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Passions Recaps: The week of November 20, 2006 on PS
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Monday, November 20, 2006

Miguel told Kay it was best to tell Fox the truth sooner rather that later, but Kay did not want to hurt Fox. Miguel admitted that the real reason he was pushing Kay to tell Fox right away was because he did not want Kay to be in Fox's bed. He wanted her in his bed instead. Miguel told Kay that he wanted her right then.

Meanwhile, Fox was upstairs, telling Charity that Miguel would be excited to see her. He was pulling out all the stops to make Charity feel welcome by purchasing new clothes and putting together some of her old clothes that had been left in Harmony. Fox left Charity upstairs, and he went downstairs to check on Miguel and Kay. Fox was very disappointed because he walked in on Miguel about to make love to Kay.

Chris told James that they were playing a game while telling him to lie about knowing what Spike looked like if Luis should ask him about it. Meanwhile, Fancy was telling Eve to stop with the doom and gloom about Luis and Sheridan and be a doctor to her instead. Luis wouldn't stop asking Sheridan about being happy with Chris until he got an honest answer from her. James interrupted by running into Sheridan's arms. Eve called Sheridan on her actions toward Luis. She was jealous of Fancy and Luis but was pretending to be okay with it.

Luis asked Fancy how she'd ended up in the mineshaft. Fancy told Luis that she had never seen the suspect's face. Luis told Fancy to try harder, and she remembered another person in the cave with the attacker. In addition, Fancy remembered James pointing out the suspect through the French doors of the mansion. She also remembered James telling her that the suspect had been talking to Chris at one point. Luis used that information as a basis to grill Chris, but he could not get anything concrete out of Chris.

Luis was forced to question James, but he had to get Chris's permission. Chris gave his permission, and Luis proceeded to question James. Each time Luis asked a question, James kept saying that he didn't know. Sheridan interrupted Luis and told him to stop questioning James immediately. Luis thought Sheridan hated him.

Theresa told Ethan that Little Ethan was his son, but Ethan didn't believe her and thought it was another one of her lies. He felt that Theresa would not keep something that important from him. Ethan was beginning to wonder if Theresa was that cruel to keep such a thing from him after seeing Ethan's reaction to the news.

Theresa couldn't go through with it and told Ethan that she had just been lashing out. Ethan was disappointed because he loved Little Ethan as if he were his own. Theresa asked Ethan to reaffirm his promise that he would always be a part of Little Ethan's life. Ethan had no problem with it because he loved spending time with Little Ethan. Since Ethan's hope was dashed, he had to get back to the business at hand: helping Julian win custody of Little Ethan.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Whitney confided to Theresa she was thinking of calling off her wedding to Chad. She just couldn't shake her suspicions about Chad having an affair.

A recuperating Fancy began to doubt she'd heard Luis declare his love for her. Fancy misunderstood when she overheard Luis telling Ethan that Sheridan was the only woman he could ever love.

Tabitha thought she saw Charity at the house. The horrified witch feared she and Endora were about to be destroyed.

Fox was incensed as he watched Kay and Miguel make love in the living room. Before Fox could attack Miguel, Julian pulled his son aside and warned him to play it smart. Fox prepared to spring Charity on the secret lovers.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

In the Crane industries building, Jared left his resignation on Theresa's desk. Gwen went looking for Ethan. Ethan walked in as she asked Jared to stay in Harmony. On the waterfront, Theresa ran into a fortune-teller who reminded her of an earlier prediction that had happened and encouraged her to have her cards read.

In her kitchen, Tabitha made appetizers and talked with Endora. She said that she thought Charity was back. Tabitha speculated on all the trouble that Charity's return would cause. Kay tried to tell Fox that she wanted to break up with him, but Fox put her off and hoped that seeing Charity would ruin Kay's relationship to Miguel. Outside, Charity was also hopeful. She wanted to be welcomed by Miguel and Kay.

Tabitha drank champagne and tried to think of ways to keep Miguel and Charity apart because their union would cause untold havoc on Tabitha and Endora. Tabitha convinced herself that Charity was not back and that she had imagined seeing her. In the backyard, Charity waited for Fox to take out Kay and Miguel. Miguel was also there but did not notice her because his back was turned. Paloma arrived and decided to talk to Noah.

Kay rushed to catch up to Fox, who wanted to keep her from calling off the wedding. Kay caught him, but Fox kept interrupting her so that she could not tell him that she loved Miguel. Just as Kay was about to tell him, Jessica rushed up and slapped her. Kay did not deserve happiness, snarled Jessica, who was still enraged because Kay had kept Ivy's secret and allowed her mother and father to believe Ivy's lie and break up because of it.

Ethan was upset with Gwen because she wanted to stop Jared from leaving. Ethan told Gwen that she needed to stay out of Theresa's business if she expected Theresa to stay out of Gwen and Ethan's business. The fortuneteller said to Theresa that her heart was broken. The cards said that Theresa's true love would not leave his wife. The seer offered to tell Theresa the future. Theresa asked if the cards could tell if she and Ethan were over for good. Theresa wanted to know if there would ever be a happy ending for her and Ethan.

Miguel and Charity still did not see each other in the back yard. Jessica blamed all her troubles on Kay. She said she would not be a whore married to her pimp if Kay had not driven her mother away. Kay tried to apologize, but Jessica continued to vent on Kay. Paloma and Noah arrived. They tried to comfort Jessica and take her inside. Fox told Kay he would be there for her.

Miguel arrived and wanted to know what was going on. Jared told Gwen it was time to move on, even though Gwen tried to convince him otherwise. She left to talk to the nanny. Ethan told Jared that he was surprised that Jared was leaving. He insinuated that Jared was only resigning to get Theresa to chase after him. Jared said he was also surprised because Ethan was such an idiot. He told Ethan that only an idiot would leave Theresa.

The fortune-teller was amazed by what she saw. She smiled and told Theresa that she would be surprised and that she was going to get the best news that she had ever hoped for.

Kay told Miguel that she was upset because of what Jessica had said. Fox wondered privately why Miguel had not seen Charity. Fox left to look for Charity. Kay told Fox that she still needed to talk to him. She told Miguel that Jessica's fury had prevented her from telling Fox that the wedding was off. Ethan refused to discuss Theresa with Jared. Ethan was married, he said. Ethan said that Theresa was well intentioned -- unlike Jared, he snarled.

Jared said that Ethan was a hypocrite. Jared said to let Theresa go and give her a chance to be happy. The fortune-teller said that there was no chance for Theresa and Ethan. Theresa wondered how that was good news. "Fate is keeping you from making a mistake that will ruin your life," said the fortune-teller.

Noah and Paloma discussed Jessica. It was bigger than Kay's betrayal, they both agreed. Paloma told about her problems with her own mom. She told Noah that she had hoped that her experiences would help Jessica. Paloma and Noah grew closer. Tabitha and Endora worked on the appetizers and speculated about the fiasco that Kay's bridal shower would become. Tabitha thought back to the previous year's Thanksgiving and remembered all the commotion that Endora had caused. She decided to keep Endora from realizing that Thanksgiving was soon.

Paloma and Noah talked about the importance of family. Noah said that he wanted them to be friends. He left to check on Jessica. Paloma hoped that they would be more than friends. Kay and Miguel discussed their relationship. Miguel wanted her to tell Fox the truth before more people were hurt. Kay agreed to tell Fox the truth. Fox found Charity and wanted to know why Charity had not shown herself. She had not seen either Kay or Miguel, she said. Fox took her with him.

Tabitha drank and spouted off about mortals. She looked around, saw a Thanksgiving poster, and realized that Endora knew that Thanksgiving was near. Jared told Ethan that he was a "selfish bastard "who would not let go. Ethan said that Jared did not know what he was talking about. Gwen returned. Neither man told her what they had been saying to each other. Jared excused himself. He had a lot to do before he left.

Gwen wanted to know what had been said. Ethan told her that he had just let Jared know what he thought of him. Gwen said it was because of Theresa that Ethan did not like Jared. They agreed to go to Kay's shower. Ethan was going to see his dad first. They separated. Gwen left first. Ethan looked at Jared's resignation letter and gloated. He was sure that Jared was wrong for Theresa and that they were all better off without him.

Theresa said that the cards had to be wrong. She had loved Ethan for years. The fortune-teller disagreed. Ethan might be the love of her life, but he was not the right man for Theresa because a life with Ethan would be filled with pain, sorrow, and heartache. There was another man in her life that was much better for her in the long run.

Theresa said that Jared was no longer interested. "Yes, he is," said the fortune-teller. He was a man of ethics and principle. He had backed away because that was what Theresa had wanted. The man just wanted Theresa to be happy. She advised Theresa to act quickly or lose Jared. "He is your future. Win him back or lose your last chance at happiness," purred the fortune-teller.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the NBC Daytime lineup of soap operas -- Days of our Lives and Passions -- was preempted by various holiday programming.

The scheduled interruption was anticipated, and there were no "lost" episodes.

Regular programming resumed on Friday, November 24.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Rebecca and Julian had another night of passion. The theme for the session was a Thanksgiving theme. Rebecca spoiled their little love fest by mentioning Eve, and Julian told her to leave. Rebecca needed to be satisfied, so she called on J.T. to finish the job. Meanwhile, Eve made Thanksgiving dinner for T.C.

Julian showed up drunk at TC.'s house and spied on Eve and T.C. He wondered why Eve would leave him for an ingrate such as T.C. He made a noise outside the house, and Eve went outside to investigate. He told Eve that she should be home at the mansion with him, celebrating Thanksgiving, but Eve told him that he only wanted her to be at his beck and call.

Down by the wharf, Rebecca begged J.T. to give her back the money that Julian had given him because it was the majority of her divorce settlement. J.T. changed her mind by telling her that he had a way of making even more money, and that got Rebecca's attention. J.T. had managed to dig up dirt on a few people in Harmony and was going to blackmail them. He showed Rebecca a tiny storage device that held all the dirty little secrets of key people in Harmony. Rebecca had a twinkle in her eyes. She might have her own ideas of what to do with the information on that device.

Simone and Rae teamed up to help those who were less fortunate on Thanksgiving Day. Rae told Father Lonigan that she no longer showed up at church because she'd revealed to her parents that she was a lesbian, and she no longer felt welcome. Father Lonigan told Rae that gays and lesbians were always welcome at the church.

Jessica barged in and told Simone what she had done to Kay at her bridal shower. She told Simone that no one loved her. Rae mistook a few kids as troublemakers when they were actually about to do the same thing that she and Simone were doing, helping the less fortunate. Rae was casting judgment on those teens the same way other people had cast judgment on her. She realized that there were other people who felt as out of place as she and Simone.

Ivy was still trying to get back together with Sam, but Sam sent her packing and made it very clear that she was out of his life. Ethan went by to invite Sam to Kay's bridal shower, and he was caught between Sam and Ivy's mess. Ethan told Ivy that it was best to leave. On another continent, Grace prepared to go home to Sam. She received a mysterious phone call. She told the caller to leave her alone because she refused to be a victim.

Endora was creating mayhem at her mom's house. She conjured up a slew of turkeys to run wild in Tabitha's house. Tabitha told Endora to get rid of the turkeys before they were exposed as witches. Endora was intent on having fun and ignored Tabitha. Tabitha told Endora that Thanksgiving and the dark side were not compatible, so she needed to quit while she was ahead.

Endora ignored Tabitha and conjured up the pilgrims. Tabitha had to relive being burned at the stake once again. She told the pilgrims that no one got burned at the stake "in this day and age." She begged Endora to get rid of the pilgrims, but Endora liked the pilgrims because they had invented Thanksgiving.

Endora thought it was a game but did not realize that Tabitha was about to be burned at the stake. She thought Tabitha and the house could burn down and be put back together like a toy. Endora conjured up a few Indians to rescue Tabitha. They ended up fighting the pilgrims. Endora had had her fun and decided to put out the flames and save Tabitha. She also got rid of all the turkeys.

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