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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 13, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, April 13, 2009

JR was suspicious when he bumped into Krystal outside of the Hubbards' apartment. Krystal insisted that she had dropped by to visit her grandson.

When JR knocked on the door, Jesse was not happy to see JR or Krystal. Jesse explained that he couldn't allow them to visit Little A. Jesse also told JR and Krystal that the judge, accompanied by a caseworker, had been by the apartment to interview Little A. According to Jesse, the judge had decided that he would put Little A on the stand to ask the young child whom he wanted to live with.

Jesse insisted that JR and Krystal couldn't see Little A until after the judge had rendered his decision about custody.

At the hospital, Randi went to the bathroom to freshen up while Frankie straightened up the room in which they had their romantic tryst. Moments later, Angie walked into the room. Angie was surprised to see Frankie. Frankie lied to his mother; he told her that he had misplaced his stethoscope.

Angie asked Frankie if he intended to go to the farewell party, in Frankie's honor, at ConFusion. Frankie replied that he was headed to the nightclub as soon as he finished up at the hospital. Angie smiled as she told her son that she would see him at the party. As Angie walked out of the room, she called out, "See you there, too, Randi."

A short time later, Angie had misgivings about leaving Little A at home. Jesse assured Angie that Little A was well cared for. He reminded her that Natalia and two police officers were watching Little A.

Frankie and Randi arrived at ConFusion. Taylor was concerned about how Randi was coping with Frankie's imminent departure. Randi admitted that she missed Frankie, even though he had not yet shipped out. Taylor promised to help Randi through the difficult times ahead.

Jesse gave a heartfelt speech as he toasted to Frankie. Jesse told Frankie that he was proud of his son. Jesse also admitted that it wasn't easy for him to say goodbye to Frankie. Jesse regretted all of the years he had missed with his son. Jesse ordered Frankie to return home to them, safe and sound. Frankie was moved beyond words as he embraced his parents.

At ConFusion, Scott eagerly told David about his work with a doctor who had developed a new artificial heart valve. David expressed an interest in the research, so Scott showed David the schematics for the heart device. It wasn't until David asked to take the plans home that Scott questioned David's interest in the project.

David admitted that he had spent years working on a new artificial heart valve. David wanted his research team to look at Scott's schematics to see if it was a viable design. Scott worried that David's true intent was to steal the design. Scott refused to give the schematics to David. David warned Scott that Adam didn't have the money, or interest, to fund Scott's project.

JR approached Scott after David walked away. When JR learned that David was interested in Scott's project, JR decided to work with Scott.

Krystal caught up with David at ConFusion. David was not pleased when he learned that the judge intended to ask Little A whom he wanted to live with. David insisted that he needed some time alone with Little A before the hearing. Krystal explained that it wouldn't do any good; the judge had already talked to Little A.

Angie bumped into Krystal at the bar. Angie explained that she had just said goodbye to Frankie. Krystal realized that the farewell must have been difficult for Angie. Angie showed Krystal a picture that Angie had taken of Frankie. Angie had made the picture her cell phone's wallpaper so that each time Angie opened her phone, she would see an image of her smiling son.

Jesse approached Angie to see if she was ready to leave. Before Angie walked away, she told Krystal that she hoped, after everything settled down, Angie and Krystal could resume their friendship. Krystal returned the sentiment.

After Angie and Jesse walked away, Krystal took out her cell phone. Krystal made a phone call, but quickly disconnected the call when a young woman answered.

After Frankie said his farewells to Brot and Taylor, he tracked down his wife. Randi stood nearby, deep in thought. Randi admitted that she didn't want to say goodbye to Frankie.

Erica and Ryan were stranded along a stretch of deserted road. Some flirtatious banter between Erica and Ryan nearly led to a kiss. However, Erica stopped Ryan before he could follow through with his intentions. Ryan admitted that he wondered how far Erica would have let things go.

Erica tried to call for roadside assistance, but her cell phone kept losing reception. They discovered that when they held the phone up high, they could get a brief signal. Desperate to get help, Erica climbed onto Ryan's shoulders to make a call. Unfortunately, the stunt was for naught. As Erica climbed down, she slipped. Ryan quickly determined that Erica had sprained her ankle.

Ryan offered to go for help, but Erica refused to be left behind. A short time later, the two found an empty cabin. Erica was delighted that they had found shelter for the night, but she was desperate for a bath. Ryan surprised Erica when he uncovered a tub propped up against the wall.

Ryan prepared Erica's bath, then hung some blankets, to offer Erica some privacy. Meanwhile, Erica talked about Kendall. She wanted Ryan to leave Kendall alone so that Kendall could focus on her marriage. Erica believed that Kendall and Zach shared a special kind of love that only came along once in a lifetime.

Ryan admitted that he didn't believe he had Kendall's heart. He had seen the way that Kendall and Zach looked at each other. However, Ryan insisted that he loved Kendall. He refused to promise Erica that he would stay away from Kendall.

Later, as Erica relaxed in the tub, she talked about how much alike she and Ryan were. Ryan sat in a chair, on the other side of the blankets, as he listened to Erica talk about her past relationships. Ryan was surprised that Erica felt as if she had never experienced a grand passion like Kendall and Zach's.

A loud screech from Erica had Ryan jumping to attention. Erica quickly wrapped herself up in blankets before she launched herself into Ryan's arms. He looked around the cabin trying to figure out what had frightened her. Erica explained that she had seen a bug, the size of a poodle, crawling around.

Zach pulled away from Kendall's kiss. Zach made it clear that he thought the kiss had been a mistake. Kendall suggested that perhaps she had been looking for something that wasn't there. They sat down to talk about their relationship. Zach suspected that Kendall wanted to have a relationship with Ryan and Zach. Kendall admitted that it would be impossible for her to have both men.

Zach was brutally honest with Kendall; he told her that he did not want her. Kendall wondered if they would be able to live together without hurting each other. Zach promised that he would not succumb to any more weak moments.

The police interrupted when they called Kendall to notify her that her mother's car had been found stranded on the roadside. Kendall became worried when she learned that Erica had not been located. Zach offered to drive Kendall to Erica's car, but Kendall declined. She gathered her things then left the house alone.

Kendall arrived at the scene of Erica's abandoned car. Kendall's concern grew when the police found one of Erica's shoes and evidence that a man had been with Erica. Kendall worried that Erica had been kidnapped.

The police began searching the area. They burst into a cabin, guns drawn, when they heard a woman scream. Kendall was close behind the police. Kendall's jaw dropped when she saw Erica, wrapped in blankets, in Ryan's arms.

David stopped by the Slater home to check on Ian. Zach was worried about possible complications. David suggested that they not worry about something that might not happen. Zach insisted that David tell him what the worst-case scenario was. David told Zach that Ian's heart valve repair could fail. If that happened, then Ian might need valve replacement surgery.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ryan grasped Erica in his arms as the police and Kendall barged into the cabin. The police told Ryan to unhand Erica. Erica and Ryan laughed while Kendall looked shocked. Kendall told the police that Ryan was not a kidnapper. Kendall then inquired why Erica was wearing nothing but a blanket as Ryan held her.

The police left the cabin and Erica explained that her car broke down. Kendall seemed annoyed and questioned why Ryan was with Erica in a secluded place. Erica ignored Kendall's questions and urged her daughter to return to Pine Valley to be with Zach. Kendall became agitated and demanded to know what happened between Erica and Ryan. Erica stated that Kendall could not have two husbands, even if she wanted to.

Kendall told Erica that she would drive her mother home, but Erica refused. Erica said that she would get a ride home from the police. Before Erica left, she thanked Ryan for the long, hot bath. Kendall scowled at Erica and Ryan.

Ryan told Kendall that she was being hard on her mother, but Kendall strongly disagreed. Ryan also accused Kendall of wanting two husbands. She was furious and revealed that Zach blamed her for the same thing. Ryan asked why Zach felt that way.

Kendall looked nervous, so Ryan assumed that Kendall and Zach were bonding again. She stated that she would always share a connection with Zach, due to their sons. Ryan thought that her feelings for Zach were more serious than she cared to admit. Ryan asked her if she really loved him or if she just said that to appease him. She affirmed that she loved Ryan.

David went to Zach's house to check on Ian. Zach asked if Ian would need another surgery, but David did not know. Zach thought it was "hell" waiting to see if Ian would make a full recovery. David corrected Zach and said that "hell" was losing a child. David explained that he lost two children. David further noted that he was fighting for custody of Little Adam because he did not want to lose another child.

Zach was surprised to hear that a custody battle was going on between the Haywards and the Chandlers. David affirmed that JR was not capable of raising Little Adam. Zach remained neutral and stated that he did not know who the child should live with.

Reese approached Zach's home with a present. Zach opened his front door and invited her in. She explained that she was going to leave the present by the door because she did not want to run into Kendall. Zach said that Kendall was not home, so Reese sat down to visit Zach and his sons. She was happy to learn that Ian was doing well.

Zach inquired if Reese had spoke with Bianca. She explained that Bianca still did not want contact with her, but she did not give up hope that they would reunite. Reese was grateful that her career was on-track and that Miranda and Gabrielle were healthy. Reese encouraged Zach to fight for his marriage to Kendall.

After Reese left, Zach called Bianca.

Kendall came home and told Zach that she had found Erica. Kendall further explained that Erica was half naked in a cabin with Ryan. Zach chuckled because Kendall caught Erica and Ryan together. He noted, "It's always Ryan."

Kendall looked frustrated and left the room. When she returned, she proclaimed that no one could call her selfish anymore. She handed Zach signed divorce papers and stated that she would no longer flounder between two men.

Krystal was at ConFusion. She made a call on her cell phone. A woman picked up and said, "Hello." Krystal quickly hung up the phone without saying a word.

Adam called Krystal and revealed that he had dirt on her. He demanded to see her.

Krystal arrived at Adam's mansion. He stated that he knew of a skeleton in her closet that she would not want revealed. She thought that he was bluffing, but he assured her that he was not. He demanded that she make sure Little Adam remained with the Chandlers or he would go public with her secret. He then brought her into his parlor to discuss the details.

Erica entered the mansion as Adam and Krystal exited the parlor. Erica asked Krystal if she was feeling well. Erica noted that Krystal looked like she was about to faint. Krystal looked disheveled, but claimed that she was fine, and she left.

Erica asked Adam if she could take a bath and he said yes. He was in a great mood and asked Erica if she wanted champagne. She reminded him that she did not drink.

David met with his lawyer. He was furious with the lawyer because the lawyer did not inform him that the judge was going to question Little Adam. David wished that he had known that information sooner, so he could have prepped Little Adam to tell the judge that he wanted to live with his grandparents. The lawyer stated that the system did not work that way, but David did not care.

Krystal arrived home and told David that she was not feeling well. She asked him to bring her some pills. He was surprised that she wanted medication because she had not taken the pills in weeks.

The lawyer asked David if he wanted to postpone the custody hearing, since Krystal was not feeling well. David stated that they were ready for the hearing.

David sneaked into the mansion to see Erica. He reminded her that she owed him for saving Kendall and Ian. He stated that he wanted information on Adam. Erica revealed that Krystal had been at the mansion. Erica explained that Krystal looked defeated and Adam looked victorious. David said that he and Erica were almost even.

Aidan visited Annie at Oak Haven. As he searched for his cell phone, he asked her if she noticed the phone in her room. She hid the phone in her pocket and claimed that she did not see it. Then, she commented that she was tired and wanted to sleep. He offered to sleep with her, but she said she needed to rest on her own. He kissed her and left.

Annie broke out of the hospital and went to Ryan's penthouse. Annie let herself into the home and hid behind the couch. Emma came into the living room and Annie revealed herself. Emma was very excited to see her mother. Annie told the girl to keep her visit a secret. Annie promised to visit again, as long as Emma did not tell anyone.

Emma wondered if Ryan would get mad if he knew Annie visited. Annie admitted that Ryan would be upset, which was why Emma could not tell him about their encounter. Nevertheless, Annie assured the girl that both of her parents loved her very much. Emma promised to keep Annie's visit a secret.

Ryan came home and Annie hid. Emma brought Ryan upstairs, so her mother could leave undetected. Annie exited the penthouse and was shocked to see Aidan waiting outside for her. Aidan explained that he knew what she was up to, but did not stop her because he thought she deserved to see Emma. Aidan then asked for his cell phone. Annie was horrified when she realized that she left it in the penthouse.

Aidan's cell phone rang and Ryan picked it up. He looked confused.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jesse and Angie took Little Adam to the courthouse for his custody hearing. An officer took Little Adam to a waiting room until the hearing began. Angie made sure to load Little Adam up with crayons and coloring books before he left. She hoped the judge would grant JR custody of Little Adam.

JR claimed that Amanda owed it to him to testify against David. Tad and Jake said the last thing Amanda needed was to give David another reason to go after her. Amanda said she had no problem testifying against David. She blamed herself for JR drinking again and for the entire custody battle. Also, Amanda said it would make things right between her and JR.

Tad said Amanda would commit perjury if she testified against David, but Amanda did not care. Tad cautioned JR to protect Amanda and her baby. JR said that Adam was confident Little Adam would return home with them, so Amanda's testimony was not needed.

Jake tried to give Amanda a few baby tips, such as singing to the baby and taking birthing classes. Amanda said she did not want to do any activities that would strengthen her bond with the baby, since it was up for adoption. Roger, a lawyer, stopped by with bad news. He questioned whether Jake was the father of Amanda's baby. Amanda said she and Jake had not been completely honest with him, but hoped Roger would respect their decision. Roger said he was unable to help Amanda if she could not be honest with him and the potential adopters. Roger left.

Jake said he was working on another plan to help Amanda, but would not divulge too many details. Amanda said she usually had a hard time trusting people, but Jake was the exception. Amanda fell asleep on the couch. Jake called someone and asked for his or her help.

Erica told Adam that David thought Adam had something on Krystal. Adam said he was convinced that Krystal would make the right decision regarding Little Adam. Erica was worried the pressure of being on the witness stand would only harm his health. Adam said he would be looking straight at Erica for strength in the courtroom. Colby checked on Adam while Erica made a phone call. Adam said he hoped Little Adam would make the right decision regarding where he should live. Colby said she knew how Little Adam felt because she had to make the same choice years before. Colby said she was glad to be home and loved staying with Adam, but sometimes wished Liza would visit her.

The lawyer told Krystal and David that their stories needed to match up for the judge. He suggested they really used JR drinking in front of Little Adam to their advantage to gain custody. After the lawyer left, David reminded Krystal that they could lose Little Adam if Krystal did not stick to her story for the judge. David said he knew that Adam said something to upset Krystal, and possibly, persuade her to let JR have custody of Little Adam. David reminded Krystal of the vindictive and mean things Adam had done to her in the past. David asked Krystal if she was willing to stand up for them by not giving in to Adam's threats. Krystal said she knew what was at stake.

Erica left the Chandler household to take care of an emergency.

JR and Tad found Angie and Jesse at the courtroom. JR wished he could spend a few minutes with Little Adam before the hearing. Tad said that Little Adam was likely in a room close by being watched by a bailiff who could easily be distracted. Tad warned JR not to get caught if he tried to visit Little Adam.

David and Krystal came to the courthouse. David told Krystal they would be the ones going home with Little Adam. After David was gone, Tad went to check on Krystal. He offered his sympathies to Krystal, who had recently lost a baby. Tad encouraged Krystal to tell the judge the truth about David. Krystal said the truth meant nothing. She said the person who had the most power would win.

JR managed to sneak in and see Little Adam. His visit was short-lived when David walked in. Little Adam colored a picture while JR and David exchanged words. JR said they should settle their dispute by simply asking Little Adam which person he wanted to live with. Jesse walked in and kicked David and JR out of the room. Jesse got Little Adam ready to take the stand.

The judge asked Little Adam a series of questions about living with JR and David. Little Adam said he loved JR and had fun in his house. Little Adam said JR read him stories and Colby and Adam played with him a lot. Little Adam said David bought him toys and Krystal made him waffles at David's house. The judge explained that Little Adam must decide which house he wanted to live in. Little Adam said it would be nice if everyone could live together. The bailiff escorted Little Adam back to another room.

JR was the first person to take the stand. JR said he made a promise to Babe to raise Little Adam properly. The lawyer brought up mistakes JR made because of his alcoholism. On the stand, Adam would not admit to kidnapping Little Adam. Adam said they took a vacation. The lawyer said Adam drove into a tree, but Adam did not remember the accident.

The lawyer asked Adam how old Little Adam was. Adam said four, but Colby held up five fingers, so Adam changed his answer to five. As the lawyer grilled Adam's forgetful memory, Adam got faint and slumped over in his chair. Immediately, Colby, JR, Jesse, and Angie were at Adam's side. David stood still with a smug look on his face.

Before the paramedics took Adam to the hospital, Adam whispered something in Colby's ear. Colby agreed to listen to her father, but did not want him going to the hospital alone. Adam told Colby to call Erica. JR and Colby went back inside the courtroom. David told Krystal that Adam's breakdown showed the judge that Adam was unfit to care for Little Adam.

Adam hopped in a hospital bed. Joe said a preliminary exam showed nothing wrong with Adam. Erica walked in and said nothing was wrong with Adam. Joe said that Adam needed to stay in the hospital for observation. Erica told Joe that Adam was fine, but Joe insisted on running a few tests on Adam. Colby called Adam so he could overhear Krystal's testimony. Adam put Krystal on speakerphone so Erica could hear her.

The lawyer questioned Krystal on the stand. He asked Krystal if she believed Little Adam's best interests were with her and David. Krystal was silent. The lawyer asked Krystal the question again. Krystal said she and David were not fit to raise Little Adam, because David was not the man everyone thought he was.

Taylor overheard Brot book a solo flight to Orlando at the hospital. Taylor said she wanted to be with Brot as he spoke to the soldiers. Brot appreciated Taylor's offer, but worried he would embarrass himself in front of her. Taylor said the soldiers would love him, but understood that he needed to go alone. Randi rushed over and showed them a video from Frankie. Randi got emotional and went to the restroom. She returned to the computer and finished talking to Frankie.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

David looked stunned as Krystal told the judge that she and David should not be granted custody of Little Adam. The judge inquired why, and Krystal replied that David was not the man that he seemed to be. Krystal explained that David was "obsessed" with Little Adam and would stop at nothing to raise his grandchild. Krystal revealed that David paid Amanda to get JR drunk. Krystal further noted that David got Krystal hooked on pills.

David stood up and begged Krystal to tell the judge the truth. Krystal looked distraught and affirmed that David should not have custody of Little Adam. David screamed for Krystal to stop as he walked towards his wife. The bailiff restrained David and removed him from the court.

Jesse told David that he needed to calm down or he would be arrested. David commented that Jesse loved watching his life get torched. Jesse stated that he simply wanted to see Little Adam happy, healthy, and safe.

JR's attorney, Barry, asked Krystal if David ever hit her. Krystal answered that David "hurt" her. Krystal tried to explain that it was an accident, but the lawyer cut her off. The judge announced that she was ready to render her decision.

Krystal left the courtroom to find David. She begged him to let her explain, but he did not want to hear it, and left.

JR carried Little Adam out of the court. The boy happily told Krystal that he was going home with his father. Krystal shed tears as she hugged Little Adam. The boy asked why his grandmother was sad. She claimed that she was happy. JR and Colby thanked Krystal for helping them win the case.

Tad congratulated Krystal on telling the truth. He was elated that she finally accepted the truth about David. She looked distraught and stated that she needed to go home to try to repair her marriage. Tad urged her not to go alone, because David was dangerous. She noted that she was not scared of David and that she needed her husband. Tad looked horrified when he realized that Krystal was still in love with David.

JR brought Little Adam home. The boy promised to be good and begged his father to let him stay. JR explained that Little Adam was not at fault for the custody battle. JR stated that it was his mistakes that forced Little Adam to live with Angie and Jesse. JR told his son that he loved him very much.

Krystal went home and found David sitting alone in the living room. She apologized to him. He did not blame her for her actions in the courtroom; instead, he blamed Adam. David demanded to know what information Adam was blackmailing her with. David said that he wanted to help his wife and pleaded with her to confide in him. She looked sad and stated that she could not tell David the truth. He commented that he was tired of being in a marriage with no trust, and he left.

Tad entered Krystal's home. Krystal began to cry hysterically. Tad asked if David had hurt her. She replied that David did nothing wrong and that she was to blame. She continued to cry and Tad hugged her.

Colby called Adam on her cell phone, so he could hear Krystal's testimony in court. After Krystal spoke, Adam hung up the phone with a triumphant look on his face. Adam was certain that the judge would give JR custody of Little Adam. Adam then got out of his hospital bed to get dressed. Erica stopped him and stated that Joe did not release him.

Adam scolded Erica for letting the "incompetent" Joe Martin treat him. He told her that she could leave because he no longer needed her. She did not want to go because she worried that he might be ill. He demanded that she get him his pants and "run along." She looked insulted as she grabbed his pants. She threw his pants into the hallway and told Adam to get them himself.

Joe saw Adam out of bed and made him sit back down. Joe said that Adam could not leave until the results from his blood work returned from the lab.

JR, Colby, and Little Adam visited Adam. Little Adam hugged his grandfather and announced that he was going home. Adam was very happy to hear the news. JR and Colby offered to stay at the hospital until Adam was released, but Adam urged them to go. Adam claimed that he was fine and would be home soon.

David entered Adam's room. David demanded to know how Adam was able to blackmail Krystal. Adam snidely commented that secrets could ruin a marriage. Adam then slyly laughed and refused to give David any information. David revealed a syringe and stated that he would not take no for an answer.

Kendall went to the hospital for a checkup and ran into Erica. Kendall divulged that she had signed divorce papers, which upset Erica. Erica felt that Kendall gave up on her family. Kendall reminded her mother that Zach gave her the divorce papers. Erica believed that Zach did not really want a divorce.

Kendall affirmed that she had made a decision and Ryan was the man she wanted to be with. Erica said that she was tired of Kendall ruining everything important in her life. Erica told Kendall that she would no longer help her daughter keep her life in order.

Annie spoke with Dr. Burke about her recovery. Dr. Burke was pleased with her progress. Annie stated that her goal was to get healthy, so she could be reunited with her daughter. Dr. Burke reminded her that, if she got healthy, she would have to stand trial for her crimes.

Ryan asked Aidan to go to his penthouse. Ryan inquired why Aidan's cell phone was in his home. Aidan pretended that he broke into the home to steal a picture of Emma for Annie. Ryan did not believe the story, though. Aidan said that Annie deserved to see Emma, but Ryan strongly disagreed. Ryan told Aidan to get out of his house. After Aidan left, Ryan called Dr. Burke.

Aidan arrived at Oak Haven and an administrator told him that he could not see Annie anymore. The administrator revealed that Annie was being transferred to another facility because "someone" called Dr. Burke to complain that Aidan was interfering with Annie's recovery.

Aidan went into Annie's room and assured her that everything would be fine. He promised that he would find her and visit her, no matter what.

Two orderlies tried to place Annie in a wheelchair, but she would not budge until she got her picture of Emma. Dr. Burke gave Annie a shot. She wearily looked up and saw Aidan dressed as an orderly.

Kendall arrived at Ryan's penthouse and announced that she had signed divorce papers. Ryan did not think that the papers changed anything. He was reluctant to enter into a relationship with Kendall because she still lived with Zach. She explained that she could not leave her home until Ian was better. She told Ryan that she loved him and asked him if he loved her. He said nothing, so she turned to leave. He grabbed her and kissed her before she could go.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Amanda woke up panicked from a nightmare where, shortly after she gave birth, David showed up and took her baby away. Jake, who had been asleep on the other end of the couch, told her that they would be too far away by the time the baby was born for David to make a move like that. Amanda then asked how they would pull off their plan, since they didn't have a lawyer. Jake informed her that he found someone new who understood their need for discretion.

Only slightly relieved, Amanda then asked what she had to come back to after she'd given birth. Jake delivered a speech on how wonderful she was and said that he believed in her. He then surprised her when he sealed his words with a kiss. She gave in for a moment, then broke away and told him that she couldn't drag him into her drama. He told her that he wasn't doing anything that he didn't want to do, and then left to procure supplies for her latest craving.

Tad showed up at Wildwind and found Krystal wracked with sobs. She verbally flogged herself for her betrayal of David in the courtroom, but Tad told her that she did the right thing. She then noted that David would be destroyed either way, and Tad insisted that she tell him what she meant. He then said that he could help her if she opened up. She told him that no one could help her - and then said that while everyone thought David would ruin her life, the reverse had actually turned out to be true.

David brandished a syringe and demanded that Adam tell how he had gotten Krystal to betray David. When Adam told him to go to hell, David threatened to kill him. Just then, David heard something behind him and turned in time to be knocked out with a metal tray.

A short time later, David regained consciousness and a guard and a nurse he'd been working with helped him to his feet. He then realized that Scott Chandler was his assailant, and demanded to know what had happened. Scott insisted that he would fill in the blanks when the police arrived. As if directly beckoned, Jesse entered the room and Scott told him that David had threatened to kill Adam.

Immediately on the defensive, David proclaimed his innocence and blamed the mix-up on Adam's delusions. Scott told Jesse that Scott had heard the threat, and Adam revealed that David had held a needle. David willingly submitted to a pat-down search, and Jesse found that the doctor was clean. At the same moment, the nurse dropped the syringe into a sharps container out in the hall.

The nurse returned to the room and Jesse asked if she'd been witness to what Adam claimed. She calmly denied any knowledge of the accusations. She also said that she'd been shocked when Scott hit David for no reason.

Without evidence, Jesse was forced to tell Adam that Adam would have to provide proof of wrongdoing if he wanted to press charges against David. With that, Jesse escorted the doctor and nurse out of the room. When the nurse stepped away, Jesse told David to stay away from Adam. David wasn't ready to give in, as he blamed Adam for his loss in the courtroom, but Jesse told David that he wasn't fit to raise a child. He then told the doctor that if David harassed the Chandlers, he would go to prison.

Because Adam was previously unaware that Scott had returned to town, the young man took a few moments to catch his uncle up on what he'd been doing. Scott said that he had a new project but, because JR had stalled on whether or not to fund the project, Scott decided it would be best to talk directly with Adam. Before they could delve into specifics, Adam saw Krystal enter the room.

Krystal all but ordered Scott to leave, but the young man only did so at Adam's urging. Once Scott was gone, Adam laughed in the face of Krystal's rage. She told him that she'd given him what he'd wanted and, in return, he needed to keep her confidence. Adam let on that he was tempted to talk, which prompted Krystal to admit to her hope that his attack on the stand killed him. He told her not to hold her breath, and before she could stalk out of the room, he called her back and gave her an address - in Devon, PA - that he'd had written on a piece of paper in his wallet.

Kendall told Ryan that she wanted a life with him and asked if he believed their mutual love for each other was enough. When he hesitated, she started to walk away, but he pulled her back into a deep kiss. When they broke apart, he professed his endless need to be with her. They passionately locked lips again, but Kendall ended it in short order so the kids wouldn't see them. She then left to get back to Ian.

Zach blew into Pine Valley hospital and barked at a nurse to find David. When Angie approached him and informed him that David wasn't on call, Zach let her know that David's absence was unacceptable. He then said that if something happened to Ian before David arrived, he would destroy the hospital. Angie tried to neutralize Zach's rage when she explained that David hadd handpicked the doctor who examined Ian. Zach apologized and explained that he was having a hard time with the fact that he and Kendall were no longer together.

Angie tried to comfort Zach, and offered some suggestions to repair the marriage. Zach told her that there was no going back, and that both he and Kendall had what they needed. Just then, Kendall interrupted, irate that Zach had brought Ian in but hadn't called her. Zach and Angie assured her that Ian was all right, and when Kendall said that she wanted to see her little boy, Angie told her that the doctor was just finishing up.

Kendall then unleashed her anger on Zach and said that when she arrived home and found no one there, she knew something had happened to Ian. She told him that she had worried the whole way that something grave had happened. Angie interrupted them and said that they needed to take the argument somewhere else and showed them into an empty cubicle. When she left, Kendall swore that Zach pulled the stunt to punish her and needlessly reminded him that although they were no longer married, Zach couldn't, out of his hatred, deny that she was Ian's mother. He told her that he didn't hate her - and in fact, didn't feel anything at all for her.

Angie accompanied the cardiologist when he updated the Slaters on Ian's condition. Although the tests had offered good news, the doctor wanted to keep the little boy overnight to be safe. Once the doctors left, Kendall remarked that only one of them should stay with Ian because the tension between his parents would be bad for him. She tried to argue about which one of them would stay, but Zach reinforced his lack of feeling for Kendall when he easily gave her what she wanted.

Opal stopped by Ryan's place to drop off a doll that Emma had left behind when she last played with Kathy. She then asked if she could come in for a drink of water, and, although suspicious, Ryan agreed. Once inside, Opal babbled on about how things must have been going for him, but soon revealed that she wanted to know about his latest connection with Kendall.

Ryan was angered that Opal tried to succeed where Erica had failed. Although Opal tried to deny it, Ryan didn't want to hear it and simply told her that he was finished giving up the things he wanted in his life.

Opal told him that she knew that what he and Kendall felt for each other was real, and that while her heart ached because of Greenlee's death and for Kendall's boys, she did want Kendall and Ryan to be happy. Ryan apologized for giving her a hard time, but his phone rang and cut him off. When he answered the call, Kendall immediately launched into how horrible her encounter at the hospital had been. It didn't last long, as she realized that she shouldn't dump her problems with Zach on Ryan. She told him that she would spend the night in the hospital, said that she loved him, and ended the call.

David stopped by the Martin household and told Amanda that because he lost custody of Little Adam, her baby would have a wonderful life - with him. Amanda claimed that he had no right, as he'd signed a legal document that stated he wouldn't pursue custody. David told her that no amount of paper would keep him from his flesh and blood, and that she had no resources to defend herself against him. Tad came into the room at that moment and said that while Amanda was under his roof, the Martins would do everything they could to protect Amanda and her baby from David. David thought of Tad's words as an empty threat, but then Jake rounded the corner with a gun pointed at David and promised him that it wasn't empty.

David wasn't fearful of the gun, as he didn't believe that Jake could use it effectively. Jake assured him that all of the places he'd been abroad had trained him well. After some additional chest thumping, David exited the residence. Once David was gone, Amanda wrapped Jake in a hug as Tad extricated the gun from his little brother's hand.

Amanda thanked the brothers profusely for coming to her aid, and then said that she needed to lie down so that the baby didn't start to feel her stress. Once she'd left the room. Tad demanded that Jake come clean about being in love with Amanda - and her baby.

Zach went to the casino and found that he had a possible card counter who had won a large sum of money in under an hour. Zach indicated that he would handle things, and came face-to-face with a gorgeous redhead. She asked if she was in trouble, and he told her that he had just joined her to deal. She suggestively noted that she would have a lot of fun playing with him.

Zach dealt the next round of cards and the atmosphere got more sexually charged as they dropped hints and glances at each other. They finally gave into the passionate kiss that had been brewing since Zach walked in the door. Zach insisted that they have sex with no names and no strings, and when she agreed, they knocked everything from the table onto the floor. Her purse, emptied of its contents, revealed an incoming call from Jake.

Angie went home and found that Jesse had taken a mental health day. Once he told her what had happened at the hospital, she understood. She then saw that Jesse had gotten a new accessory for the laptop. He told her that it would allow them to see as well as talk to Frankie while he was in Iraq. He was worried that he wouldn't be able to get it to work correctly, but Angie put his mind at ease when she let him know that she had romance on her mind instead.

Afterward, they talked about how quiet the house had gotten with Little Adam gone, and decided to invite Randi and Natalia over. Then Jesse told her that Scott Chandler was back in town and that he should be invited over, as well. Angie noted that soon enough, they would have a packed house again.

Kendall cried as she looked at her youngest son sleep in the hospital crib. She then settled in on the cot and tried and get some rest of her own. Moments after she put her head on the pillow, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up and saw Ryan as he looked back at her. She updated him on Ian, and was then glad to find out that Ryan planned to stay with her as long as she needed him.

Scott returned to Adam's room and told him that his project was developing something that would change cardiothoracic medicine, but that he had competition. Adam asked about his competition, and when Scott told him it was David, Adam was more than happy to funnel money toward his nephew.

David returned home and after he knocked back a glass of booze, he accessed a secret compartment under the bottles on his bar and revealed a stash of drugs. At the same moment, Krystal happened upon a grave, and when she brushed the leaves away, she was horrified at the name she saw.



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