As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 20, 2006 on ATWT

Gwen was upset when her mother stopped by the studio an interrupted her rehearsal. Vienna covered for Simon, claiming the jewels were checked for their authenticity before they were returned. Lily continued to be suspicious of Holden and insecure about her weight. Even though he kept sneaking around with the mysterious blonde, Holden tried to convince Lily that he loved her more than ever. To Lucy's horror, Dusty shot her father then walked away. At first Craig suspected that Emily tried to kill him, but later realized someone else must have put the bullets back in the gun. While Craig is unconscious, Paul tried to suffocate him, but Emily walkeds in and stopped him.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 20, 2006 on ATWT
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Monday, November 20, 2006

Will and Gwen celebrated at home. Gwen was very excited about her recording session, and Will felt a little left out. Will spoke of how fast the music thing was moving. Gwen agreed but told him not to worry -- he was part of the dream too. The celebratory meal over, they wound up in bed. Someone knocked on the door. Will got up to answer and called Gwen over. It was Iris, Gwen's mom.

Jade and Luke went to the Lakeview for coffee after Adam stood her up. Jade noticed the blonde she had seen Holden with, sitting at the bar. Jade suggested they just go home for dessert and coffee. The blonde at the bar got a call from Holden. Lily saw Holden on the phone and asked who it was. He lied.

Later, Jade and Luke showed up at home. Holden got ready to go, and Lily found lipstick on his collar. Holden played dumb then Jade made up a story about it being hers. Everyone dispersed, and Holden headed for the door. Jade confronted him about the lipstick and the blonde. Holden thanked her for lying and wanted her to keep it to herself. Lily wasn't to know.

Lily appeared with Lisa at the Lakeview. They caught up on things, and Lisa addressed Lily's weight issue. Lily didn't want to hear it. At the bar, the blonde still sat. Holden walked around the corner and hid when he saw Lily. He then motioned for the blonde to head over. She did. Holden told her Lily was right there, and they ran off.

At Java, Paul gave Meg a rose to apologize to her again. Paul said their problems were over, since Craig would be in jail. Meg disagreed about how Paul did things and thought about things. She realized what Craig had done to Roseanne was the problem. Paul said he still had a place in his heart for her, and what he was really doing was protecting Meg. Paul then left for court, as he wanted to see Craig's face when he was carted off to jail.

In court, Lucy was asked about her father kidnapping her, and she said she wasn't sure. The judge asked her about her statement and if her pressing charges at that time was due to the upcoming custody hearing. Lucy fumbled on the stand. The judge asked her if it was malicious prosecution and admonished her for wasting the court's time. Lucy recanted her statement. Dusty kept interrupting, and the judge got on him then dismissed the case. Dusty told Craig to "bring it on," and Craig walked out, all smiles.

In the hall, a mad Dusty asked Lucy what had happened. Lucy said she had done it to protect him from her father. She apologized. Dusty left. Craig walked over to Lucy and thanked her. She told him that she hated him. Paul walked around the corner as Craig walked out. Paul lashed out at Lucy when she told him what had happened.

Craig went straight to Java and helped Meg with her spilled coffee.

Dusty went to the suite and grabbed his gun from the safe.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Iris showed up at Gwen and Will's door. They made it clear she was not welcome. She mentioned the loss of Gwen's baby and that whole ordeal. Gwen asked her mother how much money she wanted. Ivy claimed she was sober and was there to apologize for all she'd done. Gwen blasted her with all her anger from her past. Will told Iris about Gwen's demo. Iris left and had visions of dollar signs with the thought of Gwen hitting it big.

Carly and Simon surprisingly saw an ad in a bookstore for the re-release of Oakdale Confidential. Mike walked by shortly after and saw the same ad. Simon saw Mike gazing at Katie's ad. Simon assured Mike things were different, and he should be back with Katie. Mike assured both Carly and Mike he was moving ahead with his life.

Craig found Meg to brag that he had gotten off again. Meg let Craig know he was causing problems between her and Paul. Craig tried to tell Meg he was sorry for any trouble he had caused her. He tried to tell her not to let what had gone on between him and Meg get in the way of her relationship with Paul. Much to Meg's surprise, Craig told Meg to marry Paul to prove Craig was not the obstacle in her relationship.

Emily broke the news to Barbara that Craig's case had been dismissed with prejudice. She told Barbara that Lucy hadn't followed through completely with her testimony.

Dusty took out a gun, trying his aim when Lucy walked in, asking him what he was doing. Lucy told him the gun wasn't the answer. Dusty told her she had blown it with her testimony. He told Lucy to forget she had seen the gun -- it was between him and her father. Dusty told Lucy she'd always need her father's approval. She tried to talk him out of his plans.

Dusty was served with papers for a preliminary custody hearing over Johnny. Dusty said he was done with the legal system -- he'd handle it his way. Barbara walked in and found the custody hearing paperwork. Dusty asked her for her help. She offered her legal team's assistance. Dusty made Barbara promise if anything happened to him, she'd take care of Johnny. Dusty loaded the gun and left the apartment.

Lucy saw Emily and told her Dusty had a gun and was planning to use it. Emily pretended in front of Lucy to try to figure out a way to stop Dusty. Lucy left, and Emily promptly called Craig to warn him about Dusty's plans. Craig was excited.

Lucinda checked with Katie to make sure she'd be okay with the repercussions of the book. Katie assured her no one was worried about her, so she wasn't worried about how anyone felt after her book was released -- her "sweet revenge." Henry and Katie toasted to her new book. He asked Katie if she planned to stay in Oakdale after the release. Katie wasn't going anywhere. Henry told Katie her revenge wasn't going to make her happy and would make things worse with Mike. Katie had a change of heart and begged Lucinda to stop the book. Lucinda said she couldn't stop it.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

At the Snyder Farm, the entire family gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving. As they got ready for dinner, Emma asked if she should set a place for Paul, and Meg said she didn't know, since the two had had another fight about Craig. Emma and Meg discussed her problems with Paul, and Meg told Emma she would marry Paul as soon as possible. Meg told Emma about Craig's suggestion to marry Paul as soon as possible, and Emma warned Meg not to take any advice from Craig.

After a long discussion about her feelings for Paul, Emma agreed to help Meg get ready for her wedding to Paul. Holden, Lily, and Faith all entered the room, and Holden commented about Faith's need for a new horse, just as Jade walked in and remarked that it was too bad he couldn't have bought the horse on his business trip to Springfield the day before. Meg then corrected Jade and told her Holden hadn't been in Springfield but in Oakdale the previous night. A surprised Lily looked to Holden, and Meg said she had seen him crossing the road in Oakdale, but Jade gave him an alibi and said she knew Holden had gone out of town. Meg admitted she might have seen things wrong, and Holden ran out to find Luke.

After finding Luke, Holden returned inside. Luke got a call from an upset Lucy and left the farm to talk to her. In the kitchen, Jade and Faith had a piece of pie and discussed food, when Lily entered and commented about her "gaining five pounds by just looking at pie." Jade told Lily she looked great then went outside to get chairs from the barn. She ran into Holden carrying the Snyder squash, and she confronted Holden about having an affair. Holden told her the woman was an associate and told Jade not to say anything she could regret.

Lily went out to the porch and asked Jade if there was something going on between her and Holden. Jade told Lily that nothing was going on between her and Holden, and they returned inside. Back in the house, Emma announced Meg's intention to marry Paul the next week, and Meg asked Holden to have the wedding at his house. Holden agreed to host the wedding, and Emma told Meg she was happy for her.

While Gwen and Will were out shopping for Johnny, they ran into Iris. Gwen reminded Iris that she wanted nothing more to do with her, and Iris said she just wanted to wish both of them a happy Thanksgiving. Gwen and Will told Iris of their plans to have dinner with Barbara, which shocked Iris because of Barbara's past treatment of Gwen. Iris said she wanted to know how Gwen and Will had been able to forgive Barbara.

Gwen and Will explained to Iris that after Jennifer's death, things had changed with Barbara. They left Iris to go to dinner. Will then told Gwen he wanted to get his mom a book from the bookstore and instructed her to go to the car to wait. After leaving Gwen, Will confronted Iris and told her to find a fresh start somewhere else -- away from Gwen. Iris told Will she was broke and that she had to stay in town per her parole. Will gave Iris money, and he told her the money was a one-time thing and to stay out of their life.

In the Lakeview bar, a frantic Lucy had finally found Craig and asked him to drop the custody suit over Johnny because she was afraid if he didn't, Dusty would kill him. Lucy explained that Jennifer had wanted Dusty to raise Johnny, and Craig told her he wouldn't let Jennifer "rule [his] life from the grave." Lucy explained that Dusty would do anything to keep Craig away from Johnny, and Craig said he would not drop the suit. A frustrated Lucy left her father to try to figure out what to do next. Luke met Lucy at Java, where she said she was too late to fix things. She said she'd had a chance to keep her father away from everyone, but she'd failed. Luke told her to let Craig and Dusty "duke it out" over Johnny and that things would work out.

While in his car, Dusty was holding a gun and a picture of Jennifer and Johnny. He was talking aloud about how he'd promised Jennifer he would keep Craig from Johnny. Dusty called Craig and said to meet him in the parking garage at the Lakeview. Craig agreed.

At the Lakeview, Paul went to Barbara's for dinner, and there he told Barbara he was trying to figure out a way to get Craig out of their lives forever. Barbara filled Paul in on what had happened at the courthouse. Emily arrived and told Barbara and Paul that Dusty had a gun and was looking for Craig. Emily told Barbara and Paul she wanted to help Dusty keep Johnny then went to the hall to take a call. Paul found Emily in the hall and told her not to get between Craig and Dusty. Emily left, and Paul followed her.

In the apartment, Dusty returned to Barbara and Johnny, and she let him know Emily had told her about the gun. She asked him not to do anything to hurt Craig for fear he would lose Johnny. Barbara told Dusty that he could not fix anything by killing Craig, and Dusty hugged and kissed Johnny as Gwen and Will arrived. The two took Johnny off to play, and Barbara reminded Dusty that Jennifer wouldn't want Dusty to kill Craig. Dusty said he wasn't telling her what he planned on doing for her own safety and that she needed to trust him. Dusty gave Johnny a hug and told him the hug would have to last him a while. Dusty left the apartment to meet Craig in the garage.

Meanwhile, Paul had followed Emily to the bar, where he saw Emily and Craig discussing Craig's plan to take down Dusty. Craig and Emily schemed to have Emily go to Dusty's car and find his gun. Craig gave Emily a car jimmy and told her not to get caught. Paul followed Emily to the garage, where Emily used the jimmy to break into Dusty's car. She found his gun and switched the bullets. Emily got out of the car and threw the bullets in the trash. Paul retrieved the bullets, got back into Dusty's car, and replaced the bullets in the gun with the ones Emily had just thrown away.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the CBS Daytime lineup of soap operas -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light -- was preempted by various holiday programming.

The scheduled interruption was anticipated, and there were no "lost" episodes.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 27.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the CBS Daytime lineup of soap operas -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light -- was preempted.

The scheduled interruption was anticipated, and there were no "lost" episodes.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 27.


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