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Rex found a half-heart pendant just like his mother's in Echo's room. Vivian saved Greg's life, and he confessed that Téa was alive and Eli had been blackmailing him. Destiny learned that Greg was her biological father. Eli held Dani and Téa captive and eventually set off a bomb. Cole was worried about an imprisoned Starr.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 18, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, October 18, 2010

In the warehouse where she was held captive, Dani finally managed to get the locked door open. Expecting to see Starr, she stared in disbelief when she found her mother instead. Téa was bound and gagged, and she stared back. Both women began to cry. "Oh, my God," Dani stated repeatedly as she grew hysterical. "I thought you were dead," she shrieked as she managed to get her mother's gags undone. Both Téa and Dani sobbed as they told each other about the events that had transpired since Téa had gone to St. Kitts to die. Dani worked on her mother's bindings and grabbed a bottle of water for a dizzy Téa to drink.

Téa told her daughter that Eli had put together a plan that had consisted of Téa's death. She revealed the sequence of events as she knew them and assured her daughter that she wasn't really sick. She never had been, though she still needed to recover from the drugs that had been administered to her to make it look like she was dying. Dani disclosed that they'd had a funeral for Téa and even had what they thought were her ashes. Téa declared that she should never have left her family, but Dani asserted that they'd been set up. Eli had even killed his own brother.

Téa began to cry again, but the women agreed they had no time to grieve. Dani told her mother about the custody issue, and Téa realized that Eli had managed to change her will. She was concerned about Todd's pain, but Dani confessed that both she and Todd had known that Téa had wanted Dani to remain with Todd all along.

Dani confided that Todd had been barely able to function without his wife. Téa confirmed that she had been at Cherryvale for a while. It was difficult to believe that she had been so close. Dani suddenly realized that they had no idea about what might have happened to Starr and Hope, since she thought that Starr had been the person on the other side of the door.

Vivian massaged Shaun's tensed up shoulders while they sat in her office at the hospital. She was worried about him, but Shaun advised her that he was concerned about his brother. Vivian revealed that according to tests and observation, it looked as though Greg would pull through. Shaun was thrilled to hear the news.

Jessica and Brody arrived at the hospital for Jessica's appointment and talked about the paternity test. Jessica declared that she wouldn't go through with it if Brody really didn't want her to. She loved only him and wanted to marry him, she told him. She also wanted to have a "houseful" of babies, which meant at least eight, she teased. She thought they should get the test done so they could move on with their lives.

Shaun emerged from Vivian's office and pulled Brody aside. He wanted to know if there had been any word on Eli's whereabouts. Brody confirmed that Todd had spoken to Eli on the phone, and Eli wanted money from Todd. Shaun offered to help out in any way that might be needed. Vivian was ready to see Jessica and Brody, and Shaun wanted to check in on Greg.

Dressed in scrubs and a surgical mask, Eli entered Greg's room and began to talk to the unconscious doctor. He reminded Greg that he had been expected to kill Téa, and he had broken his promise. Greg would have to pay, even though he reminded Eli of himself with his attempts at trying to deceive Eli. He pulled the curtain closed. "This is the end of the road for you my friend," Eli uttered. He recited the chain of events that had led to that moment. He filled a syringe and added it to Greg's intravenous line. He thought that Greg had been a challenge to him, and he would miss Greg.

Vivian met with Jessica and Brody, and she advised them that Jessica's blood pressure was leveling off. She wanted Jessica to remain on bed rest though. The couple revealed that they wanted the paternity test, and Vivian provided some details on the amniocentesis procedure. She would set up the appointment for later in the week, and she offered to do the DNA test on Brody while they were in the office.

Ford was surprised when he answered a knock at his apartment door and found Clint standing there, along with two daunting-looking men. Clint introduced them as his associates, Mr. Black and Mr. Blue. The trio entered the apartment, and the two men grabbed Ford and began to beat him. Clint made himself at home in the kitchen and helped himself to food and drink as the physical attack continued. Finally, the men were through, and Ford lay on the floor. "Why?" was all he could muster. "Ask my daughter," Clint replied.

He accused Ford of luring Jessica to bed and using her while she had been mentally impaired. He knew there was a chance that Ford might be the father of Jessica's baby. The men took hold of Ford again and began to punch him. When the men were through, Clint called Ford a mongrel and informed him that he usually fixed mongrels. He declared that Ford was to have nothing to do with the baby, even if it turned out that he was the baby's father. Ford replied that had always been the understanding. Clint warned that he would be watching Ford.

Ford assumed that all meant that he was out of his job at the university, but he implored Clint to allow James to keep his grant. His brother had nothing to do with the situation. Clint agreed, but he also amazed Ford when he announced that Ford could keep his job for the time being. He promised that he would always be able to have Ford fired. He added that his thugs had made sure to avoid Ford's face when they attacked him, because Clint didn't want Inez to be upset. She would have been humiliated, Clint added. While he liked Inez, his family was first, Clint concluded as he left the apartment. He left Ford on the floor.

James paid a visit to Marty's house to look for Cole, but Hannah advised him that Cole wasn't there. He wanted to create a plan with Cole so that they might be able to locate Starr. "Anything for Starr," Hannah muttered. James was curious as to how his bullet necklace had ended up in Hannah's purse, since he had placed the necklace around Starr's neck himself. Hannah claimed that Cole had found it on the floor of Cole's apartment, and they'd assumed it had been ripped off of Starr's neck in her struggle with her assailant.

She maintained that Cole had tossed it out, since he didn't want any reminders of James around. James continued to press Hannah on the fact that it had fallen out of her purse. He asked how it had ended up in her possession. She lied that she'd picked it out of the trash, because she was certain that James would want it back, since it reminded him of Starr. James stressed that he had saved it because it was the bullet that had been removed from his body. It belonged to him and so did Starr, Hannah affirmed. Everyone who had eyes could see how James and Starr felt about each other, she continued. She revealed that Starr had confessed to Cole that she had feelings for James.

She added that Cole had told Hannah that fact right before he'd kissed Hannah. James retorted that he was aware of Hannah's issues with guys, and he reminded her that Bobby was his brother. Smugly, he told her that she and Cole would never happen. Hannah retorted that Cole and Starr had been on the verge of breaking up for months. She wondered what James would do if Starr told him she was no longer with Cole. She asked if James would just send Starr home. Hannah also agreed that she had feelings for Cole, and she suggested that James fight for Starr.

James reminded Hannah that his biggest concern was Starr's safety, especially since Eli was a "stone cold killer." Hannah was well aware of Eli's traits, and she admitted that she felt bad. She hoped that things worked out, but she still thought that Starr would have difficulty denying her feelings for James. Starr and Cole worked hard on their relationship for Hope, James replied angrily. Hannah thought that James should consider the fact that Starr wouldn't be able to stay away from him.

After James was gone, Hannah wandered around the house. She wondered if James would take her advice on pursuing Starr, or if he were suspicious of her. She would have to "move things along," she declared.

Locked in the attic at Hannah's house, Starr was unsuccessful in her attempts to force the door open. She tried to amuse Hope, and she rolled a baseball to the baby. Suddenly, she spied a window quite high up on the wall and out of reach. She improvised and built a tower to climb on and ascended the precarious structure slowly. Suddenly it toppled, and she landed on the floor. She presumed that her ankle was twisted, but she was determined to make a new plan. Hope tossed the ball to her. "Hope, you're a genius," Starr told her daughter.

She picked up a pen and wrote a message on the ball. "Mother and daughter held captive in attic. Call Todd Manning for a reward," she wrote. She threw the ball at the window and missed. She pronounced it a strike but vowed to keep trying. On her second try, the ball crashed through the window. "Homerun," Starr yelled. She couldn't wait for someone to find it and call Todd.

Nate showed up at Todd's house to apologize to Todd for "making [you] lose Dani." He had only wanted to make sure she disappeared from Ross's clutches, because she didn't want to leave everyone and everything she loved in Llanview. Todd advised the teen that Nate had only thought of himself and had been stupid and selfish. He couldn't accept Nate's apology, though, because he would have done the same thing himself, Todd disclosed, much to Nate's surprise. "I've been known to act first and think later," Todd confessed.

Nate pointed out that Todd had done that when they had taken the surprise trip to New York. He noted that Dani still talked about that trip all of the time. Todd replied that sometimes the action worked out okay. He assured Nate that Eli would have gotten to Dani no matter where she had been, and Nate was lucky to be alive. Nate vowed to help out with Dani's return. Todd mentioned that he had spoken to Dani, and she sounded all right. He asked whether Nate had found any briefcases lately and revealed that he had spoken to Eli also. The man wanted fifty million dollars for Dani's return.

Nate declared that Dani was worth ten times that amount, and Todd responded that no, she was worth twenty times that amount. Todd wished that he had spoken to Starr, too, he told Nate, but Eli had refused to allow it. Nate was perplexed and pronounced that the first rule of kidnapping was to allow the victim to talk to the people with the money. That was to let the people know that the victim was still alive. Todd glared at Nate, but then gave him a slight grin. An awkward moment ensued, and Nate stammered as he tried to retract his statement. He was certain that Starr was still alive.

Todd rushed the teenager out, and tried to assure him that everything was fine. Nate was annoyed with himself. Todd spoke out loud to the urn sitting on the table. "I was nice to him, right? Boy, what a moron," he stated. He couldn't worry about Dani's boyfriend's feelings, though, since he was worried about the girls, he said. He was sure that Starr was okay. He promised that he would pay whatever it took so that all of the girls could get home. He wouldn't let anyone down.

Shaun walked into his brother's room as the "doctor" pulled back the curtains. He asked about his brother's progress, but suddenly, Eli picked up a metal tray and struck Shaun on the side of his head. Shaun fell to his knees, and Eli fled.

Vivian swabbed the inside of Brody's mouth and advised him that she would take it to the lab. He was surprised that the test had been so simple. Jessica knew it wasn't easy for Brody, but he assured her that it was. He loved her, Bree, and the new baby. Jessica considered herself to be a very lucky woman. Just then, Shaun stumbled in and announced that Eli was at the hospital and wearing a pair of scrubs. He had run to the stairwell. Brody immediately called for backup and requested that the hospital be put on lockdown.

Shortly after, Clint arrived to take Jessica home. She informed her father that Brody had police business to attend to. She updated him on her progress and the fact that she and Brody were going to have the paternity test done. Clint was all for it and assured her that he didn't think Ford would be a problem.

Shaun and Vivian stopped at Greg's room. She thought that Greg had been lucky, because Eli might have done something if he had been given the chance.

Dani had difficulty getting the knots out of Téa's bindings and wondered if Eli had been a sailor. They needed to get away before he returned. Dani finally succeeded in freeing her mother, and Téa stood up with some difficulty. Her legs had fallen asleep. Mother and daughter wrapped their arms around each other. Dani still couldn't believe her mother was really there. She asked about the first thing that Téa wanted to do when she got home.

Téa asked if it were a trick question and clarified that Todd wouldn't allow her to do anything. They made plans for all of the fun things they would do as Dani helped her mother to the front door. They were too late; Eli arrived as they were about to go out. "Danielle, you've been busy, but you weren't going to leave without saying goodbye were you?" Eli said menacingly.

James arrived home and found his brother in a great deal of pain. Ford claimed that he'd had a strenuous day at the gym, and held frozen bags of vegetables to his sore body. James admitted he had gone to look for Cole so that they could help to find Starr together. Ford was not pleased. James added that he had seen Hannah, and his brother urged him to stay away from her. He called her "certifiable."

James proclaimed that Hannah was obviously looking for some help to break up Starr and Cole, and he was certain "she knew something." His necklace had been in her purse, and Starr had been wearing it before that. He wondered if Hannah had anything to do with Starr's kidnapping.

Nate showed up shortly after and told his brothers about Eli's call for ransom for Dani. It had been a strange call, according to Todd, because Eli had refused to allow Todd to speak to Starr. He asked Ford about his pain, and Ford said he had tripped.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

At La Boulaie, Dorian was on the phone, trying to reassure Blair about the missing girls, when she heard a knock at the door. "Oh it's you," she said to the person on the other side of the door. It was Viki, and she wanted to help Dorian through her ordeal. Dorian didn't want Viki's help and didn't appreciate Viki's look of "concern and pity." Dorian noted that Echo was back in town, and sarcastically, she asked Viki for permission to look at Viki with the same expression of "concern and pity."

Dorian described Echo's visit to La Boulaie and her attempt to put Dorian's family on display with their grief. Echo had wanted to take photos of them and had suggested that those photos would provide leads to the girls' whereabouts. Viki asked whether Echo had offered bargain prices, and Dorian called Echo a vulture. Viki revealed that Echo needed money and had stopped at Llanfair first. Dorian told Viki how she had threatened to have Echo arrested after Echo pushed her way into La Boulaie. Viki thought that Dorian and Echo had been great friends at one time.

Dorian took exception to that remark and remembered how everyone had welcomed Echo the first time she'd arrived in town many years in the past. When Echo had gone after Clint, he was the one who'd betrayed Viki, she indicated. Viki recalled how happy Dorian had been when that happened. They discussed the turn of events that had led to Clint being arrested for pushing Echo to her death. Dorian insisted that she had told the truth because she was sure she had seen that happen. It appeared that Echo was after Charlie this time, Dorian added. "Watch out, Viki," she cautioned.

Viki admitted that Echo and Charlie had engaged in an affair previously. Dorian was surprised and announced that Echo would have to answer to Dorian if she made any trouble. Viki confessed that she had hired Rex to do some investigative work on Echo. They had already learned that Echo had returned to Llanview less than a year after her trial, when she had not been permitted to be there. Dorian recalled that Echo had sworn she hadn't been to Llanview since the trial. Viki emphasized that Echo had lied.

The women wondered why Echo had returned again, and Dorian was certain it was to cause trouble between Viki and Charlie. Viki knew that wouldn't be possible. The talk turned to the missing girls, and the women commiserated with each other. Viki was sorry that Dorian was alone during such a tough time, but Dorian was indignant. She yelled that she wasn't alone. Viki ordered her to stop being brave, but Dorian ushered Viki out of the house. Dorian promised to call Viki if she heard anything about the girls. Viki urged her to call if she needed anything.

Brody was at Llanfair, getting ready for work. He advised Charlie that Eli had been seen at the hospital and had tried to kill Greg. "Don't be a hero," Charlie warned him. Charlie had lost his own son when Jared had resorted to risk-taking. Brody assured the older man that he would do his job but not take any unnecessary risks.

Charlie sadly told Brody how much he missed Jared, and Brody stated that he missed him too. He missed being able to talk to Jared, especially with all that had been going on recently. Charlie proclaimed that he would have "throttled" Ford for what he had done to Jessica. He sympathized with Brody's misfortune and offered his ear if Brody wanted to talk to him instead. Brody took Charlie up on the offer, and they briefly spoke about Ford. Brody was sick of the subject, though, and wanted to put it to rest. He advised Charlie that he and Jessica would be getting the paternity test. Charlie knew that Brody would be fine, even if the baby turned out to be Ford's.

Rex found Gigi sitting at the diner and working on a sketch for her art class. He had been investigating Echo and had learned that she had skipped out on her motel bill. The couple was interrupted when Cristian arrived and asked to see Gigi's homework. He was anxiously waiting for Layla to fly in from Paris. Just then, Rex announced that a potential lead in his case had just walked into the diner. He excused himself from the table. Gigi asked Cristian if he had any clue as to why Rex was being hostile towards Clint.

Rex wandered over to Clint's table, and Clint asked how everyone was. Rex stated that Gigi was enjoying her new job, and Clint remarked how he was happy to help her to stay in school. He loved it when everyone was able to work together, he added. "Who cares if it happens at gunpoint," Rex replied sarcastically. Clint wondered if Rex were speaking about himself or David Vickers. Rex noted that neither of them had been given a choice, though Clint reminded Rex that Rex could have gone to Kelly and given her the information on David. Rex disagreed, since that would have meant Gigi dropping out of school.

Clint thought it was Rex's job to protect Gigi, the same way that Clint was protecting Dorian with news of David. The truth just wouldn't help in either of those instances, he said. Rex asked if Clint had told himself the same thing years earlier when he'd cheated on Viki with Echo. Clint noted that he'd only had two words to say and they were, "Stacy Morasco." He refused to say anything else about Echo or his relationship with her.

Rex continued to ask questions, and he made it known that Echo had returned to Llanview less than a year after she had made a deal at her trial to never return. He asked Clint why she had returned. Clint didn't care, but Rex asked whether Clint had seen her at the time. "Who wants to know?" Clint asked him. Rex stated that Viki had hired him to check up on Echo. Clint laughed.

Rex announced that he'd discovered that Echo had received a speeding ticket during that previous return to town. "Don't quit your day job," Clint advised him. Annoyed, Rex stated that it was his day job. Clint assured Rex that he had his own people keeping an eye open, and Echo was the least of his problems.

Gigi showed Cristian her sketch and explained what it meant. The sketch revolved around the half of a heart pendant, and she explained what had happened when she and Rex had been on the search for Rex's parents in New Mexico. Cristian wanted to see Gigi focus on herself and not on Rex. Gigi insisted that the sketch was actually about herself. She told him how she had gone on the trip with Rex even though they had broken up. After the trip, they'd ended up back together, and the half of a heart symbolized the trip and their relationship.

Cristian received a call and learned that Layla would not be returning to Llanview. She had too much work. Gigi persuaded Cristian to go to Paris instead, and she would be able to follow his lesson plans for his class.

Roxy took Echo up to Echo's new room in the Angel Square Hotel and babbled about the hotel's perks. Echo maintained that she wanted to keep a "low profile." Roxy asked her for the deposit, but Echo changed the subject. She suddenly exclaimed how perfect Roxy's bone structure was and asked whether she had ever been a model. She wanted to take Roxy's picture, and handed Roxy a business card. The card stated that Echo had been all over the world. Echo noted that she had previously worked at the Banner and knew both Viki and Dorian well. She had even recently taken Dorian's family portrait, she bragged.

They discussed the cost of the photo, and Echo suggested that Roxy use the photos for her business. She refused to show the photos of Dorian's family, citing an "exclusive deal." She had a photo of Chuckles though, she said. She handed Roxy the photo of Viki and Charlie. Roxy was amused that Echo had called Viki by the name of Chuckles, but Echo clarified that it was her nickname for Charlie. She explained that Charlie had helped her after she'd broken up with Clint. Roxy couldn't believe that Echo had been in affairs with both men. Echo made it clear that her relationship with Charlie had occurred long before he had married Viki.

Roxy mentioned that Viki and Charlie had their own problems and had almost broken up. Echo's eyes lit up at the news. Roxy explained that it had revolved around Charlie's son, and Echo was surprised again. She never knew that Charlie had a son, and she pressed Roxy for information. Roxy explained that he had been killed. Echo wondered if Charlie had known he'd had a son when he had been with Echo. Roxy noted that Charlie had experienced a problem with the bottle in the past, and that had probably distorted things. Roxy headed to the door and again asked Echo for a deposit for the room.

Echo suggested that she take photos of Roxy in lieu of payment, and while the cost of the photos would be much greater, she'd call it even. It would help Roxy's business. Roxy was sure the two of them would be good friends, and Echo agreed that they already were. Echo looked at the photo of Viki and Charlie again. She'd had no idea that Charlie had lost a child. Once she was alone, Echo put a jewelry box away in a dresser drawer. She looked at the photo again and covered up Viki's face.

James pondered the fact that Eli hadn't allowed Todd to talk to Starr on the phone, and he wondered why Eli hadn't tried to prove that he had all three of the girls with him. James was concerned, and he thought that Hannah might be involved. He told Ford about Hannah's possession of James's necklace, and her excuse for why she had it. Ford thought that the idea that Hannah could have kidnapped Starr was crazy, but James insisted that he didn't believe Hannah's story about the necklace. It was just a feeling he had, James told his brother.

Ford, still hurting from the assault, advised James to drop his pursuit of Hannah. He suggested that James go to the cops instead, though the boys concurred that neither of them would be welcome at the police station. James agreed he only had a hunch and needed more evidence, but he couldn't talk to Hannah himself. They had argued when he'd last seen her. He thought it would be a good idea if Ford were to speak to her. Ford refused. "I messed her up," he said. He didn't think it would be fair to her.

James begged his brother to go in case it turned out that Hannah was involved in Starr's kidnapping. Suddenly, Ford changed his mind. James was perplexed, but Ford explained that he couldn't take the look on James's face. It was the same look that James had when Ford had left him behind with their dad. Ford couldn't let his brother down again. James hoped that Ford would be able to find something out.

James said that Hannah had been quite intense about Cole and being with him, but Ford reminded him that Hannah had been the same way with Ford. James pointed out that Starr hadn't been seen in the getaway car, and while it was presumed that she'd been in the back seat, he thought that Hannah was in on it with Eli.

Starr and Hope waited for help after Starr tossed the baseball with the note through the window. To Starr's dismay, Hannah arrived with the baseball in her possession. The boy across the street had picked it up, but she had convinced him that it was just a game. Starr tried to convince Hannah that they could have a problem if the boy went to his mother, but Hannah stated that she was more concerned with Starr's nosy boyfriend. Starr was happy to hear that Cole was worried, but Hannah said that she meant James.

Hannah needed Starr to cooperate or things wouldn't end well, she told her prisoner. Hobbling around on her bad ankle, Starr strongly demanded that she and Hope be allowed to leave. The little girl needed diapers and other necessities. Hannah leaned over and took Hope out of the playpen. She would see to it that Hope was taken care of, since Starr was complaining.

Starr pleaded with Hannah not to take Hope away from her. She promised that she wouldn't do anything to try to escape. Starr wasn't sure what Hannah had planned for Hope, but she thought that it wasn't a good idea for Hannah to take the girl. Starr wondered how Hannah would explain the baby's presence.

Hannah thought about it for a second and handed Hope back to Starr. She would have to figure it out. She knew that Cole loved his daughter. First Starr complained about her daughter, and then she wanted her back, Hannah grumbled. After Hannah left, Starr spoke to Hope. She called Hannah crazy. "What was she going to do with you?" she asked her little girl. She thought maybe James would find them. No, she was certain that James would find them, she corrected herself.

Roxy saw Rex when she arrived at the diner and told him about her impending photo shoot. A photographer was doing promo shots for her, she boasted. She gave him Echo's name, and Rex was very interested. He asked if Echo were in her room, but Roxy kept talking. He repeated the question several times and finally took off for the hotel.

Hannah returned to Marty's house. She looked at the baseball and decided that Cole would "strike out" in his search for any leads on Starr and Hope. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. She was surprised to see Ford. "Looks like it's just you and me," he said.

Rex carried a bunch of towels and stood outside of Echo's room. He knocked on her door, and when there was no answer, let himself in. He began to search through the drawers and found the hidden box. He looked through it and was dumbfounded when he saw what it contained. He pulled out a necklace with half of a heart pendant.

Echo showed up at Llanfair and saw Charlie. She was sorry about his son, she told him. She'd had no idea he'd had a grown son. She had something to talk to him about.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Viki ran into Gigi at the Buenos Dias, and the ladies shared their fears for Starr and Hope. Viki noticed Gigi's open sketchbook and admired her impressive artwork. She noticed that Gigi had sketched the broken heart necklace that had belonged to Rex's mysterious parents, Rick and Lili. Gigi said she had done it from memory, because the original necklace was gone for good. Viki applauded Gigi for going back to school and following her dreams, but Gigi promised to still make time for Viki and her friends.

As Viki picked up her food and left the cafe, she passed Cristian at the lunch counter, where he wrapped up a bittersweet international call with Layla. Layla was unable to make it back to Llanview on short notice, but a crestfallen Cris promised her they would be reunited soon. He hung up just in time to greet Markko. Markko told Cris that his father was recovering from his surgery, and Cris asked if that meant Markko would be heading back to California. Markko said he would stick around Llanview to support Cole until Starr and Hope were found.

Cristian asked Markko if Cole and the girls were his only reason for staying in town, and wondered if he might be staying to reconnect with Langston. Markko said that he still had mixed feelings for Langston, but they weren't reuniting. He revealed that he was seeing Karen the pizza girl, who he had driven to California with. He told Cristian that he and Langston had too much baggage between them, and added that a long-distance relationship divided between Llanview and California could never work out. Cristian's face fell as Markko went on and on about the futility of a long-distance romance.

Gigi sidled up to the two and urgently told Markko to pipe down, but the damage was done and Cris shuffled off to the lunch counter, dejected. Gigi informed Markko that Cristian and Layla were separated by a continent and attempting to make things work. Markko was mortified by his social blunder, while Cris brooded alone at the counter.

At Llanfair, Charlie told Echo she was visiting at a bad time, as he wasn't thinking of himself or Jared, but rather focusing on Starr and Hope. Echo begged to differ, and said she knew he thought of Jared every day. She told Charlie she understood his loss, and believed she could help ease his pain. She assured him she didn't want to draw him back to the bottle; instead, she had something important to tell him.

Echo grew emotional as she struggled to find the words to tell Charlie her secret. "How bad could it be?" Charlie asked. Echo said it wasn't bad -- well, some of it was bad, but she had to get it out, even if she knew Viki would be angry. As she retreated into the drawing room, Charlie pushed Echo to vent her conscience. Echo began to tell Charlie her story, but before she could find the words, Viki walked into the room with a simple message for her adversary: "Get out of my house."

Viki ordered Echo out of her home for the second time in as many weeks. Echo begged for a moment to tell Charlie her story, but Viki wasn't having it. "I'm sorry, Charlie," Echo mumbled tearfully. "Sorrier than you know." She hurried out of Llanfair with Viki on her heels.

Viki was furious that Echo was continually invading their lives. Charlie attempted to calm her nerves, and said that Echo seemed to have something important to tell him. "Oh, that's Echo's game," Viki scoffed, and said that Echo had given Clint the same mysterious routine to get him into bed and take revenge on him for her mother. "She has an agenda and you are at the top of her list," Viki proclaimed.

Viki told Charlie that Rex was still searching for information on Echo, but had already turned up evidence of one lie: Echo had returned to Llanview not long after she had promised to leave forever. Charlie suggested that Echo's speeding ticket was due only by her passing through town, but Viki suspected something more sinister. Charlie reminded Viki that Echo hadn't caused any trouble in Llanview during her brief return, and said that Echo's dirty deeds were years past. "Echoes have a way of repeating themselves," Viki warned. Charlie suggested they drop the subject, and focus on something present in their lives -- their love for each other. With that, he kissed her and led her upstairs to bed.

At Roxy's, Rex searched Echo's apartment and was stunned to find one-half of his parents' broken-heart necklace. "What's Echo DiSavoy doing with it?" he wondered aloud. Remembering that he had left Lili's half of the necklace at her gravesite in New Mexico, he wondered if Echo's half had belonged to his unknown father. He quickly snapped a photo of the necklace and began replacing items to erase signs of his intrusion, but was caught red-handed when Echo returned unexpectedly.

Echo demanded to know what Rex was doing in her room, and Rex bluffed that he was cleaning the wrong room by mistake. "It's Rex, right?" Echo asked, believing him to be a friend of Clint's. Rex said he was no friend of Clint's, only Roxy's son who helped out around the hotel. When Echo noted no resemblance between Rex and Roxy, he admitted he wasn't Roxy's biological child. Echo snapped that it sounded like a lovely tale, but she wanted him out, and swiftly showed him the door.

Once Rex left, Echo rushed to her dresser, reopening the drawer Rex had just closed, and clutched the mysterious box she hid amongst her belongings.

Rex raced to the Buenos Dias, where he showed Gigi his new picture of the necklace. He told her he had found it in Echo's hotel room, and was sure it was the other half of Lili's broken-heart necklace. "Echo knew my father," he mused. "Maybe she still does." Gigi wondered if Rick had given Echo his half of the necklace, and Rex said he hadn't asked Echo about it because he didn't expect a truthful answer. Instead, he was going back to New Mexico to see if anyone who knew Rick and Lili recognized Echo's picture.

Gigi told Rex to be careful, and not get his hopes up for answers in the Southwest. Rex said that if he came up empty, he would return to town and confront Echo directly, with Lili's half of the necklace. "You'll end up finding your father after all," Gigi assured him.

At the lunch counter, Markko apologized to Cristian for his insensitive remarks. He was sure Cris and Layla would stand the test of time and distance, unlike himself and Langston. He was concerned that Langston hadn't called him with news about Starr's disappearance, and feared they had no leads.

At the O'Connor house, Starr and Hope remained Hannah's prisoners in her darkened attic. Starr comforted Hope and set her down in the abandoned crib, musing aloud about how she hoped that James would tell Cole about Hannah before Hannah could get to Cole. As she worried about all the possibilities, she lay down under her jacket and began to doze off.

Soon, Starr began to dream of Cole and Hannah together, with Cole believing Starr had died. As Hannah comforted Cole with a kiss, Starr tossed and turned in the real world. She called out to Cole, insisting she was alive, and Cole pulled away from Hannah's embrace. But soon, he began to rage about James, and Hannah told him Starr hadn't loved him the way she did. Cole and Hannah kissed again and sank onto the couch, as Starr rushed into the room. She screamed to Cole that she wasn't dead, but right beside him.

As Starr's pleas to Cole fell on deaf ears, James walked up behind her. "I see you, Starr," he murmured, holding her in his arms. He pulled her away from Cole and Hannah, just as Cole told Hannah he couldn't give up on Starr. Advancing on Starr, Cole told her how much he loved her. Starr found herself caught between James and Cole's declarations of love, and put her hands to her ears, trapped.

Starr awoke with a start, alone with Hope in the attic. Hearing Hope's cries, Starr rushed to the baby's side and cradled her, singing her a lullaby.

As Starr sang, across town another scene played out. At the Angel Square Hotel, Echo retrieved her half of the broken-heart necklace, and put it around her neck, fighting tears.

Cole arrived at James's apartment, ready to apologize for his behavior at the police station. He knew it wasn't James's fault Starr and Hope were missing, and said Eli was the only one to blame. James wasn't so sure, and asked Cole if Hannah might be a consideration. Cole said Hannah had been Eli's victim, but had changed and become a different person. "Yeah, I think so too," James said, skeptical.

Cole told James that they both cared about Starr, and needed to put aside their differences and work together to save her. James agreed and said they needed to make a plan, but before he could go further, Cole noticed the bullet necklace on the kitchen counter. James apologized for Cole having found it at his and Starr's apartment, and was surprised when Cole didn't understand. Remembering Hannah's explanation about the necklace, James was floored when Cole said he had thought Starr had the necklace last. Realizing Hannah had lied, James stayed mum as Cole concluded that Starr had left the necklace with him.

James claimed he had no ideas on how to find Starr, and Cole admitted to drawing a blank as well. He thanked James for giving it a shot and prepared to leave, but James stopped him and told him that Eli hadn't killed Starr or Hope. "You sound pretty sure," Cole muttered as he walked out the door. "Hope you're right."

At Marty's house, Ford greeted Hannah and questioned her about the baseball in her hand. Before she could speak, Ford was surprised to see Langston walk up to the front door and ask him what he was doing there. Thinking fast, Ford feigned interest in getting another chance with Hannah. Both girls were shocked as Ford told Hannah that Langston had led him astray, and that he hadn't known how good he'd had it with the lovely Ms. O'Connor. Langston listened in outrage as Ford suggested to Hannah that the two of them give it another shot, as they were unattached and available.

Before Hannah could speak, Marty called. While Hannah took the call in the other room, Ford turned to face the disgusted Langston. Ford quickly told her he hadn't meant a word, and that there was no time to explain; he needed her to leave and give him time alone with Hannah. Ford begged Langston to trust him, and said he was doing it for Starr and Hope. He asked her to go to James and question his brother, and Langston agreed, admitting that she did trust him.

As Hannah returned to the room, Ford and Langston faked a loud argument, concluding as Langston stormed out of the house. Ford resumed his hard sell with Hannah, and said that Eli would never have ruined their lives if they had known what they had together. Hannah told Ford that they couldn't happen again because of Cole, but Ford reminded her that Cole wasn't available. "We have a very special relationship," Hannah insisted, and Ford told her that Cole was tied to Starr forever, just as Langston had been to Markko -- as long as Starr was in the picture, Hannah could never have Cole. "What if she wasn't?" Hannah asked, turning cold.

Ford played dumb, and told Hannah that Eli would be apprehended, and Starr would be rescued, therefore Hannah could never have a chance with Cole. "Wanna bet?" Hannah snapped. Just then, Cole arrived, and Hannah flung herself into his arms. Cole was disquieted to see Ford on the scene, and Ford quickly left.

Cole asked Hannah why Ford had stopped by, and Hannah laughed as she recounted Ford's reunion proposal. She was glad he had tried, as it proved she was over him. "I'm holding out for the right guy," she declared. "Like you told me." Cole couldn't get over Starr's disappearance, and Hannah reassured him that Starr was still alive -- "I'm sure of it." Hannah said she had a good feeling that everything would work out the way it was supposed to.

Langston headed to the Ford brothers' apartment and got filled in by James on Ford's attempt to catch Hannah in the act. She and James compared notes on their recent encounters with Hannah, and Langston concluded that they had to tell Cole about their suspicions. James convinced her to wait, as he feared Cole would lose it and confront Hannah, which could put Starr in danger. Ford returned to the apartment and updated the duo on his conversation with Hannah, who he said hadn't seemed surprised that there was no news on Starr. "Hannah knows exactly where Starr is," he proclaimed.

In her attic prison, Starr put Hope back to bed in her crib. "Cole, please find us," she whispered. "James, us."

Thursday, October 21, 2010

In the warehouse, Dani and Téa were both tied up. Dani told her mom about a recurring dream she had in which Téa had made an appearance. She said that she would be happy, then wake up and remember that her mother was gone. She had liked the dream because it had allowed her to be with her mother for "ten more seconds." Dani related that, since the two were together, she didn't care what happened. Téa assured her that Todd was doing everything he could to get Dani back.

Eli entered with a newspaper and sandwiches. Dani demanded to know what had happened to Starr and Hope. Eli ignored the question and tried to feed one of the sandwiches to Dani. She took a bite and spit it back at Eli, who became angry. He began to slam things and assured the two that he wanted things to be over, too, as soon as he got his money.

Téa begged Eli to let Dani go because Dani would tell Todd that Téa was there. Then, Eli could get his money. Eli didn't like the idea. He showed the newspaper to his hostages. The headline was about Shaun saving Greg from Eli. "I don't think so," he said. Dani demanded to know how Eli had forced Greg to go along with Eli's plan. He claimed to be good at making people understand their priorities. Dani began to ask more questions about Greg, but Eli said he had things to do, and that he had "made Todd sweat long enough."

At Todd's, the FBI agent told Todd that, if Eli called again, Todd should keep him on the phone. Blair entered, suspicious of two briefcases that Todd was carrying. She said he couldn't give Eli money. Eli could take the money and run, and they'd never see the girls again. Blair wanted the girls back first. Todd wondered why Eli hadn't yet called.

Later, Blair was on the phone with Addie and said that she would let her mother know when it was safe for Addie and the boys to return to Llanview. She hung up and regretted that the boys were missing so much school. Todd suggested that she fly out and tutor them, but Blair refused to leave until the girls were back and, even then, would never let them out of her sight. Just then, the phone rang and Todd picked it up.

John looked at a map of the area and filled a cop in on where John had found Starr's car. The cop left and Natalie entered with a file. Natalie informed John that they had gotten lucky, and the lab had been able to figure out that the ashes in the urn were not Téa's. They both agreed that they thought Téa was Greg's patient at the Cherryvale clinic, and that Eli probably had her. They also agreed that they would have to prove that Téa was alive before they told Todd because Todd would probably "screw things up."

John asked if Natalie was up to the job, but Natalie said that she would only be looking at security tape, and tracking down the nurse from Cherryvale. John promised Natalie that, when things calmed down, he would find a place for "the three of us," and make a life for them. John's phone rang, and he answered it. He told the person on the other end that he was on his way and hung up. He informed Natalie that Eli had made contact.

Todd demanded that Eli put Starr on the phone, but Eli said Todd would just have to take Eli's word that Starr was all right. Todd vowed not to give Eli a dime until he could talk to Starr, but Eli said that he was running the show. As Todd offered to pay the money, John entered the house. Looking at the gagged girls, Eli asked to speak to John. John took the phone from Todd. Eli told John to meet him at the old industrial park on Route 22. He also needed a helicopter with a pilot to take him wherever he wanted to go.

Todd told Eli that if the girls weren't in perfect shape when he got them back, he would hunt Eli down. As an afterthought, Eli also said that he needed Blair. Todd refused, but Eli said Todd wouldn't get his girls back if Eli didn't get Blair. Blair grabbed the phone and said she would be there as long as Eli gave the girls back. Eli said to meet him in an hour and hung up.

Todd refused to let Blair go, but she said it was the only way to get the girls back. "What if he wants to take you in the helicopter?" Todd asked. Blair said it was her choice and that she was trying to get the kids back. They argued more until Todd demanded that John arrest Blair. John agreed with Blair, saying that they needed to make Eli think he was getting what he wanted, "just in case."

Eli took the gags off the girls, and Téa begged Eli to leave Blair out of it and let Dani go home. Dani insisted to know what Eli's plans for them were. Eli ignored the question and asked if they were ready to go. Dani asked where they were going. As he untied the girls, Eli said that "the gang" would be there soon, and that it was "showtime."

In Greg's hospital room, Shaun told Vivian that he wanted to be at Destiny's birthday party, but he was afraid to leave Greg. Vivian assured Shaun that Greg would be all right, and Shaun left. Vivian went to check Greg's pulse and noticed it was weak, even though it shouldn't have been. The machines in the room began to beep wildly, and Vivian ran to get help. Vivian tried to revive Greg with the help of a nurse, and eventually did.

Vivian concluded that there was something in Greg's intravenous bag that wasn't supposed to be there. She ordered the nurse to take the bag to the toxicology department and put a rush on it. Greg woke up and asked what had happened. She told him that Eli had tried to poison him and that she was going to call Greg's family, who were out celebrating Destiny's birthday. Greg was surprised to learn that it was already Destiny's birthday. Vivian turned to leave so she could call his family, but Greg grabbed her arm and said, "Not yet."

Vivian told Greg that she had promised she would call his family as soon as he woke up. However, Greg wanted to talk to the police first. Later, Natalie entered with a cop. Greg said he had asked for John, but Natalie informed him that John was out "apprehending" Eli. Vivian asked Greg if he was sure he wanted to answer questions, but Greg wanted to talk to the cops alone. Vivian left on the condition that Natalie promised to leave after five minutes.

Natalie asked Greg if he remembered saying anything to her about Téa a couple of days before. She needed him to confirm that what he had said was true. Greg confirmed it, saying that Téa was alive. Greg explained Eli's entire plan. He told Natalie about how Eli had gotten Ross custody of Dani in order to get rich, but Greg hadn't known how that would work. He went on about how Eli had forced Greg to tell Téa she was dying, and eventually kill her, because of damaging information Eli had on Greg.

Greg couldn't kill Téa, so he had lied to everyone about Téa being dead and snuck her to the clinic in Cherryvale. He had gotten ashes from the morgue. He wanted Eli's reign of terror to stop, and related that his family needed to know the truth. He wanted to make things right at Cherryvale with Téa. However, Natalie informed a shocked Greg that Téa and her nurse had vanished from Cherryvale, and that Eli was back. Natalie hoped Greg's secret was "worth it," but he claimed to just be protecting his family. Natalie said they'd have to arrest him and left the room to call it in. The cop read a miserable-looking Greg his rights.

At the Buenos Días, Mr. and Mrs. Evans told a depressed Destiny to start opening gifts, but she didn't feel right celebrating without Greg. Matthew entered with a gift, and Destiny asked if he had heard anything about Dani. He hadn't, and Destiny didn't feel right celebrating when Dani, Starr, and Hope were still missing. Shaun entered with a gift, and Destiny asked him about Greg. Shaun assured her that Vivian was there, so Greg would be fine.

Later, Destiny looked at the lit candles on her cake and wanted two wishes -- one for Greg, and one for Dani, Starr, and Hope. She blew all the candles out and Nate entered, to Matthew's chagrin. Matthew blamed Nate for Dani's kidnapping. Destiny couldn't believe that Dani's own uncle would kidnap her and hold her for fifty million dollars. Nate informed her that Eli had also killed Ross. Destiny couldn't believe that her brother would ever get involved with someone like that. She related that, if Greg had been involved with Eli, he had been forced. Shaun gave his parents a suspicious look when they abruptly changed the subject to the party.

Later, a more cheerful Destiny wore a "World's Best Little Sis" t-shirt and began to open her gifts. Darren got her a music player with all of "our songs" on it, and apologized that he couldn't get her a better one, a "Pulse." She loved it, and continued with Matthew's gift. It was a Pulse, and a disappointed Darren told her she could return his gift. She told them how she would use both music players, but Mr. Evans said that she couldn't accept such an expensive gift. Matthew assured them that he had just gotten a bonus from Clint. Mr. Evans related to his wife that Clint had "more dollars than sense."

Nate gave Destiny a gift and she opened the box to find a pair of earrings that she had seen while shopping with Dani. Nate said that Dani had told him about the earrings and said that the gift was from the two of them. Destiny hugged Nate and said that Dani would be all right. Mrs. Evans gave Destiny her last gift -- a touching card from Greg. They all expressed their worry for Greg.

Nate had to go, but promised to call if he heard anything about Dani. He left, and Matthew glared after him. Matthew decided to follow Nate outside, and Nate asked what Matthew's problem was. "You," Matthew replied. Matthew claimed that Nate had stolen Dani and was trying to steal Matthew's best friend too. As the two began to get in each other's faces, Darren appeared and pulled them apart. Matthew claimed that Nate had started it, but Nate related that he was going to end it. Nate left, and Darren told Matthew to "get a grip." Matthew walked away.

As Destiny and her mother wrapped the remainder of the cake up, Destiny said that she wanted to cry every time she looked at Greg's card. Just then, Shaun's phone rang, and it was Vivian. She told Shaun that Greg was awake. Shaun told his family, and they rejoiced. However, Vivian told Shaun that they needed to get to the hospital immediately because there was a problem.

The Evans family entered Greg's hospital room, and Greg apologized for missing Destiny's party. Destiny told Greg that, since he was awake, he could tell the cops that he'd had nothing to do with Eli. "But I did," Greg said. A horrified Destiny knew that Eli had forced him, but Greg said that he'd had a choice. He could have either helped Eli or had his secret revealed. "What does he have on you?" Shaun asked.

John arrived at the meeting place with Todd, Blair, and some backup. John promised to get the girls back.

Natalie entered Todd's empty house, yelling that she had news about Téa.

Friday, October 22, 2010

At Rodi's, Gigi and Cristian walked in, and Cristian poured them each a cup of coffee. Gigi described her favorite painting that portrayed a lady with her long hair flowing down. When Gigi saw Cristian's sad reaction, she asked what was wrong. Cristian revealed that the painting had been Layla's favorite also.

Gigi regretted that she had opened her "big mouth" to talk about the painting. However, she felt that it was romantic that Cristian would pay more money than Gigi's car was worth to fly to Paris, France, to visit Layla. Gigi then remembered that she needed to turn her phone back on for Rex's call.

When Gigi realized that Rex had not yet called, she expressed that she wanted "to be there for Rex," if he needed her. Gigi started to make another comment about long-term relationships but then stopped herself. She insisted that she wanted to talk about something other than Rex or Layla. Cristian asked if Gigi wanted to help him with his "slide show."

Also at Rodi's, Clint joined Matthew at a table. Matthew informed Clint that he was taking a break from Buchanan Enterprises, because it was Destiny's birthday. When Clint asked where the party was, Matthew revealed that Destiny had left to be with Greg at the hospital. Matthew feared that Greg's news would hurt Destiny.

Clint declared that Matthew was doing a great job at Buchanan Enterprises and then announced that Rex had been "trying to steal corporate secrets." When Matthew asked what had happened to Rex, Clint replied, "Well, you don't have to worry about that. I dealt with him by reminding him how much he has to lose." Clint also claimed that he would have let "that weasel rot in jail for the rest of his days," but that Bo loved Rex as a son, and Natalie loved him as a brother.

Matthew hoped that Destiny was okay and stated that he wanted to check on her at the hospital. However, Clint believed that Destiny needed time with her family. Matthew agreed, and Clint and Matthew left to return to Buchanan Enterprises.

In Llanview Hospital, Destiny denied that Greg would ever help Eli, however Shaun expressed wonder and outrage. Destiny believed that if Greg had helped Eli, Greg had been forced. Greg enlightened Destiny that he had been given a choice that he either help Eli, or Eli would expose the truth, which was that Greg had betrayed his family. Mr. and Mrs. Evans demanded that Greg keep quiet, and that Destiny and Shaun leave the room.

Once Shaun and Destiny walked out, Greg exclaimed that the truth would "come out," because he had told the police, when they had questioned Greg about Eli. When Mr. Evans closed the blinds to the room, Shaun told Destiny in the lobby that Greg's news must be "big."

Greg insisted to his parents that he had to stop lying, and Mrs. Evans begged to know who the truth would help. Mr. Evans added that the truth would destroy everything that the Evanses had. Greg exclaimed, "Dad, Mom...I have to tell the truth. I have to believe that the family that we built is stronger than the lies I have been telling," just as Destiny and Shaun reentered the room.

Greg insisted that it was time to reveal the truth to Destiny and Shaun. Mr. and Mrs. Evans turned to Destiny and reminded her that they loved her. Mrs. Evans cried, "Your father and I...we're not your real parents." Mrs. Evans explained that she had not given birth to Destiny, and Destiny balled that Greg and Shaun were not her real brothers. When Destiny then asked if she had been adopted, Mr. and Mrs. Evans declared that Destiny was their daughter.

Shaun realized that this secret was what Eli had held over Greg's head. Shaun then wondered why Greg would "sell his soul to the devil," rather than tell Destiny that she had been adopted. Mrs. Evans exclaimed, "We never said that she was adopted, because she isn't. You are our flesh and blood." Shaun questioned how Mr. and Mrs. Evans could not be Destiny's parents but could still be her flesh and blood. Greg announced, "Because...they're not her parents, they're her grandparents. Destiny, I am your father." In tears, Destiny covered her mouth in shock.

At Marty's house, Hannah looked at a gun, as Cole entered the room. Frustrated, Cole yelled out that Eli had kidnapped his girls, and that Cole was unable to help them, when Hannah announced, "I have to tell you something terrible." Hannah then told Cole that she had dreamt that Starr and Hope were dead. Cole insisted that Starr and Hope would be fine, and that John McBain would rescue them. Cole revealed that once Starr returned home, he and Starr would get back together, and that they would "fix things." Hannah looked down again at the hidden gun.

Marty arrived at the house and updated Cole on the hostage situation. Marty insisted that she drive Cole to the location, and Hannah indicated that she would stay behind. After Marty and Cole left, Hannah said out loud, "I'll be fine. I've got plenty to keep me occupied." Hannah then realized that if Starr and Hope were to return, Hannah would have no chance with Cole. "The only way that this works out in my favor is if those two are out of the way." Hannah took a fake practice shot with the gun and ran out the door.

As Ford sat in his car outside of Marty's house, Langston jumped in the passenger seat with food from a nearby fast food restaurant. When Bobby and Langston vented about the food, James, who sat in the back seat of the car, demanded that they stop arguing. James reminded them that they all needed to watch for Hannah to leave Marty's house. Ford regretted that he had to sit in the car and wait for Hannah, just so he could see if "my crazy ex has a fatal attraction for Cole."

James declared that Bobby could leave, but Ford reminded James that they were in Bobby's car. Ford then wondered if Hannah would exit out of the back door, but James insisted that they remained parked in that spot. Ford felt that the police would never believe that Hannah had been a part of the kidnapping, but James maintained that Hannah had something to do with kidnapping Starr and Hope. Ford started coughing.

As Langston held up a napkin with spots of blood, she asked Bobby how working out at the gym could result in Ford's coughing up blood. Ford continued to violently cough, and James insisted that he take Bobby to the hospital. Langston said that she would drive Bobby to the emergency room, while James continued to watch for Hannah. James thanked his brother for his help, but Ford replied that he only wanted to hear that James had found Starr.

Later, outside in the driveway, James discovered Hannah at her car. Hannah asked James if he had been spying on her.

At the warehouse, Eli tied up Dani, as Téa threatened to kill Eli. After Eli laughed, he said that he would be taking "Princess Danielle" to her father, but that Téa would remain in the warehouse. When Dani begged Eli not to leave Téa, Eli replied, "Look, Téa's lucky she made it this far. If it weren't for Greg Evans, Mommy Dearest would be long dead." When Dani begged Eli not to take her away from her mom, Eli demanded that Dani "move it."

Outside of the warehouse, Bo checked on the computer for "all points of entry," as he showed John and Blair a floor plan of the warehouse. When Blair questioned if the police would storm the place, John explained that they would secure the kids' safety. When John asked for the best entrance, Todd yelled that his daughter and granddaughter were still in the building.

Natalie arrived at the scene and told Brody that she had to see John. When Brody stated that John was busy searching for three hostages, Natalie announced that there were actually four hostages. Natalie revealed that she had to tell John that Téa was alive, and that Eli held Téa as a hostage also. Natalie maintained that Téa had never been sick, and that Greg had been poisoning her. When Brody asked how Natalie knew that, Natalie claimed that Greg had confessed.

Natalie updated Brody about Eli's plot, Téa's condition, and the Cherryville Clinic and insisted that Eli must have found Téa. Brody refused to allow Natalie to approach the warehouse, because of the risk to Natalie and her baby. Brody claimed that the baby meant too much to him, as Marty overheard, unseen.

Natalie promised Brody that she would remain where she was, once Brody left. When Cole ran up to Marty and asked about Starr, Marty questioned Natalie, who said that John and Eli should be making the exchange. After Natalie informed Cole that Starr was in the warehouse, Cole dashed off to the building.

When Natalie refused to allow Marty to follow Cole, Marty demanded that Natalie "let her go," or that she would have to question why Brody was "so interested in Natalie's baby."

Eli called John and joked, "Hey, Johnny, wow, you've rolled out quite the Welcome Wagon. I'm really touched." Eli commented that he still did not see the helicopter that he had demanded, and John insisted that there was not enough room to land one. However, John informed Eli that a van would take Eli to a helicopter.

When Eli demanded to talk to Blair, she grabbed the phone from John's hand and begged Eli to "let the kids go." Eli exclaimed that Blair would have to leave with him to get what she wanted. Eli claimed that he just wanted for Eli and Blair to have a life together and then warned that her choice was either Blair or the kids.

John explained to Eli that, until John received the kids, Eli would get nothing. However, Blair told Eli that she would give him what he wanted. Blair approached Eli, as he held a gun on Dani.

Todd screamed, "Take the gun off my daughter, right now." Eli announced to John that he would be unable to give Starr and Hope to John. Blair demanded that Eli return her daughter and her granddaughter, and Eli claimed that they were in the warehouse, as Dani tried to shake her head at Blair. After Eli demanded that Blair get in the van, as he held up a remote, he announced, "I've rigged the whole warehouse with explosives. All it takes is a press of this button...bye-bye love."

Blair slipped, unnoticed, out of the van and broke through a grill of a warehouse vent. She found Téa bound and gagged to a chair in the room. Blair quickly removed Téa's gag and gave her a huge hug. As both happily cried, Blair untied Téa and told her where Dani was. Blair insisted that the cops would rescue Dani. Téa then revealed that Eli did not have Starr and Hope.

Blair announced to Téa that Eli had rigged the warehouse with a bomb, and that they needed to get out quickly. Blair finished untying Téa and yelled that they needed to hurry.

Eli told John that he would release Dani, once he and Dani arrived at the van, so that he and Blair could then leave "in peace." When Eli and Dani got to the van, Eli released Dani and jumped in the van. Dani ran to Todd, who hugged her and said, "You mean so much to me. I don't know what I'd do without you."

Cole rushed up to Bo and Brody at the warehouse and asked, "Is Starr and Hope still inside?"

When Eli looked around the van, he saw that Blair was not there and mumbled, "We're supposed to have a life together," as he opened the van door. Eli burst out of the van with the remote and yelled, "Blair, you tried to trick me." John stated, "Eli, put it down, all right? It's over. Our lives may not mean anything, but what about all these kids?"

Eli hollered, "Hey, Manning, if I can't have my life, you can't have yours either." Dani sprung out of Todd's arms and cried, "No. No, no, no!" John screamed, "Get down." Eli pushed the button on the remote, and the explosion caused debris and glass to fly, as Brody and Bo held Cole back.

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