All My Children Recaps: The week of January 1, 1996 on AMC

Jonathan stopped Erica from revealing the truth to Dimitri. Charlie and Cecily decided to move to California. Rumors began to circulate that Bobby and Anita had slept together. Liza found out about Erica's drug addiction. Palmer defended Michael's decision to be open about his homosexuality.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 1, 1996 on AMC
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Monday, January 1

Due to the New Year's holiday, All My Children was pre-empted

Tuesday, January 2

Well, it was basically another day-after-the-holiday case of the blahs on today's show. While a couple of interesting developments did occur, it wasn't anything monumental. Noah was carted off to jail in spite of pleas by all the wedding guests to wait until after the vows were exchange. Derek said as a friend, he'd love to, but as a cop he has to take Noah to jail right away. At the station, Noah found out that Taylor had finally given her statement on Louie's death, but it wasn't any thing like he expected. Mateo hustled from the chapel to Taylor's to tell her that Noah had been arrested. Taylor broke down in tears and told Matt (As she did to Derek and Jack) that she couldn't cover for Noah any more. There was no gun, she informed Noah's brother-in-law-(hopefully)-to-be. Matt said that she had to be lying, but Taylor's sobbing drew him in and he eventually ended up believing her story. Now where was Mummy to tell Matt to watch our for Taylor's fluttering eyelashes? Maria comforted Dimitri after he told her that he had served Erica with divorce papers. He broke down in tears as he recalled Erica's transformation from a loving, devoted wife to a helpless, drug addict. A frantic Erica prepared to head to WildWinf to tell Dimmie why she bailed Dr. Kinder out of jail. It seemed as though she was going to her estranged husband everything, but Dr. Kinder brought her back to earth, reminding her that if she told Dimitri everything, he'd know about Erica's little drug altered affair with Dr. Feelgood! After Dr. Kinder professed his undying affection for Erica, she said that Dr Kinder would leave her just like Dimitri. Jonathan reassured Erica that he wouldn't with a passionate kiss. He whisked Erica of of her feet and carried her upstairs to the bedroom. Dixie, Charlie, and Cecily had an evening meal at the Valley Inn, but it turned less than pleasant when Dixie picked up a vibe that Cecily was hinting that Tad may not be being faithful to Dix. Dixie excused herself from the table and said that she doesn't want to hear Liza's name when she gets back. While she was gone, Tad popped in, fresh off a visit to Liza's. Tad had told Liza that he doesn't foresee any more romantic lapses in the future between he and Liza and that the kisses they shared were not indicative of his feelings for her. Anyway, Tad told Charlie that he had kissed Liza once (Give the man an abacus!). Cecily overheard Tad's confession and went into shock. She told Tad that he was a traitor for kissing "the baracuda." When Dixie came back from her excursion, she walked right into Cecily's lambasting of Tad and asked to know what was going on.

Wednesday, January 3

Cecily managed to cover for Tad by making up a bogus excuse about her wedding anxiety and that she didn't want Dixie to know how nervous she was about getting remarried. Charlie, meanwhile, was getting life altering news of his own. CyberComm, a computer computer based in California, offered Charlie a job developing software. The job, however, would require him and Cecily to move from Pine Valley to Silicon Valley. Cecily was apprehensive at first, but said that her love for Charlie will let her move anywhere as long as he's there. So, the rumours of Charlie and Cecily (Christopher Lawford and Rosa Nevin) leaving AMC were correct all along. Bobby snuck over to Anita's house to give her a romantic holiday surprise. The two started going at it, but Isabelle heard noise downstairs and came down to see what was going on. Bobby jumped behind the sofa and waited for Mother Santos to disappear before he left. The next day, though, rumors of Bobby and Anita having sex began sweeping around the school. Bobby, as you can probably figure out, was more than happy to confirm the lies, but did admit to Kevin that nothing happened. Enid Nelson was overjoyed to see Michael at the Meet The Teachers meeting at Pine Valley High. Well, at least for a little while. Things cooled off when someone spilled the beans to her that Michael is gay. She abruptly ended the meeting after several parents and students walked out when Michael was introduced. Michael stood up and announced that the meeting wasn't over because he had some things to say. Kelsey tapped into Edmund's personal files and began perusing his Tempo article submissions. She gave Edmund her opinion on some of the writings and he ended up asking her to review an article on "Generation X." I believe that odor I smell is a job offering coming soon. Dr. Kinder and Erica re-did the dirty deed even while Myrtle was defending Erica to Dimitri. Myrt said that Dimmie needs to get Erica away for the evil pull of Dr. Kinder. She was disappointed to find out that Dimitri had filed for divorce. Now you wanna talk about getting a chill, how's this one? Liza got a letter from Louie Greco, one that he apparently wrote befor he died. In the letter Louie told Liza that Erica was a major drug junkie and tried to buy some pills off of him on Front Street. Armed with the letter, Liza went over to Erica's (where Dr. Lovejoy was still naked and in her bed) to confront her about her drug dependency)

Thursday, January 4

Very good show today. If you missed it, you might wanna call up your friends to see if they still have their tapes of the show! Liza revealed her true intentions to Erica. She wasn't just there to poke at Erica for her drug problem, but she wanted to offer Erica her own talk show (again). Erica wasn't the slightest bit interested, especially after Liza said that Erica would have to get a ntoe from her doctor saying that she was free of any mind altering substances. Upstairs, Dr. Kinder recalled his first meeting with Liza. It was at a party somewhere and Jonathan approached a lonely Liza and started flirting. After Erica tossed Liza out of the house, Jonathan came downstairs and recanted a tale of how evil Liza is and how she sued him for malpractice because she had the hots for him. Hmmm...for some reason I just don't by Dr. Kinder's stories. Taylor backed away from her story of Noah murdering Louie when pressed by Jack and Derek. She said that she wouldn't testify (but Jack said he'd force her to testify) and then said she'd change her story and say Noah's telling the truth (but Jack reminded her she'd go to jail for perjury). Why the sudden change of heart? Taylor just found out that Noah will be charged with first degree murder and not a five year manslaughter charge. Noah told Trevor (from his jail cell) that Taylor was poking around at Wildwind before the almost-wedding and said how she asked Noah to run away with her. Armed with this information, Trevor tried to break Taylor and get her to confess that she's lying about Noah killing Louie, but she still stuck by her story. But she also added that she still didn't want to testify. What a confused woman that Taylor is. Michael explained his reason for announcing his homosexuality in class, but the angry mob of parents didn't care for his reasoning. Palmer of all people, came to Michael's defense. He said that if Mike was heterosexual, none of the parents assembled would be hellbent on proving he'd be a danger to their daughters, so why does Mike's homosexuality mean he's a threat to teenage boys. Palmer tried to get Opal to leave the meeting with him, but she remained behind. Palmer's parting words to his wife were "Don't disappoint me." Hector laid into Michael as a bad teacher, even though the principal said Michael's class has nearly 100% attendance and all their scores are well above national averages. Isabelle told Dixie that she has poor morals because she doesn't condemn Michael for being gay. Someone even told Michael that he isn't a "good" gay man because he is manly and doesn't wear pumps, pearls, and skirts. Near the end of the meeting, Hector demanded Michael's resignation. When he declined, Enid said that she'd make sure the school board voted him out. Jason stormed back to the studio after the meeting and started drinking again. Liza walked in on him and asked what his problem was. In a rage, Jason yelled out that Dixie had dropped him "for some queer." Laura, Scott, Anita, Bobby, and Kevin all wanted to know what happened in the meeting (Mike chased them out because he said that meeting would be for adults only). Michael said that it wasn't related to the history lesson, so it wasn't any of their business. Michael unrolled the map in front of the chalkboard and the faces of the class dropped when they saw that someone had written "Faggot" on the board.

Friday, January 5

Julia followed Taylor back to her apartment and it wasn't long before the two began trading insults. Their tempers flared and they broke out into a huge catfight. Well, if you can call it that. It was actually funnier watching them go at it than it was a legitimate fight. Mateo tracked down a friend of Louie's (the one who was roughed up by Noah a few weeks back) and pressed him for information on Louie. The guy was hardly cooperative and pulled a blade on Matt, saying that he should do Matt the way Noah did Louie. Matt safely talked his way out of harm's way and headed over to Taylor's apartment where he interrupted the Roxbury-Cannon-Santos main event. Julia insisted that Taylor was hiding something, but left the apartment when Matt asked her to. Taylor picked up the phone and called Jack to tell him that the second thoughts she had about testifying against Noah have all been erased. Speaking of Noah, Trevor was giving him some good news about evidence they can use in his defense. At PV High, Enid took the "necessary" precautions by notifying the superintendant and Jack Montgomery. When Jack made it to the meeting, he couldn't believe that Enid called him all the way down from his office over something some ludicrous. He told her that Michael cannot be pulled from his teaching job because he's done nothing wrong. Hector and Isabelle didn't see it that way. They forced Anita to leave Michael's class, but a crying and frenized Anita didn't want to leave. When Hector said that he'd drag her out of the classroom, she got up and ran out. At the end of class, Michael was applauded by his students for the bravery it took for him to face the angry parents. Scott also told Michael that he wasn't the one who wrote the derrogatory slur on the chalkboard and Laura accused Bobby of being the poison pen, or poison chalk in this case. The principal came in a few short minutes after class was dismissed to tell Michael that the superintendant has order Michael's suspension until everything is resolved. Matt went back to Taylor's apartment to talk to her, but when he got no answer at the door, he picked the lock and nosed around inside. Taylor was home, but was off bathing. Matt opened up the desk drawer and found a plastic bag containing a gun---one of the many that Taylor has hidden around her place. Before he could think twice about his find, Taylor caught him in the act and demanded to know what the hell he was doing.



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