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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 27, 2009 on GL
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Monday, April 27, 2009

"Lizzie Spaulding, welcome to your childhood," Bill announced as Lizzie and he stood in front of the Universal Studios globe. Bill said that many things had kept them apart, but he promised that after a few perfect days of childhood, Lizzie would be his.

Bill raced Lizzie to the park entrance. There, Bill said that once they entered the park, she was a kid, and he had complete control over her. Lizzie replied that he had that anyway, and she took off running. Bill yelled after her not to get lost. When Bill caught up to her, he pushed a Universal Studios child's carriage. He gave her a tee shirt and a Woody Woodpecker hat. Lizzie barely fit into the buggy, and she held on tightly as he pushed her in it.

At the Kid's Zone, Lizzie halted at the sight of the roller coaster. She said she'd never been on one before. Bill suggested they start with something more "age appropriate," and tackle the coaster later. The couple played around in Fievel Land, and then gorged themselves on park junk food.

Bill decided that Lizzie was old enough for some competition. They entered a blow ball fight with other kids. Lizzie creamed Bill, and he vowed that the competition hadn't ended, because there were water sports.

After Lizzie beat Bill in the water fight, they ate more. With a turkey leg in one hand and a corn dog in the other, Bill decided that it was time to win her the stuffed Woody Woodpecker that he'd promised. The two played more carnival games, got temporary tattoos, and then kissed in the photo booth.

At the mansion, Alex wondered when Alan would stop hating Phillip. Alan said that Phillip and he had a complicated relationship. Alan assured Alex that once everyone recognized Alan as head of the family, Phillip could be released from the hospital to take his rightful place. Alex wished Alan would figure out that he wasn't the center of the universe.

At the Beacon, Beth offered to let James stay in her room with her, but James preferred the amenities at the mansion. James left, and Beth discovered that she was locked out of her room. The Beacon manager informed Beth that she had been evicted by a court order, and her things had been moved to another location. Beth reviewed the mover's work order. Upon reading where her things had been moved, Beth said that she knew exactly who to blame for it.

While Mallet, Marina, Buzz, and Frank inflated balloons for Henry's adoption party at the Cooper house, Remy, Christina, and Ashlee sat at Company, attempting to convince Daisy to attend the party. Daisy wasn't interested, but she said she'd go if she could get someone to cover for her at Company. Daisy asked Remy to sign her name to his greeting card in case she didn't make it. Remy told Daisy that she'd better chip in for the card. Daisy gave Remy a handful of change, and he grimaced. "What? It's a card," Daisy said with a shrug.

Later, James arrived at Company. He snatched up Daisy's cell phone, and read text-messages from her friends. Upon reading about the Cooper baby party, he suggested that Daisy invite him to go with her. Alan approached, asking James to "leave this greasy spoon" to accompany Alan to Spaulding-Lewis. Daisy told Alan that James had agreed to cover her Company shift while she attended her family's party. "What?" an outraged Alan replied.

Daisy gave James a crash course in running Company as Alan looked on. After Daisy left, Alan said that he couldn't believe that James had let Daisy do that to him. "Payback's a bitch," James groaned, hauling a bus pan.

In the kitchen, James discovered that Daisy had returned. Daisy said that James owed him for giving him an excuse to ditch Alan. She said that she'd find someone else to cover her shift, so that James could come to the party with her. James told her that it was too late; he had to work. As she walked away, he said, "Now you owe me one."

In the front, Alan called Lizzie, but Bill answered. Alan demanded to know where Lizzie was. Bill said that he'd taken her to Universal Studios, Florida, for the childhood she'd never had. Bill said he'd try to remember to tell Lizzie that Alan had called, and hung up on Alan.

Alan told James that Lizzie was in Florida. Alan instructed James to go home and pack a bag for Universal Studios. Alan said that the family had to rally around Lizzie before Bill brainwashed the Spaulding out of her. "No, thanks," James said.

James continued to work, and Alan read from his cell phone a blurb about riding the movies. "How could you not want to do that? Even I want to do that," Alan reasoned. James said he didn't want to do it with Alan, but Alan insisted that everyone would go as a family. James asked why, and Alan replied, "Because I said so."

When James arrived home from work, he found Beth pacing in the parlor. She was livid that her things were in the mansion foyer. Alex and Alan entered, and Beth seethed that Alan had gotten her evicted because he couldn't control her. Alan said that Beth belonged at the mansion with her children. He then announced that the family to would go to Florida with him to combat Bill's influence on Lizzie. Beth said she'd definitely go, but only to protect Lizzie from Alan. James wondered if they'd take the company jet. "No, we're taking your mother's broom," Alan retorted.

When Shayne and Dinah arrived at the Beacon, Dinah checked her messages to discover that Mallet and Marina had invited them to celebrate Henry's adoption. Dinah and Shayne went to the mini-mart. Dinah wanted to go to the mall for a baby gift, but Shayne insisted they find a gift while at the mini-mart. "Soap?" Shayne suggested. "He's a baby. He's gonna get dirty."

Dinah bumped into Remy, who couldn't find a "happy adoption" card. Dinah said he might not need a card at all, because there might be a problem with the adoption. Dinah hated talking the way she was, but she said she really needed someone to confide in. Dinah explained that a Bosnian nun claimed that Lara was Henry's mother, which made Shayne Henry's father.

Shayne approached, wondering why Remy and Dinah looked so strange. Remy replied that Dinah didn't like the card that Remy had picked out for Henry. Shayne and Dinah left for the party, and Remy gravely sighed.

Outside the Cooper house, Dinah seemed reluctant to enter. Mallet came out of the house, touting that he was officially a father. He asked how things went in Bosnia, and Dinah quickly said fine. Inside, Shayne commented that Springfield had become "babyville." It reminded him of Lara and their lost baby, but that didn't bother him. Since Shayne had made peace with the past, his life was just as he wanted it to be. He said that he wouldn't change a thing.

Dinah noticed Remy taking Henry upstairs for a diaper change, and she followed him. While changing Henry, a frustrated Dinah said that she didn't know if the nun had told her the truth. She didn't want to disrupt Shayne, Mallet, and Marina's lives for a lie. Remy advised that Dinah get a DNA test to be sure. Remy handed her a dirty diaper, but she said she couldn't use that. Dinah stuck a pacifier into Henry's mouth, and then placed the pacifier into a plastic bag.

Outside, Shayne found Marina having a beer. He asked why Child Services had dropped the adoption investigation. Marina said it might have had something to do with her blackmailing the Child Services agent.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Outside the Cooper house, Shayne asked Marina if Mallet knew that she'd blackmailed Clarice at Child Protective Services. Marina said that there was no reason for Mallet to know. She had taken a leave from the force in case her extortion was revealed. Marina wasn't proud of herself, but she didn't regret it. She claimed that Henry was the best thing that had ever happened to her, and she'd do anything for him.

Inside, on the stairs, Remy assured Dinah that she was doing the right thing by initiating a DNA test before revealing the nun's claims to everyone. Remy suggested that Dinah get a sample from Shayne, too, for DNA comparison at Cedars. Dinah hated sneaking around, but she realized that it was best, just in case the nun had lied. Remy asked Dinah to apprise him of the results.

When Dinah exited the house, she saw Shayne and Marina outside. Dinah suggested that Shayne continue his visit with Marina while Dinah went to WSPR. After Dinah left, Shayne took pictures of Marina, Mallet, and Henry. Shayne hoped that their family would always be happy.

Later, Marina and Mallet cuddled on the couch as Henry slept. Marina never thought that life could be so perfect. She didn't ever want it to change. Mallet promised that it wouldn't.

Dinah dropped her samples off at Cedars for DNA testing, and prayed that the nun had been wrong. When she met up with Shayne again, he presented her with a toothbrush for sleepovers at his place. Dinah said that it was a perfect gift. Shayne expressed how happy he was with Dinah. Dinah replied that she only wanted happiness for him.

Sometime later, Dinah and Shayne slept in bed. Shayne awakened within his dream to see Lara beside him in bed. Lara said, "Dinah will help you. She'll help us." Shayne jarred himself awake, and saw Dinah in bed, sleeping beside him.

At Universal Studios, Bill decided that Lizzie had graduated from the kiddie theme park. He showed her a brochure of the Islands of Adventure, citing two rides: one that went from zero to forty in two seconds, and another that launched people one hundred-fifty feet into the air, and then dropped them faster than the speed of gravity. Lizzie became apprehensive as Bill said they'd ride until they puked. Bill promised to hold her hand as they conquered each ride.

The couple visited the Jurassic Park exhibit, and then took in a pirate show before broaching the Hulk roller coaster. Lizzie still wasn't ready for the Hulk, so Bill took her to the Mummy ride. When Lizzie was terrified of that, too, Bill said that they had to find a middle ground between Fievel and the Hulk. After Bill put her in a ride simulation station to let her act out her fears, Lizzie agreed to brave the Mummy ride.

Once Lizzie survived the unearthly terror of the Mummy ride, Bill took her to experience "Disaster." Later, Bill tried to shove her into the gaping mouth of a charred Jaws statue. Outside the Blue Man Group show, they mimicked the Blue Man moves. After the show, members of the Blue Man Group silently approached, handed Lizzie a tie-dyed painting, and walked away.

By the Universal Studios pond at night, Lizzie thanked Bill. She'd never felt as carefree and happy before. Bill replied that was just what he wanted for her. He said that they'd only look toward the future; nothing in the past would weigh them down. Bill uttered that Lizzie was all grown up. "And I am all yours," she said. Bill kissed her.

At the mansion, Alan called his travel agent. "No, you don't understand. I don't stand in lines," Alan stated. "Do you have first class or V.I.P.?" Alan booked express passes, and the presidential suite at a hotel. He said that he needn't bother with plane tickets because he had his own jet.

When Beth entered the parlor, she noted that Alan was anxious to ruin Lizzie's getaway. Alan felt that it was absurd that Bill had claimed that Lizzie had never had a childhood. Alan wondered if Beth had Hilda pack for him. Beth said that she'd had Hilda pack for James and Beth, but not Alan. An irritated Alan yelled for Hilda.

Beth wondered why Alan hadn't booked Phillip a hotel room, and Alan replied that Phillip was having his own vacation at Ravenwood. Beth grew livid that Alan had committed Phillip. "Committed is a harsh word, Beth," Alan replied. Beth retorted that committing Phillip had been a harsh act. "Forget it. I'm not going," Beth decided, stomping out of the parlor.

James called Daisy and invited her to Universal Studios, but Daisy declined, claiming that she had plans with her friends. In the parlor, Beth told James that she wasn't going because Alan had committed Phillip to Ravenwood. She suggested James not go, either. James said that he'd invited Daisy. He was psyched that there was an extra ticket for one of Daisy's friends.

Christina and Ashlee tried to convince Daisy to take the trip with James. They volunteered to go with her, so that she wouldn't be alone with him. Daisy refused to be indebted to the Spauldings for anything. Daisy was sure that James had only invited her to annoy her.

At Company, Ashlee and Christina still hassled Daisy about taking the free trip. Lynn approached with an envelope from James, which contained plane tickets for Daisy and a few of her "wingmen." Daisy still refused to go, but Christina and Ashlee snapped up the first class tickets, determined to go-with or without Daisy.

Ashlee and Christina made lists of the things they needed for their three-day trip. Remy approached, and they explained that James Spaulding had invited them to Orlando. Remy wondered what the catch was.

Ashlee joked that James wanted to get it on with Daisy. Remy wondered where they'd be staying and with whom. Christina didn't know or care. She said that, sometimes, one just had to live in the moment. Ashlee and Christina left to pack.

Remy wondered what was really going on. Daisy said that James didn't want to be stuck alone on a roller coaster with Alan. Remy didn't think Christina understood how dangerous Alan was. Daisy said that after Christina learned, Christina would want to shoot Alan, too. Sometime later, at the mini-mart, Remy called a travel agent to book himself the cheapest flight to Orlando.

Ashlee and Christina returned to Company, elated about their trip. They shook each other, screeching their excitement. Daisy wondered if the two would carry on that way the entire time that the three of them were gone. Christina and Ashlee grew even more excited that Daisy had decided to go, after all. Daisy said that she shouldn't give up friend time because of the Spauldings. She figured that family owed her one anyway. They heard their cab honking out front, and Ashlee almost hyperventilated as she screamed that they were off to Universal.

Back in the parlor, James asked Alan how much time James had to actually spend with the family, because he had invited friends on the trip. "Friends?" Alan raged. "James, this is a family trip. This is a mission. We have to rescue your sister from that buckaroo, Bill Lewis."

James said that was cool, but he needed poolside time with his friends. Alan relented that there would be plenty of time for that. James was ready to go, but Alan wanted to wait a while longer, in case Beth changed her mind.

At Ravenwood, Phillip was transferred from "the luxurious Spaulding accommodations" to the "institutional ones." The orderly said that Phillip's new doctor had sanctioned the move. Just then, Rick entered, crushed that Phillip didn't like his new room. Phillip asked if Rick was on Alan's payroll, and Rick said that Phillip was lucky to have Rick as a friend.

Rick mentioned that he'd had a patient who used to sneak out of that room from time to time. Rick jingled the lock on the window, noting that it was still broken. Rick said that he'd been too much of a softy to ever report the patient, who'd sneak out for a few hours at a time. Rick said that he was off to play basketball. Phillip smiled, wiggling the lock after Rick left.

Phillip sneaked out of Ravenwood, and met Rick on the basketball court. "I was wondering when you'd get here," Rick said, tossing Phillip the ball. As the men played, they recalled last seeing each other on the court before Phillip had tried to abduct the children. Phillip joked that Rick hadn't been quick enough with the needle that day. After the game, Phillip told Rick how sorry he was for that dark time in their lives. Rick handed Phillip the keys to the Bauer Cabin, saying that Phillip could use it to be alone. Phillip thanked Rick, and they parted ways.

Phillip slipped back into his room just as Beth arrived. Beth offered to get Phillip released, but Phillip said that he'd handle it himself. Beth explained that Alan was rallying the troops to storm the Orlando beach to save Lizzie from Bill. "What does he think he's going to do to her at Universal Studio? Take her on too many rides?" Phillip scoffed. Beth shrugged, saying that she wasn't going; she couldn't even stand to be in the same room with Alan.

Phillip felt that Lizzie was finally finding herself, doing things that people her age should do. Phillip said that Beth and he owed it to Lizzie to keep Alan from interfering. Beth begrudgingly agreed, deciding to take the trip. Phillip asked her to ride a roller coaster for him.

Beth returned to the mansion, and announced that she would go on the trip. Alan was glad that she'd changed her mind. Beth said that Peyton was staying with Lillian and Alex. Alan proclaimed that they were off to build new family memories. Beth grumbled that she felt nauseated, and she hadn't even gotten on a roller coaster yet.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

At Universal Studios, Bill and Lizzie strolled by Universal Italy, and it reminded Lizzie of a commercial in which a man professed his love for a woman in the piazza. "I love this woman!" Bill mimicked the man. Lizzie realized that was much more embarrassing in real life. Lizzie thanked him for their adventures, and Bill proclaimed that the fun never had to end.

When Lizzie went for lemonade, Bill called Phillip to ask for permission to marry Lizzie. Phillip wondered if they were still in Florida, and Bill said they were having a great time at Universal. Lizzie returned, and Bill pretended to be on a business call. Phillip said that he knew that Bill loved Lizzie, and Phillip granted his permission for Bill to marry Lizzie.

After talking to Bill, Phillip asked Rick to cover while Phillip sneaked out of the hospital to fly to Universal Studios. Phillip wanted to prevent Alan from ruining Bill's proposal. Phillip said that his flight would leave in a little over an hour. "What are you standing here for?" Rick asked. Phillip thanked Rick, and then slipped out the window.

Rick hopped into Phillip's hospital bed and pulled the covers over his head. When some orderlies entered, Rick murmured for them to get out, because he was trying to sleep. After they left, Rick sighed, saying, "I'm a grown man. Phillip, you owe me big for this."

Back in Florida, Alan pressured a ferryboat captain to sail faster, because they weren't on a pleasure cruise. James said that the ferry went from the hotel to a theme park; therefore, it was a pleasure cruise. Alan raged that James and Beth didn't understand that Bill was trying to erase Lizzie's past as a Spaulding. Alan and Beth bickered, and James warned Alan to back off.

On some steps near the pier, Bill decided to let Lizzie choose the day's activities while he made the night special. Lizzie assumed that they wouldn't make it to date ten. Bill reasoned that they'd had a date by the pool, a date at in the park, and a date on the flight down there. "You're counting the flight down here as a date?" Lizzie asked. Bill replied, "If it gets me to date number ten..."

Bill asked what her idea of a perfect day was. Lizzie glanced at the water, and spotted Alan on the ferryboat. "Not that," she replied, gawking at Alan. "It can't be."

When James, Beth, and Alan hopped off the ferry, Lizzie and Bill awaited them. Lizzie demanded to know why they were there. Beth and James apologized for their presence. Lizzie fumed, saying they weren't invited. With a charismatic smile, Alan said that family didn't need an invitation.

Lizzie said that Bill and she had traveled to Florida for privacy. "Privacy in a theme park, Elizabeth?" Alan asked. James suggested that Alan, Beth, and he do their own thing, but Alan wouldn't budge. Lizzie was annoyed that Alan wasn't listening to her, and wouldn't leave. Alan suggested flying everyone to Europe if Lizzie wanted to leave.

Bill took Alan aside, and said that Alan wasn't welcome there. Alan suggested that Bill embrace Lizzie's first love-her family. "That statement is just all kinds of wrong," Bill replied. Alan insisted that Bill was the interloper in the situation, not Alan.

Beth tried to calm Lizzie, promising to get Alan out of there as soon as possible. Lizzie wondered where her father was. Beth told Lizzie to only concentrate on having fun. Lizzie threw her hands up when James slipped away from the group.

Once Bill returned, he pulled Lizzie aside, suggesting that she spend time with her family while he took care of something. Bill suggested that Alan would enjoy the rides better after a big meal. Bill left, and Lizzie returned to her family with a fake smile, saying, "Let's go to the park!"

Alan said that the Jurassic Park River Adventure sounded fun, but Lizzie claimed that she'd done it already. She'd done everything else that Alan proposed, as well. Alan wondered what she hadn't done, because they were there to partake in her childhood. Beth said that Bill's desire to give Lizzie a childhood showed that he really loved Lizzie. Alan barked that Lizzie had already had a childhood. "A happy one," Lizzie clarifed. Alan stared around him, contemplating opening his own theme park.

Meanwhile, Remy arrived in Florida, anxious to locate Christina, Daisy, and Ashlee. When he didn't find them at the hotel, he entered the park alone, asking various attendants if they'd seen three girls. He bumped into Lizzie, Beth, and Alan, and asked where James was. Remy said that James had invited Daisy, Ashlee, and Christina on the trip. Alan complained that their family vacation was becoming a free-for-all.

Lizzie barked that it was her vacation, not the family's. Lizzie asked Alan to watch a water ride while she and Beth got food. Alan strolled over to the ride. A water car whizzed by, dousing Alan with cascading water. Remy, Lizzie, and Beth laughed at a scowling Alan.

At the Sinbad arena, Bill asked an attendant for help proposing to his girlfriend. After Bill made arrangements with the man, Bill set a countdown clock on his cell phone. Bill said that he'd return in four hours for the event.

When Bill located the Spauldings, a soaked Alan was griping that he couldn't ride anything because he was wet. Alan frowned, and Beth offered to buy him a tee shirt. Alan changed into a blue Universal tee shirt and khaki pants. Alan said that since he looked like the other idiots scouring the park, he should ride some rides. Bill suggested the Hulk. Alan looked at the intimidating ride, and said that they should do something tamer-for Beth's sake.

At the kiddie coaster, Alan and Bill nestled together in the front car. Beth and Lizzie sat out the ride. Bill put his arm around Alan, saying that family bonding time was great. Bill laughed like Woody Woodpecker as the ride swirled them around.

After the ride, the group planned their next stop. Everyone but Alan was thrilled to see Phillip strolling up. Beth suggested that they get something to eat, because Phillip might be hungry. "I just ate," Alan rasped. Bill checked his timer, and said they had time to eat. Phillip pulled Beth under his arm. Phillip smiled at Alan, saying that family time was a wonderful idea.

Alan wondered how Phillip knew about the trip. Phillip said that Beth had told him, but Phillip had flown there after talking to Bill earlier. Alan asked if the hospital knew that Phillip was gone, and Phillip smirked, saying that a doctor friend had assisted him.

Bill took Phillip for a walk, and Alan insisted to Beth that Phillip's presence was poison to the family. As Beth and Alan bickered, Lizzie said that no one had invited Alan on the trip. A car from a water ride whizzed by again, drenching Alan with its after-splash.

On their walk, Bill said that Phillip's presence in Florida gave Bill the chance to properly ask for Lizzie's hand in marriage. Bill expressed his deep love for Lizzie, and apologized for the mistakes he'd made with her. Bill knew that Lizzie really loved him, too. Bill asked Phillip for permission to marry Lizzie, and Phillip readily granted it.

Ashlee, Daisy, and Christina arrived at their hotel, and scrambled to find Ashlee's missing luggage. After they located the luggage, they took off for the park. At the park entrance, Christina wondered when they'd hook up with James. Daisy felt that she didn't owe James anything, but her friends thought they should thank him for the tickets. Ashlee proposed that they make up signals to indicate whether Daisy wanted them to stay or go once James was around. Daisy said that she'd never want them to leave her alone with James.

When Daisy saw James approaching, she seethed that Ashlee had told him where they were. James handed out their express passes, and Christina and Ashlee ran into the park. Daisy said that she couldn't be bought with vacation tickets. James suggested that funnel cake might do the trick, and Daisy became willing to negotiate.

Later, James offered to take a picture of Daisy while she was smiling. Daisy said that she smiled all the time, but it'd been harder to do after Grady had just disappeared. James rolled his eyes, hearing more than he wanted to about Daisy's ex-boyfriend.

Ashlee saw Daisy cross her arms, and insisted to Christina that Daisy had signaled for alone time with James. Christina didn't think so, but Ashlee called to Daisy, saying that Christina and she were taking off. Daisy protested, but the girls ran off, ignoring her. "Looks like you lost your wingmen," James said. "Funnel cake?"

Later, Daisy and James ran into Remy outside a ride. Daisy told Remy that she was supposed to meet up with Christina and Ashlee later. Remy asked Daisy to call him when that happened, and he rushed off.

At the Popeye ride, an attendant dressed as a sailor flirted with Ashlee. Christina joked that Ashlee might ditch Christina for the sailor. After they got soaked on a water ride, Christina wondered what was next. Remy covered Christina's eyes, and Ashlee giggled that romantic time was next. Christina was excited to see Remy, and Ashlee said that it was fine if Christina and Remy took off together. Remy said that he owed Ashlee dinner.

After Remy and Christina left, the Popeye sailor found Ashlee again. He said that he had a lunch break soon, and wondered if he might see her. Smiling, Ashlee said that he might.

Later, Ashlee spotted Bill and Phillip talking. She overheard Bill ask Phillip to keep Alan away from the Sinbad show. Bill said that he intended to propose to Lizzie during the show.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

At Universal Studios, Ashlee overheard Bill ask Phillip to keep Alan away from the Sinbad show, where Bill planned a surprise for Lizzie. Ashlee found Remy and Christina to say that they absolutely had to go to the Sinbad show. After talking to Ashlee, Remy and Christina got into a water fight with a testy, talking water fountain.

James told Daisy that he feared roller coasters because, at age eight, he'd ridden in a boxcar alone, without anyone to hold onto. When Daisy and he boarded Dueling Dragons later, Daisy held his hand. Ashlee found them disembarking the ride. Ashlee insisted that they see Bill's proposal at the Sinbad show. Daisy said they'd be crashing it, but Ashlee was certain that no one would even notice them in the crowd.

When Bill and Phillip rejoined the Spauldings, Alan complained that the park should fix it so that innocent bystanders weren't assaulted by the splashing water ride. Bill suggested that Alan get fresh clothes at the hotel. Alan worried that he might not find everyone again if he left. Phillip accompanied Alan, promising that they'd find the others later.

Bill offered to take Beth and Lizzie to the Sinbad show, but Lizzie noted that there wasn't a show at that time. Bill claimed that it was a V.I.P. showing. Lizzie wanted to do something else, but Beth decided that they'd do the Sinbad show, because it was close by.

At the arena, Beth and Lizzie found seats in the empty bleachers. Bill was surprised to see Remy and Christina entering the private show. Ashlee, Daisy, and James approached. Ashlee pretended that she couldn't believe that everyone was at the same show. The group sat with Lizzie and Beth, the only other spectators in the arena.

The other day, Lizzie had told Bill that a hero swinging in to rescue the girl was romantic. As the private Sinbad show began, Bill appeared in the set's crow's nest, dressed as Sinbad. Bill swung onto the stage, and amused the Springfielders with his antics. He seized the treasure, saying that he'd deliver it to his true love.

After the show, Ashlee whispered to Beth that everyone should leave, so that Bill could propose to Lizzie. Beth gasped, excitedly agreeing. Beth persuaded Lizzie to wait there for Bill to change while Beth took off with the group.

Once the group filed out of the show, Lizzie joined Bill on stage. She didn't know how he'd pulled off the private show. Bill said he'd set it up while she was with her family. Lizzie wanted to swing from the rafters like Bill had done, but Bill said that it had to wait, because he no longer could.

Bill took Lizzie to a secluded, lakeside picnic. Lizzie saw the treasure chest from the show, and said that Bill had thought of everything. Bill said that was his job. "Fight the monsters, get the treasure, rescue the girl," he told her. Lizzie said that he really did rescue her. He replied that she'd saved him, too. They began kissing.

After making love to Bill under the blankets, Lizzie said she'd never been so happy. She felt that he'd kept his promise to hold the outside world at bay. Lizzie had never thought she'd find everything she was looking for in just one person. Bill said that he couldn't imagine living his life without her. Lizzie replied that he didn't have to.

They began making love again, but Bill stopped. He said that he wanted to be with her more than anything, but he wanted to do it knowing that they belonged to each other. "I need to marry you. I need you to be my wife," Bill said. Lizzie gasped as he pulled a ring from the treasure box, and asked her to marry him. "Of course I will," Lizzie chuckled, and they kissed.

After they redressed, Bill took the ring back from Lizzie, determined to properly propose. He got on one knee, and proposed to her again. Lizzie delayed her answer, saying that she wanted to bask in the moment, because it only happened once. Finally, she said that she'd marry him. He slid the ring on her finger, and kissed her.

Meanwhile, Alan changed into a blue Universal tee shirt, decorated with a rhinestone globe. He felt that he looked ridiculous. Phillip challenged Alan to a round of carnival games. Phillip goaded Alan, saying that Alan was afraid to lose to Phillip. Alan replied that Phillip would rue suggesting the games. Alan surprised Phillip by winning a stuffed Woody Woodpecker. Alan said that Phillip didn't know everything about Alan.

As Alan and Phillip ate at an outdoor café, Beth took Phillip aside to tell him about Bill's proposal. She slapped Phillip's arm when Phillip already knew about it. Phillip explained that Bill had formally asked for Lizzie's hand in marriage. Beth said that the gesture was sweet. Phillip said that, by any means necessary, they had to keep Alan away from Bill and Lizzie.

Phillip and Beth strolled by Universal New York. They joked that they were right back where they'd started. Phillip asked what Beth had thought would happen when Beth and he had run away to New York as teens. Beth said that she'd hoped that they'd create something simple and perfect. Phillip said that they had created that in their children. Beth stated that their children were perfect, but their children's lives were not simple. Phillip said that it was Beth's and his job to help their children get the dreams that Phillip and Beth couldn't hang onto.

Ashlee, James, Daisy, Christina, and Remy all split up again, and Ashlee met her sailor for lunch. Remy said that he'd seen Bill do his romantic routine on Ava, and hoped that Bill was sincere with Lizzie. On the Jaws ride, Remy claimed that Jaws didn't scare him; however, he grabbed Christina, holding her tightly, as Jaws sprang out of the water.

Daisy and James sat on a rock overlooking the Hulk. Daisy wanted to find a tame ride for James, but James admitted that he'd lied about his roller coaster fear, so that Daisy would hold his hand. He'd actually ridden the Universal coasters dozens of times with his friends. "You are such a Spaulding," Daisy said. She raced him to the Hulk ride.

Left all alone, Alan played another game, and won a unicorn. He gave it to a little girl standing near him. He sat alone on some stairs, holding Woody Woodpecker. Ashlee and her sailor happened along.

When Alan said that he didn't know where everyone else was, Ashlee invited him to ride Dueling Dragons with her and her sailor. Alan asked if they minded an old man tagging along. Ashlee said that they didn't. Alan wondered what he'd do with Woody. Ashlee said that they'd find a locker for Woody, and Alan agreed to go.

At Farley's, Doris found Frank having a beer. Frank noticed Doris' two new bodyguards, and suggested that Doris save taxpayer dollars by becoming likeable. She said that she was sorry about the wedding, and sorry that he'd been "the last know." Frank said that he wasn't giving up on Natalia, even after Olivia had said that Natalia wasn't over Gus. Doris told Frank to wake up. "Your ex-fiancée, she has the hots for Olivia," Doris said, and left.

Frank pursued Doris outside, demanding that she stop spreading lies about Natalia. Frank grabbed Doris, but her bodyguards jumped on him. A fight ensued. Frank fought well, but in the end, the guards beat Frank to the ground.

At the farmhouse, Natalia practiced calling Olivia, but Olivia called her first, wondering what was in Rafe's favorite secret sandwich. They chatted, and admitted missing each other. Olivia asked if she could have a secret sandwich seminar. Natalia joked that Olivia just wanted a free lunch, and said she'd see Olivia soon.

After Olivia arrived at the farmhouse, Natalia and she made Banana and peanut butter sandwiches. Olivia wiped peanut butter from Natalia's face, and awkwardness filled the air. Olivia commented that things had become weird. Natalia said that seeing Olivia was all Natalia thought about, but Natalia didn't know how to act around Olivia anymore.

Olivia said that it would be nice if they could get away from the world to sort things out. Since Emma had an overnight field trip coming up, Olivia suggested that Natalia and Olivia could leave for a couple days. Olivia didn't want to push Natalia because of Natalia's religion. Natalia said that she needed to figure out where she was with Olivia before she could figure out where she was with God.

Olivia suggested they do a timeshare in the mountains, and Natalia realized that Olivia was talking about the same place that Frank had wanted to take Natalia before Coop's accident. Olivia suggested they try a spa resort instead of the mountains. Natalia dreaded hurting Frank again by revealing the truth about Olivia and her. Natalia sighed that Frank would be devastated once Natalia broke the news to him.

Just then, Frank entered their kitchen, bruised from his fight. Natalia said Frank needed to go to Cedars. Frank said that he was fine, and they should see the other guys. At Cedars, Frank insisted that he was fine. Natalia stated that getting into fights wasn't like Frank. Frank told her not to worry about it. When he began coughing, Natalia and Olivia went to get a doctor.

In the corridor, Natalia told Olivia that the fight had been Natalia's fault. Natalia pouted, saying that she was still breaking Frank's heart. Frank entered the corridor, and saw the ladies hugging.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Lizzie could not believe that Bill had just proposed. When she gushed about the ring Bill gave her, they both agreed that she needed a diamond ring. Lizzie said that she loved that they would be spending the rest of their lives together. After Bill told her that they needed to tell her family about the engagement, Lizzie said that she had changed her mind. She wanted to elope.

While at Universal Studios with an excited Shayne, Dinah kept checking her phone. When Shayne called her on checking her phone so often, Dinah stated that she was expecting a text message. Suddenly, they were shocked to run into Remy and Christina. Dinah pulled Remy aside and impatiently told him that that she was waiting for the DNA results. Remy told her that it could take weeks, and suggested that she have fun in the meantime.

Later, Dinah asked Shayne what he wanted to do and he said that he wanted to go on "family reunion." Dinah had never heard of that ride. After some prompting from Shayne, she realized why they were in Orlando: Shayne wanted Dinah to reconcile with Bill. When Dinah objected, Shayne told her that she took him to Bosnia so that he could say goodbye to Lara, so he brought her to Florida so that she could fix things with her brother. He said that if Dinah fixed things with her brother, then Dinah and Shayne could move on.

When Shayne urged Dinah to call Bill, she said that she could call Bill when they got back home. Shayne pointed out how relaxed Dinah was because of her vacation and said that Bill was in that same frame of mind-implying that it was the best time to call. Dinah tried, and got Bill's voicemail.

Having gotten a text from Beth warning them that Dinah was at Universal, Lizzie and Bill returned to Springfield and went to the Bauer cabin. After carrying Lizzie over the threshold, Bill called the justice of the peace who said that he would not be able to come for a few hours. Lizzie suggested that they make love while they waited. Afterwards, Bill asked Lizzie if she was sure about eloping. Lizzie stated that all she needed was Bill.

Shayne suggested to Dinah that they stay at the park for a few more days. Soon after, they came across a little boy who was lost. Shayne told the boy that everything would be fine because Dinah was an expert in helping kids reconnect with their parents. He then pointed out a security guard and told the boy that they were going to walk him over to the guard, who would take him to guest services.

As they were leading the boy to the security guard, the boy's mother arrived and thanked them for their help. Afterwards, Dinah had a faraway look in her eyes, which Shayne noticed. Dinah stated that she was just happy to see kids be where they belonged.

Christina mentioned to Remy about how serious Dinah looked. Remy simply said that Dinah had a lot of things on her mind. Christina tried to get him to elaborate, but Remy refused to spill the secret. Christina teased him about keeping secrets and he playfully reminded her that she went to Orlando without his knowledge.

Dinah's phone rang while she and Shayne were eating cotton candy. Shayne told her to ignore it. After checking the number, Dinah suggested that Shayne get more cotton candy while she handled the call. She then called Remy and told him that the DNA results were back, and asked if she should go back to Springfield. Remy asked if Dinah was having fun and told her that the results would still be there when she got home.

Beth and Phillip saw Alan, who asked where Lizzie and Bill were. Beth replied that she did not know. When Alan suggested that they find them. Phillip stated that they might not want to be found.

Beth and Phillip walked off alone. After some talk about the last time Phillip was at Universal Studios-when Alan-Michael got married-Beth told Phillip that James had brought Daisy to the park. Phillip asked if the pair was dating. Beth said that she believed James just liked Daisy. Phillip said that he thought James liked a different girl every week.

Ashlee and her new friend, Jackie, ran into James and Daisy. After some introductions, Jackie told Ashlee that he had to go back to work. With Jackie gone, James told Daisy that she got her wingman back.

After the girls walked off because Ashlee had to go to the bathroom, Alan approached James and complained about bringing the two girls who shot him. Alan tried to get under James's skin by implying that Daisy could leave James to go looking for the missing Grady. Alan then hinted that Daisy might not be able to find Grady, because he was no longer around.

A shocked James asked Alan if he hired someone to get rid of Grady. Alan asked why he would hire a hit man to get rid of a hit man. Alan insisted that he knew nothing about it. James thought that Alan knew something and asked if James was on the right track. Alan said it was the right track but the wrong man.

Alan told James that he had the wrong Spaulding. He said that the person who got rid of Grady had a history of mental illness. James realized that Alan meant Phillip. Alan confirmed that Phillip was the last person to see Grady.

Alan complained to Beth that Lizzie kept ignoring his text messages. He then complained to Beth that Lizzie should be spending time with her family instead of spending time with Bill. Beth said that Lizzie had a right to be with whomever she wanted and said that Bill could become family one day. Alan stated that he would never accept Bill Lewis.

After a game of volleyball with Daisy and Ashlee, Remy told Christina how much he enjoyed having a worry-free day with her. Later, Christina said that they needed to call the girls and make dinner plans. Remy suggested that she wait for Daisy and Ashlee to call her, but Christina did not like that idea. Remy noted that the old Christina-the one who worried about making plans-was back. Remy encouraged her to go with the flow and compared her to his sister. Christina responded by playfully tossing her ice cream cone at his head.

Jackie saw Ashlee and Daisy. Daisy made an excuse about needing to buy souvenir and left Ashlee with Jackie. Jackie asked for Ashlee's e-mail address so they could keep in touch when she went home.

James saw Phillip and abruptly asked if Phillip had gotten rid of any of Lizzie's kidnappers lately. James said that Daisy had asked where he should look. "In a dumpster? At the bottom of the lake?" An uncomfortable Phillip tried to change the subject. James said that he would not blame Phillip for killing Grady. Phillip told James to drop it, but James wouldn't. He asked Phillip to get rid of someone for him.

A shocked Phillip asked if James knew what he was asking. James made it clear that he was talking about murder. Phillip said that it would take him a while to learn James's sense of humor. James asked if Phillip wanted to know who it was. Phillip played along and asked whom James wanted him to get rid of. James said it was Alan.

James asked Phillip why he was at Universal, since the whole reason that he was in Ravenwood was to prove that he was sane. Phillip asked how getting rid of Alan would help James, and James said that it would be good for everyone and pointed out that the whole reason Phillip broke out of the hospital was to stop Alan from ruining Lizzie's trip.

A rattled Phillip stated that the conversation had gone far enough. James brought up how Phillip handled Grady for Lizzie. James pointed out that most fathers would have gone to the cops, but said that Phillip was more of a "hands-on" dad. Phillip told James that he came back to town to help all of his children.

James said that Lizzie was Phillip's favorite; James had always known that. Phillip asked if he had to kill Alan to prove that he loved James as much as Lizzie. James said that it would be a start, and walked off.

Later, Phillip asked Alan to ride with him on the mountain ride. Phillip took Alan to the hilltop. Suddenly, Alan noticed that there was no ride.

James talked to Daisy about why he loved amusement parks. He said that, there, everyone seemed the same. One could not tell if someone came from a dysfunctional family or not. Daisy said that she did not believe James's negative attitude towards his family because he did go to Universal with them. James said that it beat going to class, plus he got to hold Daisy's hand. As they talked, James saw Phillip and Alan on the mountain and wondered if Phillip was going to do it.

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