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Scott Parker Chandler
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Actor History
Philip Amelio
1988 to 1991
September 5, 1995 to January 4, 1996

Data entry clerk at Pine Valley Hospital

Former CEO of Chandler Enterprises

Formerly owned a Chicago-based company specializing in the production of medical videos

Former film school student at New York University

Former student at Pine Valley University

Former cameraman at WRCW

Former student at UCLA

Former intern at WRCW

Former summer intern at Tempo magazine


The gatehouse at the Chandler Mansion (300 River Road)

Formerly an apartment in Pine Valley

Formerly a prison in Pennsylvania

Formerly the Chandler Mansion (300 River Road)

Formerly Chicago, Illinois

Formerly New York, New York

The gatehouse at the Chandler Mansion (300 River Road)

Formerly maintained a residence in Pine Valley at 1421 Plumtree Road #15E

Marital Status

Single/Divorced from Annie Novak [Aug 24, 2010; divorced: Nov 15, 2010]

Past Marriages

Annie Novak [Aug 24, 2010; divorced: Nov 15, 2010]


Fred Parker (biological father; deceased)

Stuart Chandler (adoptive father; deceased)

Cindy Parker (mother; deceased)

Adam Chandler (adoptive uncle)

Charlotte Chandler (adoptive aunt)

Karen Parker (aunt)

Hayley Vaughan (adoptive cousin)

Adam Chandler, Jr. (adoptive cousin)

Anna Claire Chandler (adoptive cousin; deceased)

Colby Marian Chandler (adoptive cousin)

Ross Chandler (adoptive cousin)

Lorenzo Hector Santos (adoptive cousin, once removed)

Adam Chandler III (adoptive cousin, once removed)

Julie Rand Chandler (adoptive cousin, once removed)



Flings & Affairs

Laura Kirk

Greenlee Smythe

Gillian Andrassy (deceased)

Greenlee Smythe

Rebecca Tyree (dated)

Marissa Tasker (one-night stand)

Madison North (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Created a sleazy website about Becca Tyree to make Leo look bad

Assault; punched J.R. Chandler in the face [Apr 9, 2009]

Assault; hit David over the head with a pan [Apr 17, 2009]

Held Zach Slater at gunpoint [Oct 26, 2009]

Arrested for disorderly conduct [Nov 19, 2009]

Arrested for covering up Stuart Chandler's murder [Nov 24, 2009]

Served prison time for stealing Palmer Cortlandt's nanotechnology [Oct 12, 2010; released Jan 14, 2011]

Brief Character History

Stuart Chandler adopted Scott after Scott's mom, Cindy, passed away due to AIDS-related illnesses. He was just a little boy when that happened, and always considered Stuart as his real father.

As a teenager, Scott developed his first crush on Anita Santos, a girl he'd had a crush on since he'd first laid eyes on her. Instead of pursuing Anita, he focused his affection on Laura Kirk. Their romance blossomed while he tutored her for summer school. Scott was allowed to skip his final year of high school and enrolled directly into college after winning a science scholarship. His romance with Laura never fully got off the ground. Laura had a secret past that made her unable to become intimate with Scott on any level, not just sexually. Laura felt it best that she end her their relationship so that he could move on with his life.

Scott turned his sights to Gillian Andrassy, a Hungarian princess with an insatiable sexual appetite. Gillian was after Scott from the first time she saw him -- and she finally sunk her claws into him. This boyfriend/girlfriend relationship that was beginning to brew really hit a nerve with Kelsey Jefferson. Kelsey had her heart set on winning Scott over. She tried everything -- buying expensive gowns and even changing her attitude -- but no matter what she did, it always seemed like she got the short end of the stick.

Kelsey teamed up with Ryan Lavery, an advertising executive working at WRCW. Together they devised a plan to sabotage Gillian and Scott's relationship by pretending to be very much in love with each other. Ryan booked a ski lodge trip for the four of them. Kelsey's plan to get the man of her dreams went sour after Scott decided to keep Gillian near his side to be his girlfriend. Kelsey was desperate, and desperate times called for desperate measures. Kelsey decided to call Immigration on Gillian. After Scott found out about Kelsey's devious plan, Scott told Gillian that he would marry her so that she could stay in the country. With wedding bells in the air, Kelsey knew that she had lost Scott to Gillian. Scott and Gillian never got to say, "I do," because Ryan interrupted the wedding and took Scott's place.

After Camille Hawkins, the daughter of a woman whom Stuart and Adam had saved from an abusive relationship long before in Pigeon Hollow, returned, things started happening. Scott was convinced that Camille had deliberately staged an accident to harm the Chandlers. While at the cabin, Scott plugged in a generator and got electrocuted, winding up in the hospital.

Scott's relationship with Kelsey never quite worked out. Scott left for a college on the West Coast where his studies turned him on to filmmaking and television.

Upon Scott's return from school, he met and fell in love with Rebecca "Becca" Tyree, Adam Junior's babysitter from Pigeon Hollow. While working for Dixie and Tad Martin and holding down a job working for Opal Cortlandt at the Glamorama, Becca assisted Scott in his admission to film school at NYU. Becca broke off the relationship after viewing a secret sex tape that Greenlee Smythe, one of Scott's college sweethearts, had made. Eventually the two made amends, but their relationship was once again threatened when suave Leo du Pres entered the picture.

Leo and Greenlee had made a bet that he could seduce Becca into giving up her virginity. After the bet was made, Leo started to really care for Becca and felt guilty about the bet. Scott learned of this and created a website called "," a site he'd set up to make it look as though Leo had taken his "virginity quest" to the Internet. This twist to a bad boy took place shortly after Scott's father, Stuart, was believed killed in a cabin fire. Scott never once shed any tears, deciding to remain strong for his family. Scott doubted the claims of Marian, Stuart's wife, that Stuart might not be dead. Through Opal, Marian had met with a psychic who said that Stuart wasn't reachable on the other side. Scott eventually came clean about his website shenanigans, but Becca was unable to forgive him.

In September 2000, Scott faded off of the canvas, presumably to attend film school at NYU. Occasionally, however, he'd be mentioned as being on a vacation with his father, Stuart, or traveling.

Scott remained away from Pine Valley for more than eight years. When he returned, his homecoming was anything but happy. In a case of mistaken identity, Stuart Chandler was shot and killed by Stuart's own brother, Adam. In a state of confusion, Adam had seen Stuart and thought that he was looking at himself. Adam's attempt to take his own life mistakenly took Stuart's.

Scott's devastation took him on a tailspin. He began a flirtatious relationship with Annie Chandler, Adam's wife. Adam was suspicious of Annie due to her past history of mental instability. Adam asked Scott to move into the Chandler mansion to help keep an eye on Annie. Scott became Annie's confidant, and he became increasingly attracted to his uncle's wife. A few forbidden kisses were exchanged between Scott and Annie, and Adam was aware of the mutual attraction. When Annie became pregnant, Adam questioned the paternity of the child. Both Scott and Annie swore it was not possible for Scott to have fathered the child, as they had never been lovers. Annie suffered a miscarriage. The baby was confirmed to be Adam's.

When Adam discovered Annie and J.R. in bed together, he left Pine Valley and punished J.R. by giving Scott controlling shares of Chandler Enterprises. Despite Annie's involvement with both his cousin and his uncle, Scott pursued a relationship with Annie, and they soon became engaged. Annie promised she was finished with J.R. and looked forward to the life she and her daughter could have with Scott.

Scott appreciated Annie's support of his decision to steal Palmer Cortlandt's nanotechnology project. Palmer had shared the idea for the project with Scott in hopes of a joint collaboration between Cortlandt Electronics and Chandler Enterprises. When Palmer died, Scott took full credit for the project and launched it solely under the Chandler Enterprises name.

When J.R. learned Scott had jeopardized the family company, Annie went to do damage control with J.R. She convinced J.R. to keep what Scott had done secret. J.R.'s wife, Marissa, misinterpreted the meeting between J.R. and Annie as a romantic tryst. Scott slept with Marissa to get revenge on J.R. and Annie, but immediately regretted what he had done when he realized Annie had been faithful. Scott married Annie, but a few months into their marriage, Scott walked in on J.R. and Annie in bed together and unleashed his anger on them. Scott realized Stuart would not be proud of the man he had become, so he confessed the theft of the nanotechnology project and went to prison.

Due to Scott's good behavior and help from Greenlee Smythe, Scott was granted early release from prison. Greenlee and Scott struck a deal. Greenlee made an appeal to the parole board on Scott's behalf and secured employment for him at the hospital. Scott provided a romantic distraction for Madison North. Madison was pregnant with the child of Greenlee's fiancÚ, Ryan Lavery. Scott developed real feelings for Madison, and they moved in together. When Madison learned the truth about why Scott had begun to date her, she ended their relationship. Madison went into labor prematurely, and her baby did not survive. Madison pushed Scott away and did not allow him to support her through her grief. Scott vowed to convince Madison they belonged together.

Madison asked Scott for space and he honored her request. He focused his attention on restoring his father's gatehouse which placed him in more contact with J.R. Scott was concerned about his cousin's downward spiral when J.R. turned to alcohol and repeatedly argued with him to turn his life around.

As the chaos ensued in J.R.'s life Scott and Madison resumed their friendship. Scott appreciated being able to talk to Madison about his family drama and she visited Scott at the gatehouse. Madison admitted she was ready to enter a relationship with Scott again and he asked her to move in with him. She accepted.

Scott received more good news when he was called to the hospital to visit a family member. His father Stuart was revealed to be alive after he had received experimental medical treatments from David Hayward. Scott introduced Madison to his father and they joined many other Pine Valley residents at a party to welcome Stuart home. The event was held at the Chandler mansion and Scott and Madison made their relationship public at the party. They joined their family and friends in toasting life in Pine Valley as a shot rang out.

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