CHANDLER Family Tree
Stuart Chandler (deceased)
Adam's older twin brother (see below); Charlotte's brother (see below).

m. Joanna Yaegar (divorced (?) early 1980s)

m. Cindy Parker (deceased) (Married: 1988; died 1989)
    c. Scott Chandler
    Cindy's son with Fred, adopted by Stuart.

m. Marian Colby (Married: February 14, 1999; see Colby)

Adam Chandler Sr.
Stuart's younger twin brother (see above); Charlotte's brother (see below).

m. Althea (deceased)
    c. Antoinette "Skye" Chandler
    Raised as Adam's child. Revealed later that Adam is neither her biological or adopted father.

a. Arlene Dillon (see Dillon)
    c. Hayley Vaughan
        m. Will Cortlandt (deceased) (Married: 1992; died 1992; see Cortlandt)
        m. Alec McIntyre (Married: 1995)
        m. Mateo Santos [Married: 1997; invalid; see Santos]
        m. Mateo Santos [Married: 2000] (see Santos)
            c. Lorenzo Hector Santos [born Aug 29, 2001]

m. Erica Kane (Married: 1984; divorced 1990s; see Kane)

m. Brooke English (Married: 1988; invalid; see English)

m. Dixie Cooney (Married: 1989; invalid; see Cortlandt)
    c. Adam Chandler Jr. (born 1989)
        m. Arabella Carey [Married: Summer 2003; invalid] (see Carey) deceased
            c. Adam Chandler III
        m. Arabella Carey [Married: Jun 2, 2004; Divorced: February 28, 2005] (see Carey) deceased
        m. Arabella Carey [Married: Mar 23, 2006; Divorced: April 16, 2007] (see Chandler) deceased
        m. Marissa Tasker [Married: Oct 21, 2009; invalid] (see Carey)

m. Natalie Marlowe (deceased) (Married: 1990; invalid; died 1993; see Dillon)

m. Erica Kane (vow renewal in 1991; see Kane)

m. Gloria Marsh (Married: 1993; divorced)
    c. Anna Claire Chandler (deceased) (born 1995; died 1995)

m. Liza Colby (Married: 1996)
    c. Unnamed Child (deceased) (miscarriage)

m. Arlene Dillon (see Dillon)
    c. Unnamed Child (deceased) (miscarriage)

m. Liza Colby [Married: 1999]
    c. Colby Marian Chandler [born 1999; conceived via in vitro]

a. Sonia Reyes
    c. Miguel Reyes

m. Krystal Carey [Married: Sep 21, 2005; Renewal: Mar 2006; Divorced: Dec 24, 2007]

m. Annie Novak [Married: Nov 9, 2009]

Charlotte Chandler
Stuart's sister (see above); Adam's sister (see above).

a. Palmer Cortlandt (see Cortlandt)

    c. Ross Chandler
        m. Cynthia Preston
        m. Ellen Tucker (see Tucker)
            c. Julie Rand Chandler (adopted)
            Mark's daughter with an unknown prostitute.
                m. Nico Kelly (married 1988)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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