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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 18, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, October 18, 2010

At the police station, Annie told JR that Scott was finished with her. She was bitter because she'd have another divorce to her credit. JR was completely unsympathetic. Annie blamed herself for what Scott had done; she believed that she had driven Scott to steal the nanotechnology from Palmer. JR suggested that his cousin was a coward, but Annie refused to allow JR to malign Scott. She argued that Scott was a good man.

Annie decided to do exactly what Scott had told her to do: move out of the mansion. JR was curious where Annie would go, but Annie didn't think it mattered. She was tired of all the horrible things that had happened. JR insisted that not all of it had been bad; there had been good moments. Annie disagreed.

JR reminded Annie that all of her assets had been frozen, so she didn't have any money. Annie insisted that she had survived before she had met a Chandler, so she was confident that she could figure things out. JR urged her to let him do something for her, but Annie refused to consider it. She was determined to have some self-respect. JR suggested that he could offer her more than that, but Annie just walked away.

Erica entered Krystal's restaurant as Krystal enjoyed some time with AJ. After Krystal sent AJ to her office, with a promise that she would join him soon, Erica observed that AJ looked more like his father every day. Krystal reminded Erica that AJ also looked like his mother. "Of course," Erica responded as she sat down at the bar and then ordered a cup of coffee. Krystal confessed that Erica seemed the type to prefer tea rather than coffee.

Erica smiled and then shifted the direction of the conversation back to AJ. Erica confided that she hoped that Marissa was able to get AJ away from the Chandler mansion. Krystal immediately suspected that Erica hoped to use the custody battle to her advantage. Erica insisted that she was on Krystal's team, but Krystal clarified that it was Marissa's team. Krystal confessed that she could never be sure whose side Erica was on.

"Meaning?" Erica asked. Krystal responded by wondering why Erica wasn't in court to support Jackson. Erica explained that she had decided to stop off for a cup of coffee on her way to the courthouse. Krystal smiled innocently as she suggested that she couldn't imagine going from a pre-honeymoon vacation with Jack to getting "skivvies deep" in corporate intrigue with Caleb. Erica wondered whom Krystal was more concerned about: Caleb or Jack.

Krystal thought that Erica should ask herself the same question. Before Erica could reply, Krystal moved on to "more important" matters. Krystal was curious if Erica thought that Jack would be able to prove Greenlee's innocence. "Without a doubt," Erica confidently replied. Shortly after Erica left, JR stopped by to see AJ.

Krystal reminded JR of the court order, but JR insisted that he wanted tell his son about Scott before someone else did. The argument became moot when AJ spotted his father. AJ ran into his JR's waiting arms. AJ confessed that he missed JR and being at home. JR admitted that he missed AJ and then deftly changed the subject by asking how AJ had done on a test. AJ proudly announced that he had gotten an "A" because he had followed JR's advice to study.

Krystal watched as JR took his son to a nearby table and then carefully told AJ that Scott had to go away for a while. AJ was disappointed because Scott had promised to teach him a soccer move; he wondered if JR could show him how to do it instead. JR assured his son that he would talk to Marissa. JR then confessed that he had made a promise to AJ's mother in heaven. JR had vowed that he would keep AJ happy and safe.

JR realized that it hadn't been easy for AJ recently, but JR assured his son that he would do everything in his power to keep his promise. After they hugged, Krystal approached the table. She sent AJ to fetch his things and then waited until AJ was out of earshot. Krystal admitted that JR had been good with AJ. JR appreciated the compliment; however, he reminded Krystal that AJ was his son.

JR suggested that Krystal could help AJ by persuading Marissa to drop the custody suit. Krystal argued that Marissa was trying to do what she thought was best. JR urged Krystal to think about what Babe would want. Krystal insisted that Babe wasn't there, but Marissa was. Krystal was certain that Marissa would do all she could to keep AJ safe. JR pointed out that Krystal would be powerless to stop him if he decided to leave with AJ.

Krystal reminded JR that he would be defying a court order. JR countered that he would have AJ safely tucked away at the mansion before Krystal could get the police to enforce the order. Krystal threatened to give Caleb all the ammunition that Caleb would need to win the custody battle if JR did anything foolish. JR didn't appear concerned by the threat. He asked her to tell his son that he'd see the boy really soon and then left.

Annie was in tears when she arrived at the mansion. She quickly pulled herself together when Emma entered the parlor. Annie sat her daughter down and then gently explained that Scott had made a mistake, so he had to go away for a while. Emma wondered when Scott would be back because they had picked out Halloween costumes together. Annie avoided the question by revealing that she and Emma had to move.

Emma was disappointed because she liked living in the mansion. Annie apologized for making her daughter sad and then hugged her. Later, Annie met with an attorney to discuss her financial situation. The attorney explained that all of the accounts had been seized by the FBI, so Annie didn't have access to a single penny. Annie poured herself a drink as the attorney added that she didn't even have enough money to pay him.

Annie was livid that the attorney would abandon her in her time of need. She tossed the attorney out of the mansion just as JR arrived home. JR quickly figured out what had happened. He admitted that he was concerned about Annie, but she didn't want his pity. JR offered to help her, but she refused to buy into his "fake sympathy." JR assured her that he genuinely cared about what happened to her, but Annie didn't have time to deal with him.

Annie explained that she needed to figure things out. She realized that Emma might be better off with Ryan until Annie could find a new home. JR insisted that Annie could stay at the mansion until she found a suitable place to live. Annie vowed that she would leave as soon as possible because she had been there way too long. Later, Annie went to ConFusion to order a drink.

As Annie looked through the paper for a place to live, she overheard a group of young men whooping it up. One of the young men apologized for the noise that they had made, but Annie assured him that it was okay. The young man decided to invite Annie to join him and his friends for a drink. The other men quickly chimed in with words of encouragement.

JR was on the phone as he informed someone that he wanted to hang Scott out to dry before their stocks plummeted any further. After JR ended the call, he received a call from the bartender at ConFusion. The bartender explained that a woman had left her phone on the bar, so he had called the last number that had been dialed on her phone. The bartender then revealed that the woman had drunk quite a bit, so he had taken her car keys away. The bartender thought that it would be best if someone picked her up because she was very inebriated. Later, JR arrived at ConFusion to find Annie dancing on one of the tables.

At the courthouse, Ryan insisted that he would do everything possible to keep Greenlee from going to jail. Greenlee refused to let Ryan make a false confession to save her. Greenlee was startled when Ryan suddenly pulled her close and then kissed her passionately. After the kiss ended, Greenlee demanded to know, "What was that?" Ryan appeared a bit shell-shocked as he explained that he had been trying to make her understand.

"What?" Greenlee demanded to know. Before Ryan could answer, Jack popped his head out of the courtroom to let Greenlee know that she was needed. After Greenlee and Ryan entered the courtroom, Liza stepped forward. She had witnessed the heated kiss between Greenlee and Ryan. Liza appeared to be deep in thought as she watched them walk away.

In the courtroom, Jack quietly questioned Greenlee about what was going on between her and Ryan. Greenlee suggested that she could ask Jack the same question. Moments later, the judge entered the courtroom. Liza called Kendall to testify. As Kendall walked to the stand, Greenlee recalled the time that she had told Kendall about the vial of digitalis that she had found in Ryan's jacket and her fears that Ryan had killed David.

Liza questioned Kendall about Kendall's relationship with Greenlee. Kendall admitted that she and Greenlee were best friends. Liza used that as an opening to probe Kendall about the state of Greenlee's marriage to David. Kendall refused to acknowledge that Greenlee's marriage had been troubled, but Liza remained persistent. Liza decided to treat Kendall as a hostile witness when she began to question her about David's attempt to blackmail Greenlee. Kendall remained silent, but Liza reminded Kendall that she had told Liza about it.

Liza warned Kendall that perjury, while on probation, could have serious consequences for Kendall. Kendall reluctantly admitted that she had known that David had been blackmailing Greenlee. Liza then began to question Kendall about the documents that David had used to threaten Greenlee with. Kendall claimed that she didn't know what the papers had said, but then argued that they had been falsified. Liza pointed out that Kendall wouldn't know that if she hadn't read the documents, so Liza demanded that Kendall share the details of the papers.

Kendall revealed that the documents had implicated Greenlee in Erica's plane crash. Liza seized the opportunity to point to David's damaging accusation as a motive for Greenlee to kill David. After Liza finished questioning Kendall, Jack seized the opportunity to go into damage control mode. Jack gave Kendall the chance to explain that Greenlee was a loyal person who had been indebted to David for saving her life. Kendall insisted that Greenlee would never have hurt or killed David.

Kendall didn't believe that Greenlee had been responsible for Erica's plane crash. Kendall also claimed that Greenlee had never given up hope that David would do the right thing in the end. According to Kendall, Greenlee had loved David. After Jack finished questioning Kendall, he suggested that they adjourn for the day because of the late hour, but Liza wanted to call one more witness: Erica Kane.

Moments later, Erica took the stand. Liza questioned Erica about her relationship with Greenlee. Erica described it as "businesslike." Liza wanted Erica to elaborate, but Erica didn't see the point, since Erica had been out of town at the time of David's murder. Liza switched tactics by asking about the Miranda Center scandal.

Erica explained that David had confessed that he had set Erica up to make it appear that she had stolen the money. Liza wondered if Erica believed that Greenlee had been responsible for the plane crash. Erica admitted that she had heard the rumors that Greenlee been the mastermind behind the sabotage, but Erica made it clear that she didn't believe Greenlee had been responsible. Liza was curious if Erica liked Greenlee.

"No, I don't." Erica answered. Erica then added, "But then I don't particularly like you, and I don't think you killed David either." The judge quickly admonished Erica and then instructed the jury to disregard the comment. Liza resumed her questioning by wondering what kind of person Erica thought that Greenlee was. Erica confessed that Greenlee was selfish and manipulative, but she was also warm, loving, and a decent person.

Erica credited Jack for passing those traits on to his daughter. Erica suggested that if Jack believed in Greenlee's innocence, then there was a good reason. Jack smiled at Erica. After Liza sat down, Jack stood up to cross-examine Erica. Jack wondered if Greenlee had ever confessed to loving David. "Yes," Erica answered.

Erica admitted that, like most people, she had been surprised by the strong connection between Greenlee and David. However, Erica made it clear that she didn't have any personal knowledge of David blackmailing Greenlee. Erica revealed that David had once helped Bianca through a very difficult time and that he had also saved Kendall's life, but at the time of his death, Erica and David had not been friends. Erica believed that David had been responsible for her plane crash. According to Erica, there had been many people who had wanted David dead.

Liza quickly objected. A few minutes later, the judge dismissed everyone for the day. Liza gave Damon some errands to run and then turned to Jack. Liza warned Jack that she was just getting started.

Nearby, Greenlee tried to talk to Ryan about the kiss that they had shared, but he brushed her off. However, he promised Greenlee that everything would be okay. Ryan then approached Jack to have a private word with him. Jack and Ryan quietly discussed the testimony of the witness that Tad had found. Ryan was certain that the witness would create reasonable doubt. Jack reminded Ryan that Ryan could face murder charges, but Ryan didn't seem concerned. Jack and Ryan let the matter drop when Erica strolled up to them.

Ryan explained to Erica that he had just been congratulating Jack. After Ryan excused himself, Greenlee stopped Ryan before he managed to leave the courthouse. She insisted that they had to discuss the kiss that they had shared. Ryan claimed that it shouldn't have happened. "But it did," Greenlee argued. Greenlee was frustrated when Ryan told her that he had to get home and then left.

Kendall arrived home to see Bianca offering Miranda and Spike fresh baked cookies while the children played quietly. Kendall had been expecting a considerably different scene because of the frantic phone call that she had received. Bianca smiled as she explained that the nanny's fresh-baked cookies had been the perfect peace offering between the kids. Kendall decided to try one of the cookies. After one bite, Kendall agreed that they were delicious.

Bianca snatched a cookie off of the tray for herself and then sat down next to Kendall on the sofa. Kendall wondered if "Gabs" and Ian were still napping. "Yes," Bianca answered. Kendall was surprised that Bianca wasn't at Fusion. Bianca explained that she had delegated most of the work, but she warned Kendall that Greenlee's trial was a public relations nightmare.

Bianca was curious how the trial was going. Kendall assured Bianca that Jack was doing everything in his power to help Greenlee. Bianca wondered if Kendall had heard from Zach. Kendall admitted that she had left him a message, but her husband hadn't returned her call. Kendall then changed the subject by asking how things were going with Reese. Bianca admitted that she and the girls missed Reese; however, Bianca and Reese still had to work some things out.

Kendall was surprised when she heard Spike burst out laughing. Kendall grabbed her phone, so that she could record it. Kendall explained that Spike hadn't laughed like that in ages. According to Kendall, Spike had been withdrawing while they had been living on the boat. Kendall wished that Zach could see how Spike was flourishing since they had arrived in Pine Valley.

Bianca wished that all of their loved ones were with them. Kendall was certain that Zach and Reese would eventually return to Pine Valley.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

At ConFusion, JR observed as Annie danced on a table surrounded by a group of young men. She complained that she was lonely and invited one of the men to dance with her. JR sternly called out to Annie, and she asked if he was there to see the show.

Annie ignored JR and announced to her admirers that she would dance for the rest of the night. Annie drunkenly giggled that she was the queen of confusion, which was funny because they were at ConFusion. One of the young men remarked that she was hot. She said that JR could attest that the man's statement was true.

JR tried to coax Annie to leave. She accused him of not wanting the press to know that his cousin's wife was drunk at a bar. He told her to get control of herself. She yelled that she had lost everything because she had lost control when she had been with JR. JR refused to leave without Annie and began to drag her out of the bar. When one of the young men tried to stop him, JR slugged him and pulled Annie to the ConFusion entryway.

Annie fought against JR's grasp and spat that his efforts to help her didn't change anything. He worried about what could have happened to her if he hadn't found her. She shouted that she didn't care, but he declared that Emma cared, and so did he. Annie reluctantly left with him. Annie and JR entered his bedroom, where she drunkenly accused him of forcing her to leave ConFusion so he could have her to himself. He ordered her to take off her clothes.

Annie told JR to go to hell. He said fine, but he still insisted that she undress. She rambled that he wanted her, but she didn't want him. He warned her not to blame him when her dress got ruined. JR turned on the shower, and a livid Annie thought that he intended to shower with her. JR unapologetically dumped a fully clothed Annie into the tub and told her to sober up. She screamed that the water was freezing.

Later, a soaked Annie emerged from the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She collapsed in tears on the bed. She looked at a picture of herself and Emma and swore that she'd pull her life together for her daughter.

At the hospital, Jesse worried that Angie was overdoing things at work, but she assured him that she had napped and was fine. She announced that she had a date with "Sven."

Angie introduced Jesse to "Sven," which was a shortened name for a device that assisted blind people with taking blood pressure readings by speaking the results aloud. After she strapped Jesse's arm to the machine and obtained the results, she commented that Jesse's blood pressure was elevated. Jesse joked that "Sven" had lied, but Angie fretted that he needed to get his blood pressure down. He pointed out that she needed to worry about herself, as she was the one who had an amnio scheduled in a few days. They each reassured the other that they would take care of themselves.

Bianca entered and announced that she was there to see a patient from the Miranda Center. She wanted Angie to visit with the patient. Jesse tried to push the visit to the next day, but Angie promised she wouldn't be long, so Jesse left. Bianca led Angie down the hallway. The patient, Betty, bolted out of her room and accidentally plowed into Angie, nearly knocking Angie over. Betty, who had obviously been beaten up, apologized. Angie claimed to be fine, but Betty whimpered that she didn't think things would ever be okay. Angie said that she understood how Betty felt.

Angie asked Betty why she had tried to run. A shaken Betty said that she shouldn't be there and unconvincingly stated that she was fine. Bianca explained that Betty had been unconscious when she had arrived at the hospital. Angie inquired whether someone had hit Betty, but Betty claimed her injuries were accidental.

Angie begged Betty to tell them who had hurt her so they could help her. Angie explained that she didn't have to see to feel Betty's fear. Betty reluctantly admitted that her husband hadn't meant to hurt her but that he had lost control and had promised that it wouldn't happen again. Angie said that they both knew it would happen again if Betty returned home, but they could help make sure it didn't if Betty stayed with them. Angie tried to convince Betty that she was safe.

Betty realized that Angie and Bianca wanted to help, but she insisted that she couldn't stay. She worried that her husband would blame her if he got into trouble. Bianca pointed out that Betty had visited the Miranda Center for help. Betty confessed that she had tried to go there, but there had been no room. Bianca lamented that David's scandalous actions had caused funding issues, but she assured Betty that she had put in a call to ensure they had room for her. Betty was terrified that her husband would find her and kill her.

Angie promised Betty that she'd be protected, but Betty was unsure. Angie realized it was difficult for Betty to trust people but urged her not to give up, or things would never get better. Angie took Betty's hand and said she knew what it was like to feel helpless. She'd had moments when she couldn't handle losing her sight and had wanted to quit.

Betty contended that Angie had friends and family, but Betty felt like she was alone. Angie said that Betty had Angie and Bianca, and she would find other people if she reached out, but Betty had to take the first step. Betty tearfully agreed. Angie told her it was time to start living again.

Later, Angie explained to Jesse that she and Bianca had convinced Betty to fight for herself. Angie said that she was finding new ways to cope with her blindness every day. He commented that she was still helping people while she was learning. She had been scared that losing her sight would limit her abilities, but she simply helped in different ways. Angie suddenly looked startled, and Jesse worried that something was wrong, but she told him that she thought that she had felt the baby move.

Jesse spoke to Angie's belly. She held his hand to her stomach and said that she felt flutters. He didn't feel anything, but she assured him that they would return. He asked if they were girly flutters or manly ones. Jesse kidded that he had seen dimples on the sonogram. While she pointed out that was impossible, she went along with the joke and wondered whether there were teeny handcuffs or a tiny stethoscope in there as well. They talked to their little Dr. Hubbard or little chief.

As Natalia and Brot arrived at Krystal's restaurant, Natalia insisted that their outing wasn't a date. He rolled his eyes and said that he was glad that she had invited him out. They made small talk about work, and Natalia waved to Frankie and Randi. She told a disappointed Brot that she thought it would be fun to make their dinner a foursome. Covering his feelings, Brot joked that she couldn't be alone with him. Natalia complimented Randi's dress, and Randi explained it was for Fusion's new marriage-themed campaign.

Natalia inquired about Fusion's new product. Randi divulged that Fusion was promoting a perfume called "I Do." Frankie jested that there was something in the perfume that impacted the nerves in men's knees and forced them to drop down to propose. Randi explained that the scent would be marketed to brides and women in love.

Brot liked the campaign idea because he felt that it took a lot of nerve for guys to pop the question, but they could use the perfume as a lead-in. Natalia scoffed at the idea, and Brot clarified that he'd also pull out a ring and declare his love if he were to propose. She was visibly affected by his words, but she asserted that the campaign would put pressure on women. Natalia suggested that Fusion should launch a companion product called "I Don't" for women who didn't want to get married. Brot playfully scolded her for her lack of romance.

Natalia sniffed a sample of the perfume and remarked that it was nice. Randi asked if it was enough to change her mind about marriage. Frankie fondly recalled his and Randi's wedding day. Randi admitted that she couldn't have handled a big wedding at that point in her life, but she was ready for the spotlight. She was thrilled that she got to play the bride in the campaign without all the stress of actually planning a wedding.

Randi gushed that she was living every woman's dream, but she quickly corrected that it wasn't for every woman when she saw the look on Natalia's face. Meanwhile, Natalia daydreamed that she herself was wearing a wedding dress during a photo shoot. A faceless photographer asked about her fiancé, and she said he was smart, funny, sweet, and on the force. She called out to her groom, but she suddenly snapped back to reality. Brot asked where her mind had been, and she lied that she had been thinking about work. She quipped that she couldn't commit to one perfume.

Frankie inquired whether there would be a groom involved in Fusion's campaign. Randi said yes, and Frankie warned that the groom had better not get carried away. Randi explained that the model in question was engaged to a friend of hers and declared that love was in the air. As Randi and Frankie kissed, a despondent Brot abruptly said he had to leave to return to the station. After Brot left, Frankie asked a baffled Natalia what was going on.

Natalia followed Brot to the police station and asked why he had left the restaurant. She noted that he was off-duty until the next day. He explained that he wanted to study for the detective exam, and he didn't have time to waste hanging out. She asked if he considered having dinner with her a waste of time.

Brot stated that he was tired of the game Natalia was playing by constantly pulling back. Natalia pointed out that he was the one who had walked away from the restaurant. He accused her of not wanting people to think that they were together. She worried that one of them would be transferred. Brot said that no one would report them because all they did was fight and get on one another's nerves. He swore to study hard enough to be the best detective the department had ever seen.

Meanwhile, Randi informed Frankie that she wanted to change her hair to stay current for her career. He urged her not to let the pressure get to her. Frankie understood that modeling was important to her, but he thought she was beautiful just the way she was.

Randi recalled her life on the streets, when she had been physically abused. Frankie pointed out that she wasn't in that place anymore. Randi credited Frankie with changing her life. She was proud of the person she had become and wanted to push her career to see how far she could go. He swore that he could handle having such an ambitious wife. He received a call from the hospital, but before he answered, he told Randi again that she was beautiful.

As Damon worked at Krystal's, he told Asher about how intense it had been in the courtroom during Greenlee's trial. Asher said that he wasn't a fan of courtrooms or lawyers. Colby entered, and Damon kissed her hello. She apologized for not being reachable while she had been studying. Asher expressed his sympathies for Scott's situation. A surprised Colby hadn't heard the news about Scott's arrest and was stunned when Asher showed her an article about it. She resentfully declared that JR had gotten what he had wanted.

Colby believed that JR had set Scott up, though Asher noted that even good guys did surprisingly bad things sometimes. When Colby remarked that Asher worked for JR, Asher insisted that he personally had nothing to do with Scott's arrest. Colby wanted to talk to Scott. Damon prevented her from driving because she was upset, so Asher offered to drive her. At first she turned him down, but after Asher promised to not ask questions, she gave in. Damon requested that she keep him posted, and Colby and Asher departed.

Later, Colby and Asher arrived at the police station. Colby asked Jesse if Scott had actually been arrested. Jesse informed her that Scott had confessed. Asher pressed Jesse to let Colby visit Scott. Jesse said that Scott had already been transferred to state prison. Colby began to cry and wailed that her family was always a mess. Asher comforted her.

Damon left a message for Colby to ask how things were going at the police station. Meanwhile, Asher suggested that he and Colby leave the station. Colby said that she had been raised to believe that the Chandlers were special and invincible, but she sarcastically suggested that the police should have a jail cell named after her family, since they'd all been there. Asher expressed disbelief at the idea of her in prison, and she recalled that she had been briefly incarcerated for stealing cars.

Colby had believed that Scott was the Chandler who could have reunited their family. She said that Stuart had been the most generous person in the world, and his death had been a disaster for her family. She regretted that Scott had been dragged down with the rest of the Chandlers. She wondered if the Chandler name was cursed.

Asher assured Colby that she wasn't cursed but that she had been born into a mess. He had faith that she would be strong, as he'd seen her get through tough times before. She questioned his sudden support, and he simply stated that he was good at giving advice, even if he didn't listen to himself very often. Colby vowed to fix the mess that she had been born into.

In the Chandler living room, Colby confronted JR about not telling her about Scott's arrest. JR said that he had left her messages, but Colby accused JR of setting up Scott so JR could have Annie for himself. JR wanted to stop fighting because the company was in trouble and he, Colby, and AJ were the last Chandlers standing.

Colby declared that there was no family standing because JR had started the war with Scott. JR professed that Adam had pitted JR and Scott against one another. Colby accused JR of always blaming someone other than himself for his problems. She insisted that their family had started falling apart when JR had slept with Annie. JR said he couldn't take it back, but Colby asserted that he could stay away from Annie and her bed. JR claimed that it would take more than that to fix the family and wanted assurance that Colby would stick by him because they needed to pull together.

Colby relented and mused that just when she thought JR was a complete brat, JR always said something nice. He declared his love for her, and she returned the sentiment, but she also stated that she didn't always like him. JR admitted that it wasn't easy to live up to the Chandler name. He said the house, the family, and the company were their legacy. He implored her to accept who they were and what they had to fight for. They shared a close moment, but Colby's smile faded as a robe-clad Annie appeared in the doorway. JR tried to explain, but Colby shouted that they both made her sick and stormed out.

Asher returned to Krystal's and looked at an article about a fatal mine accident. Asher explained to Damon what had happened at the police station and passed along a message from Colby, who'd said that she'd call later. Damon was irked that Colby hadn't contacted him herself. Asher urged him not to worry about Colby, as she could take on anyone.

Later, a distraught Colby entered Krystal's, and Asher asked why she was so upset. Colby cried that her family was imploding because of Annie. Colby thought that Scott had acted out of character, and she didn't understand why he would steal. She speculated that losing Stuart had changed Scott.

Colby asked Asher about how losing his own father had impacted him, but he cut her off and said it wasn't about him. She asked him to help her understand why Scott would keep such a huge secret. Asher explained that some things were too painful to let out. Asher hugged Colby as she bemoaned that Scott's life was ruined. He assured her that everything would be all right and gently touched her face as an irritated Damon looked on.

Damon consoled Colby as she declared that she couldn't play cheerleader for her family anymore. Asher told her not to forget that she hadn't screwed up, so she shouldn't get caught up in the mistakes other members of her family had made. Bothered by the growing bond between Asher and Colby, Damon wanted to know what made Asher so knowledgeable about the Chandler family. Looking at Asher, Colby affirmed that she was ready to stay strong and to be better than the rest of her family. Damon announced that his shift was over and asked if Colby wanted to leave. Asher watched as Damon and Colby left, hand-in-hand.

JR asked Annie why she hadn't stayed upstairs. She wanted to leave so Emma didn't find out what had happened. He offered to pay off the bartender and the men at the bar to keep quiet about Annie's behavior. Annie planned to get dressed and leave, but JR insisted that she didn't.

JR declared that Annie wasn't sober enough to drive, but she retorted that she'd take a cab. He pointed out that she had nowhere to go and invited her to stay for the night, but she thought they'd be too close. He suggested that she stay at the gatehouse. She asserted that she didn't need him to take care of her. He commented that she did, at least for that night, and he retrieved the keys for the gatehouse. JR touched Annie's arm tenderly and said he'd walk her over. Surprised by his sincerity, she thanked him.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

At the hospital, Damon dragged Liza in after he'd found her passed out in her office that morning. The flustered Liza claimed that she didn't have time for the hospital, because the murder trial was resuming that morning. When Frankie approached, she admitted that she'd been suffering from migraines. Liza stumbled and braced herself against the nurses' station.

Frankie hospitalized Liza and surmised that she was dehydrated. Damon said she'd been existing on coffee and energy drinks for days. Frankie prescribed intravenous fluids and rest. Liza balked because she was in the middle of a trial. When Frankie left to set up her I.V., Damon lectured her about resting. Liza, however, felt she couldn't rest because the mayor was hounding her for a conviction. "I cannot mess up this job. It's all I've got," she sadly said.

After Liza received her I.V., Damon picked up a meal for her. She grimaced at his food selection, and he decided to leave. Liza said he couldn't go anywhere, because he had to keep an eye out. She didn't want the media to know that she was hospitalized.

Damon noted that Liza's job wasn't the only thing she had; he was sure that Colby would rush there if she knew about Liza's condition. Liza ordered him not to call Colby, who'd probably think that Liza was making it all up. "'ve got me, too," Damon empathetically replied.

Liza griped about the food again and admitted that she'd been a princess back in high school. "That was until Jenny came along," she grumbled. Liza realized that Jenny's arrival had made Liza start fighting, and she hadn't ever stopped. Liza wondered why she was telling Damon that, and he said it made him understand why she always went for the jugular.

Liza asked why Damon was being nice to her, and he said it was his job. He claimed to like the trial scene, too. Liza admitted that she'd been wrong about Colby and him. Liza said he was passionate about Colby. Though Liza had hated him, she'd also admired his dedication. Damon thought the dehydration was getting to her, but she said she'd meant her words.

After Liza had rested, she ordered Frankie to release her in time to attend court. Damon agreed to keep an eye on her. Frankie left, and Liza said Damon wouldn't monitor her every move. Damon demanded a raise and threatened to drag the I.V. into court if she didn't drink more water. She complied, and before he left her to change clothes, she thanked him and smiled.

At Krystal's restaurant, Tad sat around after an early meeting with Jackson about Greenlee's case. Krystal stated that they had to keep quiet about Jackson's secret witness, and Tad doubted Greenlee would be happy once she learned that Ryan might occupy her cell.

Krystal admitted that she was jealous that Jackson could help his daughter, but she couldn't help Marissa. Tad said he didn't know how to get through to the downward-spiraling JR. Tad figured that when the chips were down, JR became like his father. Krystal noted that Adam wasn't even around, but Tad replied that Adam's expectations were still there.

At Erica's house, Erica wondered what Jackson's early morning meeting had been about. He explained that it had involved Greenlee's case, but he unfortunately couldn't talk to Erica about it. Erica thought he didn't trust her, but he said that he was merely protecting his trial strategy. She pried for clues to the strategy, but he wouldn't give up the details.

Erica decided that it might be a good idea to postpone their wedding, because the holidays were rapidly approaching. She doubted that they could put a wedding together while Jackson was focusing on Greenlee's trial, and Erica was helping Caleb with Cortlandt. Jackson stated that Erica wanted a holiday wedding, and that was what she'd get.

Erica threw her arms around Jackson and called him her hero. She thanked him for supporting her partnership with Caleb, and Jackson said Caleb was lucky to have her on his side. Erica decided that she was the lucky one, because she had Jackson.

Just then, Krystal arrived with some case notes for Jackson. Erica said she was on her way to meet Caleb, but before leaving, she asked Krystal not to spill her drink on the furniture.

While working, Jackson doubted Greenlee would like that he'd built a case against Ryan. Krystal guessed that Greenlee still cared a lot for Ryan. Jackson responded that Greenlee secretly loved Ryan, and Jackson would lose Greenlee if he wound up causing Ryan to go to prison.

Jackson's computer screen went blank, and he got upset because he'd lost all the new notes he'd been composing. Krystal calmed him down and offered to handwrite his notes for him. She empathized with his stressful situation, because she was worried about her own daughter. Jackson thanked her again for all her help. The trial was the most important one of his career, yet he'd had little time to prepare for it. Her help and support were invaluable to him. Krystal said that he was a good man, and she was proud to work for him.

At the Chandler mansion, a livid JR told Asher to have the I.T. department blanket the Internet with articles denying that JR had known about Scott's theft. Caleb entered the parlor and offered to restore Adam's company to its original glory. JR tried to show Caleb the door, but Caleb proposed that JR void the sale of Cortlandt to Chandler and relinquish the patents and profits of the nanotech project.

JR refused to do any such thing, but Caleb offered to let JR think it over, because it was a better alternative than sharing a jail cell with Scott. JR claimed Caleb couldn't prove that JR had known anything about Scott's theft. "I'll remind you that you said that after I win permanent custody of your kid for Marissa," Caleb stated. Caleb guaranteed that if JR went up against Caleb, JR would lose the only two things he had left: the family company and JR's freedom.

Caleb strode out of the parlor, but before he reached the front door, Asher asked if Caleb would really separate a father from his son. Caleb warned Asher that Caleb had footage of Asher attempting to break into Wildwind. Caleb ordered Asher to back off, or Caleb would target him once Caleb had finished with JR.

After Caleb left, Asher and JR fumed over Caleb's cockiness. Asher seethed that he had something that would cut Caleb off at the knees. "Caleb killed my mother," Asher claimed.

Asher didn't know all the facts; however, Caleb had abandoned baby Asher soon after the incident. When Asher had grown up, he'd done some research and learned that Caleb had been a lawyer for some "wildcatters at this high-risk mine." Caleb and Sonia had met at the mine one night, and there had been an explosion. Asher didn't know whether Caleb had caused the explosion, or had just conveniently used it to get out of the relationship.

Asher claimed that Caleb had disappeared shortly after the incident -- with Palmer's help. No charges had been filed, but rumors had swelled that it hadn't been an accident. Asher assumed that Caleb believed that the secret had died with Palmer; however, Asher intended to ensure that it would never die.

JR sympathized with Asher about his mother's death, but wanted more facts. Asher refused to divulge more until he was ready to make a move against Caleb. Asher said that once Caleb was on top of the world, Asher would expose Caleb's hand in Sonia's death. "I want him to know what it feels like to lose everything," Asher said and walked out.

As Asher went to Krystal's restaurant and stared at his mother's obituary, JR called Tad to the house to reveal that Caleb was trying to ruin JR professionally and then use the ruination against JR in family court. JR asked Tad to dig into Caleb's past, because JR believed that Caleb had hidden in the mountains to avoid criminal charges. Tad didn't believe that JR should resort to mudslinging and blackmail, because JR was better than that. JR said that if Tad wouldn't help, then JR would find someone else to do it. Tad sadly replied that JR was on his own.

Later, Caleb answered his front door at Wildwind for Erica, who snapped a picture of him. She said she needed proof of Caleb's jovial mood. Caleb claimed that he was happy because he'd soon repay Pete for what Pete had done for him. Erica wondered what exactly Palmer had done. Caleb claimed that Palmer had given him the business and the Cortlandt name. Caleb stated that if it weren't for Pete, Caleb might not be alive.

Erica said Palmer had put her and Caleb together because Palmer had wanted her to draw Caleb out. Erica, however, wasn't interested in having Caleb as a project. Under her questioning gaze, Caleb asked her to say what was on her mind. Erica wondered if Sonia had died in a fire. Caleb said that Erica only needed to know that it was over, and it wouldn't affect business.

Jackson arrived to pick Erica up for lunch. Once the couple left, Caleb pulled out the locket. "I'm sorry, Sonia. I'm sorry," he uttered.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Annie entered her bedroom and looked forlornly at the bed. She gazed into the mirror and told herself she could get through things for Emma's sake.

At the Chandler mansion, JR recalled when Asher had revealed that Caleb had killed Asher's mother. JR jotted down some notes and his pencil broke. When he opened a drawer to retrieve another one, he found a wrapped gift.

Marissa arrived to see JR, and they awkwardly greeted one another. She explained that she was there to pick up some of AJ's things. She hoped that he wouldn't make her go through the courts to get them. He seemed distracted, but he claimed he'd do anything for AJ. She noticed the gift, and he admitted that it was an anniversary present that he had purchased for her months before.

JR and Marissa talked about how many good and bad things had happened during their first year of marriage. He wished for her to accept the gift, but she didn't want any more ties to him. He understood. She was surprised but grateful when JR offered to help her find AJ's belongings. They sadly wondered how they had gotten where they were. Annie entered, and Marissa looked at JR in disgust.

Annie apologized and explained that she had been collecting her things. JR assured Marissa that Annie wasn't living there anymore and that Annie had stayed in the gatehouse, since she hadn't been able to drive the night before. Marissa sarcastically asked if Annie had been celebrating Scott's incarceration. Marissa was glad that she didn't have to deal with the Chandler drama anymore. Annie hurriedly left, and JR and Marissa argued. Marissa blamed Annie for all of their problems and called Annie the reason why JR would lose his son.

JR told Marissa not to threaten him regarding AJ, but she asserted that she was simply protecting her son. He advised her to stop the suit before someone got hurt, and she thought that he meant that "someone" would be her. He suggested that things could get ugly, but he specified that he wasn't talking about her.

Marissa cautioned JR against putting AJ on the stand or using him in any way. JR warned her about who Caleb really was. JR said that if Caleb attacked him, unpleasant things would happen. She sarcastically wished him a happy anniversary and started to leave, but he asked whether she wanted to know what was in the gift box. She said that she didn't care and walked out.

Annie tried to make a motel reservation, but she couldn't because she didn't have a valid credit card. JR entered, and Annie asked if she had made things worse with Marissa. JR confessed that she had, and Annie lamented that she had to leave but had no way of supporting herself. JR offered again to lend her money, but she didn't want it.

Annie apologized for walking in on JR's conversation with Marissa, but suddenly Annie suffered a blinding headache and couldn't stand. She promised to leave as soon as she felt better. Annie regretted her behavior the evening before. JR tried to cheer her up by reminding her that he was alive because of her. Annie promised never to tell Marissa that they had slept together a second time, as the information would give Marissa leverage in the custody case. JR offered to let Annie stay, as long as she remained in the gatehouse.

Colby arrived at ConFusion to find Damon scolding Liza for drinking more coffee. Damon welcomed Colby, who wasn't pleased to see him with Liza. Liza asked how Colby was doing. A standoffish Colby remarked that she was surviving, but she was obviously irritated by Liza's presence. Colby stalked off, and Damon implored Liza to go after her daughter. Liza said that it wouldn't do any good and suggested that they go crucify some witnesses.

At Krystal's restaurant, Asher looked at his mother's obituary. Colby approached him and remarked that it was sad that he was eating alone. She offered to join him and sat down. She asked whether he had gotten along with his girlfriends' mothers. He seemed distant, and she inquired whether he wanted to talk, but he remained tight-lipped. As Colby pondered menu choices, Asher asked if she had ever wanted something really badly for years. He mused that although he was about to get what he had always wanted, it didn't feel like he had anticipated it would.

Colby felt like Asher wanted to tell her something, but he said that he was just in a weird mood. She complained that her life was a disaster, but Asher mentioned that she still had Damon. When she volunteered to listen to his problems, Asher turned the topic back to the chaos in her life. Colby didn't understand what it meant to rise above the drama in her family and didn't know whose side to take. She loved JR but didn't want to support his quest for revenge. Asher urged her to support JR and thought that revenge had its perks.

Colby inquired about whom Asher wanted to get revenge on. He said no one, but she didn't believe him. She pointed out that he had shut down every time she had asked him something about himself, even though they were supposed to be friends. She claimed that his saving her life should have bonded them. He asked whether it had. They shared an uncomfortable moment.

Colby recalled how Asher knew everything about her, but he clammed up every time she inquired about his personal life. He apologized for not being an open person and thought she wouldn't understand. She wanted to give it a shot, but he pointed out that their parental situations were completely different. She explained that her childhood had been screwed up even though she had grown up with two parents who had cared about her. He said that was the point and abruptly left.

Later, Marissa greeted Colby at Krystal's and asked whether Colby had seen AJ. Colby hadn't, and she implored Marissa to end the custody battle. Marissa was surprised that Colby would expect her to give up her son. Colby called AJ the one good, decent thing left in her family. Marissa said that it wasn't AJ's job to save the Chandlers. Colby begged Marissa not to proceed with pursuing custody because JR needed his son.

Marissa wanted to do what was best for AJ. Colby said having parents who fought all the time wouldn't help him. Colby promised to look out for AJ if Marissa allowed him to stay at the mansion. Marissa asserted that Colby needed protection herself. Marissa understood Colby's feeling that AJ made things better, but she felt that it was too much responsibility for a little boy to bear. Colby believed that Marissa loved AJ, but she thought that the Chandlers' lives would fall apart without the boy. Marissa urged Colby to find a way to keep her family together on her own instead of relying on AJ.

Colby urged Marissa to give things time, as life would be different with Annie out of the house. Marissa informed Colby that Annie was still living there and that JR had threatened Marissa during her visit that day. Marissa refused to let AJ go near the Chandler home. Colby commented that it seemed like there was no give and take in the situation. Marissa said she had given all that she could, but there was nothing left except her love for AJ.

Colby and Marissa admitted that they missed one another. Colby wanted Marissa and JR to work things out, but she understood that was impossible. Colby realized that she had to make a choice. AJ and JR were all she had, and she was the only one keeping the family together, so she had chosen to be on JR's side. Marissa walked out.

Annie collected her things from around the mansion, and JR suggested that she ask one of the maids for help. She insisted that she could move to the gatehouse on her own. Asher entered, and Annie excused herself from the room. JR admitted to Asher that he knew Annie should be nowhere near him. Asher realized that most people thought that the Chandler family was crazy, but Asher had grown up in a normal house where life had simply trudged along and no one had fights or dreams. He praised the Chandlers for caring enough to fight and to not run away.

Annie looked at her belongings stuffed into a garbage bag and wailed that it symbolized her life. She broke down in tears and crawled onto the bed. JR heard Annie sobbing from outside the door and peeked in on her, then walked away unnoticed.

Jackson visited Greenlee, and she stated that she had no appetite. She wanted to leave right away for the courthouse, but he worried that she hadn't slept. He knew that she was scared and told her that she didn't need to have her game face on all the time. She admitted that she was exhausted. He assured her that she wasn't alone.

At Ryan's penthouse, Ryan complimented Madison's sandwich-making efforts. Madison declared her intent to go to the courthouse with Ryan. He worried that she'd miss work, but she said that the trial was more important and that she wanted to show her support for both Ryan and Greenlee. Ryan warned her that he didn't know what to expect. Madison's phone rang, and she told someone she'd be there. She informed Ryan that the court clerk had just requested her presence at the trial, since she would be the prosecution's first witness.

At the courthouse, Damon handed Liza a glass of water, but she requested something stronger. He reminded her that she had just been in the hospital, and she ordered him to keep his voice down. He jokingly threatened to show people pictures of her in her hospital gown. He apologized when he realized that his remark had hit too close to home because of the time when he had snapped photos of her in her underwear.

Greenlee and Jackson arrived at the courthouse. Greenlee pulled Ryan aside and pressed him to discuss their kiss, but Madison interrupted them. Greenlee said that Madison didn't have to attend, but Madison explained that she had been called as a witness. Jackson reassured Madison that she knew the line of questioning, and he instructed her to tell the truth. Madison hoped to help Greenlee. Moments later, Liza called Madison to the stand.

Liza forced Madison to recount Madison's admission that she had overheard Greenlee threaten to kill David. Madison reminded Liza that she had later recanted her statement because it hadn't been true, as she had only blurted it out of jealousy. Liza asked Madison to describe her relationship with Ryan. Madison said that they were dating and that she considered him to be her boyfriend. Liza inquired whether Madison loved Ryan, but Jackson objected.

Liza clarified that Madison had been jealous of Greenlee. Madison simply stated that Greenlee and Ryan shared a history, but Liza pointed out that they had been married. A reluctant Madison conceded that she had wondered if there still might be romantic feelings between Ryan and Greenlee. Liza wanted to discuss Greenlee and Ryan's relationship further. Greenlee shot Ryan a worried glance.

Liza asked Madison about the timing of when Greenlee and Ryan had rekindled their friendship. Madison guessed it had been when David had been charged with manipulating Fusion's books. Liza questioned whether Madison had known about David blackmailing Greenlee, but Madison denied it.

Madison admitted that she had been aware that Greenlee had wanted to leave David. Liza implied it was for Ryan, though Madison disagreed. Jackson asked to approach the bench and challenged the relevance of Liza's inquiries. Liza explained her intent to show that Greenlee was still in love with Ryan. The judge allowed Liza's line of questioning to continue.

Madison acknowledged that Greenlee and Ryan were good friends. Liza asked whether Ryan had put Greenlee's needs before Madison's. Madison pointed out that Greenlee had been in trouble and had needed him. Liza suggested that Ryan had been at Greenlee's beck and call, to the detriment of his relationship with Madison. Madison commented that Ryan had been worried about Greenlee being married to David.

Madison noted that it was no secret that Ryan had hated David, and Liza pointed out that Greenlee had hated David, too. Jackson objected. Madison protested that Liza had twisted her words, but Liza announced that she was finished questioning her witness. Greenlee was shocked when Jackson stated that he had no questions for Madison.

Greenlee fretted to Jackson that Liza was making it look like she had killed David because she was in love with Ryan. Jackson asked Greenlee to trust him and insisted that he knew what he was doing.

Outside the courtroom, Madison apologized to Ryan. He didn't think she had any reason to be sorry. She explained that she had been surprised by Liza's questions. Ryan assured her that everything would be all right because he was positive that Greenlee would be fine.

The trial resumed, and the prosecution rested. The judge announced that court would reconvene the next day. Greenlee worried that the jury was on Liza's side. Jackson recognized that Liza had done an admirable job, but he intended to do equally well.

Greenlee left to freshen up for the reporters, and Ryan spoke with Jackson about how Greenlee was upset that Jack hadn't cross-examined Madison. Ryan wondered if Liza knew about their plans. Jackson didn't think so and thanked Ryan for putting his head on the chopping block to save Greenlee. Jackson offered his legal services should Ryan need them as a result of his sacrifice. Ryan wanted to keep the focus on Greenlee.

Madison apologized to Greenlee, who understood that Liza was a master at twisting the truth. Madison worried that she had made things worse, but Greenlee didn't think that was possible. Ryan approached them, and Madison left to get water. Ryan asked how Greenlee was holding up. She said she'd be better if he hadn't been there because his presence looked bad to the jury. She ordered him to stay away from the rest of the trial.

Greenlee confessed that she did want Ryan there, but she was concerned about the story Liza had spun and didn't want to give the district attorney more ammunition. Ryan refused to stay away. Greenlee said that eventually they'd have to face reality -- even if Jackson got her acquitted, Ryan would become the next suspect. She didn't want him to take the fall for her. Ryan vowed to stand by Greenlee's side until the trial was over.

After they left the courtroom, Damon asked how Liza was doing. Liza told him that she felt energized. He praised her performance in the courtroom.

Jackson told Madison that she had handled herself well on the stand. Madison suspected that Jackson thought she was crazy because she believed that she had a future with Ryan. Jackson stated that love was crazy, but it kept things interesting.

Greenlee insisted that Ryan's presence in the courtroom was her decision, but Ryan contended that she needed friends. She was frustrated because they had to pretend that they were casual exes for the jury's sake. She threatened to throw him out if he showed up the next day, but he confidently declared that he'd see her then. He wished her a good night, and she watched him leave with Madison.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Greenlee stopped by the hospital and saw Kendall. Kendall was completing her community service. Kendall apologized for not being able to make it to Greenlee's trial. Greenlee dismissed the apology and said she needed a favor. Greenlee asked Kendall to talk to Ryan about staying away from Greenlee's trial. Kendall thought it was futile because Ryan rarely changed his mind once it was made up.

Greenlee begged Kendall to try her best to convince Ryan, and Kendall reluctantly agreed. Kendall then switched topics and asked how Greenlee was doing. Greenlee confessed that while she tried to keep a positive attitude, sometimes she worried that Liza would win. Kendall said that she was sure Jack would be the victor and Greenlee would go free. Her spirits slightly buoyed, Greenlee left for court.

Kendall's community service supervisor stopped by to check on Kendall's progress. The supervisor was pleased with Kendall's work. Kendall described a fantasy scene of Zach's return that helped her get through cleaning the hospital. The supervisor stared as if Kendall had lost her mind. The supervisor tore her gaze away when someone entered the room. Kendall looked toward the door and was surprised to see Zach in its frame.

The supervisor left the room to give Kendall and Zach some alone time. Zach told Kendall that he had woken up that morning and no longer wanted to be without his family. Kendall told Zach that she wanted him to return to Pine Valley for good. Zach asked if Kendall had been taught how to give sponge baths. When Kendall said that she could figure it out, Zach grinned sheepishly and told her he would stay.

Kendall said that she wanted leave the hospital and be with Zach. Her supervisor popped back in and said that Kendall had another floor to clean. Zach offered to help, but Kendall didn't want to drag Zach into her mess. Zach said that with his help, the job would be finished faster, and they would be able to go home.

Grateful for the wonderful man she had in her life, Kendall apologized for being unable to resist Greenlee's drama. Zach said that he knew how complicated Kendall was when they'd met six years prior. Zach said that he'd fallen in love with Kendall the way that she was, and said that he had no intention of trying to change her.

Kendall said that when she and Zach had left Pine Valley with their sons, she'd tried to picture a happier life elsewhere. However, despite the love she had for her family, her heart had still been in Pine Valley. Kendall said that she'd felt like she had to choose. Zach told Kendall that she didn't have to worry because they were home for good. Zach and Kendall kissed lovingly, and Kendall said that she would convince her supervisor to let her leave early. Kendall said that she and Zach had been apart for far too long.

Zach and Kendall finally arrived home and, swept up in emotions, Zach carried his bride over the threshold. Kendall talked about how Zach had built her a house, but that life's events, and the traces they'd left, had made the house a home. They were just about to settle in to share some intimate moments when Zach's phone rang.

Kendall didn't want Zach to answer the phone, but Zach was expecting a call. Zach answered, had a brief conversation, and ended the call. Kendall saw Zach's face fall and asked what was wrong. Zach was forced to tell Kendall that he had to leave. Understandably upset, Kendall insisted that Zach stay. Kendall cautiously asked if Zach wanted to fight for their marriage.

As Jack entered the courthouse, he was on the phone with Ryan. Jack asked after their surprise witness. Ryan said that the man was doing well and hadn't changed his story. Jack asked if Ryan was sure he wanted to cast doubt on himself. Ryan said that he would do anything for Greenlee. Ryan said he would be at the courthouse shortly and ended the call.

Madison walked into Ryan's place at the tail end of his conversation with Jack. Madison reminded Ryan that Greenlee had asked him to stay away. Madison said that Greenlee might have had a good reason for the request, given how Liza had been twisting testimony. Ryan said that he had to go, and noted that the trial was almost over. Madison acquiesced, and said that she would go with Ryan and support him. Ryan thanked Madison, but said he had to go alone.

Madison said that while sitting through a murder trial wasn't her idea of fun, she wanted to support Ryan. Ryan understood, but told Madison that it would be better if she weren't there. Ryan asked Madison to trust him, and she agreed. Ryan kissed Madison, and then hastily left for the courthouse.

Angie happily sat down to a delicious breakfast that Jesse had made. Jesse remarked that he was glad Angie wouldn't have to take the stand at David's trial. Angie said that if she'd been called as a witness, she would have been ready. Angie added that the more she thought about the proceedings, the more she thought that Greenlee wasn't guilty. Angie asked if her opinion bothered Jesse. Jesse said that Angie was entitled to her opinion. Jesse added that he understood how Greenlee had probably felt after all of David's coercion. Angie said she'd been afraid Jesse was feeling that way.

Jesse was stunned that Angie believed he was capable of killing David. Angie tried to dismiss her comment and wanted to enjoy their breakfast. Jesse wanted to know what Angie was hiding. Angie relented and revealed that David was responsible for her blindness.

Angie explained that David's budget cuts at the hospital had left Angie with no choice but to treat Ramón, the child she'd contracted her illness from, unprotected. Angie said that if she'd been called to testify, she wouldn't have been able to be completely honest. Angie said that she knew Greenlee was already feeling horrible, and Angie wouldn't have been able to make a bad situation worse.

Jesse encouraged Angie to confess all of the pain and rage she'd been holding inside. Tearfully, Angie talked frankly about how David had single-handedly tried to dismantle Pine Valley Hospital. Angie also noted that David was not only to blame for the loss of her sight, but also for the pain her family had to endure. Jesse cried along with his wife and when she finished what would have been her testimony, Jesse held her tight.

Jesse angrily wished that he could have been the one that had taken David out of the world. Jesse thought that the action would have been justified, given all that David had done to his family. Angie said that she didn't want either of them to waste their time and energy on revenge they couldn't exact. Jesse tried to stop crying, but the tears continued as he admitted that he should have been able to save Angie. Angie said she believed that everything happened the way it was supposed to. Angie added that she wanted both of them to feel grateful for the family they already had, and look forward to the newest addition.

Angie and Jesse went to the hospital for the amniocentesis. Angie said that as a doctor, she had no qualms about the test. However, as an expectant mother with raging hormones, all Angie wanted to do was run far away from the hospital. Jesse said that he would support Angie in whatever decision she made. Angie decided to go through with the procedure.

Jack went into the courtroom and revealed that he knew about Liza's hospital visit. Liza crushed any thought that she was feeling less than 100 percent, but hinted that Jack might not be at his best. Jack assured Liza that he was well enough to prove his daughter's innocence. Liza hinted that the jury was swaying in her favor, and then dismissed Jack so that she could do some last-minute prep work.

Greenlee arrived in the courtroom in time to hear Liza's claim that she would win the case. Jack spotted his daughter and took her back out into the hall. Jack assured Greenlee that Liza's win was not secure. Jack asked if Greenlee trusted him. Greenlee had fielded the question before and was suspicious. Jack promised that the only thing he had up his sleeve was the truth.

Jack and Greenlee went back into the courtroom and took their places at the defense table. Greenlee kept checking to see if Ryan had heeded her request to stay away. Jack told Greenlee that she was overestimating the impact of Madison's testimony. As if on cue, Ryan entered the courtroom and sat behind Greenlee. Greenlee tried to get him to leave, but her protests were silenced by the bang of the judge's gavel.

The judge noticed Greenlee's unrest and asked if there was a problem. Jack said that everything was fine, but Greenlee demanded that Ryan be removed. The judge ordered Greenlee's silence and directed Greenlee to take her seat. Jack asked if he could approach the bench. The judge granted Jack and Liza access, and Jack explained what had happened. Jack said that he was concerned about Ryan's presence, so the judge granted Ryan's removal from the courtroom.

Madison showed up at the courthouse and found Ryan sitting in the hall. Ryan filled her in on what had happened, and Madison noticed that Ryan wasn't upset. Madison quickly deduced that Ryan had wanted to be kicked out. Madison asked what Ryan had planned. Madison reviewed what had gone before and realized the plan that Ryan and Jack had hatched. Before she could say the words, Ryan confirmed that he and Jack wanted Ryan to become the prime suspect.

Ryan apologized for keeping the plan a secret from Madison. Ryan said that both he and Jack wanted to keep the plan as quiet as possible so that Liza wouldn't find out. Madison was amazed that Ryan would willingly appear guilty to save Greenlee. Ryan said that he was only trying to create reasonable doubt. Madison pointed out that if Greenlee went free, Liza would still want a conviction. Madison believed Liza would go after Ryan, and asked who Ryan felt would sacrifice themselves for his sake.

Back in the courtroom, Jack called his first witness -- Nick Pearson. Liza and her co counsel scrambled to figure out why Jack wanted to question Mr. Pearson. They looked at the deposition notes, but the prosecution didn't find anything remarkable. Liza asked to approach the bench and objected to the witness. The judge failed to see the validity of Liza's protest, and allowed the witness.

Jack sat down next to Greenlee as the witness got situated on the stand. Greenlee questioned why Jack had called the man as a witness. Jack again asserted that Greenlee needed to trust him. Jack rose from his chair and asked Mr. Pearson about his presence at the hotel the night David had died. Mr. Pearson said that he hadn't attended the party because he was checking out at the time. Jack asked if Mr. Pearson had seen anything unusual on his way out. Mr. Pearson testified that he'd seen a man who looked dazed and confused in the hall. Jack asked if the man had said anything. Mr. Pearson said the man had told him that someone would die that night.

Liza objected to the testimony again, and the judge called counsel to the bench. Liza said that the defense wanted to blindside her. Jack repeated the judge's observation that the witness had been on the list since the beginning of discovery. Jack asked that the defense not be penalized because Liza hadn't done her due diligence. The judge agreed with Jack and allowed Jack to continue his questioning.

When Jack turned towards the defense table, ostensibly to regroup his thoughts, he signaled to the guard by the door. The guard quickly exited the courtroom. Without missing a beat, Jack picked up where he'd left off in his questions for Mr. Pearson. Jack asked if Mr. Pearson had ever, before the night of the party, seen the man he'd spotted in the hall. Mr. Pearson said he hadn't, and confirmed that the man he'd seen wasn't in the courtroom. Moments later, the guard escorted Ryan back into the courtroom. Mr. Pearson immediately identified Ryan as the man who'd said that someone would die.

Jack asked that the record reflect that Ryan had been identified as the man in the hotel hallway. Jack asked the witness a series of questions that made it clear that Ryan had been in the right place at the right time to commit the murder. Jack asked the witness why he'd waited so long to report what he'd seen. Mr. Pearson admitted that he'd been having an extramarital affair at the hotel. Jack thanked the witness and said he had no further questions.

Unprepared, Liza initially intimated that Mr. Pearson would somehow benefit financially from his testimony. When the judge stopped that line of questioning, Liza asked why Mr. Pearson had conveniently changed his story just as the trial was starting. Mr. Pearson said that he felt a moral obligation to tell the truth, and said that the jury needed to hear it. Liza declined to ask additional questions. The judge ordered a five-minute break. As soon as the gavel sounded, Greenlee caustically said that Jack had lied to her, and she stormed out of the courtroom.

As soon as Ryan walked into the hall, Greenlee verbally attacked him. She demanded that Ryan confess that he'd known about the witness beforehand. Ryan said that the most important thing was to make the jury see that Greenlee wasn't guilty. Greenlee said Ryan and Jack's plan wouldn't work because it hinged on the belief that Ryan was still in love with Greenlee.

Ryan tried to leave, but Greenlee wouldn't let him. Greenlee reminded Ryan that he'd kissed her. She said that the kiss, coupled with all he was doing to prove her innocence, confused her. Greenlee asked Ryan what his actions meant, but Ryan wouldn't answer.

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