One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 20, 2009 on OLTL

John was arrested but escaped. Both R.J. and Antonio returned to Llanview. Rachel was assigned as Cole's drug counselor. Lola vowed to get revenge after Markko disclosed that she'd made advances towards him. Shane received his bone marrow transplant. Schuyler showed Rex the bag containing Stacy's blood. Roxy visited John Doe (Rex's biological father) and thought about pulling the plug on the comatose man's life support.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 20, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, April 20, 2009

Officer Down

At the long-term care facility, the comatose patient appeared to show signs of life.

Out in the hall, Gigi stared at Shane and Rex through Shane's hospital room window. Feeling Gigi's pain, Roxy encouraged her to expose Stacy's scheme to Rex, once Shane had fully recovered. Recalling her promise to give up anything if God saved her son, Gigi insisted that she had to keep quiet about Stacy causing her breakup with Rex. Roxy assured Gigi that God would never want to destroy the love that Gigi and Rex shared for each other. Staring lovingly at Rex and Shane, an emotional Gigi promised that she would tell Rex the truth about Stacy's blackmail.

In her hospital room, Stacy tossed the plastic bag, which contained her blood sample, in the trash. Afterward, Stacy was startled to find Schuyler standing in the doorway. When Schuyler asked what Stacy had thrown away, she claimed that she had discarded a tissue. Pointing out that the container was a medical waste pail and not a refuse basket, Schuyler was convinced that Stacy was lying. In an attempt to deflect Schuyler's questioning, Stacy accused him of harassing her and being jealous of her relationship with Rex. Schuyler insisted that Stacy give up on her attempt to win Rex's heart, but Stacy refused.

Inside of Shane's hospital room, Gigi, Rex, and Roxy celebrated the success of Shane's transplant procedure. Although he couldn't promise that there would be no complications, Mike was optimistic and assured the family that the procedure had gone well so far. When Shane mentioned that he wanted to see Stacy, Roxy offered to locate her. As Shane fell off to sleep, Gigi promised her son that his parents would never leave him. Rex reached for Gigi and the two shared an embrace.

Roxy barged into Stacy's hospital room and interrupted the argument between Stacy and Schuyler. Fed up with Stacy's antics, Schuyler stormed out of the room. Alone with Stacy, Roxy warned her that Gigi would tell Rex about her misdeeds. Stacy was certain that Gigi would never reveal her evil plot, but Roxy stressed that Stacy's days were numbered.

While Stacy prepared her makeup, Schuyler returned to her room. When Stacy insisted that she needed to see her nephew, Schuyler suggested that she allow the child some time alone with his parents. Before exiting the room, Stacy reminded Schuyler that Shane was alive because of her good deed.

With a liquor bottle in hand, an intoxicated Roxy arrived at the long-term care facility. Hurling insults at the comatose patient, Roxy exclaimed, "I got what I needed and I'll never have to see your ugly mug again!" The comatose patient raised his arms and began chocking Roxy. Upon hearing Roxy's screams, the nurse entered the room and questioned what was going on. Roxy insisted that the coma patient had attacked her. Convinced that Roxy was drunk, the nurse dismissed her claims and ordered her to leave and never return.

Alone, inside his darkened hospital room, the comatose patient lifted his arm in the air.

Back at the hospital, Gigi asked Rex if she could speak with him outside of Shane's hospital room. While Gigi struggled to tell Rex about Stacy's blackmail, Stacy peered around the corner and listened. As Gigi prepared to tell Rex the truth, Shane screamed out in pain. Gigi, Rex, and Mike ran to assist the little boy. As Mike examined Shane, Stacy eavesdropped from the opened door. Mike advised Rex and Gigi that Shane would have good and bad days. Mike assured the parents that he would manage the child's pain as best he could.

While Rex was distracted by Shane's pain, Stacy approached Gigi and escorted her out into the hall. Stacy told her sister that she was aware that Gigi had nearly exposed Stacy's scheme to Rex and warned her against it. Suggesting that Shane might need another transplant, Stacy threatened to disappear if Gigi told Rex the truth. Stacy said that Gigi would be responsible for Shane's death.

As Stacy continued to pressure Gigi, Rex interrupted and asked Stacy if everything was okay. With a look of concern, Stacy asked Rex if Shane was feeling any better. When Rex informed her that Shane's pain had subsided, Stacy smiled and said that she knew the child would be fine. While Rex was appeared pleased with Stacy, Gigi gave her a look of disgust.

Meanwhile, Schuyler entered the hospital room that Stacy had occupied. He reached inside the medical waste container and retrieved the bag that contained Stacy's blood. Schuyler placed the bag inside his knapsack.

As Rex, Gigi, and Stacy gathered inside Shane's room, Roxy returned. Realizing that Gigi hadn't told Rex the truth, Roxy pulled Gigi aside and questioned why she had chosen to remain quiet about Stacy's evil plot. In tears, Gigi told Roxy that she tried to tell Rex the truth but couldn't.

Meanwhile, Stacy enjoyed her time with Rex and Shane.

Viki and Charlie enjoyed a meal at the Buenos Dias Café. While Viki mentioned the day's events, Charlie appeared troubled. Charlie said that things were different between them. He reminisced about their days in Paris, Texas. Viki told Charlie that she loved him. To her surprise, Charlie informed Viki that he wanted to live together.

Viki insisted that Charlie move into Llanfair. Citing that he was a simple man, Charlie was skeptical about living at the estate, but decided to comply with Viki's wishes.

At La Boulaie, Fish asked Marty if John was on the premises.

Meanwhile, outside, John discovered Talia facedown in the pool with a knife in her chest. Fish arrived at the scene and observed John carrying Talia's limp body from the pool. As Fish looked on in horror, John told him that Talia was dead.

As Fish ran off to search the grounds for the killer, Marty was horrified to witness John leaning over Talia's dead body. John noticed that Zack Rosen's fraternity ring was on Talia's finger. When Fish returned and spotted the ring, he related that Zack's ring was last seen in the evidence room at the police station.

To John and Marty's surprise, Fish questioned if John had killed Talia. Fish explained that the knife that had been discovered in Zack's room had traces of Blair's blood and John's fingerprints. Marty couldn't believe that Fish suspected John of the murders. Fish stated that he didn't believe that John was guilty, but warned that the mayor had demanded that John be arrested for Blair's stabbing and the murders of Lee Halpern and Wes Granger. John insisted that Fish report Talia's murder to Bo immediately.

At the police station, Bo and Nora discussed the possibility that John had been set up. Mayor Lowell barged into the office and demanded to know why John wasn't in custody.

Back at La Boulaie, Fish warned John that Mayor Lowell would order his immediate arrest and that John would never get the opportunity to clear himself. Fish and Marty pleaded with John to escape in order to search for the real killer, but John refused. Fish placed a call to Bo and informed him of Talia's murder.

Bo, Nora, and the mayor arrived at the scene. Mayor Lowell ordered Fish to place John under arrest for capital murder. Bo, Nora, and Marty looked on as Fish read John his rights.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Bo invited Cris into his office. When Cris was seated, Bo broke the news of Talia's murder. Cris was stunned. Bo assured Cris that Antonio had been notified; he was on his way back to Llanview.

Marty asked Nora if she intended to charge John with Talia's murder. Nora admitted that she didn't think that John had committed the crime. Nora blamed the mayor for the arrest.

Mayor Lowell arrived at the police station a short time later. He informed Bo and Nora that he had written an announcement about John's arrest. Bo read the statement, which pretty much declared that John was the serial killer. Bo crumpled the piece of paper as he threatened to write his own press release. Mayor Lowell invited Bo to take his time; the mayor's statement had been sent to all of the media outlets.

John sat behind bars in the Llanview jail. Zach wondered what had led to John's arrest, but John didn't volunteer any information. Later, Téa visited John in jail. She told him that Marty had asked her to represent John. Téa warned John that the police had a compelling case against him. Zach was elated when he overheard Téa mention that the police had found John's fingerprint on the knife used in Blair's attack. Zach believed that the evidence exonerated him of the murders.

John insisted that he didn't have a motive to kill Talia. Téa revealed that the police suspected that the motive was tied into Marty. John declared that Talia was his friend. John was certain that Todd had framed John for the murder. He pointed out that Todd had been at Dorian's that day. Téa did not discount the possibility that Todd had framed John.

John was curious about Téa's sudden change of heart in regards to Todd. Téa explained that she had been married to Todd twice; she didn't have any illusions about him. Téa was confident that she could successfully defend John against the murder charges. John agreed to let Téa represent him. He asked her to find a way to get him out of jail.

Shortly after Téa left, Marty paid John a visit. At the same time, Zach was being taken to his arraignment. Zach took the opportunity to taunt Marty. Marty ignored Zach's comments, but John attempted to reach through the bars to assault Zach. After Zach was dragged away, John confessed that he did not think that Zach was the killer. John also admitted that he didn't think Todd had committed the crimes, either.

Viki went to the Sun to talk to Todd about Téa. Viki asked Todd to stop playing games with Téa. She told him that she knew all about Todd's proposition to have a romantic relationship with Téa if she agreed to testify that John and Blair's marriage was a sham. Todd insisted that he was not playing with Téa's heart; Todd didn't believe that Téa had one.

Todd went on to tell Viki that he had slept with Téa. Afterwards, Téa had made it clear that she would not hold up her end of the bargain. Viki applauded Téa's determination not to let Todd manipulate her. Todd vowed not to let it happen again. Viki observed that Todd had protested just a tad too much; Viki suspected that Todd was not as immune to Téa as he liked to believe.

Todd snidely suggested that Viki find Téa so that the two of them could celebrate. He crudely offered to buy Téa a bikini wax for the occasion. Viki was even more convinced that Todd cared for Téa. Todd ignored Viki as he answered his phone. Todd's mood instantly brightened.

After Todd disconnected the call, he informed Viki that John had been arrested.

Dorian was frantic when she raced into La Boulaie calling for Langston. Langston emerged from the living room, with Markko close behind. Dorian was relieved when she realized that Langston was fine. Dorian had been worried after she had arrived home to find the police swarming around the house.

Langston told Dorian about Talia's murder. Dorian was shocked; she couldn't understand who would want to kill Talia. Ray and Lola joined everyone in the foyer. Dorian pointed the finger at Ray; reminding everyone that two people had been attacked since Ray had moved in. Dorian decided to postpone her trip to visit David in Los Angeles.

Everyone adjourned the living room. Dorian immediately sensed the tension between Langston and Lola. Langston told Dorian about Lola's attempts to seduce Markko. Lola denied that she had pursued Markko once he had told her that he wasn't interested in her. Langston accused Lola of being a pathological liar. Lola assured Ray, and the others, that she had followed her father's advice. Markko refused to go along with the lie. He told everyone that Lola had continued with her unwanted advances.

Lola's temper flared when she realized that everyone believed Markko's version of events. Lola accused Markko of turning her father against her; she promised retribution then stormed out of the room. Ray followed his daughter, while Dorian consoled Langston.

A short time later, Ray returned to the living room to apologize on his daughter's behalf. Dorian accused Lola of being a "skanky ho." Ray didn't appreciate Dorian's heartless remarks. He reminded Dorian that Lola was a child. Dorian disagreed; she considered Lola a young woman.

After Langston and Markko walked away, Ray admitted that he was hurt because his daughter had broken a promise. Dorian asked Ray what Lola had promised. Ray seemed reluctant to confide further, but Dorian prodded him. Eventually, Ray revealed that he couldn't ask Lola to deny her heart's desire if he was not willing to do the same.

In the foyer, Langston worried about Lola's threat.

At the rehab center, Rachel introduced herself to Cole. She told Cole that she was Nora's daughter and Matthew's sister. Cole insisted that he wasn't a drug addict, but Rachel was steadfast in her desire to help Cole. Cole finally consented to working with Rachel; he didn't want to go through the process of having another counselor assigned to his case.

Rachel talked a bit about herself then told Cole about her three rules: total honesty, total commitment, and to follow the first two rules. Rachel then reviewed Cole's recent drug test. She wondered if Cole had asked someone to take the test for him. Cole became defensive as he denied the suggestion. Rachel pointed out that many addicts found ways to bypass their drug tests. She reminded Cole of the consequences if he failed to abide by the terms of his parole.

Rachel asked Cole if he had difficulty with withdrawal symptoms. Cole insisted that he had never suffered from any withdrawals, implying that he wasn't an addict. Rachel ignored the challenge. As their session came to a close, Cole tried to ask how Matthew was doing. Rachel made it clear that their meetings were only about Cole and Rachel, not Matthew. Cole opened the door to leave, but stopped short when he realized that Lola stood in the doorway.

Lola apologized to Cole, then turned her attention to Rachel. Lola revealed that Cole had convinced Markko to take Cole's drug test.

Layla was rushing around her apartment, trying to get ready for a business appointment. She called Talia, but reached her voicemail. Layla decided to leave a message. She reminded Talia that she had promised to be home to walk the dog. Layla threatened to kill Talia if Layla was late for her appointment because of Talia's broken promise.

As Layla prepared to walk the dog, Cris knocked on the door. Layla was not in the mood to talk to Cris. She assumed he was there to see Talia. Layla told Cris that Talia wasn't home, then tried to leave. Cris stopped Layla. He gently broke the news about Talia's murder. Layla's welled up with tears, but she refused to believe Cris. She warned him not to be there when she returned from walking the dog.

Cris waited for Layla's return. Layla's pain was etched on her face. She told Cris that Talia had named their dog. The dog's name was Aziza; it was Arabic for 'beloved.'

Téa talked to Nora about John's case. When Nora told her about the mayor's press release, Téa realized that Todd might know that John had been arrested. Téa decided that she needed to do damage control. As Téa walked away, she bumped into Todd. Todd smiled as he addressed Téa as "honey" then asked her what was new.

Bo accompanied Antonio to the morgue to view Talia's body.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ungentle Love

In the Llanview Police Department cellblock, John and Marty continued their conversation. John told Marty he no longer thought Todd was a viable suspect in the killings, and that Talia's murder didn't fit the pattern. Marty suggested that as the killer, Todd had been there to target John, and Talia had gotten in the way. John insisted that Todd had had a chance to shoot him during the hostage crisis and hadn't; he said Todd was a loser, not a killer. John assured Marty that Téa would get him out soon, and they'd find the real murderer. With that, Marty left to find Téa.

At Layla and Talia's apartment, Layla was hysterical in the wake of her roommate's death. As Cristian comforted her, Layla recounted her last memories of Talia, and was mortified to think she had wished her death on her voicemail, even in jest. Holding her, Cristian told her it wasn't her fault. Layla said she needed to go to the morgue to see her friend.

Cristian pulled up a video on his laptop of Layla's birthday party, where she and Talia shared some cozy memories. As Layla watched herself partying with Talia and embracing her friend, she allowed Cristian to hug her, thanking him for showing her that Talia knew she loved her.

Layla prepared to take Aziza, the dog, for a walk, and Cristian told her he'd go with her. Thanking Cristian for his help, Layla accompanied him out of the apartment.

In the morgue, Antonio shared a sorrowful reunion with his late ladylove. As Antonio stared at Talia's lifeless body, Bo told him that Talia had been a great cop and a greater person, who he'd been privileged to know. Sobbing, Antonio cradled Talia in his arms, blaming himself for leaving her alone. He said he'd been so eager to hunt down Carlo to protect their family, that he hadn't been there to protect her when she'd needed him most.

Bo told him to save his recriminations for the murderer. He confirmed that they suspected the same perpetrator who had killed Lee Halpern and Wes, and reluctantly said they had a suspect in custody: John.

At the drug treatment center, Lola innocently laid out for Rachel how Markko had helped Cole falsify his urine sample. Rachel was skeptical of Lola's motives, but told her that if her allegations were true, Cole would be in violation of his sentencing agreement and would go directly to jail. Seething, Cole tore into Lola, calling her crazy and obsessed with Markko. Rachel hustled Lola out, assuring her that appropriate steps would be taken.

Once the girl was gone, Rachel asked Cole point-blank if he'd cheated on his drug test. Cole denied it at first, leading Rachel to head for the phone to call Markko. Cole stopped her, and admitted he'd faked the test, but claimed paramedics had given him a painkiller after the crisis at Todd's. Rachel ordered Cole to admit he was still using.

Cole asked Rachel if she was going to send him back to jail, but Rachel said there were plenty of drugs in prison; if he went in, he'd remain an addict for the rest of his life. She said what was needed was a firm commitment to never use again. Cole lamented his trials of the last several years, and Rachel said lots of addicts had hard lives. Rachel said she wouldn't cut him any slack or allow him to make excuses, and that preserving his life was too important.

Rachel said it was time for Cole to detox, and warned him that "the hard part starts now." She said he'd be re-tested and told him to call her if he needed help with withdrawal symptoms. Cole left, but outside, he found himself taking out his hidden bottle of pills. Making a decision, Cole walked back into Rachel's office and presented her with the pills without a word.

Back at the jail, John received another visitor, Antonio. As Antonio entered John's cell, he said he knew John hadn't killed Talia. He said he was anxious to get Jamie away from the reporters and the gossip at school, and said he had to find a way to protect his daughter even if he couldn't protect the woman he loved.

John said the department would do everything they could to find the killer, but Antonio said the LPD wasn't what he needed. He needed someone who could operate outside the law and do what was necessary, and that man was John. Antonio urged John to make the murderer pay, and do what Antonio couldn't in his new job; he asked John to do it for Talia.

Bo visited the cell and gave John his best wishes. As Antonio shook John's hand, he called for a guard and was escorted away. After he was gone, John examined what Antonio had put in his hand: the key to his cell.

At La Boulaie, Langston and Markko hung out in the foyer. They greeted Starr as she returned from spending the night in the ICU, still horrified to hear about the murder on the property. Langston told Starr that wasn't all that had gone down recently, and told her about Lola's advances on Markko. "What a little slut!" Starr exclaimed, pooh-poohing their fears about Lola's revenge scheme.

After Markko left for work, Langston noticed Starr had found her locket. Starr explained that Cole had returned it to her, and bashfully admitted that Langston had been right; she and Cole still had feelings for one another.

On his way out of La Boulaie, Markko ran into Lola returning. Tense, Markko warned Lola not to go after Langston, but Lola told him he'd be the one going down.

Inside, Starr told Langston that she and Cole were still just friends, but that they had come together again through the crisis and because of Hope. When Langston asked for details, Starr flashed back to Cole's promise to Hope at her gravesite. She told Langston she'd rather keep her discussions with Cole to herself for the moment.

As the girls hugged, Lola entered the house. She asked if they were talking about her, and warned them that if they thought she was a bitch, they hadn't seen anything yet. Throwing a glare over her shoulder, Lola stalked up the stairs.

In the drawing room, Dorian and Ray hashed out their differences. Ray admitted that he had agreed to stay away from Dorian in order to provide a better example to Lola and put a stop to her pursuit of Markko. Dorian was angry that Ray had led her to believe he'd had no interest in her, and that her attraction was one-sided. She said she'd felt he didn't want her. "How could I not?" Ray replied.

Dorian challenged him, and said that admitting his feelings would've meant he had lost some control over the situation, giving Dorian some power to pursue him. Ray told Dorian he hadn't meant to hurt her, and had enormous respect for her. He said that Lola was "wounded" and he hoped Dorian could provide her with a role model for the future.

Feeling patronized, Dorian backtracked, and told Ray that their kiss had meant little to her beyond making David jealous. Ray refused to accept that, and told her he knew that when he'd kissed her, she'd kissed back. Dorian told Ray she'd sent the picture of them kissing to David, and Ray asked her if she'd done it to bring her husband home, or to make him stay away forever. Walking up from out of nowhere, David Vickers told Dorian he'd like to know the answer as well.

At the courthouse, Téa followed Todd towards the courtroom where his latest custody motion would be heard. Todd told Téa he intended to win custody back from Blair with the "stable stepfather" in prison on a capitol murder charge. Téa he said Todd had no chance, but Todd wasn't so sure, and headed for the judge's chambers.

Desperate to stop him, Téa grabbed Todd by the collar, yanking him towards her. The proximity between the two ignited passions, and suddenly Todd and Téa were kissing passionately in the empty courtroom. Todd tried to pull away, but Téa threw the books off the nearby defense counsel's table and told him she'd do anything to keep him from the judge. The lovers hurled themselves onto the table and began to make passionate love, vying for dominance as Téa slapped Todd across the face.

In the afterglow, Todd and Téa began to pick up their clothes, trading barbs all the way. "I can tell how much you love your kids since you stopped to have sex before trying to get them back," Téa cracked. Todd challenged her to admit she wanted more from him than sex, and Téa threw the same question back at him. As Todd nibbled on Téa's arm and she re-did her makeup, Marty walked in to find them together.

Disgusted, Marty asked Téa what was going on. "This has nothing to do with my professional life!" Téa protested feebly as she and Todd rushed to put their clothes back on. Marty was horrified that Téa would go back to Todd, in a courtroom much less, and while claiming to want to defend John.

"I admit it was a poor choice of venue," Téa replied. Marty suspected Todd and Téa were in on Todd's plans together, but Téa said Marty was wrong, and that Téa and Todd had a complicated history. Marty said she didn't want to hear it, and told Téa she was fired. As she stormed out, Todd raced after her.

Todd reached Marty at the elevator, and told her he was sorry she'd had to see him with Téa. Repulsed, Marty said she didn't care, and pressed the elevator button, closing the doors in his face.

Back in the courtroom, Téa cursed as she attempted to zip her dress up. As she felt a pair of hands at her back, she recoiled, telling Todd to get away from her. But the person behind her wasn't Todd - it was her ex-boyfriend R.J. Gannon, who asked Téa if he sounded like Todd Manning to her.

In the morgue, Antonio visited Talia one last time. Looking down at her, Antonio told Talia he'd done what he could to help avenge her murder, and said he had to find some way to say goodbye. Lying down and taking her into his arms, Antonio wept as he asked her, "How can I say goodbye to my heart?"

In the LPD cell block, John waited for the guard to make his rounds, then quickly retrieved the key Antonio had given him and opened the door to his cell. Moving with a purpose, John made his way out of the cell.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Going Mobile

At La Boulaie, Dorian was shocked to see her husband appear out of nowhere. After seeing the photo of her locking lips with Ray, he felt that it shouldn't have been a surprise at all. With Dorian insisting it was merely a joke, David wondered what the punch line could be. Dorian asked Ray to leave them alone. She informed an angry David that there was nothing between her and Ray, even though Ray was attractive and available. She reminded David that he was unavailable.

Asking if he would move back to Llanview, Dorian heard her husband reply that he figured she wanted out of their marriage and was pushing him so that he would make the decision. He told her that he would not be able to continue acting while living in Llanview, even if she felt that he could. David insisted that he had been faithful to her, unlike Dorian. They agreed that they loved each other, though David wanted to know if she had feelings for Ray.

Lola eavesdropped on Langston and Starr talking about her. Langston declared that Lola would not take Markko away from her. The girls turned their conversation to the upcoming prom. Starr felt that she didn't want to attend, since the entire school blamed her for Mr. Joplin's suspension.

After Starr left, Lola advised Langston that Markko would probably be in jail and would not be attending the prom. As she flaunted that fact, Ray walked out of the study and heard her. She quickly accused Langston of being mean to her.

Pulling his daughter aside, he advised her that she was not raised to be like that and that she was not to use the past as an excuse for her behavior. Admonishing her, Ray told her that it wasn't right. Lola apologized and insisted that she had merely been lonely and angry. Langston left for the café and Lola told her dad that she wanted to make it up to both Langston and Markko. "Papi, you have no idea what I'm capable of," she uttered after her dad left.

David and Dorian agreed that they would always have a connection but they had grown apart with their different lives. Dorian admitted that she had meant it at the time when she said she was willing to move to California to be with David. She stressed that Ray had nothing to do with her change of heart. David felt that their timing was always off, and declared that he was dumping her. They said goodbye and affirmed that they'd still be David and Dorian.

Running into Ray, David said he was leaving. He suggested that Ray take care of Dorian or he'd break Ray's legs. Ray asked Dorian to go out to dinner with him and she accepted.

As Bo and Fish mourned Talia's passing, they learned that John was gone from his cell. Suddenly, Bo received a phone call from Fish's cell phone, and it obviously wasn't Fish. John apologized for taking Fish's phone and told Bo he was calling to say goodbye. Bo was unsuccessful in getting John to change his mind. He ordered Fish to put out an APB on John.

After word got out about John's escape, Bo responded to a call from the mayor. Angrily telling the official, "...we all have to do what we have to do," Bo exclaimed that he didn't want to see innocent people behind bars.

At the rehab facility, Nora was surprised to find Rachel. Explaining that she needed a job while in Llanview, Rachel astonished her mother even more when she divulged that she was Cole's counselor. Taken aback, Nora insisted that it had to be a conflict of interest, but Rachel stood her ground, making it clear that with her experience she felt sure that she would be able to help Cole. Dead set against her daughter helping the person who put her son in a wheelchair, Nora tried to talk Rachel into stepping aside, but Rachel wouldn't hear of it. While her mother blamed Cole for putting Matthew in the wheelchair, Matthew himself didn't, Rachel stated.

Rachel reminded her mother of how she had hurt people when she had been on drugs, but Nora had faith in her. She, in turn, had faith in Cole and wanted to help him. She warned Nora not to force her to make a choice. Insisting that she would be hard on Cole, Rachel finally heard Nora agree to deal with it, even though she didn't like it. As the women came to an understanding, Lola burst into the room and interrupted them. She demanded to know why Rachel hadn't done anything about Cole's faking his drug test.

Rachel told the girl that everything had been handled to her satisfaction. After Lola stormed out, Nora was angry in turn. Rachel cited the confidentiality between her and her client and, while she had a legal duty to report it as Nora quickly pointed out, Rachel maintained there had been no proof. She reiterated that she was handling things as she saw fit and was sure she'd have a positive impact on Cole. Nora was concerned that he would only ruin someone else's life if he were still using drugs.

Arriving at the Buenos Dias Café to meet Starr, Cole stopped to talk to Markko first. He demanded to know why Markko had confessed details of Cole's deceptive drug testing to Lola. Swearing that he had only told Langston, Markko explained that he could no longer keep any secrets from Langston after hiding Lola's advances towards him. He assumed that Lola had overheard their conversation.

Cole assured his buddy that he had been given a free pass and was not going to jail. He apologized for doubting his friend. Markko was hopeful that Cole and Starr were getting back together since they were meeting, but Cole advised him, "It's not like that."

When Starr arrived, the couple grabbed a booth. Starr inquired about Cole's recovery and was proud to hear that he had passed his drug testing. She admitted to reading all about the recovery process. Langston called Markko to warn him about Lola's threats, but he assured her that everything was fine.

Starr and Cole needed to make a plan to find out what happened to Hope. Cole quickly shot down Starr's idea of asking Schuyler for help, and negated Michael since Starr wanted to keep things from Marcie. She grabbed the locket and thought they could start with that and the baby's lock of hair inside.

Langston arrived and was happy to see Markko, and surprised to see Starr and Cole together. Markko assured her they weren't talking about the drug test, but it was something important. Langston shared Lola's apology for being a bitch and felt certain it was all an act for her father. Markko suggested that Langston forget about Lola as he pulled two tickets to the prom from his pocket. "Dare to Dream" was the theme.

At La Boulaie, Lola looked at a prom program and declared, "Make your dreams come true. You bet I will."

At Llanview Hospital, Blair received an unexpected guest when Todd showed up, ready to discuss custody of their kids. Chomping at the bit to tell her of John's imprisonment, Todd was disappointed when Blair informed him that she already knew. She was sure that John would be vindicated and that Todd would still be an idiot. She knew that John would never hurt a woman the way that Todd would. Todd advised her he was on his way to speak to the judge who would side with him about custody.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Michael was surprised when John sneaked up and grabbed him from behind "You didn't?" asked Michael. "I did," replied John, "and now I need your help."

At Michael's insistence, John hid while Michael went off to get the items John had requested. Leaving Blair's room, Todd ran into the pair, but did not recognize John, who was clothed in scrubs and a mask. John dashed into Blair's room as Michael advised the guards that they were not to allow anyone into the room.

Blair was happy to see John, but worried and upset when she learned that he had escaped his jail cell. John understood, but stressed that he needed to clear his name and find the psycho responsible for the murders and Blair's stabbing. He apologized for not being around for Blair and the kids. She urged him to go, take care of business, and return. He kissed her soundly.

Surprised to see RJ in the courtroom, Téa awkwardly asked him to pull up her zipper. Feeling uneasy himself, RJ wondered if she and Todd were back together. Téa insisted that she was in control and had even gone out on another date with a client, though it didn't work out. The man liked Dorian anyway, she explained. RJ agreed that it was dangerous to be between Dorian and her man. He suggested that Téa would be better off with anyone other than Todd. They reminisced about their old times together and how Todd had caught them together in the past.

As Téa and RJ comfortably sat next to each other and chatted, Todd walked in and spotted them. Coming up behind them, he hooked arms with Téa, just as she had with RJ. He mentioned how cozy they all were with Téa in the middle. RJ and Téa promised to meet with each other and catch up as Téa provided him with her private phone number. She and Todd proclaimed that another round of love-making was not going to happen.

Announcing that he was there to see the judge because John had escaped, Todd declared that everything was falling into place. Téa was dismayed to hear of John's actions.

At the hospital, Michael received a call from Bo, but advised him that he had not heard from John. Bo headed to the hospital, anyway, sure that Michael was lying. Marching into Blair's room, he grabbed the doctor in the scrubs and mask. He was disappointed to find that it was Michael.

Sneaking into his room at the Angel Square Hotel, John grabbed a gun he had hidden away. Opening a door inside, he was greeted with a photo of Marty, held in place with a knife.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Stab Me Once, Shame on You

While an officer stood guard outside of John's front door, John entered his apartment through the window. After retrieving his revolver, John spotted a picture of Marty affixed to the closet door, with a knife pierced through it.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Fish questioned Roxy concerning John's whereabouts. As Roxy argued that John would never kill anyone, Kyle entered the hotel and referred to John as the KAD killer. When Fish insisted that John wasn't the murderer, Kyle stated that he hoped that none of their fraternity brothers were implicated. Frustrated, Kyle ran upstairs in search of John.

Fish approached the officer standing guard outside of John's apartment. The two men both agreed that John would never return his apartment.

In order to preserve any fingerprints, John removed the knife and picture from the wall with a towel. John carefully placed the items in his bag and exited the apartment through the window. Upon hearing noises from the apartment, Fish and the other officer entered with their guns drawn. There was no sign of John.

At the Palace Hotel, Marty watched news reports that named John as the suspected serial killer and detailed his escape from prison. Marty was shocked to turn around and discover John in her room. When John showed Marty the knife and the photo of herself, Marty realized that she was possibly the killer's next target. John related that he would attempt to recover any prints left on the weapon.

Meanwhile, outside of Marty's hotel room, an unknown person, dressed as a hotel attendant, pushed a food cart toward Marty's door. After positioning the cart in front of Marty's door, the killer hid a knife under a napkin.

Back inside Marty's room, John insisted on finding a safe retreat for her, but Marty refused to allow John to search for the killer without her. Realizing that he couldn't change Marty's mind, John agreed to allow her to help him. John insisted that they exit her hotel room through the window. At that very moment, the killer used a passkey to open Marty's hotel door. With a knife in hand, the killer entered the room. Once inside, the killer picked up the photo of Marty and realized that she had escaped with John.

Roxy told Kyle that she needed his help concerning John Doe. As Roxy informed Kyle that the patient was no longer unresponsive, Rex interrupted and demanded to know if the patient that they were referring to was Shane. Roxy denied keeping secrets from Rex. Attempting to evade Rex's interrogation, Roxy questioned why Rex was carrying a bouquet of flowers.

Back upstairs, Stacy, insisting that the blood transfusion had left her physically exhausted, attempted to get Schuyler to wait on her. To her surprise, Schuyler presented Stacy with her blood donation, which he had retrieved from the medical waste bin. Schuyler was certain that Stacy's blood was in the medical bag and that Shane had actually received a donation from another source. A nervous Stacy tried to convince Schuyler that he was mistaken, but Schuyler continued to press Stacy for the truth.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Gigi tried to make conversation with Jessica, but Jessica treated her coldly. Gigi looked sad as Jessica brushed past her and joined Jared. Reminding Jared that she had set up a meeting with both him and Natalie, Jessica wondered where her sister was. Jared related that Natalie was upset by Brody's treatment of Jessica and she had decided to pay him a visit. Horrified, Jessica ran off to prevent her sister from confronting Brody.

In the lobby of the Angel Square Hotel, Gigi entered the room just as Rex admitted that the flowers in his possession were for Stacy. Gigi remarked, "That didn't take long!" When Gigi made a negative comment about Stacy, Rex quickly reminded her that Stacy had saved Shane's life. After informing Gigi that Shane had requested that Rex bring Stacy flowers as a thank you gift, Rex commented that Gigi appeared jealous and questioned why.

As Gigi and Rex continued to bicker, Kyle pulled Roxy to the side and related that he needed a place to stay. Threatening to reveal her secret to Rex, Kyle demanded that Roxy give him a rent-free apartment in exchange for his silence. Roxy and Kyle made plans to discuss the matter at a later date.

Meanwhile, Rex was frustrated by Gigi's anger toward Stacy and stormed off. As Rex walked away, a saddened Gigi insisted that she only wanted to see Rex happy. Overhearing the argument, Roxy approached Gigi and pleaded with her to expose Stacy's scheme to Rex. Gigi continued to state that she had made a promise to God and feared that Shane's condition might regress if she went back on her word.

While Roxy tried desperately to turn the tables on Stacy, Jessica entered the hotel. Spotting Gigi, Jessica frowned and headed up to Brody's apartment. Consumed with guilt, Gigi said that she regretted causing Jessica pain. Finally, Roxy convinced Gigi to tell Rex the truth. Roxy smiled as Gigi headed upstairs to expose Stacy's misdeeds.

Alone with her thoughts, Roxy spoke out loud. Recalling her encounter in which John Doe choked her, Roxy said that she needed to speak with Kyle about John Doe's apparent recovery. As Roxy continued to express her fear of the patient regaining consciousness, the chipmunk began to speak to her. The chipmunk suggested that Roxy pull the plug on the ailing patient.

As Brody opened his front door, Natalie greeted him with a punch to the chest. Natalie chastised Brody for hurting Rex and Jessica by sleeping with Gigi. Brody tried to convince Natalie that things weren't as they appeared to be, but Natalie continued to rant at him. Jessica arrived and quickly put a stop to Natalie's tirade. Jared arrived moments later and convinced Natalie to leave Jessica and Brody alone.

Back inside Schuyler's apartment, Schuyler continued to accuse Stacy of lying about donating her stem cells to Shane. As Stacy denied Schuyler's accusations, Rex knocked on the door and called out to her. Glaring at Schuyler, Stacy headed toward the door and snapped, "I'll kill you if you tell him!"

Entering the apartment, Rex received a warm welcome from Stacy and a cold stare from Schuyler. Stacy was pleased that Rex brought her flowers, but he quickly informed her that the bouquet was from Shane and that he was only the messenger. As Stacy tried to engage Rex in conversation, Schuyler looked upset and made his presence felt. Stacy suggested that Schuyler leave, but he refused and began questioning Rex about Shane's medical procedure, and Stacy's role as bone marrow donor. An uncomfortable Rex insisted that he needed to get back to Shane, and left the apartment. Stacy ran after him.

Out in the hall, Stacy thanked Rex for checking on her and gave him a loving hug. As Stacy and Rex shared an embrace, Gigi emerged and stared into Stacy's cold eyes. Stacy smiled as tears welled up in Gigi's eyes. Stacy's smile grew wider as Gigi turned and walked away.

Moments later, Schuyler stepped out into the hall just as Rex pulled away from Stacy. Holding the bag of blood that he had retrieved from the medical waste bin, Schuyler told Rex that there was something that he needed to see.

As Gigi wandered down the hall, she overheard Brody and Jessica's discussion. Unable to reveal the truth to Jessica, Brody tried to convince her that he had feelings for her as well. Unwilling to cause Jessica any more pain, Gigi begged Brody to tell Jessica the truth. Brody ushered Jessica back inside the apartment and stepped back out to converse with Gigi. Gigi insisted that Brody tell Jessica that they never slept together.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Starr and Cole discussed learning the truth surrounding Hope's death. Starr told Cole that they could use the lock of Hope's hair to conduct a DNA test. She was certain that the test could provide them with some answers.

When Starr mentioned that she had conducted a DNA experiment with Schuyler and suggested that he could help them, Cole was outraged and stated that Starr couldn't seem to ever stop thinking about Mr. Joplin. Starr reminded Cole that they had agreed to put their differences aside in hopes of finding justice foe Hope. Starr noticed that Cole was sweating and appeared to be under the weather. When she questioned if he was still using drugs, Cole denied being under the influence. Starr assumed that he was possibly exhibiting withdrawal system and wondered if he needed medical assistance.

Starr and Cole arrived at the hospital lab. Starr explained the circumstances surrounding Hope's death to Kyle and asked him to conduct a DNA test. Kyle related that he could conduct a genetic profile that would tell if the child died of a genetic disorder. Starr was certain that her request was a strange one, but Kyle informed her that another couple had conducted the very same test recently. Cole excused himself and stepped out into the hall. After spotting a tray containing a bottle of pills, Cole stole the medication.

After Starr and Cole had left, Kyle had a flashback of Natalie and Jared asking him to perform the very same DNA test.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Jared wondered if Natalie was feeling guilty about their decision to hide Chloe's true identity. Natalie and Jared both admitted that they had second thoughts, but agreed that they had done what was best for all the concerned parties. As Natalie reminded Jared that Starr hadn't planned on keeping her child, Starr and Cole entered the café.

Cole continued to sweat profusely and exhibit signs of sickness. Cole excused himself again and headed for the restroom. Once inside, Cole removed the bottle of pills from his pocket and stared at the medication. Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Cole placed the bottle back in his pocket and returned to Starr.

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