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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 20, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, April 20, 2009

Liza and Zach made mad, passionate love all over the casino. They ripped each other's clothes off and threw poker chips all over the room. After the fun was over, Liza commented that Zach's passion was too strong for a chance encounter with a stranger. She assumed that he was consumed with thoughts for another woman. Then, she asked him for his name. He said that there was no point in exchanging names and she agreed.

She noted that there would not be a repeat performance because she was leaving town shortly. He asked why she came to Pine Valley. She explained that she came to reconnect with someone, but she was snubbed. Zach wished that they could finish their poker game as he pulled a card from the deck. They both smiled when they saw the card was the queen of hearts. She told him that he would win back the woman he was thinking about.

Ryan and Kendall were in Ian's hospital room. Kendall woke up from a dream and called out for Ian. Ryan assured her that Ian was fine. He urged her to get rest, but she could not sleep because she was concerned for Ian. Ryan promised to watch over Ian as she slept.

Kendall went back to sleep for a while. When she awoke, Ryan was holding Ian. She asked if there was something wrong. Ryan explained that Ian whimpered in his sleep, so he picked up the baby. Ryan said that he could not wait for the day that Spike and Ian were outside playing baseball together. Ryan and Kendall smiled as they both held Ian.

Kendall noticed that Zach was outside of the hospital room. She looked alarmed when she realized that Zach saw Ryan holding his child. Kendall told Ryan that she needed coffee and left the room.

Kendall approached Zach. She affirmed that Zach was Ian's father and that he would never have to fight for his child. Zach noted that Ian looked very comfortable with Ryan. Then, she noticed a red substance on Zach's neck and asked what it was. Zach bluntly stated that it was lipstick from the woman he had sex with.

Kendall looked shocked and inquired who the woman was. He replied that he did not know the woman. Kendall thought that he slept with a random woman to "even the score." He explained that he was a single man simply living his life. She admitted that she felt hurt. He said that he did not come to the hospital to hurt her; instead, he came to relieve her. He further stated that she did not need his assistance because she had Ryan.

Kendall returned to Ian's hospital room. Ryan wondered why she did not buy coffee. She lied and said that the machine was broken.

Colby ran out of the mansion. Adam tried to stop her, but she stated that she had to leave. He could sense something was wrong, but she claimed that she was fine.

Amanda overheard Jake leaving a message for Liza. Amanda noted that Jake seemed to know the lawyer on a personal level. He looked nervous and explained that Liza was his "friend."

Colby arrived at Tad's house to see Pete. Jake and Amanda told Colby that Pete was not home. Amanda and Colby sat down together. Amanda said that she was happy to learn JR won custody of Little Adam. Colby looked sad as she said that her family was elated to have Little Adam home. Amanda asked why Colby was upset.

Colby decided to confide in Amanda, since she knew what it was like to have a dysfunctional mother. Colby explained that Liza called her because she was in town and wanted to see her. Colby was furious with her mother because she was completely uninvolved in her life. Colby said that she learned to live her life without Liza, as if Liza gave her up for adoption. Colby had told Liza that she did not want to see her.

Liza called Jake and revealed that she was in Pine Valley. She asked him to meet her at the casino, and he did. They were both excited to see each other. Liza inquired about the adoption case that he needed help with.

Jake admitted that David was the father, not him. Liza understood that the adoption had to be discreet. Initially, Liza had a couple picked to adopt the baby, but once she learned who the baby's father was, she changed her plans. She guaranteed Jake that she had a great idea.

Liza told Jake that Colby did not want to see her. Liza wished that she could explain her side of the story to Colby. Jake felt that Liza and Colby's relationship would take time to mend. He reminded Liza that she needed to be patient with Colby, like she was patient when pursuing her law degree.

Jake went home and Amanda explained to him why Colby was upset. Amanda hoped that her baby would not get a "cold-hearted" mother, like Liza. Jake looked nervous.

Colby went home and Adam was waiting for her. He wondered why she looked distraught, but she refused to tell him anything. Adam promised to fix her problem, if she ever wanted to tell him about it. Then, he made her hot chocolate and they embraced. Meanwhile, Liza secretly watched them from the window.

Zach returned to the casino and tried to find out who the mystery woman was, but his attempts were fruitless. Zach noticed the queen of hearts card sitting on a poker table and smiled.

Annie woke up in a seedy motel and could not remember how she had gotten there. Aidan explained that he posed as a paramedic, so he could help her escape. He revealed that he stole the ambulance she was in. The last thing she remembered was being in a wheelchair. He reminded her that she was being transferred to a new facility because Ryan filed a complaint with her doctor. He feared that he would not be able to see her in the new facility, so he planned her escape.

Aidan told Annie that they were going to assume new identities and leave the country. He gave her a red wig and took pictures of her. He then created fake passports. Annie and Aidan's new names were Hope and Tom.

Annie was hesitant to leave town because of Emma. Aidan told her that Emma was safe and happy with Ryan. Aidan urged her to leave Emma in Ryan's care.

Annie did not want to leave her daughter, so he suggested that they take the girl with them. Annie said that she could not kidnap Emma because that would hurt Emma and Ryan too much. Nevertheless, Annie agreed to leave the country with Aidan. She had one request before they left; she wished to see Emma one last time. She wanted to spend one day with her daughter.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Scott met with Dr. Chappell at the yacht club to discuss the heart valve they were both developing. Dr. Chappell was apprehensive to receive funding from the Chandlers. The doctor felt that the Chandlers only cared about money, instead of helping others. Just then, Erica entered the club. The doctor was awed to see Erica in person, so Scoot revealed that Erica was helping Adam with the deal.

Erica sat down with Scott and Dr. Chappell. The doctor was immediately enamored with Erica and asked her to call him Jeffrey. Erica assured Jeffrey that he was making the right decision by going into business with the Chandlers.

JR entered the yacht club and saw Erica, Jeffrey, and Scott. JR inquired about their meeting. Scott and Erica informed JR that Chandler Enterprises was investing in the heart valve. JR looked annoyed as Erica and Jeffrey left the club together.

JR told Scott that he did not want to invest in the project, mostly because JR did not trust Scott's motives. Scott felt bad for JR because he was not capable of trusting anyone. Scott reminded JR that, if the heart valve were a success, it would not only save lives, but also make millions for the company. JR was still unenthused. Scott accused JR of being jealous that Scott was responsible for the product that would save their family's company.

Krystal went to see Adam at his mansion. Krystal was furious as she asked Adam, "Why didn't you tell me they were dead?" He slyly smiled. She demanded more information from him and he handed her a piece of paper. She said that he owed her because she betrayed her husband for him. Adam noted that the secret they shared made her passionate.

David secretly broke into the mansion and eavesdropped on Adam and Krystal. David revealed himself and demanded to know the secret that Adam and Krystal were hiding. Krystal claimed that there was no secret, but Adam disagreed. Adam proceeded to announce that he and Krystal had an affair. Krystal looked distraught and stormed out.

David told Adam that he did not believe Krystal cheated on him, especially with a man she hated. Adam noted that there was a fine line between love and hate. David warned that Adam made a mistake by crossing him.

Erica and Jeffrey arrived at the mansion. Jeffrey realized that David was the doctor that had wanted to see his designs. Jeffrey told David that he would never get his hands on the designs. Adam stated that he liked Jeffrey. David advised Jeffrey to think twice before going into business with the Chandlers, because their company was about to go "belly up."

Jeffrey presented his ideas on the heart valve to Adam. Adam was very impressed and agreed to invest in the venture. Then, JR and Scott arrived. JR and Scott fought over whether or not Adam should get involved in the project. JR told Adam that he would be making another bad investment, like he did with Fusion. Erica affirmed that Adam's investment would pay off. Scott protested that the heart valve could save the company.

As JR and Scott fought, Adam's vision became blurry. Erica noticed that Adam did not look good. She told JR and Scott to stop fighting because it was upsetting Adam. Adam regained his sight and snidely told Erica to stop acting like his nursemaid.

After JR and Scott left, Erica asked Adam how he was feeling. Adam claimed that he was fine, but Erica disagreed. She assumed that he had a seizure. She handed him his medication and urged him to take it. She noted that he would not get better without the pills, so he swallowed them.

David went to the yacht club. He pulled a prescription bottle out of his pocket. The label read, "Adam Chandler Sr."

Krystal went to a sleazy massage parlor called "Pure Ecstasy." She asked the owner if she could see Marissa. The owner explained that Marissa was with a client. Krystal pretended to go to the restroom when she was really searching for Marissa.

Krystal entered a room and found Marissa massaging a sweaty man. Marissa was shocked to see Krystal. Marissa and Krystal went to another room to talk. Marissa explained that her parents died in a car accident. Krystal was sad because she was very good friends with Marissa's mother.

Krystal mentioned that she lost her daughter, Babe. Marissa wished that she could have met Babe. Krystal told Marissa that she did not have to work in a seedy place. Marissa said that she needed the money. Marissa further stated that she was a legitimate masseuse, even though she did not have a license.

The owner of the massage parlor was aggravated with Marissa because she made him lose a client. Krystal grabbed the owner and told him to leave Marissa alone. The owner then fired Marissa. Marissa was distraught and told Krystal to stay away from her. Then, the police entered the parlor and announced that it was a raid.

Brot was in his hotel room practicing his speech in the mirror when Taylor called him. He admitted that he was nervous to give his motivational speech. She was confident that everyone would love him. He asked her how she planned to spend her day. She claimed that she was about to go for a run at home, but she was secretly in Brot's hotel.

Brot spoke in front of an auditorium of veterans. He explained to them how he was injured in the war. He told them that it took a while, but he finally accepted that people loved him, despite his appearance. He encouraged the veterans to embrace their loved ones, instead of pushing them away. He then stated that the veterans should be proud because they served their country well. He thanked them for letting him speak.

Brot returned to his hotel with a big smile on his face. There was a knock on his door and he was shocked to see Taylor standing outside his room. She was elated that Brot delivered a great speech.

He looked disappointed and reminded her that he did not want her there. He wondered why she could not respect his wishes. He assumed that she did not have faith in him. She begged him not push her away, so he eased up. He invited her to spend the rest of the day with him.

Brot attended a round table discussion with veterans. He discussed his reaction to his face when he first saw the burns. Taylor looked on with pride. Then, Brot and Taylor had fun. They snowboarded, rock climbed, and kissed.

Annie called Emma's school and pretended to be Corinna. Annie stated that Emma would not be attending school because she was sick. Meanwhile, Ryan got Emma ready for school. Ryan then sent Emma to the bus, alone. When Emma left the penthouse, Annie approached her. Annie told Emma that they were going to have a picnic.

Jesse called Ryan to inform him that Annie had escaped from Oak Haven. Ryan realized that Annie kidnapped Emma, and he panicked. Jesse rushed to Ryan's penthouse. Jesse issued an Amber Alert on Emma.

Annie brought Emma to the park. Annie was sad to learn that she no longer knew what Emma's favorite foods were. Annie gave Emma a book that she had made. Then, Annie told Emma that she had to leave. Annie stated that she would always love Emma. Emma wanted to go with Annie, but Annie said that Emma needed to stay with Ryan.

Aidan went to see Ryan and Jesse. Ryan assumed that Aidan helped Annie escape and kidnap Emma. Aidan pretended that he did not know where Annie was. Jesse received a tip that Annie and Emma were in the park. Ryan opened the door to leave and found Emma outside. Emma explained that she said goodbye to her mother because her mother had to leave town. Ryan was relieved to see his daughter.

Annie and Aidan got their belongings together, so they could leave Pine Valley. However, before they could go, Ryan burst into their hotel room. Ryan pointed a gun at them and exclaimed, "You're going to jail!"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

At the Chandler mansion, Erica gave Adam medication after he suffered a seizure. Adam insisted that he had just been lightheaded. Erica told him that it had been more than a dizzy spell. As Adam took his medication, Erica asked him why he had sided with Scott over JR. Adam was about to answer when he was hit by another seizure.

After Adam regained consciousness, Erica decided to call for an ambulance. Adam made it clear that he had no intention of going to the hospital. He told Erica that he knew what was wrong with him and had medication to treat his condition. Erica pointed out that the medication had not helped Adam. She believed that the last dose of medication had actually brought on Adam's last seizure.

At the hospital, David told Zach and Kendall that Ian was well enough to be released. He told the happy parents what to look for before he sent them on their way. As David approached the nurse's station, he overheard Angie on the phone. When she walked away, David asked the nurse what Angie's call had been about. The nurse told David that the call had been from the Chandler residence.

Angie arrived at the Chandler mansion to check on Adam. Adam tried to downplay his symptoms, so Erica told Angie about Adam's attacks. Angie determined that the problem could be Adam's medication. Angie decided to have the medication tested. She advised Adam to rest. Angie instructed Adam to call 9-1-1 if he had any chest pains or shortness of breath.

Moments later, David barged into the living room. David demanded to know where Little A was. David admitted that he had overheard Angie was on an emergency call at the Chandler mansion. Angie explained that she had been called to treat Adam, not Little A. Angie went on to tell David that Adam had suffered an adverse reaction from medication.

Little A ran into the living room. He was excited when he saw David and Angie. While Angie and Erica fussed over Little A, David glanced at the bottle of pills Angie had left on the wet bar. Minutes later, Angie gathered her things, including Adam's pills, then left. David offered to give Adam a second opinion, but Adam declined.

Erica pulled David aside. She admitted that she didn't trust David's sudden change. It appeared to Erica that David had shown genuine concern for Adam's health. Erica suspected that David was up to something; she worried that whatever David plotted, it would affect more than just Adam. David's only response was to warn Erica to be careful.

Erica returned to the living room. She asked Adam if it was possible that he had accidentally taken an extra dose of medication. Adam was adamant that the error had not been on his end. Adam insisted that there was something wrong with the medication or the pharmacy had given him the wrong dose. Erica's frustration mounted. She stormed out the house, determined to leave Adam to his own devices.

At the hospital, David asked Angie about the test results on Adam's medication. She confirmed that the dosage had been correct. Angie then changed the subject; she asked if David had heard from Krystal. Angie was concerned after repeated attempts to reach Krystal had failed. David confessed that he had not heard from Krystal. David asked Angie to give Krystal a message: he loved Krystal very much.

Krystal sat in jail with Marissa. Marissa tried to convince a police officer that there were no grounds to hold them, but the police officer walked away. Krystal was impressed with Marissa's spunk and knowledge of the law. She said that Marissa would make a fine lawyer one day.

Marissa apologized for getting Krystal thrown into jail, but Krystal waved away the apology. Marissa worried that Krystal's husband would be concerned about his wife's disappearance. Krystal doubted that anyone would notice that she was gone. Krystal explained that she was divorced from Tad and that he had custody of their daughter. Krystal then confessed that she had betrayed her new husband, so he would have no reason to look for her.

Marissa asked Krystal how she had betrayed David. Krystal admitted that she had made a mistake years before and it had caught up with her. However, Krystal wouldn't elaborate beyond that. Marissa sensed that Krystal loved David. She wondered why Krystal had looked up Marissa when Krystal had so many things going on in her life.

Krystal explained that she had been close to Marissa's mother. It had broken Krystal's heart when she learned that Marissa's parents had died. Krystal admitted that she had always felt like an unofficial godmother to Marissa. For that reason, Krystal had wanted to check on Marissa. Krystal then made the surprising offer to pay for Marissa's college tuition.

A short time later, Krystal was released from jail. Krystal was reluctant to leave, but Marissa urged Krystal to go. Krystal returned awhile later; she had paid for Marissa and her friends' bail. Krystal handed Marissa some money and promised to pay for Marissa's tuition on the condition that Marissa stop working in the massage parlor. Marissa was thankful for the generous offer.

Ryan stormed into the motel room, armed with a gun, as Aidan and Annie prepared to leave. Aidan and Annie tried to convince Ryan that they intended to leave the country to start a new life. Ryan didn't believe them. Ryan didn't think Annie would leave Emma behind. Annie said that the only reason she could walk away from Emma was because she knew that Emma was safe with Ryan.

Ryan was determined to call the police despite Aidan and Annie's assurance that they were sincere in their desire to build a new life far away from Pine Valley. Aidan promised Ryan that Annie's state of mind was improved. Annie made another impassioned plea for Ryan to let them walk away, to no avail.

Aidan decided to take matters into his own hands. He surprised Ryan by reaching for the gun. As Aidan and Ryan struggled, Aidan told Annie to run. Annie hesitated a moment before she ran out of the door. Eventually, Ryan gained the upper hand. He held Aidan at gunpoint while he called the police.

When Jesse arrived at the motel room, he questioned Aidan. Aidan agreed to cooperate in exchange for Jesse's promise to release Aidan and guarantee that Annie would be returned to Oak Haven. Jesse admitted that Annie's fate rested in the hands of a judge, not Jesse. However, Jesse agreed to the rest of Aidan's terms. Aidan revealed that Annie was headed to a bus station and she was using the alias Esther Waxworth.

Later, Jesse confirmed that a seat on a bus had been reserved in the name of Esther Waxworth. However, Annie had not been spotted at the bus depot. Ryan was outraged when Jesse released Aidan, who had been handcuffed to the chair. Jesse explained that he had every intention of honoring his agreement with Aidan.

Aidan's victory was short-lived. Jesse promptly arrested Aidan before Aidan could leave the motel room. Jesse clarified that he would release Aidan once Annie had been found.

At home, Zach put Ian into his crib while Kendall checked their phone messages. Kendall told Zach that he had a message. She tried to probe Zach about the details of the message, but Zach remained tightlipped. After Zach left, Kendall played the message. It was from Francesca. Francesca had news on a matter that Zach had asked her to look into.

Later, Francesca stopped by the house looking for Zach. Kendall tried to find out what Francesca wanted to talk to Zach about. Kendall asked if it concerned Reese, but Francesca refused to deny or confirm Kendall's suspicions.

Kendall went to talk to Reese. She marched into Reese's room demanding to know if Zach was there. Reese told Kendall that she had not seen Zach, but Kendall didn't believe her. Kendall told Reese that Zach had admitted to a one-night stand with a stranger. Kendall didn't believe that Zach would be so cavalier; she was certain that the woman Zach had slept with was Reese. Reese asked Kendall why it was so difficult for Kendall to believe that Zach had slept with a stranger.

Kendall accused Reese of not understanding the special bond that Kendall and Zach shared. Reese pointed out that it couldn't have been all that special if Kendall was able to sleep with Ryan the first opportunity that presented itself. Kendall countered by blaming Reese for the breakdown of her marriage. Reese refused to play the blame game. Reese accused Kendall of never taking responsibility for her own actions. Reese then ordered Kendall to leave.

Zach returned home. He viewed footage from the casino of the redheaded woman he had slept with.

Later, Zach went to visit Reese. Bianca had sent a picture of Gabby. Reese was astonished by how much Gabby had grown.

Ryan walked into his dark apartment. When he noticed that someone was there, he suspected that it was Annie. It was Kendall. Kendall was distraught and wanted Ryan to hold her.

Ryan asked Kendall what had upset her. Kendall admitted that Zach had slept with some "nameless slut." Ryan pulled away from Kendall's advances. Kendall begged Ryan to prove how much he cared for her by making love to her. When Ryan refused, Kendall ran out of the apartment.

While Aidan sat in jail, Annie prepared to board a flight to London.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Aidan refused to tell Jesse where Annie was hiding. Jesse said that Aidan was facing serious charges if he did not give up Annie's whereabouts. Jesse came out of the holding room and told Ryan that Aidan was not talking.

Jackson walked up and said he was Aidan's attorney. Jackson said Greenlee would have wanted him to help Aidan. Ryan pointed out that Annie tried to kill Greenlee and kidnapped Emma twice. Jackson said he wanted to hear Aidan's side of the story. Ryan said that Emma was not safe with Annie on the loose.

Aidan told Jackson he would not rat on Annie if she ended up back in jail or a mental hospital. Jackson thought it would make more sense for Annie to turn herself in to the police. Aidan said Annie was innocent, so he helped her get someplace safe. Aidan thought Annie was done hurting people. Jackson said Annie took Emma before, and could do it again.

Aidan said Annie was not after Emma. In fact, he had planned to go with Annie. Jackson said he would try to get Aidan out on bail. He told Ryan that Annie had left the country and was not returning. Jesse said Annie was spotted in London, but without an extradition treaty, he could not do anything.

Ryan told Aidan he would hold Aidan personally responsible if anything happened to Emma. Aidan said Annie was not coming back to town.

JR told the doctor that the prototype for the heart valve needed to get on the market as soon as possible. The doctor said he did not believe in compromising patients for profit, but JR knew the doctor wanted the fame, recognition and money for his creation. The doctor tried to leave, but JR blocked his path. JR said he and Adam supported the doctor's idea financially-and the doctor owed the Chandlers a favor. The doctor figured he could find another investor, but JR threatened to tie up the patent in court forever. The doctor said JR could have everything in exchange for $2 million.

Scott gave Jake a tour of the hospital. Scott told Jake that the prototype for the valve was almost ready for a trial run with a top-notch cardiologist. David overheard the conversation and took the liberty of suggesting he be the first doctor to experiment with the valve. David said Adam's company would go belly-up unless a good cardiologist, such as himself, performed the initial procedure. In return, David wanted his name put directly on the valve. Scott turned down David's offer.

Scott was surprised to see the doctor meeting with JR and Adam at the Chandler home. JR told the doctor that money would be wired to his account. Scott realized that the doctor sold out his interest in the valve to Chandler Enterprises. Scott told the doctor that larger companies would pay double what JR did once the valve was approved and manufactured. The doctor said it was pointless to fight the Chandlers, and he left. Scott told JR the goal was to save lives, not make a quick buck. Adam said JR and Scott needed to work together to find a solution.

After Scott left the hospital, Jake said David was not the only skilled surgeon in Pine Valley. As Amanda walked in, David said Jake would never be the man David had become - a good surgeon and father of Amanda's child. Jake told David to keep out of Amanda's personal life. David said he' take the baby from Amanda and leave her with nothing.

Amanda and Jake went into a private room. Amanda said Jake did not deserve the brunt of David's wrath. Jake said he liked being with Amanda. Amanda thought it would be best to move closer to the adoptive parents, but Jake wanted them to stick to the plan. Amanda would give birth and hand the baby to its new adoptive parents, Jake said-and David would believe the baby died. Amanda worried their plan would not work.

Angie asked Tad if Krystal had seen Jenny lately. Tad said Krystal had stayed low since Little Adam's custody trial. Angie was worried about Krystal, especially since Krystal made everyone believe that she loved David. Krystal stopped by and said she did love David, but knew he would never forgive her for betraying him at the custody hearing.

Angie said David wanted Krystal to know he still loved her. Tad thought David loved nothing other than his obsession with Little Adam. Krystal asked Tad to help her move out of David's house. Despite Angie's grudges with David, she believed David truly loved Krystal.

David found Tad at his home carrying Krystal's suitcases. David said Krystal would never bail out on their marriage. Tad said he had thought the same thing about himself and Krystal until her secret was revealed. David said he didn't care what Adam used to blackmail Krystal. He wanted to work out their martial problems.

When Tad arrived home, Krystal was eager to hear what David had said. Tad said David claimed to still love Krystal. Tad thought Krystal was wise not to go back to David, who constantly manipulated her. Krystal said David had a wonderful side that not many people saw.

Angie went downstairs after putting Jenny down for a nap. Tad was surprised that Angie seemed to be rooting for David. Angie said she was not David's biggest fan, but Krystal was old enough to make her own choices.

Natalia practiced her handcuff skills on Randi. Randi turned around so Natalia could cuff her, but quickly pulled a move on Natalia that left her on the ground. Natalia was disappointed that Randi overpowered her so quickly. Randi said Natalia just needed more practice. Natalia asked Randi if she had talked to Frankie lately. Randi said that she and Frankie were having a webcam date at the Yacht Club to celebrate their one-month anniversary.

Frankie and Randi talked about their ideas of a perfect date through the webcam. A few tables away, Jake and Amanda ordered lunch. Frankie and Randi's date was cut short with a bad connection.

Scott took the opportunity to make a move on Randi, but she was not interested. Randi said she had been celebrating an anniversary with her husband until the computer shut down. Scott said he was not spouse material, but offered to buy Randi dessert to make up for crashing her date. The webcam connection came back. Frankie got a glimpse of Scott feeding Randi cake.

David was surprised to see Krystal return home. Krystal apologized for not telling David the truth before the custody hearing. David said they needed to focus on the future. Someone banged on the door and Krystal went to answer it.

Adam was not pleased that JR could not work out his differences with Scott.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Frankie's connection came back online just in time for him to see Scott as he fed cake to Randi. Irate, he demanded to know what was going on. When Scott turned to face the camera, Frankie quickly realized who it was. Scott was just as stunned, but the old friends fell into even older habits without a second thought, which amused and somewhat embarrassed Randi. A superior interrupted Frankie, so Scott opted to give the newlyweds some alone time before the conversation had to end.

Frankie explained his initial jealous outburst, and Randi assured him that he had no need to worry. Frankie's superior barked for him again, so they traded "I love yous" swiftly before the computer screen went dark.

JR took his son to the cemetery to place flowers on Babe's grave. Little Adam told his mother that he missed her, and then went to pick some more flowers. JR apologized for the empty promises he'd made, and said that he would never let her or their son down again. He then revealed that it was the anniversary of the day he proposed to her, and mused about how much he missed her.

Krystal was horrified when Marissa showed up at her door, and seemed even more disturbed when she found out that the young woman would resume her law school studies in Pine Valley. Krystal told Marissa that she'd come at a bad time and agreed that they should meet up later. Before Marissa could get away, David joined on the front step. Krystal introduced them hesitantly, but when David invited Marissa in, Krystal tried to reject the offer. David insisted, so they went into the living room.

Krystal told David that she'd been with a friend of Marissa's mother, but that Marissa's parents had recently passed away. Marissa then chimed in that Krystal had saved the day when she paid for Marissa's tuition. David was taken aback, but covered his shock when he warmly said that Krystal's generosity was one of the many reasons he fell in love with her.

Marissa chatted with the Haywards for a few more minutes before an incoming call from the hospital pulled David away. Once he was out of earshot, Marissa apologized for her surprise visit and explained that something felt right when Krystal had tracked her down. Marissa assumed that it was because Krystal had brought up the subject of her mother, and when tears prevented her from talking, Krystal wrapped her arms around the girl.

When David finished his call, he rejoined the ladies in the living room. Krystal spotted him, and ended the hug that the two women shared. David told Marissa that she could stay with them if she needed to, but the young woman said that they'd already done enough for her. She gathered her things and, as Krystal walked her to the door, she told Marissa to call if she needed anything. Once the door closed, David told Krystal that he knew why she'd tracked Marissa down.

David told her that although the losses of Babe, Jenny, Little Adam, and the miscarried baby were different from each other, they all represented lost opportunities for Krystal to nurture someone. David felt that, as much as Marissa needed someone to take care of her, Marissa herself filled a void in Krystal's life, as well. Krystal told him that he was amazing, and he asked her if she felt positively enough to stay with him and work things out. She told him that she'd never wanted to leave. She then asked where they were headed, and how the baby that Amanda carried factored into it. David swore that he would give up the baby in a heartbeat to ensure a happily married life with Krystal.

Ryan stopped by Erica's office at Fusion and had to confirm that Annie had escaped, and quickly informed Erica that his daughter was safe. Erica then asked about Kendall, and he said that Kendall wasn't with him. Erica noted that Kendall's living arrangements had little to do with where her heart was. Ryan then said that what Kendall said and did were often two separate things - especially when it came to Zach.

Erica asked if things were over between Ryan and Kendall, and Ryan told her that the only thing he knew was that he didn't have time to deal with the games that Kendall had been playing. Erica wanted to know how Kendall reacted to his feelings, and Ryan told her that the last time he saw her, Kendall stormed out on him and they hadn't spoken since. Erica informed him that Kendall's behavior was out of her fear of being alone. Ryan said he was sure that Kendall wouldn't end up alone, but Erica reminded him that the decision would never be solely Kendall's.

Kendall eavesdropped on Zach's phone conversation, wherein he told the person on the other end that he missed them and they needed to come to Pine Valley. Kendall decided to make her presence known and was rattled when Zach abruptly ended his call. Kendall attempted to fish for details and even went as far as to tell Zach that if he wanted to talk to his new girlfriend, he didn't need to sneak around.

Zach sat back, amused at Kendall's attempts to pry into his business, and then told her that he wouldn't tell her who was on the phone. He excused himself so that he could say goodbye to the boys before he left the house. Once he headed upstairs, Kendall attempted to log on to his laptop to find out more information, but was dismayed when she discovered that he had changed his password. When she heard him descend the stairs, she quickly closed the laptop and pretended to be on the phone. When Zach got close enough, she made it seem as though she was wrapping up an intimate conversation with Ryan. Much to her chagrin, Zach was unmoved and simply gathered his things and headed out the door.

When Zach arrived at the casino, his assistant informed him that she hadn't been able to find out any information on the redheaded poker player he'd met. Zach told her to abandon the search, and then stepped away to make a call. When he got voicemail, he left a message that he was glad they were on their flight.

Kendall arrived at Fusion and stopped in to talk with Erica. Erica asked if she'd seen Ryan and Kendall assured her mother that she would. Then, without prompting, Kendall told her mother that although Erica wasn't happy about it, she needed to accept that Kendall had chosen Ryan. Kendall insisted that she was happier than she'd ever been in her life, moments before Ryan walked in. Although uncomfortable, Kendall asked if he wanted to join her downstairs so that they could talk. Ryan told her that he didn't have time, as he'd just shown up to collect his things. When Kendall asked why, he told her that he no longer worked at Fusion.

Kendall asked Erica if she and Ryan could use her office to talk alone, and Erica readily agreed. Once Erica was gone, Kendall insisted that Ryan was needed at Fusion, but he told her that he had more than enough on his plate. Kendall asked Ryan to give them another chance and he instantly knew that they were no longer discussing business. She apologized for her behavior the previous night and swore that she didn't know where her head had been. Ryan said that they both knew that her motivation came from the knowledge that Zach had been with someone else. Ryan told her that he would not play those games, then picked up his things and walked out.

Erica returned to her office moments later, but didn't say a word. Infuriated, Kendall loudly announced that she would no longer be ignored - by Zach, Ryan, or Erica. Erica instructed her daughter to get herself together, but Kendall proceeded to become a little more unhinged as she blamed Ryan's behavior on the fact that she still lived with Zach, and revealed that Zach was seeing someone else. Erica was taken aback but refused to feed into Kendall's drama.

Kendall tried to drag some sort of reaction out of her mother, but was dismayed when Erica said that, as a grown woman, Kendall needed to learn to take responsibility for her own actions. An employee interrupted them and told Erica that she had a call, which was a welcome distraction for Erica.

JR arrived at the Yacht Club as Scott and Randi parted ways, and couldn't resist shooting a barb at Scott. Unfazed, Scott gave as good as he got, and included a few words about how Babe had to have been a saint to deal with JR. JR, angered over the perceived arrogance, told Scott that he had no clue as to who Babe was or what they'd shared. Scott agreed and said that the only thing he knew was that she made cute kids.

At that, Scott noted that he'd seen Little Adam take off down the beach. Worried, JR abandoned his verbal battle with Scott and called out for his son. When Marissa approached with Little Adam, instead of expressing gratitude, JR demanded to know what had happened. Marissa didn't like JR's attitude and told him that he needed to keep a better eye on his son. JR grudgingly agreed, and tried to pay her back for the ice cream she'd bought Little Adam. She refused it, and said that JR had unknowingly given her an opportunity to hang out with the best-looking guy on the beach.

After JR and Little A left the Yacht Club, Scott stepped in and apologized for JR's behavior. He told Marissa that JR's wife had recently died, which made him overly protective of his son. Marissa probed for more information, and Scott was forced to admit that he and JR didn't really get along. He told her that not many families did, but she told him that hers had. Her eyes started to fill with tears, and he was instantly apologetic, but she brushed off his sentiments and noted that she'd just had a bad day.

Reese found Zach and told him that she hadn't been able to tear her eyes away from the picture of Gabby that he'd shared with her. She went on to say that she wanted to go home to be with her daughters and the woman who still held her heart. Zach questioned her intentions, and Reese made it clear that those intentions were meaningless without Bianca. She informed him that she had purchased a ticket, and that she planned to show up on Bianca's doorstep to try to win her back. Zach urged her not to make that move.

Reese was confused, as she believed that Zach wanted her and Bianca to reunite. He confirmed that he still wanted that, but said that he thought Reese should wait for Bianca to make a move. Reese thought that the picture of Gabby was all the impetus she needed, but Zach told her she shouldn't board the flight.

A short time later, Erica ended a call and sat down on a sofa to rest her eyes for a moment. Reese barreled in and attempted to feed Erica a line, but Erica saw right through the story and demanded to know what Reese really wanted. The young woman handed over the picture of Gabby and said that she thought it was a sign. She asked Erica to gauge where Bianca stood when it came to her feelings for Reese, but Erica noted that she would no longer got swept up in her daughters' drama.

Erica advised Reese to go with her gut, and Reese said that Zach had voiced his objection to her plan. Erica told Reese to do what she felt was best. She then said that although Bianca had said that the girls were happy, something in her voice told Erica that Bianca wasn't fulfilled. Erica believed that Bianca still loved Reese, and thought the best move was for Reese to spare Kendall and go to Paris to be with Bianca.

Back at the Slater residence, Kendall was on high alert as Zach walked in the door. He regarded her indifferently, so when his phone rang, Kendall said that she would check on the boys so that she could eavesdrop again without seeming too obvious. She heard that Zach's mystery guest was on a plane before the call ended abruptly. She returned to the living room and was bothered when Zach started to make his exit. She inquired into his plans but again, Zach refused to give her information.

Ryan arrived home as Opal read Annie's books to his daughter. Ryan greeted Emma and then sent her upstairs so that he could talk to Opal alone. He found that Emma had talked about her mother all day, and Opal admitted that Annie had been on her mind a lot, as well. Ryan thought it had to do with Emma's constant chatter, but Opal said it was more of a feeling that Annie was with them. Ryan asked her to keep those feelings to herself and then excused himself to check on his little girl.

Opal said that she would see her way out, but before she got out of the door, she saw a vision of Annie as she smeared blood on the window of the patio door. Opal let out a scream that made Ryan run back downstairs.

Krystal awoke with a start after she recalled in a dream that when she gave birth, she'd actually had twins.

Bianca arrived at the Pine Valley Airport to find Zach waiting for her and her daughters. As he wrapped her in a warm hug, Kendall peered around a corner and only saw Zach as he hugged a woman with long dark hair.



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