All My Children Recaps: The week of November 20, 2006 on AMC

Dixie suspected that Krystal was carrying Tad's child, but Krystal insisted that Adam was the father. Bianca played matchmaker for Jack and Erica. David told Kendall that Ryan was Emma's father. Tad and Jamie found David's taped confession that he had lied about Emma being Kate.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 20, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, November 20, 2006

Jack got home and found Bianca waiting for him. She wanted to discus Thanksgiving dinner. Bianca believed it would be good for the entire family to be together on the holiday. Jack explained to Bianca that it might not happen because Erica was not going home. Jack said he'd asked Erica to return home, but she'd denied him because she'd viewed it as an ultimatum. Still, Jack said he would have Thanksgiving at his home, and Bianca and the rest of the family were welcome. Bianca would not give up, however. She left with hopes of getting Erica and Jack together for the holiday.

After Bianca left, Lily got up for a glass of water. Lily told Jack that he was getting home late every night. Lily explained that she used math as a diversion from Jonathan. She asked if Jack was using work as a diversion from Erica. Jack admitted he was. Jack then apologized for his aversion toward her relationship with Jonathan. He gave Lily his blessing if she wanted to get back together with Jonathan. Lily explained they were too different.

Lily asked if Jack and Erica had broken up because they were too different. Jack stated they had not broken up. Lily then said her therapist was helping her get over what had happened with Jonathan. Lily believed trust was very important in a relationship. Jack agreed.

Erica stood over JR's bed. JR looked horrified and tried to tell her to leave. Erica said JR needed an A.A. meeting. Erica specifically wanted to go over the twelve-step program. Erica asserted JR should try step number five and admit all the wrong things he had done. JR whispered, "Damn you." Still, Erica was relentless. She warned JR to stay away from her children if he ever recovered.

Then, Jeff entered and saw Erica. Jeff told Erica to stop harassing JR and pulled her out of the room. Erica resisted, but Jeff made her leave the hospital and took her to the Pine Valley Inn. Inside Erica's room, Erica insisted JR needed to feel pain because of the harm he had caused her children. Erica asked Jeff how he could help JR after JR had gone after Josh. Jeff said he had taken a vow as a doctor. Erica was annoyed that Jeff always played by the rules. Jeff said that was not true because he was in love with a married woman.

Just as Jeff said that, Bianca walked in. Bianca looked stunned, and Jeff left. Bianca explained she wanted everyone together for Thanksgiving. Erica said Bianca, Kendall, and Josh could have dinner at the Pine Valley Inn. Bianca explained she wanted Jack and Erica together. Erica said they had some things to work out and did not want Bianca in the middle of it. Erica then told Bianca to go home to Miranda.

Before Bianca left, she called Erica "impossible." Then, Jeff returned to make sure everything was all right with Bianca and her family. Erica admitted her marriage was the issue. Jeff then confessed he was ready to fight for Erica. They immediately began to kiss.

Zach surprised Kendall at her office by taking in Spike dressed as a pilgrim. Kendall was very excited to see them. However, Kendall announced she needed to be committed because she had gone over the edge. Zach was confused. Kendall explained that she had talked Babe out of quitting. Zach said Kendall was forgiving Babe just like she had forgiven him. Kendall said being a new mother and hanging out with Bianca was changing her. However, Kendall did not like the change because she believed it was wimpy.

Zach then decided to do something romantic for Kendall and left. He returned with lobster out of the shell. Kendall asked if Zach wanted any, but he was holding out for "dessert." After Kendall finished, she declared her happiness. As Kendall and Zach kissed, Bianca entered. Bianca explained her idea of a family Thanksgiving dinner. Bianca also said Jeff Martin was distracting Erica. Zach stated he had been at the last Kane Thanksgiving and believed that year's would be a bust as well. Still, Kendall and Bianca agreed to work together to get Jack and Erica at the same table for Thanksgiving.

David and Dixie were in a parking garage. David divulged to Dixie that Krystal's baby was really Tad's. Dixie did not believe him, but David persisted. David asked Dixie how it felt that Tad would have a baby, but she would not. Dixie looked upset then Tad walked up. When Tad saw David, he went crazy.

Tad grabbed David and punched him over and over again. Dixie yelled for Tad to stop. Tad asked why Dixie was protecting David. Dixie asserted that she was protecting Tad. Finally, Tad stopped. David wished Tad and Dixie good luck with their "together forever crap" and left. Tad was very upset. Dixie said hurting David was not worth ruining Tad's future. Tad thought he'd scared Dixie and was distraught over his behavior.

Dixie told Tad he was a good man. She said JR needed Tad and urged him to leave David alone. Tad said he would stay strong for JR. However, Tad still believed Dixie looked upset. He asked what David had said to her. Dixie said nothing and left.

Tad went to visit JR. The nurse said JR could not be disturbed because the doctor was with him. Meanwhile, David was the doctor that had gone into JR's room. JR looked very scared when he saw David, and his heart rate went up. David hooked the machine up to his chest to make sure no one was alarmed. David stated it was just the two of them.

Krystal was about to tell Adam the truth about her baby, but Babe yelled for her not to tell. Adam was confused. So, Babe lied and said Krystal would leave him if he kicked her out of the house. Babe added that she would not leave her son. Krystal stated she did not want to choose between Babe and Adam, but she would side with Babe if she had to. Krystal also encouraged Adam to let Babe stay and work things out as a family. Finally, Adam agreed to let Babe stay but asserted he would not overturn the court order.

After Adam and Krystal embraced, Adam left to call the hospital. Babe then encouraged Krystal to keep her secret about the baby. Babe also asserted that no one would take her son away. Krystal said she would not tell Adam the truth, so their marriage could survive. Babe then went into the backyard, and Josh walked up. Meanwhile, there was a knock at the door. Adam was standing behind Krystal when she opened the door. Dixie stood there and told Krystal she wanted to talk about her baby.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A knock on the door from Jack interrupted Jeff and Erica's passionate buss. Jack was upset when he discovered that Jeff was in his wife's room, and despite Erica's efforts to get him to converse with her, he turned on his heel to leave. Their bickering escalated, and Jack stormed off. Erica returned to her room and informed Jeff, "I have to go home."

In front of Adam, Dixie concealed her true reason for stopping by the mansion. Krystal got Adam to give her and Dixie some alone time. Dixie then asked Krystal point-blank if the baby she was carrying was Tad's. Krystal strongly denied it and urged Dixie not to listen to David.

Tad went to the Roadside Bar in search of a fight. Jamie and Julia entered and stopped Tad from his chosen method of anger management. Tad reluctantly returned home with Jamie and Julia in tow and told them how good it had felt to have gotten thisclose to killing David. Tad emphasized to Julia that his hands weren't clean, even though he hadn't done in Hayward. Before leaving with Julia, Jamie thanked Tad for helping him get his relationship with her back on track.

Jack found Sean at the Roadside Bar, trying to get alcohol. He read his nephew the riot act.

In JR's hospital room, David set about torturing JR, who chose to insult Babe instead of playing nice with his hostile father-in-law and tried to attack him physically. Colby's arrival thwarted David's revenge; he bolted. JR assured Colby that neither the demise of his marriage nor his accident was her fault. JR told his teary sister that he still loved her.

When Babe spied Josh on the Chandler property, she told him to leave. Instead of going, he pulled her into a hug. Babe stressed to Josh that she had every intention of getting back together with JR, if he would have her. Josh remained determined. Josh hid when Adam went outside. After Adam and Babe's brief chat, Babe rejoined Josh and sent him away, but their continued connection was obvious.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Jack, Ryan, and Annie went for a visitation with Emma. Before Emma arrived, Annie expressed her sadness that she could only visit with her daughter. Then, Emma entered and ran into Annie's arms. Emma said she was very excited that Annie was taking her home. Annie looked upset and explained that Emma could not go home yet. Emma was sad, but Annie stated she would be home soon.

Kendall was on the phone with the Pine Valley Inn. Kendall was enraged because the restaurant had canceled her reservation for Thanksgiving. They said they were receiving complaints because of the previous year and did not want the Kane family back for the holiday. After Kendall hung up, Zach laughed. However, Kendall was not in a laughing mood. Zach offered the casino's dining room to host the meal, but Kendall did not think it was appropriate. Kendall explained that she wanted Spike's first Thanksgiving to be special.

Kendall recalled the previous Thanksgiving, when Greenlee had announced that Spike was really Kendall's baby. Zach stated Kendall had gotten her life back together and that he loved her very much. Kendall was happy that she and Zach were doing well, but she still wanted the rest of the family together.Zach got up and announced he would get Kendall the Thanksgiving she wanted, even if he had to use a gun. After Zach left, Kendall tried to decide on what outfit Spike should wear for the holiday.

When Kendall looked at one of the shirts, a big button was missing. Kendall freaked out because she assumed Spike had swallowed it. She went outside for help just as Ryan and Annie were arriving at home. Ryan ran inside and inspected Spike. Kendall called the doctor, and Annie looked on the floor for the button. As Kendall got agitated with the doctor's advice, Ryan and Annie decided Spike was fine.

After Kendall got off the phone, Ryan found the button on the floor. They were all relieved. Then, Kendall said she wanted to speak with Ryan alone, so Annie left. Ryan proceeded to explain Annie's situation with Emma. Kendall felt bad for Annie but wanted Ryan to focus on her and Spike. She asked if he would go to Thanksgiving dinner. Ryan accepted and began to help Kendall find an outfit for Spike.

Annie returned and said the DNA results were in. Annie and Ryan rushed off. At the hospital, Jeff had three envelopes with the DNA results in them. Annie was ready, so Jeff opened the first two. Both showed no DNA match between Annie and Emma.

Erica was in her hotel room. Her things were packed, and she imagined telling Jack that she was ready to go home. Then, there was a knock on the door. It was the hotel's manager. He told Erica there was a big delivery for her from her husband. Erica assumed it was flowers and was overjoyed. Then, the manager sent the surprise in, and it was all of her luggage from home. The room was filled with boxes, and Erica was outraged. The manager explained that Jack had said Erica would be expecting the delivery.

Zach walked in. Erica was even more enraged by Zach's presence. Zach explained that Kendall wanted the whole family together for Thanksgiving, including Erica and Jack. Erica asserted that she would not have dinner with Jack. Zach suggested they present a united family front for Spike. Erica did not want family advice from Zach.

Zach seemed disappointed in Erica and said, "You love Kendall and want to help her as long as you don't have to lift a finger to do it." Then, Zach left, and Erica kicked over some boxes. The manager assumed Erica was no longer checking out. Erica said she was staying at the hotel.

Josh went to the hospital at Jeff's request. Josh immediately told Jeff that he had no plans to return to the medical profession. Jeff said that was not why he had asked to see Josh. Jeff told Josh that he was very proud of him for saving JR's life. He further explained that he did not care about Josh's career choices. Jeff also said Josh did not have to get defensive and stated Josh never had to protect himself from Jeff. Josh looked surprised. Then, Jeff asked Josh to spend Thanksgiving dinner with him. Josh agreed.

Adam arrived at the hospital to visit JR. When Adam walked into the hospital room, he saw Colby sleeping next to JR. Adam was happy to see his two children together. Adam stated that they could survive anything as a family. Then, Babe walked in. Adam and Colby told her to leave, but JR said he wanted to speak with her alone.

After Adam and Colby left, Babe apologized to JR. Babe also professed her love and said she would fight for their marriage. JR said nothing, so Babe pleaded with him to say something. JR pointed to the water, so Babe got him a glass. JR put the glass up to his lips, but did not drink. Instead, he threw the water into Babe's face. Babe stood stunned. JR yelled for her to leave.

Adam rushed in and removed Babe, but everyone on the floor could still hear JR yelling. He called Babe a whore and warned her to stay away from their son. Adam asked JR to lower his voice, but JR would not stop. JR stated he wanted Babe gone. Meanwhile, Josh saw Babe in the waiting room, crying. Josh went to console her, but Jeff pulled him away. Jeff believed Babe needed time alone. Josh said he would wait as long as he needed to for Babe. Then, Josh walked into JR's room. They just glared at each other.

Jack went to the hospital to volunteer for a few hours. Brooke was doing the same. Brooke explained that her family was too preoccupied with JR in the hospital to have a big dinner. Jack invited Brooke to have dinner with him and his family. Brooke did not think Erica would approve, but Jack stated Erica would not be there.

Kendall was still at home when she heard a knock at the door. It was David. Kendall told him to leave, but David would not go. Kendall was disgusted that David pretended Emma was Kate. David thought Kendall would be happy that he'd hurt Dixie.

David then asked why Kendall allowed all of her men to become attached to other women. Kendall was confused. David revealed that he had seen Ryan and Annie run off together and assumed they would eventually fall in love. David said it was for the best though. Kendall was curious why. David declared that Ryan was the father of Annie's little girl.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the ABC Daytime lineup of soap operas -- All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital -- was preempted by various holiday programming.

The scheduled interruption was anticipated, and there were no "lost" episodes.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 27.

Friday, November 24, 2006

href="/all-my-children/">All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital -- was preempted.

The scheduled interruption was anticipated, and there were no "lost" episodes.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 27.



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