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Passions Recaps: The week of November 27, 2006 on PS
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Monday, November 27, 2006

Endora conjured up a jar with water and tosses it on Tabitha to bring her back since she realizes that Charity is really in town. She is back to herself but faints again when it really sets in that Charity is in Harmony. Endora repeats the process to revive her, and she tells Endora that their life is over. Meanwhile, Fox is intent on showing Charity at the right moment. He tells her to stay put until he gives the word. Meanwhile, Miguel is hassling Kay about telling Fox the truth about them. Fox goes to see Kay, and she is insisting on telling Fox about her and Miguel. Fox has run out of excuses to stall her, so he pretends to Kay that he knows about her and Miguel with some old story about Siren. It seems to be working until Kay figures out a way to try to tell him, but Fox pretends to feel faint and tells Kay that he is going to get his medication. He tells her it's Aspirin so that she wouldn't worry too much. Kay finds Fox in Tabitha's house and decides it's the perfect time to tell Fox about Miguel, but Charity walks in the room. Miguel walks in the door behind Charity and tells her how much he misses her and loves her, dreams about her etc. He kisses Charity while Kay looks on. Fox is happy, but Kay is livid, and with good reasons.

Luis is waiting for Fancy at Kay's shower while Fancy still thinks Luis is hung up on Sheridan and doesn't love her. Pilar tells Luis that Fancy is a nice girl, and Luis sets out to find her and tell her that he is in love with her. Fancy sees Luis and runs away from him, but Luis could not figure out why Fancy runs away. He pursues her. She runs into Tabitha's house to hide and tells Tabitha not to tell Luis. Fancy gushes over how adorable Endora is and how she looks like her baby pictures. Tabitha tells Endora that no one should know that she is half Crane. Luis finally catches up with Fancy. Fancy keeps going on and on without giving Luis a word in edgewise. Luis finally gets Fancy to shut up so that he can tell her that he loves her.

Paloma is still trying to woo Noah, but Noah hasn't caught on yet. She thinks that Fancy has the wrong idea about Noah, but she thinks Noah is great. Noah brings Paloma a drink, and she takes that to mean that Noah is interested in her.

Whitney runs into Jared at Fox and Kay's bridal shower, and Whitney tells him that Theresa is there. She tries to convince Jared to stay in Harmony and pursue Theresa. Meanwhile, Theresa is seeing a fortune teller and is trying to let what the fortune teller told her sinks in. She tells the fortune teller that the cards are wrong because Ethan is the love of her life. The fortune teller tells Theresa to pursue Jared because he is the only man that can give her happiness, and if she does not act quickly, she will lose him. The fortune teller gives Theresa half of a coin and tells her that if she finds the man that has the other half of the coin, she will find her happiness. Theresa buys what the fortune teller has told her and asks her where to find this man with the other half of the coin. Theresa finds Whitney and shares with her what the fortune teller has told her. Whitney tells Theresa to go to the wharf to see the man with the other half of the coin. Jared wanders near the same fortune teller that Theresa has just seen, and she calls him over. Jared resists at first but goes to listen to what she has to say. The fortune teller tells Jared that he is hurt but is refusing to see the woman because of his pride. Jared tells her that it is a lucky guess. She tells Jared to reconsider his plans about leaving Harmony, and that gets Jared's attention because he did not tell her that bit of information about him. He sits down to listen to the fortune teller. She convinces Jared to stay in Harmony because he will be with the woman he loves and will find happiness with her. Theresa heads to the wharf to find the man with the other half of the coin, and she runs into Jared, who happens to have the second half of the coin the fortune teller gave her. Theresa asks Jared to tell her how he came upon the second half of the coin, and he tells her that it is from the fortune teller. Theresa shows Jared her half and tells him the story, and they kiss each other. Whitney goes to see the same fortune teller Theresa saw, and she tells Whitney that she already knows the answers to her questions, but she doesn‘t like them. She tells Whitney to be careful because sometimes it's best not to know.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rebecca announces to Gwen that she's gone into "business" with J.T. On the wharf, Theresa and Jared share a tender kiss. Chad suggests to Whitney that they marry right away but his fiancée balks at rushing down the aisle. Luis and Fancy decide to slip away from the engagement party so they can enjoy some quality time together. Kay stands in shock as Miguel and Charity fall into a kiss. Gwen shudders to think of the havoc her mother and J.T. Cornell will wreak as they blackmail their way across Harmony. Sheridan grows increasingly defensive on the sore subject of her past relationship with her niece's current flame. Meanwhile, passion grows red hot for Fancy and Luis. Whitney asks Chad why he was naked at the motel when Rebecca happened by. Kay is devastated to hear Miguel happily declaring his love to Charity. Jared sadly reminds Theresa why the fortune teller's predictions can't come true.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sheridan is outraged when she looks in Tabitha's magic bowl and sees Luis and Fancy kissing. Tabitha worries that Sheridan will figure out that she and Endora are witches. Outside Julian and Fox discuss his plan to reunite Charity and Miguel. On the wharf, Theresa tells Whitney that she has lost both Jared and Ethan and that she is destined to be alone. Gwen, suffering from the flu, talks on the phone to Ethan who is still at work. JT fires shots at someone lurking outside his motel room. When he investigates, he finds Rebecca, who appears to be dead.

Theresa rails at her fate. She thinks that she will always be alone. Whitney voices her concerns about Chad, which were reinforced by the fortuneteller. Theresa tells her not to believe her or Rebecca, who told Whitney that she saw Chad naked in a motel room. Ethan asks Gwen to let him speak to Rebecca. JT believes that he has mistakenly shot Rebecca. He bemoans all that he has lost. Then he realizes that he may be arrested for murder. He decides to get rid of the body, but first he will take a picture. As he is arranging the body, Rebecca recovers. She was pushed down by whoever had been shooting at JT. She wants to know who JT is blackmailing.

Fox starts to feel guilty about hurting Kay. Julian tells him to remember that Kay was going to hurt Fox by breaking up with him. Fox agrees that Kay deserves to be hurt. Simone wants to know why Kay is crying. Kay tells Simone that she was going to break up with Fox because she loves Miguel, but before she could, Miguel reunited with Charity, breaking the promise that he had made to Kay when he told her that no matter what happened he would always love her and he would never go back to Charity. Instead, Kay tells Simone, he kissed Charity and told her that he loved her while Kay was standing in the same room with the two of them. Sheridan wants Luis to be kissing her. Tabitha encourages Endora to change the liquid in the bowl to punch. Sheridan is confused, but believes that she has been imagining things. Tabitha blames it on the punch. Tabitha predicts that Luis, Fancy and Sheridan are on the road to disaster. In Pilar's living room, Luis and Fancy are trying to remove their clothes so that they can make love. In the foyer, Pilar open the front door. She is talking on her cell phone and standing in the doorway.

Fancy has time to grab her clothes and get to the kitchen. Luis pretends to be asleep on the couch. Pilar chastises him for sleeping on the couch and leaving his clothes lying around. Pilar is upset because she has seen Martin and Katherine together at the party. She tells him that all the Cranes are evil. She tells him not to forget what she is saying. Sheridan apologizes to Tabitha for her behavior. She remembers the portrait that she brought for Tabitha and Endora. It is Endora as she was 300 years before. Gwen makes an excuse to Ethan to cover Rebecca's absence. Rebecca tries to cajole the information she wants out of JT. Chad and Jared hook up. Jared tells him about his fortune telling experience. Chad tells him that he and Whitney had a disagreement and he does not understand how the fortuneteller knew he was cheating on Whitney. Whitney encourages Theresa to go after Jared and Theresa encourages Whitney to trust in Chad. Julian and Fox overhear Simone telling Kay to go talk to Miguel and find out what the truth is. Fox tells Julian that he is right, that revenge is sweet.

Fox and Julian follow Kay and Simone to the living room. Kay find a bra and a trail of clothes. Sheridan points out how much the portrait looks like Tabitha and wonders why part of the painting is missing. Tabitha remembers a time three hundred years in the past. She sees herself dressed as a pilgrim in front of a fire invoking the words; "Pain and sorrow curse the Crane heart for all eternity." These words are burned into the missing half of the painting. Sheridan asks her if she knows anything about the portrait. Luis tells his mother that it does not sound like her. The Cranes are cursed says Pilar. Luis defends the Cranes. Pilar insists that they are evil. She begs Luis to promise that he will not get involved with anymore Cranes. Fancy is in the kitchen and overhears everything.

Kay is very unhappy with Miguel as she and Simone follow the trail of clothes out of the living room. Fox feel good because he speculates that Miguel and Kay will soon be over. Ethan is determined to find out all about Jared. She intends to make Jared pay if he hurts Theresa. Theresa wants ice cream. Whitney wants her to get back together with Jared. Theresa tells Whitney to go find Chad and get married. Jared tells Chad to stop cheating on Whitney. Chad says that he cannot, that he believes that he is addicted to sex. Rebecca tries more tricks to get JT to reveal the person he is blackmailing. Tabitha denies ever seeing the painting before. Sheridan tells her to keep the painting and then leaves. Tabitha gloats over Sheridan's pain. Endora tells her to reverse the curse. Tabitha refuses. The Cranes have earned their pain. Fancy is in tears as she hears Luis promise Pilar that he will not have anything to do with the Cranes ever again.

Kay and Simone follow the trail of clothes to the back yard and a workshop. Through a window she sees Charity and Miguel nude and kissing passionately. Fancy is disappointed in Luis. She sneaks around the living room to the front door and leaves. She does not see Sheridan who is approaching the door as she leaves. What is going on, she wonders. Pilar and Luis hear the front door close. Luis realizes that Fancy overheard what he says and rushes out after her to explain. Ethan runs into Chad as he gets off the elevator. They chat and part company. A shadowy figure holding a gun lurks nearby. Theresa and Whitney part company with Theresa vowing to give up men. She runs into Jared who says that they have to talk. To hell with his pride he says. He cannot live without her. They kiss.

Thursday, December 30, 2006

Kay is devastated to see Miguel and Charity making love. Jared admits to a pleased Theresa that he can't imagine his future without her. Meanwhile, Ethan snoops through Jared's office in search of proof that the mysterious Mr. Casey isn't who he claims to be. Luis chases after Fancy upon discovering that she overheard the promise he made to his mother. Eve spots Sheridan trailing Luis and accuses her of carrying a torch despite her claims to the contrary. Valerie catches Ethan searching Jared's desk and threatens to call security. Luis assures Fancy he was only trying to calm his mother down but would never turn his back on the woman he loves. Simone urges Kay to confront Miguel with his lies. Sheridan icily advises Eve to mind her own business. Miguel promises a beaming Charity they'll be together forever. Hinting that Jared may be a corporate spy, Ethan convinces Valerie not to turn him in. Sheridan glares daggers at Luis and Fancy as they embrace. Later, Eve gets a frightening glimpse of Sheridan's dark side. Jared and Theresa heat up the sheets, unaware that a real fire has ignited nearby.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Ivy is taking her sweet little time to pack up and leave Sam's house because she is still trying to convince Sam to keep her in his life. Grace calls while Ivy is still at the house and tells her to get out immediately and never shows her face again. Grace makes it very clear that she is going to make Ivy suffer the same way she made her suffer. Ivy tells Grace that Sam wanted her more than he wanted Grace. Sam walks in and started lashing out at Ivy. Grace overhears Ivy saying something about Eve but did not get the full story. Sam tries to explain it to Grace, but the telephone line went dead. Grace decides to call Eve to get more information. She chats with Eve just like old times, but Eve has an uneasiness about her since she knows that Grace will eventually find out her part in her failed marriage. Eve tries to tell Grace over the phone.

Kay is disappointed to see Miguel making love to Charity. Fox tells Julian that what he is doing is wrong, but Julian tells him that he is doing what is necessary to keep the woman he loves. Kay wants to walk away because it's so painful to watch Miguel and Charity making love; however, Simone tells her to stay and confront Miguel because what he has done to her is unforgivable. Miguel asks for Charity's hand in marriage, but Charity tells him that she does not want to marry him yet because she wants to have a career and that she may never get married. Kay overhears Charity and Miguel's conversation and thinks that she may still have a chance with Miguel. Unfortunately, if Miguel decides to marry Kay, he is willing to have an affair with Charity. Kay hears all of that and is not too pleased. Despite Simone's urging to stay and confront Miguel, Kay runs away. Fox sees and promises to himself that Kay will have a better life with him and he won‘t be unfaithful to her. Fox tells Julian that it kills him to see Kay suffer. Miguel approaches Kay and asks her where has she been because he has been looking all over for her. Kay is confused since she just saw Miguel making love to Charity.

Eve runs into Julian, out of breath and states that she has chosen the wrong man. What Julian didn't know at the time is that Eve is referring to Luis and Sheridan. He asks Eve if she has made a mistake choosing TC. Eve tells him that it's about Luis and Sheridan and that Sheridan is in a bad shape. She is acting irrational and may hurt Fancy. Eve reminds Julian how heartless and cold he has become and that Sheridan maybe going down that very path. Julian tells Eve that she should not be so quick to cast judgment because of the part she played in Grace's and Sam's break up. Eve tells Julian that she is not proud of what she did and plans to apologizes to Grace upon her return. Eve tries to convince Julian to intervene with Sheridan, and he refuses because Julian thinks that Eve doesn't care about what he wants, so why should he care about what she wants?

Fancy pledges her love for Luis and asks that they make love right away while a jealous Sheridan is lurking in the bushes watching them. Sheridan rationalizes to herself that what she is doing is ridiculous because she has given up Luis and is married to Chris, but another part of herself wants to continue spying on Luis and Fancy. Fancy and Luis arrive at the new B&B, but before going in, they had to intervene on a robbery. This has definitely derailed their night of passion because no one is available at the station to book the robbery. They have to handle it themselves. Sheridan takes a detour and goes to see Gwen instead of continue following Fancy and Luis. She wants to know what has become of her and why she is behaving in such a way. Gwen reassures Sheridan that she is not having a breakdown and tells her to let go of Luis so that she can have peace of mind. Sheridan wants to know how to let Luis go. Meanwhile, it looks like Luis and Fancy have a break. They managed to get another police officer to book the robber on charges so that they can continue their night of passion.

Ethan has stumbled on Jared's secret, and Valerie is shocked because his background is so solid. Ethan is desperately trying to reach Theresa to tell her the bad news, but Theresa and Jared are in the throws of passion at a hotel. Ethan manages to get a hold of Theresa via Valerie. Ethan tries to reason with Theresa about what he has found out about Jared, but Theresa does not want to hear it since Ethan has made it very clear to her that they are no longer an item. Ethan insists on telling Theresa Jared's secrets, but she hung up on him. Jared is pleased at how Theresa has handled Ethan and tells her to turn off the phone. In addition, Jared asks Theresa if she is glad to be with him or if she still has Ethan in her heart. Theresa tells Jared that Ethan is her past and he is her future. Ethan manages to find Theresa and goes after her.

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