All My Children Recaps: The week of November 27, 2006 on AMC

The Kanes gathered for their annual Thanksgiving dinner, but things didn't go well. Kendall tried to dispute David's claim that Ryan was actually Emma's father, but David wove a convincing tale. JR warned Josh to stay away from little Adam. Zarf fell in love with Bianca at first sight.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 27, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, November 27, 2006

Zach was at the Pine Valley Inn when a worker approached him. The worker said he did not realize the Kane family was involved with the reservation Zach made. And, therefore, he did not want Zach's reservation anymore. Zach eased his mind with a lot of money. Meanwhile, Bianca was setting up for the dinner in the dining room. Erica walked in and saw a place card for Jack. Erica stated she would not be at dinner if Jack was coming. Bianca was annoyed and believed this feud was Erica's fault. Erica explained that Jack sent her clothes to the hotel, but Bianca still believed Erica was to blame. So, Erica admitted that Jack found Jeff in her hotel room, but maintained nothing was going on. Bianca compared Erica to Maggie. Erica was confused, so Bianca revealed Maggie's infidelity. Bianca then pleaded with her mother to stop fighting with Jack so her daughters could have a happy holiday. Then, just as Erica agreed to have dinner with Jack, Jack walked in with Brooke. Erica looked appalled. Still, Erica told Bianca she would be at dinner, but had to run an errand first. Meanwhile, Jack and Brooke went to the bar for a drink. Jack asked Brooke to stay. Brooke said she would stay because this would probably be the most interesting Thanksgiving she has ever been to.

Kendall did not believe David's allegation that Ryan was Emma's father. David then swore on his daughter's life that Ryan really was Emma's biological father. David explained that he initially thought Emma was Kate, so he ran a DNA test on her. He also ran her DNA through the entire hospital system to see if anyone was a match. And, because Ryan was in the system, due to his DNA test for Spike, he turned out to be a match. Kendall was horrified that David even knew about Ryan and Spike's DNA test. David said he knew a lot, including that Annie would want Ryan to make up for lost time with Emma. David asked how Kendall would handle sharing Ryan with Annie and Emma. Kendall yelled at David to leave just as Zach came home. Zach told David to leave also. Once David was gone, Zach asked Kendall about their conversation. Kendall simply said David was pissed at everyone and it did not matter what he said. Then, Kendall and Zach happily got ready for dinner together.

Jeff brought Annie and Ryan more test results, but none were a match. So, Jeff went to the lab to get the remaining results. Annie was very worried, so Ryan tried to distract her. Ryan taught Annie a card trick to show Emma. Annie eventually laughed and Ryan said her smile was magic. Then, Jeff came back. Annie began opening the results, but the first three showed no match. Annie finally opened the last results and they showed a match! Soon after, Emma ran in and Annie hugged her. The social worker apologized and left. Then, Ryan and Annie thanked Jeff as they continued to embrace Emma.

JR told Josh to come closer to his bed. Josh walked closer and asked what JR was going to do. JR wished he could put Josh's head through the wall. So, Josh thanked JR for proving his point to Babe that JR was still violent. JR encouraged Josh to take Babe, but warned him to stay away from Little Adam. Josh asserted that when Babe ended up with him, she would have her son. Then, Tad came in and made Josh leave. Meanwhile, Dixie saw Babe crying outside of JR's hospital room. Dixie was worried something happened to JR, but Babe confessed she was crying over her mistakes. Babe stated she wanted to make things right again. Dixie asked if Babe wanted to do this for JR or Little Adam. Babe said she loved JR and still wanted to remain married. Dixie reminded Babe that JR forgave her. Then, Dixie went into JR's room. Dixie announced she saw Babe crying. Dixie believed JR might forgive her in the future. JR said he never would. Dixie urged Tad to tell JR that forgiveness was always possible. At first, Tad was hesitant, but eventually said forgiveness was an option. Then, Tad and Dixie discussed the forgiveness they gave each other. Neither of them thought it was possible, but they forgave one another for their terrible acts. Dixie also reminded JR that he forgave her. Still, JR thought Dixie made mistakes out of love, but not Babe. Meanwhile, Josh saw Babe outside. He approached her, but Babe asked him to leave. Then, Adam entered and saw them together. He accused Babe of meeting with her lover and then went into JR's room with Little Adam. However, Adam was annoyed to see Tad and demanded he leave. JR asked Adam to call a truce with Tad, since it was Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, Babe was upset that Adam saw her with Josh. Josh stated he was trying to love Babe. Babe told Josh to stop because his love was killing her. So, Josh left, but Erica had been listening. Erica approached Babe and expressed her happiness that Babe sent Josh away. Erica stated Josh was too good for Babe. Then, Erica found Jeff and Josh. She asked them to accompany her to Thanksgiving dinner.

David was making a video. In it, David told Tad not to waste his time searching for him. David explained that he would be long gone and urged Tad to spend his time and money on finding Kate instead. The rest of the video was not revealed. Then, David put the video in front of the Chandler Mansion. And, just as he went to leave, he ran into Babe coming home.

Guests started to arrive at the Pine Valley Inn for dinner. Ryan came with Annie and Emma. Then, Kendall entered and saw Ryan holding Emma in his arms. Kendall looked concerned. Then, Erica came in on the arms of both Jeff and Josh!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

In the hospital, J.R. told Adam that he was alive because of Tad and Dixie. He said that he was about to walk into the light when he heard Tad calling him back. He told Adam to not trash the rest of this family. Adam asked Dixie if she would move in while J.R. recovered. Dixie said she would love to spend more time with J.R. and Little Adam. They left and Jamie told J.R. that he would not be the one to tell Little Adam his dad was dead and that he had to stop drinking. J.R. said he had stopped for good and he wanted Jamie to unhook him from the morphine in case it was addictive. Dr. Jamie said no way he would take him off the pain killers, but J.R. said he had to learn to handle the pain.

Colby and Sydney went at it and Krystal heard the commotion and came out to see what was going on. Colby apologized to Sydney. The front door opened and who should appear, but Tad, Dixie and Adam. Surprised by the invite to dinner, she was even more surprised when Adam said Dixie would be moving into the mansion.

At the Chandler mansion, Babe told David to go but he hugged her and said it was the last time he would ever see her. He talked in circles, but left telling her he loved her very much. At the door was an semi-hidden envelope for Adam that Babe did not see. Colby found the envelope and gave it to Adam. It was a DVD with David saying goodbye but then Krystal stopped the disc saying she wouldn't let him ruin another day for them. Babe agreed, but Tad insisted they watch the rest. Adam agreed and the disc was turned on again. David told Babe that when Krystal left, she had to follow. He then said to Dixie that she had the ammo, but if she didn't have the guts to use it, he would tell them now.

At the Kane/Montgomery Thanksgiving extravaganza Erica brought Jeff to make the day complete. Jack told her that he expected no less from Erica Kane. Jeff said he knew what she was doing, but being with her was the highlight of his day. At a table set for royalty, Erica made seating arrangements for everyone. Jack at one end and she at the other. Lily said it was confusing because the couples were not seated together. Jack stood to offer a prayer and just as he was about to begin, Erica stopped him and said that perhaps Jeff should lead the prayer instead. Myrtle, being a very wise woman, blurted out a prayer and got it over with. They all seemed to be having a nice time and then it began. The turkey came out and Erica insisted that Jeff carve because he was a surgeon. Jack made a wise crack about fathers and sons preying on married women and Josh invited him to go outside. Erica defended Josh, Sean defended Jack, Erica and Brooke swapped insults and Myrtle told Zach to have a drink delivered to the table so she didn't miss a moment. Bianca took Erica to the powder room and begged her to apologize. Bianca then demanded to know why she didn't want to go home. They went back to the table to make nice, but it didn't quite go that way.

Kendall kept looking at Emma reliving David's words that swore she was Ryan's child. She approached Annie and was told the results of the DNA test proved who Emma was. Kendall finally got the information she wanted from Annie. Emma's father was an anonymous sperm donor, not Terry. At the dinner table, Kendall found new ways to talk to Annie about leaving town. Ryan took Kendall aside and asked why she was so bent on Annie leaving PV. She said she was afraid he would put Spike second behind Annie and Emma.

Wednesday, November 28, 2006

Erica announces that she thinks it might be a good idea for her and Jack to get a divorce. Bianca and Kendall tried to calm Erica down, but Erica went to her room to be alone. Meanwhile, most of the guests began to leave. Amanda brought Lily home. Ryan and Annie left. And, before Zach brought Myrtle home, the manager told Zach that this circus of a family would never have Thanksgiving at the Pine Valley Inn again. Then, Jeff asked to speak with Jack, so they went outside. Jeff called Jack an idiot because he was to blame for his failing marriage. Jeff explained that Erica was going to return home before Jack sent her clothes. Jeff also admitted that Erica only invited him to get back at Jack for inviting Brooke. Jack asserted Erica was not innocent either. Jack also wondered why Jeff was telling him this. Jeff stated the battle for Erica was on and that he wanted it to be fair. Then, Jeff left and Brooke entered. Brooke assured Jack that she would be there for him, since he had always been a good friend to her. She also believed Jack and Erica would get back together because they always did in the past. Meanwhile, Kendall wanted to check on Erica, but Bianca said Josh already went. So, Josh went to Erica's room and Erica was surprised. Josh thought if Erica was unhappy, she should get out of her marriage. Erica asked if this was what Josh told Babe. Erica further explained she was not attacking Babe, but pointing out that Josh had a big heart. Erica then declared she loved Josh and wanted him to be well. Josh stated he was fine and went back to the dining room. When Josh saw Kendall and Bianca he announced that Jack was a jerk and that Erica should be with Jeff. Bianca and Kendall tried to convince Josh that Jack was a good man. Then, they realized Josh cared about Erica. Kendall stated that Josh was part of the family. Meanwhile, Jeff went to see Erica. Erica was still enraged with Jack. Jeff saw how upset she was and did not believe Erica wanted a divorce. Erica thought Jeff would be happy she wanted a divorce. Jeff said he wanted Erica, but wanted her to want him too. Jeff left and Erica pulled her wedding album out of a box. Erica flipped through the pages and looked upset.

Ryan and Annie were at the penthouse. Ryan apologized for the crazy dinner. Annie explained it was much better than her last one, since she was on the run with Emma. Annie then toasted Ryan for being such a big help. Annie also stated that he was off the hook from having to help her and Emma. Ryan explained that besides Spike, he had no other major priorities and enjoyed spending time with Annie and Emma. Ryan then asked if Annie would want to go out with him sometime. Annie wondered if he was asking her on a date and he confirmed it. So, Annie said yes and they decided to go out the next day.

Colby and Sean were still at the boathouse. Colby inquired how Sean ruined the love of his father's life. Sean explained that his dad only stayed with his mother because they had Sean. Otherwise, his dad would have been with Erica, the love of his life. Sean did not want the same thing to happen to Jack because of him. Colby did not think Jack's marital problems were Sean's fault. Sean was grateful. Then, they sat and listened to music together.

Tad, Dixie, Adam, Krystal, and Babe were still watching David's DVD. David declared that Krystal could have prevented everything, but she fell for the enemy and sacrificed their daughter. David said Babe would leave the house after Krystal left. Then, Babe went crazy! She threw a glass at the TV and broke the DVD into pieces. Then, she screamed and cried that David was evil and so was she because he was her father. Tad embraced Babe and said that her father did not define her, just like his did not define him. Then, Tad and Babe went outside. Tad believed Babe was not just upset about David and asked if she wanted to talk. Babe did not want to talk. Tad then said he wanted to tell Babe something he could not say in front of Dixie. Tad did not think Babe should feel obligated to stay with JR. Babe said she wanted to stay with him. Tad felt she was staying for Little Adam. He offered to help her if Adam fought for custody because he thought every child should be with their parents. Babe looked guilty and apologized for David's lie about Emma. Tad said he would go on somehow. Meanwhile, Adam was annoyed by Babe's hysteria. Adam did not want JR to see Babe act like this, so he wanted Babe to leave again. Then, Adam left to call the hospital. Dixie confronted Krystal about the DVD. Dixie believed David was going to announce that Krystal's baby was Tad's. Krystal admitted David was going to announce this, but still denied it was true. Krystal said she did not want Tad to hear the lie because it would give him false hope. Krystal also threatened to tell Adam that Dixie could not live there if she caused trouble. Dixie told Krystal not to blackmail her. Then, Adam came back. He demanded to know what they were discussing. Krystal said they were discussing Dixie's move into the mansion. Dixie looked at Krystal and assured her she would not be any trouble. Krystal thanked Dixie and brought her to her room.

Zach was at home with Spike. Zach held the baby and said Christmas would be better than Thanksgiving. Zach then explained that Santa would bring tons of presents for Spike. Zach kissed Spike and said he loved him. Then, after Spike was asleep, Zach went outside. When he looked down, he saw a note. It said, "You murdered her!"

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kendall has a bad dream that Ryan showed up at Fusion with Annie and Emma and presented her with papers wherein he relinquished his parental rights to Spike. Kendall protested, but Ryan tells her that he made his decision so that he could have a child that he didn't have to share. At the same time, Zach arrives at the balcony of a house and spots a woman in shadow. He warns her to be careful, lest she fall off the edge, but when he tries to save her, she disappears into thin air. Together, they awaken with a start, bathed in a cold sweat. They rise and start to get ready, neither willing to talk about what had shocked them out of their sleep. Without coffee to aid them in their alertness, Zach sends a glass crashing to the floor, and Kendall can't seem to get it together fast enough to get her son dressed. Dismayed at the start to the day, they silently hope that things will get better.

Tad shows up at the Chandler estate and when Krystal answers the door he bursts in and demands to know if she ever planned to tell him that the baby she is carrying is not her husband's, but his. Adam appears from behind the door, unable to hide his hurt and dismay at the revelation. Krystal's eyes open, and she turns her head to see her sleeping husband lying in bed next to her, a smile on his face. A short time later, a fully dressed Krystal runs into her loving spouse in the foyer. He asks if the technology she is holding is baby related but she tells him that it's a communication system so that JR's recovery will go smoothly. Adam expresses his appreciation, and Krystal tells him that it will take a while for things to get back to normal, and Adam knows that she is referring to their children. She then shows her own appreciation at the fact that Adam gave her and Babe such a great gift, and tells him that she wishes she could do something equally amazing. He assures her that she already did in the form of their daughter. After a brief hug, she notes that she is going to set the intercom system up just as there is a knock at the door. As she disappears into the next room, Adam goes to find out who is on the other side of the door. When he opens it, he finds Josh on the other side. Immediately jumping to conclusions, Adam curtly notes that Babe isn't home. Josh fires back that he doesn't believe that Babe should be anywhere near the Chandlers. He invites himself in and Adam tries to determine what Josh needs to say so that he can usher the young man out of the house as quickly as he came in. Josh gets to the point, noting that they both know how dangerous JR is, and asking if Babe will be safe living here under the same roof with her husband. He demands a promise that Babe will remain unharmed, but all Adam can offer is an inquiry as to where his concern was when he was seducing Babe. He then blames Josh for any and all fallout, and demands that he vacate the premises. Josh goes to stalk out, but when Adam starts to slam the door in his face, Josh blocks it and tells him that if Babe is hurt in any way, he will make sure that Adam and his son pay for it.

Dressed in a Greek-inspired garb, Babe mixes a drink for her husband. He tries to reject it, but when his wife's lover shows up behind her back and begins to seductively kiss her neck, he grabs it and downs it in one fell swoop. He then blames her for his demise and proceeds to throw himself out the window. She gasps and starts to go after him but Josh stops her, proclaiming that she now belongs to him. She looks down and sees that her once pristine dress is now covered in blood. Then, Babe awakens suddenly, and looks down to see if the blood is real. When she discovers it isn't, she quietly whispers JR's name.

In the hospital room, JR sees his wife being seduced by Josh while he lies helpless in bed. Josh makes promises of only happiness, more than JR could ever give her, and Babe readily agrees to run away with him. JR quietly notes that he loves Babe and begs her to stay. She ignores his plea, eliciting a scream from her husband with her exit. In that moment, he awakes with a start. He starts to moan loudly in pain, rousing his brother who had been sleeping on the couch. Jamie immediately flies into action, intending to get more medicine. As JR protests, Bianca enters the room and unknowingly tries to get the same results by offering to call a nurse. JR tries to call her off as well, admitting that he is an addict and that he doesn't want the instant relief that medication would bring. Jamie admits that it is within JR's rights to refuse medication so, left without recourse, Bianca tells JR that his decision is only insane if he goes through it alone. She tells him to grab her hand and squeeze. JR does just that, and then asks his brother for a moment alone with Bianca. Jamie grants his wish and leaves the room. JR then asks her why she came to visit and she tells him that she just wanted to check on him. He apologizes for bringing back memories of her tumble off the balcony in Florida and she apologizes for not getting help before he landed in the hospital. Tearily, JR then says that he never meant to hurt her but she reminds him that what he wanted to do was hurt her brother, and informs him that she hates that he had that goal. Cringing with both physical and emotional pain, JR begs her to tell her brother than he can have Babe. Bianca tells JR that she believes he means that and knows why. She tells him that she knows he stills loves Babe, but JR hotly denies it. She then spins a tale of how, when you are betrayed by the person that you love, you question what you did or said wrong, or what you didn't do, and what your beloved found in another that they didn't find in you. JR tells her that he doesn't need a shrink, but she shakes herself out of the past and admits that she was talking about herself and Maggie. She then informs him that no matter what you do, the person you shared your life with is in your head, and they can't be forgotten so easily.

Out in the hall, Jamie runs into Babe, who is determined to visit her husband. He stands in her way and tells her that she can't go in, but Babe pushes by him to see why. Through the window, she can see her husband holding Bianca's hand and demands to know why. Jamie briefly fills her in, and she notes that there has to be some other way. Jamie tells her that what she wants doesn't matter and Babe reminds him that she is still JR's wife. Jamie laughs in the face of her reminder, noting that all of the things she has done up until now should tell her that there is no more to her relationship with JR. Babe tells him that her troubles are with JR and that he has no right to interfere. Jamie tells her that he is protecting his brother and his decision is that JR doesn't need Babe's guilt and sacrifice dripping all over him while he is on the road to recovery. Babe tries to do things her way, insisting that they can make things work this time, but Jamie stops her. He tells her that they would continue to be in the same vicious cycle things are fine until someone lies and everyone is destroyed. He asks her to do everyone a favor and just walk away. He then heeds his own advice and leaves her alone in the hall to consider his words.

A short time later, Jamie returns to his brother's room and asks after his visit with Bianca. JR asks where he went and Jamie reveals that he purchased a model car and a sports trivia game. He asks if anyone else stopped by, and JR tells him no. Jamie then asks if his brother needs anyone else besides him, and JR tells him that he is more than happy for just the two of them to hang out.

Dani, Simone and Erin arrive at the Fusion offices, wrapped in idle chatter until they realize that just about everything had been removed and in its wake, a naked man. They tip toe around to face him and find him either asleep or meditating. They determine that it's Zarf and try to figure out what their next step should be. They volunteer Erin to be their mouthpiece, and she tries to shake him from his reverie. He returns to consciousness and explains that clothing and all of the furniture and technology that had been housed within were barriers to everyone's creative core. He suggests that they strip but when they balk, he tells them that he can't trust them with his essence, and goes to leave. They all are thrown into a panic, as they scramble for a way to make him stay. Tormented, he decides to stay for Babe's sake. He demands answers as to how he will get to know them and when he turns to face them again, he finds the women had all stripped to their underwear. Kendall arrives just then and is shocked at what she sees. She quickly tries to hand him something which he could use to cover up but he refuses to obey her wishes. He then demands that someone produce Babe, as she is the only person he can connect with. Outraged, Kendall insults Babe and tells him that as a rock star, he should be out doing crazy things instead of haunting their offices unclothed. Unwilling to deal with her anymore, he wanders off to a back room and she demands again that someone explain what happened. Then, Ryan shows up, hands her an envelope and wishes her happy holidays. Clearly remembering her dream, she hesitates in taking it. She shakes off her fear, opens the envelope and finds the completed and signed application for Spike's schooling, so that he can be first on the waiting list. Ryan then confesses that he and Annie would be dating and Kendall tries to act as if she doesn't care. Knowing her, Ryan tells her that no matter what happens, Spike would always come first in his life, and that Annie and Emma are cool with that. Relieved to hear the words out of his mouth, Kendall gives her blessing. At that moment, Ryan whisks their son away to the mall, leaving her alone for half a moment before Zarf and her co-workers reappear, fully clothed. He asks why she lied, and Kendall demands that he stay out of her business. He tries to explain that there is a shadow of darkness over her, but she is in no mood to hear it, simply barking out orders that the business be put back the way it should be before storming out.

Just like in his dream, Zach emerges on to a foggy balcony and sees the silhouette of a woman. Fearing the worst, he cries out and dashes toward her to keep her from plummeting over the side. He finds out that the woman is Babe, and she tells him that she would never do anything as stupid or as permanent as throwing herself off a balcony. She admits that she was only trying to see what it was like for JR when he fell four stories down. Zach asks why she is at the house, and Babe tells him that she just wanted to be in the space one more time before giving up on the future that she shot to hell by having an affair. She then notes that the demise of their offer on the house is good news for him and Kendall, but Zach tells her that they aren't going to take the house either. This prompts Babe to inquire as to why he chose to visit the house as well. Zach tells her that a dream he had made him think that he could come back here and solve a mystery from his past. She tells him that when she pulled into the driveway, she thought that she was looking at the ending point to her relationship with her husband, but when she came inside, she was reminded of how it felt sharing hope for the future with JR and how happy touring the place together made her feel. She admits to her hope that sometime in the future, she and JR will be able to forgive all of their misdeeds and get back to a new place of love together.

Later, a banging at the door calls Krystal back to the foyer. This time, Kendall is the culprit and she asks if David really left town. Krystal tells her that she believes they have seen the last of him, as he said goodbye to Babe on Thanksgiving. Kendall admits that David had been spreading stories and lies and in a moment of panic, Krystal asks if they were about her. Kendall denies it but can't help asking what David had told her. Krystal dances around the question, vaguely revisiting what Kendall had already mentioned. She then tells Kendall that since David most likely wouldn't be coming back, she should just forget what he told her. Kendall asks if Krystal would be doing the same, but her phone rings before Krystal can respond. She answers the phone, and tells the person on the other end that she will meet up with them shortly. Before leaving, she asks Krystal to keep her in the loop if she has any contact with David. Krystal agrees, and asks Kendall to do the same. Kendall takes her leave, and Krystal closes the door, sighing with relief once locked inside the house again.

Back at Fusion, as Simone pieces the office back together, Zarf prepares to leave amidst their vocal protests. The elevator doors open and Babe emerges, much to his delight. The ladies are ecstatic at her arrival, thinking it would be much easier for Babe to deal with their artist. He tells Babe that he was missing something in trying to share with his fans, but a tug of her soul on his convinced him that he needed to come see her. She initially expresses some confusion, noting that she couldn't see her helping him with anything that wasn't campaign related, and Zarf questions if he should be there at all. Babe tries to save face, and offers to sit down with him and talk things over. He tells her that he didn't think they needed words, and starts to retreat a bit into himself to figure out why he came to see her in the first place. Babe continues to try to get him to stay, but he tells her that the state she is currently in makes working together counterproductive. He says that they can try to reconnect after the next full moon, and punches the elevator down button. The doors open, revealing Bianca standing inside. Zarf stops in his tracks, and fairly begs to know who she is.

At the mall, Annie thanks Ryan for giving her and Emma such a wonderful day, considering that they had to do Christmas on the run last year just a few cookies and toys. Ryan shrugs it off as no big deal and then tells her that their time at the mall does not count as their date. They start to stroll the mall some more when they overhear a young boy leaning over a grate, lamenting the loss of his wallet. They approach him and he tells them that he had come to town on the train to get a surprise holiday gift for his mom, but now couldn't get that or pay for his passage home. Annie falls for it, tells him to write down his phone number and gives him a replacement 20 dollar bill. He does as she asks and thanks her effusively before running off. Ryan chides her for falling for his scam, and she asks how he knew the boy wasn't telling the truth. With a grin on his face, Ryan shows her the wallet that he lifted from the youth's back pocket. They find the boy and make him pay Annie back. Chagrined that he got caught, the youth grudgingly gives Annie and Ryan the thanks they demand, since they didn't call the cops or publicly humiliate him. Ryan sends him on his way, and Annie admits that she learned her lesson. Then, Emma calls to them and tells them that it's their turn with Santa. They gather around St. Nick and have their picture taken.

Zach wraps up a phone call just as Kendall arrives at the house. She asks why he wanted to meet there, and Zach tells her that maybe it would have been a better clue if he had met her out front and carried her over the threshold. Still confused, she waits for more of an explanation and isn't disappointed as Zach confesses that he just bought the house for them.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Zach tells Kendall he bought the house, but she wants him to sell it because she knows it brings back painful memories of his father. Zach tells Kendall that Babe was at the house trying to find a way not to let the past get in the way of the future. Zach says that talking to Babe made him realize he needed to do the same. Kendall and Zach begin talking about their future and raising Spike in the new house. Before leaving, Zach has a vision of a woman in a white dress by the cross on the terrace.

Zarf tells Bianca he was sent to Pine Valley to worship him. Babe introduces Bianca and Zarf to each other. Babe tells Zarf that Bianca has come to see her for business, but Zarf is more intrigued in Bianca's pure soul. Babe distracts Zarf and she and Bianca rush off. Zarf tells Erin, Danielle and Simone that he will see Bianca again because they are meant to be. Erin and Danielle begin singing Zarf's lyrics to try to impress him but Simone tells them to get to work.

On the rooftop, Babe figures Bianca has come to yell at her for ruining Josh's life. Bianca says she has no reason for thinking otherwise, even though Babe claims she and JR can be happy again. Bianca tells Babe she doesn't understand how she can love JR and sleep with Josh. Babe tells Bianca that she loves Josh and JR, but never meant to fall for Josh. Babe explains that she fell for Josh because JR had shut her out for so long. Bianca begins to understand that Babe has a history of making the wrong choices, but does it for the right reason. Even Bianca admits that Babe's heart makes it hard for her to hate her anymore. When Bianca asks Babe which man she loves more, but Babe can't decide. Bianca tells Babe that she has to kick Josh out of her life, if she wants her marriage to work. After Babe has gone, Zarf finds Bianca and says he is falling in love with her and kisses her.

JR struggles to hang in there as the pain overtakes him. When Adam comes in, Julia and Jamie tell him that JR asked to be taken off the medication. JR asks Adam to leave, telling him it is his choice to get off the medication. When Adam walks outside, Jamie explains why JR asked to be off the medication. Julie tells Jamie she may know how to ease JR's pain by acupuncture. Jamie suggests that JR listen to Julia, so JR agrees. Julia brings in the supplies and begins the procedure. Jamie comes in when Julia is done and finds JR much more relaxed.

Dixie brings her bags over as she moves into the Chandler mansion. Krystal asks Dixie if she is going to keep her mouth quiet about the baby's paternity, even though she claims it is a lie from David. Before Dixie can answer, Tad walks in claiming he knows where David is hiding, but does not plan to go after him. Tad says David has gone to Southeast Asia to volunteer at a medical facility that needs attention. Tad asks Dixie what ammunition David thinks she has that will get Krystal and Babe kicked out. Dixie says David is just playing games, which Tad accepts. After Tad leaves, Dixie goes upstairs to unpack and Krystal goes to the hospital to find Adam. Tad comes back and asks Dixie again, what David meant in the tape. Dixie continues to say that David is just trying to stir up trouble. Tad begs Dixie to be honest with him, so she admits that David thinks the child Krystal is carrying is his.

At the Chandler mansion, Josh leaves a scrapbook on Babe and JR's bed. He remembers times he shared with Babe and dreams of her choosing him over JR. Before Krystal leaves, she finds Josh in the room. Josh shows Krystal the album, which he claims will remind her that someone will always love her. Josh begs Krystal to ask Babe to leave JR, but Krystal claims Babe makes her own choices. Babe walks in and sees that Josh had come through the house using the secret passageway. Once alone, Babe tells Josh she has made a decision about her future.



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