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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 20, 2006 on GL
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Monday, November 20, 2006

Jeffrey arrived to talk to Ava. He wanted to ask her some questions about her upbringing. Ava was wary of him, telling him she wanted nothing from him, insisting that her past was her life with her adoptive mother, who she considered to be her real mother. Cassie interrupted them, giving Ava the opportunity to leave. Cassie told Jeffrey that she still considered them friends and that she still believed in him.

Lizzie was waiting tables at Outskirts when Beth arrived, amazed that Lizzie was waiting tables while pregnant, rather than being waited on hand and foot instead. Lizzie assured her that Jonathan cared about both her and the baby and that she'd never been happier in her life. She felt that she and Jonathan were having the baby together for a reason. She thought the baby would allow to her to have a family happier and better than the Spaulding family. Beth took Lizzie home to Cross Creek just as Jonathan was entering Outskirts through another door with Tammy, who he had just saved from a pack of reporters.

When they arrived at Cross Creek, Beth was surprised that Lizzie was happy living in the cabin. Lizzie told Beth that she was happy because Jonathan was living there with her. Beth and Lizzie hugged. When she realized she'd left her purse at Outskirts, Lizzie took Beth up on her offer to retrieve it for Lizzie.

While at Outskirts, Tammy and Jonathan recollected the times they'd spent together there when they had been "together." Tammy told Jonathan that one day he would probably be a real husband to Lizzie, in every sense of the word. He would smell her hair and feel her skin. They shared a drink and had a solemn kiss goodbye. Tammy left, and Jonathan found out that Beth had seen the kiss. When he accused her of setting out to blackmail him, Beth surprised him by telling him she wanted him to stay with Lizzie.

Beth told Jonathan that if he gave himself to Lizzie and the baby, he would never regret it. Jonathan responded that he would be a good dad. Beth said that she believed he would be. She gave him Lizzie's purse to take home to her. Jonathan went home to Cross Creek, where he found Lizzie asleep on the couch with a half-eaten plate of cookies Buzz had sent over. Lizzie woke up, and the two shared the cookies. Lizzie was comforted when Jonathan referred to Cross Creek as their home.

After leaving Outskirts, Tammy ran into Remy, who had just finished a double shift. Knowing that Tammy had run into Jonathan and that she was happy to see Remy, Remy accused her of thinking of him as comfort food, namely mashed potatoes. Tammy said she liked mashed potatoes, and the two went off to spend some time together.

Josh and Reva discovered that Marah had set them up to meet. She had returned to Springfield after learning about Reva's illness and Josh and Cassie's coupling. She was not pleased that Reva had kept her illness a secret, but she could understand why she'd done it. She could not, however, understand how Josh had let himself fall in love with Cassie. She thought her parents should put the past few months behind them and get back together where they belonged.

Cassie showed up, and Marah challenges Cassie's role in Josh's life. Reva took Marah aside and asked her to back off. Reva said that she was not sure if she wanted Josh back in her life anymore. Josh invited Marah to a movie for the next day. Marah responded that it was a good thing she was back in town so she could straighten up the crazy, mixed-up place. Reva decided they should all have Thanksgiving together, thinking it would be fun.

Buzz had taken Olivia to Main Street with the intention of proposing to her. The mood was lighthearted as Buzz professed the way Olivia's presence in his life had brightened his world. Olivia was delighted with his words and laughed happily throughout as they hugged, kissed, danced around, and talked. Just as he was kneeling down to propose, Ava arrived to tell Olivia that Jeffrey had gone see her. She said that although he was a monster, at least he hadn't tried to kill her. Ava left, having completely ruined the mood for Buzz's proposal to Olivia. When Olivia tried to get him to go back to what he'd been trying to say before Ava's arrival, Buzz said it was not important. Olivia left to wreak havoc on Jeffrey's life at the Beacon.

At the Beacon, Ava shut the door on Jeffrey just as Olivia arrived. She told him she was evicting him from the hotel, and soon he would be out of City Hall. Ava heard them bickering and called them two brats on a playground as she left the hotel. Jeffrey asked Olivia if stripping him of everything would erase her years of hatred. She responded that it was a start.

Ava found herself at CO2, sweeping, when Buzz approached her. When she asked him if he'd ever had a day when he'd woken up thinking he knew he had it all figured out, and by day's end, the entire world was upside down, he replied that that day had been such a day.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dinah asked Mallet if they were avoiding the inevitable by staying in bed. She told him she was afraid of losing him again. Dinah dragged Mallet out to face the world.

Marah went to talk to Jonathan at Outskirts. At first, he didn't know who she was. Marah wanted to discuss Josh and Cassie. He told her he was staying out of the problem. Marah asked him to go to Thanksgiving at the farm. Marah was planning something at dinner to help get Josh and Reva back together.

Harley asked Gus to take a fertility test. They met up with Mallet and Dinah to celebrate the fact that they were back together. Mallet passed Gus a note to meet him on the terrace. Dinah intercepted the note and thought it was for her. Harley intercepted a note, as well, and they all ended up meeting on the terrace. Dinah thought Gus was Mallet and kissed him, while at the same time, Mallet thought Harley was Dinah and kissed her. All were surprised, and all quietly returned to the table. They were all uncomfortable, and the party broke up, with each couple going their own way.

Alan gave Lizzie a picture of Jonathan and Tammy together. Lizzie was upset, but downplayed it in front of Alan. Alan told her the pictures had been taken the previous night, before Jonathan had taken Tammy to Outskirts. Lizzie defended Jonathan. Lizzie told Alan to leave and take the pictures with him. He left the pictures with her.

Alan got Alan-Michael to meet with him about his next family project and asked for Alan-Michael's help. He asked Alan-Michael to spend Thanksgiving with the family. Alan used guilt to persuade Alan-Michael to go to dinner, but Alan-Michael agreed to only stay for dinner. Alan scheduled a visit to a spa out of town for Alexandra, telling her there would not be a Thanksgiving gathering. However, Alex was suspicious. Alan broke down and told Alex he was going to use her leaving town to manipulate Lizzie to show up for dinner. She accepted the offer. Alan assured her his plan would work. Alex warned him he might push Lizzie away for good.

Beth showed up after Alan left. She asked Alan-Michael for help with funding for the clinic from Spaulding. She promised to help get Ava away from Coop. Alan-Michael agreed to contribute to the clinic. Rick entered, and Beth was excited to see him to discuss the clinic. Rick had taken Mel along as his lawyer. Beth gave Rick his contract for his new position. The situation grew tense between the two women.

Rick took a call, and Beth and Mel shared barbs. Beth suggested Mel should get revenge by having an affair of her own. Rick and Mel had another fight about Beth still being interested in him, and Mel stormed out. Rick returned to the table, telling Beth he knew she had set the clinic up to manipulate him. Mel was sitting on a bench, thinking about Beth's suggestion, and phoned Jeffrey.

Jonathan went home and found the pictures of him and Tammy. Lizzie walked down the stairs, dragging Jonathan's bags. She told him to get out until he was worthy of being her baby's father. Jonathan tried to explain the situation that had occurred with Tammy. Lizzie asked Jonathan if he'd slept with Tammy. He assured her he'd only kissed Tammy once, and then he'd gone home. He told Lizzie he was not leaving. Jonathan proved his devotion to the baby by getting a tattoo -- a permanent reminder. Lizzie was touched by his gesture and kissed him. Jonathan responded to the kiss.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Inside the Light: Count your Blessings

Alan Spaulding peeked through his terrace curtains at the falling snow. Inside the darkened dining room, the servants solemnly prepared the table for Thanksgiving dinner. After trading his tie for a more casual mock turtleneck, Alan penned a card to Lizzie, thanking her for blessing them with her baby. Using framed family photos as place cards. Alan arranged the seating at the dinner table. He held Phillip's picture and wondered if Phillip even knew about the pending birth of his grandchild. Startled by noises in the house, Alan scurried to remove the photos from the table. It was just the servants. Photos still loaded in his arms, he instructed one of them, Jeremy, to go pick up Lizzie for him.

Beth entered, wondering if Alan had heard from Lizzie. She doubted that Lizzie would go to the dinner because she hadn't even returned Beth's phone calls. Alan magnanimously expressed to Beth that, after the rough year they'd had, he really wanted the Spauldings to feel like a family again. He was certain that Lizzie and the baby would be with them by Christmas.

While alone thumbing through a scrapbook, Alan stumbled across a picture of Beth when she had been pregnant. He daydreamed about what that Thanksgiving would have been like had their son lived. Alex, Lillian, Beth, Alan-Michael, and Lizzie, who did not look pregnant in the dream, all crowded around to admire the baby in Alan's arms. Beth announced that Alan had already filled a room with gifts for the baby. Alan told the family that the gifts were all for them because they were so richly deserving. Alan-Michael told his little baby brother that later, the two of them and their father would watch football on TV.

Out of his dream, Alan returned to the head of the table and practiced his Thanksgiving speech from a card he had tucked in his pocket. Alexandra waltzed in, letting Alan know she'd changed her mind about being bait for Lizzie. Whereas she would go on her trip to see Nick, she had postponed her flight to later that evening. Alan-Michael joined them in the dining room. Immediately, he rearranged the place cards, putting his at the head of the table. He was the head of Spaulding, which meant he was the one in charge. Alan reminded him that at the mansion, Alan was the father and the head. Figurehead, his son mocked.

Alan retreated to the terrace to have a cigar. Beth joined him. He asked her if she ever thought of their unborn child. Beth found it difficult to talk about, but Alan continued, believing had the child been born, Beth never would have cheated with Rick. A car pulled up, and excitedly, Alan hurried in to make sure everything was ready for Lizzie. He called to Hilda to get James off the computer.

Meanwhile, Lizzie received the gift from Alan. It was an heirloom baby blanket that he had given to Beth and Phillip for her while he had been in prison. The blanket was embroidered with Lizzie's and her parents' names. She held it close to her, telling Jonathan how she'd thought it had been lost.

Jeremy entered the Spaulding mansion alone, and Alan questioned him on Lizzie's whereabouts. Jeremy reluctantly informed his boss that Lizzie had decided to eat with the Lewis family. Alan's face fell when he saw that Jeremy also had returned with the blanket. Quickly recovering, he decided that it was perfect that Lizzie would spend time with "those incestuous yokels." One night with them, and she'd be running home.

Beth exited to call Lizzie again. Alan-Michael bailed on Thanksgiving dinner. Lillian arrived, full of holiday cheer. Lillian could not stay. The hospital needed her due to the piling accidents the snow had caused. Alex took that opportunity to leave as well. Alan was upset that everyone was leaving him on the holiday. Over her shoulder, Alex said to Alan, "Like the Indians taught the pilgrims: you reap what you sow."

Meanwhile, outside, Beth was really on the phone with Rick, trying to finagle some time with him. He couldn't be with her because he had to work a charity event. He planned to see Jude and then go to the clinic, since Mel had made it clear he wasn't invited to her family's house for dinner. Beth deplored the idea of Rick being alone on the holidays, saying she felt just as unwelcome at her place as he did in any of Mel's plans.

Back inside, Beth wondered where everyone had gone. Alan blasted the others for not staying around for Lizzie's sake. Concerned, Beth once again explained to her husband that Lizzie would not be there and that Lizzie's baby could not replace the child they'd lost. Alan was still stubborn, but Beth wasn't going to sit around and wait. She was running an errand, and then she was going to help out at the clinic on Fourth Street.

Alan doubted her incredibly sudden charitable urge. He accused her of going to see Rick. They argued about how she'd poured money into the clinic to rescue Rick from the night shift Alan had him buried in at the hospital. In a huff, Beth tried to leave. He asked her to stay, but on her way out, she reminded him that she would be back. She always returned. Alan shook off all the bad karma and decided that his servants, Hilda and Jeremy, would have dinner with him. After all, he told them, they were his friends, too. The two exchanged glances, and Hilda replied, "Whatever you say, sir."

At the table, Hilda and Jeremy appeared out of place and eager to leave. Alan told boring jokes until finally Jeremy spoke up to remind Alan that he'd promised them they could leave early to attend their own Thanksgivings. Happiness exuded from them when he finally said that they could go. As they scurried out, he stopped them and asked Jeremy to give Alan's regards to his wife. He couldn't remember her name and asked Jeremy what it was again. "Steven, sir," was Jeremy's answer.

After an odd pause, Alan wanted Jeremy to give his regards to Steven then. He also asked about Hilda's family, and embarrassed, he admitted he should know all those things about them already. He looked off, pondering how he should know more things about a lot of people. Alan took a hard swallow of wine and, alone, started to recite his thanksgiving prayer. "Lord, for what I'm about to receive, please make me..." He stopped before the word "grateful," rose to his feet, and dragged the whole dinner off the table and onto the floor. His loneliness festered as he stared at a photo of Phillip.

Back at Cross Creek, Lizzie complained of pregnancy aches and pains. Jonathan was groaning, too, about the Thanksgiving fowl they were about to be served over at Cassie's farm. He wanted to hurry up, go, and get back already before they got snowed in at the barn. Speaking of snow, Reva decided to shovel the driveway in order to protect Lizzie from a possible fall on the ice.

Alan went to the hospital. He found Beth giggling beside Rick, unsuccessfully attempting to entice him off his shift. On Main Street, he saw a boy and his father playing in the snow. Next, Alan looked into the windows at Cross Creek, where Lizzie was stretched out on the sofa. Alan instructed his driver to pull the car closer to the house. That way Alan thought he could get Lizzie into the car quickly.

After the driver left, Reva went back up the walkway from shoveling snow. She greeted Alan by asking who had ordered the turkey. Innocently, he said he was there to wish Lizzie a happy holiday. With a sarcastic grin, Reva thought that was a relief. At first, she'd thought maybe he was trying to kidnap the girl.

Following Reva into the house, Alan found it shameful that Reva had almost died a week before, yet her son had left her to shovel snow by herself. Reva assured him that shoveling helped build her strength to fight her own battles. He asked her if she meant battles like going to Cassie and Josh's love nest and pretending that all was well with the world. Reva poured hot tea and had a cup, even though Alan refused one. Going back outside, she told Alan that she liked having Lizzie around. Her new daughter-in-law had really been in her corner during the illness --and Reva was in Lizzie's corner in regards to her marriage.

Alan confided in Reva. He sometimes thought it was better that he not get to know the baby at all. That way, he wouldn't have to worry about losing her. Alan was perplexed at how the whole town had rallied by Reva's bedside. He couldn't even get together a lousy dinner. Reva understood what he felt. She'd very recently thought she'd lost everything, but it had miraculously returned to her.

Reva encouraged Alan to not give up. Alan reminded her that Josh hadn't returned to her. Reva said to forget Josh. Her point was that giving up would have been much easier, but she'd chosen to fight. Alan was listening, but he felt he didn't have support. Reva asked him what made him so sure he didn't. Alan gave her a skeptical stare before curtly leaving.

At home, Alan stared at the pictures in the cabinet, mainly Phillip's, telling them that he was all alone. He heard Lizzie's voice and wryly commented that the photos were talking to him. Lizzie touched him, and Alan lit up, excited that she had finally arrived. Jonathan wondered if the same was true for him as he sauntered in. As Alan grimaced, Reva strolled in, sidestepping the ruined feast on the floor.

Alan was astounded that Reva would go to his home instead of going to see her own family. They could catch dessert over at Cassie's, Reva responded. Besides, Alan was family, too. Alan shed his excitement and bickered because Lizzie hadn't called him to let him know they were going there.

Alan complained about the pizza Jonathan had taken with, appalled that the father of her baby would have pizza for Thanksgiving. Jonathan said he'd thought they'd need something, since food wound up on the floor around there. Lizzie warned Alan to stop complaining, or they would just leave. Once again, Alan's sprightly grin appeared. Pizza was fine, he decided -- with the right wine.

Alan shortened the table and served his new family. Jonathan acted like a sloppy child at the dinner table. Alan frowned at him, hoping that Titania would be better than all of them. When everyone wondered who Titania was, Alan told them that she was their little girl. Titania, Alan explained, was a Shakespearean fairy queen. Jonathan burst out laughing, causing the women to giggle as well.

Alan stiffened, wondering what was wrong with the name Titania. Everything, Jonathan replied with a chuckle. He'd rather name his child after a motorcycle than a fairy queen. Reva chimed in about how that had worked for the Coopers. Alan asked Reva to stay out of it. Raised brows, she reminded him that she was family.

Reva apologized for butting in on the name thing but admonished Alan for it also. Naming a baby was strictly the right of the parents. Alan sarcastically agreed, advising Reva to keep quiet if they named the child Gasolina or something. As Reva laughed, Alan -- on second thought -- decided she probably wouldn't mind Gasolina, since her brother's name was Rusty.

So much for the cease-fire, Reva yelled. Alan explained that he was just trying to look out for the baby. He wondered if anyone was even concerned about her schooling. Lizzie reminded him that the child was not even born yet. Allston, the boarding school all female Spauldings attended, was very competitive, and Alan wanted to send a check to them the following day.

Lizzie said she would not send her daughter to that school. She had hated it there when she had gone. Jonathan commented that she'd burned it down from what he'd heard. Jonathan glanced at Alan. With a smirk, Jonathan said that he had also gone to boarding school and told Alan to look at how he'd turned out.

Alan backed down. They could name the baby what they wanted and send her to whatever school they wanted. He just wanted them to promise him a part in the baby's life. The table grew silent until Reva broke the silence by suggesting that everyone count their blessings. She raised her glass to being alive. Jonathan raised his to being a father. Lizzie toasted to having Jonathan and the baby. With a contented smile, she thanked Reva for giving her the home she had always wanted.

Once again, Alan broke the peace, arguing that the mansion had always been her home, since long before she had fallen in with "these" people. Alan accused Reva of having the same agenda he did, but when she meddled, she was seen as being loving and nurturing -- not monstrous like him. Jonathan bucked from the table, roaring how what Reva did really was loving and nurturing -- unlike Alan. Jonathan's temper incited Alan to scream back at Jonathan that he had no right going into his house, hollering at him like that.

Reva quickly gathered her things and tried to corral the couple out, but Lizzie had some pains and announced that her water had just broken. Excitedly, Alan and Reva believed that the baby was arriving.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the CBS Daytime lineup of soap operas -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light -- was preempted by various holiday programming.

The scheduled interruption was anticipated, and there were no "lost" episodes.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 27.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the CBS Daytime lineup of soap operas -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light -- was preempted.

The scheduled interruption was anticipated, and there were no "lost" episodes.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 27.

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