One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 20, 2006 on OLTL

Todd was shocked to learn that Cole's mother was Marty Saybrooke. Rex didn't know what to do after finding out that Michael and Marcie's adopted son, Tommy, was Todd's biological child. Dorian had a hard time dealing with the idea that Kelly had moved to London with Kevin and the baby. Jessica and Antonio enjoyed their honeymoon, but thoughts of Nash interrupted Jessica's marital bliss.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 20, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, November 20, 2006

Todd and Blair met face-to-face with the past as Marty Saybrooke arrived to pick up her son, Cole, at the police station. As the officer informed Marty that she'd had Cole take a drug test, Marty protested but was reminded that her son faced a list of charges, and the drug test was necessary. Cole left with the officer to get the results of his test, leaving Marty, Todd, Blair, and Starr alone in the room.

Blair wondered if that was part of Marty's plan to get back at Todd by going after Starr. Marty insisted that she had not known that Starr attended the same school as Cole. She told them that after Patrick had died, she'd decided to move back to Llanview and had checked to see if Starr was attending but had been told that she was not registered there. When Todd wondered how much Cole knew about the past, Marty informed them that she had not told Cole and begged them to allow her to tell her son about their history.

Cole stepped back into the room and was told in front of his mother that steroids had been found in his system. A disappointed Marty escorted Cole out but not before he tried to apologize to Starr for his behavior. After finding out from Cole that his assault against Starr had been in the form of name-calling and destroying a bedroom, Marty revealed that she was the woman who Todd Manning had raped when they had been in college.

Back at the penthouse, Blair kept Starr from running off into her room so that they could talk about the evening's events. Starr pulled away from Blair to ask Todd if he had raped Marty. Todd admitted that he had indeed raped Marty. Starr told her mother that if Todd could admit what he had done, then she should also be allowed to do so.

When Blair tried to calm Starr down, Starr told them that she wanted to be alone. She also told them that being in the same room with the woman her father had raped and knowing that she was Cole's mother made everything worse. After Starr ran upstairs, a distraught Todd wondered about the damage he had done.

Rex was torn as to what he should do, since he had found out that Michael and Marcie's adopted son, Tommy, was Todd's biological child. Adriana tried to help Rex figure out what to do. While they both agreed that Michael and Marcie were great parents and would be devastated to find out the news of Tommy's parentage, Adriana felt that Todd had a right to know who his son was.

Rex agreed and wondered if Todd would give up, knowing that his son was being raised in a loving home, but he knew that Todd would never relinquish custody to Marcie and Michael. Rex decided that only he and Adriana should ever know the truth, but Adriana disagreed, saying that the truth was too big to keep even if the truth might cause pain to those involved. Michael and Marcie arrived with Tommy and asked Rex for an update on his search for Tommy's parents.

Dorian had a hard time getting used to the idea that Kelly had decided to move to London with Kevin and the baby. She reached out to Clint as a friend, and he told her that Kelly was the happiest she had been in months. Dorian wondered how Kelly and Kevin could really be happy after Kelly had had a baby with Duke. Clint reminded her that although Kelly had gotten pregnant after spending one night with Duke, it was Kevin who she had truly had the baby with. Since Kevin had gotten past the betrayal and anger from what had happened, he was there for Kelly and Zane and wanted to be a family with them.

Dorian agreed that although she was not happy about the situation, she knew that she had to let Kelly go and find her happiness, even if it was with Kevin and out of Llanview. When a glowing Kelly walked out of Zane's hospital room, Dorian said that she was more confident than Dorian had seen her in months and that although Dorian might have seemed harsh at times, all she had ever wanted was to protect the woman she thought of as her daughter. Kelly was happy that Dorian had accepted her decision, and they share a tearful goodbye.

Natalie and Vincent pulled Bo aside during the recess from Spencer's arraignment to tell him that Hugh had brown eyes, but the man who was lying in his hospital bed had blue eyes -- and they believed that John was the man who had survived the fiery crash. Bo had a hard time processing what they were saying, and when Paige overheard them discussing John surviving the accident, he pulled her away. Bo explained that Natalie was having a hard time dealing with the loss of John and that she shouldn't worry about what Natalie had said.

Paige told Bo that she believed that Vincent was a good man and that Bo shouldn't worry about their friendship, since she had seen a side of him after observing him by Hugh's bedside day after day. John told Natalie that he didn't have the heart to tell Paige that she might have lost her son after just finding him. He assured Natalie that once he had all the facts, he would tell Paige the truth. Natalie vowed to find out the truth for herself and headed straight to the hospital.

As Evangeline and Spencer's lawyer geared up for the battle ahead, Evangeline wondered if David was ready to testify against Spencer. After getting the go-ahead from David, Evangeline vowed to win the case for John.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Natalie ran into Viki at the hospital and shared with her the news that it was John who was lying in the hospital bed and not Hugh. Viki was stunned and worried not only about Natalie but about Paige, who had just found her son, and about Spencer, who could become capable of anything should he find out his son was dead.

David took the stand in his brother's trial after being sworn in with his other right hand. Evangeline took him back to the night of Thomas McBain's shooting. David revisited that night for the judge and jury. He identified the gun that had been in his possession that night, and the twin gun that his father had given Spencer. Evangeline showed the ballistics report that showed that the gun David had fired couldn't have killed Thomas McBain, since it had been loaded with blanks. She went on to show that the bullet that had entered McBain had been fired from the twin gun that belonged to Spencer.

On cross-examination, Spencer's lawyer tried to discredit David by showing that he was a liar, had multiple arrests under his belt, and was only testifying against Spencer because he wouldn't make David his power of attorney. Evangeline returned and had David identify a photo of Spencer and their father holding the twin guns.

Cole was shocked by the news that his mother was the woman Todd had raped and wondered why Todd was not still in prison. Marty explained that Todd had proven that he could be a better person and that he was truly remorseful for what he had done. Cole wondered if his mother truly believed that Todd had changed. Although Marty confessed that she believed that Todd was capable of hurting people in other ways, she did not believe that he would rape another woman.

Cole asked Marty if she had truly forgiven Todd for what he had done to her. Marty told Cole that in order to move on with her life, marry the man she loved, and have his child, she had needed to forgive Todd. Marty believed that it was only through forgiveness that she and Todd had been able to move on. Marty also believed that Cole needed to seek the same thing from Starr in order for them to start healing.

Blair tried to get Todd to talk to Starr about what was happening with their family and Marty Saybrooke's. Blair believed that Todd had repented for the sins of his past and that Starr loved him and respected him as her hero and always would, even if Todd couldn't see that. Todd wasn't in the mood to get things off his chest, which caused an infuriated Blair to kick him out. As Todd was leaving, Starr walked downstairs and wondered if her father was really leaving.

When Blair was called away to testify against Spencer, Todd tried to strike up a conversation with Starr. At first, Starr pulled away, but then she confessed that although she was not afraid of her father, there were times when he appeared to be somewhere else that could be troubling. She assured Todd that Cole had not raped her but that he had frightened her when he had been somewhere else.

After talking with Starr, Todd decided to do what he needed to do to protect his daughter. He went down to the high school and demanded that Cole be expelled from school. When the principal did not agree with Todd on how things should be handled, Todd issued a threat, but Marty interrupted and warned Todd that if he went after her family, she would go after his.

Seeing how happy Tommy had made Michael and Marcie weighed on Rex's soul as he struggled with whether he should tell them the truth about what he had discovered. When Rex wondered about the real reason Michael and Marcie wanted to find out about Tommy's parents, they told him they were not so much worried about his parents wanting him back as they were concerned about his family history, especially medically. Marcie went on about how she couldn't believe how the courts could take away children from parents who loved them and give them back to biological parents who had initially given them up for some reason but had changed their minds.

When Michael and Marcie wondered if Rex had found Tommy's parents, Rex lied and said that he had yet to uncover the names. Adriana wondered why Rex hadn't told them, and Rex told her that he felt he was caught in a bad situation. He felt that taking the baby away from Michael and Marcie or Todd was going to be a disaster. Marcie returned to tell Rex that she was happy to finally see the soft side that Jen had always boasted about and how grateful she was that Tommy had such a good person looking out for him as his godfather.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Todd wanted Cole expelled immediately, he demanded of the school principal. "Over my dead body," Marty responded. Todd threatened to kill Cole, and the pair was off to the fights, with threats and reminders of the past. Marty assured Todd that Cole had been affected by the steroids but was really a good boy and would never do drugs again. He wondered how she could be so sure when she hadn't noticed him taking them in the first place. She said she'd been in a nightmare after the death of her husband, and she remembered what had happened with Todd every day of her life.

Todd apologized for every day that had gone by and for all the days of the future, but he wouldn't let Cole off the hook. When the principal stated that she alone could not make the decision to expel the boy, Todd announced that he was pulling Starr out of the school. She was in danger there and could no longer attend.

Cole showed up at the penthouse to apologize to Starr face-to-face; she finally relented and opened the door to let him in. He felt that he owed her more than just an "I'm sorry" but didn't know how to say it. He'd felt like he was a spectator, watching the entire thing from above, but hadn't known how to stop it. He was really not that guy -- it was the drugs. He knew he had also said some very mean things, but he'd felt pressured to be the big football star, which also meant that he would have sex after the game. He'd wanted to be the big hero and make his mom happy. He knew it was all wrong.

Starr felt as though she, too, should apologize for what her father had done to his mother. Cole was unhappy that he'd found out about that and sorry that he'd made Starr feel even a little of what his own mother had to have been feeling. As the two tried to express their feelings, Todd returned home, saw Cole, and went crazy, roughly grabbing him away from Starr. She tried to stop him, but he was beyond angry and tossed the boy out.

Starr couldn't believe Todd was treating Cole so badly after what he himself had done. He couldn't change things that had happened in the past and had to protect her in the present, he responded. He forbade her to see Cole anymore and, in fact, had pulled her out of the school. She was inconsolable, especially since he was the one who had raped someone.

Blair was sworn in to testify at Spencer's trial, after arriving late, having forgotten about it, and she began to recount how they had met and how he had pursued her. She fainted, though, and the trial halted. Michael helped her, and upon questioning, he learned that she felt that her brain tumor had returned. He suggested she go into the hospital for some tests. She wouldn't allow him to call Todd because she didn't want him to know.

Spencer's attorney was pretty happy and wouldn't even care if she dropped dead, he said. An incensed Spencer grabbed him, hurting him, and advised that he would always love Blair. Another witness was called instead, and Blair would be recalled at a later time. The attorney stepped out and was late returning, which caused the judge to grow angry.

Rex and Adriana were at Rodi's and debated on how he should handle what he'd learned and who to tell, if indeed he did. They decided to head back to his place to talk about it but ran into Roxy on the way out. He was short with her, though Adriana apologized for him, citing that he was under a lot of pressure. She noted that "it's hard to figure out what to do when you're a Balsom."

Nash appeared with Brennan, and he and Roxy had a chat. She mentioned that she'd seen how he looked when Jessica was around, and she knew he loved her. He denied ever having any feelings for her; it was Tess he was in love with. She told him it was time to move on.

Puerto Rico was the destination for the honeymooners. Jessica had a slight problem when a man, who at first glance appeared to be Nash, distracted her.

Adriana tried to play a game with Rex, based on the morals game they'd played previously with Roxy. Maybe he could convince Todd to let the McBains keep the baby.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the ABC Daytime lineup of soap operas -- All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital -- was preempted by various holiday programming.

The scheduled interruption was anticipated, and there were no "lost" episodes.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 27.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the ABC Daytime lineup of soap operas -- All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital -- was preempted by various holiday programming.

The scheduled interruption was anticipated, and there were no "lost" episodes.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 27.

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