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Starr and Hope escaped from Eli, though Eli pretended they were still with him when he made his ransom demand. Hannah pulled a gun on Starr and Hope and hid them in an attic. Téa and Dani were finally reunited. Greg's mother wanted to reveal a secret to Destiny. Eli was determined to keep Greg quiet.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 11, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Dani showed up at Starr's apartment, but she was shocked when Eli menacingly invited her inside. Eli admitted that he was the one who had killed Ross, and Dani began to shriek at him. Starr calmly urged her sister to listen to Eli's directions.

Later, Todd and John arrived, but the apartment was empty. Todd walked around and reported to John that Carla was dead. John had no idea who that was, and Todd told him it was the babysitter. Todd also noted that Starr's car was gone, and John called for backup. A grief-stricken Todd declared that Eli had his two daughters and his granddaughter. They found bloodstains on the floor, and John assured Todd that they probably belonged to Eli. John tried to remain positive, but Todd found it difficult to remain upbeat.

Todd thought that the worst thing that had happened to him had been the sequence of events that had involved Téa and Dani, but it wasn't. He vowed to use his hands to rip Eli's face off if the blood belonged to his girls. "You won't be able to stop me John," he added.

At the hospital in Llanview, Greg opened his eyes, but the only thing he was able to say was "Téa." It took him lots of effort. While Shaun and Destiny were thrilled to see him awake, it was obvious that Greg was in a great deal of pain, and he was distraught. Destiny babbled on about a book, and she left with Shaun to find a doctor and a phone.

Shortly after, Destiny returned to Greg's room and informed him she had called their parents. Greg struggled to speak as Destiny continued to chatter non-stop. Greg finally muttered, "Téa" again, and Destiny was confused. Shaun returned, and Greg labored to breathe. He was upset, and his brother and sister didn't understand why Greg only said Téa's name whenever he pushed himself to speak.

Téa was stunned when her nurse confirmed that they were in a clinic in Cherryvale, and Téa couldn't understand why she hadn't had any visitors if she were so close to home. Téa wondered how long she'd been there, and she decided that something was odd. The nurse explained that she still hadn't been able to reach Dr. Evans, and he was the only person who could authorize Téa's use of the phone. Téa grew agitated as she asked the nurse for permission to climb out of bed to make a phone call for herself. The nurse gave her a sedative and promised to try to reach Dr. Evans again. Once the nurse left, Téa spit out the sedative and placed it with the other one she'd hidden.

Out in the hallway, the nurse tried to reach Dr. Evans again and was surprised when Detective Price answered Greg's phone. He was actually on the Cherryvale premises, and they met up. He showed her Eli's photo, but the nurse denied having seen Eli. The only people the doctor had encountered were staff members and the patient he had been treating. Price wanted to speak to Greg's patient, but just then he received a phone call and learned that Greg was awake. He advised the nurse that it was no longer necessary for him to speak to the patient.

In the meantime, alone in her room, Téa grabbed her family photo and stated out loud that she would be returning home. Something was wrong, and she would be leaving. She attempted to get out of bed, but she heard the nurse approaching. She hurriedly got under the blankets and pretended to be asleep. An orderly stopped the nurse before she went into Téa's room. He asked questions about the cop, and the nurse told him it had something to do with Dr. Evans. The nurse considered allowing Téa to call her husband, but thought she should stay out of it if the cops were involved.

Rex spent time with Natalie at Llanfair, and he teased her about her eating habits. A solemn-looking Viki walked into the kitchen, and the siblings wondered why she was out of sorts. "Echo DiSavoy," was all that Viki could muster. Viki told them about Echo and added that she didn't want a "walking, talking reminder" of a less than pleasant time in her past. She thought that the woman was nothing more than a dangerous con artist who obviously wanted something.

Natalie and Rex made various suggestions on ways to get rid of Echo, like having John arrest her. Viki considered Echo to be a determined woman, and thus it would be difficult to send the woman packing. Just then, Natalie received a phone call from John. He asked her to hurry to the scene of a homicide and possible abduction in order to run some forensics tests. She was distressed when he told her it was at Starr's place, and he asked her not to tell anyone. She hurriedly ended the call and announced that she had to leave for work reasons.

Rex remained behind with Viki and shared some tea with her. They both wondered where Natalie might have gone, and they were concerned that she worked so hard. Rex proclaimed that he had to meet Gigi at Rodi's, but he hated to leave Viki "stewing." Viki admitted that she didn't trust Echo, and she was worried. It had been a tough year for both Charlie and herself, as well as Clint.

Viki only wanted peace and not trouble and interference from Echo. Rex offered to check into Echo's background, but Viki declined. She hoped that Echo had left town. After Rex left, Viki searched the Internet for old news articles. She read one about Clint murdering Echo, who had been presumed drowned. "If only," Viki uttered.

Echo sat by herself in Rodi's and muttered that she wouldn't allow "Queen Victoria" to run her out of town. Suddenly, she spotted Clint and made her way over to him. She advised him that he looked "as handsome as ever," and she asked him for a kiss. "I'll pass," Clint replied. He tried to ignore Echo, and he told her he was waiting for someone. He refused her offer for a drink. Echo expressed how funny it was that she and Viki apparently had the same taste in men. "Hilarious," Clint retorted.

Echo insisted that she was in Llanview with only the best of intentions, and she thought that Viki was paranoid. Clint mentioned that his affair with Echo had been "eons ago," though Echo thought it "seems like yesterday." She stroked his arm and laid her hand on his shoulder. She reminded him that they had been hot together, but Clint pointed out that she had framed him for a murder and "damn near broke up my marriage to Viki." Echo insisted that he'd been happy to be with Echo, and Clint maintained that his marriage had been fixed after his affair. It had dissolved later on and had nothing to do with Echo. She called Clint a liar and accused him of thinking about her.

Clint advised her that she wasn't on his list of thoughts, and Echo assumed that Clint dwelled on Bo and Nora instead, and what they had done to him. She didn't believe him when he denied it. She hated what the couple had done to him, she stated. Clint insisted he was over it, and he wasn't a vengeful person. If he were, Echo wouldn't be there, he snapped. She told Clint about her photography work.

Rex arrived to meet with Gigi but learned that she was tied up at school with Cristian. Clint walked over and rejoiced in the fact that Gigi was so happy at school. He made veiled threats as he advised Rex that Bo had better not hear about David Vickers and Clint's involvement in David's imprisonment. Rex replied that he hated to be on Clint's payroll, but Clint indicated that Rex was "right smack in the middle" of everything, and he told Rex to get off of his "high horse." Clint stated that the charges against David were legitimate, though Rex responded that Clint was the one who had "dropped the dime" and who was also keeping the secret about David.

Echo wandered over, and Clint introduced her to Rex as a friend of Bo's. Clint told Rex that Echo was "visiting from another planet." Rex left them, and Echo made note of the fact that the conversation between the two men hadn't appeared to be friendly. She thought that Clint had changed and was more like Asa than before. Clint took it as a compliment and prepared to pay his bill.

Echo wondered if Rex were the person that Clint had been meeting, but Clint assured her he wasn't. He suspected that he and Inez had misunderstood the details of their meeting. Echo offered to stand in, but Clint declined. She proposed that he let her know if he wanted to talk to someone who understood him, because she would be there for him.

Eli drove Starr's car with Dani beside him, and Hope and Starr in the back seat. Eli gruffly told Dani that she was smart to have taken her sister's advice and to follow his orders. Dani began to yell at Eli again, and she told him he was sick and twisted. She wanted to know how Eli had been able to kill his own brother.

Starr asked Eli to pull over somewhere so that she could change Hope's diaper and feed her. Eli was annoyed, and he was having difficulty concentrating on his driving. Starr suggested that Eli allow her to drop Hope off with family. Eli had no tolerance for the girls and threatened to kill someone in the car.

Eli looked as though he might pass out, and Starr offered to drive. She didn't want everyone to be hurt in an accident if Eli fainted. He was obviously in pain and sweating profusely. Starr began to sing to Hope as Eli closed his eyes. Dani grabbed the wheel, and Starr moved up front to drive. Eli climbed into the back seat. Dani began to yell at Eli again, and he told her to shut up. Starr suggested that Eli go to a hospital, but he reminded her that he had a gunshot wound and would be questioned. He ordered her to drive to the next town.

John arranged for roadblocks, and Natalie reached Starr's place to remove evidence for testing. She asked Todd to sign his name to a form to enable her to obtain information from the hospital regarding the girls' blood types. She told Todd how sorry she was for all that had happened. "We're all sorry," he replied. John assured him they were doing all that they could, but it wasn't enough for Todd. He told John what it was like for a parent.

He stated that John had no idea what it meant to be holding one's newborn baby for the first time. It was small and helpless and belonged to the parent. It was the parent's own flesh and blood, and it was a joy and big responsibility, along with potential heartbreak. If someone harmed a parent's child, it made the parent do and feel things. A parent would even step in front of a train to save their child. John listened quietly and confessed that he got it. He assured Todd that they would find the girls. Natalie listened to the men, sight unseen.

Natalie walked into the room and advised the men that she had all the samples she needed. She promised to get the results for Todd as soon as possible. John walked her out and assured her that nothing bad would happen. They wrapped their arms around each other, and Natalie left.

John returned to the apartment and asked if Todd needed anything. Todd asked for a straitjacket since he believed he might be losing his mind. He told John about the phone call he thought he had received from Téa. John was thoughtful, but he attributed it to Todd's grief. He suggested that it was just a hallucination. Todd didn't agree.

John proposed that Todd visit with Blair and his sons. Todd wondered why he hadn't received a phone call from Eli yet, asking for a ransom. He thought that Eli was all about the money. John wanted to return to the station, and he thought that Todd should leave too. Todd asked for a minute to be alone. John accepted Todd's request and expressed his sympathy for all that Todd was going through.

The car with Eli, Dani, Starr, and Hope turned up at the Cherryvale clinic parking area. Just as they pulled up, Starr spotted Detective Price. He was leaving the clinic and was on the phone. She reached over to flash the headlights at him, but Eli was too fast. He grabbed her hand and held the gun at Starr's back.

Eli was furious and accused Starr of being just like her mother. He threatened to shoot Hope and told the girls they were probably lucky that they were in a public place. He wanted Starr to go inside to retrieve medical supplies for him. He insisted he would harm Hope if Starr tried anything.

Dani offered to go inside instead, because she thought it best that Starr remain behind to look after Hope. Eli continued his threats, and the girls gave each other a huge hug. Starr was sorry about Ross, and Dani apologized for doubting Todd. Starr whispered that they'd get out of their tight spot, but in case they didn't, she thought that Dani was the best sister she could ever have.

After Dani had gone, Starr asked Eli for permission to take Hope out of the car. She needed to change her daughter's diaper. Eli reluctantly agreed. Starr stood the little girl on the ground and whispered into her ear. She pointed Hope to the door and told her to run. The little girl took off, and Starr returned to the car. Eli's eyes were closed, and the gun was resting loosely in his hand. She reached for it.

Outside of Greg's room, Shaun ordered Destiny to be quiet so that Greg would have a chance to remain calm and recover. Destiny returned to her brother's room, and Shaun turned and saw Natalie .He advised her that Greg was awake. He walked off, and Destiny left the room in search of a doctor. Natalie entered and went up to Greg. "Téa's alive," he muttered when he saw her.

Rex returned to Llanfair and warned Viki that Echo was "sticking around." Viki was beside herself. "You're hired," she informed Rex.

Téa finally made it out of bed, but she found herself unable to stand and walk without difficulty. She grabbed onto the bedside table as she began to fall. She returned to the bed. Dani wandered around in search of the medical supplies. She spotted a cartful, and just as she began to reach for them, the orderly walked up to it. "Can I help you?" he asked her.

Dani told the orderly she was just visiting, but he told her visiting hours were over. He wondered if she were okay. She explained that she had been sleeping, and he wheeled the cart away. Spotting a patient's room nearby, she headed over towards it. She figured there had to be supplies inside.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Matthew stopped by the police station to visit his dad because he felt lonely at home. He sat down with some homework, and he and Bo had a chat about the ongoing search for Eli and about the legal system. Matthew pointed out that Eli had been arrested previously, but Bo stated that the system didn't always work. Matthew thought that was stupid and informed his father that if it were up to him, he'd "string him up." Bo was perturbed to hear his son talk like that. He stepped away to conduct some business and returned to his office shortly after.

He advised Matthew that there was no news of Starr and Dani, and he asked Matthew about his homework. Matthew disclosed that he had completed his homework and was working on a "statistical analysis" for Clint regarding companies that Clint was thinking of buying. "Sounds like fun," Bo deadpanned. "It is," Matthew replied. Bo was happy that Matthew enjoyed work at Buchanan Enterprises, but he wanted to get back to Matthew's earlier comment about what Matthew would do to Eli.

Bo asked if Matthew had heard Clint say something similar, but Matthew wasn't certain. He thought that he might have heard Asa say it. Bo asked if Matthew really felt like that, and Matthew responded that one couldn't go around kidnapping innocent people. Bo maintained that was why there were laws, but Matthew matter-of-factly answered that the law didn't always work, and Bo had said as much himself. Matthew answered that Bo knew Eli was guilty, so it was easy for Bo to decide what should be done.

Bo couldn't understand why Matthew would believe in a one-man judge and jury. He might not always be right, Bo added. Matthew thought that was why the business world was better. The boss was always right, he said.

Bo was troubled with Matthew's latest remark, and he left the office and returned again without any news. He offered to drive his son home. Matthew was sorry because he knew that both Bo and Nora had important jobs, though they didn't always succeed. He pointed out that Clint was always guaranteed success with the small profit margin that he looked at. Bo thought that it made Clint feel like he was able to control things that way. "What's wrong with that?" Matthew wanted to know. "Nothing," Bo replied. "But you can't."

At the hospital, Greg was barely awake, but managed to tell Natalie that Téa was alive. "That's not possible," Natalie exclaimed. She was unable to get any further information because Greg went back to sleep. She stepped out of the room and ran into Marty. Natalie advised Marty that Greg had regained consciousness. Marty revealed that the doctor had been tortured, but she refused to expand on that, and reminded Natalie that it was privileged patient information. Natalie asked whether Greg had said anything about Eli when he had confided to Marty. "No, Téa," Marty replied.

Natalie wanted to talk to Marty about Téa, and the pair argued over whether Marty should reveal anything she'd heard during doctor and patient discussions. Natalie thought Marty was just jealous or angry at Natalie, and she needed to get over it. Marty noted that she had a responsibility to her patients, but Natalie accused her of protecting Eli.

Marty clarified that it was Greg she had spoken to, and he might have been feeling angry and guilty over losing a patient. She thought that Natalie should try to imagine someone else suffering because it could help in her line of work too. Suddenly, Natalie apologized. She hadn't realized that Marty would be in agony due to Starr and Hope being taken hostage. Marty gasped, since she was unaware of what had transpired.

Téa tried to get out of her bed at the Cherryvale clinic, but she crashed to the bed and knocked items around her onto the floor. She climbed back into bed and waited for a few moments, and then she tried again. "It's now or never," she told herself. She grabbed her robe from a nearby chair. "Todd and Dani, here I come," she said.

Téa didn't notice that her framed family photo was on the floor. She made it to the fifth floor stairwell and began to walk down the stairs. It was a painful struggle, and Téa took it slowly, holding onto the handrail tightly for dear life. She peered down the stairs; the bottom looked extremely far away.

Dani was on the prowl for medical supplies for Eli, and after an orderly nearly caught her, she spied Room 521 close by. She pushed open the door and called out. When she didn't receive any response, she walked inside. The room was empty, but she found some supplies on a cart. She shoved them into a bag and didn't see her family photo on the floor. She ran out of the room and straight into the same orderly who had instructed her to leave earlier. "What are you still doing here?" he demanded.

Dani insisted she was just leaving, but he asked what was in her bag. He didn't recall her with a bag when he had first seen her. Dani said nothing was in it, but he accused her of stealing something. He had to call his supervisor, and he rushed off to make a call on the hallway phone. Dani recalled Eli's threats if she told anyone the truth, and she ran after the orderly.

Dani begged the orderly not to make the call, and revealed that the supplies were for her sister who had no insurance, so she couldn't go to the emergency room he suggested. She had taken antiseptic and bandages. The orderly felt sorry for her and agreed to let her go. He promised that he wouldn't report the theft right away. He had an entire hallway to mop up, and it could take awhile.

Out in the parking garage, Starr climbed out of the car and urged Hope to run for the door. She got back into the car and attempted to grab a sleeping Eli's gun, but she wasn't successful. He awoke and seized her hand. She lied that she had tried to wake him up, and Hope was in the front seat. Dani was still looking for the supplies he wanted. He accused Starr of trying to get away. She struggled to release herself from his grip and finally managed to run from the car. Eli was right behind her. He took hold of her and got her back into the car.

An intense scuffle ensued, and Eli threatened to go after Hope. Starr was finally able to defeat Eli in his weakened state, and she slammed the door on his hand as she pulled away and darted from the car. She found Hope standing nearby, picked the girl up quickly, and headed for the closest stairwell. She began to head up the stairs.

By the time Téa reached the third floor, she was scared of the other footsteps she'd heard, and she left the stairs. She steadied herself and caught her breath on the other side of the stairway door. She looked around in fright. Starr passed the doorway where Téa was sitting on the other side.

Todd arrived home and found an angry Blair waiting for him because he had failed to pick her and the boys up. Todd broke the news of the girls' kidnapping. He sadly told Blair that Eli had Starr, Hope, and Dani. The babysitter had been killed. He related that John believed the girls were okay, but Blair reminded Todd of the babysitter, another teenage girl who had been shot. Todd explained that John hadn't found any evidence that the girls had been hurt.

Tood thought that Blair might be able to figure out Eli's next step, but Blair said she really didn't know Eli. She was only familiar with the Eli that he wanted her to see, and the real Eli was a murderer and a con artist. Todd assumed that Eli had a plan, and he had taken the girls for money. Blair was concerned that it wasn't about the money at all, but Todd thought it always was. Eli wouldn't hurt the girls because they were useful, he explained. Blair again pointed out that Eli had murdered the babysitter, but Todd figured that Eli had done what he had to in the moment.

Blair thought they should consider revenge, and that Eli wanted to get back at them. She began to cry that she wanted her babies back. Todd wondered if Téa had really wanted Ross to look after Dani because she was afraid that Todd would ruin Dani's life like he had with his other kids. Blair pointed out all of the good qualities in their children and assured him the kids were great. Todd and Blair were always there for their kids, and Téa knew it. That's why she had wanted Todd and Dani to make peace. Blair stated that they needed to remember that John was on the case. "He always gets his man," Todd muttered.

Cole left Starr a phone message and explained that he was at his mother's house. He was watching over Hannah, who might be in danger with Eli on the loose. John arrived to see Marty, but Cole explained she was at the hospital with a patient. John wondered whether Cole had seen or heard from Starr. Cole hadn't, but he was certain that Starr was fine. There was plenty of security at Todd's house, he stated. John divulged that Eli had kidnapped Starr, Hope, and Dani, and he was unaware of how the three had all ended up at Cole's apartment. He informed Cole of the death of Hope's babysitter.

Cole was panic-stricken as he told John it was his family that was gone. He wondered how John would react if it had happened to him. John assured Cole he was on top of things. He believed that Eli had wanted Dani. Cole asked what Eli might do if he realized that he didn't need the others. John declared that more hostages were better, since Eli most likely wanted ransom money.

Cole knew that Todd would pay. John asked Cole to remain calm, but Cole wanted to rush out. John threatened to place Cole in a cell. He wanted Cole to stay there so that the girls would see him when they got home.

Cole worried that John wouldn't be able to accomplish that, but John promised that wouldn't be the case. After John left, Cole was beside himself with worry. He said he should have been there for Starr, because his family was first. Hannah understood and told him to leave to do whatever it was he had to do. Eli had other hostages, so she was sure she'd be safe.

As Starr headed up to the fourth floor at Cherryvale clinic, Téa emerged from the third floor and continued down the stairs. Starr looked down and saw a woman below, but she continued to head up. Téa reached the bottom just as Eli pulled open the door to go after Starr. He was stunned to see Téa standing there.

"Oh my God, Eli, thank God," Téa cried out as she fell into his arms. She tried to tell him about the room she had been trapped in, and told him that he had no idea of what was going on. "You're right, I had no idea," Eli told her. He thought her prognosis had been grim, he said. Téa only knew that she had woken up in Cherryvale, and Greg had told her that a miracle had occurred. Her tumor was gone. "Lucky girl," Eli replied.

He led Téa to the car as she explained that she had no idea how long she'd been there. Greg had disappeared. She had to get to her family. Eli was surprised that she hadn't seen them, and he agreed that it was time for her to get home. A happy Téa called him an angel. She suddenly realized that Eli was bleeding, and he told her that was why he was at the clinic. Téa thought it looked like a gunshot wound and wondered what had happened. Eli told her that her husband had shot him.

Eli put Téa into the trunk of the car, smiling smugly at the turn his day had taken.

Dani raced down the stairs with her supplies and out the door to an impatient Eli. He told her that Starr had taken off because she really didn't care what happened to Dani. He had all the hostages he needed anyway, he informed her. He ordered Dani into the car. Dani wondered if Eli would shoot her, but she told him she didn't care. She was happy that Starr and Hope had gotten away. She told Eli he was a monster.

Eli ordered her to put her seatbelt on because he needed her in one piece. "Go to hell," was Dani's response. He held a gun on her, but she was confused. She thought he wanted her in one piece. Eli asked what Dani's mother would think about the seatbelt. Dani replied that her mother was dead, but she put the seatbelt on. Eli smirked.

Starr ran into the vacant Room 521 and barricaded the door with the medicine cart. Hope picked up the family photo. Starr was surprised to see it, but she assumed that Dani had dropped it. She looked for a phone but, unable to find one in the room, went back out into the hallway. She picked up the phone to call the police, but she remembered Eli's threats. She placed a call to Cole, but was troubled when Hannah answered the phone. Hannah explained that Cole had left the phone behind at Marty's house.

Starr confirmed that she had been kidnapped, but she had gotten away. She couldn't call the cops, but she told Hannah she was at the Cherryvale clinic. She even gave Hannah the room number and said she was barricaded in the room. She wanted Cole to get her and to be careful, since Eli might be in the garage. Hannah declared that Starr and Hope were the most important people in Cole's life, and she would be sure to get the information to him. Starr told Hannah to hurry. Starr promised Hope that Daddy would be there soon.

Soon, there was knock on the door of Room 521. Starr eagerly opened it but was astonished to see that it was Hannah. Cole couldn't make it, Hannah said.

Marty was distressed to hear about the kidnapping, and Natalie was speechless. She thought that John would have told Marty the news. Just then, John arrived and glared at Natalie when he realized what she had done. He had been looking for Marty at her house, he explained. He'd found Cole instead. Marty raced off.

John and Natalie stood outside of Greg's room. John put together some of the facts and noted that Price had learned that Greg had a woman patient at Cherryvale. He wondered if it were Eli who was there instead. He decided it was time for him to pay a visit to the clinic. Natalie went back into Greg's room and spoke to the unconscious man. She asked if he were full of regret, and she asked him if Téa was really alive.

Cole returned to his apartment and saw the place cordoned off with police crime scene tape. He knocked it down and went inside. He was disturbed to find the place in total disarray, the sure sign of some kind of struggle. He saw the blood and picked up one of Hope's toys. Finally, Marty arrived, and he fell weeping into her arms. He was worried that he'd lose his family, but Marty was certain they were only being held for ransom. Cole was sorry about the way things might end, since the last time he'd seen Starr they'd had a fight.

Marty soothed her son as Cole continued. He wouldn't blame Starr if she didn't talk to him. He had been too busy protecting Hannah while he'd left Starr and Hope alone. If something happened, it was his fault, he uttered.

John arrived at Cherryvale and looked around the parking garage. Suddenly, he heard a car tearing off at top speed. He had his gun drawn, but he was unable to use it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

At Llanfair, on the phone, Viki told Todd to call her if Blair and Todd needed anything, as Clint walked into the room. When Clint informed Viki that he had heard what had happened, and that he was sorry, Viki ran into his arms. Viki broke free and stated that she was worried about Todd, although she thanked Clint "for the shoulder." Clint said that he had just received a visit from "a familiar face," and Viki frowned.

Viki expressed shock that Echo had returned to Llanview, and Clint and Viki discovered that they had each hired a private investigator to check on Echo. Viki informed Clint that she had hired Rex, and Clint asked Viki to share any information that Rex turned up. As Viki started to take a tray upstairs to Jessica, Clint volunteered to take it instead.

In her bed, Jessica read the headline, "Clarke Causes Chaos," on her laptop, when Brody walked over and kissed her. Jessica worried that her cousins were kidnapped, and Brody pleaded with Jessica not to worry. Brody insisted that the police would find them and "bring them home." Brody said that the situation had made him realize just how good they had it. "The last night, when I was searching for Starr, Dani, and Hope, all I could think about was how lucky we are to be having a kid. And even if Ford is the father, this baby is a part of you, Jessica, like Bree is a part of you. And we both know how much I love her. So, it's all good." Brody and Jessica kissed.

After Brody left Jessica's room, Clint and Viki arrived with the tray. Jessica informed them that Brody might not be the father of her baby. Jessica related the events of prom night, and Clint was furious that some scum had taken advantage of his daughter. When Jessica revealed that Ford might be the father, Viki remarked that Jessica was not his first victim. Jessica explained that Ford had not forced himself on her; however, Viki and Clint insisted that Jessica had not been in her right mind. Jessica indicated that Ford did not want the baby, even if it was his. Viki knew that Brody would love the baby, no matter what, as Clint stood up to leave. Before Clint left, Viki begged him not to make matters worse.

Jessica suspected that Clint was headed straight to Ford. Jessica then told Viki that she would be able to test the baby, and Viki encouraged her to have the test, so "at least, you will know it, you can accept it, and you can move on." Viki reminded Jessica that Brody would love the baby, just as Clint had loved Kevin, Joey, and Jessica. Jessica smiled.

At the Sun, Kelly prepped the volunteers to "man the phones" for a hot line. Rex entered the room, as Kelly begged the volunteers to ask for help, so that Dani, Starr, and Hope could return safely. When Rex claimed that Kelly was handling the emergency "like a champ," Kelly stated that she was doing what needed to be done. Rex hugged Kelly.

As she wiped away her tears, Kelly said, "That will teach you to be at the wrong place at the wrong time." Rex replied, "At least, no one's naked." Kelly laughed and thanked Rex for his shoulder. When Kelly wondered about Rex's visit, Rex requested to review her archives at the tabloid for his client. Rex then informed Kelly that Viki was his client. Rex told Kelly that his investigation was on Echo diSavoy.

Rex explained about Clint and Echo's past affair. He added that Echo had believed that Clint had killed her mother. Echo had wanted revenge, and when Clint "got wind of it," he had tried to break things off. Echo had then attempted to commit suicide, but Clint had tried to stop her. However, Echo had been able to throw herself off of the bridge, and Clint had been blamed. Rex pointed out that Echo had tried to fake her own death, and Kelly expressed sympathy for Clint. However, Rex yelled that Clint deserved no sympathy. Rex then covered that it was because Clint had cheated on Viki.

Kelly only hoped that Ms. diSavoy "went away," because she sounded like trouble. Rex pondered that Echo had promised to stay out of town, but that he had found a speeding ticket, which Echo had received less than a year later. Rex then said that he needed to check on Viki and left.

Back at Llanfair, Rex informed Viki that Echo had wanted everyone to believe that she was returning for the first time since Clint's trial. However, Rex revealed that after her fling with Clint, Echo had returned less than a year after she had left. Viki wondered why Echo had returned, and Rex indicated that it was his job to find that out. Rex then ensured Viki that Echo would not hurt her again.

At La Boulaie, Dorian expressed hope to Langston that one of her constituents would call the hot line with information regarding the kidnapping. Langston informed her that she had put the news on MyFace, and she hoped that it would help. When Langston offered to get Dorian coffee, Dorian refused and then requested that Langston eat breakfast. The doorbell rang.

Dorian opened the door to a nosy reporter, who took a picture, as the flash blinded Dorian. Dorian was outraged, but the reporter pointed out that she was indeed Echo. Dorian called Echo a slut in French, as she reminisced on a past incident, when Echo had claimed that she had not meant to break Clint and Viki up. Echo insisted that she was wounded by the insult, because she believed that she and Dorian had been friends. Dorian declared that Echo was "too smart a cookie" to think that they were ever friends.

After Dorian pointed out that she was the Llanview mayor, Echo handed Dorian the flyer. Echo insisted that her heart went out to Dorian, and Dorian exclaimed, "That would come in handy, if only you had a heart. Thank you for your concern." When Dorian tried to slam the door, Echo slyly caught it with her foot.

After Dorian thanked the caller on the phone for rounding up volunteers, she discovered Echo in her house. Echo claimed that she and Dorian had much in common, "unless, of course, you've lost your desire to see Queen Victoria miserable." Dorian insisted that she had "nothing but respect for Viki." Echo asked how Dorian's respect for Clint was since Dorian had once accused Clint of murdering Echo. Dorian pointed out, "Obviously, I was wrong, because here you are, still the same conniving schemer you always were."

Echo observed that what Dorian had done to "Chuckles" was worse than anything that Echo had done and reminded her also that Dorian had once stolen Buchanan Enterprises from Clint. Echo indicated that "great minds" thought alike, and Dorian exclaimed, "The day my mind resembles yours, I'll check myself into a mental hospital."

Echo squealed that David was "yummy," even though he had left Dorian at the altar. Dorian screamed and demanded to know the reason for Echo's visit. When Dorian threatened to have Echo arrested, Echo explained that "Chuckles" was the reason she had returned to Llanview. Dorian stressed that Charlie was devoted to Viki, and Echo insisted that she had really only wanted a job at the Banner. Echo sneered that Viki had refused. Echo then promised, "And that was a mistake."

Dorian believed that Echo was delusional, but Echo insisted that she was just a good reporter. She told Dorian that she could print a picture of a grief-stricken Dorian in the newspapers, and Dorian was outraged that Echo would exploit her grief. Dorian yelled that Echo was a vulture and threw her out, as Echo snapped a picture of Dorian.

At Marty's, Hannah walked through the front door, and Marty expressed her relief to see the young woman. Marty had feared that Eli "had gotten to" Hannah also. Hannah related that she had been passing out flyers most of the night. When Marty asked about the scratches on her neck, Hannah claimed that she had "tripped into some bushes."

Marty wanted to apply medication on the scratches, but Hannah refused and insisted that she was better off than Starr and Hope. Marty insisted that Eli would not kill her grandchild, and they hugged.

In the Llanview Police Station, the reporters waited in the lobby for the commissioner's official statement regarding the kidnapping. Bo announced that the police department was seeking Eli Clarke, as he held up a flyer with Eli's picture, and declared that Eli had last been spotted in Cherryville, Pennsylvania. Bo reported that all three victims had been in the car at the time, and that John had given "chase." However, Bo related that he did not know the location of the vehicle or of the three girls at that time.

James and Nate watched, as Bo then thanked his assistant, Inez, who had organized the volunteers to distribute the flyers. Bo hoped that Eli would reach out to Todd Manning to negotiate for the girls' release. Cole walked into the station.

Once he spotted James, Cole grabbed him and yelled, "You bastard! Starr and Hope would be safe right now, if it weren't for you." Cole believed that James was not satisfied that he had only drawn Starr into the mess, but that he had to put Hope in danger too. James exclaimed that he was sorry, but Cole punched him anyway. James punched Cole in return, and they scuffled on the floor.

Bo broke up the fight, but Cole and James continued to yell at each other. Nate exclaimed that Cole should be yelling at him, not James. Cole reminded Bo that James had a court order against him, which James had ignored, and Cole wanted Bo to lock James up.

In his office, Bo sympathized with Cole but stressed that Cole was blaming the wrong guy, because Eli was to blame. Bo insisted that Cole return home. Bo then declared that he would find Starr and Hope.

After the fight, Inez walked with Ford, who insisted that James had only been trying to help his brother. Bobby thanked Inez, because she had gotten him his job back.

James told Nate that he no longer cared about anything, and that included James's possible arrest, until Starr and Hope safely returned. Later, Inez placed an icepack on James's face and wondered if Bo would put James in jail. Bo walked out of his office and announced to James, "You're free to go." Inez thanked Bo, who felt that the brothers were punishing themselves enough.

When Ford asked Brody about the baby, Brody declared that it had to stop, because Bobby was not supposed to care. Ford held up a flyer and claimed that Hope had changed his mind. "A baby girl's missing. That puts things in a whole new light." However, Ford told Brody that he was not making a claim to the baby. Brody stressed that Ford should put it out of his mind -- permanently.

After Clint arrived at the police station, Bobby thanked Clint. Ford insisted that he would never forget what Clint had done for him. Clint slyly stated that there were some things that were never forgotten.

Later, Clint saw Inez and told her that he knew why she had been unable to make their date at the restaurant. When Inez tried to thank Clint for his favor to Bobby, he stated that Ford had already thanked him. After Inez indicated that Bobby should think of some kind of repayment, Clint claimed that he would think of a way to repay Ford.

Back at Llanfair, Jessica announced to Brody that she would have the paternity test, because she did not want to run from the truth. Brody agreed. "You're right. We need to know it, and if Ford's the father, I will make my peace with that, so I can start making this baby mine in every way that counts." Jessica and Brody kissed.

In the lobby at La Boulaie, Langston opened the door to Markko. When Markko expressed his sympathy and offered his help, Langston softly cried, "Markko." He took Langston in his arms. Markko informed Langston that he would be visiting Cole and wanted Langston to accompany him.

As Langston walked down the stairs, Markko told her to be strong for Cole. Ford walked up to the open front door and saw Langston and Markko embrace. When Langston spotted Bobby, he told Langston that she was in good hands. As Ford started to leave, Langston thanked him.

Later, at Marty's, Hannah carried out tea for Marty, and Marty thanked her. Hannah returned the thanks, because Marty had given her a home, even after Hannah had lied. Hannah regretted that she had interfered with Cole and Starr and believed that she was the reason that Starr and Hope were missing. When Marty asked how that could be, Hannah explained that Cole should have been with Starr and Hope, instead of her. Marty insisted that Hannah had done nothing wrong, as Cole walked through the door.

When Marty saw Cole's injured eye, Cole revealed that he had gotten into a fight with James over Starr. However, Cole admitted that James had not been to blame, and that it was Eli, who had kidnapped Starr and Hope. Cole felt helpless, because he knew that Eli did not care about Starr or Hope. Marty indicated that she would rush to the police station for news and left.

Still at the station, Nate told James that he would finally tell Dani that he loved her, although James claimed that Dani already knew. When Nate insisted that James tell Starr, also, James exclaimed, "Maybe...but if she gets out of this, I swear to God, I will stop trying to get her to love me back."

In Bo's office, Bo regretfully stated, "Marty, I'm sorry. I can't tell you where John is right now, because it's classified. But I promise you, as soon as I find out anything, you and Cole will know it too." Marty quietly said, "Thank you," as Bo replied, "Sure." After Marty walked out, Bo answered the phone. "Talk to me, John. Tell me something good. You found them? You found the girls?"

Still at Marty's, Cole noticed Hannah, who was near tears, and he asked if she were okay. Hannah yelled that she would never be okay, and Cole asked if that was because of Starr. Hannah cried to Cole, "I can't stand it. I can't let you suffer like this. I have to tell you something." Cole asked, "Tell me what?" Hannah answered, "What really happened to Starr and Hope."

Thursday, October 14, 2010

At the police station, Natalie was reading Téa's obituary on the computer. Nora wondered why, and Natalie told Nora that, when she had talked to Greg, Greg had said Téa's name. Nora wasn't surprised. When Natalie tried to tell her what else Greg had said about Téa, Bo emerged from his office and informed the women that John had found Starr's car. He asked Natalie to work the scene, and she left. Bo looked at Natalie's computer and wondered why Natalie had been reading the obituary. Nora explained what Natalie had told her, but reasoned that it was probably not be important.

Later, Bo and Nora were sharing a meal in Bo's office when Nora handed him some paperwork. They were open warrants for Bo so he could search wherever he wanted to in the county for the missing girls. In exchange, Nora wanted Eli "in leg irons." Nora explained that she prayed Téa wouldn't sign up to defend Eli, but then she remembered that Téa was gone. The two raved about Téa and shared their disbelief that she was dead. They realized how lucky they were and shared a kiss.

Dani woke up in a warehouse and walked around, visibly upset. She found a door and tried to open it, but Eli stopped her before she could. On the other side of the door, Téa woke up and wondered what was happening to her. Dani demanded to know where Eli had taken her. Eli explained that they were in an abandoned warehouse with thick walls in a "forgotten corner" of the state. He ordered her to sit down, and pushed her into a chair when she wouldn't. He tied her to the chair as Dani threatened that Starr would lead the cops to them.

Blair told Todd that her mother had the boys with her in the mountains. Todd said that Blair should be with them, but she refused to go anywhere. In the living room of Todd's house, the FBI had tables set up, tapping the phones in case Eli called. Blair thought that there might be something wrong, since Eli hadn't called yet. Todd hoped Eli was dead. The two went through different scenarios until Todd said that the longer Eli waited to call, the more money he thought he would get. Just then, the phone rang. Everyone put headphones on to listen to the call. Todd answered the phone to Eli.

John and Theo spotted a car that looked like Starr's and confirmed it by the license plate. Natalie arrived, and the three examined the car. John picked up a bracelet that belonged to Starr just as his phone rang. "I'm on my way," he said into the phone, and explained to Natalie that Eli had finally made contact. John left, and Natalie and Theo continued bagging bloody bandages for evidence. They decided to check the trunk as well.

Todd demanded for Eli to put the girls on the phone. Eli told Todd that he wouldn't talk to Starr until Eli could talk to Blair. After arguing with Eli, Todd gave the phone to Blair. As Blair mouthed off at Eli, John entered and warned her to "be cool." On the other end of the line, Eli covered the phone and ordered Dani to tell Blair that she was all right. She did, but she also told them that Starr and Hope had gotten away.

Eli immediately took the phone away from her and told her that he had warned her. While this was happening, Téa pushed a chair to a high window. As she attempted to reach the window, she fell off the chair. Dani heard the sound and asked what it was. Eli dragged Dani's chair far away from the door and told her to pay no attention to it. Then, Dani told Blair what Eli had instructed her to say: Starr and Hope were in the next room; she just couldn't see them.

Todd got on the phone, and Dani apologized for not believing Todd when he'd said he hadn't killed Ross. Eli got back on the phone and demanded fifty million dollars from Todd if he wanted his girls back. He hung up and the FBI agent told Blair, Todd, and John that they hadn't been able to trace the call. Blair yelled at them and finally asked Todd why Eli wouldn't put Starr on the phone. John reminded Blair that the girls were worth more to Eli if they were alive. He told Blair that he had found Starr's car, and he handed Starr's bracelet to Blair.

Natalie and Theo determined that the trunk was too clean. Natalie found a hair and bagged it for evidence. Theo explained to Natalie that he must have just missed Eli at the Cherryvale clinic. They talked about the patient Greg had there, and Natalie informed Theo that Greg had told her that Téa was alive. The two agreed that something wasn't right and speculated about why Greg would have a patient at Cherryvale. Natalie asked Theo if he thought it could be Téa. They both thought it was crazy, but left to check it out anyway.

At the Cherryvale clinic, an orderly told Natalie and Theo that the employees weren't supposed to talk to anyone after the incidents of the previous night. Natalie asked about Greg's patient and the orderly informed her that the nurse had quit with no explanation that morning and had taken all of the patient's files with her. The orderly left. As Natalie turned to leave, Theo told her not to do anything stupid.

Natalie entered Todd's house and got stares from John, Todd, and Blair. She mumbled that Bo had sent her to get something and went into the living room. Blair tearfully explained the significance of Starr's bracelet. John promised that he would return the girls safe. He reminded Blair of when the drug dealers had kidnapped Starr. She was smart and would know what to do.

Todd entered the living room and asked what Natalie was doing carrying the urn with Téa's ashes.

Téa lay on the floor, praying for help. She got onto her knees and leaned on the bed. She knew she wasn't the most devout person, but prayed to God -- if not for herself, then for Todd and Dani -- to help her find her way home. On the other side of the wall, Dani yelled at Eli to let her see Starr. Téa was shocked to hear Dani's voice. Eli covered Dani's mouth and ran to Téa's room. "Daniela's here. I just heard her voice!" she said.

Starr woke up in a strange room, saying Cole's name. Starr knocked on the locked door in the room, but no one answered. She looked through a box of books and found one with Hannah's name written on the inside. Starr flashed back to the night before and remembered Hannah finding her and Hope in the Cherryvale clinic. Starr gave Hope some food and assured her that they would get home soon.

Starr looked around the room and found a window, but it was too high to reach. She remembered more from the night before and knew she shouldn't have trusted Hannah. She remembered that Hannah had said she couldn't find Cole. However, when Starr tried to leave the hospital room, Hannah wouldn't let her leave. Starr had eventually realized that Hannah had never tried to find Cole at all.

Starr promised her daughter that everything would be all right. She played with Hope and remembered the night before when Hannah had told Starr that things would be different if Starr weren't in the picture. The two had argued, and Hannah had put a toy frog of Hope's into her purse. As Starr went to exit the hospital room, Hannah had grabbed something and hit Starr over the head. Everything had gone black.

Cole begged Hannah to tell him what she knew about Starr. There was a knock on the door, and Cole answered it to Langston and Markko. They wondered if there was any news, but then asked if they were interrupting anything when they spotted Hannah. Hannah told Cole that she thought everything would work out. Hannah went into the kitchen to get everyone drinks and listened to the three talk about how "creepy" it was that Hannah was there.

Hannah reentered the room and told Langston and Markko that she understood why they didn't trust her, but she was glad to have Cole as a friend. Hannah announced that she had to go to an appointment. Cole said he would walk her, since it wasn't safe. Hannah grabbed her purse and a toy frog fell out. When Cole and Hannah were gone, Langston and Markko agreed that they didn't trust Hannah. Just then, Langston found the toy frog on the floor.

Cole arrived at the police station and asked Bo if there was any news. Bo informed Cole about the ransom demand, and added that Dani said Starr wasn't with her. When Cole asked where Starr was, Bo replied that they didn't know. Cole didn't like the sound of that.

Starr put Hope in the crib and promised that she would find a way out. She walked around the room and found a baseball bat. She warned Hope to cover her ears and prepared to swing at the door. Before she could, the door opened and Hannah appeared.

Friday, October 15, 2010

At the Llanview Police Station, Cole told Marty that he feared for Starr and Hope's safety, because Eli had contacted Todd for ransom. Marty insisted that Cole return home for rest, but Cole refused. Marty stressed that nobody could have predicted what Eli would do, which was why everyone had thought that Eli would "go after Hannah." Cole related to his mother that "ever since Starr and Hope went missing, Hannah has been great." Cole declared that once Starr returned home, he would do everything he could to fix things with Starr. Marty wished that there were some way that she could help Cole, but then she had an idea.

At the Manning Estate, as the evidence technician monitored the phone calls, Todd discovered Natalie with Téa's urn and screamed that Téa only wanted to rest in peace. Natalie exclaimed that Téa was not resting in peace, and Blair agreed that Téa would be unable to rest in peace with Dani missing. Todd grabbed the urn from Natalie and ran up the stairs.

Blair apologized to Natalie and explained that Todd was afraid that he would lose Dani. John walked up to them and declared that they would not be losing anyone. After Blair left to check on Todd, John confronted Natalie and inquired about what she had really been doing.

Later, Blair reminded Todd that Eli had wanted the 50 million dollars in ransom, therefore, Eli would have to return Dani, Starr, and Hope safely. John demanded that Todd not attempt to handle Eli, but Todd revealed that he would give Eli anything, even if it meant that Todd ended up being "broke and homeless."

John maintained that Todd should not take any action until the Federal Bureau of Investigation had instructed Todd on how to handle the ransom drop-off. Blair insisted that she would make sure of that. John told Blair and Todd that he would be in touch. John then escorted Natalie, who walked down the stairs, out of the mansion. Outside, Natalie revealed that she had been trying to find evidence that would prove that Téa was alive.

Marty and Cole arrived at the mansion, and Cole announced that Eli had not confirmed that Starr and Hope had been with him. Cole requested that he and his mother wait with Blair and Todd until they heard. Todd announced that he would give John just "one more opportunity to find my girls, and then all bets are off." Cole offered to sell his car and to cash in his bonds to help with the ransom, and Todd joked and asked if Cole would rob his piggy bank too. The phone rang, and the evidence technician monitored it.

Marty and Blair agreed that they had all been Eli's victims. Blair related that she and Téa had been mortal enemies, until Blair had discovered that Téa had been dying. Blair sadly laughed that Téa and Blair had become friends, after Blair had learned of Téa's diagnosis. Marty believed that even though Blair and Marty could bond over their mutual granddaughter's kidnapping, they would never be friends.

The evidence technician indicated that he could hear no background noise during Eli's call. Cole yelled, "Then try it again. There's no way we're gonna let Starr down."

Natalie and John returned to the police station, and Natalie updated John on Greg's female patient at the Cherryville Clinic. John remembered that Todd had stated that he had received a phone call from an unknown number, and Todd had claimed that "it was Téa's voice on the phone. He thought that he was going crazy." Natalie simply stated, "Maybe not."

Natalie pondered why Greg had told everyone that Téa was dead, if Téa was still alive. An officer handed records from the St. Kitts hospice to John, and John stated that the records revealed that Greg had personally transported Téa's body to the crematorium. John realized that Greg had taken advantage of Téa's weakened condition, yet Natalie wondered how Eli had manipulated Greg into doing that.

John told Natalie that a team would do "a full sweep" of the room at Cherryville. Natalie revealed that she had evidence in her purse, which she had swiped from John's "FBI buddies," and that she hoped to find at least one bone fragment to test. When John questioned what Natalie would use to test against, Natalie yanked out a bag of items taken from Téa's bathroom. Natalie announced, "I dropped the ashes and hair samples off at the lab for analysis." John speculated, "If they confirm what we suspect, those remains aren't Téa's." Natalie guessed, "And she's alive." Then John pondered, "The question is...where is she now?"

Starr was attempting to break down the door of the room, where she was held captive, just as Hannah opened it. Starr insisted that she had to leave, or that she would "take the bat and split your head open." Hannah quietly said, "I don't think so" and pointed a gun at Starr.

After Starr asked where Hannah had retrieved the gun, Hannah revealed that it had belonged to her father. Starr then realized that they were in Hannah's parents' house. Hannah claimed that the room was where she had stayed, while her parents had ignored her, and that her parents were touring Europe. When Starr told Hannah that she was sorry, Hannah stated, "Well, you should be, because right now, they're not back. It's only me, you, your little girl, and I have no intention of being ignored anymore."

Hannah declared that once Hope and Starr were "out of the way," Hannah could make things happen with Cole. When Starr expressed shock, Hannah explained that she would be available to help Cole with his grief. "And I'll be there for him. A shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, when the pain gets to be too much. And eventually, a warm bed, so he can move on."

Starr claimed that Cole, Marty, and John would continue to search for Starr and Hope, but Hannah reminded Starr that everyone thought that Starr and Hope were with Eli. Starr maintained that Cole would never stop looking for her, but Hannah said that Cole had a connection with Hannah, just as Starr had a connection with James. Starr insisted that Cole only had a connection with Hannah due to her lies, and that Hannah had manipulated Cole and Starr's relationship, which had caused a connection between Starr and James.

Hannah jerked James's bullet necklace off of Starr's neck and cried that the necklace proved that Starr and James still had a connection. Hannah demanded that Starr should stop pretending, and she then claimed that Starr could not stay away from James, even if she tried. When Hannah asked Starr why she continued to deny it, Starr agreed that the truth was that she loved James.

Starr maintained that she could no longer hurt Cole, and that she realized that Cole belonged to Hannah. When Starr insisted that she would break up with Cole, Hannah revealed that she still could not let Starr leave, as she continued to point the gun at Starr. However, Starr believed that Hannah could not shoot Starr or Hope. Hannah agreed with Starr but then said that she would not have to, because she could just leave them locked in the room. When Starr asked for how long, Hannah replied, "Just long enough for Cole to forget about you and fall in love with me." Hannah flew out the door.

After Hannah left, Starr cried to Hope, "Don't worry, Hope. I know Hannah was wrong when she said no one would find us. There are too many people who care about us. Someone will find us. Someone will find us."

At Starr's apartment, Langston showed Markko Hope's frog, as they heard a knock on the door. James asked to see Cole and stated that Cole had blamed him for what had happened to Starr and Hope. However, James wanted to remind Cole that he and Cole were on the same side. James wanted to ask for Cole's help, so that they could both find Starr, Hope, and Dani.

James told Langston and Markko that he and Cole had a vested interest in the girls' safe return home, when Markko's phone rang. Markko announced that he had to leave to pick up his dad's prescription drugs. Langston and Markko hugged goodbye. Once Markko left, Langston voiced to James, "You're trying to look the hero to Starr. That way, when she gets home, she'll choose you over Cole." However, James claimed that he "just wanted Starr back, safe and sound."

James asked if Langston, as Starr's best friend, believed that Starr was happy. Langston insisted that Starr loved Cole. James reminded Langston that she knew how it felt to care about two people at the same time. He then wondered why Bobby and Langston had not gotten back together. Langston evaded the issue and claimed that when Starr returned home, she would not need any more complications. James insisted that he cared too much about Starr to hurt her.

James then requested that Langston tell Cole that he had stopped by. As James left the apartment, he ran into Hannah, and the bullet necklace flew out of her purse. James exclaimed, "What are you doing with this?"

In the hospital, Destiny told her parents that Greg had opened his eyes, so she believed that he had to be better. After Mrs. Evans sent Destiny to get something to eat, she told her husband that Greg would do anything to protect Shaun and Destiny. Mr. Evans then wondered how Eli Clarke had found out what they had done.

Mrs. Evans believed that the secret was no longer worth keeping and said, "I think it's time we got everything out in the open." Mr. Evans was uncertain, because he feared what the secret would do to Shaun. However, Mrs. Evans felt that Destiny deserved to learn the truth, just as Destiny reentered the room. Destiny asked, "The truth about what?"

Mr. Evans covered and said that Greg's condition was very serious, which caused Destiny to fear that Greg would die. Destiny cried that Greg was always a superhero to her and balled, "And superheroes don't die." Mrs. Evans tried to comfort Destiny, but Destiny ran and threw her arms around Greg. "He can't leave me. He can't leave me."

Mrs. Evans reminded Destiny that no one had said that Greg would die. Destiny admitted that since it was almost her birthday, Greg would not want to miss it. Mrs. Evans believed that Destiny's birthday would give Greg the will to live. Destiny hoped that Greg would regain that will, since he had lost it when Téa had died "on his watch."

As Téa was held captive in a locked room, she told Eli that she had heard Dani's voice, and that Dani had called out for Starr. Eli claimed that Téa was confused, because she missed her daughter. Téa thanked Eli for removing her from the hospital but then wondered where they were. Téa questioned why Eli had stated that Todd had shot Eli.

Téa remembered that she had been in a hospice in the Caribbean, because she had learned that she would die. She then reflected that Greg had informed her that she would not die, while she was in the Cherryville Clinic. Téa wondered why the staff at the clinic had not let her use the phone. Eli remarked that Greg had not done what he was supposed to do. When Téa questioned what that was, Eli stated, "Kill you."

Téa insisted that she was not dying and claimed that she just wanted "to get to her daughter." At the same time, Dani struggled in the next room, as she tried to free herself from the ropes that tied her to the chair. Téa begged Eli for a phone, so that she could call Dani and Todd, because she wanted to let them know where she was. Eli responded, "Sorry, Téa. I'm afraid you're not going anywhere." Téa asked, "Why not?" Eli replied, "Because you're a dead woman."

When Téa pointed out that she was still alive, Eli reminded her that everyone else believed that she had died months before. After Téa cried and asked why Eli had stated that Greg was supposed to have killed her, Eli claimed that her death had been the plan, and that Greg had given Téa the diagnosis that Eli had wanted. "Téa, I thought that you were smarter than that. There was never any brain tumor in there. You don't get it. You were never sick at all."

Téa still claimed that she had been getting sicker by the day, and that Greg had been giving her treatments. Eli revealed that Greg's treatments had actually been making her sicker. Téa then realized that Eli had blackmailed Greg and asked Eli why. "Financial independence. Your death was supposed to secure that for me, but everything happens for a reason. It's turned out just fine, because you may be more valuable to me alive."

After Eli revealed that the only ones who knew that Téa had not died were Téa, Eli, and Greg, Téa begged Eli to let her see her family. Eli gave an evil laugh and pulled Téa away from the door.

After Eli left the room, he laughed at Dani in the adjoining room and jeered, "I'll be back. I've always wanted to say that." Once Eli was gone, Dani escaped from her bindings and ran to the door of the next room in an attempt to rescue Starr. Dani yelled out, "Okay, okay, Starr. I'm going to try something that I learned from Ross. God, my mom would kill me, if she knew I know how to break into places."

Destiny left Greg's room to call Darren with an update on Greg's condition. Mr. Evans escorted his wife out of the room, as a mysterious, masked hospital attendant glanced at a file. The police officer who guarded Greg's room received a phone call and remarked, "That guy's not going anywhere." After the officer left to take the call, the mysterious attendant entered the room and pulled down his mask. Eli glared down at Greg in his hospital bed.

Dani found a hook and a steel bar and pounded on the door to supposedly help Starr. "One...Two...Three," and the door sprung open. Dani found her mother gagged and bound by ropes to a chair.

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