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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 4, 2006 on GL
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Monday, December 4, 2006

On Main Street, Josh tells Reva that he finally understands the sacrifice she made by hiding her cancer from him. He could pursue his dream and build the Veterans' Hospital. She is happy to hear him say those words. She says the hardest part for her was when he moved Cross Creek to Springfield for her. As they seem to finally be opening up to one another, Cassie arrives and the conversation abruptly comes to a halt. Reva tells Cassie they have been talking about Josh' hospital. She appreciates the hard work Cassie and Josh have put into it. Cassie says that what Josh said to Alan about Reva's sacrifice for the project was absolutely true. Reva says, "Okay, enough butt-kissing," and insists they focus on the important matter at hand right now - Jonathan and Lizzie. Just then, Tammy shows up and says she thinks the two have left town for good. Reva decides to head off to look for them and Josh asks her to call him if she needs help with Alan.

At Lizzie and Jon's "hide-out," Lizzie is alone with the baby. She is talking to her, wishing the baby could wake up and talk to her. Lizzie's looking forward to the two of them hanging out. She confesses that she'll be a pushover, just as Phillip had been. Jon, however, will be the one to make sure she doesn't eat too much sugar. The phone rings. It is Jon just checking up on them while he's out buying a stroller.

At Towers, Alan is lunching with Doris Wolf, who realizes his intentions are solely to get her to convince a judge to let him have custody of Lizzie and Jon's baby. They agree that they agree on two things. They both have fiercely strong loyalty to family and they both hate Jonathan Randall. Ashlee breaks up the momentum by arriving and accusing them of plotting against Lizzie and Jon. She insists Jon is a great guy. Her only wish was that he had fathered her child. Alan replies, "You and me both."

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Harley and Gus find Bailey's address and agree to go visit her. They go to her house. Bailey comes to the door, sees Gus and plants a big fat kiss on him. Bailey tells Gus she used to work at the bureau with him under the name Helen. She's since had some nips and tucks. She says Blake pretended to be Gus' wife and asked Bailey to get info from his bureau file. She said Blake told her Ross had told Blake there was something dangerous in his past. As his 'wife,' she was worried. Bailey tried to get the file for Blake, only to find out both Gus' and her own files were missing.

Jeffrey runs into Olivia and she tries to get him to leave - just as Ava walks in. Eva tells Olivia Alan hired Jeffrey to track down Lizzie. She also makes the comment that Jeffrey is a "sleaze ball". Olivia tells her he is her father and she should form her own opinion of him - sounding like her distain is waning. Olivia tries to smooth things over with Ava - to make an arrangement to peacefully coexist for the sake of their relationships with Buzz and Coop. Ava asks Olivia for a copy of her birth certificate. She finds out her birth certificate shows her birth date isn't the day she thought it was - it's actually three days earlier. Ava also asks to be allowed to see Emma. Olivia objects - it's too soon. Ava asks her to reconsider - so Buzz will see her in the right light.

Jeffrey is stopped by a man who books bands for a club. He offers Jeffrey a job. The guy tells him his history will attract people to the club. Jeffrey punches him, sending him sprawling onto the floor. Ava comes to his rescue, vouching for Jeffrey, preventing the guy from calling the police.

Marina comes across Remy sitting at the bar at Outskirts. He confides in her that he's going to look for Jonathan - to try to be Tammy's hero. Marina tells him Tammy doesn't want a hero, she wants Jonathan. Remy reminds Marina of her selfless act with Danny. Remy believes Tammy is just about done with Jonathan and he has a shot with her.

In the courtroom, Reva again tells Alan to back off and leave Jonathan, Lizzie and the baby alone. The judge recalls their last dealings with the court and asks of the whereabouts of Lizzie and Jonathan. Doris tells the judge their absence is evidence of their inability to care for their child. Mel requests a postponement of the trial for two weeks because the defendants didn't have ample time to prepare.

Reva keeps interrupting Doris to tell the truth to disarm her. Finally Doris brings up the baby's heart murmur and the fact Jonathan and Lizzie took the baby out of the hospital - without seeing a specialist for the baby. Mel has Rick testify that the heart murmur isn't as serious as it sounds. Rick verifies Jonathan and Lizzie's decision to leave the hospital was approved by him. Alan adds to the proceeding that Jonathan knew about the hearing. He claims he told Jonathan, which is why they ran off. Alan swears Beth witnessed the conversation between Jonathan and him. Beth dutifully lies for Alan and corroborates his claim. Joshua pipes up just as the judge is about to rule, claiming he has important information. He tells the judge he isn't the greatest parent, telling a couple stories about his child rearing experiences. He points out that everyone makes mistakes while raising children. He is able to make the judge recall how hard becoming a parent was and how we all do our best raising children. The judge agrees with Josh and throws out the case. Reva thanks Josh for what he did.

Cassie makes an attempt to contact Jonathan and Lizzie. She tries to enlist the help of Billy to track them down. Billy is able to find out Jonathan made some calls from Indianapolis. Cassie tells Billy he shouldn't walk away from Reva. Billy returns to his date with Sheila and sweeps her off to New York.

Gus places a call to an emergency number asking for a favor.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Inside the Light: You Picked a Fine Time to Leave me Lucille

Billy is on Main Street with Sheila in his lap, proposing a trip with him to Milan after they have just returned from New York. When Sheila can't go due to job responsibilities, Billy suggests she retire. Sheila believes he must be joking. After taking care of Reva all those months, he wonders what responsibility ever gotten anyone. Before striding off to work, Sheila reminds him that Reva healed and that should be enough some times.

Meanwhile at Towers, Matt argues with Josh over Lewis Construction projects. He feels that Josh spends too much time on the hospital and not enough time on other ventures. Cassie offers to help, but Josh decides to call the clients himself and explain the delays on their projects. After Cassie and Matt leave, Josh utters that he needs a clone. Billy arrives touting that he has one. Billy offers to return to Lewis Construction as a full partner. Josh tells his brother having him back is not a good idea.

Outside on Main Street, Josh admits his concern about Billy losing his sobriety during deadlines. He's already missing deadlines, Billy responds. Billy knows that Josh's problem with him returning isn't merely about his drinking. Whether or not he returns to the business, Billy explains, is not up to Josh. HB's will grants Billy a permanent place at Lewis. Josh challenges this clause in the will. The two plan to settle it by visiting HB's Lawyer in Tulsa.

At the airport, their private pilot shows up drunk. Billy checks on commercial tickets and learns there are two seats left on the night's last flight. He attempts to buy them both in his name to prevent Josh from boarding. Josh catches him, and they wind up crammed together in the last two seats in the back of the flight. Billy and Josh argue on the plane the entire time. Billy mitigates his drinking by reminding Josh that he fell off the wagon the night Reva planned to commit suicide, but josh believes there is no good reason to fall off the wagon. The pilot announces that the flight has been diverted to Wichita.

In the Kansas airport, they continue to bicker. Billy taunts Josh to admit that he won't let him back in the company because he's mad at him for not revealing Reva's secret. Billy declares that it was not his call. Josh asks him if falling in love with Reva was his call. Billy responds that he has always been in love with Reva. He wants to know if Josh has always been in love with Cassie. Josh retorts that Reva and Billy left him all alone in the cold. Billy cynically replies that Cassie was there to keep him warm. He asks him if he loves Cassie the way that he loves Reva. Joshua won't commit to that answer, but says that he loves Cassie. Billy goats Josh to admit that he just couldn't keep his pants up. Josh tells him to shut up because he doesn't know what he's talking about.

The argument turns to how to get to Tulsa. They decide to take the last crummy rental car and fight over who gets to drive it. Josh drives because he doesn't want to end up in a ditch like Reva did when Billy drove her.

On the drive, Josh complains about how messy Billy is with his snacks in the car. They fuss with each other more, this time about how Josh feels that Billy was always HB's favorite and it was hard to compete with him. Billy never got in trouble because HB always thought he reminded him of himself. Billy replies that HB never played favorites and Josh got into plenty of trouble—it was just never his fault, according to him. Josh retorts that he's not the one trying to hide a drinking problem. "Ah, here we go! Billy drinks and Billy gets in trouble and Josh saves the day!" Billy sardonically roars, slapping on the radio. "You Picked a Fine Time to Leave me Lucille" plays. Instantly Josh shuts it off. Billy slaps it back on. The song is terrible and Josh doesn't even know how they can be related.

Josh asks Billy to turn on the GPS. Snidely, Billy asks if he is lost and tells him that he knew he should have driven. The GPS speaks German. Josh wants it in English. When it changes to English, GPS skips, repeating, "You missed your exit," over and over. Billy yells for Josh to look out. The car serves.

Parked on the side of the road, the two exit the car. Billy thought Josh almost hit a doe, but they discover it's a redheaded woman. Josh fumes that Billy had him pull over to pick up a hitchhiker. Hitchhiking is illegal. Even so, Billy says they will give the lady a ride.

On the way, Billy regales the new passenger with a fish tale. He and Josh were fishing as boys. They caught a fish and young Reva begged Josh to toss it back. Josh explained to her that God put the fish here to eat. Billy threw the fish back, so Reva ran off into the woods with him. The passenger thinks Billy made up the story, but Josh confirms that it's all true--except the part where Billy ends up with the girl. Billy says that Reva married him first. The girl chuckles that they married the same woman. Billy adds that she also married their father. The passenger thinks the two brothers are so much fun. It's a shame that she has to rob them. The young redhead points her gun into Billy's shoulder.

On the side of the road, Josh is red with anger as the woman takes off in the car. He admonishes Billy for wanting to pick her up in the first place. Now she took their car, their wallets, their shoes and their belts. He can't understand why she took the belts. Billy believes it's because Josh asked her, "Are you going to take our belts, too?" They argue more about being out in the middle of nowhere. Billy coolly reminds Josh that this trip was his idea. They walk for a while and come upon some Latino men who are waiting around to get work. Josh decides they should wait there and hitch a ride. Suddenly hitchhiking is okay, Billy comments. He finds it strange how everything seems to be about what Josh wants or feels. Josh is the one who gets to decide if Billy can return to Lewis. Josh is the one who is upset if Billy has a relapse. Josh has a problem with Billy being friends with Reva. Billy wonders why it's always, "Poor Josh..." and, "...he didn't get to be told that Reva was sick."

Josh points out that it's a good question why he wasn't told by his own brother that Reva was sick. Josh doesn't care what Reva wanted. In this case, Billy should have put him—his own brother—first. Josh wants to know how Billy would feel if Josh had kept the same secrets about his son Bill. Billy doesn't answer, pointing out that the Latino laborers who were waiting have left. Just then the police pull up and arrest Josh and Billy.

The two are taken to arraignment in handcuffs. They are under arrest for loitering and looking for work. Josh explains to the judge that he is Josh Lewis of Lewis Construction. The Judge asks Billy if he has a job. Billy says that he's his brother. Both speak at once, telling the judge about how the redhead robbed them. Two grungy brothers are brought in wearing handcuffs. The judge asks Josh and Billy to step aside so he can hear this other case. The two brothers have been arrested for brawling with one another. Each yells his own litany of what the other one did to him, ending in one of them saying that the other slept with his woman. The judge has been watching them fight with each other for forty years. He thinks their father would be ashamed of them and orders them to grow the hell up. Billy thoughtfully listens in. The Judge orders the grungy brothers spend the night in a cell.

As for Billy and Josh, they have to spend the night also. Since the other brothers took the last cell, Josh and Billy are handcuffed to benches and have to spend the night alone in the courtroom. Alone and each chained to his own bench, Josh thanks Billy for looking after Reva. He sincerely wants to know what it was like taking care of her during that time. He thinks it must have been hard. Billy agrees that it was hard. It was hard because they would get hope, and they would lose hope. Billy explains that Reva was in a lot of pain and it was hard to watch her be strong for everyone. Billy didn't believe he'd be strong enough to keep it together. Once he found himself in a bar with a bourbon. Instead of drinking it, he went back and held Reva's hand, pretending he was strong enough to take care of her. All the while he was wishing he had someone to strengthen him, someone like his brother. Softly Josh says that he's glad one of them was there for her. If it wasn't him, he was glad it was Billy. Josh asks for more. He wants to hear everything.

A slow country song plays as we watch a montage of Josh and Billy talking seriously, laughing at times, playing thumb war, talking seriously again and sharing a long hug. The lyrics of the song sing, "...It's good to be alive..."

In the morning the Judge awakes them. He and the sheriff have the redhead in custody. He returns their belongings. The judge wonders why Josh didn't tell him that he was the man behind the HB center. Josh says that HB was his-—our-–father. As they uncuff themselves, Billy chuckles about how easy this seems after the bad day they had yesterday. Josh thinks maybe everyday is a chance for a fresh start. The judge has a police escort ready for them to get to the airport for a Tulsa flight. Billy decides he doesn't want to go to Tulsa. If Josh doesn't want him in the company, he won't force his way in. Josh doesn't want to fight any more. He wants to work with Billy by his side. They choose to drive the rental back to Springfield-—Billy gets to drive. On the radio plays, "You Picked a Fine Time to Leave me, Lucille." Together they sing along in hokey country voices.

The GPS announces that they are headed in the right direction. Billy turns to Josh as he drives and admits he should have told him about Reva. He should have sworn Josh to secrecy and then allowed him to wean it out of her some way. He believes part of him just wanted to keep her to himself. Josh knew something was wrong with her. He sensed it. Honestly, he thinks he could have worked harder to figure out what it was. He suggests that perhaps his veteran's project kept him too busy to see it or maybe he just didn't want it see it. Billy knows that the one good thing resulting from it all was that they got Reva back. He chuckles, revealing to Josh that Reva kissed him out in the woods that night when they were fishing. Josh counters with his own secret about that night. After Reva was with Billy, she was with Josh and did a whole lot more than just kiss him. A whole lot more, Billy repeats. With a naughty smile, Josh nods. Billy replies that he should have cooked that fish. They shared a laugh.

Josh decides to call Cassie to let her know that he's on the way home. Her home, Billy points out and wants to know if that sounds awkward to Josh or not. Josh says that it doesn't. Billy wants to know if that means he's actually over Reva this time—once he's done being mad at her. Josh blissfully replies that he's not mad at Reva. He's not mad at anyone after the night they both just had. He has a great life and job. The best thing is that he doesn't have to sleep with Billy tonight.

"You have arrived at your destination," The GPS tells them. They take the elevator in Towers. Josh asks if he's told Billy lately how much he stinks. They both are muddy and Josh points out that Billy has a corn chip stuck to his pants. Billy removes the chip and offers it to Josh. After Josh declines, he warns Josh not to say he never offered him anything, and he eats it. Josh scowls and they laugh. Josh tells Billy that he loves him—even though he really does smell. As Billy retorts how much Josh smells, the elevator doors open. Cassie is sitting at the bar, smiling. Josh goes to her for a big hug. Billy scowls.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Mallet is being filmed for his show while Dinah interrupts, trying to make his show seem boring and then plugging her own new show. Mallet is concerned that Dinah's show will beat out his show. Marina appears all decked out - ready to appear on Mallet's show as his partner - sunglasses, flowing hair and all.

Buzz returns the necklace from Olivia to Jeffrey and asks him to leave town and stay away from Olivia. Jeffrey tells him he can't make that promise. Buzz tells Jeffrey he has to move out of the Beacon, but Jeffrey won't buckle under the pressure. Jeffrey realizes he needs Olivia's forgiveness to move on with his life.

Buzz kicks down Jeffrey's door at the Beacon and "helps" him move out, leaving him a note telling him to get out. Jeffrey returns to his room to find the destruction and Buzz's note.

Olivia is drowning her sorrows at the bar. Constant flashes of the young Jeffrey and the current Jeffrey are making her a tortured soul.

Harley asks Jeffrey for help in getting Gus' file.

Gus runs into Rick and asks him to be advised whenever Blake wakes from her coma. Gus meets with someone from the agency and is given his file. Gus learns he was compromised during a case - exposed to a chemical that may cause him to lose his sight and his stability. He promptly makes a doctor's appointment where he learns he cannot have children. Afterwards, Gus struggles with how he will tell Harley.

Dinah is struggling to come up with ideas for her show. She goes to her set where she runs into Ashlee. When Ashlee asks her if she needs help, Dinah hires her on the spot.

Buzz asks Olivia to go away on a trip with him. Jeffrey is lurking around a corner, watching Buzz and Olivia closely.

Friday, December 8, 2006


Dinah sees Mallet on Main Street with flowers and assumes they are for her. When he tells her they are for someone else and walks off, she gets intrigued and follows him to a local restaurant. Mallet realizes she followed him but she denies it; she is here to collect material for her "infotainment" show. Suddenly, Mallet's lunch date arrives---Vanessa. The flowers are for her also, as well as thanks for putting THE LAW on the air. Dinah knows Mallet is just buttering up Vanessa to get the timeslot and starts praising THE LAW, in a backhanded fashion. Mallet replies in kind and Vanessa appears to be enjoying the little one-upmanship. She states that this competition has deepened their commitment to television excellence. Later outside, Ashlee starts to give Dinah a folder she got on THE LAW. Dinah tries to get Ashlee to just give her the file so they can rush out, but Ashlee is so excited she starts to leaf through the file right there and the pair is caught by Mallet. Mallet accuses Dinah of stealing the file but Dinah states that it was a gift from the guy in the media room. She them gives him an excuse that she wanted to know what they were planning so she didn't come up with anything similar. Mallet sees through the lie and begins to spar with her but then suddenly walks off, saying he is a real cop not one on TV. Dinah and Ashlee both suspect that he is up to something.

Harley approaches Gus at work and announces that she is ovulating. She points out that this would be a perfect time to cut out for some quick baby-making. Gus remembers what the doctor said about him not being able to have children and tries to discourage her but Harley is very optimistic that it will happen this time. Afterwards, Harley's enthusiasm increases-she is certain that she just conceived and starts making baby plans. Gus cautions her not to jump the gun and suggests they concentrate on the kids they have. Harley then gets a call from Rick who is with Jude at school for Father/Son day, something she forgot to tell Gus about. Harley continues to gush about possibly being pregnant, unsettling Gus even further. Harley can tell he is upset and thinks that he is jealous of Rick's being with Jude. Gus assures her that is not the case. Suddenly, they get news from Frank: the grandmother of the abandoned baby they found earlier this year (Grace/Sydney) has died of natural causes. Later, a woman from social services arrives with the baby. Gus asks her what will happen to her and she states that Sydney will be placed in foster care since the girls parents are in prison. Gus is disgusted on how people like that can have kids and others don't get the chance. Later, the social worker announces that they found a foster home for the baby. Frank promises a concerned Harley and Gus that he will check on Sydney tomorrow. Afterwards, Gus muffles his voice, calls the social worker and tells her that he is the foster father and will be there shortly. He then takes off with the baby.

Reva, Josh, Billy, and Cassie are at Towers when they are confronted by Alan and Beth. Alan, irate about Josh's testimony in court, demands to know where Lizzie and Jonathan are. As Reva is stating that they do not know, who should walk in but Lizzie, Jonathan and the baby? The group rushes toward them and Jonathan tells Alan to stay away from Sarah-thus revealing the baby's name. At the same time, Tammy has been dragged to Towers for a lunch with Remy and is shocked to see the group-Remy arranged it. Reva gushes over the baby and tells Jonathan that she is so glad she is alive-she never got to be with a child all the through. Meanwhile, Alan is getting frustrated and tells Jonathan that he cannot deny the child knowing her mother's family. Jonathan states he can, and serves Alan with a restraining order to stay away from the baby. Alan gores ballistic but Lizzie states that he did this to himself. Alan tells the group that they will be very sorry and then barges off. With Alan gone, Reva suggests that they bring the baby to her place for a little visit. Cassie begs off so she can be with Tammy. At the same time, Beth asks Lizzie to stay and have lunch with her. Tammy and Cassie discus how hard it must have been for her to see Jonathan again. Tammy admits it is hard but admits that they broke up because Jonathan had other responsibilities. Tammy keeps looking over at Lizzie's table and wonders why she does not look happy since she got everything she wanted. Meanwhile, Beth notices the same thing and asks Lizzie, for the third time that day, if she is okay. Lizzie tries to assure her that everything is fine but then starts to cry. Beth thinks Lizzie has the "baby blues" but Lizzie admits it is something else. Lizzie bemoans the fact that this is not working; she thought that when she had the baby, Jonathan would fall in love with her but he still barely notices her. As she starts to cry more, Tammy spots it from across the room and hopes that Cassie will be a good mother. Meanwhile, Beth reminds Lizzie that she knew what she was getting when she married Jonathan and suggests that Lizzie stay with her for a little while. Lizzie declines and calls Sarah her "best trick in the book" for getting what she wants. As Tammy goes to the bar to get a drink, she overhears Lizzie tell Beth that while she does love Sarah, she also loves what Sarah can do for her. Irate, Tammy tells Cassie what she overheard and states that Lizzie does not love that baby the way a mother should.

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