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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 4, 2006 on ATWT
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Monday, December 4, 2006

Vienna greeted Simon and Katie in front of the bookstore. Vienna congratulated Katie on the success of her book and Katie asked her why she was back in town. She said she was there to see Simon. Katie brought up the crown jewels and the gala and Simon shuffled Vienna off. Katie made a call to Henry and he came over. She told Henry what she thought about Simon and Carly stealing the jewels, and that she was even more sure since Vienna came to town. Katie said they needed to get Carly's necklace. Henry asked why it mattered. She said to prove to Mike she was over Simon. Henry reminded her she slept with Simon and that was the reason for the split-- and that Mike may never forgive her. Katie said she was going to make Simon and Carly pay.

At Java, Carly asked Jessica when her probation would be over. Jessica asked her if there was anything Carly needed to tell her. Carly said no, she just didn't like it hanging over her head. Jessica had to go and Jack came in. Jack asked if there was a problem since she was talking to her lawyer. Carly said no and Jack went on to tell her about Katie coming down to the O.P.D. with the jewelry story. Jack told her about the call to Vienna and that Vienna said there was no problem with the jewels. Jack said he was happy when he found that out and Carly thanked him for believing in her. Jack then warned her about Katie digging around to find out some dirt.

Simon and Vienna went back to his room. Vienna told him about Jack calling and how she covered for him...if he did it. Simon denied everything. Vienna then called his bluff and picked up the phone to call the Prince to get him to check the necklace out. Simon stopped her and she said he did do it. Simon claimed his innocence. Vienna told Simon he'd have to lose Carly and come back to her on her terms. Simon still denied it. Vienna went for the phone again. Simon hung it up and talked of their tan-line free days in Capri. Simon said he'd let Carly down easy and then go to her suite down the hall. They kissed. Carly opened the door and saw them.

Outside of Craig's hospital room, Paul successfully talked Meg into getting married that night. Meg wanted to know why and didn't want Craig to be the reason. He said Emily may try to stop them, but he really just loved her and wanted to do it ASAP. Paul told Meg to call everyone, but not to let Craig or Emily know.

Inside of Craig's room Emily assured him she put blanks in the gun. And she was encouraged by her talk with Paul. Craig asked why. Em tried to leave, but Craig grabbed her wrist and wouldn't let her go until she told. Emily told him that she and Paul had a "moment." Craig wished her the best and Emily left to get some water for him. While Emily was out a nurse came in. Craig asked her where Meg was. The nurse told him about the abrupt wedding. The nurse went out and Emily came back. Craig told her about the wedding and that Paul was just playing with her again. An angry Emily ran out of the room.

Lily and Holden were at home getting things ready for the wedding. Lily stressed about her weight and Holden reassured her she was fine. Lily headed for the kitchen and Holden got a call. It was the blonde and she changed the time for their next meeting. Holden hung up and Lily caught the end of the conversation. She asked who it was and he said it was about a horse for Faith. Faith came in and got excited, while Lily was upset she didn't have a saying picking out the animal. Faith thanked hem and Holden said they'd have it by Christmas.

Emma came over and informed them Meg had news about the wedding. As she said that, Meg and Paul walked in. They told everyone they wanted to get married that night. After some initial shock the women go to get dressed. When Paul and Holden are alone Holden told Paul he doesn't like him and if he hurt Meg, he'll kill him. Upstairs Lily helped Meg. Meg brought up Rose and Lily warned her about Paul and that she hoped it wasn't a horrible dangerous Paul could be. Meg said that was part of his charm and that she thought he had changed. A little later Meg was in her gown and Emma came in. Emma gave her the earrings she wore at her wedding to Meg's father. They hugged and Emma wished her well.

Downstairs, Paul has changed and Holden said he thought he heard a car drive up. Paul hurried out thinking it was his mother. He opened the door, ran out and Emily was waiting for him.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Carly witnesses the kiss between Vienna and Simon. Simon tells Carly Vienna knows they stole the jewels, but assures her Vienna will keep their secret - as soon as they break up. Carly tells Simon to go back to Vienna to keep her quiet. Simon asks Carly to have faith in their relationship. Simon arranges to meet with the jeweler to make a copy of the necklace with a fake diamond. She agrees, but cannot commit to a time.

Adam asks Casey to help him get Gwen to come back to finish the demo. Casey is upset because he was counting on the money from the project. Casey decides to get in contact with Gwen - just as a student comes to his dorm door asking for the money Casey owes him. Adam witnesses the collection attempt and wants to know what's going on. Adam looks at Casey's laptop - as Casey objects. Adam tells him he doesn't need that kind of trouble.

Emily shows up at Lily and Holden's house. Paul tries to cover up that the occasion is the wedding, but Emily is on to him. Paul tries to let her down easy, and admits that he loves Meg and intends to marry her. Emily tries to get Paul to understand that she truly understands him and knows the darkest part of his sole. He tells her they are connected, but have no future together. He tells her she deserves to be with someone who can make her life better, not crazy. He tells her he's marrying Meg whether or not she understands. Emily assures him she's fine and tearfully walks off (but in actuality, is lurking in the shadows).

Jade tries to apologize to Gwen for the incident at the studio, much to Will's surprise (seeing as Gwen didn't tell him). Will talks to Gwen about what transpired with Jade and Adam telling Gwen he was surprised they hadn't discusses it. He tells Gwen whatever goes on between Adam and Jade doesn't matter to them - that her demo is more important and they shouldn't let Jade interrupt that project.

Barbara gives Meg the necklace she gave Jennifer on her wedding day. Meg is honored as Barbara welcomes her to the family. Faith and Lily give Meg something old - a bridal bouquet wrapped with the blue ribbon that held her bouquet together on her wedding day. Meg asks Lily to be her matron of honor.

The minister arrives and Paul nervously asks him if anyone else was outside. Holden goes up to check on Meg and lets her know Jack isn't going to be able to make it in time for the ceremony. Holden and Lily go downstairs to wait for Meg to come down - just as Emily appears in Meg's room.

Faith notices Paul looks like he's about to jump out of his skin and ominously declares that bad things always happen, you just don't see them. Paul nervously asks Lily if Meg is on her way down. He realizes he doesn't have a best man and asks Will and he agrees.

The bridal march starts as everyone looks for Meg. Meanwhile, Emily is upstairs with Meg - sharing all the facts with her. She tells Meg Paul put the real bullets in the gun that was used to shoot Craig. She tells Meg the whole bullet-switching story and how Paul switched them back. Then she tells her how when that didn't work, Paul tried to smother Craig in the hospital. Meg tells her to get out before she calls the police - Emily tells her to get out before someone calls the police on her groom.

Vienna returns to Simon's room. When he doesn't answer the door, she asks a bell hop to help her.

Carly then suggests they thrown the necklace into the river. They go through with it, hear a plop and figure it's done. The camera looks down to the river, only to see the necklace dangling on a branch.

Meg comes down the stairs looking upset. She's standing at the entrance to the ceremony just as Paul sees Emily through the window in the doorway just behind Meg.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

After Simon and Carly think they have gotten rid of the stolen necklace by throwing it into the river, they return to Simon's room to find Vienna waiting inside for them. A very angry Vienna confronts Simon about saying good-bye to Carly and returning to her. Simon then turns to Carly and puts on a show for Vienna by telling Carly he has chosen Vienna over her. Simon then escorts Vienna out of his room and tells her he needs to handle Carly on his own terms, but he will meet her in the morning. When Simon returns to Carly the two discuss the prospects of Vienna going to the police. Simon reassures Carly that she is the only one he wants and the two begin to make love, but the two are interrupted by Vienna. When Vienna notices a shirtless Simon and Carly still in the room, she becomes furious and Carly begins to act like she wouldn't let Simon leave her. Vienna tells Simon enough and that he must leave Carly now or else, but Simon tells her to forget their earlier deal that he is not leaving Carly now or ever. Vienna is shocked by Simon's declaration and threatens to call the prince and tell him about Simon stealing the jewels. Simon then reminds Vienna how proud the prince is and how she snuck away from the prince to be with him. He also tells her that if she throws suspicion his way he will tell people the idea for stealing the jewels was all hers. Vienna tells Simon that "this isn't over" and leaves Simon and Carly alone. Carly becomes concerned that Vienna is so hurt by Simon that she will tell the prince the truth about the jewels. Simon reassures her that Vienna will quickly move on to someone new and that the two of them can get through this if they stick together because the only proof anyone had of their crime is now at the bottom of a river. At that moment we see a stranger's hand picking up the diamond that has become hooked on something over the river.

Lucy visits her father at the hospital. Craig thanks her for saving his life and assures her he will always remember what she has done for him. Lucy tells Craig that saving him was a way to protect both him and Dusty. Craig explains how cold hearted Dusty was to shoot him and asks her if she has seen Dusty. Lucy tells Craig she has seen him once and although it was horrible what Dusty has done that Craig pushed him into a corner by trying to take Johnny from him. Craig tells Lucy he doesn't want to argue about Dusty since he will soon have Johnny back and then invites Lucy to come and live with him and Johnny. Lucy tells Craig she isn't sure about that and returns to work as Emily comes into Craig's room to tell him that she has stopped Paul and Meg's wedding. As Emily recounts how she stopped the wedding she announces that she is done with Paul or anyone who tries to manipulate her the way Paul has, including Craig. Surprised by her statement, Craig asks what he has done to anger Emily in such away. Emily tells Craig that he used her to get Dusty to shoot him and while she repeats the particulars of his shooting, Lucy overhears the details of Craig's plan to get Dusty to shot him with blanks so Dusty would go to jail and Craig could gain custody of Johnny.

Right before she walks down the aisle to marry Paul, Meg confronts Paul with what she has learned from Emily. Paul and Meg leave the ceremony to discuss what has happened. As Emily creeps around outside the Snyder home Will sees her and goes outside to find out what is going on and Emily runs off, but when he returns inside with Gwen they see Emma and Barbara arguing over who's fault it is that the ceremony has stopped. After Gwen leaves to see Adam, Will takes Barbara aside to tell her to stop defending Paul because he just saw Emily lurking around outside. Meg confronts Paul with everything Emily told her about Paul's involvement with Craig's shooting and his attempting to smother Craig at the hospital. Paul tells Meg that "Emily doesn't matter" and tries to convince Meg that Emily is just jealous and trying to stop their wedding. Finally, Paul admits to Meg everything that he did and tries to justify it by reminding Meg of all the terrible things Craig has done to his family and because he is afraid of what Craig will do to Meg. Sickened by Paul's admission Meg calls off the ceremony, but tells him she still loves him and won't tell anyone what he has done. Meg tells Paul they are over and she never wants to see him or hear from him and runs out of the house with Paul chasing after her.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Casey sat in bed with his laptop and Maddie walked in. She asked him what he was doing and he quickly shut the computer and said he was just checking his grades. Maddie wondered if he was blowing her off since she was still in high school and he had all college friends now. Casey assured her that wasn't the case and they went out Christmas shopping. Later, as Maddie admired the old movies Casey bought, Casey pulled out a jewelry box. Inside the box was a very expensive bracelet - so expensive that Maddie felt it was too much money for him to spend on his limited funds. Casey lied again and told her Adam gave him an advance. Then Adam walked up. Maddie thanked him for fronting Casey some money and walked away. Caught in a lie, Casey was forced to answer to Adam's assertion that he was gambling again.

Jack placed Dusty in the interrogation room and left him there, letting Lucy in before he left. Dusty told her he thought about how difficult it must be for her to be between Craig and him and understood her situation better after having had time to think it through. Lucy told him that Craig was behind the whole shooting incident because she had heard her father rehashing the plan with Emily. She then vowed to make Craig pay for what he had done. She didn't have a plan yet, but she said she would think of something. Jessica walked in and halted their conversation. Lucy left.

Craig and Margo talked in his hospital room. He asked her when they would prosecute Dusty. Margo gave no answer. Craig went on about getting custody of Johnny, and Margo admitted that is attitude was making her even more suspicious of him. The doctor walked in and Craig asked when he could go home. The doctor told him that he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. Craig asked if he could go home if he was under family care. Margo hurried out but not before telling him to think about who would be a better father for Johnny during his down-time. Later, Lucy walked in and told Craig she would move in and take care of him. Craig was speechless. Then he asked Lucy to go get Johnny for him.

Vienna traipsed over to the Oakdale Police Department and plopped herself down at Jack's desk. She told him Simon and Carly did steal the crown jewels and she wanted to file a report. Jack asked if she was just doing it for revenge. She countered that her reasons were her business. She admitted she lied about the jewels being checked out when he asked her about them.

Carly and Sage went to Java to get a treat. Simon popped in as they arrived. Simon and Carly sat down and Carly expressed her worry over Vienna spilling the beans. Simon told her not to worry--Vienna was bluffing. Sage brought rolls over to the table and Simon stepped away to let the girls talk. Sage asked if she could give her roll to a homeless woman she had seen outside. Carly agreed and they went outside. Jack showed up and said that he needed to talk to Carly. They went inside since Jack knew the woman and said she was harmless.

Jack told Carly that Vienna filed a report about the stolen jewels. He asked Carly if she was involved. Carly danced around his questions. Jack told her he had his answer now and wanted to see her necklace. Carly babbled some more... Outside the thankful homeless woman gave Sage something she found by the river: the real necklace. Simon coincidentally appeared inside and pulled the fake/copy necklace, which he just got from the jeweler in his suite, out of his pocket for Jack. He made up a story about how the clasp had been broken. Sage came in and asked everyone if they wanted to see what the lady had given her.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Emma goes to Barbara's suite at the Lakeview to talk about the non-wedding of Paul and Meg. Barbara apologizes for her remarks after the wedding was called off, and Emma says they both said some things they probably shouldn't have said, but that's not the reason she came to see Barbara: she wants Barbara to keep Paul away from Meg. Barbara says there were plenty of people to blame for the problems that came between Paul and Meg, but Emma says she should stop making excuses for Paul because he's a grown man. Barbara points out that Meg is a grown woman, and she suggests that Emma not stand between Paul and Meg, but Emma says that's exactly where she'll stand if Paul is going to hurt Meg.

At the hospital, Craig tells Lucy he needs her to go get Johnny and bring him to him. Lucy protests that Craig is nowhere near capable of caring for Johnny right now and that she didn't sign on to take care of both him and a toddler. Lucy points out that Barbara has temporary custody of Johnny and says that might change things legally with regard to Craig's rights. Craig says he's already looked into that, and at that moment, his lawyer, Cassandra, walks into the room. She tells Craig she managed to get a court order for a 24-hour nonrestricted visitation with Johnny, and Craig tells Lucy he'd like for her to go with Cassandra to pick Johnny up from Barbara. Lucy warns him that Barbara is not going to like this, but Cassandra says Barbara will have to cooperate or she'll call the police. They leave together to go to Barbara's place.

Paul goes to the hospital looking for Meg and runs into Emily instead. He tells Emily if she thought stopping the wedding would bring them back together, she was wrong; Emily tells Paul she no longer wants him anyway. Paul says that's too bad, because now she's got him --- as an enemy. Meg comes out and asks what they're talking about, and Paul says it's unfinished business, but Emily says she's done with Paul. Meg tells Paul he should leave Emily alone and stop bullying her. Paul tries to get Meg to go somewhere else to talk, but she won't, so he pleads his case in the hospital corridor. He says he has no excuse for what he did except that he's evil; he tells Meg that the thought of Craig living while Jennifer was dead and his daughter Jennifer was also dead was unacceptable to him, because he kept thinking of what Jennifer could have done with more years of life and about the fact that Craig is fighting for custody of Johnny and will try to erase all memories of Jennifer from Johnny's life. Meg says she understands, but she can't stand the fact that she does understand him. Paul tells her sometimes you have to fight evil with evil, but Meg says cold-blooded murder is never an option. Craig, meanwhile, is standing by his doorway and overhears this. Meg tells Paul that what she wants, he can't give her: the chance to be a better person. Paul warns her that Craig is much more dangerous than he is, but Meg walks away. Craig then comes out of his room and tells Paul that he's right, he is dangerous.

Lucy and Cassandra arrive at Barbara's suite, and although Barbara acts pleased to see Lucy at first, she quickly turns on her when she finds out why she's there with the lawyer, saying she knew it had all been an act just to attract Dusty; Barbara says she'll go to her grave before she hands Johnny over to Lucy.

At Java, Sage wants to show Jack, Carly, and Simon the present the homeless lady gave her (Carly's stolen diamond), but Jack tells her they're busy right now, so Carly suggests she go draw some pictures for her daddy while they talk. Sage goes to a table and sits down, and Jack asks Simon if he stole the diamond in Carly's necklace. Simon tells him Katie's just a writer, and he's surprised that Jack doesn't believe Carly after having been married to her for several years. Jack wants to take the diamond from Carly's necklace to have it analyzed, and Carly agrees that he can, but Simon stops her and says he doesn't think Jack has any grounds to take the diamond. Jack says he can get a search warrant, and Simon says they'll wait for that. Jack leaves, and Simon asks Carly if she thinks they fooled Jack; Carly tells him not to make fun of Jack ever again. She tells Simon that she thinks Jack was trying to protect her by giving her a chance to get rid of the diamond by saying he'd have to get a search warrant first. Simon tells Carly that if being with him is making her feel worse about everything, she should just say the word, and they don't have to be together any more. Carly tells Simon the problem is that he's incorrigible and she'd like to think she's not. She then tells Simon that she is taking Sage home and would prefer to not have company tonight, so she can think about what's important. Sage picks up her diamond and pockets it, and they leave.

In the lobby of the Lakeview, Katie gets Henry, who is wearing a disguise that includes a moustache and a goatee, to approach Vienna. Henry introduces himself as "Enrique Wagner" and says he's with the SPD of L ("the Secret Police Department of Leonia"). Vienna asks if he's come to take her statement, and he says he has. She asks him for a drink, and he buys a bottle of good champagne for her with money he gets from Katie, then begins flirting and drinking with Vienna. Just as she is about to tell him what happened the night of the ball, Mike walks in; seeing him, Vienna jumps up and hugs him, and Mike then spots Henry and asks why he's wearing "that stupid beard." Vienna wants to know what's going on, and Mike spots Katie and drags her over to their little group, where she admits that she's trying to get Simon arrested for stealing the crown jewels. Vienna admits that she lied to Jack initially about the jewels being safely locked in a vault in Leonia. When Vienna asks, Henry tells her that Mike and Katie are separated, and she immediately begins flirting with Mike, but Mike says he has to go. He walks out, followed by Katie; meanwhile, Henry tells Vienna he lied to help a friend, and she tells him she finds that kind of behavior attractive, so he says he lies all the time. Katie returns, and Henry tells Vienna he'll have to continue their talk another time.

Mike goes to the police station to ask Jack if Vienna has been to see him; Katie quickly comes in, followed by Henry. Katie begins harassing Jack about doing more to get Simon arrested quickly; Jack says he needs more time to build a case. Mike is upset that Katie is haranguing Jack like this, and when Katie and Henry leave, he apologizes to Jack for her behavior. He then asks Jack what he thinks really happened at the ball, but when Jack says he's not sure, Mike realizes that perhaps Jack doesn't want to know what really happened.

Katie tells Henry that she thinks Jack will end up letting Carly off the hook; Henry asks if that's such a bad thing, and she says it is if it means Simon's off the hook, too. Henry tells her she should stop this vendetta, but she says she can't stop until she ends up back with Mike. Henry asks what more she thinks she can do that Jack isn't already doing, and she has a brainstorm and says they can steal Carly's diamond.



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