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Adam's odd behavior continued to perplex everyone around him. Aidan helped Annie to recover traumatic memories from her past. Aidan told Ryan that Richie had killed Tori. Krystal had a miscarriage. Frankie prepared to go to be shipped to Iraq.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 6, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, April 6, 2009

Zach and Kendall watched as Ian was taken to surgery. Zach reassured Kendall that she had made the right decision when she had consented to Ian's operation. Kendall sensed that Ryan was standing behind her. She turned to look at Ryan but didn't say anything. Ryan went to the waiting lounge while Zach and Kendall walked into Ian's room. Kendall promised Zach that Ian would return home then excused herself.

Alone, Zach prayed to Myrtle's spirit. He asked Myrtle to watch over Ian. Zach believed that Ian deserved a longer life than the one he had lived so far.

In the waiting lounge, Ryan gave Kendall the card that Spike had made for his little brother. Kendall welled up with tears as she read the homemade card. Kendall's mood soured when Reese walked into the waiting lounge. Kendall demanded to know what Reese was doing at the hospital.

Reese explained that she had stopped by to check on Ian. Kendall accused Reese of wanting to see how Zach, not Ian, was doing. Kendall also claimed that Reese wanted to score points with Bianca. Reese denied the unflattering allegations. Eventually, Zach walked into the lounge. He was forced to intervene when Ryan and Kendall continued to question Reese's motivations for being at the hospital.

Kendall and Zach returned to Ian's room to await news of their son's surgery. Ryan turned to Reese and asked why Reese had not left town with Zach after she had seduced him. Reese countered by asking Ryan why he remained at the hospital when it was obvious that Kendall had no intention of returning to Ryan.

In Ian's hospital room, Zach told Kendall that she had to stop blaming Reese for the breakdown of their marriage. Kendall admitted that she had been running from their marriage since she had discovered that Zach had fathered Gabby.

Before David was scheduled to operate, Krystal talked to him. David admitted that Ian's crisis had taken an emotional toll on him because Ian was a child. Krystal offered David words of encouragement. David confided that he performed a ritual before each surgery. David checked his pulse, focusing on his heartbeat, to remind him of the power he would face when he entered the operating room. Krystal offered to perform the ritual with David.

At the Chandler mansion, the police questioned JR and Colby. The police had found Adam's car. The car had been involved in a single car accident, but Adam had not been found at the scene. The unofficial interrogation was interrupted when JR received a phone call. JR claimed that Adam had called to let his family know that he was unharmed. Adam had ended the call before JR could ask any questions.

After the police left, JR admitted that he had lied about the phone call in order to throw the police off of Adam's trail. Colby was upset because they had no idea where Adam was or if he'd been hurt in the accident. Tad believed he knew where Adam had gone because the car had been found near Zach's casino.

Erica walked into her suite at the casino and found Adam waiting for her. After they shared a passionate kiss, Erica pulled away. Erica demanded to know what Adam was doing in Pine Valley. Adam explained that the doctors had not been able to find anything wrong with him, so Adam had decided to leave the hospital. Erica was suspicious; she was certain that Adam was hiding something from her.

Adam admitted that he had recently suffered from memory lapses. He showed her a bruise on his forehead then explained that he had wrecked his car. Adam admitted that he had no recollection of the minutes leading up to the crash. Adam feared that David would use Adam's recent memory problems to have Adam declared incompetent.

Adam asked Erica for help; he wanted to hide in her suite. Erica explained that she would be happy to do what she could for Adam, but she had to focus on Ian at that moment. Adam was stunned when Erica told him about Ian's heart troubles. Adam urged Erica to return to the hospital so that she could be with her grandson.

Adam and Erica stopped short when Adam opened the door to the suite; JR and Tad were standing on the other side, prepared to knock. Erica departed, leaving JR and Tad alone with Adam.

Tad decided to try to get the charges against Adam dropped. After Tad left, JR showed Adam the picture of Charlotte that Adam had supposedly drawn. Adam insisted that he had drawn the picture of Erica while he had passed himself off as Stuart. The lie about Charlotte being the subject of the picture had been intentional on Adam's part. It had been an attempt to convince everyone that he was Stuart.

Adam deftly changed the subject to Little A. Adam wanted to find out where Little A was staying. JR informed his father that Little A was in good hands, but JR refused to disclose any additional information.

Colby was furious when Krystal showed up at the Chandler mansion. Colby blamed David and Krystal for driving Adam over the edge. Colby told Krystal that Adam had wrapped his car around a tree. Colby slammed the door in Krystal's face while Krystal tried to absorb the shocking news about Adam.

Pete, shovel in hand, volunteered to help bury David for Colby if Colby decided to kill the dastardly doctor. Colby assured Pete that she didn't have any plans for David's demise, but she appreciated Pete's loyalty. Colby was frustrated because JR had not shown her the same allegiance. Colby explained that when she had asked her brother where Adam was, JR had refused to tell her. JR had worried that Colby would unintentionally lead the police straight to their father.

Krystal went back to the hospital to tell David that Adam had returned to town. David was concerned when he noticed Krystal grimace in pain, but she brushed it off as nothing more than a stitch in her side.

Krystal admitted that she was worried that Adam had been hurt in the car accident. David didn't share Krystal's concern. David was livid because the police had not notified him of Adam's reappearance in Pine Valley. David tracked down Jesse, who happened to be at the hospital. Jesse reminded David that he did not answer to David.

Tad waited for David to leave before he broached the subject of Adam. Tad was confident that Jesse could find a way to get the charges against Adam dismissed. As incentive, Tad pointed out that it would drive David crazy to be thwarted.

David went to Ian's room to inform the family that they had successfully repaired the tear in Ian's aortic valve. David warned Kendall and Zach that the next 24 hours were crucial, but David was confident that Ian would pull through. Zach asked David what Ian's odds for recovery were. David responded that Ian's chances were better than 50 percent.

Erica returned to her suite at the casino. Before she entered her room, Erica overheard JR and Adam discuss keeping Fusion afloat. After JR left, Erica admitted that she'd heard Adam and JR talking about Fusion. Erica was grateful that Adam had confidence in her as a businesswoman. She informed Adam that she fully expected Adam to fall on the sword for her if it were ever time for that. Adam promised that he would be happy to do so for Erica.

At the sanitarium, Annie introduced Aidan to Tori. Annie became quite agitated when Aidan insisted that Tori didn't exist. Several orderlies were forced to restrain Annie.

A short time later, Annie's therapist, Dr. Burke, went to Annie's room to talk to Aidan. Dr. Burke informed Aidan that Annie had been sedated. However, the doctor wanted to know what had set Annie off. Instead of answering the question, Aidan asked if Dr. Burke intended to divulge the information to the district attorney. Dr. Burke explained that the D.A. had to be kept informed of Annie's treatment; it was a condition of her institutionalization.

Aidan claimed that he had no idea what had caused Annie to have an emotional outburst. Dr. Burke asked Aidan who Tori was. Dr. Burke insisted that it was important for him to know in order to properly treat Annie.

Aidan opted to lie to the doctor; Aidan claimed he had no idea who Tori was. Aidan suggested that Tori might be a patient or someone Annie had worked with in the past. When Annie was taken back to her room, Dr. Burke made another attempt to learn the identity of Tori. While Aidan hovered behind the doctor, Annie denied any knowledge of Tori.

After Dr. Burke left, Aidan asked Annie to think of Tori as a little girl rather than a grown woman. Aidan explained that he had found an article in a newspaper about a girl named Tori Atherton who had disappeared around Annie's seventh birthday.

Annie suddenly had a vision of herself, as a child, standing over the body of a little girl. In the vision, Annie was crying. Annie looked up at Aidan with an expression of horror. She told Aidan that Tori had been her friend. Annie then confessed to killing Tori.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jake and Amanda wondered how the Chandlers had evaded the kidnapping charges against them. Tad announced that he'd had something to do with it and that the Chandlers owed him one.

Opal got ready to volunteer at the hospital. Opal commented that she should stop volunteering so she could start making a living. Tad, Jake, and Amanda encouraged Opal to continue her volunteer work at the hospital because it made all of the patients happy.

Jake and Amanda set up a camera to make a video for prospective adoptive parents. Jake pretended that he was the father of the child. He stated that the baby was the result of a careless, one-night stand. He explained that he was a doctor, too busy to raise a child. Amanda divulged that she was not ready to be a mother, but she wanted her child to be raised by devoted parents. Just then, Amanda felt the baby kick. She became emotional and left the room.

Amanda confessed to Jake that she wished Jake were the real father of her child. She imagined raising her child with Jake, and it made her happy. She then apologized for having unrealistic thoughts and blamed it on her hormones. Jake made her tea to help her relax.

Amanda and Jake ate dinner together. As they ate, they flirted with each other. Suddenly, Jake suggested that they raise the child together. Amanda said that was impossible because David would never allow it. Jake told Amanda that they could move to another country and keep the baby. She looked shocked.

Krystal writhed in pain because she had terrible stomach cramps. David rushed Krystal to the hospital because he thought she could be seriously ill.

Tad went to the hospital to see Angie. Tad asked Angie if Jesse had gotten into trouble for letting the Chandlers get off on the kidnapping charges. Angie told Tad not to worry about Jesse.

David and Krystal arrived at the hospital. Angie immediately took Krystal into a hospital room. Meanwhile, Tad assumed that David had hurt Krystal. David denied the accusation.

After examining Krystal, Angie asked David how long he had known Krystal was pregnant. David was stunned because he'd had no idea Krystal was pregnant, and neither had Krystal. Angie explained that Krystal had had an ectopic pregnancy and had lost the baby. Angie further revealed that Krystal had almost died but had made it through emergency surgery.

Tad stated that he felt bad for Krystal but not David. David told Tad to leave him alone. Tad noted that the miscarriage was for the best.

Angie checked on Krystal. Krystal was distraught over losing her baby. Krystal wanted to give David a child, but she feared she might not be able to. Angie said that, although she hated David, she was grateful that he had saved Krystal's life by taking her into the hospital. Angie then admitted that she still cared for Krystal as a friend.

Krystal apologized to David for losing the baby. He did not care about the baby, as long as Krystal was safe. He said that his life would "go black" if he ever lost Krystal.

Tad asked Angie how Krystal was doing. Angie stated that Krystal was heartbroken. Angie then ominously commented that the worst had not yet happened.

Kendall and Zach watched Ian as he slept. They both hoped and prayed that their son would recover. Zach said that Ian would survive because they were the family of miracles. Kendall stated that Zach was a great father, and he returned the compliment. Zach said that Ian needed peace in his home, so Zach did not want to fight with Kendall.

Kendall asked if Zach still wanted a divorce. Zach affirmed that he was concentrating on Ian and nothing else. Zach suggested that Kendall go home to get rest. She did not want to leave Ian. Zach promised to call her if Ian woke up.

Zach urged his son to fight for his life. Zach told Ian that his family needed him.

Opal saw Zach in Ian's hospital room. Opal reminded Zach that Myrtle had loved him. Opal was certain that Myrtle was watching over Ian and helping him get strong. Opal also thought that Myrtle wanted Zach and Kendall to reunite. Opal stated that Zach and Kendall were a "matched set."

Ryan was home with Emma and Spike. Ryan did push-ups as Emma watched. Emma asked if her father was strong enough to fly. He laughed and said no one was strong enough to fly. She stated that angels could. Then, she asked if Ian was going to become an angel. Ryan hoped that Ian would remain with his family. Spike began to cry, so Ryan tried to cheer him up with a game of hide-and-go-seek.

Kendall arrived at Ryan's penthouse to pick up Spike. Ryan asked how Kendall was holding up. She stated that Ian and Spike were her only priorities. Ryan understood but wanted to know if Kendall's feelings for him had changed. She said that everything had changed when Ian had gotten sick. He promised not to pressure Kendall while she was dealing with Ian's illness. She was grateful and professed her love for Ryan. Then, Kendall left with Ian.

Aidan visited Annie at the mental hospital. Annie was upset because of the bad dreams she continued to have. She stated that she had been born crazy and feared that she had committed murder as a child. He assured her that she was not a bad person. He wanted to help her remember her childhood so she could figure out why she was having the bad dreams.

Aidan asked if Annie saw Tori anymore. Annie said that she no longer hallucinated Tori. Annie worried that she had initially imagined Tori because she had killed her friend Tori on her seventh birthday. Aidan hypnotized Annie so she could remember what had happened on her birthday. Annie recalled hiding in her cellar and seeing Tori's lifeless body on the ground. Annie could not remember anything else.

Aidan took Annie into the cellar of the hospital to help jog her memory. Annie remembered a baseball bat and a beautiful doll that Tori had given Annie as a birthday present. Then, Annie realized that she and Tori were not alone in the cellar. Aidan thought that the doll was a clue.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Krystal apologized to David for losing their baby. He told her not to feel bad because he only cared that she was safe. He noted that they would have the chance to have another baby in the future. Then, Angie entered the room. Angie explained that Krystal's remaining fallopian tube and ovaries were severely damaged, so Krystal could no longer have children.

Krystal was distraught over the bad news. David told her not to worry. Still, she felt terrible and wondered if David wanted to leave her. He affirmed that he loved her more than ever and would never leave her.

Angie noticed that Tad was lurking outside of Krystal's hospital room. Tad explained that, although Krystal was no longer his wife, he was still concerned for her. Angie thought that Tad's concern was natural, considering they had bonded over their child, Jenny. Angie further noted that Krystal and David shared a similar bond because they, too, shared a child, Babe.

David saw Tad outside of Krystal's room. David told Tad to leave and reminded Tad that Krystal was David's wife. David snidely asked if Tad wanted to check on Krystal and hold her hand. Tad accused David of using Krystal's love to manipulate her.

Angie checked on Krystal. Angie said that she was very sorry for Krystal's loss. Krystal said that she needed to see the only child she had left, Jenny. Krystal asked Angie to release her from the hospital because she had to see Jenny immediately.

David entered Krystal's hospital room and found the bed empty. Angie revealed that she had discharged Krystal. David stated that Krystal needed him and demanded to know where his wife was. Angie replied that Krystal needed someone else more than him.

Jake told Amanda that he wanted to raise her baby. He affirmed that he would be the luckiest man in the world if her baby called him "Daddy." Amanda was shocked and confused and did not think David would let Jake play the father role. Jake suggested that they leave the country. She asked why Jake had the urge to be a father. Jake said that he was tired of his meaningless life.

Tad arrived at home and could tell that Amanda and Jake were in the midst of an intense conversation. Amanda explained that Jake wanted to leave the country to help raise her child. Jake stated it was the only way to keep the baby away from David. Tad agreed with Jake and offered to help.

Tad and Jake went to ConFusion to meet one of Tad's contacts, Anthony. Anthony gave Jake fake passports. Anthony revealed that, thanks to his help, Jake Martin and Amanda Dillon would soon disappear forever.

Tad asked Jake why he wanted to leave his life behind to raise Amanda's baby. Jake thought that he was doing right by Amanda and the baby. Tad feared that David would go after the entire Martin family once he realized that Jake and Amanda were gone. Jake was certain that he could handle David, but Tad was skeptical.

Tad wondered if Jake was in love with Amanda, but Jake denied having romantic feelings for her. Tad thought that Jake could not put down roots anywhere, because he constantly ran from his problems. Tad stated that Amanda's baby was a convenient excuse for Jake to leave town again.

Krystal went to Tad's house to visit Jenny. Amanda was the only person home. Amanda told Krystal that her baby had kicked. Amanda felt guilty for mentioning her baby because Krystal had found out that she was infertile. Amanda assumed that Krystal's infertility would cause David to go after Amanda's child.

Krystal assured Amanda that David did not want her child. Amanda asked if Krystal had wanted to get pregnant as a means to keep David. Krystal admitted that it had been part of the reason she had wanted a child with David. Krystal further stated that a child made love grow stronger.

David went to Tad's house to look for Krystal. As Krystal changed Jenny's diaper, Amanda told David to leave. David wanted Jenny to spend the night at his home because he thought it would make Krystal happy. Amanda warned David not to take Jenny.

Krystal reentered the room and told David that she did not want to take Jenny because the baby was tired. Krystal left the room to put Jenny to sleep. Amanda told David that she was sorry for his loss. He commented that all was not lost because Amanda was pregnant with his child.

Jake returned home and informed Amanda that he had gotten everything they needed to leave town. Amanda cried as she told Jake that she did not want to leave Pine Valley. Jake inquired why she had second thoughts. She refused to let Jake leave his home and his friends for a baby that was not his and a woman that was just a friend.

Brot took Taylor to dinner at ConFusion. She wondered what the special occasion was. He revealed that he had found his dream job. He explained that he had been recruited to work for the organization "Wounded Soldiers." Brot's job entailed talking to veterans about his ordeal in Iraq.

Brot was excited for the job, but nervous about having to give motivational speeches. Taylor was sure that he would be a natural. Then, he asked if Taylor had had anything to do with his job offer. She admitted that she had told the recruiter about Brot. She assumed that he was mad at her, but he was not. Instead, he was grateful for the opportunity.

Brot left ConFusion because he had to go to work. Taylor saw Tad at the bar and sat next to him. Taylor urged Tad to look for love. She noted that the love of his life could be right in front of his face. He smiled.

Aidan encouraged Annie to remember more about her seventh birthday. Annie remembered that Richie had been in the cellar with her. Richie had been livid because Annie's birthday party had ruined his baseball game. Richie had hit Annie, and she had fallen to the ground. Then, Annie's best friend, Tori, had entered the cellar. Tori had realized that Richie had hurt Annie and had threatened to tell their parents. Richie had proceeded to hit Tori in the head with his baseball bat. Richie had handed Annie the bat and had convinced her that she had killed her friend.

Aidan was happy that Annie had remembered the details of Tori's death because it proved that Richie, not Annie, was the killer. Aidan assured Annie that she was not a bad person. He explained that she had been traumatized as a child, which had resulted in her lashing out as an adult. He told her that she was free to heal. She seemed relieved.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

JR took his father some paperwork detailing the latest changes at Chandler Enterprises. Adam looked out of the window, not even bothering to acknowledge JR's presence. JR called his father's name again until Adam turned around. Adam said he had spent a fortune on JR's custody case while Chandler Enterprises had suffered. JR said Adam had kept the company's poor revenues from him for too long. JR had resorted to laying off 500 workers, had automated the phone systems, and had streamlined warehouse production at Chandler Enterprises.

Colby was shocked by JR's drastic moves to keep Chandler Enterprises alive. JR said the company would have gone bankrupt without cutting expenses. Adam was not happy that his employees, many of whom had put in decades of service, were being let go without any severance pay. Adam said he would get that fixed, but JR thought severance pay was not in the company's budget. JR blamed his father for the company's downfall.

Erica interrupted JR's harsh scolding at Adam. She said Adam investing in her company was the best decision he had ever made. JR said Adam had invested in a "black hole company" run by Scott Chandler that had bled the company dry. Scott had started a production company specializing in medical videos, JR said. Adam claimed he had made the investment as a favor to Stuart. He did not want JR to pull the plug on Scott's company. Erica suggested JR listen to his father, considering Adam had just been released from the hospital.

Erica took Adam outside for a breath of fresh air. JR wondered why Adam was acting like a different person. Erica asked Adam why he was fighting so hard to keep Scott's company afloat. Adam said his whole world was falling apart, but he could at least fight for Scott. Erica wanted to take Adam back to the hospital, but Adam wanted to stay at home and protect Little Adam. Erica asked if Adam needed anything. He suggested she go upstairs with him, but Erica just laughed at Adam.

JR asked Erica if he knew the reasons Adam was acting strange. Erica said JR should be thanking Adam instead of questioning his behavior. Erica said Adam was JR's best chance to get Little Adam back. Adam told Colby he was going to take Little Adam to the pond and feed the ducks. Colby reminded Adam that his grandson was living with a foster family. Erica said Adam's medication made him confused sometimes.

Aidan stayed with Annie overnight. She woke up and told him that she had not had any nightmares or bad memories. Annie said she was still shocked that Richie had killed Tori, the little girl, when they had just been kids. Annie said the guilt of thinking she had killed Tori was gone. Annie saw a poster for Tori's disappearance on Aidan's computer screen.

Aidan said that Tori's family wanted answers about Tori. Annie blamed herself for not giving Tori's family closure, but Aidan said it was not Annie's fault that she had pushed the memories of Tori's death deep in her mind to survive.

Annie wondered if Emma has pushed down her own feelings to deal with Annie's breakdown. Annie said she should have been there for Emma. Annie was worried that Emma would feel like Annie's breakdown was Emma's fault. Annie wanted to see Emma, but Aidan said Ryan had to give consent for the visit. Aidan offered to ask Ryan for the favor but doubted Ryan would agree to it.

Erica went to pick Ryan up at his house, but Ryan thought their business meeting in Philadelphia was the next day. Erica said she wanted to get to Philadelphia earlier to go over business strategy, but Ryan knew she just wanted him away from Kendall. Erica claimed the trip was simply business and had nothing to do with her personal feelings towards Ryan's relationship with Kendall.

A nanny took Emma home after Emma had hit another girl on the bus during a school field trip. The nanny said that the school had sent Emma home after Emma had refused to apologize. Ryan told Erica the business meeting in Philadelphia would have to go on without him.

After Erica left, Emma said another girl had called her "Crazy Emma" because her mother was crazy. Ryan explained that Annie was in a hospital to get better but would be home soon. Emma said she did not want Annie to return home because Annie would go to jail. Ryan asked if another classmate had told Emma that Annie would go to jail.

Emma said that she had seen the picture of Annie with her blood-stained wedding dress, holding a knife. She wanted to know if Annie had hurt someone. Ryan said Annie had gotten confused and had made some mistakes but was not a bad person. Emma asked Ryan if she was not seeing Annie because Annie would hurt her. Ryan said Annie loved Emma more than anything else. He told Emma she needed to tell him when kids picked on her at school.

Aidan stopped at Ryan's house. Ryan sent Emma upstairs. He told Aidan about Emma hitting a classmate who had been making fun of Annie. Aidan told Ryan that Ritchie had killed Annie's friend, Tori, when they had been kids and had made Annie believe she had done it. Aidan said that was the main reason Annie had killed Richie.

Aidan said Tori's murder had occurred when Annie had been seven. Aidan said Tori had seen Richie hitting Annie repeatedly. Richie had cracked Tori's skull with a baseball bat, put the bat in Annie's hand, and told Annie she had killed Tori. Aidan said Annie had finally had the breakthrough she needed to get better. Aidan asked Ryan to allow Emma to see Annie, but Ryan said no.

Aidan said Emma might feel responsible for Annie being gone. Ryan said he needed to protect Emma from Annie until Annie was completely well. Aidan asked Ryan to visit Annie himself to see how much progress Annie had made.

Ryan visited Annie. She was disappointed he had not taken Emma. Ryan said he had wanted to see for himself that Annie was feeling better. Annie said that despite her past, she was still Emma's mother.

Zach slept while Kendall watched over Ian at the hospital. When Kendall went to put a blanket over Zach, he woke up. Zach said Ian was doing well. Kendall suggested Zach go home and rest, but he wanted to stay with Ian.

Kendall recounted how she had felt waking up from the coma. She had felt uneasy knowing Josh was gone, Gabrielle was born, and Kendall had a new heart. Kendall said she felt like everyone had moved on without her, except Zach. He had always been by her side while taking care of the children and running the casino. Kendall thanked Zach for everything he did for her.

Zach decided to take a break while Kendall looked after Ian. Kendall told Ian that he was a strong child. She apologized for not being there for Ian but promised to be by his side until he went home. Zach went home and looked at the divorce papers.

A nanny took Spike out, and Zach put the papers away. The nanny said that Spike wanted to know when Ian was returning home. Zach told Spike that Ian had had a heart problem, but it had gotten fixed. Zach decided to take Spike to the hospital to visit Ian.

JR met with an attorney to discuss Chandler Enterprises. Scott showed up and punched JR in the face.

Friday, April 10, 2009

At ConFusion, Scott Chandler punched JR. While JR recovered, Scott introduced himself to Barry. Barry advised JR to press assault charges against Scott, but JR declined. After Barry walked away, Scott accused JR of deliberately closing down Scott's production company. JR explained that the business had been a casualty of the economic times. Scott didn't believe JR.

The cousins continued to argue. Scott insisted that JR had done nothing noteworthy with his life. According to Scott, all JR had done, his entire life, was ride Adam's coattails. JR ignored Scott's taunts until Scott mentioned Babe. JR refused to allow Scott to use Babe against him. David approached the table during the argument.

David offered to buy Scott a drink until he realized who Scott was. When Scott tried to discuss a business proposal with David, David excused himself. David claimed he had to return to the hospital. JR couldn't believe that Scott had cozied up to David. JR informed Scott that David had been fighting for custody of Little A. Scott suggested that perhaps Little A would be better off with David.

Before JR could respond, Stuart warmly greeted his son. Stuart wondered why Scott had not called after he had landed at the airport. Scott explained that his production company had been shut down. Scott had hoped to talk to his Uncle Adam about saving the business. JR informed Scott that Adam was under the weather and unable to discuss business matters.

Stuart commented on the rift between the cousins as JR walked away. Scott made it clear that he blamed JR for Scott's company folding. Scott insisted that his medical documentaries could benefit many people.

At the hospital, David checked the Internet to research Scott Chandler. David was pleased by what he discovered. He decided to return to ConFusion to talk business with Scott.

Ryan went to the sanitarium to visit Annie. Annie told Ryan about her breakthrough. Annie had hoped to persuade Ryan to consent to a visit with Emma. Ryan worried that it was too soon for Emma to see Annie. He told Annie about Emma's incident on the school bus. Annie believed that Emma would benefit from spending time with her mother. Ryan offered to discuss the possibility of a visit with Annie's therapist.

Annie became agitated. She asked Ryan if he had talked to Aidan. Ryan pointed out that Aidan wasn't qualified to determine if Annie was well enough to see Emma. Annie's temper flared; she suspected that unresolved issues with Greenlee prompted Ryan's decision. Ryan did admit that he had failed to save Greenlee because Annie had detained Ryan when she had held him at gunpoint.

Annie realized that Ryan partly blamed her for Greenlee's death. Aidan overheard the argument between Annie and Ryan; he ordered Ryan to leave. Aidan followed Ryan into the hallway. Ryan told Aidan that he didn't have the same faith in Annie's recovery that Aidan had. Ryan suggested that Aidan was too close to Annie to see her anger and instability. Ryan refused to allow Emma near Annie.

Aidan returned to Annie's room. He told Annie that he had arranged for the police to interview Annie about the events surrounding Tori's murder.

A short time later, Annie gave her statement to two police detectives. After they left her room, Annie told Aidan that she wished Ryan had stayed. Annie was certain that Ryan could have been swayed to grant her request to see Emma. Aidan assured Annie that she would be able to visit with her daughter soon. Annie kissed Aidan then claimed that she was exhausted. Aidan offered to leave so that Annie could rest.

When Aidan was gone, Annie pulled out Aidan's cell phone.

Kendall and Zach were overjoyed when David told them that Ian could go home. Zach thanked David for saving Ian's life. David reminded Zach that David had saved two of Zach's family members: Ian and Kendall.

In Ian's room, Erica was hopeful that Ian's release from the hospital was a new beginning for Kendall and Zach. Kendall insisted that her marriage to Zach was over. Erica slipped away to call Ryan. Erica told Ryan that she needed to see him on a matter of life or death.

Ryan arrived home after his visit with Annie. Erica was at the apartment, waiting for Ryan. Emma was buried under a pile of new toys, including a Disney movie that had not yet been released, compliments of Erica. Ryan sent Emma to her room while he talked to Erica.

Erica pleaded with Ryan to go to an out-of-town meeting for Fusion. Erica claimed that the person he was scheduled to meet was a chauvinist, so Ryan's presence at the meeting was crucial. Ryan agreed to go to the meeting when Erica assured him that she had arranged for Emma to be well cared for during his absence.

Annie called Emma. Emma was happy to hear from her mother. She asked when she could see Annie. Annie promised that it would happen soon, but Annie begged Emma to keep it a secret from Ryan. Emma revealed that Ryan was out of town for the night. Annie perked up; she told Emma that she might see her later that evening.

Ryan and Erica found themselves stranded by the roadside. Erica's car had broken down. Ryan suspected that Erica's insistence for Ryan to leave town had to do with Kendall. Erica denied the accusation until her car spewed oil all over her.

Flustered, Erica admitted that she had schemed to get Ryan out of town for Kendall's sake. Erica told Ryan that Kendall had changed since emerging from the coma. Erica barely recognized her daughter. However, Erica was determined to help save her family, which meant Erica would do everything to keep Ryan away from Kendall. Erica cried that she couldn't focus on herself, her love life, or men until Erica knew that her children were happy.

Ryan took pity on Erica. He put his arms around her to offer her comfort. Eventually, Erica pulled herself together. Erica looked up at Ryan and told him that, if he played his cards right, he might have Erica.

At the hospital, Frankie pried himself away from Randi in order to finish up his rounds. Randi was disappointed because it was their last night before Frankie was scheduled to ship out to Iraq. Frankie promised to join Randi at home as soon as his shift was over.

David pulled Frankie aside a short time later. David told Frankie that he had been impressed with Frankie's medical skills. David offered to be Frankie's surgical mentor when Frankie returned from Iraq. Frankie thanked David for the opportunity.

Frankie was paged to a patient's room. When he arrived, Randi was waiting for Frankie. Randi, dressed in nothing but a lab coat, had lit candles scattered around the room. Randi explained that she had called Jake to ask him to finish Frankie's shift. Jake had agreed to cover for Frankie so that Randi and Frankie could have the remainder of the evening to themselves. Frankie thanked Randi, and then they made love. Later, Frankie was jolted awake by the sounds of war.

Zach and Kendall arrived home with Ian. Kendall was worried that it was too soon for Ian to have been released from the hospital. Zach assured Kendall that Ian was well on his way to recovery. They both agreed to stop hovering over their son, but it was easier said than done.

While Kendall watched Ian sleep in his crib, Zach approached Kendall from behind. He wrapped his arms around her as they watched their son. Zach talked about the problems that they had weathered as a family. Kendall reached out when Zach started to turn away. Zach watched as Kendall leaned in to kiss him and responded to the kiss.



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