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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 11, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, October 11, 2010

At Wildwind, Caleb admitted that he needed Erica's help. Erica was shocked that Caleb had asked for it; however, she warned him that he would have to make it worth her while. According to Erica, they both knew that she was valuable to Cortlandt Electronics. She insisted that Caleb would have to make a great pitch in order for her to rearrange her life. Caleb decided to cut to the chase by inviting Erica to list her demands.

Erica informed him that she wanted a peaceful work environment and for Caleb to collaborate with her as a team. However, she admitted that she had some reservations about Caleb's capability. She wanted to know what she was getting into with him. Caleb was surprised. Erica explained that she knew that he had been a good lawyer at one time, but she wondered if it still held true.

Caleb assured Erica that he was back in the game, which seemed to satisfy Erica. Caleb and Erica sat down to discuss JR's possible weaknesses. Caleb revealed that JR had someone doing JR's dirty work for him. Erica was not pleased to learn that Asher had used Miranda to worm his way into the house and that Asher had attacked Caleb a few weeks before. However, Erica suspected that Asher might be JR's weak link.

"Maybe," Caleb agreed. Erica suggested that she talk to Asher to see if she could get him to switch sides. Caleb wasn't thrilled with the idea, but the doorbell interrupted his lecture. It was a deliveryman with an envelope for Caleb. After Caleb scanned the letter, he announced that he had the perfect opportunity to pay JR a visit.

In the park, Asher read the letter that Palmer had sent to him. In the letter, Palmer admitted that he hadn't agreed with Caleb's choices, so he urged Asher to go to Pine Valley to reconnect with his father. Asher refolded the letter and then walked away. A short time later, Asher was standing in Krystal's restaurant when Erica entered. Erica pretended to accidentally bump into Asher. She claimed that she had recognized him from Wildwind. According to Erica, she had seen Asher leave after a heated argument with Caleb.

Asher didn't deny it, but it was clear that he wasn't interested in talking to Erica. Erica resorted to flattery and then pretended to be interested in what Asher's story was. Asher revealed that he worked for Caleb's competitor. Erica calmly informed Asher that she was Caleb's partner, so Asher also worked for her competitor. Asher warned Erica that Caleb was, "one phony son of a bitch."

Erica observed that the insult sounded personal. She was certain that JR had been feeding Asher a bunch of lies about Caleb. Erica confided that she hadn't gotten along with Caleb in the beginning, either, but she had eventually discovered that Caleb had a big heart and that his first priority was his family. Asher was curious how she knew that. Erica explained that Caleb had honored Palmer's last wishes.

Erica knew JR, so she suspected that JR had seen something special in Asher that had led JR to trust him. However, she insisted that JR was the bad guy, not Caleb. Erica explained that the Chandlers had stolen something from Caleb. She suggested that Asher could work for thieves or he could be handsomely rewarded by providing her and Caleb with information. Asher made it clear that there wasn't any reward worth having if it meant that he had to work for Caleb.

At ConFusion, Greenlee hoped that Jackson had been kidding when he had suggested pointing the finger of guilt at Ryan. She made it clear that she did not want Jackson to launch an attack on Ryan. Jackson clarified that it would create reasonable doubt with the jurors. Jackson was certain that Ryan would be fine. "No, he won't," Greenlee loudly disagreed. Ryan overheard Greenlee's outburst; he turned to look at Greenlee and Jackson, but then continued on his way out when Jackson and Greenlee quietly resumed their conversation.

Jackson promised Greenlee that he would do his best to keep Greenlee out of jail, but he wanted her to promise not to let her feelings for Ryan get in the way. Greenlee was confident that her father could secure her freedom without dragging Ryan into it. Jackson was determined to do his best, but he refused to allow his daughter to go to prison. Greenlee argued that everyone had forgotten that Ryan had been a suspect, so she wanted it to stay that way. Jackson pulled out an edition of the Exposer to show her the front page.

The Exposer had a picture of Greenlee, Ryan, and David on the cover. The caption read: "They wanted him out of the way." Greenlee proposed holding a news conference to deal with the gossip and rumors head-on. Jackson didn't think it was a good idea, but he was curious what she would say. Greenlee explained that she would tell the press that David had been a tortured soul, but, despite everything, she missed him.

Jackson pointed to the gossip magazine as evidence that no one had forgotten that Ryan had once been a prime suspect, so they should use it to their advantage. Greenlee refused to continue the conversation. She had made it clear where she stood, so she expected Jackson to respect her wishes. Greenlee changed the subject; she wondered where someone accused of murder might stay. Jackson had an idea, but he didn't think that Greenlee would like it.

Erica called out Jackson's name when she arrived home. She was taken aback when Greenlee suddenly appeared in the living room, clutching a pillow to her chest. Jackson joined his daughter moments later and then explained that Greenlee had needed a place to spend the night. Erica noticed that Greenlee had chosen the good linen. Greenlee saucily offered to return the pillowcase and sheets to the cupboard, but Erica ignored the comment.

Erica let Jackson know that she was not happy with Greenlee's presence in their home, but she realized that Jackson wanted to keep Greenlee out of the media spotlight. However, Erica couldn't imagine that Greenlee was happy to be there. Greenlee surprised Erica by admitting that she owed Erica an apology. Erica wasn't receptive to the apology, so Greenlee offered to leave. Erica knew that it was important to Jackson, so invited Greenlee to stay.

Jackson was relieved, so he excused himself to make a phone call. Greenlee and Erica urged him to hurry up. However, as Jackson turned to leave, he dropped his phone. Greenlee's good humor fled when she glanced at the phone as she picked it up. She realized that Jackson had intended to call Ryan. Greenlee grabbed her father's arm and then led him to the door. Greenlee vowed that "one way or another, it ends now."

After Jackson and Greenlee left, Erica called Caleb to let him know that she had ignored his advice not to speak to Asher. Erica was certain that there was more to Asher than either of them knew. After Erica ended the call, she spotted a picture of her and Jackson during their trip. She picked up the picture, looked at it for a long moment, and then held it close to her heart.

Kendall was frantically cleaning up Spike's clothes when Ryan and Madison arrived at the penthouse. Kendall promised to be out of their way soon, but Ryan sensed that Kendall was upset. Kendall admitted that she had walked out on a meeting because someone had suggested that Greenlee step down until after the trial. Kendall explained that her employees were worried about losing their jobs because of the negative publicity that Greenlee's arrest had on the company's image.

Kendall didn't know what to tell her employees. Ryan suggested that Kendall let everyone know that Greenlee was innocent. He was confident that Jackson would find a way to get Greenlee acquitted of the charges. Kendall was curious if Ryan wanted to know who had really killed David. Ryan insisted that it could wait until after Greenlee was free. Kendall decided to deal with the bad press and false rumors later. She was surprised when Madison offered to help.

Madison explained that a famous shoe designer had dealt with a similar issue when rumors had surfaced that had threatened to destroy the company. Madison explained that the designer had managed to beat the "gossip machine" at its own game. Kendall was grateful when Madison offered to find out how the company had survived the scandal. After Madison left, Kendall admitted that Madison was "something." Ryan agreed; he was grateful because Madison had accepted that he had to get Greenlee through the trial.

Kendall wondered if things would be easier or harder for Ryan after Greenlee's legal woes were behind her. Ryan insisted that there wouldn't be anything to keep him and Greenlee in each other's orbit after the trial. Ryan acknowledged that he and Greenlee would remain friends, but he was confident that it wouldn't be as intense. Kendall didn't think that it was reasonable of Ryan to expect things to remain casual between him and Greenlee. Ryan disagreed because he had Madison in his life.

Ryan explained that Madison was different than Greenlee because Madison wasn't surrounded by drama. Ryan claimed that it was "easy and fun" for him to spend time with Madison. According to Ryan, his relationship with Madison was new and exciting. Ryan was confident that he and Greenlee would go their separate ways once the trial was over. "It's what Greenlee wants," Ryan added.

A short time later, Greenlee and Jackson arrived. Greenlee informed Ryan and Kendall that Jackson wanted to create reasonable doubt by implicating Ryan in the murder. Kendall was outraged at the suggestion. Greenlee was stunned when Ryan revealed that it had been his plan, not Jackson's. Greenlee informed Ryan that she didn't want any part of it. Greenlee appreciated Ryan's concern, but she refused to let Ryan's children suffer.

Greenlee threatened to fire Jackson if they didn't respect her wishes. Ryan insisted that Greenlee couldn't fire Jackson the day before her trial. Greenlee agreed to keep Jackson on as her attorney, but she made it clear that she expected him to follow her orders. Jackson and Greenlee left moments later, but they stopped in the hallway. Greenlee wanted Jackson to promise her that he wouldn't implicate Ryan, but Jackson refused. Frustrated, Greenlee walked away.

At the Chandler mansion, Scott eavesdropped as Annie and JR argued. A few minutes later, Scott entered the living room and observed, "At least this time you both have your clothes on." JR realized that Scott was angry, but he insisted that they had to put aside their differences. JR turned to Annie to invite her to explain why they had to work together. Annie immediately explained that Caleb and Erica had learned that Scott had stolen something from Palmer. She was certain that Caleb and Erica knew it was the nanotechnology.

Scott calmly walked to the safe, opened it, and then reached for a gun. JR and Annie stood behind Scott, unaware of what he held in his hands. Images of JR and Annie in bed together flashed through Scott's mind, but he dropped the gun when Colby entered the parlor to find out what was going on. Scott made it clear that JR was on his own. After Scott left, Colby demanded some answers.

JR refused to tell Colby about the stolen nanotechnology, but he did let her know that it was business-related. Colby insisted that she had a right to know because she was part of the family business; however, JR refused to involve his sister. Colby tried to blame Annie for their troubles, but JR refused to let her. JR then excused himself, claiming that he had a phone call to make. After JR left, Annie sensed that Colby wasn't finished with her, so she warned Colby that there wasn't anything that Colby could say to make her feel worse.

Colby wanted to try anyway, but Annie reminded Colby that there was Emma to consider. Annie made it clear that she would do whatever was necessary to protect her daughter. Colby wasn't impressed; however, the doorbell ran before Colby could continue. Colby and Annie entered the foyer just as JR opened the door. It was Caleb.

Caleb smugly informed JR that Marissa had been granted full custody of AJ pending the divorce settlement. Caleb explained that Marissa had given the judge some pictures of JR and Annie after the party. The judge had decided that JR's home was an unfit environment for a child, so it had been decided that AJ should stay with Marissa.

Colby was surprised when she entered her bedroom to find Asher bouncing a tennis ball against the wall. Colby made it clear that Asher couldn't just stroll into her room whenever he liked simply because he worked for JR. Asher told Colby about his encounter with Erica. He admitted that it had been a bit unsettling to have someone famous turn the screws on him. Colby wished that Erica had turned the screws on JR. She confided that things had gotten much worse with her family.

Asher suggested that perhaps it was as bad as it would get, so things might start to improve. Colby argued that the only way that things would get better would be if Adam returned home for good. According to Colby, there was something comforting about having her dad around. Colby immediately regretted her choice of words when she remembered that Asher had lost his father as a youngster. Asher assured Colby that he was over it, but Colby didn't see how that was possible.

Colby wondered what Asher would say if he could talk to his father. Asher suggested, "Where have you been all of my life?" Colby didn't think it was funny. Asher clarified that it hadn't been meant as a joke; he'd been serious. Asher admitted that he honestly didn't know what he would say. Colby was certain that Asher's father would tell Asher that he was proud of him, but Asher didn't know why his father would say that. Colby answered, "For one thing, you saved my life."

In the park, Scott found himself standing in front of the bench that had been dedicated to his father. Scott appeared tormented as he sat down on the bench and then recalled all the ways that Annie and JR had wronged him. Scott was startled when he heard Stuart's voice assure him that he would always be proud of Scott. Scott didn't know how that could be possible after what he had done. Scott tearfully apologized to his father as past conversations with Stuart ran through his mind. Scott remembered promising that he wouldn't change, but that he would change Chandler Enterprises for the better.

At the Chandler mansion, JR vowed that Caleb would never take AJ from him. Caleb smiled victoriously as he commented that it wasn't fun to have something taken away. JR insisted that he had bought Cortlandt Electronics fair and square. Scott entered the parlor in time to hear JR's claim. "I wouldn't be so sure about that," Scott admitted.

Scott smiled at Caleb as he revealed that he had intended to pay Caleb a visit at Wildwind. JR seemed to sense where Scott was headed with the conversation, so JR tried to warn his cousin to remain quiet. Scott ignored JR as he announced that a crime had been committed; something had been stolen.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

At the Chandler mansion, Scott announced that a crime had been committed and had been covered up. Scott said that Palmer had been his friend and that they had spoken about a joint venture with the nanotechnology project. As JR and Annie objected, Scott admitted that after Palmer had died, Scott had taken credit for the project. Scott had seen a chance to make a name for himself and had thought no one would get hurt. JR called Scott a damn fool.

JR ordered Scott to leave, but Caleb wanted to hear what Scott had to say. JR stated that Scott had nothing to say because Scott was nothing. Annie told JR to shut up and begged Scott to keep mum because he could still save himself. Scott said it was too late.

JR told Scott not to destroy everything that they had worked for. JR accused Scott of trying to get back at JR for sleeping with Annie. JR claimed that Scott had made up lies because Annie had never loved him. Scott insisted that he was finally doing the right thing by telling the truth. Caleb berated Scott for pretending to be Palmer's friend, and he vowed to make Scott pay.

Caleb forced Scott to admit that Scott had robbed Palmer. Scott regretted his actions and explained that what had started as one lie had spun out of control. Caleb claimed that Scott was no better than JR because Scott had feigned horror at JR's underhanded acquisition of Cortlandt. JR asserted that he had personally not stolen anything. Scott scoffed as he glanced at Annie and sarcastically asked if JR's hands were clean. JR declared that despite their personal issues, the Chandlers banded together when outsiders attacked.

Caleb wondered what JR's role had been in the nanotech theft. JR said that Palmer hadn't taken JR into his confidence and dared Caleb to prove that JR had any part in the crime. Caleb threatened to use the theft against JR during AJ's custody trial. JR moved to physically attack Caleb, but Annie intervened. FBI agents suddenly walked through the door. As JR questioned why they were there, Scott disclosed that he had called them.

Scott proclaimed that he was doing the right thing. The agents indicated that they had received a tip that a corporate crime had been committed. JR insisted there had been no theft and that Scott was simply holding a grudge. Scott was ready to confess, and JR called him weak. Scott said that he had run into an old friend in the park who had given him the strength to be honest.

Scott requested that the agents escort him to the police station. Annie begged him to think about what she and Scott could still have, but Scott touched her face and wistfully said that he already had. He held up his hands so the agents could handcuff him, and they led him out. Annie insisted on accompanying them. Once they were alone, Caleb told JR that they were just getting started.

JR ordered Caleb to get out of his way. Caleb scoffed at the idea that Scott would take sole responsibility for the situation. JR pointed out that Scott was the only one who had admitted any wrongdoing. JR said that he wouldn't go down with his cousin and that Scott's confession had nothing to do with AJ's custody trial. Caleb reminded him that the judge had already signed off on Marissa's temporary custody order. Caleb was certain that it was only a matter of time before Marissa would be granted permanent custody.

Caleb declared that he originally had just been interested in getting Cortlandt Electronics back, but he wanted to see the entire Chandler empire crumble. Caleb said that if JR had a drop of Cooney blood in his veins, JR wouldn't have covered up Scott's actions. Caleb threatened to take controlling interest of Chandler and warned JR not to leave town. JR insisted that Pine Valley was his home and that Caleb could never force him out.

Jesse called Angie at the hospital and offered to take her to lunch. As Natalia approached, Angie sensed her presence and told Jesse that someone needed her. After Angie hung up, Natalia asked if she could question a robbery suspect who was also a patient. Angie could tell from Natalia's voice that her visit wasn't just work-related. Natalia was upset that Angie had talked to Krystal about Natalia and Brot's relationship. Natalia insisted that nothing was going on between them. Angie didn't believe her.

Angie implored Natalia to explain how she felt about Brot. Natalia admitted that she and Brot had gone out a few times together, but they had argued constantly. She also noted that their work situation was tricky, since Natalia was Brot's superior. Angie said that she had qualms about relationships in the workplace, especially when one person had power over another. Natalia insisted that she and Brot had never been in a relationship.

Angie didn't like the fact that Natalia was keeping her involvement with Brot from Jesse. Natalia maintained that there was nothing serious between them and that she didn't want to put Jesse in the position of hiding something from the mayor. Angie recommended that Natalia go through the proper channels, but Natalia worried that she or Brot could be transferred. Angie asked whether Natalia had ever been seriously involved with anyone in the past.

Natalia admitted that she wasn't sure if she'd ever been in love. Angie pointed out that if Natalia was unsure, then she hadn't been. Natalia explained that her career and her mother had been her priorities, so she hadn't had time for romance. Angie inquired whether Natalia thought that Rebecca's illness had escalated because her heart had been broken when Jesse had left. Natalia admitted that it had seemed that way. Angie opined that Natalia was afraid to give her heart to someone.

As Natalia wiped tears from her eyes, she bemoaned that she could face a perpetrator who had a gun, but not a guy with flowers. Angie assured her that it wasn't always easy to open up but warned that if Natalia kept her heart locked, she would miss out on the gift of love. Angie promised that the prize would be worth it when Natalia found the right person. Natalia compared falling in love to entering a shootout without a vest or weapon. Angie said that Natalia was armed with positive attributes and beseeched Natalia to take a chance.

At the police station, Brot asked Jesse about the timing of the next detective exam and the possibility of a promotion. Jesse realized that Brot was concerned that Natalia held a higher ranking than Brot did.

Jesse asked Brot about his surgery, and Brot assured Jesse that he had recovered. Jesse understood Brot's ambition. Jesse said that Natalia was tough, which was a good thing. Brot praised Natalia but wanted to achieve his own success. Jesse hypothetically asked what would happen to Brot's relationship with Natalia if Brot received a promotion.

Jesse laughed at the sheepish look on Brot's face and clarified that he had meant professional relationship. Jesse commented that Brot and Natalia seemed to be getting along better than when they had been partners. Brot wondered whether Natalia would be able to deal with Brot as an equal. Jesse commented that Natalia was competitive. Brot said that he already respected Natalia, but he wanted to earn Natalia's respect in return.

At Krystal's restaurant, Damon handed Liza coffee, and they went over various tasks that he had completed as her assistant. As she handed him papers to copy, he vowed that she couldn't torture him into quitting because he needed the job. After he left to use the copier in Krystal's office, Colby entered and asked what Liza's game plan was.

Colby pondered why Liza had hired Damon when a law student would have been far more qualified. Colby suspected that Liza's intention was to keep tabs on Colby and Tad through Damon. Damon returned, and he and Colby made lunch plans. Liza tried to ask Colby how she was doing, but Colby indicated that she wasn't ready to let her mother back into her life. Liza looked dismayed.

As they ate lunch at the bar, Colby thanked Damon for rescuing her from Liza. Damon didn't think what Liza had asked was so terrible. Colby didn't want Liza to know how messed up her life was. Damon wondered if he should take Colby's comment personally. Colby admitted that JR and Annie had slept together again and that AJ's custody battle was creating tension in her family. Damon wanted to know what he could do to help. Colby joked that he could ship Annie to Brazil.

At the courthouse, Krystal overheard Jackson on the phone with Erica. Krystal handed him some paperwork from Liza. As he reviewed it, Jackson commented that to adequately defend Greenlee, he'd have to paint other people as suspects. Krystal offered to testify that there had been many people who had despised David enough to kill him. Jackson thanked her and mentioned that it was difficult to talk to Erica about Greenlee. He worried that Greenlee would be sent to prison if his defense wasn't good enough. Krystal assured him that he wouldn't fail because he would fight especially hard for his family.

Krystal and Jackson perused a list of everyone in town who had a motive to kill David. Liza overheard them and muttered that Jackson should add himself to the list. Jackson wished he could put Liza on the stand to explain how she had helped David blackmail Greenlee. Liza reminded him that Kendall had destroyed the evidence of David's blackmail. Liza claimed that the case wasn't personal for her and that it was her job to seek justice for a man who had been killed. Jackson pointed out that David had almost killed Erica, but Liza had helped to cover it up. Jackson threatened to go after Liza's job after he won Greenlee's case.

Caleb observed as Liza and Jackson continued to argue. Liza asserted that Jackson wasn't thinking clearly, and Jackson accused her of railroading his daughter. Liza said that she was prosecuting Greenlee because she believed that Greenlee was guilty; Liza stalked off. Jackson entered the empty courtroom, and Caleb followed.

Jackson asked for Caleb's opinion whether Jackson had become too personally involved in the case. Caleb said that everyone involved in a trial had emotions and feelings, which didn't have anything to do with the law. Jackson agreed. Caleb claimed that if he were on trial, he'd want his attorney to be as passionate about going free as he was, and he gave Jackson his vote of confidence. Jackson thanked him.

Jackson inquired whether Caleb had children, and Caleb said no. Jackson felt pressure to make up for all the years he'd missed with Greenlee. Caleb deadpanned that Jackson could buy her ice cream after he won her case. Jackson laughed and asked about what Caleb had been working on. Caleb revealed that he had been plotting to get Cortlandt Electronics back and had requested that Erica help him run it. Jackson thought that would have made Palmer happy. Caleb asked if Jackson was okay with the situation, and Jackson assured Caleb that he was. Caleb wished Jackson luck.

Natalia handed Brot a candy bar, since she figured he'd work through lunch. She admitted that she had been thinking about some things, like how she had acted around him. He said he had thought about it, too, and they began to banter. Her phone rang and when she answered the call, a look of concern washed over her face.

After she hung up, Natalia and Brot discussed how Scott had turned himself in to the Feds. Natalia was shocked, as Frankie had told her that Scott was a stand-up guy. Brot started to call Jesse, but she wanted to handle the matter herself. He thought she was trying to prove herself, but she explained that Jesse had requested some alone time with Angie. Brot smiled and offered to share his candy with her. She happily accepted.

Jesse found Angie reading a baby book at the hospital. She explained that she was still learning Braille, so it took her an entire day to read a page. He was proud of her efforts. She noted that she was in her eighteenth week of pregnancy and might feel the baby kick soon. He wanted to take her someplace special for lunch -- home. She joked that it was a cheap date.

Later, Angie complimented Jesse on the lunch he had prepared, and she commented how her other senses were getting sharper. She remembered how much she had savored food when she had been pregnant with Frankie. Jesse wondered whether they were going to have a boy or girl. "Maybe one of each," she said. She assured him she was just kidding as the phone rang. After Jesse took the call, he told a worried Angie that her doctor wanted to schedule an amniocentesis.

At Krystal's, JR accused Krystal of keeping AJ from him until the custody hearing. Krystal didn't want to be in the middle of JR and Marissa's battle. JR vowed that Marissa wouldn't take his son. Krystal said that she was glad AJ wasn't with JR when JR was obviously so angry. JR professed his love for AJ. JR stated that he wanted to see AJ before JR could be sent away. Krystal was curious about what he meant.

Annie arrived to see Scott at the police station and asked for a moment alone with her husband. The federal agents left the interrogation room, and Scott ordered her to go home. She asked if he was trying to get back at her by throwing his life away.

Annie begged Scott to save himself. He refused to keep lying and wanted to know whether she was more interested in saving the company or JR. He said that they had been living a lie from the beginning, though she claimed that they had been a family. Scott lamented that they had both fooled themselves. He said that he still loved Emma and wanted the girl to understand that he had to pay for his mistakes.

Scott said that he really had loved Annie and would have done anything for her. He was bitter that she had cheated on him the same way she had cheated on Adam. Scott declared that she belonged to JR. She protested and begged him not to destroy himself because of her actions. Scott contended that he was trying to save himself. He had stolen Palmer's invention because he had wanted to prove himself worthy of her, and he had been losing himself in his lies ever since.

JR arrived, and Scott yelled at him to get out. JR announced that he had called in a favor and had informed a contact at the FBI that Scott had suffered a nervous breakdown. Scott refused to go along with the scheme. JR implored him to save the company and insisted that they could work through their personal matters later. Scott raged that their family was out of control and that he was going to do the right thing, as it was what Stuart would have wanted. JR disagreed and claimed that Stuart wouldn't have wanted to see his son behind bars. Scott believed that Stuart would have advised him to listen to his conscience.

Natalia entered and said that Scott's lawyer was stuck in court. Scott wanted to give his statement anyway. Natalia reminded him of his rights, but he was adamant that they proceed. He ordered JR and Annie out. JR called Scott's name, but Scott turned away.

Later, Scott emerged from the interrogation room and told Annie and JR that he hadn't implicated them, for their children's sake. He didn't want AJ and Emma to have to pay for their parents' misdeeds. He declared that Annie and JR would pay by watching Chandler take a huge hit. They would have to bear the guilt of having destroyed the business and the family. As Brot and Natalia led Scott away, Annie called after her husband and professed how sorry she was.

Annie turned to JR and asked what they could do. JR suggested that he call his attorney. Annie thought that wasn't enough, but JR said that Scott had made his own choice. Annie yelled at him for being cold. JR believed that Scott had bailed because Scott knew that he would never win. JR swore that he was going to save Chandler and get back his son. JR implied that he and Annie would eventually be together. She tried to slap him, but he caught her hand in midair. He said she had no more excuses, since Scott was gone.

Meanwhile, Scott entered his holding cell as the door slammed shut behind him.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

While Erica attended a charity ball, Jackson offered to keep his restless daughter company instead of going to work at the office. Kendall arrived to help Greenlee prepare for the trial in the morning, but Greenlee felt that Kendall should be trying to meet Fusion's packaging deadline. Kendall said she'd pushed it back because Greenlee needed support that evening.

Jackson left, and Greenlee vented her frustrations about the swarming reporters and the direction of her case. Greenlee said that being at Erica's place reminded her of her complicity in David's schemes. Additionally, the plan to cast reasonable doubt on Ryan would defeat her mission to keep him out of prison. Kendall assured Greenlee that Ryan was safe because no one knew that the vial of digitalis had been in Ryan's jacket pocket.

Kendall decided that she and Greenlee would go out, and they'd invite their friends to meet them. Greenlee, however, doubted that they'd even make it to the sidewalk without being inundated by reporters. Kendall whipped out her phone to call for help in evading the media.

At Ryan's house, Madison arrived and hoped that dessert might keep Ryan's mind off the trial. Ryan promised that once the trial ended, it would be just him and Madison. She presented a small box that contained something for their trip. "Think Amalfi coast swimwear," she hinted.

Madison decided to model her new swimsuit for him, but a call from Kendall interrupted them. Ryan wanted to ignore the call, but Madison said it could be about Spike. During the call, Kendall asked Ryan to help her and Greenlee dodge the press. Ryan started to decline, but Madison readily offered the use of her own car in the diversion.

Later, Madison darted into ConFusion wearing a hood and sunglasses. Reporters caught up to her, and one said, "Nice try ditching us, Mrs. Hayward." Removing her sunglasses and hood, Madison playfully asked if they wanted a close-up or profile shot of her.

As Madison distracted the press, Greenlee, Kendall, and Ryan hurried into Kendall's old house, and Kendall sighed as memories washed over her. Jake, Amanda, and Bianca paraded in with pizza. Seeing Greenlee's ingratiated stare, Kendall said she'd known that Greenlee would want her loved ones around. Greenlee's friends offered their support, and she thanked them for being in her corner. Ryan handed Greenlee a drink and said that it was her night.

Jake set up a karaoke machine, and while he, Greenlee, and Ryan selected songs, Kendall meandered away from the group. Bianca followed her, and Kendall said she'd thought she'd walk into the house again with Zach and her boys; however, she was starting to doubt that Zach would ever return to Pine Valley. Kendall blamed herself for her decisions, but Bianca reasoned that Zach's absence might not be Kendall's fault.

Kendall slipped off to call Zach, but she got his voicemail. While leaving a message, she wondered if he were busy or just didn't want to speak to her. With a tearful voice, she said she was ready to work things out, and she'd decided to move back into their old house. Kendall hoped that Zach would join her, because what they had was too good to throw away.

Ryan decided to take off because he'd been in the middle of something with Madison earlier. Greenlee apologized for disrupting his evening, but Ryan said he and Madison had been happy to help out. Ryan saw fear in Greenlee's eyes, and patting her shoulder, he assured her that it was okay to be afraid. "Even if your name is Greenlee Smythe," he added. With a reassuring grin, he promised her that everything would be okay.

After Ryan left, Greenlee slipped outside to remember his comforting words. Madison arrived looking for Ryan. Greenlee invited Madison to stay for a beer and thanked her for her help. Madison indicated that she'd done it because it had mattered to Ryan. Madison really wanted Greenlee to win her trial, because it was important to Madison and Ryan that Greenlee move on with her life.

Later, Ryan received a call from Tad, who asked Ryan to meet him at ConFusion. When Ryan arrived, a man took one look at Ryan and told Tad, "Oh, he's the one." Tad introduced the man as Nick Pearson, who'd been a Yacht Club guest on the night of the murder. Nick stated that Ryan had seemed out of it that night when he'd bumped into Nick in the hotel corridor and said, "Somebody's gonna die tonight."

Nick left the table, and Ryan assumed that Ryan must have killed David that night. Ryan figured that he'd mumbled those words because he'd just poisoned David, but Tad said David could have possibly been alive after the fight. Tad asked Ryan how to proceed. "Let's get one thing straight; I work for you. I don't have to say anything about this guy, and between you and me, I have a feeling he'd love to slip back into the woodwork," Tad stated.

Ryan didn't want to bury the information if it could clear Greenlee. "Even if it's gonna bury you?" Tad asked. Ryan figured that it was the kind information that Jackson needed to cast reasonable doubt and free Greenlee. Tad, however, urged Ryan to think about himself for once, because revealing the information would get Ryan indicted.

Claiming that he didn't need to think about it, Ryan asked Nick to remain in town to testify about what he'd seen. Nick declined because he couldn't risk his wife knowing that he was having an affair. He doubted that Claire, his mistress, wanted her husband to know, either. Ryan threatened to tell both spouses about it, and Nick reluctantly agreed to attend the trial.

Later, Ryan returned to Kendall's house, but before entering the party, he took a call from Tad, who said that Nick had checked into a hotel room. Ryan urged Tad to keep Nick's presence between them and Jackson, and they'd use the element of surprise to their advantage at the trial.

When Ryan entered the house, Greenlee, who'd worriedly observed Kendall, wondered if the Slaters would work things out. Ryan said couples that managed to keep their connection while going to "hell and back" could get through anything. Greenlee conveyed that she was feeling hopeful about the trial, and Ryan said he couldn't be more confident that she'd win.

At home, Jesse found it strange that Angie hadn't readily scheduled to have an amniocentesis, which was recommended for high-risk pregnancies. The test would reveal birth defects or complications with the baby, but Angie admitted that she couldn't handle if they received any more bad news. Jesse figured it was better to know about any challenges in advance, but she said she needed more time before tackling another challenge in her life.

At Krystal's restaurant, Jackson entered and seemed anxious about the impending trial and subpoenas that he had to serve that evening. Krystal bolstered his confidence, and he saw Jesse and Angie enter the dining area. Jackson took Jesse aside to serve him two subpoenas. Assuming that Angie would have to testify about her hostile relationship with David, Jesse accused Jackson of trying to make Angie out to be the murderer.

Jackson relayed that he was just doing his job. He asserted that Jesse would do the same thing for his daughter. Jackson said he intended to call others to testify, but no one in town had locked horns with David more than Angie had. Jackson figured that he just needed two jurors to question the evidence and establish reasonable doubt.

Jesse accused Jackson of using the trial to ease his guilt for traveling around the world while Greenlee had needed him. Jackson insisted that it wasn't personal. Outlining the struggles that Angie had been coping with, Jesse implored Jackson to focus on him, because he'd loathed David Hayward, too. Jesse insisted that Jackson wouldn't put Angie through it if he were the decent, ethical man that he claimed to be.

At Angie's table, Krystal said that she'd noted tension between Angie and Jesse. Angie confided in Krystal about the Hubbard's debate over the amino and expressed relief when Krystal revealed that she'd struggled with the same decision while pregnant with Jenny. Angie stated that it was a personal choice, and Krystal agreed, saying she'd chosen to do it.

Krystal and Angie discussed Angie's fears about making a decision that would negatively affect the child. Krystal cited that it was part of being a mother, but Angie was lucky enough to have Jesse to lean on. Angie agreed that she was lucky indeed.

When Angie and Jesse arrived home, Angie revealed that she'd overheard Jackson and Jesse discussing the subpoena. Angie stated that she could have handled testifying, but Jesse saw it as one more challenge that she didn't need. Angie admitted that she'd been viewing challenges in the wrong manner.

Angie figured that no one needed challenges, but life was filled with them. She said she could undertake any challenge to benefit their child, and she'd decided to have the amnio. Angie had also realized that she was lucky to have Jesse, and she no longer wanted "to be the arrogant doctor who always thinks that she knows better, or the blind person who doesn't want anyone to help her." Angie wanted to hear his opinions about things, because both of them would be raising the baby.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

At home, Erica wished Jackson a good morning and remarked that he looked tense. She assured him that he'd be brilliant in the courtroom. The doorbell rang, and he answered the door to Caleb, who wished him luck. They shook hands, and Jackson left.

Caleb said that he had a question for Erica. Erica commented that it must be important since it was so early. He asked when she was getting married.

Caleb told Erica that everything was about to hit the fan and wanted assurance that Erica would be available to assist him. Erica insisted that her wedding would only last one day and that her honeymoon was flexible. Caleb recalled that she had been unreachable all summer. She defended that she had been in touch through her tweets, and he rolled his eyes. Erica promised him that she was on board.

Caleb inquired whether Erica had heard about Scott, and Erica pointed out that Scott's arrest had been all over the news. Caleb thought it was the break they needed. Erica was astonished that Scott, not JR, was the Chandler who had messed up. Erica was shocked to learn that Caleb had been present when Scott had confessed. She fretted that the Chandler lawyers had likely already gotten to Scott.

Caleb stated that the important thing was that they were close to getting back Cortlandt Electronics, but they couldn't allow JR to persuade Scott to recant his confession. Erica realized that if JR had been aware of Scott's misdeeds when he had acquired Cortlandt, they could void the sale. Caleb thought that perhaps they could get control of Chandler Enterprises in the process. Erica loved the idea.

At the Chandler mansion, a forlorn Annie read a newspaper article about Scott. Amanda arrived and questioned whether Annie was okay. Annie recounted that when she had dropped Emma off at school, the other mothers had whispered about her like she was trash who was married to a criminal. Annie hated the thought of telling Emma about Scott going to prison. Amanda told her that she could wait a few days, but Annie didn't want Emma to hear the news from someone else.

Annie wailed that her life was a mess, and Amanda sympathized due to her own problems with men and her mentally ill mother. Amanda assured Annie that she could turn her life around, even if it wasn't easy, because she had people who cared. A surprised Annie commented that Amanda barely knew her. Amanda claimed that they were both good mothers who would keep it together for their kids. Annie realized that was true, and she swore to keep Emma happy and positive.

Annie lamented that she had pushed Scott to compete with JR. She blamed herself for Scott's actions, since he had been trying to prove himself to her. She believed that he hated her, as he had refused to see her. Amanda told her to stay strong for Emma, and Annie agreed that her daughter was a priority.

Damon accidentally dropped a stack of files on Liza's desk and knocked over her coffee as Mayor Blanco walked in. The mayor declared that she didn't want a sloppy district attorney and that she was counting on Liza to convict David's killer. The mayor reminded Liza that Liza owed David because he was the reason she had her job.

Damon offered to get a frazzled Liza some decaf, but she snapped at him to follow her instructions. Damon observed that she had been downing a significant amount of caffeine. He recalled how he had once pounded energy drinks while he had studied for an exam, and his hand had shaken just like hers was doing. He wondered how much java she had already consumed. She ordered him to take her jacket to the cleaners and to get her more coffee.

Later, Damon handed Liza a new suit and a cup of coffee. Damon jokingly said that he felt like a pusher. Liza was thankful to Damon for doing everything she had asked and complimented his carefully organized files. They shared an awkward moment of mutual respect before they returned to work. She noticed him staring at her. He said he never realized how much it took to be her.

Greenlee dreamed that Ryan kissed her awake and was about to whisk her off on a honeymoon. In her dream, Ryan professed his love and they embraced. Suddenly, she had a vision of Ryan in prison. As she woke with a shout, Kendall explained that Greenlee had been having a nightmare. Greenlee wondered what would happen if she went free and Ryan ended up in prison.

Greenlee told Kendall about her dream. Greenlee worried about Jackson portraying Ryan as the killer during the trial. Greenlee was concerned that someone would learn that she had found the vial of digitalis in Ryan's pocket. Kendall said the day was about protecting Greenlee.

Greenlee wondered what she should wear to her murder trial, as Jackson wanted her to look like she was in mourning. Kendall advised her to dress like herself, or she'd look guilty. Greenlee felt like she'd had a hand in David's death. Greenlee discussed her mixed emotions with Kendall. Greenlee was sad that David was gone, yet she was doing everything she could to protect the man who might have killed her husband. Kendall understood that it was difficult since, Greenlee hadn't had time to grieve.

Greenlee changed clothes and re-entered the room wearing a maroon dress. Kendall remarked that Greenlee looked fabulous. Greenlee asked if Kendall had talked to Ryan, and Kendall informed her that he was already at the courthouse. Greenlee believed that Ryan would do anything for either of them. Greenlee didn't want Ryan to sit near her during the trial because it had to look like she had loved only David.

At the courtroom, Jackson thanked Ryan for helping with Greenlee's defense. Ryan said that there was a new development -- he might have killed David after all.

Ryan told Jackson that Nick Pearson had seen Ryan outside David's room and had heard Ryan say that someone was going to die that night. Ryan didn't remember seeing Pearson, so Jackson found it odd that Nick hadn't shown up until the trial was about to start. Ryan disclosed that Nick was a married man who had been with a lover at the Yacht Club the night of the murder, so Nick had nothing to gain by making his statement.

Ryan was sure that Jackson should put Nick on the stand, but Ryan thought the bigger question was why he himself had supposedly said what he had on the night of the murder. Jackson warned Ryan that he would be implicated if Jackson put Nick on the stand. Ryan was willing to do anything to save Greenlee.

Jackson presumed that Nick hadn't tipped his hand to the police, so Liza would be surprised by the new information. Ryan thought that Nick's statement would successfully create reasonable doubt in the jurors' minds.

Later, Liza greeted Jackson in the courtroom. He apologized for their earlier argument, and she accepted. He admitted that he did take the case personally, but he vowed that he would act professionally. As a parent and a lawyer herself, Liza understood.

Opal arrived at the prison and scolded Scott for preying on Palmer. Scott apologized, but Opal was furious that Scott had stabbed Palmer in the back. Scott admitted that what he had done was horrible, but he was grateful that he could tell her about Palmer's final days. Scott revealed that Palmer had mentioned a trip that he had wanted to take to special places with the woman he had loved most in the world. Opal remembered that Palmer had been about to propose to her before he died. Scott regretted not telling her about Palmer's plans sooner. Opal thought that Palmer would be ashamed of Scott.

Caleb entered Krystal's restaurant, and Opal greeted him. She was surprised to see him all cleaned up and wearing a nice suit. Caleb asked if Opal had heard about Scott, and she informed him that she had visited him in prison already. Caleb expressed his condolences that she had lost Palmer, and Opal wondered if he was checking up on her.

Caleb admitted that he and Opal hadn't gotten off to a good start. Since he planned to stay in Pine Valley, he wanted to show his respect for Palmer by making amends with the woman Palmer had loved. Opal asked about Caleb and Erica's plans to win back Cortlandt, and she commented that the sparkle in his eye reminded her of Palmer. She was glad he had decided to stay in town. Caleb said that he was determined to fulfill Palmer's wishes. He felt like he had been given a second chance.

Opal recalled Erica's TV show, New Beginnings, and claimed that Caleb could have appeared on it. He said that he wasn't much of a storyteller, and she noted that he wasn't comfortable talking about himself. He said he truly was sorry for Opal's loss of Palmer. She was grateful that Caleb had entered her life. Caleb was shocked when Opal requested that Caleb have Erica call her. Opal laughed that Caleb had once thought Palmer's forced pairing of him with Erica was a cruel joke. "Pete was no fool," Caleb stated.

Erica arrived to visit Scott in jail. He yelled that he didn't want any visitors. She complained that she had to charm her way past various guards and a Doberman to see him, so he had a visitor whether he liked it or not.

Erica berated Scott for having attended Palmer's will reading when he had stolen from Palmer. Scott told her that Opal and Caleb had already reamed him, and he was truly sorry. Erica said that it meant a lot that Scott had turned himself in, if he actually had committed the crime.

Erica said that the biggest shock was that he had been the Chandler who had stolen the project. He demanded an end to their conversation. She speculated that JR had set him up and that Scott could cut a deal. Scott insisted that he himself had stolen Palmer's idea, and he didn't appreciate Erica's manipulations. Erica recalled how JR had interfered in Scott's marriage and said that if she were Scott, she would do anything she could to take down JR.

Erica said that Scott had loved Annie, but JR wouldn't leave Annie alone. Scott refused to talk to her about his marriage and insisted that the situation wasn't about JR. She asserted that other people had been trying to push him around and swore that she was trying to help him. He was skeptical. Scott said he had often pictured his father's face and wondered what Stuart would have thought.

Scott was confident that he could handle the situation and wasn't going to change his mind about JR. His only concern was taking responsibility for his own actions. Erica said that what he had done to Palmer had been despicable, but she wasn't judging him. She claimed that she and Caleb were there for Scott. He thought that she was only offering support because she wanted to take down JR. As she started to leave, he asked for her to do one thing on his behalf.

At the Chandler mansion, Ryan visited Annie and wanted to discuss Emma. He asked Annie to be around to support their daughter over the next couple of days, as he would be preoccupied with Greenlee's trial. Annie begged him not to do anything that would cause Emma to lose her father, especially since the girl had just lost Scott. Ryan warned her that he would try to always be there, but he advised that Annie needed be prepared for anything.

Annie grew upset when she learned that Ryan planned to present himself as a suspect. Ryan had faith in Jackson, but Annie thought Jackson was only out to save Greenlee. Annie worried that Ryan would be sent to prison, just like Scott. Ryan refused to let Greenlee be convicted for something she hadn't done. He called Annie a good mom who would do a great job taking care of Emma. He asked her to be strong for their daughter. She hugged him and said the embrace was from Emma as well as herself. Ryan left after Annie wished him luck.

Later, Erica arrived to see Annie. Erica announced that Scott had agreed to see his wife. Annie wondered why he had sent Erica on his behalf. Annie realized that Erica was after Cortlandt Electronics. Erica revealed that Scott had taken the first step toward repentance and that he wanted to make up for his actions. Erica asked if there was anything Annie wanted to make up for.

Erica pointed out how Annie's behavior had affected Emma. Erica urged Annie to do something right for Emma and to help Scott by getting revenge on JR. Erica asserted that Annie owed JR nothing. Annie was anxious to see her husband. Erica encouraged her to do so, and she left.

Caleb promised Palmer's portrait that he would get Cortlandt back. Erica arrived at Wildwind and thanked Caleb for reaching out to Opal. He invited her in and asked how her visit with Scott had gone. She said that Scott hadn't admitted JR's guilt, but she had poured fuel on the fire.

Caleb was optimistic that their plan would be successful. Erica agreed and looked forward to getting justice for Palmer. He admitted that she wasn't always wrong and that Palmer knew what he was doing when he had paired them to run Cortlandt. He stopped himself from complimenting her. She urged him to proceed with words of praise, but he slyly said he'd wait until it was necessary.

Annie arrived to see Scott, and he inquired about Emma. Annie updated him that she had yet to talk to Emma about his incarceration and asked how he was doing. He told her not to worry because he knew what he had to do and was ready to do it. She thought that he meant going to prison, but he clarified that he had meant saying goodbye.

Kendall and Greenlee arrived at the courthouse. While Kendall assured Greenlee that she was the picture of confidence, Greenlee admitted that she was scared. Kendall declared that no matter what happened, they would get through everything together. The women grasped hands and entered the courtroom.

Ryan entered the courtroom, and Greenlee approached him. She worried about the jury seeing Ryan camped out there. He joked that he had left his tent at home and commented that she looked strong. She begged him to go home to Madison, but he insisted on taking a seat.

Jackson sat next to Greenlee and asked if she was ready. Liza approached and said it wasn't too late to stop the trial. Jackson refused to take a plea. Liza reminded Greenlee that she was facing 25 years to life in prison and again offered to make a deal. Jackson maintained that there was no way his daughter would admit to a crime she hadn't committed. As Liza returned to her chair, the judge entered, and everyone stood.

Liza told the jury that David hadn't been a saint but that he hadn't deserved to be poisoned. She claimed that Greenlee's marriage had been volatile and described Greenlee as a desperate wife. Liza warned the jury that the defense would attempt to distract them, but Greenlee's story was one about greed.

Liza suggested that Greenlee was a poor little rich girl who always had to get what she wanted. She explained that David had saved Greenlee's life and had nursed her back to health with dedication and love, but Greenlee hadn't needed him once she had recovered. Liza said Greenlee had money and power but not the right to murder to get what she wanted. Jackson glanced at a worried Greenlee.

Jackson addressed the jury and described Greenlee's physical and psychological injuries from her accident. He assured them that she wasn't an ungrateful brat. He purported that she had actually loved David, which was more than what could be said about the many people who had considered David to be a monster and who had motive to kill him.

Jackson cautioned that the prosecution would present random events and speculations, but there were no eyewitnesses and all the evidence against Greenlee was circumstantial. He pointed out that it was Liza's first trial as district attorney, so she was under tremendous pressure to win the case, even if it meant imprisoning an innocent woman. He asked the jury not to allow her to do it. The judge asked for a recess.

Jackson asked how Greenlee was doing, and she nervously said that she was fine. Jackson excused himself and found Ryan outside the courtroom. Ryan offered to confess to killing David if it appeared that the jury was going to convict Greenlee. Greenlee noticed the men talking and quickly turned away with a worried look on her face.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Annie was shocked that Scott only wanted to see her to say goodbye. Annie wanted to know if Scott was giving up on their marriage. Before Scott could answer, a man entered the holding area with papers for Scott's review. Once the man left, Scott revealed that the man was his lawyer. Annie was confused, as Chandler Enterprises would have provided a lawyer. Scott said he wanted to handle things on his own -- including their divorce.

Annie said that she didn't want to divorce Scott because she still loved him. Scott said that Annie was in love with the idea of being in love. Scott pointed out that Annie saw the life that she wanted for herself and Emma, and tried to get it. Scott said that he didn't blame Annie for making the effort. Scott added that he and Annie shouldn't have gotten together, because they would have needed to lie to each other to make it work.

Scott said that they both needed a fresh start, and Annie wanted to make one with Scott. Scott said that their relationship was over, and that Annie needed to decide what was next for her and Emma. Scott told Annie that the first thing that she needed to do was pack up her things and move out of the Chandler mansion. Scott thought that moving out was the only way Annie could heal.

Annie said that she didn't have any money or any place to go. Scott told Annie that it wouldn't be easy, but that it would be for the best. The guard showed up and told Annie that her time was up. Annie told Scott that he was the last person she'd wanted to hurt. She thanked Scott for what he'd given her and for understanding her. Annie said that she wanted to make it up to Scott. He said that if she were being truthful, she would leave the Chandler home. Annie finally agreed.

Via phone, JR attempted to determine if Scott had incriminated JR to the Feds. JR mentioned AJ, and Marissa, who had entered the room unbeknownst to JR, interrupted. Marissa said that AJ was safe because he wasn't living in the Chandler mansion. JR suggested that if his home was dangerous, perhaps Marissa shouldn't be there.

JR and Marissa exchanged verbal blows over how the custody of AJ was being handled. JR was convinced that Marissa's petition for custody was her way of seeking revenge. JR's voice cracked when he admitted that he missed his son. Marissa said that AJ missed JR as well. Marissa said that her main concern was AJ's well-being. JR was certain that AJ's needs would be well taken care of in the Chandler home.

Marissa said that JR's idea of love was control -- and that ranked above everything else. Marissa added that there had been a lot of collateral damage that had resulted from JR's need to win. JR lashed out and said that he would do whatever it took to save the company and preserve the family. Marissa asked if JR's plan included helping Scott. JR said that Scott was beyond help.

Marissa questioned Scott's claim that he'd acted alone in the stealing of the nanotech project. JR thought that Marissa was accusing him of something. Disgusted, Marissa changed tacks and asked how JR would survive if Chandler went under because of the scandal. JR insisted he would be fine. JR claimed that he was the only person that was concerned about AJ's future and that was why he was doing the work he was doing to save Chandler.

At the courthouse, Jack told Ryan that he would work hard so that Ryan wouldn't have to make a difficult decision. Greenlee tried to get closer to the two men so that she could listen in on their conversation, but it ended before she was successful. Tad showed up and ushered Ryan away from the courtroom. Kendall tried to find out why Greenlee seemed so distressed, but Greenlee blew her off in an attempt to follow Ryan. Jake tried to check in with Greenlee, as well, but received a similar response.

The judge returned to the courtroom, and Greenlee was forced to take her seat at the defense table. The judge called the session to order, and invited Liza to call her first witness. Liza called upon Jake first. Jake was sworn in, and Liza asked if Jake was glad that David had died. Jake said that he hadn't been a fan of David's. Jake said that he immediately attended to David's condition because he was a doctor.

Liza then asked Jake's opinion on Greenlee's reaction to David's demise. Jake said that Greenlee had been upset. Jack objected when Liza hinted that Greenlee wasn't upset enough. Liza then asked how long it had taken Greenlee to get to the hospital after David's body was transported there. Although Jake didn't know specifics, Jake was able to state that it had taken Greenlee a while to arrive at the hospital.

Liza asked about Jake's feelings regarding Greenlee's decision to marry David. Jake said that he understood Greenlee's gratitude toward David, but added that gratitude could be confused with love. Liza continued to bombard Jake with questions, and Jack objected to nearly every one. Liza finally finished with her questions, and Jack began his line of questioning.

Jack started by thanking Liza for opening the door to discuss Jake's tenuous relationship with David. Jack noted the acrimony between the two doctors, but said that Liza hadn't explored that point far enough.

Outside the courtroom, Tad asked Ryan what he'd missed so far in the trial. Ryan said that Liza's opening statement had made Greenlee look guilty. Ryan asked how their witness was faring. Tad was irritated by the witness' behavior but felt things were going fine overall. Ryan said that their witness' testimony could save Greenlee from prosecution. Tad reminded Ryan that the testimony could also put Ryan away for life.

Kendall walked out of the courtroom just as Tad walked away. She demanded that Ryan tell her what was going on. Ryan pretended that he needed to talk to Tad about security at the casino. Kendall didn't believe him because she knew that Ryan was consumed with thoughts of Greenlee. Kendall knew that Ryan was willing to confess so that Greenlee could go free.

Ryan asked Kendall not to share any of her suspicions with Greenlee. Kendall told Ryan that she was tired of seeing Ryan and Greenlee try to save each other. Kendall said that she felt like she was stuck in the middle and had to choose between seeing her best friend or the father of her child go to jail.

Ryan said that no one had asked Kendall to choose. Kendall didn't see any other way to view what had been going on between Ryan and Greenlee. Ryan said that if Kendall could keep what she knew or suspected to herself, things might go their way. Kendall said that she was tired of keeping secrets. Kendall said that she wanted to burst into the courtroom and confess to everything she'd been holding inside. Kendall thought that if she did that, Ryan and Greenlee could finally be honest with each other. Ryan asked what Greenlee hadn't confided in him.

Kendall realized that she had said too much. She fumbled as she tried to cover up her misstep with lies. Ryan saw right through the attempt and knew there was something that Kendall wasn't telling him. Kendall finally decided to blame her distress on the state of her marriage. Ryan encouraged Kendall to live her life normally if her involvement with his troubles as well as Greenlee's problems put stress on Kendall's marriage.

Kendall knew that she couldn't extract herself from her friends' lives so easily. She scoffed at Ryan's commentary and then the duo walked back into the courtroom. As they did, they heard Jack run down a brief list of vitriolic encounters between Jake and David. Jack asked if he would be able to find anyone who could testify that Jake wanted David dead. Jake said that many people would agree with Jack's assertion.

Liza questioned Jake again briefly. She asked if the would-be witnesses that Jack mentioned were also in attendance at the party where David had died. Jake said that they were. Liza asked if any of those people would be able to say that Jake had been absent from the party long enough for Jake to kill David. When Jake was unable to answer the question with certainty, Liza stated that she didn't have any more questions.

The judge said that she wanted a sidebar with counsel before the trial continued. Ryan's phone rang, and he stepped out of the courtroom to take the call. Greenlee tried to leave the courtroom, as well, but Kendall intervened. Kendall reminded Greenlee that the original plan had been to keep Greenlee and Ryan separated. Greenlee told Kendall what she'd overheard of Ryan's conversation with Jack. Greenlee said that if her suspicions were correct, she needed to get to Ryan and stop him from ruining his life.

Jesse was the next person called to the stand. Liza asked Jesse about the original thought that David had died from blows suffered in the fight with Ryan, and Ryan's subsequent arrest. Jesse testified that Ryan had been released when the true cause of death - digitalis poisoning -- was determined.

Jesse told the courtroom that a vial of the drug had been found in Greenlee's car. Liza also introduced the letters that Greenlee had forged, but her approach quickly got the discussion of the letters tossed aside. Liza asked for Jesse's opinion on the theory that David had committed suicide. Jesse said that he felt it was unlikely that David had taken his own life. Liza asked why, and Jesse said that David had enjoyed torturing people too much.

Jack introduced the initial interviews that the police force had conducted of everyone present at the party where David had died. Jack noted that some of the people had criminal records. He asked Jesse if any of the people interviewed had been further investigated. Jesse said that when they believed that David had died due to injuries suffered in the fight with Ryan, Ryan had been arrested. Soon after the medical examiner made the digitalis discovery, Ryan was released and Greenlee was arrested. Jack made it clear that there were many other suspects that could be guilty of the murder.

The judge called for a brief recess, so Liza stepped out to make a phone call, and Greenlee left to find Ryan. Greenlee found Ryan in the hall and demanded to know Ryan's plan. Ryan hesitated, so Greenlee stated her suspicion as fact: that Ryan would take the fall for her. Ryan said that their focus needed to be on saving Greenlee. Greenlee refused to let Ryan make a false confession. Ryan begged Greenlee to keep her voice down. When it became obvious that she wouldn't be quiet, Ryan kissed her.

Marissa told JR that AJ's future was about more than power and money. She turned and stalked out of the Chandler mansion. She passed Tad, who was making his way in. When JR spotted Tad, he asked how much Tad had heard of the conversation. Tad said that he'd heard enough, and hoped that wasn't JR's way of winning Marissa back.

JR said that his marriage to Marissa was over. Tad was stunned, because he could tell that Marissa still cared about JR. Tad listened to JR's words and watched the young man's actions. Tad was able to deduce that JR's split from Marissa involved Annie. Tad realized that JR had slept with Annie again. JR didn't bother to justify his actions. Instead, JR simply swept them aside as though it wasn't important that his actions had angered Marissa anew and destroyed Annie's marriage to Scott.

JR said that there was no need to save AJ from him or the Chandler home. Tad said that Marissa was not malicious or vindictive. Tad felt that JR needed to prove his stability to Marissa. JR asked if Tad believed JR was acting like Adam. Tad felt that JR should have gotten well acquainted with Adam's antics over the years. Incensed, JR refused to address his bad behavior any longer, and walked out.

Marissa visited Scott in prison. Scott confessed to acting alone in the theft of the nanotech project. Scott said that he'd believed he wasn't good enough for Annie, and he'd stolen the project to impress Annie. Both Scott and Marissa laughed at how ludicrous that notion sounded.

Marissa clasped Scott's hands through the bars and promised she would check up on him and send care packages. She reminded Scott that she'd passed the bar and asked Scott to let her know if he needed anything. Scott asked that Marissa take care of AJ. JR walked in and said that Marissa didn't need Scott's advice on how to raise AJ.

Scott wondered why the guards had let JR in. JR said that he'd told them he was concerned about his cousin. Marissa wanted JR to leave, but Scott said there were things that he needed to discuss with JR. Marissa bid Scott a tender farewell, and glared coldly at JR on her way out. Once Marissa was gone, JR immediately launched into a series of questions to find out the effect Scott's confession would have on him.

Scott was amused that JR still thought everyone operated the same way. Scott handed over a folder that detailed Scott's plea deal. Scott revealed that he hadn't named any accomplices and would do the time alone. Scott then mused about when he'd first arrived in town, and his lofty dreams of putting the family on a new, more honest path. Scott said that he was looking forward to going to jail -- as he would likely meet a better caliber of people.

Scott said that he didn't hate JR, and JR said he didn't need Scott's forgiveness. Scott pointed out that he wasn't offering forgiveness. Scott said that he was willing to pay for his crimes. He asked if JR was willing to do the same. JR said he'd never give himself up the way Scott did. While Scott was locked up and feeling self-righteous, JR said he would be living his life, with AJ, and saving the company that Scott had jeopardized.

Scott pointed out that even though Annie was free to be with JR, JR couldn't risk that relationship because Caleb would use it against JR in the custody battle. The guard returned and said that they needed to transfer Scott to prison. JR said that he still needed to talk to Scott, but Scott told the guard they were done.

At the police station, Annie found out that her joint bank and credit card accounts with Scott had been frozen. She called about getting a loan but found out that she needed to have collateral. JR emerged on the main floor of the station as he left a message for Colby to call him. He and Annie ended their respective calls when they spotted each other. They didn't get a chance to speak before Scott was paraded through the squad room in handcuffs.



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