staying out of obligation and guilt, but Babe denied this. Babe then asked for Josh's help. She asked him to help her forget him. Josh refused. Josh said he always avoided love, but felt he was meant to love Babe. He also believed he made Babe truly happy. Babe agreed that Josh and Little Adam were the only two people who made her happy. Still, she would not change her mind. Then, Josh told Babe she was the most beautiful person he had ever seen. Babe said she felt the same way about him. Josh then kissed her on the cheek and left. Babe said good bye to Josh after he was out of sight. Soon after, Babe left the mansion.

Annie and Ryan were on their first date at ConFusion. As they approached the bar, a big sign was seen that said the drink of the night was "The White Rabbit". So, Annie and Ryan got a drink and talked. Annie admitted she had not been on a date since Terry. Ryan said it was alright to be nervous because everyone was on a first date. Annie did not believe Ryan was ever nervous, but he confessed he was. Then, Ryan revealed the rest of the date. Ryan was flying Annie on a helicopter to see her favorite band in concert. Annie was very excited and appreciative.

Kendall and Zach walked into the Fusion office and announced they bought a house. They invited everyone to ConFusion for drinks to celebrate. Danielle and Erin were excited, but Simone was focused on work. Kendall then inquired about Bianca. Simone said she was on the roof with Zarf. Meanwhile, Zarf was attempting to win Bianca's affection. So, Bianca told Zarf she was a lesbian. Zarf stated Bianca was living up to her name, the white light. Then, Kendall appeared and asked Bianca to join their celebration. Bianca invited Zarf, despite Kendall's disapproval, but he declined. So, they went back to the office. When they returned, Zach was urging Simone to join the party, but she still refused. Simone was annoyed that Zarf made a mess and that no one else wanted to work. Kendall then tried to plead with Simone, but she would not change her mind. So, everyone went to ConFusion, but Simone. Then, Simone sat down to work and Zarf entered. Zarf told Simone she was beautiful and asked her to go out with him. Simone turned him down, but Zarf said it was not that easy to refuse him. Meanwhile, Zach and Bianca were at the bar buying drinks for everyone. Erin ordered The White Rabbit, which came with a white ribbon tied around the glass. Zach looked at the ribbon and imagined a woman wearing the same ribbon around her neck. Then, he saw the drink sign, but the words now read, "You murdered her." Meanwhile, Kendall saw Ryan and Annie. Kendall told them about the house and asked about their day at the mall. So, Ryan showed Kendall the picture of him, Spike, Emma, and Annie with Santa. Kendall looked upset and explained that she wanted to be there for Spike's first visit with Santa. Then, Bianca saw the picture and tried to make Kendall feel better by offering to have Spike go with Miranda. Still, Kendall looked distraught, so Ryan and Annie left for the concert. Kendall then showed Zach the picture and expressed her disgust that Emma was there and not Spike's mom and stepfather. Zach asked Kendall why she had animosity towards Emma.

Babe went to the Fusion office. The office was dark, so Babe thought she was alone. Then, Babe looked down and saw Simone lying on the floor motionless with a white ribbon in her hand. Babe called Simone's name, but there was no response!

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Jonathan saw Lily at the boathouse and offered to leave, but Lily told him to stay. They had a nice chat and Lily said that she felt better about everything. She thanked Jonathan for saving her from Terry and said she understood why Jonathan pretended to be like her. As Lily was leaving, Jonathan told her he would never forget her.

Jamie and Julia started fooling around when Del and Amanda showed up. Amanda asked how soon she could move in with them. Julia said Del asked if a "friend" could stay for a few days but she didn't know the friend was Julia. Aidan and Di came home and they all busted Del. Julia asked Amanda if she was serious about living at Wildwind and Amanda said yes. And so it was, Amanda became an official resident of Wildwind.

Krystal told Tad the baby was not his. She berated him about the baby and Dixie and everything else that has gone wrong in the world. Tad finally got a word in and told her that he believed her. Tad said he wanted to make sure she was alright and that David only wanted to make everyone miserable. Krystal told Tad to get Dixie off her back about this baby and Tad explained that it was just the guilt Dixie felt about Kate. Adam walked up and heard them talking about the disc David left. Tad told him that on the disc was David accusing he and Krystal of having an affair and that he hoped Adam wouldn't believe such a thing.

Babe found Simone on the floor at Fusion. In the meantime, at ConFusion, Bianca asked Josh to join her in the celebration of Kendall and Zach's new house. When they got to the table Babe grabbed Josh to go upstairs and help Simone. Laid out with her hands folded on her stomach, Simone showed no signs of life. Josh announced to everyone that she was gone and it was too late. All the Fusion girls were in shock and in tears. Josh helped Babe up and held her close. Kendall went to Simone and stroked her hair as tears streamed down her face. Zach said not to move Simone and he called Derek to the scene. Derek asked Babe where everyone was when she found Simone and Kendall said they were celebrating. He said there were no signs of struggle or weapons or trauma. Zach said he thought she was killed and Derek asked why he would say that. Derek moved everyone to the roof and asked if Simone was depressed and they all said no she was not. Derek kept eluding to suicide, but Kendall said there was no way. Bianca agreed as well as Danielle and Erin. Zach said his instincts made him think it was murder. Derek told everyone they were free to go and they all left the roof but Babe. Josh stayed too.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Josh and Babe were on the Fusion rooftop. Josh wanted to take Babe home, but she refused. Babe said she could not get Josh out of her life if she kept relying on him. Josh asked her to let him do this one last thing. Babe said it was not fair to Josh. Josh stated Simone would not want Babe to go home alone tonight. So, Babe allowed Josh to walk her to her car. Josh said it was a deal and put out his hand. Babe did not shake his hand, but said she would take his word for it.

Josh went to the boathouse and found Danielle there. Josh was surprised to see her because he thought Derek took her home. Danielle said Derek brought her home, but he left to take care of Simone's case and she had to get out of her house to think. Danielle was glad that Derek was on the case because he would treat Simone with the respect she deserved. Danielle then spoke fondly of Simone. Danielle believed Simone was a star and attributed Simone with teaching her all about business and friendship. Danielle explained that Fusion was like a family. Danielle asked how she could go on without a member of her family. Josh said she should rely on the other members of the family. Josh joked that Simone could take his two sisters. He also said she could turn to Babe. Danielle did not understand why Josh liked Babe because Danielle felt Babe treated him like trash. Then, Josh offered to give Danielle a ride home, but she did not want to go home. So, Josh offered to take her anywhere she wanted and they left.

Babe walked into JR's hospital room. JR said he did not want company. Babe had tears in her eyes and said something terrible happened. JR asked if it was Little Adam. Babe said he was fine, but Simone was dead. Then, Babe said Simone's death made her think about JR's fall. Babe explained that she could not live without JR. She also thought about their fighting and realized none of their fights would matter if JR had died. Babe could not believe how empty she felt over Simone and could not imagine how she would feel if JR died. JR just stared at her as she spoke. Then, JR coldly said he was sorry about Simone, but had to get some sleep. Babe looked at him sadly and left.

Bianca and Kendall looked at Spike and Miranda asleep. They wished they could promise their children long, happy, and healthy lives, but knew this was a promise they could not fulfill. Meanwhile, Zach told Rachael, the nanny, about Simone and asked if she could watch the children. Rachael gave her condolences to Kendall, Bianca and Zach and agreed to watch the children all night. Then, Kendall expressed her disbelief over Simone's death. Zach hugged her and then got all of them a drink. Kendall was scared to lose it at the Fusion office when she encountered Simone's possessions. Bianca recalled Simone's laugh, jokes, and intense energy. Kendall asked if Simone knew how important she was to her. Zach believed she did. Then, Zach asked why she had a ribbon in her hand. Bianca and Kendall explained that the ribbon was from their holiday packaging. They also said Simone was very innovative and found multiple purposes for everything. Then, Zach asked about the gardenia in her hair, but they had no idea. Then, Zach left for the hospital to find out the details of Simone's death. After he left, Bianca and Kendall continued their conversation about Simone. They wondered how a young, vigorous woman could die so suddenly. Bianca asked if she was on medication. Kendall said she would not even take an aspirin after her brother overdosed. Bianca asked if she had spoken of Ethan lately. Kendall got annoyed and said Simone was not depressed and did not commit suicide. Kendall believed she would have known if her best friend was so miserable. So, Bianca thought Kendall did not want to consider suicide because Kendall would assume she let Simone down. Kendall began to cry and wondered if she did let her best friend down. Bianca consoled her and said it was not her fault. Kendall said she needed to know how Simone died. Then, Kendall stated she could not sit around and do nothing, so they left the condo.

Zach was at the hospital and ran into Derek. Derek inquired why Zach was there so late. Zach said he wanted to see Simone's autopsy report, so he would know how she died. Derek wanted to know why Zach was so interested. Zach said Kendall needed to know. Derek informed Zach that Danielle said there was a lot of fighting at Fusion. Derek then asked who would get Simone's shares of Fusion now that she was dead. Zach believed Derek was jumping to conclusions because he did not like him. Zach then explained that Simone was his son's fiancé and he wanted them buried together. Derek said he still did not know anything. Zach asked what he thought so far. Derek believed it was suicide because Simone looked too pretty and done up for an aneurism. Zach said Kendall did not believe it was suicide. Derek stated they would find out in the morning. Derek then left. Zach got a chair and sat down to wait.

Julia, Jamie, Di, Del, Amanda, Aidan, and Jonathan were at ConFusion. They were laughing and joking about living together. Then, Jonathan saw Erin and thought she looked upset. He asked what was wrong. Just as she began to speak, Annie and Ryan came in and started to discuss the concert. So, Erin said nothing more and listened to Annie and Ryan's story. As everyone laughed about their night at the concert, Erin drank and looked distracted. Then, everyone participated in a toast to happiness, friends, and family. Erin immediately dropped her drink and cried. Everyone was startled and asked what was wrong. Erin sobbed and stated Simone was dead. Everyone was shocked. Then, Jamie went to call Tad. Next, Erin sat down and told them about her morning with Simone. Erin recalled how funny Simone was with Zarf. Erin thought all of the bad times were over, but stated they never were. Then, they toasted Simone.

Danielle walked into the dark and empty Fusion office. Then, Erin walked in and they embraced. Then, Babe walked in and they embraced her too. Then, Bianca and Kendall walked in. The five women hugged each other and held hands as they cried.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

At the hospital, JR prepares to go home and reiterates that he will not do so if Babe is still living at the Chandler residence. Adam tries to deftly avoid addressing his son's inquiries, but fails to achieve his goal as JR demands concrete answers. Adam caves and says that he is handling things in a way that is best for the family. JR balks at the notion because it seems as though his father is taking a side against his own son. JR thinks that Krystal got to his father, dragging Adam to the dark side. Agitated by the belief that his feelings don't matter, the discussion gets heated. Julia shows up just then and insists that they take a break. She sends Adam into the hall, and then tells JR that she would feel sorry for him, but she knows that he brought his pain on himself.

A short time later, out in the hall, Julia tells Adam that acupuncture can only do so much when it comes to pain management, and then reminds him that JR has a lot of anger. Adam asks what he should do, and she tells him not to exacerbate his son's rage. She then notes that she would be riding over to the Chandler estate in the ambulance with JR, and that she will meet up with him over there.

The remaining Fusion girls sit on the floor of the office, still reeling from the loss of one of their own. Bianca offers to make coffee for everyone but Kendall shuts her down, saying that they have cried enough tears. She notes that it is now time to behave the way that Simone would have wanted. She exits the office and returns moments later with a tray of one of Simone's favorite drinks - something that she insisted on having after a hard day. They all take a glass and send a toast out to their friend. They are able to revisit some of their favorite Simone memories for a few moments before Zarf shows up. Babe immediately tells him that it isn't a good time for them to meet, and Zarf says that he can tell from their auras that someone died. He then expresses confusion at their sadness because he believes that death is a good thing and that her star will continue to burn on in a different way. His apparent indifference angers everyone, especially Kendall. Bianca rescues him from death by mobbing when she drags him up to the rooftop to talk further. Once gone, Dani asks if they would shut down the offices for the day, and offers to make phone calls if that turned out to be the case. Kendall decides that the offices will remain open and that they will work on the campaign because it would be what Simone would have chosen to do.

On the roof, Bianca asks why Zarf would come into a room of upset women and disrespect their feelings. Zarf tells her that he only told them the truth, and Bianca tells him that in doing so, he negated their sadness. Zarf tells her that he believes that they should all be happy for Simone because she is free. Slightly dismayed, Bianca tells him that regardless of his beliefs, he needs to respect their need to mourn their friend. She then asks if he ever grieved anyone and, after a moment's thought, he admits that he had previously grieved for himself. When he witnesses Bianca's confused expression, he explains that everyone makes changes in their life on the path to finding out who they really are. He admits that personally, some of the changes were miniscule while others were seismic...some he loved making, and others he made not because he wanted to, but because he had to. Each time he changed, he felt he had to mourn the person he used to be. He then asks if Simone really knew herself and Bianca tells him that she believes that to be true. Zarf notes that if so, Simone was luckier than most. He then says that he thinks the girls should celebrate Simone's life because time is too precious to mourn something that is unchangeable, like death. He thinks their time would be better spent investigating questions about the living.

Back in the offices, Kendall states that she wants the Zarf/Fusion agreement to end. Babe reminds her that Zarf's song is the central focus of their campaign, and Kendall quickly says that they can get another one. Dani and Erin chime in and say that they have already put major amounts of work into the campaign as it stands. Frustrated, Kendall attempts to stick to her guns, further noting that Zarf is crazy and an ass. The girls talk her down from her rage a bit and make her see that between Zarf's song being a part of Simone's vision and the fact that the research shows that their campaign will garner them great sales, Zarf should stay. Then, Babe starts to leave for home but before she can get anywhere, Kendall tells her that since she is responsible for bringing Zarf to the company, she would be his main handler.

Zach greets the day as he said goodbye to the previous one - outside of the autopsy room. He is soon joined by Tad who came to try to confirm Simone's death. Once Zach does just that, Tad inquires into what happened. Zach tells him that he spent the night so that he could find out the results as soon as they were ready. Zach then admits that he didn't know Simone very well, aside from the fact that Ethan loved her. Tad recalls a host of Simone's positive attributes along with some happy memories to give Zach a more accurate picture of what an amazing woman she was. He goes on to tell Zach about Simone in the light of their relationship, which existed years before she fell in love with Ethan. Zach waits for a break in the storytelling, and then asks if Tad knew of anyone that had ill feelings toward Simone. Tad is flummoxed at the suggestion because he thinks the theory that someone killed Simone is too far-fetched. Zach then questions aloud the possibility that Simone had an undiagnosed medical condition or some sort of fallout from the explosion at the Mardi Gras ball. Tad thinks that Zach is blowing smoke, and demands that if he believes someone killed Simone, he needs to come clean. Zach continues to try to avoid confirming Tad's thoughts by saying that he is waiting for the results so that he can put Kendall's mind to rest and satisfy his curiosity. Tad continues to probe until Zach tells him that although he has no evidence, he has a gut feeling. He agrees with Tad that it's not suicide, but knows that the police are leaning in that direction, especially with the upcoming holidays. Tad discards that idea because he knows that the holidays were one of Simone's favorite times of year. Zach then notes that they are left with two possibilities: that Simone died of something natural, or something unknown.

Moments later, a technician comes out into the hall and says that he can't give any information about what was found during Simone's autopsy because of protocol. He walks away and Zach follows, determined to get some answers out of him. In their wake, Tad recalls an intimate moment that he shared with Simone. Just then, and orderly rolls Simone's body out of the autopsy room. Tad says that he is family and asks for a moment alone with her. After a brief thought, his request is granted. Tad uncovers Simone's face and starts to say his goodbyes privately. He thanks her for everything that she gave to him and then tells her to go find Ethan and be happy.

Krystal confronts Dixie about breaking her promise and revealing what David said to Tad, and tells her that she told Tad the truth. Prematurely, Dixie gives Krystal a celebratory hug for doing the right thing and giving Tad his child. Krystal quickly corrects Dixie by saying that she told Tad that her baby is a Chandler. Dixie asks if Tad just took her word at face value, and Krystal replies that both she and Tad know that David would lie about anything and anyone to cause trouble, and they refuse to lend any credence to his claim. Dixie admits that she is worried that Tad won't be able to get to know and father a child that is his, but Krystal reminds her that he already is a father. Dixie then asks if Krystal actually knows the baby is Adam's, or if it was something that she simply decided on her own. Krystal swears that she knows who her baby's daddy is, but Dixie wants proof since she has done the math and knows that Tad as the father is a possibility. Krystal tells her that she needs to let her theory go and concentrate on JR and his homecoming. Dixie presses on and talks about the haunting look that she saw in Tad's eyes when he believed that Emma was Kate. Krystal admits that she saw that look long before the fiasco with Emma, but goes on to say that she has done more than enough to try to help him deal with his pain. Dixie admits that she has a sinking feeling that Tad will give up many things in life because she gave his child away. Krystal tells her that everyone does regrettable things that can't be changed after the fact, and that the only thing to do is to move forward, despite mistakes. She then says that Dixie did the best that she could and she now needs to let it all go. Dixie asks how Krystal followed that very advice when going through hard times and Krystal replies that there really is no rhyme or reason - she just did what she had to do. She suggests that Dixie focus on making JR's homecoming as smooth and easy as possible since everyone has to live in the house together. Picking up on some unspoken truth, Dixie knowingly nods and says that she understands.

Sean finds Colby at her locker in the halls of Pine Valley High School. He tells her that he is ditching the town altogether and asks if she wants to join him. Sean admits that he heard Jack on the phone with his lawyer talking about divorce and tells her that no one wants to live with the reason that their marriage ended. He thinks that by leaving, he is giving Jack and Erica the best shot at fixing their relationship. Colby refuses to leave town, saying that with her brother coming home, she had plans of her own that include setting things right. She then tells Sean that he needs to make sure that he is the reason that Jack and Erica's marriage is splitting up. She reminds him that Erica has been married 9 times before, and that should make it clear to Sean that Jack would be better off without her.

Jack shows up at the New Beginnings offices unexpectedly and interrupts Erica, who is hard at work. Her assistant leaves even though Jack tells her that he can't stay long. Erica tells him that she wishes he could stay, as they have a lot of things to talk about, especially their blowout at Thanksgiving Day dinner. They both hint at wanting an apology but when neither party offers one up, Jack takes a different tack. He tells her that he had already talked to Livia, causing Erica to be taken aback. He tells her that he thought she wanted a divorce but Erica denies it. Confused, Jack asks her what she really wants. Erica attempts to clarify that she wants time and space to understand herself. Jack believes that he has given her those things - but to what end? He thinks that while she has been gone, she has just been getting closer to Jeff. They talk about Thanksgiving Day and how hard it was for Jack to sit across from Jeff, and to hear Erica's first husband announce that he wants her back. Erica voices the same concern, only in regard to her perception that Brooke wants to stake her claim to Jack. Jack tells his wife that could never happen because he belongs to her alone, and doesn't want a divorce. Jack then asks why Erica can't just admit that she was wrong and apologize. She tells him that if anyone needs to apologize, it should be Jack. Jack regards this as sort of a last stand before they officially bring in their attorneys, and Erica doesn't protest. Reluctantly, Jack grabs his things and leaves.

Later, Sean shows up at New Beginnings and without looking up to see who chose to darken her door, Erica tries to reject visitors. Sensing that someone was still staring at her, she looks up and sees her nephew. He saunters over to the desk, takes a seat, and insists that she has time for him.

JR arrives home with his hospital entourage to a warm welcome from his mother, sister and Krystal. Babe enters the room shortly thereafter and expresses her gladness that her husband made it safe and sound. JR's demeanor immediately changes and, looking at his father, he restates firmly that Babe needs to be kicked out of the house.

Bianca comes back to the office and says that Zarf didn't really mean any disrespect. Kendall announces that he had better give her a wide berth. Zach returns to the office just then and, after his wife greets him with a hug, he tells everyone that he knows what killed Simone.

Friday, December 8, 2006

At the Chandler mansion, Babe insists that she wants to stay at the house to save her marriage with JR. When JR gets upset, Julia insists that he is not able to recover from home and needs to go back to the hospital. JR tells everyone he is staying at the house and tells Adam to get rid of Babe. As they take JR away to his room, Babe tells Krystal, Adam and Dixie that maybe she was wrong to stay in the house. Dixie asks for some alone time with Babe. Dixie says that JR is used to running away from his problems, but now, he is being forced to deal with them because he has no other option. Babe tells Dixie she is not going to give up on her family, but Dixie says she needs to stay because she loves JR - not because she is trying to change him.

Julia tells JR that he needs to get his blood pressure down as the workers set up his room. Jamie comes to Julia's defense when JR gets snappy at her. Jamie reminds JR that Julia does not have to be there to help him, so he should be thankful. JR is silent and begins cooperating with Julia. Adam comes to check on JR and asks for some time alone with his son. Adam says that although Babe has broken his trust more than once, JR still loves her. JR claims he loved Babe at one time, but doesn't understand why Adam is siding with her. Adam claims that Babe loves JR because if she didn't, she would have run off with Little Adam a long time ago. Adam tells JR he has temporary custody of Little Adam, but Babe is staying because she wants to fight for her marriage with JR. JR says Babe does not deserve a second chance, something that his father has seemed to have forgotten. Dixie walks in and tells JR that he may have the Chandler drive, but he has her heart, which his helping him become a better man. JR says his heart wants Babe gone, but Dixie reminds him that he never got over Adam taking him away from her.

After talking to Krystal, Colby decided to try to be nice to Babe for JR's sake. Colby tells Babe that she loves JR and wants to protect him, like he has protected her. She tells Babe that she is going to make more an effort to have a good relationship with her. Babe heads upstairs to see JR.

Jamie and Julia go cool off at ConFusion. Jamie tells Julia he wants to wake up beside her on Christmas morning.

When Erica tries to leave the office, Sean kisses her on the lips as a way of saying good-bye. Sean tells Erica he is leaving town without Jack's permission. He says that this will give her the chance to reunite with Jack. Erica tells Sean her problems with Jack are not Sean's fault. When Sean asks if the problems have to do with Jeff, Jeff walks in with lunch. As Jeff lays out the food, Sean helps himself to the food. Erica gets rid of Sean after he indirectly insults Jeff for chasing after Erica. Erica tells Jeff that she and Jack are getting a divorce.

Ryan walks into Fusion as Zach tells the girls that Simone died from a drug overdose. Zach claims the drug was something commonly used by vets. The girls refuse to believe that Simone was using drugs, so Zach suggests that maybe someone purposely gave her the drug. He starts looking for answers by asking the girls questions about Simone's day and the gardenias. Danielle said that Simone ordered the flowers that morning. When Zarf walks in, Zach immediately asks him if he gave Simone the drug that killed her. Zarf apologizes for upsetting the girls earlier on his views on death. He tells them that if Simone had accepted his proposition to hang out that night, she might not be dead. Ryan asks Zarf - again - if he gave Simone the drug, but Kendall kicks him out. Danielle tells Kendall that she can handle work so Kendall can go home to mourn Simone's death. Ryan and Zach start investigating Simone's death by checking in on Zarf.

As Jonathan looks at the tabloids that scream Simone's death in ConFusion, Aidan tells him they need to talk. Aidan says that Simone's death has made him reevaluate things, such as the way he treated Annie during Tad and Dixie's search for Emma. Aidan tells Jonathan that he wants them to be on the same side as Erin walks in seeking revenge on Simone's killer. Erin updates Jonathan and Aidan on Simone's cause of death. She tells them that she wants to find the person who gave Simone the drugs. When Jonathan goes to open ConFusion, Aidan tries to comfort Erin as Di walks in.



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