One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 27, 2006 on OLTL

Removed bandages revealed that John was actually the one who had survived the crash. The body thought to be John's was exhumed, and it turned out to be Hugh. Spencer snapped on the stand. Proceedings were held to determine Spencer's sanity. Rex struggled with his conscience.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 27, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, November 27, 2006

Natalie dreamt of seeing John leaning on his grave. He reminded her that grave robbing is an offense in this state. Natalie told John (in her dream) that she knows it's him in the ER, not Hugh. John asked her if she still "had it." Paige woke her up. "Is it John? Is he still alive?" Natalie asked. Natalie and Paige had an awkward conversation, and Paige left. Natalie insisted to John/Hugh's doctor that it was John in that bed. Natalie begged the doctor to consider what she was saying as Paige walked back in. "What's this about?" Paige asked. The doctor just said that the patient was resting comfortably. When Paige left, the doctor told Natalie to be more discreet until all the facts were in. "Please keep this to yourself," the doctor urged her. Michael rushed to Natalie's side. "John didn't die in that car crash," she said to a stunned Michael. Michael couldn't believe her words. Michael suggested Natalie get some counseling. Natalie forced Michael to look through the window at John. "That is your brother," she promised him.

Adriana slammed the door in Dorian's face but relented and let her mother in. Dorian looked over Adriana's fabric choices for the line of underwear she was designing. Adriana's remained chilly toward her mom. She made it clear she's using some of her $30 million inheritance from Aunt Betsy to start her line. Dorian immediately called the bank and demanded that $30 million be moved into her daughter's account. Clint overheard the whole conversation. Dorian got defensive but Clint assured her he was just coming over to say hello. Clint apologized for interrupting. Dorian wanted to explain. Clint was shocked that Dorian had taken her daughter's inheritance. Dorian agreed that she wanted to control her daughter's money and she had invested it. Dorian admitted that she had made a mistake and wanted to have the money transferred back to Adriana's name before she found out it had been missing. Clint urged Dorian to tell Adriana the truth.

Marcie and Michael sat Blair down at Rodi's. Dr. Michael insisted she eat something, and that she have herself checked out.

Rex began to tell Todd about the whereabouts of his child. However, Todd's attitude made Rex change his mind. "He's better off with the great parents he has," Rex said. Todd wondered how Rex knew that. Rex said he thought anyone who tried to get their child on the black market must have wanted a baby very badly. Marcie and Blair showed up at the penthouse. Todd fired Rex. Marcie said that Rex does care about his clients. Todd made plans to find his son by himself. Todd's parting words made Rex more certain about his decision not to tell Todd the truth about the whereabouts of his son. Rex explained his decision to Adriana. Marcie stood up for Rex but agreed with Todd's desire to find his son.

Todd accused a weakened Blair of drinking too much. Blair told Todd that she had fainted and she was afraid that she was really sick, as in brain tumor sick, as she had been before. Todd urged her to be tested, and appeared to almost care.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

While Nash is spending quality time with his daughter, Clint arrives on his doorstep to visit with his grand daughter. Smelling a rat, Nash wonders if Jessica and Antonio asked Clint to keep an eye on him while they were gone. Clint confesses that he was asked to check up on him every now and then but sees that Brennan is in good hands with her father. When Clint wonders how Nash is doing, Nash assures him that he has no intentions of messing things up between Antonio and Jessica. Clint suggests that Nash have a "funeral" for Tess so that he can move on with his life. Nash decides that Clint is right and asks him to watch Brennan for a few while he takes a bottle of wine and heads to the pier where he writes a note to Tess and then throws it into the water symbolizing his new beginning.

Starr and Todd go toe to toe regarding Todd's decision to pull Starr out of her high school to keep her away from Cole. Starr reminds Todd that what he did to Marty is much worse than what Cole did to her. Todd agrees and says that although there is no forgiveness for what he has done, there should also be no forgiveness for what Cole did to Starr. Starr also points out the fact that no matter what Todd has done, Blair always manages to forgive him and see the best in him. She accuses them of not wanting her to have a boyfriend who gets her or a best friend like Langston. Todd feels that moving Starr to a private school will ensure that she is safe from Cole. Starr runs upstairs leaving Blair and Todd behind to discuss how Todd should have stood back and let Blair handle the situation with Starr. While talking with Todd, Blair collapses in his arms. Todd insists on taking her to the hospital but Blair doesn't think that is necessary. When Todd makes her promise to go to the hospital the next time it happens, Blair wonders if there will be a next time.

While Nash is saying goodbye to Tess, Jessica and Antonio enjoy a frisky encounter while waiting for their room to be ready. Jessica channels her inner Tess and seduces Antonio in the empty lounge. When Jessica is ready to go again, Antonio suggests that they wait for their room to be ready so that he can catch his breath. Jessica agrees and then reaches into her bag to find a little makeup to freshen up and pulls out a cigarette which makes Antonio frown. Jessica tells Antonio that she hasn't used that purse in a while since her Tess days. After being told that their room is ready Jessica makes a playful and seductive wager with Antonio about who will get to their room first.

Bo and Paige enjoy dinner and drinks while Paige goes on and on about how grateful she is that Hugh is alive. She also shares with Bo her gratitude that Natalie has been a frequent visitor lately. Paige wonders if she would be able to do the same thing if John were in that bed instead of Hugh. Bo listens but is unable to tell Paige that John may truly be the man in the bed and not Hugh. Paige thanks Bo for talking her into finding her son and how happy she is that she will be able to see and talk to Hugh tomorrow. Bo tries to get Paige to not get her hopes up too much but his pleas fall on deaf ears as Paige maps out her future with Hugh.

Michael tries to keep Natalie calm as they wait for the skin graft surgery to be completed so they can find out if John or Hugh survived the crash. When the attending nurse walks by, Natalie shows her a picture of Hugh and of John and asks her to show her which of the two men came out of the surgery. The nurse tells Natalie that she has no idea since she has not seen the man without bandages. Natalie gets upset and Michael has to calm her down while explaining to the nurse that the man in the bed could be his brother and Natalie's fiancé. The nurse decides that she will let Michael and Natalie in while the bandages are changed so they can see for themselves. After scrubbing up, Michael and Natalie wait with bated breath as the bandages are removed revealing John's face.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Blair is refreshed and ready to take the stand at Spencer's trial. She's pleased to learn that Todd checked in on her during the night. After they leave, Langston who is cutting class, pays Starr a visit. She fills Starr in on the latest school happenings: Cole is not in school, he was kicked off the football team, there's a special assembly coming up about parties and drugs, and oh yes, everyone knows about Starr's father and Cole's mother. Starr is mortified and has news of her own. She may not be returning to the school, though her mother is sympathetic. She defends Cole, much to Langston's disbelief. She can't believe Starr would forgive him. Just then she receives an instant message from Cole who writes that he's thinking of her and is really the guy from Halloween, not the party. Langston grabs the computer and pretending to be Starr, tells him she never wants to see him again and she hates him. Cole seems to be upset and tries to reach out to her.

Dorian is at the bank to move Adriana's money back to her but there's a problem. She put the money in her own name and made it an irrevocable trust. The money cannot be moved until 2014. Adriana shows up just in time to hear Dorian talk about how she was trying to be protective so she took control of the money. It is another thing for Adriana to be infuriated and resentful over where Dorian is concerned and she refuses the check that Dorian just wants to write out to her. Dorian's money is tainted and she wants no parts of it. When Dorian makes a comment of like mother, like daughter, Adriana is quick to refute it. She's nothing like Dorian, she's not petty or vengeful among other things and would never hurt the people she loves. She'll figure out how to get the money herself. Dorian learns that there are no special circumstances that will change things. The banker mentions how lucky she is to have the money that she does. She agrees that it helps, though other things are more important.

Blair takes the stand and relates how she and Spencer first met at the hospital. She's done with him now though, since he's a murderer. Of course, that is quickly objected to. She goes on to tell how she found the photo with the guns and how that led to the discovery of the murder weapon. Things turn ugly when Spencer's attorney questions how often she and Spencer made love and did she actually ever really love him. A somber looking Todd must listen to this but Blair rapidly mentions that she always loved Todd and still does. Spencer merely confused her and played with her head, setting Todd up as he did. Her credibility is questioned. Things come to a head when Evangeline brings up the night that Spencer tried to strangle her and shows the front page of the Sun from the next morning. Spencer has an outburst, denying that he ever did such a thing. The prosecution rests. An emotional Spencer yells after Blair, reminding her of his saving both Jack's and Todd's lives.

Bo receives the DNA analysis just prior to Paige arriving at his office with breakfast. She's in a great mood and excited to see her picture back on his desk. He breaks the news, gently, that John is the survivor in the hospital. It slowly dawns on her what he's saying. She breaks down but asks to call Hugh's adoptive parents, rather than have them hearing the news from a police officer.

Roxy comes across Rex at the pier and finds out that he has a dilemma. Upon hearing his explanation, she thinks he's talking about her. She wanted to keep him but couldn't provide him with what he needed. She thought about him every single day. She did what was best. But was it right, Rex wonders. Roxy begins to cry that she already feels guilty enough. She gave him up out of love and they are good friends now. They love each other very much, having found each other later in life. Rex calms her down; he realizes what he has to do. Adriana finds Rex and informs him that she's broke, really broke. He teases that he no longer has an interest in her. He has figured out what to do though, thanks to Roxy, surprisingly. And he really loves Adriana more now.

Nat and the McBains keep a watchful eye on John through the window, not believing that this miracle has happened. Michael tries to explain that John may not be the same person, that he may be resentful and bitter, that he will need considerable care, and John may not want Nat to be with him. Natalie has pretty strong feelings of her own; she will be with John every minute for however long it takes. She will not let him push her away. As she sits by his side, he awakens. "Hey Natalie," are his first words to her.

Thursday, December 30, 2006

John and Natalie reconnected by his bedside. She immediately apologized for not realizing it was him all the time. Michael and Natalie filled John in on the past few months. Michael asked John what he remembered about the accident. He remembered crashing the car, talking to his father. John said that his life really did pass before him. Michael said he thought that Evangeline was destroying Spencer on the stand. John had some special words for Natalie, but Natalie didn't want him to stress too much. Instead, she wept tears of joy.

Kelly popped by Blair's to bring her to the doctor, but Blair refused. Instead, they were going to run an errand — They paid a visit to Spencer's cell. Kelly showed Spencer a photo of her son Zane. Kelly thanked Spencer for helping her have a baby. Blair then went after him, verbally, and asked where Todd's son was. "What's in it for me?" Spencer snapped at Blair. Blair offered to talk to Evangeline if he'd give her the information. Rex lurked in the background. Spencer blew up and told them that his son was dead. Spencer added, "If I can't have my son, neither can [Todd]." Kelly was upset to learn that Hugh had died. The two women left and Spencer began to sob.

Todd ran into Viki sitting at his desk. Viki proudly announced that she had scooped him. "Take a look," she said. The cover story read, "John McBain Alive!" Todd brought Viki up to speed on Starr and Cole. Viki was horrified. Todd was convinced that Marty sent her son after Starr. Viki didn't believe Todd's theory. Todd demanded to know who was responsible for this then. Viki tried to point out that he couldn't help Starr if he felt that way. "How is she going to trust me again?" Todd wondered to Viki about Starr. "She's miserable. It's my fault." Viki tried to convince her brother that Starr loves him "with every fiber of her being." Todd continued to badmouth himself. Viki suggested that Todd just wait it out. Viki hoped that Todd wasn't up to anything possibly dangerous to himself or his family. Todd just smiled. Viki left. Todd looked at blueprints of something.

Behind bars, Spencer rehashed Blair's testimony. Bo paid him a visit with news that John McBain is alive. Bo explained that John had been misidentified. Spencer shut up when he realized what Bo was telling him. Bo confirmed that the man who is buried in John's grave is Hugh. Spencer accused Bo of lying to him. Bo said he wouldn't lie about a thing like this. He'd lost a son too. "It's the darkest place," Bo admitted. Bo suggested he talk to someone about this, "otherwise it can eat you alive," Bo warned. Spencer sat on the floor and looked rather sad.

Cristian and Evangeline played a little golf and talked about the trial. Natalie called Cris and broke the news that John was alive to a stunned Evangeline. Evangeline wanted to see John, "but not today." Evangeline didn't want to intrude on Natalie and his family's happy time.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Rex dreamt that he told Marcie, Michael and Todd the truth about baby Tommy. Rex ended up being tied to a pole and Todd took his son. Marcie began crying, "No, no." Todd said to his son, "I'm going to teach you everything I know so you can become exactly like me." Then Todd returned with a bratty five-year-old Todd Jr., who smashed things apart. Todd reported that Todd Jr. had just run over Blair, and the two Todds just laughed. Still dreaming, Rex and Adriana talked about Todd Jr. and wondered what might have happened to Michael and Marcie. Moments later, they saw that Marcie was a homeless woman and Michael had disappeared. Marcie stabbed Rex. Rex woke up and Adriana asked what was wrong. Adriana reminded him that he didn't live in a horror movie. Rex was still in a quandary about what to do about Tommy/Todd Jr.

Everyone regrouped in the courtroom. They rejoiced about John being alive and noted the death of poor Hugh. They wondered how Spencer was taking the death of his son. Spencer was called to the stand. His defense attorney asked him why he killed Thomas McBain. Spencer looked perplexed. Spencer denied killing Thomas McBain. The defense attorney called Spencer's mother a lying whore. Spencer jumped up and attacked his attorney. Then Spencer looked at Blair and said, "It's all your fault. why did you lie to me, Ma?" The courtroom looked concerned. Spencer went on to accuse Blair of killing his son. The defense attorney then pointed out that the man wasn't fit to stand trial. Mouths dropped all through the courtroom. Todd jumped up and said this was a crock. Evangeline accused Mr. Casey, the defense attorney, of setting it all up. The judge got very angry at Casey. Spencer began ranting and raving. Todd and Michael both became enraged. The judge called a recess. After the break, the defense called Dr. Marty Saybrooke. Shocked silence filled the room.

Natalie caught John up on the happenings in Llanview. Natalie and John exchanged "I love you"s. Natalie said she used to dream about their life together. Natalie asked John to tell her isn't not a dream. "It's not a dream," he said. Natalie ran into Vincent in the waiting area and hugged him. She was so grateful he had brought John back to her. John saw the hug. Vincent and Natalie talked about their kiss. Natalie brought up the bit about her kissing Vincent to John. John remembered hearing that. Natalie began to explain what happened and he seemed to understand. Then Natalie ran into Vincent by the docks. Natalie shared with Vincent that John had said "I love you" to her but wondered if he remembered about the ring. Michael visited his brother and gave him the update on Spencer's rant in the courtroom. Michael brought up the fact that John had planned to propose to Natalie. "Do you still want to marry her?" he asked.

Nash asked Cris about Cris' past romance with Jessica. Cris wondered if Nash was having trouble getting over Tess. Nash asked for some advice. Cris suggested Claudia, but Nash said she was high maintenance. Cris suggested Layla. "Oh great, I can be the rebound guy," Nash quipped.

Still on their honeymoon, Jessica and Antonio wondered if they should go home. They were missing Jamie and Bree.

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